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According to the Family Name History Website: “The surname DOLLAR was in fact ultimately of Scottish origin, being derived from the town of the same name in Clackmannanshire, the smallest county in Scotland , at only 40 square miles. The surname thus signifies simply dweller in or person from Doller/ar. This placename was first recorded as a surname in 1316, when one Matthew de Doler was one at an inquest at Kyrcaldy.”


There are many generations of Andrew Dollars recorded in Scotland and in the USA and Jamaica. Based on information obtained from various internet sites eg Scotlandspeople.gov.uk, Ancestry.com and research in Jamaica and based on the Wills of James Dollar and Andrew Dollar and extract of birth of Andrew Dollar,-an unverified “Family Tree on early history to Andrew Dollar in Jamaica” follows:-


First Generation-Scottish Connection-unable to verify by birth/death certificates


1)      James DOLLAR born 26 December 1726 Kirkintilloch Dumbartonshire Scotland married Agnes ? (born abt 1725) in 1746.

(Source www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk, & Ancestry.com))




+2.1 Margaret; born 22 November Kirkintilloch Dumbartonshire Scotland.

+3.2 James; born 21 August 1749 Kirkintilloch Dumbartonshire Scotland.

+4.3 Andrew; born 8 July 1753 Kirkintilloch Dumbartonshire Scotland.

+5.4 Robert; born 15 June 1755 Kirkintilloch Dumbartonshire Scotland.

+6.5 John; born 8 January 1758 Kirkintilloch Dumbartonshire Scotland.

+7.6 William



Second Generation


7). William DOLLAR born 10 February 1760 Kirkintilloch,  Dumbartonshire,  Scotland farmer at Glorat/Kirkintilloch Scotland. Died 12 January 1802 married Margaret AUCHY/IE Died 25 September 1835.

(Source Wills and Testament Search returns www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk will of James Dollar dated 13 February 1829 mentions mothers name. Refer also birth extract Andrew Dollar Dob 27/5/1791)




+8.1 John ; born abt 1780 Kirkintilloch Dumbartonshire Scotland married Janet Salmon.

+9.2 Robert; born 24 February 1782 Kirkintilloch Dumbartonshire Scotland.

+10.3 Janet(Janette) ; born 14 December 1783 Kirkintilloch Dumbartonshire Scotland    married Robert Fleming of Glasgow.

+11.4 Margaret; born 3 December 1786 Kirkintilloch Dumbartonshire Scotland.

+12.5 William; born 16 March 1788 Kirkintilloch Dumbartonshire Scotland married Anne Dunn(source Ancestry.com).

+13.6 James; born 10 March 1790  Kirkintilloch Dumbartonshire Scotland died 7 July 1829 white 38 years old. Merchant of Kingston in the island of Jamaica but living in Glasgow at time of Will dated 13 February 1829-refer copy of will held mentions sister Agnes and William and Andrew (Parish St Anns)

+14.7 Agnes; mentioned in James Will died 1862 at Friars Wynd Scotland (Source Scotlandspeople.gov.uk)

+15.8 Andrew;



Third Generation-Jamaican Connection


15. Andrew DOLLAR; born 27 May 1791 Kirkintilloch Dumbartonshire Scotland. Bap 19 June, 1791 (see birth extract Scotlandspeople.gov.uk19/6/1791 Dollar, Andrew Births 498/00200246 Kirkintilloch). Subsequently moved to Jamaica. Merchant of the Parish of St Ann’s in the Island of Jamaica died 1872. Will dated 9 May 1833 probate entered 30 September 1872 in Kingston, Jamaica. Renunciation of Executors and Trustee dated 3 October 1836 also shows named children. Married Elizabeth Tracey had child (James) with her and Married Sarah(she had child Elizabeth Sarah).




·        Listed in Jamaica Almanacs 1824, 1826,1828,1831,1833.


·        Owned various Slaves mentioned in Slave Registers in Jamaica. Refer copy Ancestry.com search “Slave Registers British Colonial Dependencies, 1812-1834” for Andrew Dollar shows four slaves listed- Adam, Abraham Hodgson, Edward Mckay, William Reid from 1823-1826.


·        Listed in 1824 Jamaica Almanac Civil Lists, Public Officers, General Post Office, as Postmaster Northside, “Ocho Rios” Mr Andrew Dollar.

Source jamaicanfamilysearch.com


·        Listed in 1833 Jamaica Almanac, “Return of Givings” March quarter 1832 parish of St Ann Andrew Dollar  Ocho Rios” 4 slaves,  Mount Pleasant” 37 Slaves 70 stock. “Ocho Rios” and “Mount Pleasant” are towns in the north of Jamaica.


Children: Will of Andrew Dollar dated 9 May 1833 [see Miscellaneous Wills] mentions “my reputed children” as


+16.1 Catherine Eliza; born 20 September 1815 Kingston Jamaica, Baptised  8 Nov 1821. Burial 5 October, 1852 West Ground Kingston Jamaica, mother shown as C Thompson.

+17.2 Jessy; Married 1843 Jamaica

+18.3 Margaret;

+19.4 Andrew

+20.5 James; born abt 1831 Jamaica son of Andrew Dollar & Elizabeth TRACEY died 1869 Victoria, Australia aged 38, occupation labourer. Arrived in Victoria abt 1865. Married 1868 in Victoria Australia to Fanny Adams born abt 1846 England died 1887 Hospital Melbourne East, Victoria. Child John Dollar born Melbourne 1869. A James is also listed in 1851 Jamaica Almanac Civil Lists, Public Officers, Law dept, Attorney at Law.( Source web-site Jamaican family search).

+21.6 William; not listed in Andrew’s Will but in Jamaica records shows “Cigar maker”, married Nancy, Children Ursulina DOB 10/10/1851 Kingston Jamaica. Source jamaicanfamilysearch.com



Fourth Generation-verified


1. Andrew DOLLAR, born ????? in ????? Married Eliza FERGUSON  in Kingston, Jamaica on 11 February 1846. Occupation in 1850 on son’s (Frederick’s) Baptism Register, Carpenter- Address Gordon St Kingston Surrey Jamaica. He lived on Duke St Kingston on 7 Dec 1852. His Occupation shown on Frederick Dollar’s death certificate in 1932, Cabinet Maker. Original Country of origin was most probably Scotland in view of names and evidence obtained. We have not been able to find a record of Andrew Dollar’s birth or death in Jamaica and have connected him to his father Andrew Dollar by means of father’s Will .




+2.I. Walter; born 17 July 1846 Kingston Jamaica, baptised 11 November 1846 Kingston address at time- John’s Lane, Kingston.

+3. II. Frederick Augustus

+4.III. Malcolm Edmund; born 6 April, 1850. Baptised 19 June, 1850, Kingston address Stanton St. Kingston. Buried at West Ground by Acheson Findlay at age 8 on 23 September, 1858 address- Parish St Andrews.

+5. IV. Theodore; born 12 July 1852 Kingston, Surrey, Jamaica, baptised 1853 Kingston Church of England; address at time- Duke St., Kingston. Died Kingston 1879/1880.


Source Registrar Birth Marriage and Deaths Jamaica




Fifth Generation-Australian Connection


3.   Frederick Augustus DOLLAR (Andrew-1), born 29/2/1848 Kingston, Jamaica; Baptised 23/1/1850 by William L Dunbar at Kingston Church of England; address at time of Baptism, Gordon St. Kingston. (Source Baptisms Parish Register 1846-1851 Volume 5 Parish Kingston County Surry) .

At age 27 married Margaret CULLEN then aged 20 in Presbyterian Church Elizabeth St. Sydney on 4 September 1875; Margaret Cullen died on 22 April 1900 aged 43 at 1 Broadway Glebe Sydney from Epileptic Convulsions. She is buried in Church of England Cemetery at Rookwood Sydney Section 4 Row 17 grave no 4069/70 with her daughter Eliza and son in law and there is a headstone.


He then married Margaret Fennessey in 1912 at the age of 64. He died 1 February 1932 aged 83 at 15 Raper St Newtown Sydney. Buried on 2/2/32 in Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood, Sydney. Section “H” Grave no 188 with a baby “Andrew” who died in 1919. There is no headstone on the grave.


*Extract from Sydney Morning Herald 6/2/1932 Deaths Page 12:-


“DOLLAR- February 1 1932 Frederick A, beloved husband of Margaret Dollar, aged 83 years at rest. Privately interred Rookwood Cemetery February 2.”



·        Frederick Augustus Dollar arrived in Australia on 24 August 1868 at the age of 19 aboard the steam ship “Kaikoura” of London, J W B Darke,  Master, burthen 1067 tons from the Port of Panama to Sydney. He boarded the ship at Panama as a saloon waiter. See copy of ships records recorded on “mariners.records.NSW.gov.au” and “Ancestry.com” websites. He established the “DOLLAR” name in Australia.

·        His occupation on his marriage certificate in 1875 was “Steward at Sea”. His occupation at the time of his son Theodore’s birth in 1884 was Mariner. He was crew on the ship “Barrabool” in 1885 arriving in Sydney from Melbourne on 3 April 1885. There are also several other recorded trips.

·        At the time of his first wife’s death in 1900, his address was 1 Broadway Glebe, Sydney. Occupation was shown as Publican in 1905 on Theodore’s marriage certificate. Occupation on Frederick’s death certificate in 1932 was “Retired Hotel Keeper”.

·        He died from Chronic Bronchitis and Senility according to death certificate.

·        He owned the hotel “Queens Arms Hotel” at 1 Broadway Glebe, Sydney which was next to Grace Bros Store between Bay St and Derwant St. Information obtained from Ancestry.com. The Hotel is not on this site anymore.




Frederick Augustus and Margaret Dollar



    +6. I.  Eliza DOB 18 Aug 1876

+7. II. Walter DOB 20 Oct 1877 died 9/10/1961. Had 6 children Walter, Gertrude, Andrew, Irene, Fanni and Norman. Only two had children- Irene married Merton Wood and had two boys John and Brian and Gertrude married John Trevor Richards and had Two children Ivan and Karen. I have been in contact with Ivan and his wife Chris.



+8.III Frederick DOB 10 April 1879 Died 7 Sept 1915 aged 37 from drowning. He had a daughter Cora M Dollar DOB 1900 died 1989. Married Richard Hardcastle and had son Clifford Hardcastle.                                                          

+9. IV. Charles DOB 24 May 1880 Jeweller married  Lyla Teresa Penson in 1900 and had three  children Frederick Augustus (DOD 13/10/1929 married Violet Elsie McGrath and had child John Frederick Charles Dollar who married Elizabeth Godfrey), Lyla Bertha Dollar1900-1929, Winifred Eileen Dollar (B 1911 married Reginal R Reeves and had child Graham). I have been in contact with Graham.



+10. V.  Margaret (1)DOB 24 Feb 1882 Died 19 March 1883

+11. VI. Theodore

+12. VII. Malcolm Edmond 16 Dec DOB 1885

+13. VIII. Henry DOB 23 Nov 1887

+14. IX. Alfred DOB 31 May 1889 Died 1935

+15. X. Percy DOB 12 Jan 1893 Died 22 Sept 1897

+16. XI. Andrew DOB 4 Dec 1894 Glebe Sydney, Jeweller. Died “Killed in Action” 5 May 1916 aged 21 in Armentieres, France in WW1. Private in Australian Infanty, AIF 20th Battalion. Buried Brewery Orchard Cemetery, Bois-Grenier France. Bois-Grenier is located in the north of France about 4klms due south of Armentieres. Listed on Honour Board Australian War Memorial on LHS near middle. 

+17. XII. Margaret DOB 3 Aug 1897 (second child named Margaret)


Sixth Generation


11. Theodore DOLLAR (Frederick Augustus-2), born 17 January 1884 Glebe Sydney, Australia; married Isabella Grace CUTLER in St Patrick’s Laidley 2/11/1905; Theodore was aged 21 and Isabella was aged 20 years.

Died 17 June 1914 MacLean NSW.





·        Theodore Dollar was described by our family as a “waster” and walked out on his family leaving his wife with three small children. He died at Shark Creek, Harwood Shire, MacLean NSW in 1914. Cause of death shown on death certificate was “Exposure to the severe cold on the night of the 17th June 1914 while in a state of unsound mind”. He was buried on 22 June in the Roman Catholic Cemetery Maclean NSW, undertaker Dug Macdonald & Co. There is no headstone. As a result, Isabella lived with her parents, William & Ruth Cutler, in their house at 18 Railway St Laidley beside the railway line. The house is still there although it has been renovated and recently verandas have been enclosed. See photo below.

·        Isabella worked in a store in Southport ( see photo in front of  “M. Antonio Importers Boots and Shoes” approx 1924. Grandma Isabella on left in photo.


·        Isabella Grace Dollar (Cutler) was born 5/4/1885 in Ipswich and died 20/11/1932 in Coorparoo Brisbane. She is buried in Balmoral Cemetery on Wynnum Road in Brisbane. We found the gravesite a few years ago and took a photo of the headstone. It was easy to find, approx halfway up the hill on the Wynnum Rd side.





+18. I.   Edna Isabella DOB 4/7/1906 Died 30/7/1985 Brisbane buried Jandowae Qld. She married James Scouller on 19/6/1929 and had three children Isabella Margaret b 1/9/1930, John Leslie b 30/1/1934 and Myrtle Dawn b1/10/1936.

          +19. II.  Leslie Theodore

+20. III. Monica Ruth DOB 26/6/1909 Died 1993 in Eventide at Sandgate. She married Jack Butler in 31//1939 and had three children Isabella Ruth b1936, Lance b1939 and William (Barney) b 1940.


Seventh Generation


          19. Leslie Theodore DOLLAR (Theodore-9); born 30/3/1908 Laidley; Married Thelma Irene PHILLIPS in Brisbane 22/2/1936; Theodore was 27 and Thelma 25 years old when married. He died of cancer of the stomach on 3/2/1977 Greenslopes Hospital Brisbane; Both Buried Pinnaroo Lawn Cemetery Albany Creek, Brisbane, Queensland-Grave 328 portion 7.



·        As a child he lived in a house at 18 Railway St Laidley Queensland with his mother Isabella Grace Dollar and Grandparents William & Ruth Cutler (nee Thornton)- see old photo below and one taken recently. His father Theodore was a drunk and deserted them and died in Maclean NSW when dad was young.


·        Attended Laidley State School and then Gatton State High School and left school in Junior/Grade 10 and got a job in Public Service in Brisbane.

·        From 1926 to 1929 he served in the Field Artillery Militia in Brisbane.

·        Leslie Theodore Dollar serial number 75281 volunteered and enlisted in the Royal Australian Air Force on 21 April 1942 at the age of 34 and was discharged on 12 December 1944 at the rank of Corporal.

·        From 21/4/42 to 24/8/42 he completed RAAF military training at Maryborough and then was assigned to 6 RD Amberley. He served in 83 Squadron from 1/3/43 to 26/8/43 at Strathpine which was mainly a “Boomerangs Fighter Squadron”. After completing jungle training He was posted overseas on 5 February 1944 to Goodenough Island (Vivigani Airfield) (off the Nth coast of Papua New Guinea) to 4WMU (Works Maintenance Unit) which was a service unit for No 8 Squadron “Beaufort” - a medium and torpedo bomber. No. 8 Squadron was reformed at RAAF Station Fairbairn on 12 March 1943 equipped with DAP Beaufort bombers as a medium and torpedo bomber squadron. The Squadron moved to Goodenough Island in August and began flying combat missions against Japanese positions and shipping in the New Britain area. The Squadron moved to the New Guinea mainland in April 1944.

·         Goodenough Island in the Solomon Sea (identified as Morata on the earliest maps) is the westernmost of the three large islands of the D'Entrecasteaux Islands in Milne Bay Province of Papua New Guinea. It lies to the east of mainland New Guinea and south west of the Trobriand Islands.[1] It should not be confused with Goodenough's Island. It is roughly circular in shape, measuring 39 by 26 kilometres (24 by 16 mi) with an area of 687 square kilometres (265 sq mi) and a shoreline of 116 kilometres (72 mi). From a coastal belt varying in width from 2 to 10 kilometres (1.2 to 6.2 mi) in width, the island rises sharply to the summit of Mount Vineuo, 2,536 metres (8,320 ft) above sea level, making it one of the most precipitous islands in the world.[2]Source Wikipedia.

·        He was awarded the “Pacific Star”, the “War Medal 1939/45” and the “Australia Service Medal 1939-45”. Medals are now held in my keeping together with the RAAF badge from his cap (given to me by my cousin John Scouller), his dog tags, his diary, military Missal, prayer book and some buttons from his uniform. He hardly ever spoke of the war but did mention once that he often had to hose out the blood etc from the bombers after they returned from their missions. I have photocopied pages from a book at the RAAF archives that detail what took place when Dad was on Goodenough Island (Vivigani Airfield) and there are many references on the Wikipedia Website.  He travelled to many places during his time in the RAAF and there is a list of all these places in his diary. They included Darwin, Thursday Island, Moresby, Milne Bay, Buna, Gona,  Lae.

·        Leslie Dollar was a Public Servant and was employed by the Queensland Housing Commission and at the time of his retirement was “The Secretary”. He was previously the “Administration Manager” and held several other management positions.



+21. “Baby” Dollar stillborn buried 26/4/1938 at Toowong Cemetery in portion 1 section 126 allotment 10.

+22. Bryan Leslie


Eight Generation

+22. Bryan Leslie DOLLAR (Leslie Theodore-17) born Royal Brisbane Hospital Brisbane; Married Elizabeth Joyce McGRATH at St Joachim’s Catholic Church Holland Park, Brisbane.



This family history was written and provided to jamaicanfamilysearch.com by:


Bryan Dollar

Brisbane, Australia

20 August 2012


Jamaican Family Search is not responsible for the content of this article and has not checked its accuracy.  It is provided as an aid for possible research into the name Dollar.

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