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January 1, 1869 to April 30, 1875

Register II


G - M


b = born

bap = baptism

F= father

M= mother

(U) = parents were unmarried

(W) = wife. Parents were married

Baptisms performed by the Revds. Joseph Bertolio, Splaine, Bouillon, Woollett, Dupont, and Little

Date format: Month/Day/Year


Gale, Estina, bap 5/14/1871 & received into RC church, aged about 52 years. Sp= Peter Noel & Mary Noel. p. 16

Give, George, bap 3/4/1873 in Chapelton, b 9/1872. F= James Give. M= Eliza Gordon. Sp= Manuel & Maria Francisco. p. 29

Gonzales, Catalina de la Caridad, bap 9/9/1872, b 4/18/1872, lawful dtr of Federico Gonzales & his wife Silvina Barroso. Paternal grandparents Ambrosio Gonzales & Dolores Varberde. Maternal grandparents Jose Barroso & Genovefa Montes de Oca. Sp= Ramon Echavarria & Maria de ___. p. 24

Gonzales, Mary Ann Jose, bap 12/27/1874, b 8/25/1874. P= Joseph Gonzales & Jane Gonzales. Sp= Emmanuel Herrera & Corella Lopez. p. 50

Goppel, Silvester Calicheron, bap 9/27/1870. Sp= Peter Morris & Antoinette Elliotte, p. 12

Gordon, Frances Emily, bap 12/26/1871, b 3/25/1871. P= Robert & Cecilia Gordon, his wife. Sp= Alexander Cruice & Corella Lopez. p. 19

Gordon, Joseph Emmanuel, bap 6/28/1870, b 5/9/1870. F= Thomas Gordon. M= Princess Emma Hamilton (U). Sp- James H, Spencer & Justina Vilere. p. 10

Grant, Andrew, Ramdore of Madras, aged 35 years, bap 6/9/1873. p. 33

Grant, Charles Robert, Ramjar of Calcutta, aged 25 years, bap 4/28/1873 privately. p. 31

Grant, Jane Ann, bap 3/15/1875, aged about 29 years. p. 52

Grant, Marcelline Cornelia, bap 9/28/1873, b 7/27/1873. P= Charles Grant & Amilitora Douglas (U). Sp= John Loins. p. 36

Grant, Mary Ann, bap 4/16/1870 & received into RC church, aged about 50 years. p. 8

Graves, Mary Louisa, bap 3/14/1871 in Old Harbour, b 9/17/1870. F= Henry Graves. M= Eliza Duncan. Sp= William Smith, Sergeant in Constabulary Force. p. 14

Griffiths, Adeline Matilda, bap 714/1872, b 3/17/1872. F= Mortimer Griffiths. M= Elizabeth Faitman (U). Sp= Emmanuel & Georgiana Herrera. p. 23

Griffiths, Stephen Mortimer, bap 8/30/1969 & received into RC church, aged 32 years. p. 6

Gyon, Simon, from Calcutta, aged about 23 years, bap 10/26/1869. Sp= John Jones & Corrella Lopez. p. 7


Hall, Adelaide Alicia aged about 14 years, bap 4/25/1871. Sp= Matilda Bloomfield. p. 15

Hammond, Isabel Cecilia, bap 4/8/1871, b 10/11/1870. P= Joseph Hammond & Harriette his wife. Sp= Peter John & Martha Noel. p. 15

Hart, Catherine, bap 5/23/1874, an adult. Sp= Annie Adams. p. 45

Hart, Joseph, bap 1/26/1874, aged 30 years. Sp= James Valentine Norris & Mary Grant. p. 40

Hearah, John, coolie aged 42 years, bap 2/21/1874 privately at the Coolie Depot. p. 40

Hendly, Charles, coolie child, bap 2/22/1874 from the Coolie Depot. p. 41

Henry, Augustus, bap 4/25/1871, b 12/6/1869. F= James Henry. M= Mary Ann Williams (U). Sp= Joseph Spencer & Mary Ann Grant. p. 15

Heroo, Lawrence, bap 8/13/1871 privately, a native of Calcutta. p. 18

Herrera, Ambrose Martinez, bap 5/11/1873, b 4/24/1873. P= Emanuel and Georgiana Herrera (W). Sp= Horatio Lyon & Corrella Lopez. p. 32

Herrera, Felix Bernard, bap 3/28/1871, b 3/8/1871, P= Emmanuel Herrera & his wife Georgiana. Sp= Mortimer Griffiths & Mary Ann Grant. p. 15

Herrera, Pedro Anastasio, bap 7/26/1874, b 7/13/1874. Ceremonies supplied 12/27/1874. P= Peter Herrera & Mary Melcheal Herrera his wife. Sp= Carlo Bellew. (Attached a marriage record for Pedro Anastasio Herrera y Herrera son of Peter & Mary Michel married to Ethel Anita Clare at Guantanamo, Cuba, 2/1/1918). pp. 45 & 50

Herrera, Vincent Emmanuel Martinez, bap 4/12/1869, b 3/7/1869 son of Emmanuel Herrera and his wife Georgiana. Sp= Alexis Elliotte & Ann Jane Adams. p. 3

Hewitt, Ann, bap 1/25/1874, aged 27 years. Sp= Sergeant England & Miss M. Fletcher. p. 39

Higgin, Frances Elizabeth, bap 2/14/1875, b 1866. P= [blank] Ford & Elizabeth Higgins (U). Sp= James Spencer & Emily Isaacs. p. 51

Hutchison, Julia Rose, bap 3/28/1875, b 3/7/1875. P= David Hutchison & Rosabella Palmer (U). Sp= James Norris & Mary Alice Noel. p. 53

Hynes, Mary Amanda, bap 10/11/1869, b 11/23/1868. F= Charles Hynes. M= Emily Reid (U). Sp= J. Spencer & Emily Isaacs. p. 6


Isaacs, Martha Zillah bap 9/15/1872, b 8/17/1872. P= Isaac Isaacs & Jane his wife. Sp= Peter John Noel & Mary Noel. p. 25

Isabella Matilda, bap 4/18/1870. Sp= A. Elliotte & Louisa Wilkin. p. 9


Jackson, Ada Delisser, bap [date blank, in 1870 record], b 1/28/1869. F= George Jackson. M= Mary Gracey Duncan (U). Sp= Peter Herrera. p. 12

Jackson, Agnes, aged 10 years, bap 4/13/1873, dtr of Berama and Ramsamy, coolies of Madras. Sp= Manuel Herrera & Mary Ann Grant. p. 31

Jackson, Emily Lucy, bap 8/14/1870, aged 12 years. P= William Jackson & Cecilia his wife. Sp= Peter Noel & Louisa Wilkie. p. 11

Jackson, Sarah Elizabeth, [bap date blank], b 12/20/1870. F= David Jackson. M= Maria T. Grensward (U). Sp= Peter & Mary Noel. p. 17

Jackson, Teresa, bap 4/13/1873, aged 12 years, dtr of Berama and Ramsamy, coolies of Madras. Sp= Peter Noel & Annie Adams. p. 31

James, Alexander, bap at Linstead 4/9/1875, aged 5 years. P= William James & Esther Roberts. p. 54

James, Frances, bap 3/4/1873 in Chapelton, dtr of Net James & Jane Bank (U). Sp= Manuel & Maria Francisco. p. 29

James, Nary Theresa, bap 11/23/1874, b 7/20/1874. P= Francis James & Jane Ann Edwards (U). Sp= James Norris & Annie Adams. p. 50

Jellaret, Joseph, bap 2/14/1870, aged 20 years. p. 8

Johnson, Ann Louise, [bap date blank], b 2/17/1870. F= Alan Johnson. M= Ellen ___ [cut off]. Sp= T. H. Spencer & Mary Noel. p. 16

Johnson, Ezechia [Hezekiah?], bap 3/14/1875, b about 7/1874. P= Thomas Johnson & Susan Simpson (U). Sp= Ada Mills & James Spencer. p. 52

Johnson, James Samuel bap 3/30/1875 at Breeton, b 10/1874. P= Allen Johnson & Elizabeth. p. 54

Johnson, William, bap 3/14/1871 in Old Harbour, aged 12 months. F= John Johnson. M= Ann Eliza Stiffe (U). Sp= Catherine Bryan. p. 14

Jones, Olivia, aged 27 years, bap 3/26/1873 privately & received into RC church. p. 30

Judah, Arthur St. John, bap 12/13/1874, b 9/17/1874. P= Charles T. Judah & Jane Williams (U). Sp= Emmanuel Herrera & Antoinette Elliotte. p. 49


Kennedy, Cecilia Augusta, bap 3/27/1869 & received into RC church aged 60 years. p. 2

Kennedy, Richard, bap 4/25/1871, b 10/24/1869. F= Henry Kennedy. M= Charlotte A. Wallis (U). Sp= Peter Herrera & Algita Herrera. p. 15

Kenny, George (coolie name Sigerum), aged about 19 years. Sp= Samuel Morris. p. 43

Kidd, Arthur, bap 3/28/1869 & received into RC church, aged 19 years. p. 2

King, Thomas Leon Augustus, bap 11/8/1874, b 5/28/1874. P= Mr. King & his wife Catherine King. Sp= Emmanuel Herrera & Georgiana Herrera. (Note: Later married 4/25/1924 at Spanish Town). p. 48


Lacy, Charlotte Eveline, bap 1/26/1873, b 11/3/1871. F= Joseph Lacy. M= Susan Morgan. Sp= __ Leroy & Elizabeth Pereira. p. 27

Laje, Augustin, an African aged about 60 years, bap 6/28/1869. Sp= Aracleto & Carmina Nunez. p. 4

Lauzanne, Elizabeth, bap 3/27/1869 & received into RC church, aged 19 years. p. 2

Leon, Alfred Augustus, bap 8/11/1872, b 7/8/1872. F= Moses Leon. M= Rebecca Hewitt. Sp= Emily Isaac. p. 24

Leon, Rebecca, aged 12 years, bap 7/16/1872 & received into RC church. Sp= Alice Padro. p. 24

Leray, Joseph William, aged 7 months, bap 6/10/1872. F= Joseph E. Leray. M= Mary Jane Hibbert. Sp= William Gordon Leray & Antoinette Elliotte. p. 23

Levay, Gerald Augustine, bap 11/10/1873, b 8/11/1873. P= Henri Levay & Ann Alexander (U). Sp= Peter Noel & Agatha Pardo. p. 37

Leroy, Ellen, aged 26 years, bap 12/25/1871 & received into RC church. p. 19

Levy, Ann D. Elizabeth, bap 3/11/1872, b 1/23/1872. F= Isaac Levy. M= Mary Ann Francis (U). Sp= T. H. Spencer & Henrietta Mitchell. p. 21

Lewis, William Augustus, bap 4/12/1875, aged 3 years. P= _- Roe & Anne Lewis. Sp= Mrs. Isaacs. p. 55

Leyba, Maria Juana Carida, bap 4/11/1875, b 4/6/1874. P= Jesus Leyba & Maria Juana Vazque (U). Sp= Leonardo Labrada & Maria Anna Matey. p. 55

Lindo, Eliza, bap 1/11/1874 privately, at the Coolie Depot, an adult. p. 39

Llado, Elizabeth (Williams), aged 32 years, bap 11/13/1871 & received into RC church. p. 19

Llado, Robert, bap 9/28/1871 & received into RC church, aged 39 years. p. 1871. p. 18

Logan, Charles, bap 11/5/1873, b 11/2/1873. M= Jane Logan (U). Sp= Alexander Conte & Enera Corria. p. 37

Loins, Aaron John, bap 7/10/1870, aged 8 years 5 months. Sp= Rosetta Andrade. p. 10

Loins, Grace Sullivan, bap 7/10/1870 & received into RC church, aged 26 years. Sp= Ann Adams. p. 10

Loins, Joseph Peter, bap 2/5/1872 at Caymanas, b 2/5/1872. Lawful son of John and Grace Loins, his wife. Sp= Peter J. Noel & Alice Pardo. p. 20

Loins, Nathan Auguste John, bap 4/11/1869, b 3/16/1869. F= John Loins. M= Grace Sullivan (U). Sp= Rosetta Andrade. p. 3

Loquattier, Mary, a blind adult coolie woman of Calcutta, aged about 30 years. Sp= Milborough Fletcher. p. 49

Lynch, Alfred Edward, bap 1/14/1872, b 12/1/1871, F= Jerry Lyons. M= Ann Henry (U). Sp= Peter John Noel & Mary M. Fletcher. p. 20

Lyon, Abricotina Herminia, bap 11/30/1869, b 10/2/1869? [or 11/2/1869. illegible]. M= Jane Scott (U). Sp= Horatio Lyon & Alicia Lyon. p. 7

Lyons, Thomas (coolie name Ramsherum), aged about 17 years. Sp= Samuel Morris. p. 43


Mahdav, Thomas Manuel, coolie aged 4 years, bap 2/21/1874 privately at the Coolie Depot. p. 40

Managhan, Susan, bap 3/1/1875, b 7/10/1874. P= Charles Managhan & Elizabeth Tucker (U). Sp= Mary Deleon. p. 52

March, Adela Louisa, bap 7/14/1872, b 12/25/1871. F= James March. M= Amelia Victoria Bailey. Sp= William March & Esther El. Sanguinetti. p. 23

March, Alice Eliza, bap 7/13/1872, b 6/11/1872. F= Arthur James March. M= Mary Jane Wilkie (U). Sp= Louisa Elizabeth March. p. 23

March, Edward Ebenezer Michael, bap 11/25/1874, b 11/23/1874. P= Francis Augustus March & Louisa Elizabeth Wilkie. p. 49

March, Eleanor Brown, bap 11/13/1870, b 11/1/1870. F= ___ Foster March. M= Mary Ad. Noel (U). Sp= Peter John Noel & Esther Sangui___. p. 12

March, Gerald James Benjamin Ashton, bap 5/1/1872, b 2/14/1872. F= William Thomas March. M= Caroline Matilda Noel. Sp= Peter John Noel & Esther Sanguinetti. (Note: He married Watson, 1913). p. 21

March, John Foster, bap privately 7/15/1873, born 6/17/1873. The ceremonies were supplied 11/9/1873. P=John Foster March & Mary Adelaide March. Sp= Peter Noel & Mary Andrade. pp. 34 & 37

March, Julia Emily, bap privately 2/23/1874, b 10/12/1873. Ceremonies supplied 11/22/1874. P= James March & Amelia Victoria Bailey (U). Sp= Mary March. pp. 41 & 48

March, Letitia Susan, bap 11/13/1870, b 6/4/1870. F= James Bollar March. M= Amelia Bailey (U). Sp= Peter Noel & Caroline M. Noel. p. 12

March, Margeanna Eugenia, bap 3/2/1869. Was Anglican, b 10/20/1858 [? ink blob. Could be 1818]. F= William Thomas March jr. M= Victoria Antoinette Noel deceased. Sp= Peter Noel & Caroline Noel. p. 1

March, Norman Matthias Grant, bap 10/27/1873 privately, b 10/24/1873. Ceremonies supplied 12/25/1873. P= Arthur James March & Mart Jane Wilkie (U). Sp= Sergeant Major Unglin & Juliana Neupeau. pp. 37 & 38

March, Philippa Louisa, bap 11/13/1870, b 9/15/1870. F= William Thomas March jr. M= Caroline Matilda Noel. SP= Peter Noel & Mrs. Mary Noel. p. 12

March, William George Augustus, nap 7/13/1872, b 5/26/1872. F- Francis Augustus March. M= Louise E. Wilkie (U). Sp= William Thomas March & Caroline Noel. p. 23

March, Wildred Reginald Stanley, bap privately 2/23/1874, b 2/18/1874. Ceremonies supplied 9/27/1874. P=William Thomas March and Caroline Matilda March his wife. Sp= John Foster March & Mary A. March. pp. 41

& 47

Markland, Ada, bap 4/25/1871, b 2/22/1870. F= Francis Markland. M= Catherine Lewis (U). Sp= Alexis Elliotte & Rosetta Andrade. p. 15

Markland, Agnes, bap 6/23/1872, aged 6 weeks. F= Francis Markland. M= Catherine Lewis (U). Sp= Emmanuel Herrera & Adelaide Stanley. p. 23

Markland, Joseph, bap 9/8/1872, b 4/6/1872. F= Francis Markland. M= Melvinia Jackson (U). Sp= Emanuel Herrera & Ellen Elliotte. p. 24

Marrion, Alice, bap 12/13/1869 & received into RC church, aged 19 years. (died). p. 8

Martin, Edward, bap 3/10/1874 privately. Native of Jamaica aged about 65 years. (died). p. 42

Massias, Theophilus, bap 8/27/1869 & received into RC church. p. 5

Mastave, Joseph, a coolie aged 30 years, bap 9/27/1870. Sp= Peter Morris & Ann Adams. p. 11

Mattias, a coolie, aged 5 years, bap 2/25/1872 at Caymanas, child of Sherina Sammy. Mother is dead. Sp= John Laing & Mary Deleon. p. 20

Maxwell, Ann Esther, bap 10;/13/1872, b 6/15/1871. F= John Maxwell. M= Rebecca Silvera. Sp= Emanuel Hereria & Ellen Elliotte. p. 25

McClean, Augusta bap 5/26/1872, aged 6 years. F= George McClean and Agnes (coolies). Sp= Rosetta Andrade. p. 22

McClean, Emmanuel bap 5/26/1872, b 12/25/1871. F= George McClean and Agnes (coolies). Sp= Joseph White. p. 22

McCollah, Ambrosine Maria, bap 11/14/1869, b 1/13/1869. P= George McCollah & Margaret. Sp= Edward Delapenha & Rosalie Andrade. p. 7

McFarlane, Edward Walker, bap 10/10/1872, b 8/1872. F= William R. McFarlane. M= Louisa Gardner. Sp= Emanuel Hereira & Ellen Elliotte. p. 26

McFarlane, George Bransford, bap 10/10/1872, b 10/1869. Sp= Edward Delapenha & Elizabeth Pereira. p. 25

McMarrow, Abraham Augustus, bap 3/8/1874, b 1/7/1874. P= Prince Augustus McMarrow & Maria Elizabeth Allardice (U). Sp= Francis Andrade & Mary Deleon. p. 42

McPherson, Osmond Fitzherbert, bap 6/13/1869, b 3/18/1867. Sp= Alexis Mitchell & Mary Markh__. p. 4

Mendes, Agatha, bap 5/26/1872, b 3/19/1872. F= David P. Mendes. M= Sophia Dacosta (U). Sp= W. Dollar & Rosa Dun__. p. 22

Mendes, Alice Caroline bap 3/9/1873. F= David P. Mendes. M= Sophia Dacosta (U). Sp= John Loins & Rose Duncan. p. 29

Mendes, Lily Ann Luna, bap 3/9/1873. F= David P. Mendes. M= Sophia Dacosta (U). Sp= Manuel Herrera & Mary Ann Grant. p. 30

Mendes, Lucilius Alexander bap 3/9/1873, b November. F= David P. Mendes. M= Sophia Dacosta (U). Sp= Peter Noel & Mary Deleon. p. 29

Mendes, James Peter Nicot, bap 1/25/1874, b 1/2/1873. P= David Mendes & Sophia Dacosta. Sp= James Gommell & Rosita Andrak. p. 39

Mitchell, Catherine , bap 4/27/1875. p. 56

Mitchell, Henrietta Matilda & received into RC church, aged 17 years. Sp= Louisa Wilkie. p. 4

Mitchell, Isabella, bap 4/25/1871 & received into RC church, aged 20 years (died). Sp= Isabella Mitchell. p. 16

Mitchell, Murdiena Francisca, bap 8/14/1871, b 11/9/__. M= Amelia Johnson (U). Sp= Joseph White & Rosa C. White. p. 18

Mitchell, Sarah, bap 4/24/1875, aged about 55 years. p. 55

Mitchell, Susan Emily, bap 4/25/1869, was Anglican aged 18 years. Sp= Peter Noel & Mary Noel. p. 3

Moodie, Joseph Augustus, bap 9/10/1871, b 6/27/1871. F= W. Moodie. M= Jane Robinson (U). Sp= David Webb & M. Rosette Andrade. p. 18

Moodie, Thomas, coolie aged 38 years, bap 2/21/1874 privately at the Coolie Depot. p. 40

Morales, Gertrudes, bap 8/28/1869, aged 1 month. M= Amelia Pereyra. (U). Sp= Emily Isaacs. p. 5

Morales, Rosina, bap 10/8/1871, b 9.5.1871. F= Morris Morales. M= Mary Ann Findlay (U). Sp= James Vals Norris & Rosa Norris. p. 18

Morgan, Teona Matilda, bap 5/2/1870, b 11/6/1869. F= James Morgan. M= Frances Powell (U). Sp= Milborough Fletcher. p. 9

Morris, Samuel, Annan Chander of Calcutta, bap 4/11/1873, aged 37 years. Sp= Annie Adams & James V. Norris. p. 32

Moutousami, John Williams, coolie, a native of Madras [India] aged about 45 years, bap 2/12/1872. p. 20

Murphy, Alfred John, bap 4/18/1870, b 12/8/1869. M= Sarah Alberga (U). Sp= Peter Noel & Henrietta Mitchell. p. 9

Murphy, Daniel Augustus, bap 9/10/1871, b 2/27/1871. F= __ [tight binding] Murphy. M= Elizabeth Bartholomew (U). Sp= Emmanuel Herrera & M. Louisa __. p. 18

Murray, Alfred Augustus, bap 5/15/1871, b 3/25/1871. F= Alfred Murray. M= Harriet Sewell (U). Sp= James Valentine & Rosa Norris. p. 17

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