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December 18, 1870 to April 50, 1905

The cover sheet states: "N. B. Up to the date at which this Register opens, Baptisms etc. were registered at the Presbytery in Kingston. James F. Splaine, Chaplain to the Troops, January 1871."


AB = A. Butler SJ

AS = A. Sutter SJ

CC = C. H. Chandler SJ

CR = Charles Norman Roley SJ

JBM = J. Brent Matthews SJ

JL = J. Little SJ

JM = Joseph Meyer SJ

JS = James F. Splaine SJ

PK = Peter Kayser SJ

TP = Thomas Porter SJVA

WS = William Spillman SJ


JG=The sponsor for a number of baptisms was, as recorded in Latin, "Joanna Glover." This may mean Jane or Joanne Glover.

DATE FORMAT: Month/Day/Year


b. = Born

bap. = Baptism

d/o = daughter of

s/o = son of

Sp. = Sponsor/Sponsors

p. = page


(1) All baptisms were at Newcastle unless otherwise noted.

(2) The children are not always given the father's surname, according to the record. When this occurs the father's name is also in bold letters.

(3) From 1881 to 1904 the records are in Latin]


Taylor, Gertrude Adelaide, d/o Emma English, b. 1/7/1886, bap. 4/17/1886. by TP. p. 92

Taylor, Henry, s/o Emma Oliphant, b. 5/20/1883, bap. 12/16/1883. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 73

Taylor, Matilda Louisa, d/o Grace Rogers, b 4/4/1879 [sic], bap. 11/25/1878 at Pen Hill, Guava Ridge. Sp. Amy Davis. By JM. p. 29

Taylor, Maybel Eugenie, Negro, Newcastle 2/26/1899, (see Holy Trinity Register), PK, p. 105

Thompson, Aileen Agnes, d/o John and Rosanne Thompson (formerly Dinnegan), b. 4/24/1887, bap. 5/1/1887. Sp. Thomas Dinnegan, and Elizabeth Thompson. By TP. p. 96

Thompson, Clarissa Elizabeth, d/o Elizabeth Thompson, b. 11/20/1883, bap. 12/30/1883. Sp. JG. By JM.

Thompson, Etta Catherine, d/o Sarah Thompson, b. 10/5/1883, bap. 1/13/1883 [sic. but should be 1884]. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 74

Thompson, Josephine Amanda, d/o Isabella Thompson, b. 12/2/1881, bap. 9/11/1881. By JM. p. 41 #165

Thompson, Lettice Amelia, d/o Mary Campbell, b. 8/28/1883, bap. 1/27/1884. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 75

Thompson, Norman Zechariah, s/o Isabella Thompson, b. 2/4/1883, bap. 6/17/1883. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 66

Thompson, Patrick Joseph, s/o John and Rosamin [?] Thompson (formerly Dunigan), b. 9/11/1885, bap. 9/20/1885. Sp. William Morrissy and Catherine Drewitt. By TP. p. 89

Thompson, Shemiah, s/o Suzanne Thompson, b. 12/6/1882, bap. 3/7/1883. Sp. JG . By JM. p. 63

Tyrrell, Adina Rebecca, d/o Diana Thompson, b. 3/19/1881, bap. 7/17/1881. By JM. p. 39 #158

Tyrrell, Ada Malvina, d/o Sarah Ann St. Clair, b. 3/6/1882, bap. 6/18/1882. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 52

Virgo, Archibald William, s/op James and Ellen Virgo, b. 9/4/1881, bap. 5/7/1882. Sp. William Scott, and Annless [?] Scott. Present was Mrs. Kelly. By WS. p. 49

Wakefield, Charles Frederick, s/o Henry George Wakefield, color Sergeant, and Emily his wife, b. 2/14/1898, bap. 2/19/1898. Sp. Joseph Clark and Mary Clark. By PK. p. 104

Walker, Alfred Cleve, s/o Jacob and Mary Walker (formerly Williams), b. 3/23/1882, bap. 6/4/1882. Sp. Jacob Larkin. By JM. p. 51

Walker, Alice Maud, Negro, 3/4/1900 (See Holy Trinity Register). PK. p. 108

Walker, Ethel Leonora, d/o Roseanne Lowe, b. 6/7/1882, bap. 7/16/1882. Sp. Jacob Larkin. By JM. p. 53

Walker, Silvia Amanda, d/o Emily Gaudy, b. 2/13/1880, bap. 6/20/1880. Sp. William Tyson. By JM. p. 33

Walker, Sophia, d/o Emily Gaudy, b. 12/4/1884, bap. 2/22/1885. By TP. p. 84

Wall, Beatrix Julia, d/o Francis Wall (military) and Julia, his wife, b. 11/15/1898, bap. 11/20/1898. Sp. Charles Bradley. By PK. p. 105

Wallen, Nathan Norman, s/o Mary Ann Elliott, b. 5/1/1881, bap. 9/11/1881. By JM. p. 42 #166

Walters, Charlotte McGowan, d/o Cornelius Walters and Ellen McGowan, b. 4/28/1875, bap. 7/11/1875. Sp. Alexander Lumley and Catherine Penny. By AB. p. 18

Walters, Ezekiel Cornelius, s/o Cornelius Walters and Ellen McGowan, b. 8/13/1873, bap. on or about 12/28/1873. Sp. William Connolly and Margaret Raleigh. By AB. p. 11

Walters, Nathaniel, (native) s/o Cornelius Walters and Ellen McGowan, b. 4/6/1872, bap. 5/19/1872. Sp. Paul Brennan. By JS. p. 7

Ward, Charles Joseph, s/o Charles Ward and his wife Ellen, b. 7/15/1876, bap. 8/6/1876. Sp. Edward Connell, Drummer 35th Regiment, and Mary Maloney. by AB. p. 21

Ward, Elizabeth Ellen, d/o Charles Ward and Ellen Macdonald, b. 10/8/1877, bap. 10/28/1877. Sp. Bernard McDermott. By JM. p. 27

Watson, Ann Theresa, d/o Elizabeth Pascow, b. 3/18/1884, bap. 6/1/1884. Sp JG. By JM. p. 76

Watson, Camillus, s/o Joanne Thomas b. 3/2/1879 bap. 7/6/1879, [in Latin]. By TP. p. 31

Watson, Ledoria, d/o Jacob and Frances Watson, b. 1882, age 1 year, bap. 4/8/1883. Sp. Emily Clarke. By WS. p. 64

Weir, Maren, d/o James Weir, Lance Corporal 98th Regiment and his wife Margaret, b. 3/7/1875, bap. 3/21/1875. Sp. Thomas Regan, Corporal 98th Regiment and his wife Mary Anne. By AB. p. 16

Welsh, William, s/o Peter Welsh and his wife Mary, b. 9/9/1876, bap. 10/1/1876. Sp. J. Hardaway, Corporal R.A., and Elizabeth Finnigan. By JL. p. 22

Whitburn, Vincent, s/o Rebecca Ennis, b. 2/8/1882, bap. 6/16/1882. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 51

White, Charlotte, d/o Michael Joseph White, Corporal 29th Regiment, and Charlotte his wife, b. 6/25/1871, bap. 7/16/1871 in the Garrison Chapel. Sp. Joseph French, Gunner R. A., and Elizabeth his wife. By JS. p. 3

White, Edward Joseph, s/o John White (military) and his wife Bridget, b. 4/15/1900, bap. 4/15/1900. Sp. Patrick John Aherne [Ahearn] and Mary Fennessy. PK. p. 108

White, James Alex, (native) s/o John White and Louisa Williams, b. 5.28.1871, bap. 9/24/1871 in the Garrison Chapel. Sp. William Higgins, Private 29th Regiment. By JS. p. 4

Wiles, Pomelia, d/o Elizabeth Burton, b. 12/15/1880, bap. 5/28/1881. By JM. p. 37 #153

Wiles, Theophilus, s/o James Wiles and Charlotte Wait, b. 8/27/1871, bap. at Charlottenburgh bap. 1/7/1878. Sp. John Casserly and Susanna Casserly. By JM. p. 28

Wilkins, Roda [?] Josephine, d/o Thomas and Fidelia Wilkins (formerly Maloney), b. 1/21/1883, bap. 3/7/1883. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 61

Williams, Amy, d/o Jacob and Mary Williams (formerly Christie), b. 3/25/1883, bap. 10/25/1883. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 64

Williams, Angelina, d/o Mary Lynch, b. 7/10/1885, bap. 8/9/1885. Sp. Michael Brenna, by TP. p. 87

Williams, Clifford Rupert, bap. 8/24/1884 conditionally. By JM. p. 80

Williams, Daniel, s/o James Williams and Mary his wife, b. 5/31/1876, bap. 10/29/1876. Sp. Patrick McLaghlin, Private 35th Regiment and Amelie Raleigh. By JL. p. 22

Williams, Frederick Alexander, s/o Amelia Hall, b. 9/17/1881, bap. 10/27/1881. Sp. Eliza King. By JM. p. 50

Williams, Lavinia Thomasina, d/o Charles and Roseanne Williams (formerly Williams), b. 5/11/1882, bap. 7/30/1882. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 54

Williams, Mary Jane, d/o Elizabeth Dixon, b. 5/16/1884. Bap. 8/10/1884. Sp JG. By JM. p. 79

Williams, Philippa Princess, Negro, Newcastle 8/1/1899 (see Holy Trinity Register). PK. p. 105

Williams, Ursuline Victoria, d/o Francis Williams and Sarah Prince, b. 12/28/1875, bap. 8/8/1875. Sp. Witinn [partly illegible] Elliot. By AB. p. 18

Willington, Catherine, d/o Ivina Oliphant, b. 8/6/1883, bap. 11/19/1883. Sp. JG . By JM. p. 72

Willis, Isidora, d/o Christian Nixon, b. 5/13/1881, bap. 3/9/1882, Sp. JG.

Wilson, George Henry, s/o Louvinia Dallas, b. 1/12/1881, bap. 4/10/1881. Sp. John Flanagan. By JM. p. 36

Wilson, Theresa, d/o Louvinia Dallas, b. 1/12/1881, bap. 4/10/1881. Sp. John Flanagan. By JM p. 36

Woodall, Matilda, d/o James Woodall, Sergeant 29th Regiment, and Magdalen his wife, b. 3/24/1870, bap. Easter Sunday 1870. Sp. John McInerney, Jane Holham. By JS. p. 2

Wray, Benjamin Augustus, s/o Joseph Fraser and Christiana Wray, b. 12/25/1876, bap. 2/18/1877. Sp. Stephen McNully and Louisa Clancy. By JM. p. 24

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