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December 18, 1870 to April 50, 1905

The cover sheet states: "N. B. Up to the date at which this Register opens, Baptisms etc. were registered at the Presbytery in Kingston. James F. Splaine, Chaplain to the Troops, January 1871."


AB = A. Butler SJ

AS = A. Sutter SJ

CC = C. H. Chandler SJ

CR = Charles Norman Roley SJ

JBM = J. Brent Matthews SJ

JL = J. Little SJ

JM = Joseph Meyer SJ

JS = James F. Splaine SJ

PK = Peter Kayser SJ

TP = Thomas Porter SJVA

WS = William Spillman SJ


JG=The sponsor for a number of baptisms was, as recorded in Latin, "Joanna Glover." This may mean Jane or Joanne Glover.

DATE FORMAT: Month/Day/Year


b. = Born

bap. = Baptism

d/o = daughter of

s/o = son of

Sp. = Sponsor/Sponsors

p. = page


(1) All baptisms were at Newcastle unless otherwise noted.

(2) The children are not always given the father's surname, according to the record. When this occurs the father's name is also in bold letters.

(3) From 1881 to 1904 the records are in Latin]


Keeley, George William, s/o James Frederick and Mary Frances Keeley (formerly Walker), b. 4/29/1895, bap. 5/5/1895, Sp. Henry George and Mary Sophia Snook.

Keeley, John Charles, s/o James Frederick and Mary Frances Keeley (formerly Walker), b. 4/29/1895, bap. 5/5/1895, Sp. John Criggs Walker and Rosalie Marie Raleigh. By WS. p. 102

Killroy, Elizabeth, d/o William Killroy, R. A., and Mary his wife, b. 2/23/1880, bap. 3/14/1880. Sp. John Scofield and Elizabeth Scofield. By JP. p. 33

Kilroy, Mary, bap. at the Garrison Chapel 5/26/1877 and received into the church. By JM. p. 25

Killroy, William, s/o Gunner William Killroy and Mary his wife, b. 12/29/1876, bap. 1/7/1877. Sp. Gunner Terence McKenna and Elizabeth Cushan. By JL. p. 23

Larkin, Hannah Jane, (Hanorah Joanna), d/o Thomas and Winifred Larkin (formerly Williams), b. 5/16/1882, bap. 5/21/1882. Sp. William Larkin and Joanne Larkin. By JM. p. 50

Larvin, Alice May, d/o Thomas Larvin and his wife Sarah May (formerly Jackson), b. 3/14/1904, bap. 3/26/1904. Sp. Martin James Hanley and Margaret Mary Hanley. by JBM, p. 111. [Followed by Note about Marriage to Richard Gray 5/1/1926 at St. Joseph's Church, Gatehead on Tyne, England, by Revd. J. Bull.

Lawless, Annie, d/o Edward and Mary Anne Lawless (formerly Cooley), b. 1/22/1885, bap. 2/8/1885. Sp William Morrissey. By TP. p. 83 [Followed by Note about Marriage Next to baptism of Annie Lawless : "Married to John Caine at Henley, ltoffe Eng. [??] on 22 June 1911 by Matthias O'Rourke" p. 83

Lawlip, Gertrude Kate, d/o Edward and Ann Lawlip (formerly Drum), b. 11/28/1886, bap. 1/12/1886. Sp. Thomas Lawlip rep. by Michael MacNamara, and Kate Drum. By TP. p. 95

Lewis, Edward, (native) s/o Edward McRee and Fanny McPherson, b. 6/6/1871, bap. 9/24/1871, Sp. William Higgins, Private 29th Regiment. By JS. p. 4

Lloyd, Ella Maud, d/o John and Adelaide Lloyd (formerly Derry), b. 8/1/1885, bap. 8/9/1885. Sp. John Thompson and Charlotte Ware. By TP. p. 87

Lowe, Lettice, d/o Richard Lowe and Mary Anne Richards, b. 3/1/1871, bap. 12/28/1873. Sp. William Connolly. By AB. p. 11

Lumley, Alexander, s/o John Lumley and Rebecca Reid, age 22 years, bap. 4/4/1875 conditionally and received into the church. Sp. Captain Gibbs, 98th Regiment. By AB. p. 17

Lynch, George Francis, son of Daniel Lynch and Marie Therese Lynch, b. 11/22/1897, bap. 12/5/1897. Sp. Henry Wakefield. p. 103

Maccrill, Margaret May, d/o James and Lizzy Maccrill (formerly Johnston), b. 5/19/1892, bap. 6/5/1892. Sp. Percy Johnston and Margaret Parr. By WS. p. 100

MacDonald, Eugene Hubert, s/o James Haughton and Frances MacDonald, b. 4/19/1876, bap. 7/23/1876. Sp. Rosanna Lord. By AB. p. 21

Macdonald, Margaret Irene, d/o William and Emily Macdonald (formerly Dickson), b. 3/22/1882, bap. 7/16/1882. Sp. Jacob Larkin. By JM. p. 53

Macqueen, Thomas Ewen, s/o Stewart Macqueen and Anne Bogle, b. 8/5/1877, bap.1/7/1878 at Charlottenburgh. Sp. John Casserly and Susanna Casserly. By JM. p. 29

MacRire, Jane Eliza, d/o Peter MacRire and Lettice Henry, b. 4/6/1875, bap. 5/16/1875. Sp. Private Cochrane, 98th Regiment. By AB. p. 17

Mais, Samuel Zachariah, s/o Ellen Ann Steele, b. 4/19/1882, bap. 8/27/1882. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 55

Maloney, Christina, d/o Cherassie [record incomplete] b. 11/3/1879, bap. 4/13/1879. Sp. Frances Glennon. By JM. p. 30-31

Maloney, Elijah Augustus, s/o Marcus Maloney and Maryanne his wife, b. 6/2/1875, bap. 6/27/1875. By AB. p. 17

Maloney, Josephine Estella, d/o Mark and Mary Ann Maloney (formerly Hall), b. 12/18/1882, bap. 3/7/1883. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 62

McClarty, Edward Ebenezer, s/o Richard and Grace McClarty (formerly Madden), b. 8/9/1882, bap. 3/7/1883. Sp. JG. By JM p. 62

McClarty, Evan, s/o Lucy Bryan, b. 7/21/1884, bap. 10/5/1884. Sp JG. By JM. p. 81

McClarty, Fidelia, d/o Lucy Bryan, b. 5/22/1882, bap. 7/2/1882. Sp. Jacob Larkin. Ny JM. p. 52

McDermot, Augustine Pins, s/o McDermott, Nehemiah B. and Rose his wife, b. 12/15/1871, bap. 12/17/1871. Sp. Michael McCormick and Caroline McDermott by their proxy Joseph Burke, Esq., Lieut. 29th Regiment. By JS. p. 4

McDonald, Arthur James, s/o Angus McDonald and Eliza Slater, b. 4/6/1874, bap. 11/29/1874. Sp. John Tolly and Louisa Deane. By AB. p. 14

McDonald, Claud Ezekiel, s/o Mary Ann Stewart, b. 6/17/1885, bap. 9/6/1885. Sp. Michael O'Shea. By TP. p. 88

McGlason [McGlaser/McGlasen (illegible)], Mary Ellen, d/o Owen McGlasen and Margaret his wife, b. 8/16/1874, bap. 9/6/1874. Sp. John Keenan and his wife Bridget. By AB. p. 13

McGovern, Helen, d/o Charles McGovern, Private 29th Regiment and Vinlott his wife, b. 12/18/1871, bap. 12/25/1871. Sp. John McGlynn, Private 29th Regiment, and Charlotte White. By JS. p. 5

McGrath, Lisette Adelina, d/o James William and Leontine McGrath (formerly Chastelvittory), b. 10/27/1889, bap. 11/10/1889. Sp. Anastasia Scarlon, by proxy of Madame Dalgette. By WS. p. 99

McInerney, Herbert, s/o John McInerney, Sergeant 29th Regiment, and Mary his wife, bap. 9/24/1871 in the Garrison Church. Sp. Michael Joseph White, Magdalen Woodall. By JS. p. 3

McLaughlin, Eugene Martin, son of Jacob McLaughlin and Mary his wife (formerly Brady), b. 2/9/1904, bap. 3/13/1904. Sp. Daniel James Joseph Byrne and Mrs. Margaret Hanley. by J. B. Matthews. p. 110

McQueen, Eleanor, d/o Stewart and Ann McQueen, b. 1/4/1883, bap. 5/20/1883. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 65

McQueen, James David, s/o Emily Clarke, b. 5/8/1885, bap. 2/21/1886. Sp. Daniel Hurst and Rebecca Allen. By TP. p. 91

Michele, Ecclesia Giovanni, son of Ecclesia Michele and Branchi (formerly Judita), b. 6/2/1881, bap. 7/18/1881 at Petersfield. Sp. Ambrose Martin and Peron Ecclesia. By JM. p. 47

Molloy, David Emmanuel, s/o Ida Downer, b. 12/16/1884, bap. 3/8/1885. Sp. Birgitte Hayes. By TP. p. 84

Molloy, John Augustus, s/o Ida Eugenie Downer, b. 8/7/1882, bap. 9/24/1882. Sp. Jacob Larkin and JG. By JM. p. 57

Moloney, Frederick Augustus, s/o Michael Moloney and Mary Dooley (wife), b. 10/5/1877, bap. 10/14/1877. Sp. William Kilroy and Bridget Reid. By JM. p. 27

Moodie, David, s/o Mary Ann Goldie, b. 9/25/1882, bap. 2/25/1883. Sp. Jacob Larkin. By JM. p. 61

Moodie, David Augustus, s/o Amelia Moodie, b. 12/26/1882, bap. 7/29/1883. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 69

Moody, Theophilus, s/o Mary Ann Gaudy, b. 1/3/1885, bap. 5/17/1885. Sp. Michael Luskin. By TP. p. 86

Moore, Thomas Francis, s/o Charles Moore (military) and Cecily his wife, b. 4/19/1899, bap. 4/30/1899. Sp. Helen Dineen. By PK p. 106

Morrison, Alice Matilda, d/o Justina Murray, b. 5/28/1883, bap. 2/10/1884. Sp JG. By JM. p. 75

Morrison, Virginia, d/o Dorothea Morrison, b. 4/1/1881, bap. 4/24/1882 at Charlottenburgh. Sp., Mrs. Casserly. By WS. p. 48

Munn, Horatio Frederick, s/o Horatio and Amy Munn (formerly Ulle), b. 11/30/1881, bap. 11/7/1881 [sic] at Kintyre. Sp. Catherine Sullivan. By JM. p. 43 #171

[Followed by Note about Marriage Next to baptism of Horatio Frederick Munn. "Married to Miss Dougal by Rev. T. A. Emmet. S.J." p. 43 #171

Munn, Percy L'Ecosse, s/o Horatio and Amy Munn (formerly Ulle), b. 4/24/1884, bap. 6/27/1884 at Byron Hill [?]. Sp. Jacob Fitzgerald and Mary Fitzgerald. By JM. p. 78

Murray, Hilda Christine d/o Caroline Osbourne, b. 5/28/1882, bap. 10/22/1882. Sp. Jacob Larkin and JG. By JM. p. 58

Murray, Merandrina Matilda, d/o Margaret Brighton, b. 4/19/1881, bap. 12/17/1881. By JM. p. 39 #160

Murray, Theresa Ann, d/o Frederick and Theresa Murray (formerly Brincat), b. 8/27/1883, bap. 9/9/1883. Sp. Joseph Brincat and Josephina Murray. By JM. p. 70

Nicholson, Charles Augustus, s/o Richard Nicholson and Amelia Jackson, b. 8/18/1876, bap. 7/22/1877. Sp. Matthew Macdonald. By JM. p. 26

Nicholson, William Tyler, s/o William Nicholson and Emily Johnstone, b. 10/31/1875, bap. 5/17/1874 in the Garrison Chapel School Room. Sp. W. H. Fry, Lce. Corporal 97th Regiment, and Bridget Fry. By AB. p. 11

Nores, [Norris?] Adela, d/o Rebecca Campbell, b. 7/5/1885, bap. 8/23/1885. Sp. John Reardon. By TP. p. 88

Norman, Nathan, s/o Joseph Norman and Marian Joseph, b. 8/28/1876, bap. 10/1/1876. Sp. H. O'Brien Private 35th Regiment. By JL. p. 22

O'Connor, Jane Elizabeth, d/o David O'Connor and Ann Mitchell born 11/20/1870, bap. 2/11/1872. Sp. William Higgins, Private 29th Regiment. By JS. p. 8

O'Connor, William Patrick, s/o Bernard O'Connor, Sergeant 97th Regiment and Alice his wife, b. 12/9/1874, bap. 12/13/1874. Sp. Patrick O'Connor, 97th Regiment and Bridget Faby. By AB. p. 14

O'Donnell, Michael, s/o Michael O'Donnell and Caroline Shaw b. 6/24/1877, bap. 8/4/1877 at Hopewell (Middleton) without ceremonies. By JM. p. 26

Owens, Gertrude, d/o Francis and Rebecca Owens (formerly Daly), b. 6/1/1881, bap. 8/3/1881. Sp. Henry Gauthier. By JM. p. 47

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