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December 18, 1870 to April 50, 1905

The cover sheet states: "N. B. Up to the date at which this Register opens, Baptisms etc. were registered at the Presbytery in Kingston. James F. Splaine, Chaplain to the Troops, January 1871."


AB = A. Butler SJ

AS = A. Sutter SJ

CC = C. H. Chandler SJ

CR = Charles Norman Roley SJ

JBM = J. Brent Matthews SJ

JL = J. Little SJ

JM = Joseph Meyer SJ

JS = James F. Splaine SJ

PK = Peter Kayser SJ

TP = Thomas Porter SJVA

WS = William Spillman SJ


JG=The sponsor for a number of baptisms was, as recorded in Latin, "Joanna Glover." This may mean Jane or Joanne Glover.

DATE FORMAT: Month/Day/Year


b. = Born

bap. = Baptism

d/o = daughter of

s/o = son of

Sp. = Sponsor/Sponsors

p. = page


(1) All baptisms were at Newcastle unless otherwise noted.

(2) The children are not always given the father's surname, according to the record. When this occurs the father's name is also in bold letters.

(3) From 1881 to 1904 the records are in Latin]


Hadaway, Mary Heyworth, c/o John and Mary Catherine Hadaway (nee Gardiner), b. 7/28/1880, bap. 8/15/1880. Sp. Michael Lynn and Amy Davis. By JM. p. 34

Hales, James McDermot, s/o Arthur Hales and Marylene Duncan, age 10 months, bap. 1/7/1877. Sp. Matthew Griffin, Private 35th Regiment. By JL. p. 23

Hall, Catherine Elvira, d/o Henry Hall and Emily Gowdie, b. on Good Friday in March 1875, bap. 2/13/1876. Sp. John Hardaway, Bombardier R. Artillery. By AB. p. 19

Hall, Evelina, d/o Henrietta Hall, b. 3/12/1881, bap. 6/6/1881. Sp. William O'Brien and Mary Clarke. By JM. p. 38 #155

Hall, Isaac Samuel, s/o Sarah Jackson, b. 12/16/1884, bap. 5/17/1885. Sp. Michael Luskin. By TP. p. 85

Hall, Isidora, (native) d/o Richard Hall and Maria Barnes, b. 1/12/1872, bap. 5/5/1872. Sp. Frederick Pearman. By JS. p. 7

Hall, Leonora, d/o William Hall and Clementine Hall, b. 5/19/1877, bap. 11/25/1877. Sp. Amelia Williams. By JM. p. 27

Hall, Rosella, d/o Eliza Terrelonge, b. 7/16/1882, bap. 9/24/1882. Sp. Jacob Larkin and Frances Glennon. By JM. p. 57

Hall, William Samuel, s/o Joanne Elizabeth Hall, b. 12/6/1880, bap. 6/5/1881. Sp., William O'Brien and Mary Clarke. By JM. p. 38 #154

Hall, ("Negro, see Holy Trinity June 1897."

Halloran, Mary Jane, d/o John Halloran, Private 98th Regiment, and his wife Bridget, b. 3/15/1875, bap. 4/4/1875. Sp. Michael McNaughty and Bridget Cronin. By AB. p. 16

Halloran, Mary Louise, d/o Michael and Mary Halloran (formerly Harris [or Hanissy?]), b. 10/4/1886, bap. 10/17/1886. Sp. John Scarry and Mary Maher. By TP. pp. 94-95

Hamilton, Avaline Victoria, d/o Palido Hamilton and Emilia Spence, b. 11/30/1875, bap. 6/25/1876. Sp. John Watson, Private 35th Regiment. By AB. p. 21

Hamilton, Emmanuel, s/o John Hamilton and Cecilia Williams, b. 10/24/1875, bap. 1/31/1876. Sp. Martin O'Hara, Private 35th Regiment. By AB. p. 19

Hamilton, Ezekiel Augustus, s/o Cecilia Williams, b. 12/18/1880, bap. 4/24/1881. By JM. pp. 36-37

Hamilton, Isabella, d/o John Hamilton and Cecilia Williams, b. 3/29/1873, bap. 6/29/1873 in the Garrison Church. Sp. Markland Henry and Cherry Anne Gift. By AB. p. 9.

Hamilton, James, s/o James Hamilton and Frances Williams, age about 4 months, bap. 7/12/1874. Sp. Edward Waters. By AB. p. 12

Hanley, Martin Jacob, s/o Staff Sergeant Martin Jacob Hanley and Margaret his wife (formerly O'Sullivan), b. 7/27/1903, bap. 7/28/1903. Sp. T. Hanley and Annie Clerk. p. 109

Hanley, Robert Matthew, s/o Staff Sergeant Martin Jacob Hanley and Margaret his wife (formerly O'Sullivan), b. 7/27/1903, bap. 7/28/1903. Sp. Matthew O'Sullivan and Mary McCormack. p. 109

Hannon, Joseph, s/o John Hannon, 98th Regiment, and Bridget his wife, b. 8/21/1873, bap. 9/21/1873. Sp. James Lynch and Anne Hazelhurst. By AB. p. 10

Harris, Alexander, s/o Louise Edwards, b. 11/25/1881, bap. 7/2/1882. Sp. Jacob Larkin. By JM. p. 52

Harris, Ann, d/o Louise Edwards, b. 2/12/1884, bap. 7/13/1884. Sp JG. By JM. p. 79

Harris, Peter Lescal, s/o William Spalding and Mary Anne Harris, b. 5/30/1873, bap. 12/28/1873. Sp. Sp. W. H. Frye, Lce. Corporal 97th Regiment, and Bridget Lewis. By AB. p. 10

Hartley, Hilda Eliza, d/o Frances Ann Barton, b. 7/12/1882, bap. 7/12/1882 at Middleton. Sp. Eliza King. By JM. p. 55

Hayes, Adelaide Agnes Maud, d/o John Joseph and Birgitte Mary Hayes (formerly Dillon), b. 3/16/1886, bap. 3/21/1886. Sp. Thomas Dale and Helen Brooks. By TP. p. 92

Hazlehurst, William Joseph, s/o Sergeant Hazlehurst, 98th Regiment and Anne his wife, b. 2/10/1875, bap. 2/20/1875. Sp. (by proxy) John English and Henrietta English. By AB. p. 15

Healy, Maude Adelaide, d/o M. R. Healy, Lieutenant 97th Regiment, and Jane Anne his wife, b. 3/9/1874, bap. 3/2/1874 at her father's house. Sp. by proxy Eugene Rieran and Julia F. Ryan. Proxy Octavia Leckie. By AB. p. 11

Henderson, Samuel Uriah, s/o Leonora Taylor, b. 12/12/1882, bap. 4/8/1883. Sp. William Braun. By WS. p. 65

Hennessy, Christopher Martin, s/o Martin Hennessy (military) and his wife Mary, b. 12/11/1899, bap. 12/17/1899. Sp. Richard Dineen and Cecily Moore. PK. p. 107

Hennessy, Patrick John, s/o John Hennessy (military) and Ellen his wife, b. 7/20/1899m bap. 7/30/1899. Sp. Michael J. Wall and Lillie R. O'Shea. By WS. p. 106

Henry, Arthur Uriah, son of Jane McClarty, b. 3/29/1882, bap. 7/16/1882. Sp. Jacob Larkin. By JM. p. 53

Henry, Hezekiah, s/o Victoria Ellis, b. 4/23/1885, bap. 3/7/1886. Sp. Daniel Hurst. By TP. p. 92

Henry, Martel Montague, s/o Elias and Sarah Henry, b. 2/25/1883, bap. 7/1/1883. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 67

Herrington, Ambronita, Colored, Gordon Town, 12/18/1898, see Holy Trinity Register. (PK. p. 105)

Hibbert, Richard, s/o Rosa Henry, b. 9/11/1881, bap. 4/2/1882. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 46

Higgins, Thomas, s/o John and Amy Higgins (nee Herbert), b. 2/18/1879, bap. 3/2/1879. Sp. John Smith and Annie Higgins. By. JM. p. 30

Hodgens, Maud Rose, d/o Charles O'Connor Hodgens, Captain R. A. M. C. and his wife Ellen Emily (formerly Verdon), b. 5/18/1904, bap. 5/22/1904. Sp. John Verdon, Sergeant R. A. and Rose Reynolds. By JBM, p. 111

Hollingsworth, Catherine, d/o Gelina McGlashan, b. 5/11/1883, bap. 7/15/1883. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 67

Horace, Nathaniel Samuel, s/o Louise Edwards, b. 5/2/1886, bap. 9/19/1886. Sp. Thomas Gardner. By TP. p. 94

Horrigan, Margaret Anne, d/o Dennis Horrigan, Private 98th Regiment, and Mary his wife, b. 8/5/1874, bap. 8/23/1874. Sp. William Connolly. By AB. p. 13

Horton, Agnes Celestine, d/o Sarah Joseph, b. 7/6/1883, bap. 9/9/1883. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 69

Howard, Helen Augusta, Negro, Newcastle 4/30/1899 (Holy Trinity Register). PK, p. 105

Hughie, Marie Desiree, d/o Alicia Ashcroft, b. 12/19/1884, bap. 12/29/1885. Sp. Rosanne Thompson. By TP. p. 85

Hurd, Maria Florita, Negro, at Gordon Town 9/24/1898. See Holy Trinity Register. (PK. p. 104)

Jackman, Harriette, Not White, Gordon Town, see Holy Trinity Register. (PK. p. 105)

Jackman, Thomas, White, Gordon Town, see Holy Trinity Register. (PK. p. 105)

Jackman, Violet, Colored, Gordon Town, see Holy Trinity Register. (PK. p. 105)

Jackson, Alberta Rebecca, d/o Colin and Felicia Jackson, b. 1/14/1884, bap. 3/18/1884. Sp JG. By JM. p. 77

Jackson, Hetty Rosina, d/o Samuel Jackson and Clementine Hall, b. 4/23/1875, bap. 8/22/1875. Sp. Eveline Fyffe. By AB. p. 18

Jackson, Ishmael Manasseh, s/o Samuel and Margaret Jackson (formerly Williams), b. 6/4/1883, bap. 9/23/1883. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 70

Jackson, John Henry, s/o Margaret Garrison, b. 9/26/1883, bap. 5/6/1883 [sic]. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 65

Jackson, John Manuel, s/o Colin and Felicia Jackson, b. 12/1881, bap. 4/23/1882. Sp. Benjamin Low and Patience Low. By WS. p. 48

Jackson, Litoria, d/o Jane Ann Barnet, b. 4/30/1884, bap. 8/24/1884. Sp. Rupert Williams. By JM. p. 80

Jackson, Simeon Constantine, s/o Colin and Felicia Jackson, b. 1/14/1884, bap. 5/18/1884. Sp JG. By JM. p. 76

Jackson, Tama Theresa, d/o Joanna Ann Barnet, b. 3/31/1881, bap. 3/19/1882. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 45

Jackson, William Emanuel, s/o Roslin Jackson, b. 4/9/1882, bap. 9/10/1882. Sp. Jacob Larkin and JG. By JM. p. 56

Johnson, Levi Septimus, Negro, bap. 9/1899, (see Holy Trinity Register) PK. p. 107

Johnson, Olivia, d/o Leonora Wallin, ("Registered by mistake at Cold Spring Mary Ann Elizabeth Johnson"), b. 6/22/1885, bap. 8/9/1885. Sp. John Lloyd. By TP. p. 88

Jonas, Louise Adele, b. 2/24/1905, bap. 4/30/1905 at Gordon Town. Sp. Harriet Jackonan. By PK. p. 112

Joseph, Edwin Adolph, b. 3/8/1877, bap. 5/27/1877. By JM. p. 25

Joseph, Ephraim Nathaniel, s/o Ann Macqueen, b. 12/31/1882, bap. 3/7/1883. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 62

Joseph, Marcus Alexander, s/o John Joseph and Marley Joseph (not married), b. 12/1871, bap. 4/21/1872 in the Garrison Church. Sp. Thomas Rogers, Drummer 29th Regiment. By JS. p. 6

Josephs, Emanuel, Negro, 4/1/1900 (See Holy Trinity Register). PK. p. 108

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