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December 18, 1870 to April 50, 1905

The cover sheet states: "N. B. Up to the date at which this Register opens, Baptisms etc. were registered at the Presbytery in Kingston. James F. Splaine, Chaplain to the Troops, January 1871."


AB = A. Butler SJ

AS = A. Sutter SJ

CC = C. H. Chandler SJ

CR = Charles Norman Roley SJ

JBM = J. Brent Matthews SJ

JL = J. Little SJ

JM = Joseph Meyer SJ

JS = James F. Splaine SJ

PK = Peter Kayser SJ

TP = Thomas Porter SJVA

WS = William Spillman SJ


JG=The sponsor for a number of baptisms was, as recorded in Latin, "Joanna Glover." This may mean Jane or Joanne Glover.

DATE FORMAT: Month/Day/Year


b. = Born

bap. = Baptism

d/o = daughter of

s/o = son of

Sp. = Sponsor/Sponsors

p. = page


(1) All baptisms were at Newcastle unless otherwise noted.

(2) The children are not always given the father's surname, according to the record. When this occurs the father's name is also in bold letters.

(3) From 1881 to 1904 the records are in Latin]


Edwards, Ursuline Virginia, d/o William Edwards and Charlotte Watts, b. 10/18/1874, bap 3/7/1874. Sp. Cornelius Walters and Elizabeth Hall. By AB. p. 16

Elfreda, Florence, Negro, 4/11/1900 (See Holy Trinity Register). PK. p. 108

Elliott, Victoria, wife of [blank] Elliott, 29th Regiment, bap. 1/14/1872 and received into the church. By JS. p. 5

Ellis, Samuel Eustace, s/o Isidora Ellis, b. 718/1881, bap. 9/25/1881. Sp. Arthur Aldridge. By JM. p. 42 #167

Espeut, Leopold Alexander, s/o Arthur and Louisa Espeut (formerly Macpherson), b. 10/17/1881, bap. 3/5/1882. Sp. Martin Gilmore and Mary Ward. By JM. p. 45

Espeut, William Charles McPherson, s/o Arthur and Louisa Espeut (formerly McPherson), b. 10/1882, bap. 10/22/1882. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 58

Eve, Eileen Ada, d/o William Charles Eve, Company Sergeant, and Mary Eve his wife, b. 6/14/1896, bap. 8/1/1896. Sp. Veronica Johnson. By WS. p. 103

Fair, Frank Augustus, s/o James and Maria Fair, bap. 11/10/1878 at Gordon Town. Sp. Henry and Eugenie Duval. By JM. p. 29

Fielding, Vincent, s/o Elizabeth Campbell, b. 8/19/1889, bap. 9/8/1889. Sp. Peter Daley and Marcella Cooks. By WS. p. 99

Fields, Naaman Augustus, Negro, bap. 7/16/1899. (See Holy Trinity Register). PK. p. 106

Ford, Letitia Ada, d/o Jeannette Ogilvie, b. 2/9/1883, bap. 5/22/1883 at Monklands without ceremonies. By JM. p. 66

Fox, "Mulatto. See Holy Trinity book November 1897")

Fraiser, Rosanna, an orphan aged 12 years, conditionally bap. 1/21/1877. Sp. John and Jane Elizabeth Raleigh. By JL. p. 23

Francis, Joseph Emmanuel, s/o Robert Francis and Mary Anne Harris "(!!!)", b. 7/6/1876, bap. 4/15/1875. Sp. James Hatton and Louisa Clancey. By JM SJ. p. 25

Gardner, Mary Catherine, an adult person, bap. 1/7/1877 conditionally and received into the church. Sp. John and Jane Elizabeth Raleigh. By JL. p. 23

Garrison, Benjamin, s/o Eliza Josephs, b. 6/7/1884, bap. 6/29/1884. Sp JG. By JM. p. 78

Garrison, Estella Virginia, 4/7/1884, bap. 8/10/1884. Sp JG. By JM. p. 80

Garrison, James Solomon, s/o William and Diane Garrison (formerly Taylor), b. 7/11/1885, bap. 2/7/1886. Sp. John St. Lawrence. By TP. p. 91

Garrison, Philip Nathaniel, s/o Jane McQueen, b. 10/3/1884, bap. 3/22/1885. Sp. John St. Lawrence. By TP. p. 85

Garvey, Cosmos Adolph, s/o Mary Ann Savage, b. 9/21/1881, bap. 11/21/1881. Sp. Ernest Glennon and Genevieve Hall. By JM. p. 51

Gaudey, Colin Azariah, s/o Cecilia Scott, b. 9/29/1884, bap. 2/22/1885. Sp. John St. Lawrence. By TP. p. 84

Gilliam, William Alfred, s/o William and Mary Gilliam (formerly Barren), b. 12/23/1880, bap. 1/7/1881. Sp. John Power and Ellen Jones. By JM. p. 35

Gilliam, John Francis, s/o William and Mary Gilliam (formerly Barren), b. 1/12/1880, bap. 2/15/1880. Sp. Thomas Down. By TP. p. 32

Goffe, David, s/o Eveline Edwards, b. 6/17/1882, bap. 11/5/1882. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 58

Gondie, George Albert, s/o Lettice Elizabeth Gondie, b. 1/28/1896, bap. 12/1/1896. Sp. Catherine Hall. By WS. p. 102

Goodlit, George Christopher, s/o Justine Taylor, b. 7/4/1886, bap. 10/3/1886. Sp. Michael Minahan. By TP. p. 94

Gordon, Jacob Ephraim, s/o Jacob and Elizabeth Gordon (formerly Jackson), n. 5/9/1883, bap. 9/9/1883. Sp. JG . By JM. p. 70

Gordon, James Augustus, s/o James Gordon and Elizabeth Rodgers, b. 8/8/1875, bap. 2/27/1876. Sp. William Lucas, Private 35th Regiment. By AB. p. 19

Gordon, James Nathaniel, s/o James Gordon and Sarah Robertson, b. 4/4/1872, bap. 6/30/1872. Sp. Thomas Kenny, Private 29th Regiment. By JS. p. 8

Gordon, Jane Ann, d/o Sarah Dickens, b. 5/24/1883, bap. 12/30/1883. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 73

Gordon, Mary Jane, d/o Amelia Spencer, b. 6/30/1878, bap. 1/19/1879. Sp. Thomas Haley. By JM. p. 30

Gowdy, Alexandrina Elizabeth, c/o Colin Gowdy and L. [illegible] Scott, age 5 months, bap. Feb 1872. Sp. William Higgins, Private 29th Regiment. By JS. p. 5

Gowdy, Robert Emmanuel, s/o Colin Davidson Gowdy and Julia [or Lidia] Scott, b. 9/11/1873, bap. 1/25/1874. Sp. W. H. Frye, Lce. Corporal 97th Regiment. By AB. p. 10

Graham, Benjamin, s/o Letitia Roberts, age 5 months, bap. 11/25/1878 at Pen Hill, Guava Ridge. Sp. Grace Rogers. By JM. p. 30

Graham, Christopher, s/o Joseph Graham and Frances Macpherson (wife), bap. 4/1/1877 in the Garrison Chapel. By JM. p. 24

Grant, Euphemia Elizabeth, (native) d/o George Hine Grant and Mary Johnson. Sp. Cornelius Walters. By JS. p. 7

Grant, John, s/o Elizabeth Anderson, b. 7/31/1881, bap. 2/19/1882. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 45

Grant, Thomas, s/o Elizabeth Anderson, b. 7/31/1881, bap. 2/19/1882. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 44

Grappin, Elijah Theophilus, s/o John Grappin and Jane Grappin, b. 10/2/1877, bap. 12/23/1877. Sp. Caroline Moore. By JM. p. 28

Gray, Eugenie Beatrice, d/o Thomas Gray and Emma Jane Savage, b. 4/27/1877, bap. 6/24/1877. Sp. George McMahon and Frances Glennon. By JM. p. 25

Griffiths, Frances, d/o Charles and Mary Ann Griffiths (formerly Broderick), b. 8/29/1882, bap. 9/10/1882. Sp. Edward Carroll and Helen Nagle. By JM. p. 56

Griffiths, Louisa, d/o Charles and Mary Ann Griffiths (formerly Broderick), b. 12/5/1883, bap. 12/16/1883. Sp. Nathan Fahey and Ellen Broderick. By JM. p. 72

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