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December 18, 1870 to April 50, 1905

The cover sheet states: "N. B. Up to the date at which this Register opens, Baptisms etc. were registered at the Presbytery in Kingston. James F. Splaine, Chaplain to the Troops, January 1871."


AB = A. Butler SJ

AS = A. Sutter SJ

CC = C. H. Chandler SJ

CR = Charles Norman Roley SJ

JBM = J. Brent Matthews SJ

JL = J. Little SJ

JM = Joseph Meyer SJ

JS = James F. Splaine SJ

PK = Peter Kayser SJ

TP = Thomas Porter SJVA

WS = William Spillman SJ


JG=The sponsor for a number of baptisms was, as recorded in Latin, "Joanna Glover." This may also mean Jane or Joanne Glover.

DATE FORMAT: Month/Day/Year


b. = Born

bap. = Baptism

d/o = daughter of

s/o = son of

Sp. = Sponsor/Sponsors

p. = page


(1) All baptisms were at Newcastle unless otherwise noted.

(2) The children are not always given the father's surname, according to the record. When this occurs the father's name is also in bold letters.

(3) From 1881 to 1904 the records are in Latin]


Aikman, Carl Emmanuel , s/o Robert and Cecilia Aikman (formerly Wallen), b. 5/12/1881, bap. 7/3/1881. Sp. Edwin Aldridge. By JM. p. 38 #156

Aikman, Catherine Elvira, d/o Robert and Cecilia Aikman (formerly Wallen), b. 12/3/1883, bap. 12/30/1883. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 74

Albert, Alfred Alexander, s/o Ann Skyers [?], b. 1/9/1884, bap. 3/9/1884. Sp JG. By JM. p. 76

Albert, Ernest Hezekiah, s/o Alexander and Caroline Albert (formerly Henry), b. 8/12/1882, bap. 12/3/1882. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 59

Albert, Nathaniel, s/o Mary Ann Albert, b. 7/10/1882, bap. 8/27/1882. Sp. Jacob Larkin and JG. By JM. p. 55

Aldridge, Harold Jacob Justus, s/o Edwin and Emma Aldridge (formerly Hatcher), b. 7/23/1881, bap. 7/31/1881. By JM. p. 40 #161

Aldridge, Herbert Joseph Noel, s/o Edwin William Aldridge, 4th Regiment K. O. and Emma Mary Aldridge his wife, b. 12/24/1879, bap. 1/17/1880. Sp. Manuel Loidi. By Manuel Ignacio Leidy. p. 32

Aldridge, Virginia Elizabeth, d/o Letitia Rockwood, b. 10/27/1881, bap. 12/18/1881. Sp. Arthur Aldridge. By JM. p. 42 #168

Allen, Cyrus Ethelbert, s/o Remida Husband, b. 6/28/1883, bap. 9/23/1883. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 71

Allen, Thomas, aged about 18 years, born in Mandeville, bap. 3/19/1871, and received him into the church. By JS. p. 1

Allenzott, Samuel Augustus, s/o Gelina MacGlashan, b. 12/6/1880, bap. 4/10/1881. Sp. John Flanagan. By JM. p. 36

Alvarenga, Miriam Gardner, d/o Sarah Wallen, b. 1/10/1883, bap. 2/11/1883. Sp. Jacob Larkin. By JM. p. 61

Alvarenga, Sarah Matthews, d/o Sarah Wallen, b. 5/5/1884, bap. 6/24/1884. Sp JG. By JM. p. 77

Amos, Michael Ernest, s/o Matilda Notice, b. 1/20/1879, bap. 5/5/1879. Sp. William --------- [name completely faded]. By JM. p. 31

Anderson, Ernest Emmanuel, s/o Maria Gift, b. 1/10/1881, bap. 12/31/1881 at Mt. Industry, Gordon Town. Sp. Rebecca Owens. By JM. p. 44 #172

Anderson, Eve [Eva] Roselle Anderson, d/o Elizabeth Simpson, b. 4/4/1884, bap. 7/15/1884. Sp. Eliza King. By JM. p. 80

Anderson, George William, s/o Mary Hall, b. 12/1/1882, bap. 1/28/1883. Sp. Jacob Larkin. By JM. p. 60

Anderson, "Negro. See Holy Trinity book May 1897."

Andrean, Felix, Negro, bap. 9/1899, (see Holy Trinity Register) PK. p. 107

Archer, Isidora Emilia, b. 9/1/1880, bap. 11/7/1881 at Gordon Town by John Ryan SJ. p. 43 #169.

Arnold, Euphemia, d/o Jane Vergin, b. 9/26/1885, bap. 12/1885. Sp. Patrick Hunt. By TP. p. 90

Ashbourne, Levi Adolph, s/o Patrick and Mary Ann Ashbourne (formerly Wray), b. 9/2/1882, bap. 12/17/1882. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 60

Aspinall, Mary Jane, d/o Margaret Pearson, b. 2/22/1881, bap. 8/17/1881. Sp. Daniel Francis Owens and Rebecca Owens. By JM. p. 47

Aubrey, Frederick Joseph Antoine, s/o Elizabeth Smellie, b. 11/13/1878, bap. 11/25/1878 at Pen Hill, Guava Ridge. Sp. Grace Rogers. By JM. p. 29

Ball, Joan, d/o Albert Edwin Ball, Sergeant, and Helen Ball (formerly Hanney) his wife, b. 10/3/1894, bap. 10/21/1894. Sp. James Keeley and Mary Frances Keeley. By WS. p. 101

Bar, Elizabeth, d/o Jacob and Mary Ann Bar, "a coolie" [Indian], b. 4/17/1886, bap. 4/17/1886. By TP. p. 93

Bar, Margaret, d/o Jacob and Mary Ann Bar (his wife), b. about April 1884, bap. 4/17/1886. By TP. p. 93

Barnes, Joseph, (native) s/o Robert Barnes and Esther Purnell, b. 12/8/1871, bap. 5/5/1872. Sp. Frederick Pearman. By JS. p. 7

Barnes, Theophilus, s/o Jane Barnes, b. 2/7/1883, bap. 3/7/1883. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 63

Barnet, James, (native) s/o James William Barnet and Emmy Edwards, age 8 months, bap. 5/5/1872. Sp. Cornelius Walters. By JS. p. 7

Baron, Joseph, s/o Jane Verger, b. 3/4/1882, bap. 9/10/1882.Sp. Jacob Larkin and JGr. By JM. p. 56

Barton, Ida Jane, d/o Frances Barton, b. 1/15/1884, bap. 6/15/1884 at Hopewell. Sp JG. By JM. p. 78

Barrett, Ellen Elizabeth, d/o Rose James, b. 3/1871, bap. 1/14/1884. Sp JG. By JM. p. 77

Beckett, James, s/o William and Mary Beckett (formerly Evans), b. 7/9/1885, bap. 8/9/1885. Sp. Peter Pidgeon and Amelia Pidgeon. By TP. p. 87

Beckford, William Nehemiah, Negro, bap. 7/16/1899 (see Holy Trinity Register) PK. p. 106

Bennett, Hubert, s/o Adam Bennett and Letitia Bennett "(!)", b. 7/9/1877, bap. 1/7/1878 at Charlottenberg. Sp. John Casserly and Susanna Casserly. By JM. p. 28-29

Bennett, Samuel, s/o Joanne McGiven, [?], b. 7/11/1883, bap, 8/7/1883. Sp. JGr. By JM. p. 71

Berkley, Ada Elizabeth, d/o Alexander Berkeley and Louisa Davis, b. 6/9/1873, bap. 1/11/1874. Sp. John Marra. By AB. p. 10

Blackmore, Roselda Indiana, s/o Mary Ann Williams, b. 7/31/1882, bap. 10/22/1882. Sp. Jacob Larkin and Sarah Glawish. By JM. p. 57

Blencowe, William Joseph, s/o William and Anne Blencowe (formerly Sullivan), b. 5/5/1886, bap. 5/30/1886. Sp. John St. Lawrence and Rosanne Thompson. By TP. p. 93

Bogle, Arthur Augustus, s/o Richard Bogle and Ancilla Bogle, b. 8/22/1874, bap. 6/1/1874 at Newton, Port Royal. By AB. p. 15

Bogle, Justina, (native) d/o George Bogle and Betsy his wife, b. 4/2/1871, bap. 9/24/1871. Sp. William Higgins, Private 29th Regiment. By JS. p. 4

Bogle, Samuel, s/o Emily Scott, b. 11/5/1884, bap. 2/22/1885. Sp. John St. Lawrence. By TP. p. 83

Bolton, Harold Leopold, s/o Benjamin Bolton and Magdalena Harrison, b. 12/28/1876, bap. 3/3/1877. Sp. John Harrison and Frances C. Glennan. By JM. p. 24

Bower, Stephen Alexander, s/o James Edward Bower and Diana Dallas, b. 7/2/1876, bap. 10/29/1876. Sp. Patrick Joyce, Private 35th Regiment. By JL. p. 23

Bowers, Mary Isabella, d/o Joseph Bowers and Barbara Richardson (his wife) b. 4/14/1877, bap. 7/8/1877. Sp. Thomas Grady and Mary Carter. By JM. p. 26

Braham, Edward, s/o Edward Braham and Margaret Aikman, b. 2/26/1876, bap. 5/28/1876. Sp. Henry Stewart. By AB. p. 20

Brammel, Joseph, s/o Helen Williams, b. 2/15/1883, bap. 4/8/1883. Sp. James Walker and Mariann Walker. By WS. p. 64

Bramwell, Christopher, s/o Caroline Myers, b. 4/11/1881, bap. 9/11/1881. By JM. p. 41 #165b

Bramwell, Ethel Maud, d/o Caroline Myers, b. 5/4/1883, bap. 11/18/1883. Sp. JG. By JM. p. 72

Brennan, Hannah Elizabeth, d/o Paul Brennan, 29th Regiment, and Mary his wife, b. 6/13/1871, bap. 6/18/1871. Sp. William Higgins, Nora Mulligan. By JS. p. 2

Brennan, Patrick William, s/o Paul Brennan, 29th Regiment, and Mary his wife, b. 1/16/1873, bap. 1/26/1873 in the quarters of Private Brennan. Sp. Henry Smith, Sergeant 29th Regiment, and Violet McGovern. By AB. p. 9

Brennan, Susan Mary, d/o Frances Barton, b. 9/26/1885, bap. 1885. Sp. Daniel Hurst and Mary Ann Brooks. By TP. p. 90

Brooks, Elizabeth, d/o John and Mary Ann Brooks (formerly Reardon), b. 6/20/1885, bap. 6/28/1885. Sp. Edward Dwyer and Birgitte Hayes. By TP. p. 86

Brooks, William Henry, s/o James Elly Brooks and his wife Josephine (formerly Fitzgerald), b. 5/30/1891, bap. 6/21/1891. Sp. William Nonneck and Bridget Paul. By WS. p. 100

Brown, Eugene Leopold, s/o Eveline Fyfe, b. 4/7/1884, bap. 7/13/1884. Sp JG. By JM. p. 79

Brown, Evan Christopher, son of Marsina Joseph, b. 12/23/1880, bap. 5/22/1881. Sp. Hinds Spencer and Evelina Dixon. By JM. p. 37 #152

Brown, George Christopher, s/o Joseph Brown and Evelina Fife, b. 2/1882, bap. 4/23/1882. Sp. Joseph Kameron and Angelina Fife. By WS. p. 48

Brown, Jenice Zeporah, Negro, 5/12/1900 (See Holy Trinity Register). PK. p. 108

Burgess, Imogene Elizabeth, d/o Elizabeth Murray, b. 7/6/1880, bap. 11/9/1881. Sp. Eugenie Duval. By JM. p. 43 #170

Bursteman, Edith Amanda Battiste, d/o Ludovic Dickson Bursteman and Anna Wilson Bursteman (formerly Ford), b. 3/23/1883, bap. 5/33/1883 at Monklands without ceremonies. By JM. p. 66

Byrne, Ann Frances, d/o Daniel Jacob Joseph Byrne, R. G. A., and Ann his wife (formerly McDonnell), b. 7/22/1903, bap. 8/9/1903. Sp. Mrs. Mary A. Cooper. p. 110

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