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BR= record found in register of Baptisms

dtr = daughter

m = married

Wit = witnesses

Marriages performed by Edmund Murphy, except where otherwise noted.

Date format Month/Day/Year



Ariano, Joseph, native of Kingston, m Aglae St. Ours, native of Kingston, 2/6/1837. Wit: John Charles Beckster, William Hamley , Marie Angelique Hamley, Marc Rene St. Ours, (signed), and Marc Philibert. p. 16 #31


Baker, Samuel m Sarah Carrol, both natives of Ireland, 6/1/1837. Wit: Charles Doonan and Elisha Dunn. Ceremony by John C. Curtin. p. 1

Bell, Lewis Victor, son of Victor Bell and Angelique Gemille, native of Kingston, m Henriete Francoise, dtr of Lewis Henry Durocher and Romaine Claude, a native of Kingston, 10/13/1836. Wit: Pedro N. Cassis, Francois LaBiche, Eulalie Feres, J. B. Sorapure, A. Clermont, and Thomas Murray (all signed with bride and groom). p. 13 #26

Bell, Richard, native of Ireland, m Winiford Mannix, native of Ireland, ?/24/1837. Wit: Henry Phe___ and Samuel Hazel and Mary Ann Burgel. Ceremony by John C. Curtin. p. 2

Bogle, Andre, son of Andre Bogle and Elizabeth Welconstrachan of Kingston, m Anne Elizabeth Lagerelle, dtr of Louis Lagerelle and Lucie Prue, also born in Kingston, 4/27/1833. Wit: Jacques Curtis and Louise Paire. [in French]. p. 5 #1

Bourgone, John Giles m Maria Magdalen Denous in Kingston 12/9/1840. Wit: John Bisente and Mary Bisente. p. 20

Bridges, John, native of Redgrave Suffolk Great Britain, m Margaret Crohan, alias widow Brennan, County Roscommon in Ireland, 1/2/1836. Wit: Samuel Evans sergeant 22nd regiment, and Maria Christopher. p. 11 #21

Brown, Edward, son of Edward Brown and Sarah Prince, native of Kingston, m Susanna Antonia Broughton, dtr of Mary Broughton, native of Curacao, 5/10/1835. Wit: Lawrence Martin Rodriguez, Charles la Gourde, Edward Preston and Madelaine Vatel. p. 9 #15

Brown, Edward George m Elizabeth Walker, 9/19/1838. Wit: Henry and Sarah McHenry. Ceremony by John J. Curtin. p. 18

Bush, Thomas, son of Edward and Mary Bush, native of Warwickshire, m Maria, widow of Nixon, daughter of Eyre Coote and Mary Donnelly, native of Kings County, 8/21/1836. Wit: Thomas Pierce of Kingston and Barbara Farrell, native of County Longferd. p. 13 #25


Cardozo, Solomon, native of Jamaica, m Elizabeth Philipon, native of Cuba, 3/28/1837. Wit: Gaspar Jouy and Eulalie Desjeans. [all signed, but Desjeans by X] p. 3

Carson, Andrew, native of Ireland, and Mary Anne Budge, native of Ireland, m 5/24/1837. Wit: James Rea, Lowe Bell, Joseph Leonard. Ceremony by John C. Curtin. p. 1

Casselis, John Monroe, native of Cuba, m Louisa Mayat, native of Port au Prince, St. Domingue, 2/24/1835. Wit: Joseph Uter, Prosper Roberts, Mrs. Eulalie Brie, Louise Carlet, Joseph Leonard (who signed). p. 8 #12

Chaster, Christopher Volges, native of Naples in Italy m Drusilla Bernini, native of Pa__ in Italy, 3/28/1842. Wit: Paul Carisini and Idalida Turri. p. 140 #69 (BR)

Chisholm, Colin, native of Inverness in Scotland, m Maria Harris, dtr of Harriet Harris, native of Kingston 11/9/1834. Wit: William Vredenburgh and Dorothea Harris. p. 10 #16

Collins, Robert, native of Jamaica, m Mary Florencia ___ [torn] of Curacao, 4/3/1837. Wit Joseph Uter (signed) and Eulalie Desjeans (by X). p. 2

Cummins, Patrick, native of Cork in Ireland, m Mary Morgan of Limerick in Ireland, 12/13/1841. Wit: John Hogan and Lawrence Egan. p. 139 #65 (BR)


DelaFitte, Theodore Louis, m Margaret Felicite Grapan, then in danger of death 11/20/1840. Wit: Alexander Grange and Cyprine Marie Madeleine DelaFitte. p. 20

Denous, John Henderson m Isabelle West 1/7/1841, both of Kingston. Wit: Charles Antoine and Eliza Morrison. p. 139 #63 (BR)

Doddridge, William, m Ann Gastin, 2/24/1837. Wit: William Baldwin and Mary McCallum. Ceremony by John J. Curtin. p. 17

Drysdale, Henry, native of Jamaica, m Emilie Catherine March, native of Jamaica, 1/25/1837. Wit: John Grant and Ursule Charrier, Nathaniel Johns, Gaspard Jouy, Thomas Lourie? (all signed). p. 15 #29

Dugeole, John, native of S. Domingo [Domingue] m Mary Louisa Smyth, native of Kingston, 4/2/1837. Wit: Peter Eynaud, Nicolas Vileure, Gaspar Jouy (all 3 signed) and Eulalie Desjeans (signed by X). p. 2


Gantz, Charles, native of the Duchy of Hanover m Caroline Hildebrand, born in Wormbeck 1/3/1834 on board the ship Olbers. Wit: Philip Pela and Frederick Scharm natives of Germany. p. 8 #10.

Garthy, John, sergeant of the 84th Regiment, native of County of Westmeath in Ireland, m Eliza Leahy (alias widow Oneill), native of the Queens County in Ireland, 6/2/1835. Wit: John Cain and Mary Cain his wife. p. 11 #19

Gassie, Peter, native of the province of Bearn in France, m Clara Leoi, native of Bordeaux in the department of the Garonne in France, 2/20/1837. Wit: Paul Lubin, Bernard Prieur, Jean Baptiste Chandrie, [all signed] and Emilie Myrthe [by X]. p. 4

Gerome, John, native of Jamaica, m Mary Joseph, native of the parish of St. Andrew, 4/2/1837. Wit: Joseph Uter [signed] and Eulalie Desjeans. p. 3

Gilmer, Edward, native of the County of Down in Ireland and private in the 37th Regiment now in quarters at Up Park Camp, m Mary Dyer formerly Fleming of the parish of Kilmory County Louth in Ireland, 6/15/1834. Wit: John Jones and Ellen Brady of the 37th Regiment. p. 6 #6


Hall, William, native of Belfast in Ireland, m Margaret Phelan (widow) native of the County Galway in Ireland, 11/11/1836. Wit: William Kingsborough and Marie Anne Bulger. p. 14 #28

Hayes, Patrick, drum major of the 64th Regiment, son of Patrick Hayes and Margaret Hayes (W), native of Carrick on Sair County Tipperary in Ireland, m Mary Anne Malone, native of Port Arlington in Queens County in Ireland, 5/18/1835. Wit: Sergeants William D. Joues, and W. Scott 64th Regiment and Elizabeth Howes. p. 9 #14

Henry, Robert, sergeant of the 22nd Regiment, native of Ireland, m Elizabeth Lyons, Widow of Stevens, native of Ireland, 1/16/1836. Wit: Dowell V. Reilly, Attorney General of Jamaica, and Henry Malone (both signed). p. 14 #27

Herera, Joseph, native of Santa Marta, m Juana Russell, native of Manzanilla de Cuba, 7/11/1838. Wit: John B. Chandrear and Margaret Kearney. Ceremony by John J. Curtin. p. 18

Hooper, William, native of Kingston, m Mary Martha Duverges, native of Kingston, 5/7/1836. Wit: Gaspard Jouy, George W. Kerby, Stephen James Curry, widow Desjeans, and Catherine Joseph Guerin. p. 23 #23


Jerome [last name torn], a native of England, m Margaret Stapleton, native of Ireland, 6/19/1837. Wit: Samuel Barker and Sarah Carrol, both natives of Ireland. Ceremony by John C. Curtin. p. 1

Joseph, John, b in Port au Prince, St. Domingue, m Marie Rose Glaudine, native of St. Marc in St. Domingue, 12/26/1835. Wit: John Besent (signed) and Madeleine Vatel (by X). p. 11 #20

Judge, Henry, native of Ireland, m Ellen MacMilty native of Ireland 9/1834. Wit: Francis Egan and Mrs. Kerr of Mount Atlas in St. Andrew. p. 7 #7


Keunt, Francis Xaverie, son of Xaverie Keunt and Jeanne Keunt his wife, native of Kingston, m Deborah Lindo, dtr of James Lindo and Elizabeth Williams, also native of Kingston, 5/17/1834. Wit: Xaverie Keunt, J. W. Longny, Jeanne Keunt, Grace Benjamine Lindo. p. 6 #5


Lafitte, Phillip m Charlotte Montagnac, 2/18/1838. Wit: Joseph Uter and Eulalie Desjeans. Ceremony by John J. Curtin. p. 18

LaGourde, Charles, born in St. Marc in St. Domingue, m Anne Francis of St. Marc in St. Domingue, both residing in Kingston, 8/3/1833. Wit: Thomas Wilcher and Rosalie Drummond of Kingston. [in French] p. 5 #2

Leach, John Vincent, Esquire, bachelor of full age, resident in Spanish Town, m Margaret Bourke, spinster, minor, resident Kingston, after license, 5/7/1842. Wit: W. Hyslop and W. Bourke. p. 142 #71 (BR)

Lewis, John Pierre, son of John Lewis and Mary Rose, native of Mole St. Nicolas in St. Domingue, m Gertrude Jacques Jean, dtr of John Jacques and Mary Anne, native of Jamaica, 5/5/1835. Wit: John Lewis and Eulalie Desjeans. p. 9 #13

Louis, John, born in St. Domingo [Domingue] and now residing in Kingston, m Jane Grant, born in Port Antonio, 5/28/1834. Wit: Pedro Sutil, Francis Morin, Letitia Sutil, Eulalie Dejeans. Ceremony by T. F. Kennelly. p. 5 #3


MacDonnel, John, bachelor, policeman m Mary Flaherty, spinster, both of full age and resident in Kingston, after banns, 4/11/1842. Wit: John Hayes and Mary Loriment. p. 21 #70

MacMillan, Hugh, native of Ireland, m Elizabeth Borno, native of St. Domingue, 1/29/1837. Wit: Dr. Henry O'Neill and Amelia Buche, Charles W. Vredenburgh (all signed). p. 15 #30

McGrath, John, native of County Limerick in Ireland, m Bridget Dillon, native of the parish of St. Ann, 3/19/1837. Wit: Richard Burke ___ Thornhill and Eliza Thornhill. p. 4

Mackey, Thomas, native of Kilkenny in Ireland, son of David Mackey and Catherine Mackey alias Brofen (W), m Bridget Maher alias MacCarthy (daughter of John and Mary Maher), a native of Kings County, 11/15/1834. p. 7 #9

Malbroo, Francis, m Maria Lewisa, 12/4/1837. Wit: Michael C. Morgan and Marie Lewisa Jampere. Ceremony by John J. Curtin. p. 17

Manaria?. Robert m Marie Susan 1/30/1838. Wit: P. Mizand Deloubez and Eugene St. Ours. Ceremony by John J. Curtin. p. 18

Mellifant, David, m Caroline Besent Saunders, both of Kingston. Wit: Robert Rumer and Sarah Bowes. p. 20

Miller, Alexander, sergeant of the 8th Regiment, native of Scotland, m Mary MacKenon, daughter of Ewen KcKenon, 2/17/1837. Wit: Michael Diamond (signed) and Christina MacKenon (by X). p. 16 #32

Moore, Michael, native of Ireland, m Mary Brown, spinster of Woolwich County Kent, 5/22/1835. Wit: Frances Matilda Willock, Church of England; William Cogan, Church of Scotland; Charles William Vredenburgh, Roman Catholic Church. p. 10 #17.

Morgan, James, a soldier of His Brittanic Majesty's Royal Artillery, married Elizabeth Heany 5/23/1837, both natives of Ireland now residing in Kingston. Witnesses: William Baldwin and Sarah W. McCarty. p. 84 (BR)

Morin, John Francis, native of St. Jago de Cuba, m Julia Maria Louisa Llado, native of Kingston, 4/12/1836. Wit: Joseph Uter, Charles Raphael Llado and Peter Eynaud (signed). p. 12 #22


Perry, William, policeman of full age, m Anne Quin, spinster, minor, both of St. Andrew, m 6/12/1842 after banns. Wit: Samuel Carson and Bridget Cosgrave. p. 141 #72 (BR)

Philibert, Lewis, bachelor aged 22, citizen resident in Kingston, m Rosa Moore, spinster aged 20, citizen resident in Kingston, 10/5/1842, after banns with consent of parents. Wit: N. Philibert (signed) and Madeline Vatel (by X). (Bride and groom by X.) p. 140 #73 (BR)

Philibert, Nicolas, son of Marc Philibert and Colinette Perinau, native of Kingston, m Georgiana Smyth, dtr of Sarah Thomson, native of Kingston, 12/26/1833. Wit: Cecilia Stephens and William Wetherman, both of Kingston. p. 6 #4

Pratt, Joseph m Antoinette DuRocher 2/8/1842. Wit: Henry and James Pratt and Gaspard Jouy. p. 140 #68 (BR)


Ripoll, Bernard, native of Jamaica, m Maria Antoinette Roberts, native of Point a Petre in Guadeloupe, 5/23/1835. Wit: Joseph Uter, Louis Theodore De Lafitte, Mary Rose DaCosta. p. 10 #18

Rome, Louis Paul (in danger of death) m Louisa Nelson, both of Kingston, 1/21/1841. Wit: John Giles and Mary Magdalen Giles. p. 139 #64 (BR)

Rousseau, Joseph m Mary Louise Harris, both natives of Kingston, 10/4/1834. Wit: Mark St. Ours, Etienne Benjamin, Isabelle Lewis and Anne Lagourde. p. 7 #8


Scott, Richard, born in the parish of St. Thomas in the East, m Mary Ann Sinclair, native of the parish of St. Andrew, 2/7/1842. Wit: Edward George Brown and Christiana Mella. p. 139 #66 (BR)

Sourland, John, native of Furgesen in Prussia m Elizabeth Nulta, born in the village of Godalule in Prussia, 1/3/1835. Wit: Henry Cowfoldtz, Prussian, and Christopher Koolman, born in lower Hessia. p. 8 #11

Stuart, John, m Maria Kerr D'Aguilar 3/12/1842. Wit: Jeremiah Murphy and Margaret Giges. p. 140 #67 (BR)

Sullivan, John, sergeant, m Mary Anne Murphy 7/26/1839. Wit: William Charles Townley and Catherine Georgehan. Ceremony by John J. Curtin. p. 20


Thornhill, Richard, native of County Cork in Ireland, m Elizabeth Davis of Kingston, 5/19/1836. Wit: Robert Fotheringham and Maria Elizabeth Duval (signed) Linlithgow and Port au Prince. p. 12 #24

Toole, Patrick, sergeant of 56th Regiment of His Majesty, native of Ireland, m Amelia Harrison, native of Ireland, 7/25/1837. Wit: John Francis Morin and Michael Cuff Morgan. Ceremony by John J. Curtin. p. 17

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