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This church served Annotto Bay and the parish of St. Mary.

Abbreviation: m = married

Date format: Month/day/year

Marriages conducted by A. Butler, S.J. unless otherwise noted.

Barker, Andrew, m Jane Edwards 9/2/1874. Witnesses: David Kirkland and Sophia Mathis. p. 4

Bartley, Charles, m Eliza Turnbull 8/13/1874. Witnesses: David Kirkland, James Bruce and Joanna his wife. p. 3

Beckford, Thomas, m Margaret Mackay 9/13/1874. Witnesses George Price and Jane Anderson. p. 4

Campbell, Albert, m Eliza Garnett 8/1/1875. Witness: James Robinson and Sarah Robinson. p. 5

Castle, Simon, m Mary Anne Castle 7/5/1874. Witnesses: David Kirkland and James Dundee. p. 3

Darby, Lewis, m Anne Heywood, 10/13/1875. Witnesses: David Kirkland and ___ Veitch. p. 5

Delafitte, Marcus, m Ann Adelaide Jackson 6/4/1877. Witnesses: John Jackson and Anne Elizabeth Bond. Ceremony by Revd. J. Meyer. p. 6

Dickson, Thomas, m Louisa Dickson, both Africans, 9/2/1874. Witnesses: David Kirkland and Sophia Mathis. p. 4

Elliot, John, m Sarah Knibs 12/23/1873. Witnesses: Thomas Worthy and Thomasina Bagnall. p. 3

Forrester, Henry Dupont, m Anne Elizabeth Maurace 5/7/1873 at the lodgings of the Revd. A. Butler in Annotto Bay. p. 2

Gongo or Ryan. Gongo, alias Joseph Ryan, of Calcutta, married Charlotte Chandrina of Madras, on 3/4/1872. Witnesses: William Nathaniel Bailey and Louisa Ryan. Ceremony by James F. Splaine. p. 1

Gravet de Peralta, Agustin, m Sarah Elizabeth Wilson 4/20/1875. Witnesses: William Hillary, Dr. McMahon, Mrs. Hillary and Miss Mary Hillary. p. 5

Hackete, William, m Arena Moore, 9/2/1874. Witnesses: David Kirkland and Sophia Mathis. p. 4

Hebbert, Joseph, m Julianne Campbell 5/8/1873 at the home of Joseph Hebbert on Junction Road near Ugly River. Witnesses: Joseph Campbell and Ancilla Campbell. p. 2

Popolo, Henry, m Maline Ramsey 11/30/1874. Witnesses: Robert Stewart and Sarah Smith. p. 5

Sutherland, William, m Justina Biloni 2/21/1876. Witnesses John Francis and Isabella Duncan. p. 6

Thompson, George, m Louisa Nelson 8/13/1874. Witnesses: David Kirkland, James Bruce and his wife Joanna. p. 3

Toms, William Frazer, m Susan Dickson 4/24/1876. Witnesses: John Gordon and Louisa Toms. p. 6

NOTE at end of Register, following June 1877: George Whorms, bachelor, carpenter, aged 39 years, residence Longville, Portland, son of Augustus Whorms. Margaret Hendricks, spinster, cultivator, aged about 40 years, residence Longville, Portland, daughter of John Hendricks. To be married on the third Sunday of August.

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