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August 11, 1869 to December 1878

(Taken from the Register for August 11, 1869 to April 10, 1901)

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dtr = daughter

m = married

sigs = signatures

wit = witness(es)

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Marriages performed by the Revds. Dupont, Bertolio, Hathaway, Bouillon, or James Hayes, unless otherwise noted.

For the text of some Marriage Licenses, and for spelling variances between signatures and names recorded in this register, please see Signatures and Licenses.

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Saldo, Sergio m 7/3/1877 Paulina Blanco both natives of Cuba. Wit: Emilio Cosis, Manuel Cespedes. [sigs] p. 94

Salomon, Louis Etienne Felicite, native of Haiti, now resident in Kingston for 1 year, m 10/6/1872 Florentine Felicite Potiez, native of Paris. Wit: Marie Florentine Potiez, born in London, and Jeanne Marie Potiez & William Morrison. [sigs. In French] p. 35

Samuels, Joseph, a native of Madras, m 6/26/1872 Priscilla Matilda Carpin, native of Kingston. Wit: Vicente Herrera, Charles Morris, John Antonio Arregunaga, Maria Thomas, James Williams, Angelina Brandon, Elma Brandon. [sigs] p. 31

Saulter, Thomas Coburn m 2/9/1875 Rosita Hedalgo both of Kingston, by license granted on 2/5/1875. Wit: Arthur Crosswell, Charles Nunes, Juanita Hedalgo, John Crosswell, Salomon Crosswell, George Sedon, Leonora Hedalgo, Matilda Hedalgo. p. 64

Sauther, Joseph, native of Milhouse, France [?], m 6/13/1877 Matilda Thomas a native of Kingston. Wit: Thomas Brown, Elizabeth Thomas, Edward Ashburn, Ada Thomas, Susan Thomas, Eugenia Brown, Mary Mann, Uranie Mann, Stella Dick, Gertrude Dick, Biena Balstry, Hanna Brown. [sigs] p. 93

Sayer, John m 6/23/1875 Mary Gordon both of St. Andrew. Wit: Augustus BiWalter, Emilie BiWalter. p. 67

Schaw, Hubert Jarrett m 12/17/1877 Harriett Ann Coll, both of Kingston. Wit: Herbert Schaw, Euphemia Schaw, Henry Pouyat, John Bonnely, Alexander A. Aken, Angelina Dacosta, Emily Coll, L. DeCordova, Sarah Allwood. [sigs] p. 100

Schofield, John of the County of Cork, Ireland, m 9/18/1875 Elizabeth Skerrett of West Jamaica. Wit: Mr. & Mrs. Delfosse, Misses Delfosse [sigs of Anita Delfosse, Marie Delfosse, Charles Delfosse], Mr. & Mrs. DuQuesnay [sig E. L. Duquesnay]. Ceremony by Revd. Jaeckel. [sigs] p. 72

Scott, Charles m 6/24/1873 Nancy Bennett both of St. Andrew. Wit: William Morrison, Mary Skelett. p. 45

Scott, George m 12/19/1877 Rosita Watson both of Kingston. Wit: Agnes Benjamin, Arthur Watson, Anita Watson. p. 100

Seddon, George m 2/5/1873 Rita Hidalgo both of Kingston. Wit: Rosita Hidalgo, F. H. Laraque, Marie Rose Hidalgo, A. Burke, Catherine Seddon, John Newman, Juanita Hidalgo, Thomas M. Nunes, J. Lyon, Albert Louis Verley, Matilda Hidalgo, Walter Magnus. [sigs] p. 41

Seez, Joseph m 2/29/1876 Marguerite Amanda Escobar both of Kingston. Wit: Elvira E. Moore, James Dawson, Marian Hamlet, Susan Magdalen Birmingham, Marguerite Jenkins. p. 79

Sherwood, William Elisha m 1/26/1875 Teresa Clementina Jacobs both of Kingston. Wit: Ada Maria Waldron, John Joseph Shreyer, Sarah Ann Shreyer, Margaret Lescene. [sigs] p. 63

Shreyer, John William m 1/22/1873 Sarah Ann Rans both of Kingston. Wit: John A. Shreyer, Mary Ann Shreter, Henry T. Bartindale, Joseph Gerin, John Bouilly, Marguerite Levine, Louis Philibert [some sigs] p. 40

Sierra, Juan Eugenio, son of Peter Sierra m 7/22/1878 Annella Brauna Valdespino, dtr of Miguel Valdespino. Wit: Ascension Gevarra, Paula Valdespino. Dispensation for consanguinity in 2nd and 3rd degrees. Ceremony by Thomas Porter. Written in Latin. p. 107

Simon, Emar m 12/19/1870 Themar Mary Reynolds. Wit: William Rose, Harriet Rose, Alice Simon, Emilie Simon. The children born before the marriage are Alice Simon, Emilie Simon and Henry Simon. p. 15

Simons, Philip Augustus m 8/6/1871 Emily Edith Clegg, by a dispensation of the impediment of disparity of cults granted by the Rt. Rd. R. Dupeyron. Wit: Louis Ball, Isaiah Thomas Core, Augustus Brodhurst. p. 22

Sinclair, Henry Theophilus m 5/16/1874 Susan Albert both of St. Andrew. Wit: James Carr, Priscilla Angel. p. 55

Smart, Robert Richard, a native of England, m 8/24/1872 Elizabeth Paris a native of Jamaica. Wit: Robert Cathcart, Eliza Burgin, Joan_ Jackson Paris. p. 33 1/2

Smith, Alexander m 12/10/1869 Dorothy Barker. Wit: Joanna Baes, Mamerta Ferrette, Cyriaco Ferrette. p. 5

Smith, Alexander m 8/21/1872 Emilia Grant both of Kingston. Wit: Mariane Almona, Justa Almona, Ann Gilbright. p. 33 1/2

Smith, George m 3/15/1876 Rose Elizabeth Tailor [Taylor?] both of Jamaica. Wit: Edward Walters, William Morrison. [sigs] p. 79

Smith, James (a Chinese) m 9/7/1873 Elizabeth Edwards a native of Jamaica. Wit: Marie Ennis, Thomas Williams, Priscilla Hestrican. The child born before marriage is Emphrene Mariasen Smith. p. 47

Smith, Joseph m in Kings Weston 11/25/1870 Emma Thomas both of Kings Weston. Wit: Joseph H. Cornwell, Dorothy Vendryes. [Cornwell signed, the others signed by X]. p. 14

Smith, Thomas m 2/21/1877 Henrietta Blackmore both of Kingston. Wit: Isabel Reynolds, Vicente Herrera, Robert Duff, John Williams, Justine Henderson, Louisa Furlas, Joanna Elizabeth Albert. p. 88

Smith, William m 9/3/1872 Marguerite Lefranc both of Kingston. Wit: Joseph Lomestin Rousseau, Harriett Bronh___, Eliza Cecilia Naars, Louise Merrand, Louise Skweth? p. 33 1/2

Soares, Bonifacio m 8/24/1872 Husta Perdamo. Wit: Erman Garcia, Berna__ Garcia. p. 33 1/2

Soares, Manuel m 1/6/1875 Caroline Townsley both of Kingston. Wit: William Townsley, Ann Grant. p. 61

Sodais, Samuel m 4/1/1872 Mary Balcativa, both coolies. Wit: Henry Philipps, Evelina Valdez. p. 28

Sollas, Isaac Mendes m 10/3/1873 Elisabeth Elfrida Smith, both of Kingston, by license from the Governor granted on the 17th instant. Wit: Samuel Smith, Mary Smith. p. 47

Solomon, Henry junior m 6/12/1878 Louisa Catherine Hamilton both of Kingston. Wit: Emanuel Xavier Leon, Willoughby DaCosta, Susan Dickson. [sigs] p. 106

Soly, William Henry m 8/13/1874 Caroline Barnet both of Kingston. Wit: George Alfred Mattos, Sophia Adams, Edward Mais, Mary Shrimpton, Ada Bellifante, Sara Rebecca Soly born before marriage. p. 57

Spicer, Kenneth John, lawful son of John Souther Spicer and Mary Eliza Spicer, by license of the Governor granted 4/3/1875, and with the promise of baptizing the children, boys and girls, Catholic, m 4/7/1875 Marie Emilie L. Duquesnay, lawful daughter of J. Urbain L. Duquesnay and Marie Eugenie L. Duquesnay, both of Kingston. Wit: J. B. Clarke, J. Urbain L. Duquesnay, Alfred Pawsey, Charles Arthur Chevolleau, Mary L. Duquesnay, Marie Eugenie Duquesnay, Francis B. Lyons, A. Malabre, Ivanhoe Gadpaille, S. Gadpaille, P. B. Desnoes, Hanus Correoso. [sigs] p. 65

Stamp, Francis Augustus m 8/18/1874 Frances Isabella Robertson, both of the St. George district in Portland. Wit: Philip Malabre, Maria Robertson. [sigs] p. 57

Stevens, Robert m 9/5/1872 Roseanna Mattis both of Kingston. Wit: Samuel Stevens, Charlotte Martin, Eleonora Lara. p. 34

Stewart, Edward m 5/19/1870 Joanna Baes, both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Lorenzo Renfijo, Felix Carrillo, Manuel Ferrete, Cyriac Ferrete. p. 9

Stewart, James m 3/8/1870 Marguerite Palmer both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Felix Carrillo, Maria Gonzales Carrillo. p. 7

Stewart, James m 12/11/1870 Prudence Slater. Wit: Joseph Conway, Elizabeth Davis. p. 15

Stewart, Malcolm Nil [Neil?] m 10/12/1872 Catherine Douglas, both of Bellevue. Wit: Doctor William Cruise and Brother D. Reeys. p. 35

Stirling, Jonathan Brown m 2/13/1878 Charlotte Elizabeth Ellis both of St. Andrew. Wit: Henry Sullivan, Elizabeth Bryan. p. 102

Sutherland, Wordsworth William Henry, a native of Carlisle, Cumberland, England, m 10/28/1874, by license from the Governor granted 10/26/1874, Marie Rose Emmeline DeVillicy, native of Kingston. Wit: Wellesley Bourke jr., Mary Rose Lawrence, George Maximilian DeVillicy, Mary Josephine Burke, Manuel Perez, Emma Ann Jones. [sigs] p. 59

Sykes, James m 8/18/1872 Susannah Smith both of Above Rocks district. Wit: Marie Llado, A. Francoise Dumont. p. 33


Tadhunter, Joseph William George, only son of William Darson [Dawson?] Tadhunter and his wife Clara Elizabeth Tadhunter, native of Margate on Kent, m 2/28/1878 Marie Constance Gadpaille, second daughter of Joseph Charles Gadpaille and Louise Lilia Gadpaille his wife, of Kingston. Wit: William Malabre, Arnold L. Malabre, John Strong Codner, Jacob P. Dacosta, Charles J. Gadpaille, Henry Vendryes, Harry Curtis Wilson, Joseph Osmond Hall, Arthur Gadpaille, Arthur Vendryes. [sigs] p. 103

Tailor [Taylor?], Thomas Wilson m 3/9/1870 Ann Elizabeth Williams both of Port Antonio. Wit: Marie Rose, Ann Tucker, Sarah Ann Williams. p. 8

Tamayo, Pedro, a native of Cuba, m 10/24/1877 Maria Marguerite Labastille, a native of Paris. Wit: Pedro Boudet Gonzalez, Jean Louis E. Labastille, Anthony de Roux, James Verley, Charles Arthur Robinson, Camille Le Bosse, Marie Rose deRoux, John Strong Codner, August Blondel deRoux, Marie Louise Legendre, Enrique Gomez Tamayo, Jose A. Tamayo. [sigs] p. 97

Tavares, Manuel m 10/27/1875 Christina Magnus both of Kingston. Wit:

Joseph Garier, Ann Garier, Jane Stratford [sig], Robert Wiltshire [sig], Eliza Dogherty, Elizabeth McIntire. p. 73

Taylor, Henry, m 2/3/1870 Ellena Thompson. Wit: Matilda Elizabeth Murray, Jane Taylor, Marie Rose. p. 6

Taylor, James m 2/3/1870 Dorothy Taylor. Wit Marie Rose, Ellena Thompson, Henry Taylor. p. 6

Taylor, Robert William, m 10/7/1869 Amelia Louis. Wit: Prince McLean, Maria Joseph, Mary Francis. p. 3

Tejado, Rafael m 5/6/1872 Mercedes Portuondo. Wit: Juano Les. Peraro, Emilio Revilla, Caridad Cazado, Juana Bernay?. [sigs] p. 29

Terrelonge, Adolphus m 2/11/1878 Amelia DeSouza both of St. Andrew. Wit: John Thomas Latibaudiere, Elize Magdeleine Latibaudiere, Henry McNaught, Angelina McCauskey. p. 102

Thomas, Isaac Angiss m 11/25/1875 Lavinia Cook both of Kingston. Wit: Simon Thomas, Antoinette Chevolleau, Gilbert Rampey. [In register between October 18 and October 19, as well as in the right place in November] pp. 72 and 75

Thomas, John (coolie) m 4/22/1876 Mary Ann Albert (coolie). Wit: John Peter Thomas, Stephen Bennett, James Dawson, Eliza Turner. p. 80

Thompson, Richard m 5/24/1871 Antoinette Dunn, daughter of William Dunn. Wit: Alexander Lewis, Elizabeth Lewis. p. 20

Thompson, Thomas, private of the 2nd West India Regiment, m 3/15/1877 Eleonora Godelia both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Caroline Harris, Catherine Constantine. p. 89

Thompson, William aged 26 an unbaptized coolie m 4/8/1872 Sarah Williams a baptized coolie. Wit: Peter Jackson, Elizabeth Jackson. p. 28

Todd, George Alexander m 2/25/1878 Sara Rose Aarons both of Kingston. Wit: Emanuel Cohen, Joseph Gadpaille, Mary Caroline Ward, Mary Wray, John Anthony Shreyer , Joseph Wilson. [sigs] p. 103

Toohong, John Thompson (Chinese) m 10/30/1877 Frances Haddon a native of Kingston. Wit: Thomas Haddon, Martha Haddon, Charles Black, Caroline Sterling, Henry Powell. [sigs] p. 98

Treppier, Florent m 2/20/1870 Virginie Herard. Wit: Richard Lacy, Joseph Narcisse, Charles Daly Williams Alexis Treppier, Caroline Brown. p. 6

Trueman, John m 7/2/1878 Eliza Justina Uter. Wit: William Lunan, Maria Llado. Ceremony by Thomas Porter. Written in Latin. p. 107

Tyrell, James Samuel m 12/18/1877 Marguerite Murphy, both of St. Catherine. Wit: Julian Hoffman, Marguerite Paul, Marguerite Thomas. p. 100

Tyrie, John m 4/21/1875 Jane Duncombe, both natives of Kingston, by license form the Governor granted 4/20/1875. The children of both sexes will be baptized in the Catholic Church. Wit: Sarah Elizabeth Duncombe, Richard Nairne, Charles Walker, Ann Dubuisson, Charles D. Moore, John Duncombe. [sigs] p. 66


Uter, Edmund Charles m 2/23/1876 Henriette Ann Fulton both of Kingston. Wit: John Dunn, Mary White. p. 78


Valencia, John Emmanuel m 9/28/1871 Jane Smith both of Kingston. Wit: Robert Simpson, Cecilia Roper, William Burke Ross, Charles Willis (his X). [sigs] p. 22

Valencia, Joseph Emmanuel m 11/28/1877 Charlotte Elizabeth Smith both of Kingston. Wit: F. C. Desdunes[?], Henry W. Smith, Charles Valencia, E. H. Leon, Alexander Macintyre, Rose Valencia, Adelaide Valencia, Jose Valencia, Alice Jopp, Simon Emanuel Pietersz. [sigs] p. 99

Valentine, Francis m 1/31/1877 Virgenia Hyminis Ballanti__, both of St. Andrew. Wit: James A. Sadler, Sarah Dempster Hart. [sigs] p. 87

Valera, Ramon m 11/4/1877 Manuela Yera, both natives of Cuba. Wit: Bernabe Lozano, Clemente Bravo, Francisca Tremble, Octavio Tremble. The children born before the marriage are Pedro Valera and Juana Valera. [sigs] p. 98

Valverde, Joseph m Alice Mary Isaacs both of Kingston. Wit: Daniel Reynolds, Michael Morin. p. 90

Velvett, Joseph m 11/23/1870 Agnes Lumsden. Wit: Thomas Wright, Olivia Elizabeth Wilson. p. 14

Vendryes, Charles Lucien, son of Henry Vendryes and Josephine Vendryes his wife, m 6/6/1877 Emma Rosalie Branday, dtr of Louis Peter Branday and his wife, both of Kingston. Wit: William Malabre, Charles Grant, Major Prenderville, Peter Desnoes, Harris Curtis Wilson, Marie Branday, Marie Josephine Vendryes, Arnold L. Malabre, C. A. Malabre, Louis Peter Branday, Henry Vendryes, Charles Gadpaille. [sigs] p. 92

Veranes y Castillo, Felipe m 5/23/1877 Isabel Viado. Wit: Pedro Boudet y Govr., Joaquin Palma. The children born before marriage are Isabelita Veranes, Dolorita Veranes. [sigs] p. 91

Verley, John m 8/10/1870 Sarah Williams. Wit: Joseph H. Cornwall, Lorenza Renfijo. p. 11

Vigne, Louis Bernard Lucius, a native of Haiti, m 4/11/1872 Isabel Marine Nunes Cardozo, a native of Kingston. Wit: Charles Lake, Alexandre Leon, S. Laraque, H. P. Laraque, Solomon N. Cardozo, Joseph N. Cardozo, M. Auguste Neree, Jeanne Louise Herard Cardozo, Elijah Abrahams, Caramie Vigne, Amina Vigne, Mary Nunes Cardozo, Alice Nunes Cardozo, Rosalind Nunes Abrahams. [sigs] p. 28

Vilain, Joseph, a native of Trinidad m 12/27/1873 Eliza Elizabeth McFadden a native of Kingston. Wit: Julia Vilain [very faded]. p. 50

Vilencia, Mauritio m 4/11/1878 Isabella Bahilat both of Kingston. Wit: Euphrosine Pothemont, Pauline Escoffery. p. 105

Vileure, Peter Louis m 2/9/1875 Jane Audinet both of Kingston. Wit: William Francis, Susannah Francis, Lewis Audinet, Mary Ann Johnson, Frederick Wright, Archibald Bean. Children born before marriage are John, Julie, Louis Desnoes. [sigs] p. 64

Viole, Joseph, a native of Haiti, m 6/17/1874 Matilda Ferrera, native of Kingston. Wit: Vicente Herrera, Alfred Hare, Caroline Hare, Eveline Moses, Mercelina Milner. The children born before marriage are Victor Joseph born 10/1/1860, Mercelina Joseph born 9/25/1864, Joseph Alexander born 9/24/1867, and Carolina Joseph born 12/27/1870. p. 55

Viro, Samuel, a native of India m 6/20/1874 Henrietta Bundly native of Kingston. Wit: Martha Lambert, Cordelia Mils, Gracian Craff, Georgiana McDonald. p. 55


Waker [Walker?], Abraham m 4/29/1870 Caroline Moore both of Jamaica. The children born before matrimony are Charles Nathaniel Waker and Ann Eliza Waker. Wit: William Buscoiing, Rebecca Thomas, Marie Antoinette Buscoiing. p. 9

Walden, George m 12/10.1872 Sophia Naar. Wit: Benjamin Scott, Marie Claire Constantin. p. 39

Wallace, William m 6/21/1874 Olivia Williams both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Virginia Ximenes, Diana Mildes [? smudged]. p. 55

Walles, Charles, m 12/8/1869 Cecilia Antoine both of Kingston. Wit: Marie Antoinette Chandler, Alexander Smith, Henry Pope, Mary Smith, John Reid, Sanite Ellis, Dumont Carie. The names of the children born before marriage are Alexander Walles, Charles Walles and Marie Walles. [sigs.] p. 5

Ward, Charles, lawful son of Thomas Ward and Elizabeth Ward, m 5/8/1873 Mary Anita Barbuena, lawful daughter of Felipe Barbuena and Charlotte Barbuena, both of Kingston. Wit: Eliza Ann Barbuena, Edw. Ellis, Jose Valencia, F. Barbuena, T. P. Barbuena, P. Barnuena, Horatio D'Souza. p. 44

Waren [Warren?], Edward m 11/23/1875 Louisa Joseph both of Kingston. Wit: Mary Pereira, Mary Ann McKin__, Eleonora Narque. p. 75

Wareright, Thomas m 11/20/1873 Sarah Lewis both of Kingston. Wit: Mary Peters, Celestine Ritchie. p. 49

Wayson, Alexander, private in 2nd West India Regiment, m 11/9/1876 Maria Blessy, native of Jamaica. Wit: Arthur Thompson, Elizabeth Alder, James Edward Folly, Caroline Barnaby. p. 85

Wedderburn, William, m 1/6/1870 Cecilia Matthon. Wit: James Brown, Lusie Bedouet. p. 5

Wess, John m 3/17/1873 Mary Ann Uter both of Kingston. Wit: George Mann, Mary Alves, Martin Gutzmer, Emile Jolly, Ellen Lose___. p. 42

Whay, Joseph m 8/28/1878 Elizabeth Ann Shettleford. Wit: Alexander Whay, Sara Anna Hoffman. Written in Latin. p. 108

White, Archibald m 7/10/1872 Maria Elizabeth Cay. Wit: James Hutchison, D. Sutherland. p. 33 1/2

White, Joseph m 2/7/1876 Susan Bedford both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Alice Gammell, James Gammell, Roderick Redwood, Henry Calder. [sigs] p. 78

White, Moses, m 1/21/1870 Jane Stewart both of Jamaica. Wit: Catherine Campbell, Ann Dorothy Gray, Edward Kirkland, Sophie Wint. p. 6

Wilkins, Alexander m 5/15/1873 Frances Syckes. Wit: Alexander Wilkins jr., Eliza Lake. p. 44

Williams, George m 6/16/1875 Elizabeth Linch both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Bonifacio Soares, Justa Soares. p. 66

Williams, Henry m 2/11/1874 Matilda Mordikai [Mordecai?] both of Kingston. Wit: Amelia Flores, Lewis Escoffery, Rosannah Flores, Charles Pothemont, Christiana Gray, Arabella Henriques, Joseph Leonard, Louis William Daron, Ruben Alexander, William A. Martin, Henry Williams, H. A. Hugg, Eugenia Matild Wood. [sigs] p. 51

Williams, James m at Chancery Hall 8/10/1877 Sarah Ann Graham both of St. Andrew. Wit: Caroline Ketelholt, Elizabeth Pinnock, Charles de Tours Laban. p. 96

Williams, John, a native of Calcutta, m 7/23/1872 Fanny Matilda Esteen a native of Kingston. Wit: George William Stratford, Eugenia Simons, Mary Ann Harty, Mark Vileur, Mary Harty, Milton Josephs, Jessy Abenda__ [Abendana?] [sigs] p. 32

Williams, Joseph m 2/8/1877 Marie Louise Brown both natives of India. Wit: Mary Orlando, Sigismond Mendes, Antoinette Doyen, Manuel Lyon. p. 88

Williams, Thomas m 5/3/1873 Mary Williams, both coolies. Wit: Samuel Louis, Eliza Louis, Francis Lundey, Frances Lundey. p. 43

Wilson, Harry Curtis, lawful son of Thomas WIlson and Mary Ann WIlson, of Moul Cambridgeshire in England, m 8/22/1877 Marie Josephine Vendryes, lawful dtr of Henry Vendryes and Marie Josephine Duverger Vendryes, of Kingston. Wit: Henry Vendryes, Arthur Vendryes, Lilia Gadpaille, Irene Vendryes, Constance Gadpaille, Dora Mattos, William G. Tadhunter, Charles Lucius Vendryes, Arnold L. Malabre, Charles Gadpaille, Louis Branday, John Branday, Ernest Vendryes [also sigs of Louis H. Vendryes, Helen E. Vendryes, Paul Emile Vendryes, M. J. D. Vendryes] [sigs] p. 96

Wilson, John m 8/13/1873 Diana Williams. Wit: Thonmas Lane, Catherine Lesher?. p. 46

Wiltshire, John m 1/18/1871 Micaela Mesa. Wit: Mary Ann Hunter, William Mesa [all signed by X] p. 16

Winter, John Henry m 5/30/1870 Justina Smith. Wit: John Jerome, Mary Clare Constantine, Charles Jolly, James Yestees. p. 9

Wright, James, Sergeant of the 2nd West India Regiment, with written permission from the Commanding Officer Lieut. Colonel Webb, m 1/7/1877 [register says 1867, but is between December 1876 and Jan. 10, 1877] Olivia Walters resident in Kingston. Wit: Sergeant John Lemard, Mary Dick. p. 86

Wright, John McFayden m 4/21/1877 Isidora Letitia Davidson both of Kingston. Wit: Joseph Darbyshire, Sophia Wright, Marguerite Mitchell, Amanda Burton. p. 90

Wright, John McFayden m 3/19/1878 Maria Evangelina Coquetard Ridley, both of Kingston. Wit: Joseph Darbyshire, Charles J. Burton, Edward N. Charlton, Mary Ann Wright. [sigs] p. 104


Xavier, Francis m 11/17/1878 Mary Anne Steele. Wit: Emmanuel Xavier, Anna Llado. Written in Latin. p. 109


Yardley, George Walter m 9/24/1872 Mary Ann Henriques both of Kingston. Wit: Charles Narque, Louis Narque, Louise Narque, Clara Briggs, Honora Narque, Augustine Joseph, Georgiana Henriques. [sigs] p. 34

Ybarra y Ortiz, Fernando m 1/22/1877 Luisa Lavigne y Lafaye both natives of Santiago de Cuba. Wit: Francisco Ortiz, Micaela Ortiz de Ybarra, Jose de Onate, Jose Antonio Suares, Manuel Loidi. [sigs] p. 87

Young, Charles native of Norway m 9/2/1869 Maria Gousaha Lagrela a native of Madera. Wit: Joseph Pereira, John Fra___, Justina Viera, Joachina Pereira. p. 2

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