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August 11, 1869 to December 1878

(Taken from the Register for August 11, 1869 to April 10, 1901)

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dtr = daughter

m = married

sigs = signatures

wit = witness(es)

Date format: Month/Day/Year

Marriages performed by the Revds. Dupont, Bertolio, Hathaway, Bouillon, or James Hayes, unless otherwise noted.

For the text of some Marriage Licenses, and for spelling variances between signatures and names recorded in this register, please see Signatures and Licenses.

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Naridenez, Pablo, m 7/15/1875 Lorenza Aromy both natives of Santiago in Cuba, by special dispensation. Wit: Emanuel Nunes, Rose Valiente, Jorge Villiers. [sigs] p. 68

Nation, Henry Long, lawful son of Charles Nation and Mary Nation, a native of Manchester, m 5/8/1873 Maria Ursulina Barbuena, lawful daughter of Felipe Barbuena and Charlotte Barbuena of Kingston. Wit: Richard Standerwick Davis, David Nation, R. P. Barbuena, Catherine Anita Nation, R. Duncombe, Horatio D'Souza, A. Barbuena, T. Barbuena. p. 44

Nelson, Frederick William m 5/18/1873 Louisa Elizabeth Lecesne both of Above Rocks. Wit: George Ducosse, John Wess, Eugenia Ducosse, Frances Wilson, Amelia Narcisse. p. 44

Newell, James Augustus m 4/1/1870 Caroline Fermin both of Jamaica. Wit: J. W. Brown, Letitio Brown, Elizabeth Tavares, Antoinette Chevolleau. p. 8

Newman, James C. m 1/16/1878 Isabella Joseph both of Kingston. Wit: John Johnson, Sarah Leak, Mary Ann Phipps, Mary Ann Christy. p. 101

Nunes, Segismund, by license obtained from the governor on 10/18/1870, m 10/19/1870 Aline Davis, both of Kingston. Wit: Mary Jane Davis, Alexander E. Burke, Andrew Lyon, Collin Hogg, DeRoux, A. Melbourne Robinson, T. N. Davis, Joseph D'Costa. [sigs] p. 13


Ochoa, Oscar m 5/15/1874 Dolores Benittez y Palma, both native of Cuba. Wit: Leopoldo Ruiz, Dolores Palma, William Morrison. [sigs] p. 54

O'Connor, William Michael m 7/13/1873 Mary Arabella Gutzmer both of Kingston. Wit: Frank Gutzmer, Cleopatra Finn, John Reeves, James Reeves, Mary Ann Finn, Ellen Josephine McAuliffe. [sigs] p. 46

OConor, Luis Hernandez, after 2 readings of banns were dispensed with, m 12/20/1876 Luisa Ulloa both natives of Cuba and resident in Jamaica. Wit: Caridad Lopez, B. Prutferre [or Pratferre], Juana Mata Fejada, Luis F. Bravo. Ceremony by Thomas Little. p. 86

Odio, Oswaldo m 10/18/1876 Julia Odio both natives of Cuba. Wit: Emilio Revilla, Jose Maynero. [sigs] p. 84

Offman [Hoffman?], Joseph (Chinaman) m 6/6/1877 Sarah Ann Henry a native of Kingston. Wit: James Smith, Cecilia Walters, Samuel Jacob Soares, Philip Bartholomew, Eliza Legraut. p. 92

O'Regan, John m 5/7/1871 Ellen Isabel Smallhouse. Wit: Malacky [Malachi?] Sutton, Lusan__ Brett. p. 20

Osaron, Emmanuel m 9/25/1878 Clementina Dollar both of Kingston. Wit: Joseph Duff, Charlotte Miller, Thomas McPherson, William Nichol. [sigs] p. 108

Osborn, Thomas m 12/30/1873 Sarah Forbes, both natives of Africa. Wit: Alexander Philips, Celestine Ritchie. p. 50

Ossam, Samuel (Chinese) m 2/4/1878 Olivia Adams. Wit: Mary Jane Nichol, Henriette Delfosse, Mary Ann Christi. p. 102

Otrae, John (African) aged 50 years, m 11/17/1877 Jane Hall, aged 26 years, a native of Jamaica. Wit: Miguel Rodriques, Dolores Rodriques, Alexander Derbyshire. p. 99


Pado, Joseph m 6/13/1877 Elsida Pothemont both of Kingston. Wit: Joseph Samuel Richards, Agathe Pado, Alice Noel, Louisa Pado, Honora Hoffman, Alexandrine Petion. p. 93

Page, David, m 11/7/1875 Annah Anderson. Wit: Louise Coupe, Joseph Artice, Frederick Felix. p. 74

Palacios, Santiago m 8/5/1877 Consuelo Castellanos both natives of Cuba. Wit: Francisca Tamayo, Ysidro Palacios. [sigs] p. 95

Palacios y Fortun, Ysidro, m 7/16/1873 after 3 publications of banns Matilde Andre, both native of Cuba and resident in Kingston. Wit: Manuel Govin, Maria de Jesus Fortun, Rafael Valdes Busto, Bernardo Sanchez, Prudencia Bravo, Santiago Palacios, Francisco Badell, Francisco Antonio Bravo, Sacramenta Sosa, Magdalena Palacios. p. 45

Palma, Pedro m 1/20/1878 Eleanora Thomas both of Jamaica. Wit: John Russell, Ann Russell, Miguel Penna, Thomasina Bogle, Ann Penna, Dorothy Hamilton. p. 101

Panton, George m 5/30/1877 Sarah Curtis both of Kingston. Wit: Charles Edward Collingwood Tarleton, Roseta Bennett, David Mercado, Mary Ann Curtis. See license [sigs] p. 91

Panton, Henry m 12/20/1876 Antoinette Francis both of Kingston. Wit: Joseph Garin, Ann Garin, Alexander Drake, Amelia Drake, Robert Wiltshire, Daniel Alexander Cornbran, John Palma, Georgiana McHarty [some sigs] p. 86

Parke, Isaac m 1/9/1875 Cecilia Walsh. Wit: Elizabeth Morrison. p. 62

Parris, Edmund m 1/22/1873 Catherine Wilkins. Wit: Elizabeth Smart, Sophia Naar, Elizabeth Lamor. p. 40

Paul, Francisco m 6/24/1878 Amelia Catherine Dyce both of Kingston. Wit: Charles Vernon, H. Paul. p. 106

Paul, James Augustus, son of Thomas Paul, m 12/12/1877 Emma Elizabeth James, dtr of Ellen Barnes. Wit: Daniel E. Reynolds, Virginia Nichol. Ceremony by Thomas Porter, S.J.V.A. Written in Latin on p. 100, in English on p. 101.

Pena, Joseph, native of India, m 1/4/1874 Maria Fernandez, native of Madeira. Wit: Joseph Narana, Mary Thompson, William Thompson. p. 50

Perera, Emanuel (or Manuel) m 3/11/1872 Manuela Franco, both of Cuba. Wit: Jose and Joaquina Pereira, Francisco and Antonia Pereira “who could not sign”. p. 28

Perez, Juan m 11/24/1875 Dolores Perera both natives of Cuba. Wit: Rafael Duarte, Annela Perera, Jesus Maria Burtawur, Hixto Corona. [bride and groom signed. In Spanish] p. 75

Perneau, Emanuel Joseph m 12/23/1873 Abigail Elizabeth Delgado both of Kingston. Wit: William Augustus Symes, Ann Matilda Whitfinch, Charles Beney, George William Stratford, Robert Simpson. [sigs] p. 50

Perojo y Luy, Tomas, native of Algeciras in Spain, m 8/20/1876 Antonia Plano y Pomer, native of Cuba. Wit: Juan Grinan, Manuel Vaillant. Ceremony by James Hays. [sigs] p. 83

Philibert, Thomas Edward m 2/9/1871 Catherine Eliza Kerr. Wit: Urbain Lemercier Duquesnay, Nicholas Philibert, Charles Nicholas Dumetz, Georgiana Dumetz, Marie Rose Philibert, Mary Philibert, and Mary Jane Purcell. [sigs] p. 18

Phillipps, Charles James m 10/27/1875 Editha Moss both of Kingston. Wit: A. E. Burke, Adelaide Phillipps, Henry Greenwood, Barnet Stines junior, Henry James Depass, Bernard Ripoll, Sarah Ann Phillipps. [sigs] p. 74

Philipps, William m 7/8/1871 Ann Frances Griffith both of Kingston. Wit: George Weer, Ann Wigg, Joseph Conway. p. 21

Phillips, Alexander m 1/29/1870 Marie Louise Paul, both of Jamaica. Wit: James Somers, ____ Nicholas, James Forester, and Sophie Wint. p. 6

Phipps, Francis Alexis Delmar, native and resident in Les Cayes in Haiti, m 7/15/1875 Rose Legendre, native and resident in Kingston, after three publications of banns, and a dispensation for second degree of consanguinity. Wit: Rudolph Gerdes, Marie Legendre, Ernest Corty, Francois Louis, A. Legendre, Eugenie Phipps, Hermilie? Phipps, Caroline Legendre, widow Roumain. [sigs] p. 68

Phipps, John m 4/26/1876 Eliza Palachie both of Kingston. Wit: Mary T. McPherson, George Williams, Susan Phipps. p. 80

Picer, William Henry m 9/11/1873 Cordelia Keating both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Justina Keating, Andrew Keating. p. 47

Pillik, Joseph m at Mona 10/31/1872 to Jane Sarah Ropi. Wit: William Taylor, John Casserly. p. 36

Pilorge, Laudun, after all the necessary dispensations had been granted, m 11/16/1876 Marie Josephine Augustine Exine Prosper Faure, both born and resident in Les Cayes in Haiti. Wit: President Nicolas Geffrard, Jean Louis Labastille, Anthony de Roux, Th. Paret, Marie Rose Florian wife of Prosper Faure, Marie Therese Ernestine Paret. [sigs] p. 85

Pinto, Raphael m 1/13/1875 Mary Fernandes both native of Jamaica. Wit: Lewis William Daron, Ellen Huxley, Charlotte Colman. [sigs] p. 62

Pluma, Miguel m 4/19/1878 Eliza Ramsay, both of the district of Above Rocks in St. Catherine. Wit: John Russell, Ann Russell, Anna Pluma. The children born before the marriage are Moses Nathaniel Pluma and Mario Simeon Pluma. p. 105

Pomier, Lucien, a native of New Orleans, m 11/9/1871 Maria Josefa Justa y Castillo, a native of Cuba. Wit: Marceline Lopez, Amalia Perez y Perera, David Morris Leon, Ann Jacks, Jane Sharpe [sigs] p. 23

Poncet, John Daniel m 2/1/1872 Elizabeth Wright, both of Kingston. Wit Vicente Herrera, Ann Graham, Elizabeth Poncet, Clementina Poncet, William Daniel Poncet. p. 27

Posada, Joaquin T., legit son of his late father and Maria Asuncion Acosta, m 7/5/1872 with dispensation for impediment of consanguinity in the 3d degree, to Maria de las Nieves Cabalerro dtr of Jose Antonio Caballero and Josefa Joaquina Pora___. Wit: Jose Antonio Caballero, Fernando de las Curbas, Angel Navarro Villar. [sigs. In Spanish.] p. 32

Posada y Acosta, Ramon Antonio, legit son of Juan Posada Guttieres and Maria de la Conception [? written over] Acosta, native of Cuba, m 6/10/1872 Josefa Caballero y Posada, legit dtr of Jose Antonio Caballero and Josefa Joaquina Posada, native of Cuba, by dispensation of the impediment in the 2d and 3d degree of consanguinity granted by the Rev. Woollett. Wit: Ramon Navarro, Angel Navarro, Jose Antonio Caballero, Juan B. Posada, Dolores Navarra y Villar. [sigs] p. 30

Pothemont, Edmund m 6/4/1873 Sarah Cox Thomas both of Kingston, by license granted by the Governor 5/21/1873. Wit: Georgiana Lawrence, Lewis Escoffrey, Alexander Cox, Emilia Cox, Ursulina Patterson, Charles Pothemont, William Benjamin Alberga. [sigs] p. 45

Pothemont, John m 12/2/1875 Susan Campbell Shrimpton both of Kingston. Wit: Samuel Shrimpton, Adelaide Llado, Ann Archideacon, Ellen Jane Shrimpton, Louise Pothemont, Catherine Sullivan. [sigs] p. 75

Prince, Emanuel Samuel m 4/12/1871 Rose Isabella Prince. Wit: Henry Gomes, Joseph Conway. p. 19


Quallo, Septimus H. m 9/1/1872 Mary Eugenie Vendryes both of Kingston, by license granted by the Governor 8/30/1872. Wit: Albert H. Quallo, Mary Sarah Quallo, Alm. Henriques Quallo, Eliezer Magnus, Charles D. Audroin, Horatio DaSouza, Henry Vendryes, Octavius Luke Vendryes, Charles L. Vendryes, E. Leon, William Crary, Henry Quallo, Jemima Quallo. [sigs] p. 34

Quallo, Aaron Henriques m 9/15/1875 Rebecca Brandon both of Kingston. Wit: Charles Joseph Brandon, Angelina Brandon, Alexander Brandon, John Emmanuel Valencia, Jane Valencia, Daniel McNearth, Mary Ann McNearth, Elizabeth Aitcheson. [sigs] p. 71

Qualo, Alexander, a native of Kingston, m 8/12/1875 Rose St. Leger, native of Port au Prince. Wit: Alfred J. Hare, Caroline Hare. [sigs] p. 70


Rae, Robert Scully, by license from the Governor granted 11/22/1871, m 11/29/1871 Marie Margueritte Amelia Abrahams both of Kingston. Wit: Arthur Abrahams, Alice Abrahams, Elijah Abrahams, Henry Abrahams, Augustus Abrahams, George Abrahams, Wolfe Stanigar, William Abrahams, Rosalind Nunes Abrahams, Marie Margueritte Albertz, Anita Nunes Cardozo, Mary Ann Hamilton. [sigs] p. 24

Rampe, Frederick m 2/23/1876 Louisa Celestine Dacosta both of Jamaica. Wit: William Morrison, Rebecca Morrison, Albertina Wallace, Ellen Biggs, Matilda Abrahams, Edward Montagnac, John Joseph Hull. [sigs] p. 78

Rampie, William m 5/16/1877 Emily Rosannah Baxter both of Kingston. Wit: Bernard Baxter, Caroline Baxter, Lodovica Rampie, Josephine Joseph, Alice Ann Baxter, Ann Baxter, Bernard Baxter, Simon Planto, Virginia Henry. p. 91

Rampie, William m 10/27/1878 Mary Alves both of Kingston. Wit: Peter Benjamin, William Daniel Morrison, Margaret Dacosta. [sigs] p. 109

Ratery, Thomas, m 8/24/1869 Elizabeth Dubuisson, both of Kingston. Wit: Mary Jane Purcell, Rosalie Liganier, Emma Metcaffe, Sylvia Ware, Joseph Labiche [sigs]. p. 1

Redondo, Juan B., native of New Granada, m 12/4/1869 Flora Rensol (an Emancipada). Wit: Ysidro Letamenda, Lorenzo Renfijo. [Spanish] p. 5

Reece, George m 8/21/1872 Emily Marchant both of Kingston by license from the Governor dated 8/21/1872. Wit: Joseph Darbyshire, A. Dacosta, Aurelia Hector.[sigs] p. 33

Reeves, James Matthew m 7/19/1877 Eliza Mattos both of Kingston. Wit: Thomas A. Lara, Margaret E. Gould, John Reeves, John Flack, William Stephenson, Marguerite Pend Grass [Prendergast?]. [sig] p. 94

Reid, William Rily [Riley?] m 2/26/1877 Sarah Diaz both of Kingston. Wit: Hilaire Thibaut, Lucy Maclaine. p. 88

Reynold, William, m 1/13/1870 Eliza Taylor both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Joseph Narcisse and Marie Catherine Narcisse. p. 6

Richard, Walter m 12/20/1871 Elizabeth Morgan. Wit: Joseph Dupont, Marie Rose. p. 25

Ripoll, Bernard m 6/8/1870 Jessy Smith both of Kingston. License obtained on 6/7/1870. Wit: Edward Warden Harris, Henrietta Ripoll, Charles Lewis Ripoll, Henry Greenwood, William Ware jr., Charlotte Smith. [sigs] p. 9

Rivera, Francisco m 9/20/1875 Charlotte Alexander. Wit: Frederick Felix, Flora Gomes. p. 72

Roberts, Robert m in Kings Weston 11/25/1870 Laetitia Lynch. Wit: John Roberts, Mary Anne Roberts. p. 14

Robertson, Charles m 2/21/1871 Cecilia Grant both of Above Rocks. Wit: Joseph Conway, Mary Ann Roberts. p. 18

Roche, Michel Joseph, native and inhabitant of Jacmel in Haiti, m 2/9/1875 Marguerite Clara Roumain, native of Haiti, both resident in Kingston, after 3 publications of banns. Wit: Chevalier Darigne [sig looks like Darigrone, but faded], Elmire Roumain, Ernest Roumain, Aladin Legendre, Wellesley Bourke , Marguerite Geffrard [sig M. Tabre Geffrard], Jeanna Elizabeth Roumain, Marie Louise Lily, Kavanagh Roumain, Eugenie Roumain, Fesina Cuvet, M.. Silanois, Rose Legendre, George W. Pietersz, Isaiah Cox, F. Menard. [sigs. In French] p. 64

Rogers, William Charles, m 1/12/1870 Ophelia Con. Wit: Sarah Aaron, Louis Peter, Dorothy Vendryes, Joseph Conway. p. 5

Romero, Joaquin m 10/18/1875 Letitia Henry both resident in Jamaica. Wit: Frederick Felix, Elizabeth Monfry. p. 72

Romero, Mercellino m 2/18/1877 Maria Ennis Santana both of St. Andrew. Wit: Charles Green, Florentina Paya, John Russell, Ann Russell. p. 88

Rosina, Martin Ignacio m 12/8/1870 Priscilla Walters both of Kingston. Wit: Charles Martyr Deleon, Amelia Ricardo. p. 15

Ross, Joseph m 12/19/1872 Elizabeth Mana both of Kingston. Wit: Edward Bailey, Catharine Campbell, Emelia Daly, Julia Ross, Jane Ashborn, Emilie Ashborn. The children born before matrimony are: Julia, Alexander, John, Josephine, Eugenie, Marie and Joseph. [sigs] p. 39

Roviro, John, native of Spain, m 5/7/1874 Ann Eliza Wallace, native of Kingston. Wit: Sarah Williams, Josiah McKinnis. p. 54

Russell, James m 3/16/1875 Justina Leon. Wit: Thomas Naar, Louise Latour, Ann Barnett. p. 65

Rutherford, Alexander George m 1/7/1875 Rebecca Maria Alexander both native of Jamaica. Wit: Charles Narque, Lawrence Holcombe, Reuben Alexander, Esther Alexander, Eva Rutherford, Henrietta Harty, Isabella Burger. [sigs] p. 62

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