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August 11, 1869 to December 1878

(Taken from the Register for August 11, 1869 to April 10, 1901)

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dtr = daughter

m = married

sigs = signatures

wit = witness(es)

Date format: Month/Day/Year

Marriages performed by the Revds. Dupont, Bertolio, Hathaway, Bouillon, or James Hayes, unless otherwise noted.

For the text of some Marriage Licenses, and for spelling variances between signatures and names recorded in this register, please see Signatures and Licenses.

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Israel, Benjamin m 5/9/1875 Maria Badot, both natives of Africa. Wit: Celestine Dominguez, Martina Ochoa, Louisa Martin. p. 66


Jackson, Francis m 6/7/1871 Mary Martha Trepier. Wit: Andrew Keating, Mary Louise de Latour. p. 20 [repeated on p. 30 with bride's name Maria Martha Trepier]. p. 20 & 30

Jackson, Rodney Michael m 11/18/1874 Elizabeth Burke. Wit: George Hutchinson, Catherine Constantine. p. 60

Jackson, Samuel m 11/3/1871 Eliza Jackson, both coolies. Wit: Conara Jackson, Anny Jackson, James Clark, Thomas Tronnell. p. 23

Jackson, Samuel m 1/15/1873 Isabel Stewart both of St. Andrew. Wit: Mary Jane Wilson, James Wilson, Delphina Rodrigues. The children born before the marriage are: Marianna and Francisca. p. 40

Jackson, Samuel m 3/5/1873 Mary Bryan, both coolies. Wit: Maria McGregor, Samuel Jackson, Mary Chagras. p. 42

Jackson, Samuel m 5/2/1873 Mary Rosanna, both coolies. Wit: Charles Bryan, Samuel Jackson, Mary Jackson. p. 43

Jackson, Samuel m 5/2/1873 Agnes Chinama, both coolies. Wit: Charles Bryan, Mary Jackson, Samuel Jackson. p. 43

Jackson, Samuel, a native of India, m 1/2/1874 Jane Williams (coolie) native of Jamaica. Wit: William Morrison, Mary Ann Ellis. p. 50

Jackson, Samuel m 6/7/1875 Isabella Alabame, both coolies. Wit: Augustus Feres, Saphorina Pothemont, Nathaniel Mile, Maria Thomas, Julian Hoffman. p. 66

Jackson, Samuel m 4/6/1876 Ann Elizabeth Francis. Wit: Samuel Joseph, Vicente Herrera. p. 80

Jackson, Samuel m 4/12/1878 Sarah Samuel, both coolies. Wit: Joseph Williams, Marie Louise Brown, Marguerite Stewart. p. 105

Jacoby, William, a native of Teterow in Germany, m 10/30/1873 at 10:00 a.m. by license from the Governor, and a dispensation for the impediment of Disparitatis cultus, Josefa Mayorga, a native of Leon in the state of Nicaragua. Wit: F. C. Dewdney, Frances Catherine McMahon, Marie Margaritte A. I. Albertz. [sigs] p. 48

Jacques, Brutus, born in Jeremie in Haiti 1819, m 4/7/1874 Marie Anne Naney Jean Bosse, born in Jeremie in Haiti 1818. Wit: General Salomon, the Consul S. Laraque, Jean Francois Cesar [ sig Cesar Innes?] [witnesses signed] [in French]. p. 53

James, John Sympson m 7/7/1870 Jessy Mina Rebecca Brooks both of Jamaica. Wit: Mary Ann McLean, Henry Brown, Elizabeth Tyrrell, Mary B. Davis, Mary Harding. [sigs] p. 11

Johnson, Augustus m 4/20/1870 Charlotte Raymond, both of Kingston. Wit: Thomas Francis, Louisa Gray. [all signed by X]. p. 8

Johnson, Charles Markland m 4/9/1874, with a dispensation for 2nd degree of consanguinity, Nary Ann Oliverie both of Kingston. Wit: Ellen Hishins, Edward Lorain, Frederick de Richemon, Mary Llado. [sigs] p. 53

Johnson, John, African, m 8/29/1871 Lawrence Garrell a native of Kingston. Wit: D. Hall, Mary Bogle. p. 22

Johnson, Nicholas Ward Augustus, native of St. Catherine, m 10/17/1871 Antoinette Marie Treppier, a native of St. Andrew. Wit: Andrew Charles Green___, Esther Scott, Charles Bailly, William Augustus Rennolds [Reynolds?], Charles Harvey, Samuel Bassett, Florent Treppier. p, 13

Johnston, William Frank m 10/22/1873 Mary Anne Watson both of Kingston. Wit: James Jenkins, Maria Dean. [groom signed]. p. 48

Jolly, William Henry m 3/8/1871 Clara Morel, both of Kingston. Wit: Augustine Eliza Joseph, Joseph Conway. p. 18

Jona, Thomas m 4/21/1872 Mary Rose. Wit: Joseph Roberts, Cecilia Turnbull, Fidelia Law. p. 29

Jonas, Abraham m 4/23/1873 Elizabeth Laikman both of Kingston. Wit: Antoinette Steel, Mary Ann Laikman, Ann Johnson, Mary Johnson. p. 43

Jones, Ezekiah [Hezekiah?] m 12/5/1877 Ellen Gibson both of Jamaica. Wit: Joseph Davis, Maria Phillips, Mary Jane Castaing. p. 100

Jones, John m 10/29/1877 Ann Eliza Jackson both of Kingston. Wit: Robert Brown, Benigma Dick, Elizabeth Walters, Zulma Sablo, Sarah Luther. [sigs] p. 98

Jones, Robert m 5/7/1873 Matilda Jackson, both coolies. Wit: Thomas Williams, Frances Lundey, Alice Henriques, Elvina Henriques. p. 43

Jones, Samuel m 9/27/1872 Margaret Archer. Wit: Peter Williams, & [blank] Garcia. p. 35

Jordon, Edward m 4/20/1870 Margaret Matilda Llado. Wit: John Francis Morin, Charles L. Morin, Charles L. Risson, Marie A. Llado, Henry Greenwood, Dubois, Julio Guopiede?, Dubois jr. [sigs] p. 8


Keating, Emmanuel m 12/25/1875 Maria Henrietta Dacosta both of Kingston. Wit: Richard Williams, Augustus Dacosta, Evelina Dacosta, Matilda Cuthbert, Augustina Dacosta, Isabella Williams. [sigs] p. 77

Kelly, James, private in the 8th Regiment, native of Ireland, m 11/13/1869, Elizabeth Burns a native of Jamaica. Wit: Joseph Conway, Dorothy Vendryes, Louis Peter. p. 4

Kelly, Robert m 12/22/1875 Jane Ann Keaton both of Kingston. Wit: Ann Frances Bran, Charles Pike, William Thomas Pike, Olivia Delany, James Lawrence, Charles McClaren, Liza Henderson. [some sigs]. p. 76

Kennedy, Charles Willmore m 6/12/1872 Leila Cornelia Cuff. Wit: Henrietta Frances Cuff, Geoffrey J. Martyn, M.R.C.S.E. [sigs] p. 31

Kirkland, David m 4/30/1872 Ann Eliza Gibson, both of St. Mary, May River, district of Annotto Bay. Wit: Ida Rutherford, Rebecca Morrison. p. 29

Knagg, William m 4/16/1873 Virginia Burke both of Kingston. p. 43


Lacoste, John senior m 8/17/1870 Jane Eliza Kennedy. Wit: Ernest Corby, James D. Ford, John W. C. Reeves, Jane O. Farebrother, Marie E. Lacoste, Rosita A. Lacoste. [sigs] p. 12

Lafitte, John Edward m 12/16/1872 Elizabeth Latibaudiere, both native of Jamaica. Wit: Ellen Latibaudiere, Alexander Terrelonge, Robert William Murray, Joseph Philipp Lafitte. [may be in Above Rocks]. p. 39

Lafitte, Philipp m in St. George district 2/10/1873 Jane Robertson both of St. George. Wit: William McLean, Jane Stewart Robertson. p. 42

Lamotte, Benjamin , 7/21/1873 Ann Tucker, both of St. Thomas in the Vale. Wit: Joseph Creary, Elizabeth Derette, Ann Raymond. p. 46

Laraque, Francois Honore Paul, with license from the Governor, m 1/5/1876 Matilda Maria Hidalgo both of Kingston. Wit: Charles Gadpaille, Juanita Hidalgo, Arthur Gadpaille, Arnold L. Malabre, Louis Branday, Benjamin Carvalho, Wellesley Bourke junior, Peter B. Desnoes, William Malabre, Arthur Vendryes, George Seddon, S. Constantine Burke, L. Rousseau, Bruno Bavan, S. Laraque, Ivanhoe Gadpaille

Larcard, Gustave native of La Rochelle, France, lawful son of Francois Elie Larcard and Antoinette Larcard nee Jobet, m 9/21/1869 Elizabeth Emilia Verna native of St. Marc, Haiti, lawful dtr of Joseph Verna and Rose Verna nee Peignier. Wit: Ludovic Goubauld, Fabre Geffrard, Joseph S. Laro__, Alex. Fupuy, Joseph Verna, Auguste Verna, S. Laraque, Arnold Malabre, C. Rose Verna, Mary Catherine Laraque, C. Lansarieg? [sigs. In French]. p. 2

Larro, Augustus m 8/22/1873 Felicia Delpratt both of Kingston. Wit: Joseph Delpratt [only James Delpratt signed], Alexandre Polony, Marie Louise Eynaud, Zorilda Marie Rose Polony, Margaret D. Desdunes, Frances Delpratt, Maria Candolive [sigs]. p. 46

Lastres, Jose Labrada m 12/9/1871 Quintina Munoz del Conto. Wit: Feliz Munoz del Canto and Ana Guerra de Canto parents of the bride, and Joseph Pla, Venancio Garcia Frometa. [sigs] p. 25

Latibaudiere, Peter m 5/21/1872 in the Chapel at King's Weston, Virginia Latibaudiere. Wit: Edward Montagnac and Jane Latibaudiere. p. 30

Lawrence, James m 10/19/1874 Isabelle Smaily [Smiley?], both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Thomas Treppier, Ann Palma. p. 59

Lazarus, Samuel m 12/18/1874 Marie Patby both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Carmen Grey, Louis Butterman, Frederick Felia. p. 61

LeBosse, Camille Charles Paul, born in Paris, legit son of Charles Jean Le Bosse and Aline Rosalie Louise Gonou? le Bosse, m 4/16/1872 Marie Cecile Legendre, born in Port de Paix in Haiti, legit dtr of Francois Louis Aladin Legendre and Marie Louise Hersilia Soray Legendre. Wit: S. Laraque the Haitian Consul, Bartholomew Eugene Legendre, Marie Antoine de Roux, Benjamin Carvalho, D. St. Victor Carvalho, Nepommine Cesvet, Marie de Roux, widow St. Remy, Caroline Legendre, Edw. Lyon, Doray Legendre. [sigs. in French] p. 29

Lecesne, James m 9/2/1874 Mary Ann Edwards, both of Above Rocks district in St. Catherine. Wit: John Gordon, Amelia Gordon, Antoinette Lecesne, John Longbridge, Sarah Gordon. p. 58

Lee, Henry m 4/19/1875 Catherine White both of Jamaica. Wit: Sarah Beckford, Frederick Febir [? written in, pale], Victorine Nox, Josephine Artice. p. 66

Lefeve, Peter Emmanuel m 11/25/1874 Matilda Bryson. Wit: Thomas Austin, Henrietta Delgado, Ann Dubuisson. [sigs. Bride signed surname Lefeb.] p. 61

Lefranc, Matthew m 4/13/1872 Marie Josephine Arnaboldi, both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Olivia Nunes, George Seddon, Annett Lefranc, Cecilia Salsado, J. L. Steele. [sigs] p. 28

Legall, John Francis a native of Barbados m 10/23/1869 Ann Cornelia Mile Dasevado a native of Kingston. Wit: John Moody, Sarah Finne, Thomas Stewart, Marie Elizabeth Louise Stiebel. [signatures]. p. 4

Lemard, Joseph m 12/27/1874 Lucianna Kennedy. Wit: Justa Stewart, Bonifacio Stewart, William Morrison. p. 61

Leon, Fernand m 10/29/1874, with permission from the Curate of Les Cayes to dispense with the banns, Isabelle Henriette Bennett, both natives of and resident in Les Cayes in Haiti. Wit: Charles Carvalho, Agromenia? Carvet, J. N. Cardozo, Louis Dugiol, Isanna Bennett, Elisabeth Leon, Eulalie Dugiol, Louis Dugiol, George Petierz, Arthur Carvalho, Alexandre Leon, Rose Cecile Leon, Marie Joseph Loubeau, Mesuet, Portia Leon, Arthur J. Gadpaille. [sigs] p. 60

Leon, Francisco, a native of China, m 3/11/1875 Cassiana Lopez, native of Cuba. Wit: Leonardo Gonzalez, Amalia Nunes, Pablo Gregoire Lamothe, Timotheo Bravo. [sigs. Groom signed in Chinese] p. 65

Leon, Pancheco (Chinese) m 8/26/1874 Matilda Edwards, native of Jamaica. Wit: Sarah Murray, Cephaline Gunter, Ann Murray. p. 68

Lecesne, Charles m 4/5/1876 Mary Rose Louis Treppier both of the district of Above Rocks, Wit: Ann Brown, Iginia Jacobs, David Alphonso, Letitia Brown, Robert Kelly. The child born before marriage is Ralph Julius Lecesne born 11/15/1875. p. 79

Lesley, William m 8/19/1876 Mary Ann Grapine both of St. Andrew. Wit: Joachin Romero, Letitia Romero, Frederick Bory. p. 83

Lester, George, m 8/11/1869 Mary Lester both of Evandale estate, St. Mary, May River district. Witnesses: John Sullivan, Mary Maxwell, William Maxwell. p. 1

Lindo, Moses Josiah m 8/24/1875 Josefa Fernandez both resident in Kingston. Wit: Mariquita, Auro, Daniel Reynolds. p. 70

Llado, Charles Raphael m 6/13/1877 Harriett Maria Gutzmer both of Kingston. Wit: William R. Maxwell, Anne Lucillia Llado. Edward Jordon, Marie A. Llado, Anthony Gutzmer, Alvin Tolman, M. A. Campbell, Lucillia Ellis, E. Ellis. [sigs] p. 93

Lopez, Antonio m 7/23/1874 Maria Dolores Bestard, both of Cuba, by special dispensation. Wit: Jose Mel. Almirall, Paulina Barthelemy de Almirall, Ignacio Desquiron, Jose Trinidad Hernandez. [sigs] p. 56

Loret de Mola y Betancourt, Joaquin m 11/8/1875 Concepcion Loret de Mola y Boza. Wit: Thomas Cassio, Soledad Loreta de Mola. [sigs. In Spanish] p. 74

Louis, Samuel, a Chinese, m 7/26/1877 Adelaide Young native of Kingston. Wit: Theresa Lopez, Robert Feslily. p. 95

Lovemore, Peter m 1/26/1873 Harriett Grant both of Jamaica. Wit: James D. Crabee, R. H. Cooper, Transito Garcia, Emma Moore. p. 41

Lovemore, Thomas m 4/7/1875 Bridgette Anderson. Wit: Lazar Joseph, Charles Samuel Jolly, Charles Jolly, Lewis Joseph. p. 66


Maclaine, Roderick m 9/14/1877 Margaret Benjamin, both of Kingston. Wit: Michaela Guttierez, Marie Louise Doyen. p. 97

Magnus, Walter Simon, native of Kingston m 12/7/1875 Jeanne Marie Salomon, native of Paris. Wit: Alexander E. Burke, Andrew Scott, Ambrosio Duany, Sydney George Figuieres, General Salomon, Florentine Felicite Salomon, Elvire Marguerite Magnus, Eliza Magnus, Mary Catherine Augusta Magnus, Portia Leur, Venetzia Estella Jalfon, Julia Quett, E. Bolivar Wolfe. see license [sigs] p. 76

Maillard, Theophilus m 6/29/1870 Elvira Constance Mayou both of Kingston. Wit: John Mayou, Sophie Mayou, Marie Louise Jackson, Mary Ann Hugg, Elvire Custane Mayou. The children born before marriage are John Pheman and Charles Gabriel Maillard. [sigs] p. 10

Manson, George m 7/13/1870 at Norbrook to Elizabeth Dammon both of St. Andrew. Wit: Anneleto Padia, Cornitta Bissneth. p. 10

Marshall, James, private in the 4th I. Regiment, m 2/24/1870 Jane Jones. Wit: Joseph Makae [McKay?], Rosannah Penck, Marie Louise Reid. p. 7

Marshall, William Patrick, son of William Marshall m 10/10/1878 Alice Berwick, dtr of Henry Berwick. Wit: William James Ross. [sig of Maggie Berwick]. Ceremony by Thomas Porter. Written in Latin. p. 108

Marten, Seferino, native of Santiago Cuba, m 5/25/1874 Angela Fontaine, native of Bayamo Cuba. Wit: Jonas Hart, Enfermin Orrett. [in Spanish] p. 54

Martez, Pedro m 4/30/1874 in Harbour Head to Maria Joseph, both of Harbour Head. Wit: William Jones, Mary Roberts. p. 54

Martin, Augustus French m 7/7/1875 Ellen Posthwaite Malabre both of Kingston. License was granted by the Governor 7/1/1875. Wit: Richard Lord, Margaret A. Holden, J. Sinclair, Charlotte Cargill, I. Bolivar Wolfe. [sigs] p. 68

Martin, William m 7/11/1876 Susan Wilson both of Kingston. Wit: John Jolly. p. 82

Martyn, Geoffrey Theodore m 11/21/1872 Julia Hart, both of Jamaica, by special dispensation and license. Wit: John Hart, Charles Bright, M. McDonald, Amelia Hart. [sigs] p. 37

Mason, George m 3/17/1874 Justina (Jessy) Manicue both of Jamaica. Wit: Mary Ann Mason, William D. Morrison, Rebecca Morrison, Sophia Wint. [sigs] p. 52

Mason, Henry m 4/11/1877 Evelina Richards. Wit: Samuel Francis, Isabella Francis, all of St. Andrew. The children born before the marriage are William Mason, Georgiana Mason, Emily Mason, Ellena Mason, Christiana Mason. p. 90

Matthews, Joseph m 1/7/1875 Sarah Nickrin both native of Jamaica. Wit: Alexander Phillips, Justa Stewart, John Stevenson. [2 sigs] p. 62

Maunsell, Horatio Edmund, M. D., a native of England m 1/23/1872 Rachel Dupuy a native of Haiti, by license granted from the Governor on 1/5/1872. Wit: the Ex-president Geffrard, S. Laraque, Colonel Sir Henry Johnsson, Captain Wood, Cappriano Laloubere, Marie Jeanne Laloubre, E. Cosby, Fabre jr. [some sigs] p. 26

McCaw, Obadiah m 12/6/1877 Lavinia Smith, both of Kingston. p. 100

McDonald, George m 11/23/1870 Eliza Hinds both of Kingston. Wit: Hannah Soares, Robert G. Appleby, Louisa Clarke, Frederick Hinds [sigs] p. 14

McDowell, Francis m 1/20/1875 Sarah Nicholas. Wit: William Jones, Evelina Bloomfield Francis. p. 63

McKenzie, John m 6/21/1878 Juliana Avila both of Kingston. Wit: Joshua Rae, Marie A. Llado. p. 106

McKonely [or McKauly], John Ambleton m 1/28/1871 Dorothy Richy both of St. Andrew. Wit: Sarah Macala, Edward Macala, Maria Rosa Palma. [these may be the Revd. Dupont's attempt to spell McCaulay or McCalla, and Ritchie?]. p. 17

Maclean, William m 10/27/1872 in Kings Weston to Mary Anne Brown. Wit: Benjamin Davis, Mary Davis. p. 36

McLean, Thomas m 1/20/1871 Marguerite Burke. Wit: Charlotte Walters, Mary Catherine Llado. p. 17

McNearth, Daniel A. m 2/17/1873 Mary Ann Brandon both of Kingston. Wit: Charles Brandon, John Emmanuel Valencia, Amanda Brandon, Cordelia Morison, Mrs. Alexander Brandon. [sigs] p. 42

Meau, Louis Simon m 1/5/1874 Emily Letitia Garcia both of Kingston. Wit: Walter Augustus Meau, Louis Delfosse, Emily Delfosse, Mrs. Meau (married in Protestant rite 18 months ago.) p. 50

Mendes, Ebenezer Worthington m 5/25/1876 Hersulina Patterson both of Kingston. Wit: George W. Yardley, Eugenia Wallace, Albert Stewart, Cecilia Teneydo, Elizabeth Stewart, Mary Ann Yardley, Mary Ann Cox, Frances Stewart, Cecilia Stewart, Mary A. Deleon. (Mr. Mendes promises to baptize the children Catholic and to permit his wife to practice her religion).

Mendes, John m 9/21/1870 Adele Eliza Yardley [signed as Adele Eliza Yardley Montagnac], lawful dtr of James Wilkinson Yardley and Virginia Honorine Yardley, both of Kingston. Wit: Caroline Desgouttes, Edward Montagnac, Philippe A. Young, George Harlock, Virginia Honorine Yardley, Mary Ann Sims, Charles Desgouttes, Jane Campbell, Eliza Sim, David Cellontigna___. [sigs] p. 12

Mercado, Leopold Tachida m 217/1874 Catharine Moss both of Kingston. Wit: Edith Moss, Alexander DaCosta, Bernard Ripoll, William Ware, Henry Greenwood, Henrietta Ripoll, Amelia Greenwood, Antoinette Peregrin. [sigs] p. 52

Messa, Joseph m 1/18/1871 Maria Alberga. Wit: G. Valdes, Ann Frances Brown, B. Bouillon. [signs. Bride by X] p. 17

Mester, Augustus Joseph m 3/16/1877 Celestine Norice [or Notice] both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Philipina Rosa, Priscilla Bernini, Mary Carter. p. 89

Miller, Charles m 12/30/1873 Annah Hughes both of St. Andrew. Wit: Simeon Leon, Adele Llado. p. 50

Mitchell, Edward m 8/22/1870 in Above Rocks to Ellen Guion, both of St. Andrew. Wit: Florence Treppier, William Morais, William Rose, Horatio Treppier, Henriette Rose, Antoinette Treppier, Charles Treppier. p. 12

Mitchell, Samuel m 1/20/1875 Louisa Jackson, both coolies resident in Jamaica. Wit: Maria Thomas, Felix Antomez, Amalia R. Antomez, Juanito Antomez, Henrietta Antomez. [sigs] p. 63

Miyares, Francisco Antonio m 1/3/1873 Dolores Navarro y Villar, both natives of Cuba. Wit: Maricino Mendrice, Jose O. Navarro y Villa, Manuel Govin, Antonio Betincourt, Mancelino de Castro, Amalia Igada de Govin, J. P. Suares. [sigs] pp. 39-40

Monroe, Joseph Nathaniel m 1/30/1878 Ann Rosalia Small, both of Jamaica. Wit: Vicente Herrera, Samuel Greensole, Gertrude Orta, Paulia Orta. p. 101

Montenoir, Charles m 1/2/1878 Eliza Lord both of Kingston. Wit: John Sanches, Mary McPherson, Gertrude Leon, George Bennett, John Albert Williams, Alexander Miller, George McLesh. [sigs] p. 101

Morais, Alexander m 4/20/1871 Jane Frances Lowe. Wit: Alexander Morais senior, G. A. Morais. p. 19

Morais, Martin William m 5/24/1871 Marie Sylvanie Harvey both of Kingston. Wit: Charles Harvey, Marie Charlotte Romero, Ann Emilie Guth, William Connor, Grace Grant, Alexander Morais. p. 20

Morais, Abraham DaCosta, by License granted 5/12/1871, m 6/21/1871 Isidora Fry both of Kingston. Wit: Abraham Pereira DaCosta, Jessy DaCosta, Jacob A. Dacosta, Frederic DeSouza, Nathaniel Morais, Moses Reginald DeSouza, Augustus Nunes Cardozo, Marie Dumont, Abraham P. DaCosta, Esther Morais, Eliza Phillips, Emma P. DaCosta. [sigs] p. 20

Mordecai, Solomon m 4/21/1870 Matilda Cator both of Kingston. Wit: Christiana Grey, Rosebell Cross. [sigs] p. 9

Morice, William m 2/21/1874 Anai Mary Gordon, both coolies. Wit: Maria de Jesus Aparicio, Fanny Morice, Thomas Morice. p. 52

Morin, Charles Sigismund m 2/3/1872 Caroline Collins. Wit: John Morin, Charles Gray, Robert Gordon, F. M. Campbell “who all have signed their names” [but on in Register] p. 27

Morris, Charles m 8/19/1869 Fanny Pinobe. Witnesses Bicente [Vicente] Herrera, Maria de Jesus Aparicio, Benjamin Meta and Martina Prago. p. 1

Morais, John m 9/3/1873 Lucile Moore Coban both of Kingston. Wit: Anthony Gutzmer, Alexander Morais, Lewis Escoffery, Maria Magdalen Morais, Louise Lunan, Rebecca Shrimpton. [witnesses' sigs.] p. 47

Morrison, William m 2/12/1872 Rebecca Ramper, both of Jamaica. Wit: George Thompson, Octave Vendryes, Elizabeth Williams, Eliza Parage, Mariano Perez, Elijah Reid, Frederick Cornelius Bell, F. N. Rampie. [Some sigs] p. 27

Mosley, Joseph m 12/16/1877 Agnes Bell, both of St. Catherine. Wit: Miguel Rodrigues, Dolores Rodrigues, Mary Ann Brown, Jane Atri. p. 100

Moya, Alexander m 3/25/1874 Mary Ann Smith both of St. Andrew. Wit: John Russell, Henriette Russell. p. 52

Muir, Melmoth, m 3/16/1876 Susan Brown. Wit: David Reynolds, Louisa Melon. p. 79

Murillo, Desiderio m 7/21/1871 Eloina del Castillo both natives of Cuba. Wit: Juan Acosta, Ramon Navarres, Tomas Acosta, Ines Rosado de Acosta. [sigs] p. 21

Murphy, William Henry, by license of the Governor dated 4/18/1871, m 4/24/1871 Mary Eleanore Harvey both of Kingston. Wit: Marine Antoinette Williamson, John Archambeau, Matthew Mattos, Susannah Leanorah Asten, William Duncan, Clementina Sanguinetti, Gertrude Sanguinetti, A. L. Duquesnay, Samuel Smith, Mr. William Simeon. [sigs] p. 19

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