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August 11, 1869 to December 1878

(Taken from the Register for August 11, 1869 to April 10, 1901)

C - D


dtr = daughter

m = married

sigs = signatures

wit = witness(es)

Date format: Month/Day/Year

Marriages performed by the Revds. Dupont, Bertolio, Hathaway, Bouillon, or James Hayes, unless otherwise noted.

For the text of some Marriage Licenses, and for spelling variances between signatures and names recorded in this register, please see Signatures and Licenses.

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Calbet, Joseph Peter m 9/8/1869 Jane Elizabeth Innis both of Kingston. Wit: Charles Moore, Mary Marseille. p. 2

Campbell, John m 12/21/1871 Elizabeth Graham. Wit: Benjamin Graham, James Thomas, Jane Bess. p. 25

Candesano, Joseph m 1/6/1875 Maria Elizabeth Palma (booth coolies). Wit: John Thomas, Mary Ann Albert. The children born before marriage are Frederick Candesano aged 8 years, John Candesano aged 5 years, Maria Candesano aged 2 1/2 years. p. 78

Carr, Joseph m 4/21/1874 Charlotte Bryan both of St. Andrew. Wit: Cyriaco Rana, Ann Mane [written over], Felix Carillo. p. 54

Casio, Amelio m 6/14/1876 Herminia Cespedes both natives of Cuba. Wit: Rafael Utrilla, Caridad Infante, Caridad Tamayo, Manuel Cespedes, Francisco Milan. [sigs] p. 82

Castanedos y Flores m 11/15/1872 Tomasa Bestard y Rodriguez, both of Cuba. Wit: Pedro A. Bertan, Ines Rodriguez, Simeon Pareda, Francisco V. Galens, Blasco Almirall, Jose Almirall [sigs] p. 37

Castro, Jose m 3/16/1873 Petrona Dies both of St. Andrew. Wit: Juan Bautis__ Aredondo, Flora Ronsaly, Camillo Guisuet, Cypriano Perry. p. 42

Cazade, Antonio Emilio m 3/5/1877 Juana Mayol both natives of Cuba. Wit: Estanieldo Figueras, Caridad Cozean. The children born before the marriage are Maria Epigenia Cazade, Gonya__ Cazade, Juan Bautisto Cazade. [sigs] p. 89

Cespedes, Daniel m 5/12/1870 Ophelia Rose Qualo, both of Kingston. Wit: David Qualo, Esther Sollas [by X], Augustus Bonitto, Georgiana Stepheson. [sigs] p. 9

Chavannes, Lino Luciano Luanio m 3/1/1870 Julia Ann Henderson, both of kingston. Wit: Robert Andrew Henderson, M. Elizabeth Whitehorne, John Dumoutier Feres, Eulalia Felicia Chavannes, Eldevin Henderson. [sigs] p. 7

Chavannes, Samuel Augustus m 7/25/1872 Eleonora Lawrence, both of Kingston. Wit: Frederick Shouter, Aurelia Bonitto. [sigs] p. 33

Clark, Joseph m 6/4/1871 Abigail Brown both of the parish of St. Ann. Wit: Lewis McKinzie, Mary Butcher. The child born before matrimony is Mary Clark. p. 20

Clark, Lawrence Augustus, m 2/7/1875 Jane A, Somers both native of Jamaica. Wit: Theodore Kullia, William Morrison, Alexander Gilbert Robertson, Rebecca Morrison, Shodor Keikle. [sigs] p. 63

Clark, William m 3/29/1877 Ellen Margaret Rachel Taylor both of Kingston. Wit: Ellen Barrett, Loetitia Porta. p. 90

Clarke, John Anthony Bubb m 3/19/1878 Maria Rita Josefa Lemercier Duquesnay, both of Kingston. Wit: Urbain Lemercier Duquesnay, Emil Duquesnay, George Clarke, Theodore Duquesnay. [sigs] p. 104

Clarke, Maurice m 2/6/1878 Ellen Jane Brown both of Jamaica. Wit: Edmund Delande, Isabella Hardy, Mary Jane Duquesnay, Esther Woolfe. p. 102

Clough, James m 2/21/1871 Anita Christina Naar both of Kingston. Wit: Alfred Joseph Mosley, Martha Nivens, William Ross, Ophelia Hamilton, Fanny Ann Chandler, Georgiana Lambert, H. DaCosta. [sigs] p. 18

Cobos y Concha, Carlos, native of Bueno Aires, m 10/19/1870 Eleonora Matilda Adelaide Nunes, native of Kingston, by license from the Governor obtained 10/18/1870. Wit: Peter E. Ouvray, Christina Ouvray, Olivia Nunes, Thomas W. Costa. [sigs] p. 13

Cohen, Emmanuel L., son of Joseph Cohen m 7/31/1878 Julia Eugenia Cohen. Wit: Coram Carolo Rousseau, Emilia Abrahams, J. Mitchell [sig]. Ceremony by Thomas Porter. Written in Latin. p. 108

Collazo y Sanchez, Pedro, m 10/21/1869, after 1 reading of banns, Maria Caridad Garriga y Mendoza both natives of Santiago in Cuba and residents of Kingston. Wit: Rosa de Lejada, Tomas Collazo, Jose Ant. Collazo y Pejada [signatures. Spanish] p. 3

Collins, Andrew m at Mount Fellowship 1/20/1873 to Grace Lindsay. Wit: James Marchant, Jane Howell. p. 40

Collins, John m 4/26/1870 Rosy Jane Clark. Wit: Elizabeth Shaw, Vicente Herrera, Marie Keen. p. 8

Con, Frederick Washinkton [Washington?] m 12/23/1872 Marcellina Marcobeau both native of Jamaica. Wit: Dumont Cave__, Mary Hamilton, Louisa Carson, Elizabeth DePasse?. p. 39

Connolly, Michael m 12/1/1878 Henrietta Williams. Wit: Elizabeth Felsted, Elizabeth Virginia Williams. Written in Latin. p. 109

Constantin [Constantine?], Edward Lewis, a native of Kingston, m 8/11/1869 Catherine Elizabeth Carpenter of the parish of St. Mary, district of May River. Witnesses: William Forester, Jane Davidson, Charlotte Kirkland. p. 1

Constantin [Constantine?], Thomas m 7/29/1870 Susannah Francis both of Kingston. Wit: Mary Ann Harty, Maria Louise Rousseau, Joseph Valencia. p. 11

Contrac, Marcellino, m 1/13/1870 Rebecca Clark both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Joseph Narcisse, Marie Catherine Narcisse. p. 6

Coria, Moses m 1/2/1873 Amelia Albert, both coolies but born in Jamaica. Wit: Mary Ann Smith, Moses Coria senior, Alexander Samuel, Ellen Brown. p. 39

Coriana, James Lewis m 4/17/1873 Mary Elizabeth Mealatha both of Madras Wit: [blank] Taylor, Catharine Smith. p. 43

Coste, John m 9/14/1876 Isabel Morais both of Kingston. Wit: Duton Tape, Mary Carr. p. 83

Cox, James m 2/17/1874 Mary Midnight both of Kingston. Wit: William Benjamin Alberga, Eliza Kemp. p. 51

Cox, John, a native of America, m 4/16/1873 Mary Ann Slater, native of Jamaica. Wit: Camillo Goisueto, Dorothy Smith. p. 43

Crary, William m 10/13/1869 Sylvanie Thibeau, both of Kingston. Wit: Ellen A. Crary, William Crary, Eugene Vendryes, Hilaire Thibeau, William Martin, Theophilus Maillard, Octave L. Vendryes. [signatures] p. 3

Crary, Robert m 2/23/1870 Nancy Ann Southland. Wit: Francis Crary, Elizabeth Crary. p. 7

Crawley, James Alexander m 3/17/1878 Susan Scott, both of Kingston. Wit: Thomas Durant, Mary Anne Bonitto. p. 104

Creary, Joseph m 1/20/1873 Harriet Harris both of Above Rocks in St. Catherine. Wit: Mary Ann Harriett, Robert Creary, Charles Creary, Charlotte Loban. p. 40

Crosnin, Thomas Richard m 7/8/1874 Mary Ann Powell. Wit: William Menzies, Dave Daze. p. 56

Crushley, William Lockett m 11/2/1869 Jane Bogle White. Wit: Charles Shaw Crushley, James Crushley, James Brown Naar. p. 4

Cuevas, Fernando m 2/9/1877 Ana de Radillo both natives of Santiago de Cuba. Wit: Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bondet, Francisco Agramonte, Juan Castro, Francisca Gonzales, Catalina Bondet, Alfred Bondet, Rosalie Ochoa. The child born before the marriage is Manuel Cuevas. p. 88

Cunningam [Cunningham], Samuel Augustus m 6/6/1877 Henrietta Clarke both of Kingston. Wit: Edward Moody, Eliza Ross, Maria Roberts, Eveline Bryan. p. 92


Dacosta, Horatio m 6/19/1872 Margaret Delande [signed as Dalande, but handwriting weak] both of Kingston. Wit: Joseph Aguilar, Mary Ann Treves, Charles Morrison, Louis Escoffery, William L. Daron. Ambrosine, Alexander, Septimus & Isabella, the 4 children born before marriage. [sigs] p. 31

D'Aguilar, John, m 1/26/1870 Louisa Alves both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Louis Escoffery, Caroline Stewart, Paulina Escoffery, Eliza Lake, Esther Wilkins, Joseph Leonard. [sigs]. p. 6

Daking, William m 6/20/1875 Ursulina Fisher both of St. Catherine. Wit: Alexis Treppier, Sarah Treppier. p. 67

Dallas, Francis Percival McDowell, by license from the Governor m 11/10/1870 Marie Elise D'Aquin, both native of Jamaica. Wit: John A. Burger, Theodore L. Duquesnay, Arnold Malabre, G. U. L. Duquesnay, Jean Christopher, Eliza Magnus, Simon Noyes Tuckett, Marie Stern, Simon Magnus, John C. Branday, Eliza Matilda Legas [? faded], M. Stern M.R.C.L., W. Bourke junior, Walter Magnus. [sigs] p. 14

Danson, Robert m 2/8/1873 Catherine Tyrell both of St. Andrew. Wit: Camillo Goisueto, Anaeleto Montalo, Matilda Doney. p. 41

Daure, Jean Cyriaque m 10/11/1874 Marie Belen Despaigne, both natives of Cuba and resident in Jamaica. Wit: Mitchell Petit, George Despaigne, Philip Lafitte. The children born before marriage are: Ann Daure, Jean Baptiste Daure, Caridad Daure, Cecilia Daure, Caliste Daure, Jean Sylvain Daure, Charles Daure. p. 59

Davidson, Alexander m 12/22/1873 Catherine Anne Lawrence both of St. Andrew. Wit: Amable Narcisse, Catherine Narcisse. p. 49

Davidson, James Henry m 1/13/1873 Abigail Crook, both natives of Jamaica. Wit: John Jones, Rose Dennis, Marguerite Laws. p. 42

Davis, Edward, m 8/26/1869 Catherine Sewell. Wit: Lewis Peter, Lorenza Renfijo, Joseph Cornwall, Dorothy Vendryes. p. 2

Davis, Edward m 6/23/1873 Mary Ann Renford both of Kingston. Wit: Sylverio D. Castillo, Lorenza Nunes, William Morrison. p. 45

Davis, Edward m 7/24/1876 Mary Ann Charlotte Brandon both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Judith Bailey, Edward Simms?, Thomas Richards, Marie Wilson, Ann Sideout, Emily Thompson. p. 82

Davis, John m 10/19/1874 Rosa Badilla, both Africans and inhabitants of Jamaica. Wit: Ambrose & T. Soares. p. 58

Decasseres, Benjamin Edwin m 3/5/1878 Ellen Eugenie McCrea both of Kingston. Wit: George Scraigg, Sampson Lucas, Eliza Scraigg, Emma Laura Scraigg, Catharine Scraigg, John Clary, George Timothy Clary, Alice McLean. [sigs] p. 104

Delaney, Henry m 2/17/1874 Olivia Brown both of Kingston. Wit: Joseph Hall, Elizabeth Hall, Hanna Brown, Cecilia Hemsley, Mary Ann McLean, Virginia Jacobs, Sarah Trutish?. [sigs] p. 52

Deleon, Alphonse Stephen m 6/5/1877 Justina McKenzie both of Kingston. Wit: Charles Rousseau, Reina Ballestri, Horatio Vaz, Cecili Mendes, Rebecca Fowls, Henrietta Williams, Louisa Rosimon, Martha Williams. [sigs] p. 91

Deleon, James m 3/20/1871 Ellen Simmonds. Wit: Daniel Reynolds, Joseph Conway. p. 19

Delfosse, Fernando, lawful son of Charles Delfosse and Anita Delfosse, m 2/13/1877 Alice Jane Purcell, lawful dtr of Edward Purcell and Isabel Purcell, both of Kingston. Wit: Edward Purcell, Charles Louis Delfosse, Marie Delfosse, J. G. Figueroa, George Polack, Isabell Purcell, Henry Pouyat, John Duff, Anita Delfosse, Emilie Delfosse, Melville Purcell. [sigs] p. 88

Delfosse, Lewis Edward m 12/7/1870 Emily Berneden Meau both of Kingston. Wit: Charles Augustus Meau, Charles Delfosse, Edward Delfosse, Maurise Abisdid So__ [faded], Emmanuel Xavier Leon, Walter Augustus Meau, Pauline R. Leon. [sigs] p. 15

Delgado, William m 12/8/1875 Adelaide Soares both of Kingston. Wit: Stephen Pomuet, John Curtin, Theodore R. Soares, Matilda Delgado, Anna Naar, H. S. Poinsset, Thomas Glouden, Thomas B. Thomley, Euphemia Dowten, Louisa Brandon, Mary Jane Flemming, Christiana Meers, Julia Flemming, Agatha Smith. [sigs] p. 76

del Perajo y Figueras, Jose m 2/26/1870 Elisa Ramara Camps y Rocha both natives of Cuba, after dispensing with second and third reading of banns. Wit: Jose Leyte Vidal, Manuel Bory. [sigs] p. 7

DeMontagnac, Edward, son of Edward DeMontagnac, of Kingston m 11/2/1878 Ann Elizabeth Robertson dtr of William Robertson of Kingston. Wit: Daniel E. Reynolds, Jane Campbell, of Kingston. Ceremony by Thomas Porter. Written in Latin. p. 109

Denby, Joseph Henry m 11/27/1874 Sarah Rodgers both of Kingston. Wit: Lewis William Daron, Celestin Madure, Henry P. Thomas, Margret Madure, Jane Rodgers Duff. [sigs] p. 61

Derbyshire, Alexander m 12/21/1873 Elizabeth Thomas both of St. Andrew. Wit: John Hambleton, Dorothy Hambleton. p. 49

deRoux, Anthony, a native of Kingston, m 12/14/1870 Marie Rose Labastille a native of Haiti. Wit: Ellen Labastille, Marguerite Labastille, Charles Robinson, John Codner, Aladin Legendre, Joseph Cardozo, Charles Mathon, Walter Magnus, Melbourne Robinson, J. Lyon, Mathieu Viau, E. deRoux, Arabella DaCosta [sigs] p. 15

Deslandes, James m 1/22/1871 Christiana Cleary. Wit: Thomas Hensley, Henry Bolton. p. 17

Deslandes, Peter L. J. m 1/22/1871 Charlotte Mathy. Wit: Thomas Hemsley, Henry Bolton. p. 17

Desnoes, Peter Blaide, lawful son of the late Peter Desnoes and Petra Merino Desnoes m 7/12/1871 Emily Malabre, lawful dtr of Arnold Louis Malabre and Emilie Duverger Malabre both of Kingston. Wit: A. A. Smith, H. F. Pouyat, Arnold L. Malabre, William A. Titten, Jean Boileau Sorapure, P. M. Desnoes. [sigs] p. 21

DeVillicy, George Maximilian, by license from the Governor granted 8/31/1877, [see license] m 9/5/1877 Alice Jane Laing, both of Kingston. Wit: Emma Jones, Frederick Laing, W. H. Sutherland, Marie Rose Emeline Sutherland, Georgiana Laing. p. 97

Dewdney, Frederick C. m 10/8/1873 Henrietta Margaret Wood, both of Kingston, by license granted on 9/13/1873. Wit: Simon Eml. Pietersz, Eml. X. Leon, Charlotte Smith, Mary Burke, Arthur Abrahams, John Parry, Charles Septimus Escoffery, Joseph E. Valencia. [sigs] pp. 47-48

Dias, Henry m 9/27/1876 Indiana Delande both of Kingston. Wit: Ambrosine Dacosta, Horatio Dacosta, Lewis Escoffery, Sarah Jane Dias, Georgiana Vaz, Mary Ann Cammick?, Revd. Charles Sullivan. [sigs] p. 84

Dixon, William m 8/16/1870 Sophia Dixon both of St. Thomas in the Vale. Wit: John Henry and Eleonora Williams. p. 11

Downer, Henry m 11/21/1874 Catherine Green both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Isabella Hardy, George Hutchinson. p. 60

Drisdel, Joseph m 6/30/1875 Abigail Osborn both of Kingston. Wit: Charlotte Clarke [sig], Edward Barnett [sig], Joseph Gordon, Charles Ilaire, Ursulina Fisher. The child born before marriages is Mary Ann Drisdel. p. 67

Duff, Joseph m 2/21/1878 Ambrosia Bonett both of Jamaica. Wit: Alfred Vaz, Liboria Bonett, Fidelia Law, Yldefonso Bonett, Charles Bennett, Matilda Dick. [sigs] p. 102

Dugiol, Lewis, native of Kingston, m 11/21/1872 Elisabeth Bennett, native of Les Cayes in Haitis. Wit: Marie Joseph Loubeau, Louise Dugiol, Simon Emanuel Peters jr., Louise Elizabeth Dugiol, Joseph N. Cardozo, Henry Greenwood, Bernard Ripoll, Jacob Alvarenga, Rose Leon, Emanuel Leon [sigs] p. 38

Dume, Emile m 10/14/1874 Anne Daure, both natives of Cuba and resident in Jamaica. Wit: Telesphore Dume, Euphermine Venete, Louis Ramires. p. 59

Dumoutier, John Etienne, lawful son of the late Etienne Dumoutier and Marie Luline Dumoutier m 11/28/1871 Eulalie Chavannes, lawful dtr of Charles Chavannes and Matilda Camara Chavannes, both of Kingston. Wit: F. H. Laraque, M. M. Chavannes, Charles Mathou, Charles Chavannes, Matilda Samara Chavannes, Pedro D. Chavannes, W. Arrowsmith, James A. Small [sigs] p. 24.

Duncan, Albert Henry m 6/24/1874 Emily Julia Pratt both of Kingston. Wit: Francis Charles Cooper, Adelaide Pratt, Joseph Pratt, Agatha Smith, Charles Pothemont, Lewis McCormach, Augustus Bonitto, Edward Reginald Duncan, T. Huper. [sigs] p. 55

Duncomb, John Edward, native of Kingston, m 2/6/1872 Mary Jane Hawkins a native of Spanish Town. Wit: Horatio Vaz, Robert Simpson, Sarah Elizabeth Duncomb, Jane White Duncomb, Elizabeth Bibbon [sigs] p. 27

Duquesnay, Ulysse Lemercier m 10/11/1869 Maria Rita Josefa Ylisastigui both natives of Kingston. Wit: Urbain U. Duquesnay, Bernard Ylisastigui, Emelie Lemercier Duquesnay, Annie Harper, Charles Mathon, Henry Mathon, Emile Lemercier Duquesnay, Caridad Portando, Isabel Vidal.[signatures] p. 3

Duquesnay, Emile Lemercier, lawful son of Anthony Joseph Lemercier Duquesnay and Charlotte Lemercier Duquesnay, m 7/11/1870 Harriette Pettronie Delfosse, lawful dtr of Charles Louis Delfosse and Anita Delfosse, both of Kingston, after a dispensation in the impediment of the second degree of consanguinity. Wit: Francis Pouyat, Joseph Carre Paine, John Horrocks M.D., Theodore J. Lemercier Duquesnay, James Byron Kinsman, Eugene Sorapure, Charles Lewis Delfosse, Anita Delfosse, Eularia Duperly, Elizabeth Lilian Horrocks. [sigs] p. 11

Durant, Albert m 11/26/1872 Cecilia Margaret Roper, both of Kingston. Wit: Caroline Ellis, Jane Olivier, Eugenia Burke, Clara Briggs, William Aselmo Martin [sigs] and Lewis Escoffery. p. 38

Durant, John m 6/15/1870 Eliza Maflin both of Kingston. Wit: Christopher Toledano, James Mouro, Mercellina Roberts, Fanny Tucker. p. 10

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