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August 11, 1869 to December 1878

(Taken from the Register for August 11, 1869 to April 10, 1901)

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dtr = daughter

m = married

sigs = signatures

wit = witness(es)

Date format: Month/Day/Year

Marriages performed by the Revds. Dupont, Bertolio, Hathaway, Bouillon, or James Hayes, unless otherwise noted.

For the text of some Marriage Licenses, and for spelling variances between signatures and names recorded in this register, please see Signatures and Licenses.

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Abrahams, Samuel Joseph, a native of Jamaica, m 10/7/1870 Rebecca Small, a native of Barbados. Wit: Wiseman Griffith, Elizabeth Griffith. p. 13

Acosta y Narino, Tomas lawful son of Tomas Acosta Leonard and Gregoria Narino y Cabarell, paternal grandparents Pedro Alcaortez Acosta and Mariana Leonard, and maternal grandparents Gregorio Narino and Gertrudis Carbonell, m 11/12/1869 Ynez Maria Rosado y Lorie lawful dtr of Pio Rosado and Ana Vicente Lorie, paternal grandparents Jose Antonio Rosado and Ynez de Vargas and maternal grandparents Feliz Jose Lorie and Micaela Ferrera. Wit: Fran. Acrista, Pedro Acrista de Mena, Ana Lorie de Rosado, Jose A. Balmarques. [sigs. Spanish] p. 4

Adam, Thomas Tinder, native of England, with license from the Governor granted 1/31/1870, m 1/3/1871 Mary Eliza Desnoes a native of Kingston. Wit: Charles Mathon, Amand Desnoes, Henry Seronville, John Duval, Pedro Chavannes, Charles Delfosse, Henry Duperly, Armand Duperly, John Hugh Brown. [sigs] p. 16

Adams, William m 7/31/1874 Sarah Ann Gordon. Wit: Sophia Letellier, Maria Willington, Abraham Adams. p. 56

Agramonte, Rafael m 8/22/1874 Florencia Jolly, both natives of Cuba, by special dispensation. Wit: Ambrosio Jolly, Joaquina Viso, Augusto Lefebre. [sigs. In Spanish] p. 57

Agrera, Augustin m 7/19/1873 Matilda Demenis, both natives of Madeira and resident in Jamaica. Wit: Maria Francis, John Antonio, John Freile, Mary Ann Young. p. 46

Alambare, Capitano m 8/6/1877 Rafaela Goiday. Wit: Vicente Herrera, Alfonso Barnett, Jose Herrera. p. 95

Albert, Robert m 1/30/1876 m Elizabeth Barnet both natives of Jamaica. Wit: John Joseph, Marie Louise Roberts, Mary Gammel, Charles Hilaire. The children born before marriage are Augustus, Caroline and Charles Albert. p. 78

Alexander, Alfred James (Chinese) m 2/29/1876 Marian Elizabeth Spence Berry a native of Jamaica. Wit: Rebecca Cammel, Daniel Cammel, William Berry, Jane Danson. p. 79

Alfred, Stephen Jeremiah m 7/24/1877 Charlotte Green both of Kingston. Ait: Augustus Wint, Amelia Alfred, Ellen Cukan, Emilia Cobran, Matilda Hall. p. 95

Allen, Joseph Asa m 2/3/1876 Elizabeth Williams. Wit: Francis Lundy, Isabella Hardy. p. 78

Almirall, Jose m 2/16/1874 Paulina Macsema Barthelemy both natives of Cuba. Wit: Blas Almirall, Louisa Adam, Alice Barthelemy, Carolina Danguillecourt. [sigs] p. 51

Allwood, Thomas m 7/16/1772 Elizabeth Harvey, both of Kingston. Wit: George Sewell, Elvira Julia Dacosta, Sarah Allwood, Angela Romera, Elvira Magnus, Eliza Talbot, Harriett Coll. The child born before marriage is Thomas Shay? Allwood. [sigs] p. 32

Alves, Augustus m 8/23/1870 Dorothy Elizabeth Bain. Wit: Anita Percy, Selina Alves, Francis Edward Burnett. p. 12

Anderson, John m 1/3/1875 Victoire Martis, both of Harbour Head. Wit: Pedro Martin, Mary Frances Baptiste. p. 61

Andinot, George, m 12/23/1869 Elizabeth Robertson. Wit: Joseph Conway, Dorothy Vendryes. p. 5

Andrews, Joseph, African, m 10/12/1876 Eliza Henry, native of Jamaica. Wit: John Andrews, Simon Battiste, Eliza Andrews, Thomas Linel. [/ 84

Anthony, John m 10/23/1873 Mary Samuels, coolies of Madras. Wit: John & Eleonore Cassody. p. 48

Araugo y Aguero, Manuel m 11/28/1877 Dolores Duany y Suarez, both natives of Cuba. Wit: Dolores Suarez de Duany, Ernesto Bavastro. [sigs] p. 99

Armstrong, John m 10/21/1872 Rebecca Roberts, both of Kingston. Wit Mary Clare Constantine, Justina Winter. p. 36

Arriano, Vincent Oraphanto, son of Vincent Arriano m 11/10/1878 Heroina Adam Williams Turner dtr of Walter Murray Turner. Wit: Isaiah Cox, ___ Lamb of Kingston. Ceremony by Thomas Porter. Written in Latin. p. 109

Arrowsmith, William Carver Gordon of the parish of St. Andrew m 11/6/1872 Helen Mary Mattos of Kingston. Wit: Gilbert McNab Smith, Julia Isidora Mattos, Caroline Frances Arrowsmith, Albert Henry Jones, Rebecca Figuieres, George Mattos, Alexander Mattos, Hannah Mary Mattos [sigs] p. 37

Arteaga, Rosendo m 8/8/1877 Delia Betancourt both natives of Cuba. Wit: Jose Tomas de Socarras, J. Rodriguez y V., Manuel L. Arango, Catalina Guerra de Betancourt. [sigs] p. 96

Artice, Robert Ernest m 8/25/1869 of Kingston and Eliza Anna Benling of Kingston, by license from the governor dated 8/24/1869. Witnesses: Solomon Melhado, R. A. Henderson, George A. Williams [signatures]. p. 1

Ashmede, Robert (Chinese) m 4/25/1872 Olivia Trayer a native of Jamaica. Wit: Louis Escoffery, Julia Pothmont. p. 29

Audain, Jean Joseph m 6/6/1876 Josephine Laforest both natives of Haiti. Dispensations were granted for domicile and publications by the bishop of Port au Prince and the vicar in Jamaica. The children born before marriage are Isabelle Audain, Rose Audain, Corine Audain [all 3 signed]. Wit: Prosper Faure, Valerices Rameau, Warford Sin__, Sarah David, Madame Zenin Hog__, Adele H. St. Cyr, Marie Vignier. [sigs] p. 81

Auguste, Leonidas native of Haiti, lawful son of Seymour Auguste and Bellerize Aristide Auguste, m 6/15/1870 Lelia Sear of Haiti, lawful dtr of Belmour Sear and Etiennette Nemozin Leroy, Wit: Victoire widow of Hanman, Seymour Auguste, J. Leroy and Mrs. Leroy. [sigs] p. 10

Augustus, John m 10/13/1873 Letitia Heary both of Kingston. Wit: Martha Vendryes, Francita Garcia. p. 48

Austin, Joseph m 10/28/1875 Rebecca Desdunes both of Kingston. Wit: Adullumett Austin, Edward Desdunes, Sarah Iffla, Manoah Austin, Joseph Desdunes, Alucot? Austin, Solomon Augustus Iffla, S. S. Leon, D. M. Leon. [sigs] p. 74

Austin, Manoah Joseph m 2/17/1874 Louisa Agnes Desdunes both of Kingston. Wit: Peter Austin, Adullumeth Austin, Edward Desdunes, Rachel Rebecca Desdunes, Richard A. Austin, L. Davidson, Louis Desdunes, Joseph Austin, Theresa Terneau. [sigs] p. 51


Badan y Badan, Bruno Francisco de Paula Carlo Maria Ygnacio, Consul of Spain, m 6/30/1877 Maria Louise Barker native of Kingston. Wit: Jose Maria Salome Casis, Joseph Lancelin Rousseau, Sarah Burke, Louisa Falany. [sigs] p. 94

Bailey, James m 1/15/1873 Charlotte Nicholson both of St. Andrew. Wit: Camillo Goisuete, Anaelito Goisuete, Flora Rensoja. The children born before the marriage are Mary Jane and Elizabeth. p. 40

Bailey, James, son of Alexander Fin Bailey m 7/2/1878 Phoebe Anna Lindsay dtr of Francis Lindsay. Wit: John Leach, Susan Leach. Ceremony by Thomas Porter. Written in Latin. p. 107

Baker, John m 6/9/1874 Caroline Francis. Wit: Mary Jane Francis Alexander, Ann Gilling, Grace Robertson. (The marriage was made a few years ago by protestant minister. The children born are William and Charles). p. 55

Baratt, William, native of India, m 2/4/1871 Mary Matoss, native of St. Andrew. Wit: Mary Martha Lofeth, Eliza Brown. p. 17

Barclay, Edward m 4/10/1877 Elizabeth Johnson both of Kingston. Wit: John Sanches, Mary Johnson, William Muirhead, Yldefonso Bonett, Elizabeth Campbell. [sigs] p. 90

Barkley, Samuel m 1/17/1871 Justina Valentine both of St. Andrew. Wit: Joseph Arthur Reynolds, Drusilla Reynolds, Emilia Barrett. p. 17

Barn, Samuel m in Above Rocks 12/13/1872 Mary Ann Boine [Bowen?], both of Above Rocks in St. Catherine. Wit: John Russell, Ann Russell, Catherine Marie Llado, Mary Ann Brown, Michel Pluma?. p. 39

Barnes, Richard m 8/11/1875 Jane Dingwall both of Kingston. Wit: Thomas Barnes, Ann McDowell, Elizabeth Barnes, Maria Llado, Mary Ann Barnes, Joanna Dingwall, Mary Louis, Margaret Jane Innis, Christian Maxwell. [sigs] p. 70

Barton, Joseph m 5/1873 Mary Emily McDougal. Wit: Charles Thomas Miller, Hannah Naar, Sarah Morris. p. 44

Bassett, Charles James m 6/1/1876 Maria Adelaide Olivier both of Kingston. Wit: Mary Jane Bassett, Samuel Bassett, Essex Labastille, Anthony de Roux, Aladin Legendre, Mary Ann Bassett, Hermine Darine, Marie Llado, Marie Louise Vendryes, J. Codner, Alvira Finn, Marie de Roux. The children will be baptized in the Catholic religion. [sigs] p. 81

Bates, James m 10/17/1877 Elizabeth Williams, both of Kingston. Wit: William O'Reilly Fagarty, Margaret Swaby. Ceremony by Thomas Porter. p. 97

Beckford, Samuel m 8/17/1871 Catherine Thomas, both coolies. Wit: Sophia Naar, Mary Ann Jackson, Ann Williams. p. 22

Bell, Charles Frederick Augustus, a native of St. Thomas in the Vale, m 1/29/1873 Jane Rosean Carpenter a native of Manchester. Wit: Sarah McKendly, Charlotte Bennett, Sarah Trueman, George Trueman, George Willis. [some sigs] p. 41

Bell, Charles Benjamin m 3/8/1874 [is between 2 entries for April 8th] Louisa Sidney Leon. Wit: Louis J. Bell, B. H. Dias, Esmeralda Byndley, Cornelius Bell. [sigs] p. 53

Bell, Cornelius m 8/21/1872 Matilda Bogle both of Kingston. Wit: Louis James Bell, Charles C. M. Harvey, James H. Ramsey, Mrs. Ramsey, Eliza Walla__, Mary Cumming, Teresa P___. [sigs] p. 33 1/2

Bell, Silvester Victor, m 1/17/1877 Ann Agnes McDermott both natives of Jamaica. Wit: John Vickers, Corella Lopez, Matthew Mattos, Cornelius A. Bell, Louis James Bell, Charles Degouttes, Ambrosine Duffus, Edward Duffus. [sigs] p. 87

Bell, Thomas, m 10/27/1869 Arabella Williams. Wit: Isabella Breakenridge, Joseph Simon, Marguerite Louis. p. 4

Benjamin, John Emile m 7/7/1870 Isabella Kildare. Wit: Peter H. Benjamin, Adelaide Uter, Frances Lamard. p. 10

Benjamin, Matthew, native of Jamaica, m 11/11/1874 Manuela Zuniga, native of Cuba. Wit: Achille Mitchell, Joseph Olivier, Teresa Zuniga. The children born before matrimony are: Francis, Augustus, Mercedes, Parcival, Olivia, Teresa and Joseph Antonio. p. 60

Bennett, David m 1/23/1871 Mary Elizabeth McPherson. Wit: Thomas Hemsley, Thomas Prendergast. p. 17

Bennett, Stephen m 4/13/1871 Anne Maxwell. Wit: Emilia Archdeacon, Elizabeth Jones. p. 19

Bently, John, by license from the Governor granted 8/18/1875, m 8/25/1875 Marguerite Dubedat both of Kingston. Wit: Alexander McFarlane, Ann Dubedat, Alfred James Hare, Henry S. Poinsset, Augustus Eberall, Charles D. Moore. [sigs] p. 70

Bermudez, Aurelio, a native of Peru, after all necessary dispensations, m 3/8/1876 Maria Coffet, a native of Grenoble in France. Wit: Felipes Veranez, J. Luis Coffet. The children born before marriage are Louis Bermudez, Aurelio Bermudez, Pedro Bermudez, Teresa Bermudez. [sigs] p. 79

Bernard, Roman, m 11/12/1869 Sarah Park. Wit: Thomas Domingo, Louisa Renfijo, Charles Francis. p. 4

Bernard, William m 3/6/1878 Frances Nugent both of St. Andrew. Wit: Mary Branday, Annie Branday. p. 104

Berrett, Joseph Ignatius Frederick m 4/19/1871 Jane Eliza Johnston both natives of Jamaica. Wit: Alexander Henry McKay Leon, Eugenie Berrett, James Austin Fowles, Adrian Schiess, James D. Ford, Hugh Bogle, Henry Duncker, Virginia Berrett, Mary Ann Cushnie. [sigs] p. 19

Bibar, Manuel de Jesus m 4/8/1874 Rafaela Antonia Limonta, both of Cuba. Wit: Anselmo Ricar, Andres Trenard, Colantica Limonta de Ricar. [sigs] p. 53

Bignell [Bicknell], Colin Munroe m 11/29/1871 Olivia Walters, both of St. Thomas in the Vale. Wit: Robert Edwards, Mary Ann ___. p. 24

Blez, Joaquin m 7/19/1877 Felicia Marce, both natives of Cuba. Wit: Santiago Palacios, Manuel Corchos. [sigs] p. 95

Boerio, Anibal m 11/27/1873 Genovera Sanchez both of Cuba. Wit: Fermin Del Monte, Rita Garcia de Sanchez, Clara Yzaguirre, Ysidoro Palacio. [sigs] p. 49

Bolton, Henry m 1/19/1871 Justina Mackey both of S.t Andrew. Wit: Joseph Wood, Hermina Wood, John Benjamin Honess [Holness?]. p. 17

Bonitto, Gustave [Augustus] m 11/22/1876 Ruth Amelia Parker both of Kingston. Wit: Gertrude Parker, Currie Swainson, John D. Parker, Charles Berry. Ceremony by James Hayes. [sigs] p. 85

Bonitto, Horatio m 4/13/1878 Isabel Desdunes both of Kingston. Wit: Thomas Herbert Butler, Hermine Francoise Butler. [sigs] p. 105

Bory, Manuel, native of Cuba, m 11/4/1870 Louisa Jacobs, Jewish native of Kingston. Wit: Jose Mayner, Solomon D'Silva, D. Jacobs, Francisco Antonia Bory, Antonio Parreno, Prudencia Bravo. [sigs] p. 13

Bourke, Wellesley, junior, m Louisa Resina Cesvet both of Kingston after the publication of banns. Wit: M. Fabre Geffrard, Cesvet nee Geffrard, Geffrard, M. Cesvet, Margaret Linch, Mary E. Bourke, Elizabeth Mary Bourke. Ceremony by Thomas Little. [sigs] p. 73

Bradshaw, Louis m 1/16/1878 Catherine Davis both of Kingston. Wit: William Bradshaw, Lavenia Laffeatt, Elizabeth Bevin, George Miller, Mary Darling. p. 101

Bradbury, James m 9/26/1877 Fanny Sophia Slater both of Kingston. Wit: James Mogan [Morgan?], Frederick Brooks. p. 97

Branday, Charles Henry, by license from the Governor granted 6/15/1871, m 6/28/1871 Ann Rosalie Harper both of the parish of St. Andrew. Wit: Arnold L. Malabre, James Pitkin, Louis Branday, Helen Harper. [sigs] p. 21

Brandon, Charles, m 9/21/1871 Emily Aitchison both of Kingston. Wit: Alexander Brandon, Angelina Brandon, Frederick Aitchison, William Figueroa, John Valencia, Joseph Scott, Lawrence Holcombe, Ernest Brandon. Angelina Brandon, Elizabeth Aitchison, F. Aitchison. [sigs] p. 22

Brandon, Ernest m 1/23/1872 Isabella Delrio, both of Kingston. Wit: Charles Samuel Jolly, John E. Valencia, Theresa Terneau, Geraldine Riveira, Esther Qualo, Pedro Pompee, Maria Damian Pompee, Elizabeth Landa, Elizabeth Arl__. [sigs] p. 26

Bravo, Juan m 12/20/1878 Ramona Perez. Written in Latin. p. 109

Bravo, Louis Felipe m 11/4/1872 Mariana Duany, both natives of Santiago Cuba. Wit: Bernardo Sanchez, Manuel Govin, Joaquin de Miranca, Maria Josefa Christian, Josefa Horsaitines Bravo, Rita Portuondo, Amalia Pejada, Diego Duany. [sigs] p. 36

Bravo, Manuel Ma., m 1/19/1875, after 3 publications of banns, Emilia Jane Dias both native of Cuba. The children borne before the marriage and now living are Antonio Maria, Diego Esteban and Juana. Wit: Yves Rodriguez, Santiago Medero, Rafael Setley, Pedro A. Beslsen? [sigs] p. 62

Brent, Alfred m 11/3/1873 Ellen Chung Beer both of Kingston, Wit: Henry Romero, Margaret Gould, William Stevenson, Ebenezer Smith. [sigs] p. 49

Brice, Jean Henri, native of Haiti resident in Kingston, m 7/22/1875 Marie Gregoire Caridad Stable, native of Cuba resident in Kingston. Wit: Marie A. widow of Avar, Alexander L. Fourcaud, Felix Amand, Marie Louise Flora Parret. [sigs. In French] p. 69

Brodhurst, Augustus Charles m 12/9/1873 Julia Augusta Lyons both of Kingston. Wit: Joseph Figueroa, Alfred James Hare, Fany Schaw, Margaret Ann Figueroa. [sigs] p. 49

Brown, Richard Alexander m 2/1/1877 Joanna Right both of St. Andrew. Wit: Mary Ann Delande, Theodore Kulha. p. 87

Brown, William m 6/11/1874 Miny Philipps both of Kingston. Wit: Rebecca Cargill, Joseph Garier, Joseph Miller. p. 55

Buckanan [Buchanan?], George, m 2/17/1870 Jane Morgan. Wit William Strong, Edward Harris, David Kirkland. p. 6

Buffine, John m 8/22/1872 Elizabeth Vileure both of Kingston. Wit: William St. Clair, Marie Antoinette Llado, Eleonora Narque, Matilda Burke, Elicia Lyons, Horatio Lyon. [sigs] p. 33 1/2

Bunting, John Albert a native of Portland, m 9/22/1869 Silvestine Grant a native of Kingston. [See license] Wit: Charles Mathon, Victoire Leon, E. Leon, Paulina Rosalia Leon, and Mary Jane Duncombe. [sigs]. p. 2

Butler, Thomas Herbert, a native of England, m 1/10/1872 Francoise Hermine DaSilva a native of Kingston. Wit: Louis Desdunes, Elizabeth Savage, Thomas Rex Breakspear, Francis C. Cooper, Euphemia Schaw, Edward J. Ellis, Idalie Nethersole, Virgile Desdunes, Charles Escoffery, Alv__ Talman. [sigs] p. 26

Byers, Hilary, a native of Bombay, East Indies, m 10/22/1871 Lavinia Grier. Wit: Henry Hall, Gertrude Grier. p. 23

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