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[NOTE: At some point in history baptisms for 1802-1804 were copied from records which were fading, crumbling, or being eaten by insects. The transcriber indicated that certain information was missing or illegible. Sometimes the transcriber's interpretation of the signatures of witnesses does not match the names of people in attendance. Only page 30 was numbered. Other numbering was added for web site. ]


[This marriage, mixed in with the baptisms for 1802-1804, was performed by the Curate, De L'Espinasse, in the Roman Catholic Church, Kingston. Pages 41-42. The record is in French.]

Lemercier Duquesnay, Philipe, oldest son of the late Philipe Lemercier Duquesnay inhabitant of the Gonaives area of St. Domingue, and of Marie Francoise Lefevre wife of Duquesnay native of Gonaives, St. Domingue and residing in Kingston, married on 11/29/1803 Marie Francoise Duverger minor lawful daughter of the late Sebastien Duverger and Marie Madelaine Jolly wife of Duverger, both native of St. Domingue and resident in Kingston at the home of Charles Duverger the bride's paternal uncle who consented to the marriage. Banns were published on Sunday 11/27. Present and consenting to the marriage were:

Marie Francoise Lefevre wife of the late Philipe Lemercier Duquesnay, bride's mother

Marie Lemercier Duquesnay wife of Achile Onfroy, bride's sister

Marie Francoise Lemercier Duquesnay wife of Pierre Bois Fontan [Fontaine?], bride's sister

Charles Duverger, paternal uncle and guardian of the bride

Marie Magdelaine Duverger wife of Francois Duverger, bride's sister

Francois Daquin

Jean Paul Daron

Louis Daquin

Jean Baptiste Present

Janon Luyau

(resident in Kingston and signing the register)

Others signing:

V. Lemercier Ququesnay

Marie Francoise Duverger widow of Lefevre

J. B. M. Piver

G. Duverger

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