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The marriages were performed by Benito Fernandez, unless otherwise noted.


dtr. = daughter

[E] = written in English

[F] = written in French

illegit. = illegitimate

legit. = legitimate

[S] = written in Spanish


Abrahams, Henry Louis, native of Kingston, illegit. son of Louis Henry Abrahams and Louise Dubuisson, with their consent married in Kingston 1/19/1828 Marie Susane Fourteau, native of Kingston, illegit. daughter of Mr. Fourteau and Elisabeth Lafforet, with their permission. Witnesses Emanuel Leon, Edward Escoffery, L. H. Abrahams, Marie Susane Fourteau, R.[?] A. Escoffery, John Haney, widow Lazu, Rose A. Escoffery. [F] p. 115

Acedo, Francisco, legit son of Juan Acedo and Carolina Conda, all 3 native of Almesa in the province of Merida in Spain, married in Kingston 2/9/1830 Maria Mathias Rivera, legit dtr. of Mr. Mathiaas de Rivera and of Ursula Zefada, all 3 native of the city of Nara in Panama. Witnesses: Francisco Duran, Merced Valdez, Cevero Escalante, Juan Priedo, Calisto Noriega. [S] p. 146

Andrew, Duncan and Marguerite McRae married 5/19/1839. [F] p. 225

Araujo, Benedicto, native of Guayaquil, legit. son of Jose Araujo native of Cartagena de Lebanre[?] in Spain, and of Juana Luna native of Guayaquil, married in Kingston 2/4/1828 Clara Diaz legit. dtr. of Jose Diaz native of Cadiz and of Maria Josefa Diaz native of Panama. Witnesses Jose Antonio Durand and Joaquin Anastasio Marquez and Matias Rivera. [S] p. 117

Arbeaud, Pierre, widower of Euphrosine Marianne Angelique Mayou, married in Kingston 12/14/1831 Marie D'Archambau, legit. dtr. of Joseph D'Archambau and B. D'Archambau. The reading of banns was dispensed due to manifest reasons. Witnesses: Pierre Gauthier, Mr. Figuieres, Mr. Neron all resident in Kingston. [Written in Spanish by the curate, and the names were changed to Spanish equivalents]. p. 156

Ariano, Joseph C., son of Josef Ariano and Marie Ines married in Kingston 8/15/1835 Marie Rose Constantin, dtr. of Cadet Constantin and of Marie Louise Bastien. Witnesses: Jean Escoffery, Emanuel Leon, David Albertus Gomes Casseres. Also signing: widow Gaston, Lewis Vos, P. Constantine, Lewis Bell. [F] p. 184

Asor, Juan Estevan, native of Guinea, married in Kingston 6/24/1829 Maria Francisca Constanza native of Guinea. Witnesses: Cayetano Perez, Ulani de Jan and others. [S] p. 136

de Avila, Vicente, legit son of Francisco and Ana Maria de Avila both natives of the island of Madera, colony of Portugal, widower by first marriage to the late Sebastiana de Avila who died in the Isthmus of Panama in January 1828, married in Kingston 9/3/1829 Marie Elizabeth Carpantiez native of Mayaguies in Puerto Rico, legit dtr. of Francisco Michel Carpantiez and of Maria Rosa Carpantiez his wife, natives of Sto. Domingo. Witnesses: Antoin Colin Seronville, Pierre Gauthier. Also signing: Charles Daron, S. J. Michel Dejoissin, Buena, Bofill, Manuel Amar, Juan Amoategui, Laure Eugenie Michel de Perrin. [S] p. 140


Baradat, Martin, legit son of Juan Baradat and of Maria Baradat y Rius all natives of Altafulla in Cataluna in the bishopric of Taragona in Spain, married in Kingston 5/8/1834 Catalina Vera, native of the city [island?] of Santo Domingo Espanola, legit dtr. of Eduardo Vera and of Rita Montes de Vera both resident in Kingston for many years. The couple presented 3 children born before marriage: Martin Andres y Bonaventura, Juan Martin Manuel, and Amalia, recognized as legitimate and heirs. Banns were dispensed with. Witnesses: Antonio Soler, Francisco Romero, Pedro Merino. Also signing: Anta Soler. [S] p. 174

Barleza, Rafael Antonio, legit son of Manuel Antonio Barleza and Juana Josefa Iguaran both natives of Rio de la Hacha, married in Kingston 9/8/1831 Maria Isabel Lauzero illegit. dtr. of Claudio Lauzero and Petronila Barbadan residents in Kingston. Witnesses: Martyn Valencia, Pedro Albert, Pedro Perez Prieto, Juan Gallard, Joaquin Garcia. Others signing: Juana Iguaran (by X), Petronila Barbadan (by X written by C. Lauzero), C. Lauzero, Elizabeth Lauzero, Dominique Chartier, [S] p. 154

Barnes, Edward, adult illegit. son of William Thomas Barnes and Marie La guerie married in Kingston 5/5/1831 Eliza [signed as Louise Jennings] Jennings illegit. dtr. of Alexander Jennings and Adelaide Gabaro__, with their consent. Witnesses: John Harvey, Edward Escoffery [who signed with this spelling], Benito [William Bennet] McCrea. Also signing: Marie Anne Coates. [F] p. 153

Basilio, Jose Martes, legit son of Martin Santa Cruz and of Victoria Santa Cruz married in Kingston 9/24/1834 Maria Eleonora Sanders all natives of Curacao. Witnesses: Antonio Soler, Marcos Belinez?. [S] p. 176

Besent, John, native of Curacao, and Marie Besent [by X], native of Africa, married in Kingston 4/5/1838. Witnesses: Francoise Brown [by X], and Stephen Benjamin. [F] p. 211

Boonn, Topham and Marie Jeanne [both signed by X] married 11/5/1837 in Kingston. Witnesses: S. Benjamin, Charlotte Guion [both by X]. [F] p. 206

Bouilly, Francois, adult son of Dr. Jean B. Bouilly in Jamaica and of Marie Antoinette Arnaud, with his parents' consent married in Kingston 11/28/1835 Marie Therese widow of Uter, dtr. of the late [Jean Louis] Lajeune and [Claire] Venus, with her mother's consent. Witnesses: P. Gauthier, Joseph Uter, P. Albert, Robert Dyer. [F] p. 188

Briand, Joseph Marie, resident in Kingston but native of Port-au-Prince, department of L'ouest in St. Domingue, adult legit. son of the late Jean Louis Briand inhabitant of St. Domingue, and the late Marie Anne Denegre, married in Kingston 2/4/1828 Marie Francoise Amelie Morin resident of Kingston, native of the Parish of St. Michel de Plaisance, Department of le Nord in St. Domingue, adult legit. daughter of the late Claude Pierre Morin former proprietor of the said district of St. Michel de Plaisance and of the late Anne Elizabeth Julbin, with the agreement and presence of Dr. Jean Paul Daron surgeon resident in Kingston. Witnesses: Francois Salmon, Frederick Doyen, Louis Etienne Mathon, Pierre Augustin de Richemond, all 4 resident in Kingston. Also signing: Charles Jumecourt, J. S. Maillard, C. de Jumecourt, Joseph F. Doyen, F. L. Doyen, R. Bedonet, L. Mathon, R. Mathon, J. B. G. Duverger, A. C. Seronville, Henry Vendryes, A. M. Credie, A. Voinchet. [F] pp. 116-117.

Brown, Robert Graham, native of Berverly in England, legit son of George Brown and of Marie Brown married in Kingston 12/2/1833 Francoise Leon native of Kingston, illegit. dtr. of Elizabeth Albert. Witnesses John Harvey, Jean Gonville, William Bennet McCrea, Pierre Gauthier. Also signing: Marie Anne McRae, Peter Christian. [F] p. 170

Brown, Thomas, son of M. Brown and Marie __ [blank], [both signed by X], married in Kingston 12/14/1837 Ann Charier dtr. of Mr. Jean and Marie Pierre. Ceremony by Revd. G. L. Duquesnay. Witnesses James McGregor and Marie Louise Lacour, and A. Aguilar.[F] p. 208

de Brozan, Francois Louis Merlas Alexandre [signed as Alexandre], born at Fort Royal in Martinique, adult legit son of Victor Louis Auguste Autard de Brozan native of Orpierre in the department of Basses Alpes, former superior officer of the Royal Guard Corps, and of Francoise Appoline Bragard Fiberge native of Martinique, married 9/26/1838 Louise Josephine Delia Letellier [signed as Delia], native of Kingston, adult legit dtr. of Joseph Letellier former merchant born in Virginia U.S.A. and of Marie Louise Nicole Bourdet native and inhabitant of St. Domingue. Witnesses: J. Branday, R. Roux, J. Letellier, Arthur Chevolleau, C. Malabre, James Mazeret, B. Williams, G. B. Smith. [F] pp. 218-219.

Burger, John, adult son of Mr. & Mrs. Richard Burger resident in Kingston, with his parents' consent, married in Kingston 5/8/1830 Marie Jeanne Clara Price [signed as Clara], illegit. dtr. of Edward Price and Louise Charlotte Raisinette Ogee, resident in Kingston, with her mother's consent. Witnesses Richard Burger, Miss Raisinette Ogee. [F] p. 148


Camoin, Noel native of Marseille married when in danger of death 7/6/1837 Jeanne Augustine widow of Beauclair, native of La Rochelle in France. Witnesses: Fras. LaBiche, E. Brisson. [F] p. 202

Charles, Jean, native of Guadeloupe married in Kingston 9/10/1835 Marie Jeanne native of St. Domingue. Witnesses: James McGregor, Elizabeth Marie, J. Arrigunaga, J. Delande. [The bride and groom signed by X]. [F] p. 185

Connors, Michael, Private of the 37th Regiment, married 7/15/1838 in the Spanish Town Chapel the widow Margaret McLean. Ceremony by the Revd. William Cotham. Witnesses: John Jones of the 37th Regiment, and Mrs. Ashford. Letter attached: "Spanish Town, 1838. Sir: Having asked the Colonel timely permission to marry the widow of the late Private Hugh McLean of the Regiment, he has objected to it on the grounds of me not having your permission. I now humbly request your interception on my behalf trusting from your knowledge and good sense [?] you will be pleased to see the expediency of granting me this request from your influence with the Colonel I have great hopes of the favourable result of this my request, which if you do will be received with heart felt gratitude by your -- Obedient humble servant, Michael Connors, Private, Gunner Co. 37th Regiment. Recommended, M. York [?], B. Major 37th." [E] p. 214

Charles, Joseph born on the island of La Trinite married 7/16/1836 Marie Martine born in Cura [Curacao?]. [The bride and groom signed by X]. Witnesses: Marie Eleonore Durand [by X], G. L. Duquesnay, pr. [F] p. 191

Chavannes, Charles, son of Quvinar? de Chavannes and Josephine Chavannes, married 8/18/1838 Matilde Francisca Eulalia [signed including Delat__] Camara, native of Kingston, legit dtr of Francois de la Camara native of Cuzco in Peru, and of Thomasa Angela Camara native of Cartagena in Colombia. Witnesses: Henry Gourgues, Pierre Albert, Marie Alphonsine Gourgues, Marie Eliza Gourgues, Charles Gourgues, Louise Antoinette Gourgues, Henry Vendryes, A. Voinchel. [F] p. 217

Chavannes, George Henry, legit son of Percival? de Chavannes, married 8/1/1838, Louise Sophie Castille, dtr. of Alexandre Castille, native of Flandre in France. The couple presented their children: Pierre Alexandre born 11/16/1826, George Henry born 9/6/1828, Marie Sophie born 7/16/1830, Walter Lewis born 10/15/1832, William born 12/10/1834, Marie Sophie born 8/26/1836, declaring them legitimate and heirs. Witnesses: Pierre Albert, Louis Chavannes, Charles L. Laulanie, Henry Vendryes, Henry Vendryes Jr. [F] p. 216

Chevalier, Pierre Emanuel native of Paris, legit. son of Jean Emanuel Chevalier and of Marie Genevieve Deschamps married in Kingston 7/27/1828 Therese Albertine Van heulle widow of Metereaux, native of Lille in France, legit daughter of Pierre Van heulle. Witnesses: Gilles Frederic Doyen, Pierre Charles Marie Henry Vendryes [signed as Henry Vendryes. See also Briand and Girard], Louis Laya Salentin, Gaspard Jouij, A. Duperly, Charlotte Metereax. [F] p. 129-130.

Chico, Jose Maria [by X], native of Lisbon in Portugal legit son of Rafael Chico and of Maria Jose Chico natives of Lisbon, married in Kingston 2/17/1838 Paulina Gil native of Kingston, legit dtr. of Juan Gil and Juana Gil, natives of Curacao. Witnesses: Henriette L'Epinay and Francisco Silva [by X]. [S] p. 209

Clark, Juan Guillermo, native of Jamaica married 7/24/1830 Anne Antoinette Pruden__. [They were married in a protestant church] [S] p. 151.

Clermont, Philip Alexandre of Kingston, son of the late Jean Henri Clermont Major in the British Service, and of Antoinette Mom__, with his mother's consent, married in Kingston 2/19/1835 Marie Catherine Jennings, also of Kingston, dtr. of the late Doctor Jennings and of Adelaide Toulouzan with her mother's consent. Witnesses John Harvey, Jean Auvray, Henry Vendryes, Jean Gonville. Also signing: P. A. Clermont, Robert Clermont, J. Gonville, Amelia Vendryes, M. J. Chevalier. [F] p. 181

Constantine, Pierre, adult son of Mr. Conry in Kingston and Marie Monique, with his parents' consent, married in Kingston 11/28/1835 Marie Claire DuFour minor dtr. of Henry Dufour and Marie Joseph, with her parents' consent, parents being present. Witnesses: John Anderson, P. L. Duquesnay, Joseph Ariano, and J. B. Wiltshire. Also signing: Cecilia Pitcairn, Louis Bell, G. L. Duquesnay, pr. [F] pp. 188- 189

Cook, James Henry, married in Kingston 11/3/1831 Marie Crotty widow, both natives of Ireland. Witnesses George McLeod and C. Colas. [E] p. 155

Cushnie, Edouard and Victoire deLatour, natives of Jamaica, married in Kingston 4/21/1838. Witnesses: George Carren, G. Montagnac. [F] p. 212


Danaly, John, Private in 1st Company 91st Regiment [signed by X], born in County Tyrone, Parish of Dromore in Ireland, by permission of Captain Lamont of the 91st, married in Kingston 11/6/1830 Peggy Branon late of the 84th Regiment. Witnesses: Albert Lenan, Grenadier 91st Regiment, and Jane Jones. Also signing: Mr. Brenan late 84th Regiment. [E] p. 152

D'Archambau, Emile illegit. son of Dominique D'archambau and of Marie Francoise Chadine with the consent of his mother who was present and his own, married in Kingston 2/3/1829 Eloise Magourgie native of Kingston, illegit. dtr. of Mr. Magourgie and of Marie Rossemielle . Witnesses: Jean (John) Fieres, Jean Paul Daron, Emmanuel M. Journee. Also signing: Sablon Badime, John Dufief, Frederick Peberty, Zelie Uter. [F] p. 132

Daron, Pierre Elie, native of Kingston, adult legit son of the late Jean Paul Daron formerly doctor and surgeon in Kingston, and of Elizabeth Desmortier Daron, with his mother's consent, married in Kingston in Kingston 9/7/1833 Louise Marie Therese D'Aquin, native of Kingston, adult legit dtr. of Pierre Charles D'Aquin, former inhabitant of St. Domingue, and of the late Louise Victoire Lebon Lapointe D'Aquin, with her father's consent. Witnesses: Charles Bernard Prieur, Louis Jean Baptiste Perotin, Jean Baptiste Guillaume Duverger, Guillaume Etienne Louis Roux. Also signing: Louis D'Aquin, Thomas D'Aquin, Charles L. Lapointe, widow DuQuesnay, P. L. Duquesnay, D'A Marchand, D'A Prieur, L. D'Aquin, John Branday, B. Prieur, R. Roux, J?. Neron, B. N. Roux, L. de Ste. Marie, A. Roux, Robert de Fredilly, H. Bourgueville, A. Daussigne, Caroline Espeut, L. C. Espeut, Anastasie Elise Branday [F] p. 169

Degland, Francis, native of Port au P[rince?] in St. Domingue, legit son of Blaize Degland and Margueritte Degland, married 12/5/1838 Elizabeth Monsus native of Mole St. Nicolas in St. Domingue, dtr. of Joseph Monsus and Marie Catherine Benard. Witnesses: G. Montagnac, J. Arrigunaga, Thomas S. Cushnie, Jacques de Latour, Joseph Perera. [F] pp. 220-221.

Delande, John Alexander married in Kingston 2/5/1835 Marie Josephine Delande , who had been married by the Revd. Edward Marshall in a Protestant Church in the Parish of St. George 3/14/1820. Witnesses: A. Larson and Antonio Soler. [F] p. 179

Delfosse, Charles Louis, adult legit son of the late Jean Baptiste Delfosse and his late wife married in Kingston 5/10/1834 Anais Desnoues, adult legit daughter of Joseph Desnoues and of Lucile Bouilly de Nerai . Witnesses: Jean Baptiste Bouilly, E. Desnoes, Antonio Soler. [F] p. 175

Desdunes, Joseph Furenne, son of Louis Desdunes and of Margueritte Dubuisson married in Kingston 2/18/1837 Marie Marthe Abraham dtr. of Henry Abraham and of Louise Dubuisson. Witnesses: Louis Desdunes, Louis Henry Abraham, James Roper, Margueritte Dubuisson, Louise Dubuisson. [F] p. 197

Desnoes, Pierre, son of the late Pierre Desnoes and of Louise Henriette Ledize? married 7/26/1838 , Petra Merino, dtr. of Jean Merino Gomez and Rosa Guerra, natives of Panama in the Republic of Colombia. Witnesses: A. Joaquim Samudo, Pedro N. Merino, Rosa Guerra, Jean E. Goivicelle Quijano, J. B. Bouilly, J. S. Maillard, E. Clement, L. P. Clement. [F] p. 215

Desnoues, Joseph, minor, legit son of the late Joseph Desnoues and of Marie Charlotte Bouilly de Neray, with his mother's consent, married in Kingston 2/1/1834 Marie Elizabeth Sejourne, native of Norfolk in Virginia U.S.A., minor, legit dtr. of the late Jean Baptiste Sejourne and of the late Marie Madeleine Elizabeth Violeau, with the consent of her maternal aunt Marguerite Violeau here present. Witnesses: Michel Charles Lhoste, Ramond Roux, Louis Clement, E. Clement. Others signing: A. Delfosse, J. Bouilly, widow Desnoues, Mte. Violeau, E. Sejourne, A. Duperly, C. L. Delfosse, Henry Vendryes, L. Bouilly, D. Duperly, J. Letellier, A. S. Inglis. [F] pp. 171-172

Dickins, John, married in Kingston 7/24/1833 Sarah Marrah ( or Mara), spinster, both of Kingston. Witness: Mrs. Dominique Chartier, and Antonio Sole, both resident in Jamaica, and Susan Jeffries. [E] p. 168

Drummond, Edward married in Kingston 4/11/1836 Marie Elizabeth Bernard. Witnesses: Louis J. Desporte, Marie McGregor and others. [F] p. 190

Dumoutier, Etienne Benjamin, legit son of Etienne Dumoutier and of Marie Elenor Dumontier all natives of Couvri?, department of Doubs in France, married 7/27/1837 Marie Zulmee Feres, dtr. of John Elias Feres and of Nina Bernard? both present. Witnesses: John Feres, Eulalie Feres, Pedro N. Casis, Pierre Albert, G. Jouy, E. Journee, Thomas Lounci?, P. Hellanes, Louis Bell, F. Peberty, Mare M. Treillard, A. A. Maynier. [F] p. 203

Duperly, Adolphe Armand Desire, legit son of Jean Francois Duperly and Marie Elizabeth Condier, all natives of Paris, with his parents' consent, married in Kingston 8/11/1832 Louise Desnoues, legit. dtr. of Joseph Desnoues native of Marie Galante and of Marie Charlotte Bouilly native of St. Marc in St. Domingue, with the consent of her mother who was present. Witnesses: Louis Mathon, Manuel M. Bonis, Douet. Others signing: J. L. Bouilly de Neray nee Desnoues, J. B. Bouilly, R. Roux, C. L. Lapointe, A. Voinchet. [F] p. 160

Duquesnay, Antoine Joseph Lemercier, legit son of Philippe Lemercier Duquesnay and of Marie Louise Felicite Delahaye Duquesnay, married in Kingston 4/18/1838 Charlotte Delfosse, legit dtr. of Jean Baptiste Delfosse and Henriette Bourgon Delfosse. Ceremony by Revd. G. L. Duquesnay. Witnesses: L. Gibson, J. B. Bouilly, Charles L. Duquesnay, Charles L. Delfosse, H. L. Duquesnay, J. B. G. Duverger, C. L. Lapointe, L. L. Duquesnay, Henry Delgado. [F] p. 212

Duquesnay, Louis and Marguerite Lamothe married 4/1/1839 by Revd. L. Duquesnay. Witnesses: Charles Louis D., Jean Louis [all by X]. [F] p. 224

Durant, Simon Peter, legit son of Juan Durant and of Ana Dorothea Durant married in Kingston 6/23/1834 Maria Leonora Basilio [signed by X], legit dtr. of Antonio Basilio and of Helena Martina Basilio, all natives of Curacao. Witness Antonio Soler. Also signing: Martyn Valencia, Marie M. Tourne, Simon Emanuel Peters, Alexo de Ibarra y Sorzano. [S] p. 176

Dwin [or Diven?], Robert, Sergeant in 'A' Company, 77th Regiment, born in County Kildare, Ireland, by permission of his commanding officer in Fort Augusta according to the extract from Regimental Orders certified by J. Powell, Ensign and Act. Adjutant dated August 10th, married in Kingston 8/15/1830 Mary Haggan [who signed by X], daughter of Color Sergeant John Haggan. Witnesses: Sergeant James Jones, and Mrs. Maria Taylor. [E] p. 151


Edelman, Juan Federico, legit son of Federico Edelmann and Marcelina Caire, native of Strasbourg married in Kingston 4/27/1832 Maria Robinson, dtr. of W. D. Robinson and Eugenie Duquesnay, native of Kingston. Banns were dispensed with for cause. Witnesses Juan Ansuategui, Mr. D. L. Alves, and Federico Doyen. [S] p. 158

Edouard, Jean Louis and Ann married 5/19/1839 by Revd. L. Duquesnay They declared legitimate their son Jean Louis aged about 2 years. Witnesses: Charles Guillaume Pierre Rabeau. [All signed by X]. [F] p. 225

Escoffery, Jean, adult illegit. son of Jean Escoffery and Eulalie Savarie, had been previously married in a Protestant Church, which marriage was ratified in a Roman Catholic ceremony on 10/24/1830 in Kingston, to Rose Adelaide Deslandes, adult illegit daughter of Louis Deslandes and Marie Jeanne Crubert. Witnesses: Edward Escoffery, S. Millet, and Antoine Soller. [Name written Scoffiere, Scoffery, Scoffiery, in this entry by the Revd. Benito Fernandez, who consistently spelled the name wrong. There were no signatures of the parties.] [F] p. 152


Ferguson, James [signed by X but John Branday who wrote his name, wote it as James Farquharson], son of Mr. Ferguson married in Kingston 8/17/1837 Elizabeth Lamothe [signed by X], dtr. of Paul Lamothe. Witnesses: John Branday, J. Pauline Branday, B. Branday, Eugene Branday, Anastasie Branday, Elisabeth Malabre, Ellen Foussatt, Jeanne Bernard. [F] p. 204

Foledana, Diego Ramon, native of Pedroalo [?] in Cordova, Spain, married in Kingston 4/14/1828 Elena Estefana Castellan native of Curacao. [S] p. 119

Francois, Simon and Marie Francoise both natives of Kingston married in Kingston 8/30/1837 [both signed by X]. Witnesses: Maria McGregor [by X]. Louis Touchemolin. [F] p. 205


Gallart, Juan, native of Arenys de Mar in Cataluna in Spain, legit son of Jose Antonio Gallart and of Antonia Gallart all natives of the same city, married 9/20/1837 Maria Luisa Aguilar, native of the city of Mompox in the Spanish Main, dtr. of Jose Aguilar and of Tomasa de Maga, all natives of Mompox. The couple presented 5 children: Micaela born in Santa Marta 9/29/1819, Pedro aged 15 years, Luisa 12 years 9 months, Francisco 5 years 3 months, Amalia 6 years, the 4 youngest born in Kingston, and declared them to be legitimate and heirs. Witnesses: Francisco Gonzalez Guijano, Vicente Gonzalez Quyano. [S] p. 206

Garcia, David Henrique, native of Curacao, illegit. son of Santiago Garcia and Elena Narsiza Matias, married in Kingston 4/28/1828 Paulina Guion widow of Geronimo Guion all natives of Curacao. Witnesses: Martin Gourne, Johannes Pieter, Eduard Banner, Adrian Ragel and others. [S] p. 120

Garel, Jean Baptiste and Marie Louise Alexandre, both natives of Kingston, married in Kingston 9/7/1837.Witnesses: Thomas Louris, Eulalie Feres, Marie Louise Lacour, G. L. Duquesnay, pr. [F] p. 205

Gaudet, Pierre Louis Ferdinand. Based on representations made to us by Catholics of the greatest respectability and other information we have been assured of the impossibility of publishing banns of marriage, learning that there are major pressing affairs which obliged them to take passage on board a ship which must leave for New Orleans next Friday April 26, and there being nothing preventing the marriage, banns were dispensed with. The said Pierre Louis Ferdinand Gaudet, baker living in Kingston, adult, native of Flavy le Martel in the province of Picardie in France, married in Kingston 4/24/1833 Marie Joseph Eglantine Hughes [signed as Eglantine] resident for a number of years in Kingston, native of St. Domingue, adult. Witnesses: Antoine Colin Seronville, Pierre Albert, Pierre Templet, Bernard Prieur, Francois Zaverie Kunt, and Gaspard Jouy, all resident in Kingston. The couple presented 2 children born to them and already baptized by us, named Marie Rose Gabrielle Gaudet aged 6 years, and Elviela Gaudet aged 13 months, declared to be legitimate and their heirs. Also signing: J. A. Prieur, D'A Prieur, Melina Lasse, J. E. Campurano, P. Leger, Sens Prieur, R. Verna, Ana de Franco., Francoise Prieur, Jose Maria Macaya, Eugenie Grisolle, Josefa Gordon de Jove, Dme. Chartier, M. Prieur. [F} p. 164

Girard, Jean Fabaicuis, native of Perigueux, legit. son of Etienne Gerard former chip's captain, and of Marie Devars Dumaine both inhabitants of Perigueux married in Kingston 7/5/1828 Catherine Victoire Noemi Vendryes [signed as Noemi] legit. dtr. of the late Louis Vendryes for commander of the Navy in St. Domingue and of Antoinette Avan, with her mother's consent. Witnesses: Edouard Daron, Joseph Desnoues, Jean Paul Daron, J. P. Douet, all 4 resident in Kingston. Also signing: David Vendryes, R. Roux, Henry Vendryes, Charles Joseph Daron, Vendryes, M[?]. Vendryes, V. Teychoirs, P. Albert, widow Ressencourt nee B., T. B. Borilly, Roberta [?] de Fredilly, L. Bouilly, A. C. Seronville, Fred Doyen, Joseph F. Doyen, L. Gibson, L. E. Gourgues, L. Malabre, Louis Laulanie, G. Thomas, Less. Doyene. [F] pp. 124-125.

Gordon, John, born in Ferry, St. Catherine, son of Mr. Gordon and Mary Fair, married in Kingston 7/2/1836 Maria Thomas, legit. dtr. of Joseph Thomas and Anne Thomas all natives of Kingston. Witnesses: Charles Vendryes, Miss Mary Fair [signed by X]. [F] p. 191

Gourgues, Louis Edmond, adult legit son of [blank] parents residents of St. Domingue, married in June 1837 in Kingston, Felice Bontard Beauvallon, native of Paris in France, legit dtr. of Gaspard Beauvallon and of Camille Bontard Beauvallon both present. Witnesses: Henry Gourgues, Pedro Nolasco Casis, J. B. Sorapure, J. Letellier, Louis Malabre, widow Gourgues, L. A. Gourgues, Matilde Camara, Zeide Le Roux, L. Alphonsine Gourgues, J. Chassatt?. [F] p. 202

Granados, Domingo, native of Santa Marta in New Granada, legit son of Gabriel Diaz Granados and of Isabel Agustina Nunez all natives of Santa Marta, married in Kingston 3/21/1830 Mariquita Soulier, legit dtr. of Vicente Soulier native of Spain and of Maria Dolores Paredes native of Cartagena de Indias. The couple presented a daughter named Marie Dolores Ursula, born in Kingston. Witnesses Juan Francisco Infanson and Manuel Ibarra. [S} p. 147

Grant, Alexander, son of Alexander Grant and Elizabeth Haleburton, married 9/24/1836 Aglae Elizabeth Zaveri Kunt legit dtr. of Francois Zaveri Kunt and of Elizabeth Zaveri Kunt with the consent of her parents who were present. Witnesses: Emanuel Leon, Robert Taylor, William Lee, John Auvray. Ceremony conducted by Revd. Guillaume LeMercier Duquesnay. Also signing: Z. Kunt, Elizabeth Kunt, F. Z. Kunt, Benito Fernandez. [F] p. 194

Grant, John and Emilie Duconea__, married 12/6/1838. Witnesses: Pedro N. Cal___, Thomas Louris, Eugenie Relain, G. Jouy, H. Drysdale, B. Desnoues. [F] p. 221

Guerier, Jean Jacques and Marie Jeanne Darvey married 4/1/1839 by Revd. L. Duquesnay. Witnesses: Lewis Bell, Marie Louise Valey [by X], J. Arrigunaga, Louis Charles Setton, Luis Charles. [F] p. 223

Guillerme, Jean Charles, and Marie Jeanne Bernard [both by X] married 2/27/1838 in Kingston. Witnesses: Stephen Benjamin, D. A. Casseres, W. M. McCrea, Marie Jenne Foussatt, Jeanne Bernard, Marie Anne McCrae [F] p. 209

Gunter, Thomas, adult son of William Gunter resident proprietor in Jamaica and of the late Mary Morison, with the consent of his father here present, banns being dispensed with for valid reasons, married 5/9/1835 Claire Altinez Debrosse, minor, dtr. of Jean Charles Debrosse here present and of Charlotte Chittry (absent from the island) with the consent of her parents. Witnesses Zavary Kunt, Peter Gautier, Henry Franklin and Thomas Ellis. Also signing: J. C. Debrosse, Fred Doyre, J. Williams, Leop. Doyre, J. Gonselle, A. Rattray, Morris Aria, Clairette Debrosse. [F] p. 182

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