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Roman Catholic Chapel, Kingston, Jamaica

All marriages in this Register were performed by Guillaume le Cun, who describes himself as the Apostolic prefect of Saint Domingue, refugee presently residing in Kingston due to the events of the war.

The page numbers were assigned at some point when this Register was bound with other Registers. All records are in French.

Dates are in Month/Day/Year format. First date given is date of marriage.


abt. = about

dtr = daughter

illeg = illegitimate

Kgn = Kingston

leg/legit = legitimate

p. = page

res = inhabitant of

SD = Saint Domingue

wit. = witness

yrs. = years

Denoues. 5/9/1805 after reading of banns 4/14/1805, the following Sunday, and 4/30/1805, Joseph Denoues formerly res SD and now res Kgn, age over 21 years, native of Marie Galante, leg son of Joseph Denoues res in Guadeloupe and Marie Vittemorin, and Lucile Bouilly res Kgn, native of St. Marc SD, leg dtr of the late Jean Louis Bouilly and the late Marie ___ [illegible] Furand, age under 21 yrs, permission by Sebastien DuVerger her grandfather and guardian resident in the parish of St. John [? illegible], Jamaica. Wit: Nicolas Marquis de Caberet, Thomas Danes and Louis Simon residents of SD, Joseph Antoine Brown, Sebastien Duverger, Bouillly, Ramon Roux, Gillibert, B. Bordray. p. 524

Doyen 8/30/1806 after publishing banns Sunday 8/18/1806, Frederic Giles Doyen from the parish of St. Marc SD, aged 20 yrs, leg. son of the late Marie Louis Nicolas Doyen lawyer in Parliament and res St. Marc SD, and Aime Louisa Guerault his wife res Kgn, with his mother's permission, and Eulalie Bernardine Perier native of parish of Leogane SD, leg. minor dtr of the late Jean Baptiste Perier and the late Miss Refournier his wife, with the consent of a family council made up of relatives and friends. Witnesses: Joseph Denoues, Jean Baptiste Garreau , Jacques Elie LaRoche, Francois Salmon, Louis Perier, Ramond Roux, Mainie, Ursula Dubois, Francois Gillibert, Sophie Figuieres, Lucile Denoues, Henri de la Villeon, Edouard Simon. p. 585

De Jumecourt. 11/7/1805 after publication of banns, Charles Arnauld Auguste Hanis de Jumecourt res of Cul de Sac in the parish of Les Croix des Bouquets, dependency of the port of Jacqmel SD, native of Nantes [France], legit son of the late Charles Arnauld and the late Marie Madeleine Descloches residents of Cul de Sac, aged 25 years, a refugee in Jamaica because of the war, and Marie Elizabeth Sophie Morin, a minor, from the parish of La Plaisance SD, leg dtr of the late Claude Pierre Morin and Anne Elizabeth Julbin, refugees living in Kgn [there is a long illegible section which refers to someone who was in Trelawny and could not attend the wedding]. Wit: Hugh Cathcart, Francois Gillibert formerly of SD, Romains Jinx, Guillaume Villegrain, Bernard Prieur, M. Anguelin, J. Daron, Constance Toulan Angustin, R. Angustin, J. Piau, Boiseau. p. 544

Laffon. 7/3/1806 after banns, Auguste Philippe Laffon chevalier de Ladebat, former captain of the infantry of Louis XVI of France, major in the British service, leg. adult son of the late Jacques Alexandre Laffon de Ladebat, esquire, and the late Rosalie Anne Luneman de Bromberie, widower first married to Jeanne Therese de Saint Aveye, and Adelaide Julie de Montagnac, minor leg. dtr of Louis Joseph Daniel chevalie de Montagnac, formerly Lieut. Colonel of the French infantry, knight of the Royal Military Order of St. Louis, and presently living in the parish of St. Catherine, and of the late Adelaide Louise Gregoire Decostiere, with her father's consent. Those present were: Charles D'hailleourt; Pierre Odin Lerite; Marc Noel de Montagnac, knight of the Royal Military Order of St. Louis, paternal uncle; Victor Marchand; Charles d'Heillesable?; Victor Marchand; Alex de Montagnac; L'homache de Borniol; Elizabeth Douet; J. Douet; Edouard de Montagnac; Abais de Montagnac; Virginie de montagnac; Ecmiel de Berniol; Louis Vendryes. p. 578

Laroque. 8/1/1806 after publishing banns once, Francois Achille Victor Laroque aged abt 26 yrs, native of parish of Les Cayes SD, res Kgn for the last 6 yrs, leg. son of Francois Laroque res La Plaine des Cayes, and Louise Marie Sicard his wife, refugees currently in the USA proceeding with his own consent and that of his parents, and Louise Sophie LeCarpentier, aged abt 23 yrs, native of parish of Torbec SD, res Kgn for last 10 yrs, leg. dtr of the late Charles LeCarpentier res Torbec and Therese Druillhet his wife. Witnesses: Pierre Jean Elie Benech L'epinay; Jacques Elie LaRoche; Jean Antoine Durocher; Jean Baptiste Maurice Dethiverny; Therese Victor LeCarpentier the bride's brother; Madelaine Druillhet Maurice Dethiverny the bride's maternal aunt. p. 582

Locquin. 5/28/1806 after banns, Jean Louis Locquin, merchant in Kingston, native of the parish of St. Sulpice in Paris [France], leg. son of Jean Baptiste Locquin, merchant in Paris, and of his late mother nee Quagust, age 40 years, and Euphralie Nadeau native of la Rochelle, leg. dtr of Pierre Radeau medical doctor on the faculty in Nancy, and the late Marie Loisier, aged 18 yrs, with the permission of Louis Meislas Hyacinthe Gand de Sainte Rafine, to whom she had been entrusted by her father since infancy. Wit: Francois Maurice de Laleii, knight of the Royal Order of St. Louis and res of Port au Prince SD; Dieudonne Gand de Ste. Safine, junior; Jean Baptiste Maurice Dethiverny, res of south SD, Louis Joseph Clovis Beaumont res of Les Cayes SD; Guillaume Guybert; Julien Leveleder, res SD; Emilie Gand; Eugene Gand; Ch. Gand. p. 574

Merand. 7/3/1805 after publishing banns, Justin Merand aged 21 1/2 years, res Kgn, native of Bordeaux, parish of St. Andre [France], leg son of Joseph Merand and Marie his wife, and Marguerite Renard aged 18 yrs, native of le Havre parish of Saint Francis, leg dtr of Laurent Pierre Renard and Benoite Lambert his wife. Wit Jean le Merre, Francoise Salmon, Antoine Matharin, Savagin__, Jean Baptiste Pavageau, Helene Jourdan. p. 535

Morel 11/20/1805 after banns, Felix Francois Morel native of the parish of Saint Cindres in Rome leg son of Joseph Morel living in Rome and Celestine Se__pre, aged 25 years, and Desiree Gabrielle Chaplain native of Saint Pierre in Martinique, leg dtr of the late Guillaume Chaplain and Marie Camoisin Jannes, age 19 yrs, with mother's permission. Wit: Hector DuRocher, Vincent Longhi, Joseph Travelli, Augustin Etienne Richard Minardiere, Antoinette Bois de Vert, Henriette Dubedat, Elisabeth Garel. p. 547

Onffroy. 1/31/1807 after publishing banns for 3 consecutive Sundays, 11, 18, and 25 January, Roland Onffroy, esquire, Captain of Artillery in the British Service, and res Jamaica, adult leg. son of Jacques Roland Onffroy, knight, Lord of la Koziere, G?aronnes, Marquis of Verez and other places, British Commissioner in the order of nobility,, Colonel in the service of the British Throne, and of the late high and powerful Lady Louise Augustine Dufrene de Virel, and Pauline DeGournay, minor leg. dtr of the high and powerful Lord Michel Isaac DeGournay, esquire, knight of the Royal Military Order of St. Louis, Captain of the Dragoons of the Militia in SD, and res in La Marmelade area of Cap Francois SD, and Lady Parrine Therese Chevoleau, with the permission of her father, represented by Hyppolite De la Villeon, esquire, his son-in-law. Wit: Charles D'heillecourt, planter; Jean Paul Daron, esquire; Achilles Onffroy, Jean B---, esquire. Also present: John Blair, Duquesnay Onffroy, Rosalie Onffroy Duboisqueheneux, G. Duboisqueheneux, C. de Lenfernat, Guybert Desmortien Daron, Colonel Demaux, Duquesnay, Matthieu Lagourgue, Elise Lagourgue, B. Lagourgue, J. Magnan. p. 601

Piand. 6/20/1805 after banns on Sunday 12, 19 and 26 of May, Jean Pierre Piandage 21 1/2 yrs, res Kgn, native of the parish of Notre Dame de la Rochelle, legit son of Jean Priand, captain in the Navy, and Marie Madelaine la Touche his wife, and Jeanne Louise Plottier age 16 years, native of the parish of St. Louis du Mirebalais in our mission in SD, leg dtr of the late Jerome Plottier and the late Charlotte Emilie de la Defore res of the said parish. Marriage authorized by Francois Perriere maternal uncle and by Marie Anne Francoise de la Defore wife of Peare, maternal aunt. Wit: Etienne Patot wholesale merchant, Antoine Baron d'Efligny, Louis Simon res of north SD, Antoine Ramond Roux res SD, J. B. Boiteau, Lt. Charles L'Hoste, J. Wilkins. p. 531

Stoll 6/14/1805 after banns, Frank Felix Stoll sergeant-major in the York [?] Ballard regiment, age 37 years, legit son of the late Frank Stoll and the late Marie Cre___ [illegible], and Marie Mezin, age 26 years, widow of the late George We__ner sergeant in the 4th Batallion of the 60th British Regiment and legitimized their child aged 18 months. Wit: Justin Smith, George Weber, William Henry Simpson. p. 529

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