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VOLUME IX 1934-1937

T - Z

The following abbreviations are used in these pages.

b = birth

bap = baptism

F= father

M = mother

RC = Roman Catholic

sp = sponsor

mar = marriage

res= residence

R.I.P. = rest in peace

nee indicates mother's maiden name

"in articulo mortis," "in periculo mortis," "ipm", in danger of death

Dates are in MM/DD/YYYY order

Source: Volume number in Roman numerals, page in cardinals, # entries numbered in order in the register. Example: IX, 66 #451.

For persons born after 12/31/1930, please see Index to St. Anne's Baptisms A - I, or J-Y


Tai, Claudius, 32 years old. F= William Tai. M= Dorcas Price. Bap 12/7/1936 T. B. Hosp U.P.H. Deceased 12/21/1936. IX, 125 #875

Taylor, Agatha Agnes, b 7/13/1925. F= Henry Taylor. M= Alice Watson. Bap 12/8/1934. IX, 40 #275

Taylor, Benjamin, b 3/16/1874. F= Joseph Taylor. M= Lydia Taylor. Bap 7/25/1935. IX, 80 #559

Taylor, Hyacinth Clare, b 5/5/1905. F= Leopold Taylor. M= Julia nee Holmes. Ex-Anglican. 64 Luke Lane. Bap 8/4/1934. IX, 26 #178

Taylor, Mildred Mary, b. 8/1/1926. F= Amos Taylor. M= Adelaide Wright. Bap 4/10/1934. Student at St. Anne's School. IX, 14, #93

Tenn, Pearl (Agatha), b 1/1924 Retirement, St. Catherine. F= Thomas Tenn. M= Lilla Crossfield. Bap 12/8/1934. IX, 38 #216

Tenn, Rita Lillith, b 10/8/1922 at 11 Charles St.. F= Thomas Tenn. M= Lilla Crossfield. Bap 12/8/1934. IX, 41 #284 Married 12/25/1950 to Ira Lyn in Holy Cross.


Tenn Choy, Mary Joyce, b 8/2/1928. F= Ernest Tenn Choy. M= Leone nee Packer. Bap 5/18/1934. 9 Upper Rose Lane. IX, 19 #130

Terralonge, David, age 28 yrs. F= Charles Terralonge. Bap 2/22/1935 ipm at home 11 1/1 Crook St., Jones Pen. Was Baptist. IX, 52 #363

Thomas, Alma Blanche, b 1/11/1920. (Birth certificate says 2/20/1921). F= William Thomas. M= Beatrice Thomas. Was Wesleyan. St. Anthony's School. Bap 7/12/1935. IX, 78 #550.

Thomas, Leo Barrington, b 9/28/1928. F= Reginald Thomas. M= Evelyn Hill. Bap 3/11/1937, was Anglican. IX, 133 #927

Thomas, Rose, b 8/9/1922. F= Isaac Thomas. M= Icilda Lobban. Bap 12/10/1934. IX, 46 #317

Thomas, Roy Joseph, b 2/11/1926. F= William Alexander Thomas. M= Beatrice nee Shand. Bap 3/16/1934. Student at St. Anthony's School. IX, 6, #42

Thomas, Stanley Gilbert, b 6/14/1925. F= Daniel Thomas. M= Sarah nee Samuels. Bap 3/16/1934. Student at St. Anthony's School. IX, 4, #22

Thompson, Allen Ignatius, aged 22 years. Bap 3/23/1937 in T.B.Ward at U.P.H. ipm. IX, 138 #967

Thompson, Keith, b 9/5/1923. F= Fernando Thompson. M= Linda Murray. Bap 3/11/1937, was Wesleyan. IX, 133 #926

Thompson, Olga May, b 4.1922. F= Levi Thompson. M= Helen Brown. Bap 12/10/1934. IX, 46 #316

Thompson, Rudolph George, b 5/16/1925. F= James Cyril Thompson. M= Maud nee Jackson. Bap 3/16/1934. Student at St. Anthony's School. IX, 6, #39

Tomlinson, Ira Peter Alexander, b 1901. Bap 10/18/1935 at Union Poor House, T. B. Section, IX, 85 #590


Trusty, Winston, b 8/5/1824. F= Cecil Trusty. M= Ida Livermore. Bap 3/22/1935. IX, 58 #406

Tully, Lila Marion, b 8/9/1913. F= Walter Tully. M= Lillian nee Martin. Ex-Wesleyan. 55 Lyndhurst Road. Bap 7/20/1935. IX, 80 #555

Turnbull, Sydney, b 9/17/1924. F= Sterling Turnbull. M= Hilda Murray. Bap 12/12/1935. IX, 95 #664

Turner, May Theresa, b 5/25/1926. F= William Turner. M= Louise Allen. Bap 3/28/1935. IX, 63 #437


Valentine, Dorothy, b. 12/6/1922. F= James Valentine. M= Daisy nee Brissett. Bap 3/16/1934. Student at St. Anthony's School. IX, 5, #33

Vanzie, Mavis Gloria, b 6/16/1926. F= Daniel Vanzie. M= Essie nee Drummond. Bap 3/281935. IX, 62 #430

Vassell, Faith Marie, b 3/28/1928. F= David Vassell. M= Elizabeth James. Bap 5/1/1936. IX, 107 #748


Walker, Icilda Veronica, b 8/2/1923. F= Clarence Mesquitta. M= Viola Walker. Bap 3/28/1935. IX, 63 #436

Walker, Iris. Married Brown. b. 10/5/1908. F= Jacob Walker. M= Evelyn Gomez. Bap 4/13/1934. Ex-Anglican.

Wallace, Beryl May Agnes, b 6/28/1928. F= Clement Wallace. M= Eliza Rickards. Bap 11/14/1936, ex-Anglican. IX, 120 #837

Wallace, Carmel Albertha Dorothy, b 1/8/1926. F= Clement Wallace. M= Eliza Rickards. Bap 11/14/1934, ex-Anglican. IX, 120 #836

Wallace, Hazel Hyacinth, b 1933. F= Clement Wallace. M= Eliza Rickards. Bap 11/14/1934, ex-Anglican. IX, 120 #839

Wallace, Myrtle Evadne Matilda, b 1931. F= Clement Wallace. M= Eliza Rickards. Bap 11/14/1936, ex-Anglican . IX, 120 #838

Walters, Lydia Theresa, b 9/17/1919. F= Emmanuel Walters. M= Annie nee Dennis. Bap 9/19/1936. IX, 116 #809

Watkins, George Granville, b. 7/11/1922. F= Edwin Watkins. M= Loretta nee Evans. Bap 4/10/1934. Student at St. Anne's School. IX, 14, #95

Watkins, Hyacinth Ulrica, b 2/11/1924. F= Edwin Watkins. M= Loretta nee Evans. Bap 4/10/1934. Student at St. Anne's School. IX, 14, #94

Watson, Cynthia Gloria Monica, b 6/24/1924. F= Ephraim Watson. M= Satirah Cook. Bap 11/14/1936, ex-Anglican. IX, 120 #840

Watson, Ethel, b 9/28/1919. F= Alfred Watson. M= Linda Stewart. Bap 3/22/1935. IX, 59 #408

Webster, Angel, b 10/16/1925. F= Austin Webster. M= Sarah nee Deer. Bap 3/22/1935. IX, 56 #387

Webster, Elizabeth Mann, married Feurtado, b. 5/30/1880. F= Joseph Webster. M= Anna nee Tomlinson. Bap 7/28/1934, ex-Anglican. 85 Church St. IX, 25 #173. Married Joseph Campbell, St. Anne's 1/18/1936.

Webster, Victoria, b 12/24/1926. F= Aston Webster. M= Sarah nee Deer. Bap 3/11/1937. IX, 131 #915

Wellington, Sylvia, age 26 yrs. M= Louise Wellington. Bap 2/22/1935. Married David Terralonge 2/22/1935 at 11 1/2 Crooks Street. Was Baptist. Was taking instructions for marriage, and he was dying. IX, 52 #364

Williams, Alexander Joseph, b 4/8/1921. F= Herbert Williams. M= Latchmine Williams, nee Latchmine (East Indian). Bap 4/10/1934. Student at St. Anne's School. IX, 10, #65

Williams, Arthur, age 49 years. Bap 8/3/1934, in periculo mortis, at home 49 Waltham Park Rd. Was Anglican. IX, 26 #180

Williams, Charles Joseph, b 4/8/1891. F= Alexander Williams. M= Emeline Williams. Bap 10/28/1936 in U.P.H., ex-Anglican. IX, 119 #831

Williams, Eleitha Maria, married Williams, b 11/30/1908. F= Joseph Augustus Williams. M= Adina Leonora nee Smith. Ex-Christian Church. Bap 8/4/1934. IX, 26 #179

Williams, Hazel Agatha, b 1/3/1928. F= Egbert Williams. M= Mercella White. Bap 5/1/1936. IX, 107 #745

Williams, Hazel Mary, b 9/23/1925. F= Cyril Gibson. M=Doris Reid. Bap 4/10/1934. Student at St. Anne's School. IX, 14, #96

Williams, Hyacinth Lillian, b 2/15/1928. F= Percival J. Williams. M= Rita nee Norris. Bap 3/28/1935. IX, 60 #419

Williams, Hyacinth Phylis, b 11/8/1928. F= Arthur Williams. M= Florence nee Johnson. Bap 3/11/1937, was Baptist. IX, 135 #943

Williams, Iris, b 10/26/1921. F= Samuel Williams. M= Albertha Haughton. Bap 12/10/1934. Was Baptist. IX, 42 #290

Williams, Joyce Clare, b 12/17/1925. F= Stanley Williams. M= Daisy Clarke. Bap 12/8/1934. Was Baptist. IX, 40 #280

Williams, Kenneth, b 10/24/1922. F= James Williams. M= Virginia Williams. Bap 3/27/1934. Student at St. Anthony's School. IX, 8, #54

Williams, Leoylyne, b 6/10/1925. F= Allan Williams. M= Conchita Espinosa. Bap 12/10/1934. IX, 43 #299

Williams, Lillian Theresa, b 7/8/1918. F= David Williams. M= Catherine nee Campbell. Bap 3/30/1935. Was Wesleyan. IX, 66 #461

Williams, Lloyd, b 3/28/1925. F= Cleveland Williams. M= Doris Drummond. Bap 3/22/1935. IX, 59 #409

Williams, Louise, b 12/24/1922. F= Ernest Williams. M= Amy nee Green. St. Anne's School. Bap 12/7/1935. IX, 92 #638

Williams, Milton John, b 2/10/1924. F= Hector Joseph Dick. M= Josephine Williams. Bap 3/28/1935. Was Baptist. IX, 60 #420

Williams, Rebecca Elizabeth, b 10/15/1889. F= Archibald Williams. M= Rachel Donaldson. Bap 3/30/1935. Was Anglican. IX, 66 #456

Williams, Ronald George, b 9/28/1928. F= Arthur Nugent. M= Gladys nee Bernard. (Child goes by name of adopting parents). Bap 3/11/1937. IX, 136 #950

Wilson, Gladys Mercedes, married Semper, b 12/9/1891. F= Adam Wilson. M= Nancy nee Martin. Bap 3/21/1936. IX, 102 #714

Wint, Madeline Orinthia, b 5/5/1927. F= David Wint. M= Elfreda Moodie. Was Anglican. Bap 12/12/1935. IX, 92 #644

Wong, Myrtle, b 12/11/1927. F= Wong Kee On, M = Mrs. Mary Wong. Bap 3/22/1935. IX, 59 #407

Wright, George Washington, b 10/10/1910. F= Elcania Wright. M= Annie Dennis. Bap 10/29/1935. Res 8 Love Lane. IX, 85 #593

Wright, Sylvia Philomena, b 10/11/1924. F= Robert Wright. M= Lelia nee Johnson. Bap 12/8/1934. IX, 40 #274

Wynter, Gloria Anne, b. 10/1/1926. F= Vivian Wynter. M= Bernice Kim. Bap 4/10/1934. Student at St. Anne's School. IX, 14, #97


Young, Alice Agnes, b. 2/19/1925. F= Ernest Young. M= Ruth Sutherland. Bap 4/10/1934. Student at St. Anne's School. IX, 14, #98

Young, Iris Mary, b 8/7/1924. F= William Young. M= Lucy Young. Bap 3/22/1935. IX, 59 #410

Young, Lenora, b 6/20/1924. F= Lee Young. M= Mary Biggs. Bap 4/29/1936. IX, 106, #735


Ziadie, Marie Rose Cecilia, b 9/6/1902. F= George Bryan Panton. M= Adelaide R. nee Cushnie. Bap 8/30/1934 in City Hospital during illness. IX, 29 #201

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