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VOLUME VIII 1931-1934

H - L

The following abbreviations are used in these pages.

b = birth

bap = baptism

F= father

M = mother

RC = Roman Catholic

sp = sponsor

mar = marriage

res= residence

nee indicates mother's maiden name

Comments from the "Remarks" column are shortened to:

R1 = "bapt. neo-conversa," new convert

R2 = "in articulo mortis," in danger of death

Dates are in MM/DD/YYYY order

Source: Volume number in Roman numerals, page in cardinals, # entries numbered in order in the register. Example: VIII, 66 #451.

For persons born after 12/31/1930, please see Index to St. Anne's Baptisms, A-L or M-Y


Hall, Hannah, bap 12/15/1932. 10 years old. F= Samuel Hall. M= Icilda Hall nee Thomas. VIII, 77 #551

Hall, Iris Maud, bap 3/14/1931. b 11/13/1917. F= James Hall. M= Elvia Hewitt. VIII, 4 #28

Hall, Martha, bap 5/20/1933. b 8/1924. F= Samuel Hall. M= Icilda Thomas. VIII, 103 #736. mar Wendell Stephenson at Holy Trinity 8/2/1946. Witnesses Herman Bryan and Cassita Stephenson.

Hall, Pearl Teresa, bap 4/16/1932. b 8/24/1929. F= George Hall. M= Teresa Palmer. sp= Inez Beavers. VIII, 44 #312

Hall, Trevor Antonio, bap 3/31/1931. b 10/18/1930. F= Oliver Hall. M= Amy Hall nee Baily. sp= Rosa Williams. VIII, 6 #39

Halliburton, Keith Francis, bap 5/15/1932. 6 years old. From New York, U.S.A. R2. VIII, 56 #400

Hamilton, Caroline, bap 10/1/1931. b 10/1878. F= Ruben Hamilton. M= Sarah Davis. VIII, 26 #180 mar Cecilia Richards Beach, St. Anne's Ch. 11/14/1931.

Hamilton, Marie Mary, bap 5/2/1931. b 1923. F= Harold. M= Anita Ivey. sp= Beryl Leslie. VIII, 8 #56

Hardy, Alphonso, bap 12/15/1932. b 1923. F= Henry Hardy. M= Ellen Roden. VIII, 78 #558

Hardy, Iris Euphemia, bap 5/6/1933. b 1/18/1915. F= Samuel Hardy. M= Constan Lepier. VIII, 98 #700

Hardy, Zaphiniah, bap 12/15/1932. b 4/4/1926. F= Henry Hardy. M= Ellen Roden. VIII, 78 #561

Harris, Louise, bap 5/7/1932. b 1/29/1921. F= Robert Harris. M= Maud Harris. VIII, 53 #375

Harrison, Alexander Constantine, bap 1/15/1931. b 12/30/1930. F= Alexander Harrison. M= Helen Reynolds. sp= Josefita Feres. VIII, 2 #11

Haus, David Augustus, bap 1/13/1933. b 8/8/1929. F= David Haus. M= Agnes Bucher. sp= Alexander Gray and Eugenie White. VIII, 80 #575

Hayes, Maudrianna, bap 4/22/1932. About 8 years old. F= Wilfred Hayes. M= Mariam Clarke. VIII, 45 #324

Hayletts, Aubrey, bap 2/17/1933. 22 years old. F=Alfred Hayletts. M= Martha McKenzie. VIII, 82 #592

Henclewood, Lester Joseph, bap 5/7/1932. b 9/1922. F= Robert Henclewood. M= Blanche Henclewood. VIII, 53 #376

Hendricks, Albert, bap 7/29/1933. An old man in T. B. Hospital. R2. VIII, 110 #782

Henriques, Jestina, bap 5/18/1933 at Union Poor House. b 8/14/1872. F= Ralph Henriques. M= Anne Henriques nee Williams. VIII, 102 #732

Henry, Aubrey Joseph, bap 4/28/1932. b 12/22/1921. F= Isaac Henry. M= May Lundy. VIII, 48 #345

Henry, Daisy Veronica, bap 7/30/1932. 28 years old. F= Arthur Henry. VIII, 61 #433. mar Ivanhoe Brown, St. Anne's ch. 7/31/1932. Witnesses Arthur Henry and Ivy Veronica Henry.

Henry, Elizabeth, bap 4/10/1933. b 4/7/1924. F= Robert Jadusingh Henry. M= Alice Jadusingh Henry nee Bandoo. VIII, 91 #649

Henry, Emanuel, bap 4/22/1932. b 8/20/1921. F= Robert Henry. M= Alice Henry nee Bardoo. VIII, 46 #325

Henry, Ruby Therese, bap 4/10/1933. b 7/20/1921. F= Robert Jadusingh Henry. M= Alice Jadusingh Henry nee Bandoo. VIII, 91 #650

Henry, Sebert Joseph, bap 12/9/1932. b 3/19/1924. F= Christian Henry. M= Hilda Dixon. VIII, 72 #508

Hewitt, Arthur Joseph, bap 12/9/1932. b 1/15/1923. F= Edgar Hewitt. M= Sylvia Berryman. VIII, 72 #509

Hibbert, Ezekiel, bap 12/26/1933. b 7/18/1928. F= Moses Hibbert. M= Leonora Watson. VIII, 136 #969

Horton (or Haughton), Michael Joseph, bap 3/5/1931. b 12/12/1930. F= Constantine Horton. M= Louisa Jarrett. sp= Ellen Jarrett. R2 in Poor House. VIII, 4 #23

Houshon (Williams), Owen Joseph bap 5/2/1931. b 11/28/1923. F= William Houshon. M= Clara Houshon nee Powell. sp= Beryl Leslie. VIII, 8 #58

Hue, Joseph Sheridan Tonsingh, bap 1/13/1931. b 12/4/1930. F= Henry Hue. M= Kathleen Hue nee Hamilton. sp= Uriah Hall and Mrs. Lenora Thomas. VIII, 2 #10

Hylton, Mary Adella, bap 8/24/1931. b 9/22/1896. F= Arthur Charles Hylton. M= Justina Toppin. Sp= Mrs. Cresser. R1 was Anglican. VIII, 23 #156. mar Victor Lance Raymoor, St. Anne's Ch. 8/26/1931.

Hyman, Ruby Dorothy, bap 5/2/1931. b 2/20/1924. F= Frank Hyman. M= Catherine Weir. sp= Cecilia Redwood. VIII, 9 #57


Insula, Cecilia Agnes, bap 5/4/1933. b 12/16/1922. F= Joseph Insula. M= Linda Nation. VIII, 96 #688. mar Hartley Hogg, 5/23/1944. Witnesses Alexander Jones and Minna Hayes.

Isaacs, Oswald Xavier, bap 3/8/1932. b 6/14/1925. F= Oscar Isaacs. M= Florence Rodriguez. sp= Alexander Gray Sr., and Alberta Bignon. VIII, 40 #284


Jackson, Delserine Margaret, bap 1/20/1934. b 12/15/1927. F= James Jackson. M= Keturah Harris. 8 Penn Street, Admiral Town. VIII, 139 #988

Jackson, (Mrs.) Frances Ann, bap 6/6/1931. b 10/25/1874. F= Alexander Powell., M= Nancy Burke. sp= Irene Smith. VIII, 14 #92

Jackson, Peter Damien, bap 3/3/1932. b 7/16/1899. F= Isaac Jackson. M= Christiana Jackson nee Riley. R2. VIII, 56 #398

Jacobson, Lola Anne, bap 8/17/1931. b 6/21/1906. F= Cyril Jacobson. M= Letitia Hamilton. sp= Eugenie White. R1. VIII, 22 #154. mar George Fenton, St. Anne's Ch. 8/7/1931.

James, Corssan Therese, bap 4/22/1932. b 5/12/1930. F= Albert James. M= Amy Livermore. sp= Irene McIntosh. VIII, 44 #317

James, Victoria, bap 4/22/1932. b 10/7/1922. F= Philip James. M= Iris Bernard. VIII, 46 #326

Jappa, Jesmine Teresa, bap 4/21/1931. b 4/30/1930. F= John Jappa. M=Leonora Jappa nee Williams. sp= Hortense DaCosta. VIII, 7 #46

Jenkins, Elsie, bap 3/24/1933. b 4/24/1925. F= Samuel Jenkins. M= Florence Goldbird. VIII, 86 #620

Jennings, Monica Elaine, bap 4/29/1932. b 6/29/1927. F= William Jennings. M= Ethel Johnson. VIII, 51 #362

Jennings, William, bap 4/20/1932. b 1897. F= John Jennings. M= Jane Bryan. VIII, 44 #314. mar Ethel Johnson 4/29/1932.

Johnson, Albert, bap 12/3/1931. b 11/7/1922. F= Albert Johnson. M= Jane Ann Johnson nee Gayle. VIII, 33 #229. mar 1958 Hackensack, N.J., USA.

Johnson, Albert, bap 3/24/1933. b 8/10/1920. F= Samuel Johnson. M= Victoria Hitchins. ex-Anglican. VIII, 88 #629

Johnson, Ann Maria, bap 1/6/1931. b 10/8/1889. F= Edward Johnson. M= Elizabeth McKilpin. R2 at 155 7/8 Orange St. VIII, 1 #7

Johnson, Cynthia May, bap 5/19/1931. b 3/10/1930. F= Theophilus Johnson. M= Iris Brown. sp= Charles Grant and Patricia McDonald. VIII, 12 #79

Johnson, Dolman Joseph Albert, bap 12/9/1933. b 7/31/1910. F= Albert Johnson. M= Florence Foster. VIII, 131 #933. mar Carmen Johnson 12/5/1945.

Johnson, Elizabeth Melita, bap 12/7/1933. b 8/23/1924. F= Aaron Johnson. M= Ethel Johnson nee Robinson. ex-Anglican. VIII, 125 #889

Johnson, Emily Elizabeth Brooks, bap 5/6/1933. b 2/8/1889. F= William Johnson. M= Margaret Johnson nee Love. ex-Presbyterian. VIII, 99 #706

Johnson, Gershaw George, bap 12/7/1933. b 9/26/1925. F= Gilbert Johnson. M= Silveria Bruce. VIII, 128 #908. mar Sydney Williams 12/9/1944. Witnesses Eric Miller and Norma Brandt.

Johnson, Iris Maud, bap 12/10/1932. b 11/6/1905. F= Joseph Johnson. M= Margaret Johnson. Was Anglican. VIII, 72 #511

Johnson, Joy Theresa, bap 4/28/1932. b 7/18/1925. F= Charles Johnson. M= Winifred Pottinger. VIII, 49 #346

Johnson, Mabel Theresa, bap 5/2/1931. b 2/18/1919. F= William Johnson. M= Adeline Johnson nee Cain. sp = Lesma Hall. VIII, 9 #58

Johnson, Minna Theresa Bell, bap 12/9/1933. b 12/12/1912. F= Albert Johnson. M= Jane Ann Johnson nee Gayle. VIII, 131 #932

Johnson, Stella Maria, bap 12/9/1932. b 12/5/1920. F= Hugh Johnson. M= Evelyn Smith. sp= Francine Orlando and Miss K. Duncan. VIII, 71 #500

Johnson, Veronica Louise, bap 12/15/1932. b 12/4/1925. F= Samuel Johnson. M= Louisetta Wilson. VIII, 76 #548

Jones, Harold Anthony, bap 12/7/1933. b 8/11/1925. F= John Jones. M= Alice Reid. VIII, 126 #898

Jones, Mary Ann, bap 12/9/1933. b 10/20/1917. F= Henry Jones. M= Letia Jones nee Cruikshank. VIII, 131 #934

Jones, Sybil Veronica, bap 12/9/1932. b 7/20/1920. F= Lewis Jones. M= Clementina Crawford. VIII, 70 #498


Keating, Loretta, bap 12/15/1932. b 6/14/1923. F= Edmund Keating. M= Ellen Merytta Samuels. VIII, 77 #555

Kelley, Louise, bap 12/10/1932. b 4/5/1895. F= Robert Kelley. M= Ann Kelley nee Rose. VIII, 73 #514

Kerr, Icella Theresa, bap 6/6/1931. Age about 50 yrs. F= David Kerr. M= Marie Fisher. sp= Rosetta Webster. VIII, 14 #93

Kidd, Aldington George, bap 7/15/1932. b 8/31/1924. F= Leopold Kidd. M= Jane Samuels. sp= Maisie Duffus. VIII, 60 #423


Lambert, Florence Maud, bap 5/15/1931. b 12/1905. F= Isaac Reynolds. M= Eva Hall. sp= Eugenie White. VIII, 11 #73

Lamonte, Clyde, bap 5/16/1933. b 4/17/1920. F= Vernon Lamonte. M= Mabel Wright. VIII, 102 #729

Lannaman, Phyllis Camille, bap 5/4/1933. b 12/12/1917. F= William Lannaman. M= Adelle McCormack. VIII, 94 #676

Larmond, Delfast Thomas, bap 12/9/1933. b 6/10/1894. F= Samuel Larmond. M= Eliza Larmond nee Salmon. VIII, 131 #935

Latore, Frederick George, bap 12/7/1933. b 9/28/1925. F= Samuel Latore. M= Clarabel Warren. ex-Anglican. VIII, 125 #892

Latore, (Mrs.) Olivia Mary, bap 5/8/1932. About 56 years old. F= Richard Francis. M= Priscilla Francis. VIII, 54 #381

Lawrence, Violet Lucy Theresa, bap 12/12/1931. b 6/28/1917. F= Wilson Lawrence. M= Victoria Harris. VIII, 34 #237

Leckman, Allan Joseph, bap 5/4/1933. b 2/3/1923. F= Henry Leckman. M= Rosa Clarke. VIII, 95 #683

LeClair, Frank Joseph, bap 12/15/1932. b 1/12/1924. F= Cecil LeClair. M= Eletena Henry. VIII, 78 #562

Lee, Gloria Elecia, bap 2/14/1933. b 10/5/1930. F= Louis Lee. M= Louise Charlton. VIII, 82 #589

Legore, Amy Agatha, nee Dacres, wife of Theodore Legore, bap 12/9/1933. b 11/12/1901. F= Arthur Dacres. M= Catherine Dacres nee Campbell. ex-Wesleyan. VIII, 132 #936

Legore, Theodore Emmanuel, bap 12/9/1933. b 3/3/1900. F= John Legore. M= Albertha Legore nee Smith. ex-Wesleyan. VIII, 132 #937

Leiba, Gilda, bap 3/24/1933. b 5/25/1925. F= Emmanuel Leiba. M= Estella Reeves. VIII, 89 #636

Leiba, Roy, bap 3/24/1933. b 3/30/1923. F= Emmanuel Leiba. M= Estella Reeves. VIII, 88 #628

Leon, Earl Anthony, bap 7/28/1933. b 4/16/1928. F= Harold George Leon. M= Ulena Leon nee Richards. VIII, 109 #779

Leon, Edna Teresa, bap 12/7/1933. b 8/16/1924. F= Harold Leon. M= Ersilene Leon nee Richards. VIII, 129 #915. mar Rupert Knibbs 7/30/1949. Witnesses Alford Whittaker and Cynthia Leon.

Leon, Harold George, bap 5/17/1933. About 45 years old. F= Thomas J. Leon. VIII, 110 #110. mar Ulena Mehala Richards, St. Anne's ch.

Leon, Vernon Francis, bap 12/7/1933. b 10/7/1922. F= Harold Leon. M= Ersilene Leon nee Richards. VIII, 126 #896

Lepair, Ethel Teresa, bap 9/19/1931. b 6/13/1876. F= Thomas Lepair. M= Caroline Brown. VIII, 25 #174

Letts, Cedell Pearlina, bap 4/28/1932. b 5/2/1921. F= Aubrey Letts. M= Evelyn Perry. VIII, 49 #347

Levy, Emma Austin Penelope, bap 3/21/1932. b 2/9/1929. F= Arthur R. Levy. M= Mrs. Levy. VIII, 41 #292

Lewis, Leone Joseph, bap 9/12/1931. b 1/9/1930. F= George Lewis. M= Joanna McLean. sp= Ernestine Morphy. VIII, 25 #171

Lewis, Reginald Calasaretius, bap 8/27/1931. b 2/9/1929. F= Aubrey Lewis. M= Violet Lewis nee Clarke. sp= Monica Lewis (aunt). VIII, 23 #159. mar Lunette Louis Wilson, St. Anne's Ch. 10/7/1931.

Lewis, Veronica Mary, bap 4/28/1932. b 9/10/1920. F= J. N. Lewis. M= Almira Lewis nee Wade. VIII, 49 #348

Locke, Lester Joseph, bap 5/4/1933. b 1/29/1925. F= Clifford Augustus Locke. M= Rosella Foster. VIII, 94 #672

Lothian, Alice Theresa May, bap 12/9/1933. b 2/28/1913. F= Joseph Lothian. M= Miriam Lothian nee Hyman. ex-Congregationalist. VIII, 132 #938. mar Arthur Aiken 7/26/1943. Witnesses Cecil Elvitt and Eugenie Thompson.

Lue, Alphonso Octavius, bap 5/4/1933. b 7/15/1925. F= George Lue. M= Violet Armstrong. ex-Anglican. VIII, 92 #662

Lynton, Amy Lena, bap 4/3/1933. b 12/5/1925. F= Wilmot Lynton. M= Laura Cunningham. VIII, 93 #668

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