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The following abbreviations are used in these pages.

b = birth

bap = baptism

chr= christened

F= father

M = mother

RC = Roman Catholic

sp = sponsor

mar = marriage

res= residence

nee indicates mother's maiden name

Comments from the "Remarks" column are shortened to:

R1 = "bapt. neo-conversa," new convert

R2 = "in articulo mortis," in danger of death

R3 = in preparation for first communion

R4 = in preparation for marriage

All baptisms in Volume VII through June 14, 1930, were by J. S. Knight, S. J., unless otherwise noted.

Dates are in MM/DD/YYYY order

Source: Volume number in Roman numerals, page in cardinals, number order in register preceded by #. Example: VII, 66 #451.

Information in [ ] is editorial and is not in the original register.


Taylor, Allan Joseph bap 9/18/1929. Age 3 months. M= Ethel Dixon (address 15 Rodney Street). R2 in Public Hospital. Marked Presbyterian. VII, 109 #749

Taylor, Austin Richard bap 6/28/1927. b 3/24/1914. M= Justina Taylor. R1. Pupil at St. Anthony's School. Mother was Baptist. VII, 60 #413

Taylor, Daphne Ruth bap 6/11/1929. b 11/17/1928. F= Ivan Taylor. M= Agatha Taylor nee Carter. sp= Mrs. Eunice Adams. VII, 102 #702

Taylor, Edward Donald bap 12/10/1927. b 12/20/1912. F= Edward A. Taylor. M= Adina Taylor nee Robinson. R3 Chr. Anglican. VII, 70 #479

Taylor, Elmina Cecilia bap 6/14/1927. b 1/14/1926. F= Canute Taylor. M= Olga Miller. sp= Mrs. Emily Miller. VII, 60 #409

Taylor, Jasmine Louisa bap 5/31/1930. b 4/22/1930. F= Theophilus O. Taylor. M= Agnes L. Taylor nee Creary. sp= Stephen Jones and Edna Massey. VII, 124 #856

Taylor, Pearl Mary bap 12/13/1927. b 5/23/1927. F= Ivan Taylor. M= Irene Taylor nee Leon. sp= Evelina Portuondo. Parents from Glengoffe. VII, 70 #481.

Taylor, Ralph Joseph bap 8/15/1929. Age 4 years. M= Mary Jane Marlin (res 68 Bread Lane). R2 in Public Hospital. Marked Wesleyan. VII, 107 #734

Taylor, Ruby Myrtle Mary bap 11/14/1925. b 5/16/1909. F= Nathaniel Sherrham Taylor. M= Mary Ellen Taylor nee Williams. sp= Mrs. Mary Ann McLeod. Was 7th Day Adventist. VII, 18 #121

Taylor, William Augustus bap 5/5/1927. b 10/8/1887. F= Robert Taylor. M= Margaret Taylor nee O'Connor. R3 at home 3 mi Spanish Town Rd. (Invalid). Was Anglican. VII, 58 #395

Tenn, Mabel Veronica bap 8/12/1930. b 6/22/1930. F= Willie Tenn. M= Olive Chin. sp= Alexander Gray and Eugenie White. VII, 131 #904

Thomas, Claudius James Silvanus bap 9/14/1929. b 9/16/1888. F= George A. Thomas. M= Angelina E. Thomas nee Thompson. R1 was Anglican. VII, 108 #746

Thomas, Desmond George bap 8/20/1925. b 4/30/1925. F= Charles Fullerton Thomas. M= Maud Thomas nee McCook. sp= Alexander A. Gray. VII, 12 #83. mar Geraldine Bailey, St. Elizabeth's 6/27/1953

Thomas, Herbert Theodore bap 5/16/1930. b 6/6/1856. F= Henry Thomas (Rev). R2 at 3 Geoffrard Place. Originally Moravian. VII, 124 #853

Thomas, Louis Michael bap 10/20/1927. b 6/23/1905. F= Robert W. Thomas. M= Mary Jane Thomas. R2 in Public Hospital. Was Wesleyan. Died a few days later. VII, 66 #453

Thomas, William bap 11/6/1926. Age 3 months. F=?, M= said to be dead. Guardian: Susan Beckford. R2 Public Hospital. VII, 44 #300

Thompson, Adassa Elizabeth bap 5/9/1930. b 11/11/1921. F= George Thompson. M= Theresa Barnaby. R3 Anglican. VII, 122 #841

Thompson, Ethelreda Agnes Pernella bap 7/9/1929. b 6/24/1929. F= Vincent A. Thompson. M= Iris M. Thompson nee Henry. sp= Rosetta Webster. VII, 104 #717

Thompson, Florence Elizabeth bap 9/18/1930. b 8/22/1908. F= John Thompson. M= Eliza Parboo. At hospital, dangerously ill. VII, 134 #924

Thompson, Frederick Aldon Joseph bap 12/17/1929. b 9/30/1929. F= Aldon George Thompson. M= Inez Veronica Thompson nee Cunningham. sp= Thomas Dunn (by proxy) and May Clarkson. VII, 114 #786

Thompson, Frederick Augusta bap 10/30/1930. b 9/15/1930. F= Septimus Thompson. M= Eva Harriott. sp= Cecilia Johnson. VII, 137 #943

Thompson, Gloria Maria bap 8/12/1930. Age 4 years. F= John Thompson. M= Lillian Thompson. R2 Public Hospital. Parents Baptists. Died 8/13/1930. VII, 131 #906

Thompson, Herman bap 10/18/1926. Age 1 month. R2 Public Hospital. No religion. VII, 42 3289

Thompson, Inez Veronica bap 7/21/1925. b 6/3/1925. F= Thalbert Thompson. M= Winifred Blair. sp= Mrs. Annie Anderson. Adopted by godmother. VII, 10 #69

Thompson, Ramsay McDonald Joseph bap 7/24/1930. b 5/2/1930. F= George F. Thompson. M= Hilda Natalie Thompson nee Bardowell. sp= Louis Edward Phillibert and Annie Elizabeth Morris. VII, 129 #890

Thompson, Stephanie Ann bap 12/11/1930. b 8/25/1930. F= Gerald Thompson. M= Dottie Thompson nee Gordon. sp= Mrs. Maud Hamilton. VII, 140 #964

Thompson, Susan Mary bap 10/2/1926. b 11/12/1912. F= ___ Thompson. M= not known. Guardian Mrs. Emeria Francis non-RC. R1, Consent from Baptist. VII, 42 #286.

Thompson, Una Veronica bap 5/10/1930. b 1/8/1923. F= George Thompson. M= Theresa Barnaby. R3 Anglican. VII, 123 #851

Thornley, Alva Lilieth Veronica bap 6/18/1925. b 5/19/1925. F= Rupert J. Thornley. M= Beatrice A. Thornley nee Beatrice Augustine Lawson. sp= Mrs. C. A. Whittle. VII, 7 #46

Thorpe, Iris Veronica bap 6/28/1927. b 12/28/1914. F= Samuel Thorpe. M= Eugenia Campbell. R1. Pupil at St. Anthony's. Was Anglican. VII, 61 #416

Tie, Louise bap 1/18/1928. Baby age 3 months. M= Bernice Cleary. R2 in Public Hospital. Died 2 days later. VII, 71 #488

Timber, Gloria Veronica bap 11/4/1930. b 6/28/1930. F= Ignatius Timber. M= Paulina Jackson. sp= Noel Grey and Eugenie White. VII, 137 #945. mar Hubert Wallace 1953.

Tomlinson, Ada Anne bap 7/9/1927. b 10/12/1884. F= Walter Tomlinson. M= Rebecca Clark. R1 was Anglican. VII, 62 #421.

Tomlinson, Charles Simeon bap 5/23/1925. b 9/1884. F= Edward Tomlinson. M= Alice Tomlinson nee Evans. R1. VII, 4 #26

Tomlinson, (Mrs.) Ethlyn Leonora Mary bap 5/23/1925. b 3/1899. F= John Michael. M= Marian Michael nee Rule. R1. VII, 4 #27

Tomlinson (Mrs.) Marie Ann bap 2/24/1930. b 3/21/1907. F= Joseph Whitelock. M= Elizabeth Thomas. R2 at 6 Oxford St. Was Wesleyan. VII, 118 #811

Topey, Iselene Theodosia bap 9/14/1926. b 8/9/1926. F= Alfred Topey. M= Florence McIntosh. sp= Alexander Reid and Gertrude Topey. VII, 40 #272. mar Roy Aston Powell, St. Anne's Ch., 10/15/1944. Witnesses Oswald Daley and Pearl Walker.

Toyloy, Theresa Norma bap 11/27/1930. b 9/1/1930. F= George Toyloy. M= Evadne Charles. sp= Agnes Shea. VII, 139 #958.

Tracey, Thomas Augustus bap 6/16/1928. About 42 yrs old. F= Samuel Tracey. M= Emma Tracey nee Walters. R2 at Spanish Town Rd. and Pound Rd. Was Presbyterian. VII, 83 #570

Trout, George Henry bap 1/25/1930. b 2/16/1875. F= William Trout. M= Mary Trout nee Wilson. R1 was Wesleyan. VII, 116 #798. mar Hilda Eliza Gayleard, in St. Anne's Ch. 1/25/1930. Witnesses B. Paul and Margaret Swan. VII, 116 #798

Tucker, Samuel bap 12/27/1926. Age about 70 years. F= William Tucker. M= Selina Tucker nee Brown. R2 at 2 Beresford St. Admiral Town. Was Anglican. VII, 47 #320.

Tuckett, Simon Albert bap 9/17/1925. b 7/7/1925. F=Hubert Tuckett. M= Henriette Tuckett nee Hawkins. sp= Mrs. Lucy Harris. VII, 14 #92

Tulloch, Cynthia Theresa bap 9/24/1925. b 6/18/1925. F= Ivanhoe Tulloch. M= Louise Tulloch nee Bogle. sp= Mrs. Florence McDonald. VII, 15 #102

Tulloch, Hilda Theresa bap 4/30/1927. b 1/26/1924. F= William E. Tulloch. M= Sarah Tulloch nee McIntyre. R3 was Anglican. VII, 57 #388


Valencia, Norma Clare Theresa bap 5/16/1929. b 10/24/1925. F= Charles H. Valencia. M= Lena M. Valencia nee Campbell. Had been chr. Anglican. VII, 101 #695

Vallé, Emmanuel Antoine bap 11/27/1929. Age 54 years. b 9/25/1875.(?). F= Valerie Vallé. M= Felecité Vallé nee Xavier. Bap in absence of record of infant baptism in St. Lucia, B. W. I. VII, 112 #771. mar Esther Elizabeth Deleon, in St. Anne's Ch.

Vallentyne, ___ (dying baby) bap 2/8/1927. b 2/9/1927. F= ?. M= Elizabeth Vallentyne. R2 in Public Hospital shortly after birth. VII, 49 #336

Vaughan, Rudolph bap 4/26/1929. Age 7 months. M= Zena Boothe (127 Luke Lane). R2 Public Hospital. Marked Baptist. VII, 100 #687

Vera, Cyril Reginald bap 6/2/1926. b 3/10/1898. F= John Vera. M= Jovita Vera nee Rodriguez. R4. VII, 31 #212. mar Blanche Imogene Murray, St. Anne's Ch. 6/2/1926. Witnesses James M. Benjamin and Eyrie Moncrieffe.

Vera, George Edwin bap 6/8/1926. b 4/10/1926. F= Cyril Vera. M= Blanche Vera nee Murray. sp= James M. Benjamin and Eugenie White. VII, 33 #229


Waldemar, Kathleen Louise Theresa bap 3/21/1928. b 2/8/1906. F= Ernest Waldemar. M= Julia Langley. R1 was Anglican. VII, 74 #513. mar Max Langshaw, in St. Anne's Ch. 8/2/1931. Witnesses Ernest L. Waldemar and Violet L. Waldemar.

Waldron, Modesta bap 9/16/1926. b 5/11/1901. F= Gerald Waldron. M= Mary Waldron nee Sullivan. R2 at Jones's Pen Post Office, Asquith St. Was Anglican. VII, 40 #273

Walker, Gloria Victoria Mary bap 7/3/1927. b 8/25/1926. F= Baltimore Augustus Walker. M= Winifred Halsall. sp= Aloysius Scarlett. R2 at home 129 Princess St. VII, 61 #419

Walker, Loretta Maria bap 12/11/1925. b 1/30/1912. F= Dennis Walker. M= Sarah Anderson. R3. VII, 20 #137

Wallace, Lincoln George bap 10/4/1927. b 7/19/1923. F= Alfred Wallace. M= Jane Ann Miller. Had been "christened" Methodist. Adopted by grandmother Mrs. Emily Miller. VII, 65 #447

Wallace, Mabel Veronica bap 4/14/1928. b 9/24/1898. F= John Wallace. M= Frances Colquhoun. sp= Mrs. Adelle Byndlos (Honorary). R1 was Baptist. VII, 78 #533

Wallace, Olive Mary bap 6/28/1927. b 8/17/1913. F= Martel Wallace. M= Rebecca Donald. R1. Pupil at St. Anthony's School. Was Anglican. VII, 61 #414

Wallace, Violet Mary bap 11/12/1925. b 3/28/1918. F= Alfred Wallace. M= Jane Ann Farquhar alias Green. sp= Emily Miller. VII, 17 #119

Walters (Mrs.), Catherine bap 6/5/1926. Age about 50 yrs. F= James Belwitt. M= Hannah Anquin. R2 at 12 Mulgrave Lane. VII, 33 #228

Walters (Mrs.), Josephine bap 3/28/1928. Age abt 40 yrs. F= Alexander Pearson. M= Frances Hawes. R2 at 114 Princess St. VII, 76 #524

Walters, Leonard Cornelius bap 5/1/1927. b 5/6/1896. F= Josiah Walters. M= Susan Walters nee Johnson. R2 at 148 Princess St. Was Anglican. VII, 58 #393

Walters, Sigismund bap 1/13/1928. b 7/27/1874. F= Emmanuel Walters. M= Elizabeth Walters nee Lovemore. R2 at 3 1/2 Penn St. Was Anglican. VII, 71 #487

Wan, Herman Owen bap 6/17/1930. b 4/19/1930. F= William Wan. M= Kathleen Wan nee Brises. sp= Kenneth Malcolm and Mrs. Cecilia Johnson. VII, 125 #862

Ward, Emma Veronica bap 1/18/1927. b 11/10/1926. F= Charles Ward. M= Ethel Ward nee Douglas. sp= Elizabeth Pajaro. VII, 47 #322

Ward (Mrs.), Irene bap 7/11/1927. b 1/24/1883. F= Welwood Foreman. M= Mary Foreman nee Smith. R1 was Anglican. VII, 62 #422

Ward (Mrs.), Jestina Veronica bap 2/11/1928. b 12/24/1864. F= John Lewis. M= Isabelle Lewis. R1 was Wesleyan. VII, 72 #496.

Watson, Edna Bernice Mary bap 12/11/1925. b 7/11/1915. F= Jeremiah Watson. M= Angelina Watson nee White. R3. VII, 20 #137

Watson, Nathaniel bap 8/9/1927. Age abt 45 yrs. F= Richard Watson. M= Florence Watson nee Dole. R2 at 12 Wellington St. Was Baptist. VII, 63 #429

Watson, Stephen Zachariah bap 10/26/1925. Age abt 53 yrs. F=Thomas Watson. M= Eliza Walters. R2 at Clarence Lane (off 14 Baker St., Admiral Town). VII, 16 #111

Watson, Victor Joseph bap 9/21/1926. b 8/22/1926. F= Samuel Watson. M= Florence Watson nee Grant. sp= James M. Benjamin and Miss Margaret Moncrieffe. VII, 40 #276

Weitch, Charles Ignatiusbap 7/3/1930. b 7/25/1914. F= Frederick Weitch. M= Wilhelmina Weitch nee Carter. sp= George Cole and Estell Thousand. VII, 126 #870

Wells, Rupert Nathaniel (also DaCosta) bap 4/15/1926. b 2/12/1926. F= Nathaniel Wells. M= Gwendolyn Stratty. sp= Mrs. Susanna Rowe. VII, 28 #192. mar Cynthia Aldred in St. Peter & Paul 4/8/1956.

Wheatle, Waltin John Vernon bap 1/27/1930. b 6/3/1907. F= Edward Wheatle. M= Alberta Wheatle nee Stewart. R1 was Moravian. VII, 116 #800

White, Alphonso bap 4/30/1927. b 10/30/1917. F= Hubert White. M= Charlotte white nee Stevens. R3 was Anglican. VII, 57 #391. mar Ruby Walker in Cathedral 7/18/1945. Witnesses Joseph Smith and Laurel Vernon.

White, Colis Mary bap 6/2/1926. b 9/30/1911. F= Joseph White. M= Florence White nee Sutherland. R3 was Anglican. VII, 32 #216

White Dorothy May bap 10.26.1926. b 9/21/1926. F= Cornelius Augustus White. M= Eva Wilhelmina White nee Drummond. sp= Mrs. Mary Cole. VII, 43 #292

White (Mrs.), Eva Theresa bap 1/20/1928. b 11/10/1901. F= Edmond Drummond. M= Alice Drummond nee Clarke. R1 was Presbyterian. VII, 71 #489

White (Mrs.), Florence Mary bap 7/5/1930. b 4/27/1889. F= William Southerton. M= Rebecca Southerton nee Harris. R1 Anglican.. VII, 127 #877

White, Icelda Ann bap 6/2/1926. b 10/15/1917. F= Hubert White. M= Charlotte White nee Sutherland. R3. was Anglican. VII, 32 #220

White, Ignatius Aloysius bap 11/30/1926. b 2/3/1926. M= Gertrude White. sp= Ursulina Williams. VII, 46 #311.

White, Ignatius Rowy bap 2/14/1928. b 11/19/1927. F= James White. M= Lucilda White nee Black. sp= Eugenie (Meme) White. VII, 73 #498

White, Louise Dorothy bap 12/12/1930. b 4/22/1923. F= Hubert White. M= Charlotte White nee Stephen. R3. VII, 140 #968

White (Mrs.), Louise Matilda bap 7/24/1926. b 11/26/1900. F= Hezekiah Brown. M= Rebecca Brown (now wife). R1 was Baptist. VII, 37 #251

White, Samuel Augustine bap 4/12/1929. b 11/4/1920. F= Hubert White. M= Charlotte White nee Stephen. R3 was Anglican. VII, 97 #667. mar Atherine Antoine, London, England 1958.

White, Viola Electra Mary bap 6/2/1926. b 10/8/1915. F= Herbert White. M= Charlotte White nee Steavens. R3. Was Anglican. VII, 32 #218

White, Wilhel Veronica bap 2/11/1929. b 4/6/1912. F= Joseph White. M= Estella Forbes. R1 was Baptist. VII, 93 #644

White, William Waldron bap 4/30/1928. b 9/5/1912. F= Matthew White. M= Alice White nee Waldron. R2 at 20 Hannah St. Grew up in St. Anne's School. Was chr Wesleyan. VII, 78 #539

Whittaker, Osborn Francis bap 3/14/1929. b 12/14/1928. F= James Whittaker. M= Frances Grant. VII, 95 #658. mar Bernice Althea Duhaney 1960.

Whyte, Simeon Peter b 4/29/1926. b 12/11/1918. F= Thomas Whyte. M= Rose Ann Whyte nee Kelly. sp= George S. Bryan. R3. Bap Anglican in infancy. VII, 29 #200

Wiley, Arthur bap 8/31/1927. b 3/1882. F= Robert Downer. M= Diana Wiley. R2 in Public Hospital. VII, 64 #440

Wilfries, Gladys bap 4/26/1926. b 9/2/1904. F= Festus Wilfries. M= Hester Wilfries nee White. R2 at home, McCloshing Pen, end of Greenwich Rd. Ex-Anglican. VII, 29 #199

Williams, Adele Mary bap 8/17/1926. b 12/31/1899. F= Alfred Williams. M= Louisa Williams nee Hall. R1 was Anglican. VII, 39 #263

Williams, Agatha bap 8/21/1925. Small baby. R2 Public Hospital. Died 2 days later. VII, 13 #85

William, Arnold Joseph bap 2/22/1930. About 28 years old. F= Zachariah Williams. M= Frances Williams. R2 Public Hospital. Was of Plymouth Brethren. VII, 117 #809

Williams, Alteria bap 10/31/1927. Age 4 yrs. M= Clementina Williams (42 Chestnut Lane). R2 in Public Hospital. Marked Baptist. VII, 68 #463

Williams, Aston Joseph bap 12/22/1925 by William Hannas S.J. b 2/3/1924. F= Jacob Williams. M= Louise Williams nee Bando. sp= Ermine Jamison. VII, 22 #149. mar Dorcas Bennett in St. Anne92's 1956.

Williams, Emma bap 5/4/1926. Age abt. 50 yrs. R2 at 161 Water Lane. VII, 30 #204

Williams, George Alfonso bap 7/31/1930. b 4/17/1930. F= Charles Williams. M= Iris Williams nee Edwards. sp = Gerald Cooper and Ethel Shand. VII, 130 #896

Williams, Gladstone Anthony bap 5/26/1925. b 4/11/1925. F= Herbert Williams. M= Doris Usher. sp= Wilhelmina DePass. VII, 5 #33

Williams, Leslie bap 10/13/1930. b 7/2/1930. F= Leonard Williams. M= Willel Tingling. sp= Theodore Lafiatt and Lillian Smikle. VII, 136 #937

Williams, Margaret Maria bap 5/2/1928. b 9/30/1888. F= Frederick Williams. M= Rose Taylor. R4 no record of infant baptism. VII, 79 #540. mar (1) Thomas James Dunn in St. Anne's 5/2/1928. Witnesses Isaac Morris and Lillian Aldora Smikle. He died (2) Ernest Maxwell Hartie in Holy Trinity 10/29/1933.

Williams, Mary Louise bap 4/10/1928. b 2/27/1928. F= Charles Williams. M= Lydia Williams nee Gooden. sp= Alberta Pinnock. VII, 77 #531

Williams, Pauline Antonio bap 11/27/1930. b 6/22/1930 in Oriente, Cuba. F= Daniel A. Williams. M= Ellen Eliza Williams nee Parker (Henderson by former marriage). sp= George mUllings and Adella Brown. VII, 139 #957

Williams, Roy Joseph bap 7/22/1929. Age 7 months. Guardian= Lena Ross, 71 Water Lane. R2 Public Hospital. VII, 105 #722

Williams, Roy Nathaniel bap 11/8/1928. b 10/10/1928. F= James Nathaniel Williams. M= Estella Ophelia Lamb. sp= David A. Williams and Mrs. Beatrice Thornley. Adopted by the godmother, Mrs. Thornley. VII, 90 #617

Williams, Rudolph Aloysius bap 1/18/1927. b 12/22/1926. F= Percival Williams. M= Mabel Campbell. sp= Veronica Lewars. VII, 47 #321

Williams, Samuel Augustus bap 8/25/1927. b 7/3/1927. F= Samuel Williams. M= Catherine Williams nee Matthews. sp= Uriah Hall and Lucy Harris. VII, 64 #438

Williams, Sylvia Almenia Agatha bap 7/6/1926. b 2/19/1926. F= Charles Williams. M= Lydia Williams nee Gooden. sp= Mrs. Lilian Nelson. VII, 35 #243

Williams, (Mrs.) Susan bap 3/15/1926. Abt 60 yrs old. F= ___ Hall. M= Christian Franklin. R2 at 8 Rose Lane, Victoria Town.

Williams (Edwards by adoption), Violet Veronica bap 2/14/1928. b 4/10/1927. F= George Williams. M= Jane Stewart. sp= Violet Genius. Adopted by Ulysses and Drusilla Edwards. VII, 73 #499

Willis, John Alfonso bap 1/5/1926 by Joseph M. A. Kelly S.J. b 11/23/1925. F= Henry Willis. M= Repersia Ingram. VII, 21 #144.

Wilson, Caswell Vincent bap 6/1/1926. b 4/4/1926. F= Theophilus Wilson. M= Beatrice Wilson nee Morris. sp= Mrs. Mary Cole. VII, 31 #211

Wilson, Clarice bap 7/5/1930. A baby. R2 in hospital. Died. VII, 127 #878

Wilson, Enid Rose bap 4/13/1929. b 12/21/1920. F= Lincoln Wilson. M= Ethel Estrada. R3 was Anglican. VII, 98 #678

Wilson, Lunette Louise bap 11/8/1930. b 12/14/1894. F= David Wilson. M= Johanna Dawkins. sp= Olymphia Jesquitte. R1. VII, 138 #951

Wilson, Theresa Claire bap 2/19/1929. b 10/1/1928. F= Frank William Wilson. M= Mavis Claire McDonald. VII, 94 #647

Wilson, Vincent Orlando bap 12/15/1928. b 3/27/1918. F= Lincoln Wilson. M= Ethel Estrada. R3. Was Anglican. VII, 91 #629

Winter, Violet Mary bap 12/13/1930. b 11/18/1922. F= David Winter. M= Clarabel James [Jamess]. R3 was Baptist. VII, 141 #973

Witter, David Solomon bap 4/12/1929. b 5/3/1919. F= John Theophilus Witter. M= Sarah Witter nee Constans. R3 was Anglican. VII, 97 #668

Witter, Eugene Beatrice bap 9/17/1929. b 3/1/1926. . F= John Theophilus Witter. M= Sarah Louise Witter nee Cranston. R1 was Moravian. VII, 108 #747

Witter, John Theophilus bap 8/31/1929. b 1/1/1896. F= John Witter. M= Mary Elizabeth Witter nee Brown. R1 was Moravian. VII, 107 #740

Witter, Maud Ameta bap 9/17/1929. b 6/6/1929. . F= John Theophilus Witter. M= Sarah Louise Witter nee Cranston. (Birth certificate gives 6/29/1929 as date of birth). VII, 109 #748

Wolfe, Clarence E. bap 11/27/1926. F= John Wolfe. M= Jane Wolfe. R1 was Anglican. VII, 45 #309

Wood, Theresa Winnifred bap 3/11/1930. b 12/10/1929. F= Osbourne Wood. M= Eugenie Wood nee Baxter. sp= Daisy Berthoud. VII, 119 #819

Wright, Dudley Joseph Lloyd bap 8/29/1930. b 2/12/1930. F= David Wright. M= Agatha Samuels. sp = Rosa Wright. VII, 132 #914


Young, Birdie Theresa bap 8/19/1926. b 6/1/1926. F= Jeremiah Young. M= Veronica Young nee Chen. sp= Sylvia Carr. VII, 39 #265

Young, Eva bap 10/23/1925. Age 4 months. M= Mary Malcolm. R2 in Public Hospital. VII, 16 #110

Young, Gloria Ellena bap 5/13/1930. b 4/9/1930. F= Henry Young. M= Cecilia Young nee Gonzales. sp= Amy Alexander. VII, 123 #852. mar Paul Clarence Moore 1974 under name Gloria Ellen Stubbs.

Young, Oswald Aloysius bap 7/7/1925. b 5/24/1925. F= John Young. M= Laura Aarons. sp= Louise Hylton. VII, 9 #62

Young, Richard Leopold bap 11/13/1926. b 4/10/1888. F= Richard Young. M= Leonora Ramsey. R2 Public Hospital. Was Presbyterian. VII, 44 #303

Young, Verna Magdalen bap 5/18/1929. b 4/22/1929. F= William Young. M= Laura Aarons. sp= Edith Aarons. VII, 101 #696

Yun, Doriel Joseph bap 7/17/1928. b 6/23/1928. F= William Yun. M= Ermine Yun nee Shaw. sp= Mrs. Hilda Williams. VII, 85 #583

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