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The following abbreviations are used in these pages.

b = birth

bap = baptism

chr= christened

F= father

M = mother

RC = Roman Catholic

sp = sponsor

mar = marriage

res= residence

nee indicates mother's maiden name

Comments from the "Remarks" column are shortened to:

R1 = "bapt. neo-conversa," new convert

R2 = "in articulo mortis," in danger of death

R3 = in preparation for first communion

R4 = in preparation for marriage

All baptisms in Volume VII through June 14, 1930, were by J. S. Knight, S. J., unless otherwise noted.

Dates are in MM/DD/YYYY order

Source: Volume number in Roman numerals, page in cardinals, number order in register preceded by #. Example: VII, 66 #451.

Information in [ ] is editorial and is not in the original register.


Samms, Joyce Agnes bap 2/25/1926. b 11/5/1925. F= Herbert Samms. M= Jane Sewell. sp= Catherine Francis. VII, 25 #170

Sams, Joseph Alexander bap 5/21/1925. b 12/10/1924. F= Joseph Sams M=Caroline Whitter. sp= George S. Bryan and Ella Fraser. VII, 4 #25

Samuels, Astan bap 7/2/1930. b 7/9/1904. bap before an operation in hospital. Res 8 Paisley Rd. VII, 127 #874

Samuels, Augustus Eusebius bap 8/25/1925. b 6/21/1925. F= Caleb Samuels. M= Adina Robinson. c= Mrs. Josephine Chambers. VII, 13 #87

Samuels, Frederick Devereus Joseph bap 9/1/1927. b 7/3/1895. F= George Leon Samuels. M= Lilian Maud Chalmers. R4 in absence of infant baptism records. Invalid at home 62 Duke St. VII, 65 #442. mar Marie Ianthe Lewis, at home 62 Duke St. 9/7/1927. Witnesses Alfred Fitzherbert Verley and Lillian Maud Chalmers.

Sandford, Ena bap 6/11/1928. 18 days old. M= Gwendolyn Wedderburn (res. 1 Rousseau Rd.) R2 in Public Hospital. VII, 83 #568

Sang, Marcel Teresa bap 4/29/1926. b 3/27/1926. F= Charles Sang. M= Lucille Sang nee DaCosta. F-George S. Bryan. M= Josephine Coates. mar John Abrahams H.T.C. 12/24/1945.

Sang, Mary Magdalen bap 3/15/1928. b 3/2/1928. F=Charles Shin Sang. M= Lucille Sang nee DaCosta. sp= William Lord and Louise Jacobs. VII, 74 #507

Saunders, Arthur bap 5/7/1927. b 8/1882. F= ___ Saunders. M= Jane Saunders nee Wiles. R2 Public Hospital. Was Baptist. VII. 58 #396

Saunders (Mrs.), Jane bap 7/10/1928. Age abt 50 yrs. R2 in Public Hospital. VII, 84 #578

Savage, Cecil Francis Xavier bap 8/21/1928. b 5/3/1885. F= Henry Francis Savage. M= Florence Savage nee Shute. R2 in Public Hospital. Supposed to have been bap in infancy in England by a relative, but not sure. VII, 86 #592

Sawyers (Mrs.), Cordelia Mary bap 6/9/1927. Age 37 years. F= Thomas Jones. M= Johanna Mitchell. B1 was Baptist. VII, 59 #404

Scarlett (Mrs.), Lestina Agatha bap 6/29/1929. b 7/2/1892. F= Charles Young. M= Sophia Young nee Hudson. sp= Mrs. Ida Riley (honorary). R1 was Baptist. VII, 103 #713

Scarlett, Rupert bap 1/12/1928. Age 24 years. R2 in Public Hospital. Asked for priest before losing consciousness. Address 15 Chestnut Lane. VII, 71 #486

Scott, Kemel Anthony bap 8/12/1930. b 3/13/1930. F= John Scott. M= Theresa Scott nee Bernard. sp= John Clarke and Sybil Merrero. VII, 131 #905

Scott, Morisdan Antonio bap 7/29/1930. b 7/13/1929. F= Antonio Scott. M= Francesca Scott nee Lavinston. sp= Antonio Marisdon and Myrtle Marisdon. VII, 130 #894

Seaton, Harold Rudolph bap 3/20/1930. b 1/1/1921. F= Ethed Seaton. M= Lilith Bodden. R2 in Public Hospital. Anglican. VII, 119 #824

Selene, Mary Telate (East Indian) bap 6/12/1929. b 5/2/1929. F= Joseph Selene. M= Adassa Valentine. sp= Maria Brown. VII, 102 #703

Shand, Arthur Adolphus bap 4/30/1926. b 8/16/1894. F= Charles Augustus Shand. M= Catherine Elizabeth Williams. R4. bap Anglican in infancy. VII, 30 #202. mar Francella Miriam Miller, in St. Anne's ch., 4/30/1926.

Shaw, Thomas Archibald bap 7/13/1926. b 4/15/1926. F= Thomas Shaw. M= Maud Oakey. sp= Mrs. Rosa Simpson. VII, 36 #248

Sherlock, Carmen Veronica bap 2/2/1928. b 8/8/1927. F= Arthur Charles Sherlock. M= Ethline Sherlock nee Quallo. sp= Myrtle Marsden. VII, 72 #495

Sherwood, Kenneth bap 3/26/1928. Age 3 months. M= Julia Welsh (42 Tower St.) R2 Public Hospital. Marked Catholic. VII, 75 #517

Shin (Shin-Quee), Ruby Veronica bap 10/29/1928. b 7/29/1912. F= Charles Shin Quee. M= Alice Shin-Quee nee Williams. R1 was Anglican. VII, 89 #615

Shippey, Joseph Augustus bap 5/20/1926 by M. O. Semmes, S.J. b 5/1/1926. F= Frederick Shippey. M= Irene White. sp= Mrs. Frazer VII, 31 #209

Shippy, Lemuel Joseph bap 8/11/1925. Age about 27 yrs. [b c1898]. F= David Shippy. M= Christian Bingham. R2 at home 25 Slipe Road. Died a few hours afterwards. VII, 12 #79

Simmonds, Clifford bap 1/3/1926 . b 5/8/1903. F= unknown. M= Emily McCall nee Graham. R4. Record of former bap not found. VII, 22 #151. mar Isoline Louise Wilson in St. Anne's 1/3/1926.

Simmonds, Imogene Gloria bap 9/10/1929. b 7/4/1929. F= Clifford Simmonds. M= Isolene Simmonds nee Wilson. sp= Uriah Hall and Mrs. Imogene Wilson. VII, 108 #744

Simmonds, Maud Veronica bap 7/13/1926. b 2/15/1926. F- Clifford Simmonds. M= Isolene Simmonds nee Wilson. sp= Louise Jacobs. VII 36 #249

Simmons, Claurius Anthony bap 1/29/1926. b 7/19/1910. F= William Simmons. M= Margaret Lewis. R2 at home 63 Slipe Road. VII, 23 #158

Simmons, Dorothy Elfreda bap 7/12/1928. b 5/16/1928. F= Clifford Simmons. M= Icilda Simmons nee Wilson. sp= Maria Thompson. VII, 84 #580

Simon, Matilda Alvira bap 10/22/1927. b 1887. F= Thomas Simon. M= Thomassina Hinds. R2 at home Leaders Lane. Was Wesleyan. VII, 66 #455

Simpson, Linette Maria bap 10/24/1929. b 9/26/1929. F= Ferdinand Simpson. M= Icilda Simpson nee Michael. sp= May C. Carter. VII, 111 #766.

Simpson, Robert bap 3/26/1926. b 10/11/1897. F= Thomas Simpson. M= Jane Simpson nee Edwards. R2. Attended RC church. Was Presbyterian. Lives at 38 Bond St. VII, 27 #185

Simpson, Solomon bap 7/12/1930. F= John Simpson. M= Sarah Simpson. sp = J. C. Summers. R1. VII, 129 #892

Sinclair, David Alexander bap 12/19/1926. b 8/9/1884. F= David Alexander Sinclair. M= Grace Ann Sinclair nee Powell. R2 at 9 Upper Oxford St. Was Moravian. VII. 47 #318

Sinclair, Fitzgerald Anthony bap 4/30/1927. b 9/29/1918. F= Uriah Sinclair. M= Dahlia Campbell. R3 was Moravian. VII, 57 #392

Sinclair, Hubert Alexander bap 6/18/1925. b 3/16/1925. F= Richard Sinclair. M= Ada Louise Sinclair nee Anderson. sp= Eugenie White. VII, 7 #47

Sinclair, Murley Veronica bap 12/22/1925 by William Hannas S.J. b 7/27/1925. F= Percival Sinclair. M= Edith Ferguson. sp= George S. Bryan and Mrs. Ella Frazer. School records say Myetto, mother's name Ethel Farquharson. VII, 22 #148.

Sinclair, Owen bap 8/13/1927. Age 10 months. F= Lacelles Sinclair. R2 in Public Hospital. Marked Baptist. Father's address 69 North St. VII, 63 #432

Sing Pow, Ernest Cyril bap 3/18/1927. b 6/1887. F= Sing Pow (China). M= Chung. R2 at 54 1/2 Charles St. VII, 52 #356

Smart, Aston Edmonson bap 4/4/1929. b 7/24/1927. F= John C. Smart. M= Agatha Tennant. sp= Paul J. Feres and Pearl L. Gooden. bap by J. F. Ford, S.J. Adopted by grandmother Mrs. Lilian Smart. VII, 96 #664

Smikle (Mrs.), Lilian Anna bap 8/18/1927. b 6/9/1893. F= Thomas Gaubadon. M= Frances Gaubadon nee Bailey. sp = Mrs. Lucy Harris. Had been educated in St. Anne's School and thought she was RC., but ws not bap.

Smikle, Raphael Benjamin bap 2/13/1930. b 1/13/1930. F= Frank Nathaniel Smikle. M= Sylvia May Raphael. sp= Eugenie White. Adopted by Mrs. Lilian Smikle. VII, 117 #805

Smith, Albert Charles bap 12/11/1925. b 5/9/1915. F= Rufus Smith. M= Mary Becan. R3. VII, 19 #132. mar Rasmond Nunes 6/21/1942, mixed religion.

Smith, Amos bap 6/21/1926. Age abt 50 yrs. F= Richard Smith. M= Charlotte Smith nee Burgess. R2 at Pound Rd. VII, 35 #238

Smith, Charles Emmanuel bap 4/21/1927. b 3/8/1927. F= Hubert Smith. M= Doris Smith nee Bryan. sp= Marie Stennett. VII, 56 #380

Smith, Durell Joseph bap 12/14/1929. b 9/6/1929. F= Matthias Smith. M= Zetty White. R3 was Anglican. VII, 114 #783

Smith, Elizabeth Ann Mary bap 7/13/1928. About 70 yrs old. F= Henry Smith. M= Isabelle Lewis. R1 was Anglican. VII, 84 #581

Smith, Emmanuel Joseph bap 3/13/1926. b 5/29/1870. F= Edward Smith. M= Anna Smith nee Desonish. R1 was Anglican. VII, 26 #177.

Smith, Estlin Aloysius bap 8/8/1930. R2 Public Hospital. Res Campbell Pen. chr Anglican. Was Baptist or Moravian. Died 8/9/1930. VII, 131 #902

Smith, Frederick Alexander bap 7/16/1927. b 3/8/1890. F= Robert Smith. M= Alice Smith nee Larke. R1 was Anglican. VII, 62 #424

Smith, Lucy bap 8/10/1929. Age 6 mths. F= Frederick Smith. R2 at 19 Mulgrave Lane. Died later. VII, 106 #730

Smith, Nellie (Helen) bap 4/4/1926. 16 yrs old. F= Alexander Smith. M= Hester Smith nee Roman. R2 at 24 Tulip Lane. Bap Anglican in infancy, but attends no church. Relatives RC. VII, 27 #186

Smith (Mrs.), Susan Adina bap 1/22/1927. b 3/10/1877. F= James Beckford. M= Susan Beckford nee Smith. R1 was Congregational. VII, 48 #326. mar Edward William Gordon in St. Anne's Ch. 1/22/1927

Smith, Zephenias Constantine Joseph bap 7/19/1927. b 10/2/1926. F= Hyman Theophilus Smith. M= Leanty Artilis Smith nee Gray. R2 at 36 Gorling St. VII, 62 #425

Smithe, Theophilus bap 6/2/1926. b 9/24/1917. F= Rufus Smithe. M= Mary Becam. R3 was Anglican. VII, 33 #223

Solomon, Violet Maude bap 7/20/1928. b 9/15/1894. F= Leonard Solomon. M= Katherine Harmon. R4. VII, 85 #585. mar Samuel Artel Genius at 9 1/2 Septimus St., Jones Pen, 7/22/1928. Witnesses Patrick F. Edwards and Hannah Veronica Henry.

Spence, John Winston bap 6/18/1929. Age 9 months. M= Rebecca Moody (res Wild St., Brown's Town). R2 Public Hospital. Died later. VII, 103 #708

Spencer, John Samuel bap 11/14/1925. b 10/7/1869. F= Robert Spencer. M= Jane Hay. Was Anglican. VII, 18 #120.

Stampp, Sybil Constance Mary bap 6/7/1927. b 1/26/1927. F= Enos Stampp. M= Ethel Stampp nee Bennett. sp= Mrs. Ida Riley. VII, 59 #403

Stennett, Catherine Elizabeth bap 10/29/1927. b 1/30/1916. F= Samuel Stennett. M= Margaret Stewart. sp= Mrs. Lilian Smikle. Presented by father (a catechumen) who was Baptist and said child never bap. VII, 67 #460

Stennett, Doris bap 3/6/1930. Age 6 years. F= Joseph Stennett. M= Maud Stennett. Bap under double condition. Had just died in Public Hospital. VII, 118 #817

Stennett, Mary Rebecca bap 10/29/1927. b 6/13/1921. F= Samuel Stennett. M= Margaret Stewart. sp= Louise Jacobs. Presented by father (a catechumen) who was Baptist and said child never bap. VII, 67 #461

Stennett, Samuel Augustus bap 10/29/1927. b 7/27/1918. F= Samuel Stennett. M= Margaret Stewart. Presented by father (a catechumen) who was Baptist and said child never bap. VII, 67 #459

Stephens, Ione Mary bap 12/14/1929. b 6/22/1920. F= Jeremiah Stephens. M= Catherine Williams. R3 was Anglican.

Stephenson, Amy Mary bap 4/26/1925. b 5/27/1915. F=Obediah Stephenson. M= Lucy Walker. sp Marie DaCosta. R1. VII, 2 #11

Sterling (Mrs.), Frances bap 11/4/1927. b 11/9/1840. F= John McKenzie. R2 at 68 1/2 Pink Lane. Was Baptist. Died next day. VII, 68 #465

Stevenson, Phyllis Mary bap 12/13/1930. b 7/25/1920. F= Samuel Stevenson. M= Mildred Rodrigues. R3 was Anglican. VII, 141 #976

Stewart, Cyril Joseph bap 12/11/1925. b 2/27/1917. F= Charles A. Stewart. M= Sarah Stewart nee Haughton. sp= Sister M. Borrower O.S.D. VII, 19 #130.

Stewart, Ethel bap 1/26/1927. b 3/6/1881. F= Richard Stewart. M= Jane Stewart nee Diaz. R2 at 20 Bread Lane. Was Baptist. VII, 48 #328

Stewart, Henry Adolphus Ignatius bap 6/22/1929. b 9/23/1868. F= James Stewart. M= Cecilia Stewart nee Johnson. R1 was Presbyterian. VII, 103 #710

Stewart (Mrs.), Jane Anne bap 2/11/1928. b 7/9/1875. F= James Taylor. M= Jestina Taylor nee Samuels. R1 was Anglican. VII, 72 #497

Stewart, Nahamiah bap 2/12/1930. Middle-aged. R2 at 87 1/2 North Street, VII, 117 #808.

Stewart, Patrick Alphonso bap 5/19/1927. b 3/17/1927. F= Justin Stewart. M= Anna Hibbert. sp= Marie Simpson. VII, 59 #402. Died 1935.

Stewart, Mavis Veronica bap 3/23/1926. b 2/10/1926. F= Frank Stuart. M= Maud Robinson. sp= Mrs. Josefita Feres. VII, 27 #184. mar Alston Reece in Holy Trinity Cathedral 9/29/1956.

Stoney, Albertina bap 5/20/1925. b 2/11/1917. Age 8 yrs. F= Benjamin Stoney. M= Alberta Robinson. R2 in Public Hospital at request of mother who is RC. VII, 4 #24

Stubbs, Vincent Oscar bap 11/6/1926. b 9/20/1908. F= Ernest Stubbs. M= Clarice Stubbs nee Harrison. R1 was Anglican. VII, 44 #299

Studded (Studdart?), Lenea Veronica bap 9/24/1925. b 8/24/1925. F= Ernest Studded. M= Tabitha Wallace. sp= Mrs. Beatrice Brackenridge. VII, 15 #101

Swan, Elva Agnes bap 10/14/1929. b 9/8/1869. F= Nicholas Swan. M= Ann Swan nee McIntosh. R2 at 34 Luke Lane. Was Presbyterian. VII, 111 #763

Swanson, Ethlyn Clare bap 12/13/1930. b 10/1/1920. F= Joseph Swanson. M= Estriana Austin. R3 was Anglican. VII, 141 #977

Sweeten, Joseph bap 4/19/1930. Age 1 yr. M= Iris Kelly (2 Potter's View, Brown's Town). R2 in Public Hospital. Marked Presbyterian. VII, 121 #832

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