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The following abbreviations are used in these pages.

b = birth

bap = baptism

chr= christened

F= father

M = mother

RC = Roman Catholic

sp = sponsor

mar = marriage

res= residence

nee indicates mother's maiden name

Comments from the "Remarks" column are shortened to:

R1 = "bapt. neo-conversa," new convert

R2 = "in articulo mortis," in danger of death

R3 = in preparation for first communion

R4 = in preparation for marriage

All baptisms in Volume VII through June 14, 1930, were by J. S. Knight, S. J., unless otherwise noted.

Dates are in MM/DD/YYYY order

Source: Volume number in Roman numerals, page in cardinals, number order in register preceded by #. Example: VII, 66 #451.

Information in [ ] is editorial and is not in the original register.


O'Brien, Donald Aloysius bap 5/26/1925. b 4/1/1925. F= Leonard O'Brien. M= Elsie O'Brien nee Hay. sp= Eliza Cruise. VII, 5 #34

O'Connor, Irene Clare bap 12/12/1930. b 9/10/1917. F= Arnold O'Connor. M= Iris Levien. R3 Anglican. VII, 140 #969

O'Connor, Oliver Benjamin bap 6/27/1929. b 3/9/1899. F= Benjamin O'Connor. M=Catherine Terry (Mrs.), nee Dixon. R1 was Baptist. VII, 103 #712. mar May Carmen Narcisse, in St. Anne's Ch. 11/26/1930. Witnesses J. M. Benjamin and Vivo O. Rainford.

Offeld, Enid Mary bap 7/6/1926. b 4/18/1896. F= Harold Offeld M= Cathline Offeld nee Fowles. sp= Cecilia Kirkland. VII, 35 #242

Orrett, Pearl Mary Dorores bap 6/8/1926. b 12/6/1925. F= Bass Orrett. M= Eugenie Nero. sp= Mrs. Louisita Lorman. VII, 34 #230

Ortega, Pearl Ann bap 11/13/1930. b 6/27/1930. F= Felix Ortega. M= Julia Atkinson. sp= Joseph Thomson and Myrtle Thomson. VII, 138 #953. mar Charles John Watts, St. Anne's Ch. 10/21/1931.

Osborne (Mrs.), Henrietta bap 4/4/1927. Age abt 50 yrs. F= Sandy Thompson. M= Barbara Watson. R2 at 58 Penn St. Was Anglican. VII, 54 #369


Palma, Cynthia Lusindia bap 7/3/1930. b 5/15/1930. F= Nestor Palma. M= Agnes Chambers. sp= Sydney Bennett and Mrs. R. Black. VII, 126 #872

Palmer (Mrs.), Evelyn Mary bap 11/26/1927. b 2/15/1872. F= Henry I. Rodriguez. M= Mary Ellen Rodriguez nee Frazer. R2 at 29 1/2 Tulip Lane. Was Wesleyan. VII, 68 #469.

Palmer, Hageline Agatha bap 6/3/1930. b 2/11/1930. F= Ivanhoe Palmer. M= Adina Palmer nee Levy. sp= Mildred Dunn. VII, 124 #858

Palmer, Kathleen Eulalie Theresa bap 7/15/1929. b 11/2/1903. F= Moses Palmer. M= Jane Palmer nee Forbes. sp= Eugenie White (honorary). R1 was Congregational. VII, 104 #719. mar Leslie Melton Constable, in St. Anne's Ch. Witnesses Horace Byrd and Rebecca E. Constable.

Panton, Herbert Aloysius bap 6/16/1925. b 3/9/1925. F= Clement Panton. M= Frances Williams. sp= Iris A. Grant. VII, p. 7 #45

Parker, Rudolph bap 3/1/1927. Age 3 months. R2 in Public Hospital. Mother noted as living in Fletcher's Land. Died later. VII, 51 #347

Parnell, Cora Loretta bap 11/30/1930. b 4/1892 (?). F= Thomas Parnell. M= Mary Lynch. R2 at 29 Penso St. Was Anglican. VII, 139 #959

Pearce (Mrs.), Alice Maud bap 3/13/1926. b 4/25/1886. F= James Robinson. M= Anna Robinson nee Smith. R1 was Anglican. VII, 26 #178

Peart, Alfred Uriah bap 7/1/1927. b 9/22/1879. F= John Peart. M= Marian Peart nee Powell. R2 at 13 Penn St. Was Anglican. VII 61 #418.

Peart, Joseph Henry bap 8/20/1927. b 8/5/1888. F= Joseph H. Peart. M= Caroline Peart nee Powell. R2 in Public Hospital. Was Anglican. VII, 63 #434

Peccoo, Mary Victoria bap 8/13/1929. b 5/2/1929. F= Richard Peccoo, M= Miriam Peccoo nee Falconer. sp== Selen Gordon. VII, 106 #733

Pedley, Lenford Aloysius bap 6/25/1925. b ____. F= Edward Pedley. M= Castena McDonald. sp= Mrs. Rose Reid. VII, 8 #51

Penman, Joyce Veronica bap 5/19/1925. b 3/16/1925. F= Wilfred Penman. M= Rachel Gentle. sp= Veronica Lopez. VII, 4 #23

Penman, Pauline Veronica bap 9/26/1929. b 6/30/1929. F= George Penman. M= Sybil Sparks. sp= Pauline Fredericks. VII, 109 #752

Peow, Earle Francis bap 9/30/1926. b 9/25/1926. F= William Peow. M= Hermin Peow nee Shaw. sp= Mrs. Hilda Williams. VII, 41 #282

Perry (1941 known as Anderson), Cynthia Monica bap 6/15/1926. b 4/22/1926. F= Moses Perry. M= Clarissa Francis. sp= Mrs. Sarah Mushett. VII, 34 #234

Petison (Peterson), Albert (Bertie) bap 9/24/1925. b 4/2/1925. F= Henry Petison (Peterson). M= Christiana Reid. s= Ella Frazer. VII, 15 #99. mar Ione Lyn, St. Anne's Church 3/14/1955. Witnesses Maurice Yee and Ivy Lyn.

Phearson, Miriam Agnes bap 5/9/1930. b 2/26/1920. F= Samuel Phearson. M= Rebecca Phearson nee Russell. R3 Anglican. VII, 122 #839

Phillips, Amy Blanche bap 2/25/1930. b 9/29/1901. F= Sigismund Phillips. M= Lilian Phillips nee Rainford. R4 in absence of record of infant baptism in Above Rocks. VII, 118 #813. mar Philip McGovern Coombs, in St. Anne's ch 2/26/1930. Witnesses Sigismund Phillips and Edith Phillips.

Pinchong, Maria Therese bap 2/8/1927. b 1/11/1927. F= Joseph Pinchong. M= Louise Pinchong nee Lazarus. sp= Eliza Ann Barbuena. VII, 49 #335

Pinnock, Veronica bap 5/9/1930. b 7/21/1922. F= Charles Pinnock (adopted). M= Catherine Pinnock (adopted) nee Querry. R3. Orphan adopted by Pinnocks. VII, 123 #847

Ploughwright, Icilda Mary bap 9/18/1930. At hospital, dangerously ill. VII, 134 #925

Plummer, Steadman William bap 9/11/1928. b 6/20/1928. F= Albert Plummer. M= Alvira Plummer nee Rowe. sp= Harris Prendergast. Parents recently from Montego Bay. VII, 86 #593

Plummer, Victor bap 6/15/1929. b 3/12/1912. F= Louis G. Plummer. M= Mary Plummer nee Black. R2 Public Hospital. Was Anglican. VII, 102 #705

Plummer, Violet Adina bap 5/25/1927. b 11/14/1926. F= Albert Plummer. M= Advira Rowe. R2 at home. Taken to Montego Bay by parents who were in transit. VII, 59 #405

Porter, Ethel (Ethline) bap 5/9/1930. b 9/19/1920. F= John Porter. M= Mrs. Roslin Grant nee Samuels. R3 Presbyterian. VII, 123 #846

Pottinger, Percival Anthony Roy bap 1/12/1926. b 12/4/1925. F= Sidney Pottinger. M= Melsares Garvey. sp= George Pitt and Mrs. Lucie Harris. VII, 22 #152

Poveda, Barbara Therese bap 6/12/1928. b 4/24/1928. F= Joseph Poveda. M= Eva Poveda nee Foreman. sp= Mrs. Ethlyn Armadale. VII, 82 #567

Pow, Joseph Herbert bap 11/25/1926. b 11/3/1926. F= Philip A. Pow. M= Myrtle Pow nee Lymchin. sp= Sylvia Carr. VII, 45 #308

Pow, Philip Emmanuel bap 2/5/1929. b 1/5/1929. F= Philip Pow. M= Mary Pow nee Lym Chin. sp= Mrs. Elfreda Pearce. VII, 93 #643. married Sylvia Veronica Clunis. Witnesses George Hugh Sam and Alberta Dillon

Pow, Philip Augustus bap 8/22/1925. b 12/1900. F= Ernest Pow. M= not known. Supposed to have been baptized RC in Montego Bay. Record not found. R3. VII, 13 #86. Married Myrtle May Lynchin, St. Anne's church, Kingston 8/26/1925. Witnesses Cyril Escoffery and Mabel Campbell.

Powell, Catherine Maude bap 11/21/1925. b 1/1/1902. F= Isaac Powell. M= Venus Powell nee Wilson. Was Wesleyan. VII, 18 #126

Powell, Clarice Maud bap 3/21/1927. b 9/4/1910. F= Amassa Powell. M= Naomi Powell nee Smith. R1 was Anglican. VII, 52 #358. married Barrington Constantine Estick in Hoy Trinity Cath., 11/5/1930.

Powell, Muriel Veronica bap 12/14/1928. b 12/3/1909. F= George Powell. M= Clara Powell nee Williams. R1 was Baptist. VII, 91 #624

Powell, Naaman Joseph bap 9/12/1928. b 12/1913. F= William Powell. M= Sarah Powell. R2 in Public Hospital. Was Anglican. VII, 86 #594

Prawl, Alfred bap 1/30/1928. Age 4 yrs. M= Florence Lindal. R2. Marked "Roman Catholic from Port Royal." VII, 72 #494

Prendergast, Edward Vernon bap 5/12/1925. b 2/7/1925. F= Henry Prendergast. M= Jane Fowlin. sp= Mrs. I. Mackintosh. VII, 3 #15


Rainford (Renford), John bap 11/20/1930. Age 1 year. S= Samuel Renford. M= Jane Thompson. R2 at 27 Rodney St. VII, 138 #955

Randall, Cynthia Louise bap 10/14/1926. b 8/9/1926. F= Raphael Jerome Randall M= Martha C. Reynolds. sp= Clara Wilhelmina Morphy. VII, 42 #288

Ranglin, Joyce Clare Louise bap 2/24/1927. b 10/28/1926. F= George Samuel Ranglin. M= Adele Veronica Ranglin nee Latibeaudiere. sp= Kathleen Latibeaudiere. VII, 50 #342

Raymond, Nathan Albert Joseph bap 4/2/1928. F= George W. Raymond. M= Margaret Raymond nee Palmer. R1 was Presbyterian. VII, 77 #528. mar Theresa Faustine Francis in St. Anne's Ch. 4/8/1928. Witnesses Leopold Campbell and Richard Francis.

Reid, Arthur bap 12/2/1927. Age 8 months. M= Vera Brown (Old Hope Road, "Okemo"). R2 in Public Hospital. Marked Baptist. VII, 69 #472

Reid, George bap 5/19/1928. age abt 55 yrs. F= Henry Reid. M= Jane Reid nee Reid. R2 in Public Hospital. Was Moravian. VII, 82 #561

Reid, Hyacinth bap 4/4/1927. Age 3 months. M= Violet Bennett. R2 in Public Hospital. Mother lives in Penfield District, Gordon Town. VII, 54 #372

Reid, Isaac Augustus bap 3/22/1926. b 9/18/1868. F= Isaac Reid. M= Ellen Reid nee McCall. R1 was Anglican. VII, 27 #182

Reid, Joseph Conroy bap 8/23/1927. b 10/6/1921. F= Alexander Reid. M= Gertrude Jones. Cond. Bap. at father's request. Mother had him bap Methodist. VII, 64 #435

Reid, Lurline bap 5/18/1925. Age c 25 years. [b 1900]. R2 at 52 Love Lane. VII, 3 #21

Reid, Petrona Zada Mary bap 9/25/1927. b 11/10/1906. F= Charles Reid. M= Rebecca Reid nee Ellis. R2 at 3 Rose Lane, Victoria Town. Anglican. VII, 65 #443

Remington, Joseph Oracash bap 9/22/1925. b 1/25/1925. F= Clifford Remington. M= Dolorita Alberta Foote. sp= Egbert M. DePass and Mrs. Sarah Muschett. VII, 14 #96

Rennalls, Mortimer Samuel bap 6/2/1926. b 5/1/1912. F= Hubert Rennalls. M= Martha Rennalls nee Ross. R3. VII, 33 #228. mar Rebecca Baugh in St. Elizabeth's Ch., 1977.

Richards, Charles Radald bap 3/20/1928. b 1/10/1907. F= Joseph Richards. M= Catherine Halloway. R2 at 40 Metcalf St. Supposed Catholic baptism doubtful. VII, 75 #512

Richards, Kenneth bap 9/29/1927. 2 months old. M= Ethel Richards. R2 in Public Hospital. Mother's address Hope Road near stand pipe. VII, 65 #445

Richards, Ruth bap 11/24/1925. 33 yrs old. R2 Public Hospital. VII, 19 #128

Richards, Stanley Joseph bap 10/15/1929. b 10/30/1902. F= William Richards. M= Frances Richards nee McBean. R2 at Public Hospital. Was Anglican. VII, 111 #764

Richardson (Mrs.), Louise Katurah bap 10/7/1926. b 11/4/1891. F= George Dunkley. M= Felicia Dunkley nee Spence. R2 at "Louise Ville" end of Greenwich Rd. Was Anglican. VII, 42 #286.

Ricketts, Cecily Mary bap 12/10/1927. b 9/2/1918. F= Knutsford E. Ricketts. M=Petinella Davis. R3. Was Baptist. VII, 69 #474

Ricketts, Joseph Cecil bap 8/1/1925. b unknown, now about 14 yrs. old. [b c1911]. F= unknown. M= Anita Ricketts. R2 in Public Hospital. VII, 11 #72

Riley, Alfred Benjamin bap 6/30/1927. b 6/6/1927. F= Samuel Riley. M= Eugenie Riley nee Duhaney. VII, 61 #417

Riley, Christine Dorothy bap 4/25/1925. b 11/26/1909. F=Charles Riley. M=Ida Riley nee Scarlette. R1. VII, 2 #9

Riley, Floretta Agnes bap 4/25/1925. b 5/2/1910. F= Henry Riley. M= Charlotte Riley nee Rose. R1. VII, 1 #7

Riley, Icintia Maude bap 12/19/1929. b 11/15/1929. F= Samuel Riley. M= Eugenie Riley nee Duhaney. sp= Cecilia Johnson. VII, 114 #788

Riley, Irma Ruth bap 4/25/1925. b 11/23/1905. F= Charles Riley. M= Ida Riley nee Scarlette. R1. VII, 2 #8. mar Reginald Sewell, St. Elizabeth's Church, Kingston 11/4/1964.

Riley, Rupert Augustine bap 5/26/1925. b 4/16/1925. F= Samuel Riley. M= Eugenie Riley nee Duhany. sp= Theophilus Cole and Mary Cole. VII, 5 #32

Roach, Edith bap 5/5/1928. Age 2 weeks. M= Princeline Gibbs (36 Gorling Street). R2 in Public Hospital. Mother said to be RC. VII, 79 #543

Roberts, Jane bap 6/24/1930. Very old. F= Henry Roberts. M= Rosa McKenzie. sp= Mrs. P. Jesquite. VII, 126 #866

Robertson, Alma Theresa bap 5/31/1928. b 4/21/1928. F= Adrian Robertson. M= Veda Robertson nee Burnett. VII, 82 #565

Robertson, Amy Eusebia bap 7/31/1930. b 4/2/1930. F= Adrian Robertson. M= Veda Robertson nee Burnett. sp= Eyrie Moncrieffe and Louise Jacobs. VII, 130 #898. mar Burton McLaughlin 1953.

Robertson, Joslyn Alphonso bap 4/22/1926. b 4/3/1919. F= Robert Robertson. M= Catherine Wilson. Recommended by Alexander Bernard and Marian Mayo. Con. bap to be admitted to Alpha Cottage. Was bap Anglican in infancy. VII, 29 #198

Robertson, Leslie Cosmas bap 2/3/1927. b 12/12/1926. F= Adrian Robertson. M= Veda Robertson nee Burnett. sp= Freda Chambers. VII, 49 #334. mar Gloria Jackson, St. Anne's Ch. 1953.

Robertson, Lucille Rose bap 7/14/1925. b 5/25/1925. F= Adrian Robertson. M= Vida Robertson nee Burnett. sp= Louise Jacobs. VII, 10 #66

Robinson, Alvin Francis bap 9/18/1928. b 8/6/1928. F= Enos D. Robinson. M= Iris Viola Robinson nee Brown. VII, 87 #597

Robinson, Gwendolyn May bap 9/30/1930. b 5/29/1930. F= Alexander Robinson. M= Rosa McLean. sp= Catherine Johnson. VII, 135 #933

Robinson, Joyce Gwendolyn Magdalen bap 12/10/1928. b 7/2/1928. F= Norval Robinson. M= Evelyn Westmoreland (1a Kensington Ave). R2 Public Hospital. VII, 90 #623

Robinson, Samuel bap 4/12/1928. Age 4 months. M= Caroline Douglass (Long Mountain Road). R2 in Public Hospital. Marked Catholic. VII, 77 3532

Robinson, Velma Maria bap 5/20/1930. b 4/20/1930. F= Enos Dee Robinson. M= Iris Viola Robinson. sp= Mrs. Ambrosine Hamilton. VII, 124 #854

Rochester, Harold Cecil Joseph bap 7/24/1930. b 6/4/1900. F= James Rochester (deceased). M= Ada Deer. Cond. bap in a dangerous condition in hospital following an operation. Res 29 Somerset Lane, Franklin Town. VII, 129 #891

Rose, Cleon Joseph bap 6/2/1926. b 7/3/1914. F= James Rose. M= Ada Rose nee Sutherland. R3 was Anglican. VII, 33 #225.

Rose, John bap 10/31/1927. b 7/4/1869. F= Rahim Beg (East Indian). R2 in Public Hospital. Said belonged to Julian religion. VII, 67 #462

Rose, Linval Joseph bap 5/9/1930. b 4/1/1922. F= Isaac Rose. M= Iris Livermore. R3 was Anglican. VII, 121 #837

Rose, Maria Esmeralda bap 5/26/1925. b 3/19/1925. F= John Heron Rose. M= Iris Veronica Johnson. sp= Edith Wilson. VII, 6 #36

Rose, Olive Philomena bap 12/12/1930. b 7/29/1924. F= Isaac Rose. M= Iris Livermore. R3 Presbyterian. VII, 141 #971

Rowe, Alexander bap 7/1/1930. b 3/22/1930. F= David Rowe. M= Ethline Corvans. sp= Veronica Cephas. VII, 126 #869

Rowe, Felix Daniel bap 6/11/1930. b 3/7/1858. F= Charles Rowe. M= Eliza Rowe nee Ross. R2 at 166 Princess St. Was Anglican. VII, 124 #856

Rowe, Thelma Agatha bap 7/29/1930. b 2/5/1930. F= Sydney Rowe. M= Lena Taylor. sp= Agatha Taylor. VII, 130 #895

Rowe, Thelma Theresa bap 7/3/1928. b 5/3/1928. F= Samuel Rowe. M= Naomi Rowe nee Mason. VII, 84 #576

Russell, Florence Agatha bap 4/8/1926. b 2/28/1926. F= Albert Russell. M= Florence Russell nee Soares. sp= Lawrence Russell and Mrs. Augustine Smith. VII, 28 #191. mar Acononiah Anderson in Holy Cross 8/30/1953. Witnesses John A. W. Anderson and Gwenn Wright.

Russell, John Ambrose bap 4/25/1929. b 3/17/1929. F= Albert Alexander Russell. M= Florence Agatha Russell nee Soares. sp= Mrs. Agnes Williamson. VII, 99 #684. mar Cynthia Brown 1953.

Russell, John Bishop bap 5/6/1930. b 11/3/1929. F= Altamont Bishop. M= Cassilda Blackburn. sp= Mrs. Florence Russell. Adopted by the godmother. VII, 121 #836

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