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The following abbreviations are used in these pages.

b = birth

bap = baptism

chr= christened

F= father

M = mother

RC = Roman Catholic

sp = sponsor

mar = marriage

res= residence

nee indicates mother's maiden name

Comments from the "Remarks" column are shortened to:

R1 = "bapt. neo-conversa," new convert

R2 = "in articulo mortis," in danger of death

R3 = in preparation for first communion

R4 = in preparation for marriage

All baptisms in Volume VII through June 14, 1930, were by J. S. Knight, S. J., unless otherwise noted.

Dates are in MM/DD/YYYY order

Source: Volume number in Roman numerals, page in cardinals, number order in register preceded by #. Example: VII, 66 #451.

Information in [ ] is editorial and is not in the original register.


MacDonald, (or Richards), Roger Anthony bap 12/22/1925 by William Hannas S.J. b 12/18/1924. F= Roger MacDonald. M= Evelyn Richards. sp= (Nurse) Mercedes Bravo. R2. VII, 21 #145

MacFarland, Ida bap 8/8/1926. b 5/28/1801. F= Albert MacFarland. M= Rebecca MacFarland nee Janon. R2. Ra was Anglican. #1 Bryden St., Craigtown. VII, 38 #260

Mageechie, Alphonsus bap 11/12/1925. b 7/10/1925. F= Alonzo Mageechie. M= Viola Carol. sp= Mrs. Mary Henry. VII, 17 #118

Maitland, Louise Florence bap 8/8/1925. A widow, age 44 yrs. [b 1881]. F= William Daly M= Rebecca Ritchie. R1. VII, 11 #76. mar Joseph Erimitio Hamilton 8/8/1925, as above.

Major, Anthony Jacob bap 8/4/1925. b 7/23/1925. F= Thomas Major. M= Ethlyn Major nee Jonkee. sp= Edgar E. Benjamin and Louise Jacobs. VII, 11 #73

Malcolm, Gladstone Roy Fabian bap 6/15/1926. b 3/18/1926. F= Wilfred Malcolm. M= Edith Maude Dixon. sp= Uriah Hall and Floretta Hall. Adopted by godparents. VII, 34 #233

Malor, Loretta Mary bap 11/14/1925. b 11/11/1913. F= Daniel Malor. M= Ella Malor nee Noble. Was Anglican. VII, 18 #123

Manning, Lurline Veronica bap 9/10/1925. b 4/20/1925. F= Frank Manning. M= Eugenie Agatha Branch, sp= May Estick. VII, 13 #91

Mannings, Anthens Veronic bap 9/16/1930. b 5/1/1930. F= Frank Mannings. M= Eugenie Branch. sp= Berna Clarke. VII, 133 #921

Maragh, Ralph Anthony bap 6/22/1929. b 11/10/1928. F= Alfred Maragh. M= Louise Maragh. sp= Geraldine Laidley. VII, 103 #711

March, Raphael bap 2/17/1927. b 10/7/1926. F= James March. M= Adina Bryan. sp= George Bryan and Eda Frazer. VII, 50 #341

Markland, Kathleen bap 5/11/1928. b 4/22/1919. F= Solomon Markland. M= Adella Markland nee Grant. R3 was Baptist. VII, 81 #558

Markland, Mavis Rita bap 12/10/1927. b 11/7/1914. F= Esbert Markland. M= Maud Markland nee White. R3. Was Wesleyan. married Reuben Walley [?], Winchester Park 5/21/1933. Witnesses Bertram Roth and Charles Green.

Markland, Rose bap 12/10/1927. b 4/3/1916. F= Robert Markland. M= Maud Markland nee White. R3 was Wesleyan. VII, 70 #477

Marriott, Thomas bap 9/18/1930. A man. F= Ruel Marriott. M= Henrietta Carey. R2 died following day. VII, 134 #923

Marshall, Benjamin bap 10/5/1925. b 1889. F= Joseph Marshall. M= Margaret Cadogan. R2 in Public Hospital. VII, 15 #105

Marshall, Leopold John bap 2/28/1928. Age 3 months. M= Victoria Powell (res. New Town). R2 Public Hospital. Died next day. VII, 73 #502

Martin, Hubert Gordon bap 10/8/1928. R2. Was Wesleyan. VII, 88 #603

Martin, Oswald Joseph bap 7/25/1929. Age 1 year 7 months. F= Simeon Martin. M= Roselda Martin. R2 Public Hospital. Marked Baptist. res 15 Salt Lane. VII, 105 #721

Martin, Salvin Emmanuel bap 12/25/1927. b 6/7/1899. F= Stephen Martin. M= Mary Martin nee Davis. R2 at 57 Pouyat St. Was Wesleyan. VII, 70 #483

Mary no other name known) bap 7/5/1930. A baby. R2. Sent to hospital from Salvation Army. Died a few days later. VII, 127 #879

Massey, Iris Mary bap 5/10/1928. b 8/4/1916. F= George Massey. M= Mary Mair. sp= Rosa Massey (honorary). R3 was Anglican. VII, 80 #550

Matthews, Josephine bap 3/28/1929. b 7/9/1907. F= Samuel Pryor. M= J. (?) F. Thompson. R2 Public Hospital. Said was Baptist unbaptized. Belongs to visiting theatrical company. Accident case. VII, 96 #662

Matthews, Veronica Joyce bap 11/4/1930. b 9/3/1930. F= Arthur Matthews. M= Adella Flash Matthews. sp= Mary Lewis. VII, 137 #946

Maxwell, Nathaniel Theodore bap 3/20/1927. b 12/25/1882. F= Charles Maxwell. M= Jestina Emily Barnett. R4. Infant baptism record not found. VII, 52 #356. mar Ada Jane Ives in St. Anne's Ch. 3/20/1927. Witnesses: Hubert Powell and Mrs. Lucy Harris.

McCadden, Lucille Agatha bap 10/2/1926. b 5/31/1911. F= Nathaniel A. McCadden. M= Katherine A. McCarthy. R1 was Anglican. VII, 42 #284

McCormack, Ena May Veronica bap 12/24/1929. b 11/28/1929. F= Clifford McCormack. M= Ivy McCormack nee Anderson. sp= May Estick. VII, 114 #789. mar Reginald Thomas, in St. Anne's Ch., 11/6/1946. Witnesses Stanley Anderson and Hazel Hill.

McCormack, Osmond Joseph bap 4/26/1927. b 4/7/1927. F= Clifford Joseph McCornack. M= Ivy McCormack nee Anderson. sp= Mrs. Caroline Minott. VII, 56 #383

McDonald, Ada Elizabeth bap 4/21/1928. b 4/22/1903. F= James McDonald. M= Eliza McDonald nee Brown. R2 at Recover Lane, Trench Town. Anglican. VII, 78 #535

McDonald, William Cornelius bap 10/14/1927. b 10/5/1927. F= Walter McDonald. M= Ruth Parks. sp= Mrs. Ida Skefrey. R2 at 43 Slipe Pen Rd. Mother from Gordon Town. VII, 66 #452

McDowell, Cleveland Sylvester bap 10/6/1927. b 5/19/1927. F= Cleveland McDowell. M= Doris McDowell nee Jacobs. sp= Gertrude Huggard. VII, 65 #448

McDowell, Gloria Mary bap 10/6/1927. b 11/26/1924. F= Cleveland McDowell. M= Doris McDowell nee Jacobs. sp= Sylvia Gore. Had been bap Anglican. VII, 66 #449

McEwan (Mrs.), Catherine Eliza bap 10/11/1929. b 10/27/1867. F= John William Cleary. M= Eliza Taylor Cleary nee Hunt. R2 at 'Clarence Villa', Slipe Pen Rd. Was Presbyterian. Later learned was bap RC in infancy. VII, 111 #762

McFarlane, Etta Maud Mary bap 1/28/1928. b 5/24/1905. F= Thomas McFarlane. M= Susan Gale. R1 was Baptist. VII, 72 #493. mar George Albert Black in St. Anne's Ch., 1/29/1928. Witnesses Samuel Williams and Leonora Thomas.

McFarlane, Lascelles Francis bap 12/12/1930. b 2/28/1922. F= Joshua McFarlane. M= Annie Hay. R3 Anglican. VII, 140 #967

McIntosh, Albert Vincent bap 9/10/1929. b 3/28/1929. F= James McIntosh. M= Janet McIntosh nee Thompson. VII, 108 #743

McIntosh, Carmelita Winifred bap 5/5/1927. b 7/4/1926. F= James McIntosh. M= Janet McIntosh nee Thompson. sp= Maud Hamilton. VII, 58 #394

McIntosh, Edward Alphonsus bap 3/27/1928. b 7/15/1927. F= James McIntosh. M= Janet McIntosh nee Thompson. sp= Theodosia Dicks. VII, 76 #519

McIntosh, Ena Mary bap 12/14/1929. b 10/6/1918. F= Alfred C. McIntosh. M= Maude Baker nee Goldson. R3 was Anglican. VII, 113 #776

McKenzie, Kathleen (Negria) bap 8/3/1930. R2 in hospital. Res 58 Town Road. Died August 5th. VII, 130 #899

McKenzie, Linette Mary bap 6/17/1926. b 12/7/1897. F= John McKenzie. M= Ellen Gundry. R2 at 8 Water St., S. V. VII, 34 #235

McKenzie, Victor bap 11/5/1927. Age 7 months. M= Lena Morgan (116 West St.). R2 in Public Hospital. Marked Baptist. VII, 68 #466

McKenzie, Virgil Joseph bap 10/29/1825. b 7/5/1925. F= Lionel McKenzie. M= Susan Palmer. sp= Mrs. Eugenie Francis. VII, 17 #113

McKinzie, Surline Agatha bap 9/23/1930. b 6/8/1930. F= Daniel McKinzie., M= Gladys Fletcher. sp= Cecilia Johnson VII, 134 #927

McKitty, William Francis bap 9/16/1930. b 9/10/1930. F= Cleveland McKitty. M= Maud Taylor. R2 at home 14 Chestnut Lane. VII, 134 #922

McLaughlin, Steadman Joseph bap 7/28/1927. b 12/1896. F= Benjamin McLaughlin. M= Celestina McLaughlin nee Hutcheson. R2 at 40 Beeston St. Was Wesleyan. VII, 62 #426

McLean, Eustace Theophilus Francis bap 4/28/1928. b 10/25/1886. F= Arthur McLean. M= Ellen Harding. R1 was Presbyterian. VII, 78 #538

McLean, Gladstone George bap 4/29/1927. b 4/19/1917. F= William McLean. M= Hannah Strachn. R3. Mother a Baptist. VII, 56 #383

McLeod, Eric Joseph bap 6/2/1926. b 10/18/1918. F= Cleveland McLeod. M= Mary McLeod nee Noble. R3. was Baptist. VII, 32 #222

McLeod (Mrs.), Mary Ann (Noble) bap 11/14/1925. b 9/12/1885. F= Zaccheus Noble. M= Susan Tomlinson. Was Anglican. VII, 18 #122

McNeil, Daisy Veronica bap 1/18/1927. b 11/9/1926. F= Arthur McNeil. M= Celestina McNeil nee Cargill. sp= James M. Benjamin and Mrs. Mary Marshall. VII, 47 #323

McPherson, Thelma Bernadine bap 1/21/1926. b 12/1/1925. F= Joseph McPherson. M= Claire McPherson nee Phillips. sp= Mrs. Susanna Rowe. VII, 23 #155. mar John James Duffy in Holy Redeemer Cathedral, British Honduras 2/14/1951. Witnesses Joseph McPherson and Ignacio Rosado

McSarty, Cecilia Eugenia bap 7/1/1926. b 4/19/1926. F= James McSarty. M= Dulcescoe V. Bogie. sp= Mrs. Cecilia Lomaba. VII, 35 #241

Mesquitta, Dorith Mary bap 5/10/1930. b 8/7/1923. F= Hubert Mesquitta. M= Alice Mesquitta nee Patterson. R3 Congregational. VII, 123 #849

Mesquitta, Ena Philomena bap 12/14/1929. b 3/27/1922. F= Hubert Mesquitta. M= Alice Mesquitta nee Patterson. R3 was Congregational. Birth Certificate puts date at 3/27/1920. VII, 114 #784

Miller (Mrs.), Delilah Theresa bap 2/25/1928. b 12/25/1885. F= William Bowman. M= Jessie Ann Bowman nee Booth. R1 was Anglican. VII, 73 #501

Miller (Mrs.), Emily bap 2/6/1926. Abt 55 yrs old. F= Thomas Wildman. M= Frances Wildman nee ___.

Miller, George bap 4/4/1927. b 9/20/1886. F= John Anderson Miller. M= Emily miller. R2 at 47 Luke Lane. Was Anglican. VII, 59 #401

Miller, John Anderson bap 5/13/1927. b 1/22/1862. F= John Anderson Miller. M= not known. R2 at 48 Luke Lane. Was Anglican. VII, 59 #400

Miller, Joseph Alexander bap 4/7/1927. b 3/12/1927. F= Thomas E. Miller. M= Mercylu Miller nee Parish. sp= S. H. Greenwood and Mrs. S. H. Greenwood. VII, 55 #373

Miller, Lengnor Elizabeth bap 10/28/1930. b 9/3/1930. F= Thomas Miller. M= Mercelin Parrish Miller. sp= Emanuel Smith and Irene Smith. VII, 136 #941. mar Clement Wallace in Spanish Town.

Miller, Michael Albert bap 2/1/1926. b 1/2/1926. F= Thomas Edward Miller. M= Mercelyn Miller nee Parish. R3 at 105 North St. VII, 24 #161

Miller, Vilma Veronica bap 10/30/1930. b 8/29/1930. F= Arnold Miller. M= Mithebel Levine Miller. sp= Cecilia Redwood and Eyrie Moncrieffe. VII, 137 #944. mar Charles James [Jamess] 1951.

Mills, Clarence James Valdez bap 5/5/1926. b 5/1907. F= Mills, Henry. M= Leonora Mills nee Lee. R2 at 2b Greenwich St., S. V. (Consumptive) Was bap Anglican in infancy. VII, 30 #205

Mitchell, Aileen Mary Mercedes bap 9/20/1928. b 8/6/1928. F= Felix Mitchell. M= Violet Mitchell nee Wiles. sp= Lurline McDonald. VII, 87 #601

Mitchell, Albert bap 2/6/1926. Age 2 yrs. R2 Public Hospital. VII, 25 #168

Mitchell, (Mrs.) Emily bap 12/23/1925. b 10/24/1886. F= Thomas Sterling. M= Mary Sterling nee Allen. R1. VII, 5 #30

Mitchell, George Keith bap 8/25/1927. b 5/19/1927. F= Joseph B. Mitchell. M= Amy I. Mitchell nee Parkinson. sp= Mrs. Ambrosine Hamilton (by proxy. Sister of baby). VII, 64 #439.

Mitchell, Joseph Alberga bap 1/22/1926. b 6/24/1923. F= James Mitchell. M= Adina Campbell. R2. VII, 23 #156

Mitchell, Juanita Eluretta bap 5/19/1925. b 4/27/1925. F= Felix Archibald Mitchell. M= Violet Elurette Mitchell nee Wiles. sp= May Wiles. VII, 4. # 22

Mitchell, Margaret Gloria Joyce bap 7/8/1926. b 4/9/1926. F- Joseph B. Mitchell. M= Amy I. Mitchell nee Parkinson. sp= Paul J. Feres and Vida Barbuena. VII, 36 #246

Mitchell, Veronica Pearl bap 8/21/1928. b 7/12/1923. sp= Thelma Hall. Adopted from Maxfield Park House by Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mitchell. VII, 86 #591

Moncrieffe, George Augustus bap 9/21/1926. b 8/20/1926. F= Alfred Moncrieffe. M= Margaret Moncrieffe nee Hemmings. sp= James M. Benjamin and Mrs. Lucy Harris. VII, 40 #274

Moncrieffe, Louise Livingston bap 6/28/1928. b 4/14/1928. F= Alfred Moncrieffe. M= Margaretta Moncrieffe nee Hemmings. sp= Mrs. Lucy Harris. VII, 84 #575

Monfries (alias Mrs. Hibbert), Gwendolyn Izatta Veronica bap 4/7/1930. b 3/23/1907. F= Arthur Monfries. M= Edith Monfries nee Allen. R1 was Wesleyan. VII, 120 #828. mar Huntley Ezechiel Hibbert in St. Anne's Ch. 4/7/1930. Witnesses J. M. Benjamin and Mrs. Wilhelmina DePass.

Moodie, Sylvester Constantine bap 12/12/1930. b 10/25/1921. F= Harris Moodie. M= Vera Moodie nee Gordon. R3 Anglican. Birth Regn BE/AA1241. VII, 140 #966.

Moore (Mrs.), Angelina Anna bap 1/23/1926. b 6/1863. F= Thomas Smith. M= Sarah Smith nee Thomas. R1. Was Baptist. VII, 23 #157

Morales, Ludlow Joseph bap 1/24/1928. b 1/9/1928. F= Felix Morales. M= Mabel Morales nee Deleon. sp= Sadie Uter. VII, 72 #491. married Theresa Leonie Richards in Holary Rosary Ch. 1955.

Morant, Byron Lord John bap 9/8/1925. b 10/12/1917. F= Caleb Morant. M= Constantia Morant nee White. R2 in Public Hospital with consent of mother an Anglican. Died next day. VII, 13 # 90

Morant, Calbert Logan Joseph bap 6/2/1926. b 7/21/1916. F= Calbert Morant. M= Constantia Morant nee White. R3 was Anglican. VII, 32 #221

Morley, Mabel Anna bap 11/13/1926. b 7/1898. F= William Morley. M= Elizabeth Morley nee Allison. R1 was Anglican. VII 44 #303

Morris, Leonard Sylvester bap 7/26/1928. b 6/7/1928. F= Luther Augustus Morris. M= Gertrude Lopez sp= Mrs. Emma Fagan. VII, 85 #587

Morrison, James bap 8/9/1928. b 6/5/1928. F= Theophilus Morrison. M= Maria Bourke. sp= James Dunn. VII, 86 #589

Morrison, Joseph Roy bap 7/2/1925. b 5/25/1925. F= Ernest Morrison. M= Catherine Green. sp= Mary Cole. VII, 9 #58

Moss, Daphne Louise bap 10/13/1927. b 6/13/1927. F= Lionel Reuben Moss. M= Elfreda Louise Moss nee Josephs. sp= Eugenie White. VII, 66 #451

Mowatt, Lewis Fancis bap 7/15/1930. b 3/15/1930. F= Carlos Mowatt. M= Evelyn Nelson. sp= David Farrier and Lucy Farrier. VII, 128 #884

Mudahy, Norma Maria bap 11/29/1928. b 10/5/1928. F= Joseph Mudahy. M= Maria Mudahy nee Williams. sp = Mrs. Josefita Feres. VII, 90 #621

Murray, Blanche Imogene bap 6/2/1926. b 6/9/1902. F= Adam Murray. M= Melissa Murray nee Robinson. R4. VII, 31 #213. mar Cyril Reginald Vera. See Vera.

Murray, Frederick Joseph bap 2/27/1930. b 1/23/1930. F= Frederick Murray. M= May Murray nee Tyndell. sp= Mrs. Agatha Steadman. VII, 118 #814

Murray, Jacynth Eugenie Mary bap 5/10/1928. b 2/5/1921. F= Harold James Murray. M= Eva May Murray nee Fletcher. R3 was Anglican. VII, 80 #551

Murray, Keith Alfonso bap 3/20/1928. b 12/30/1927. F= Roland Murray. M= Geraldine Murray nee Brown. sp= Robert Forbes Sr. VII, 74 #511

Murray, Roy Augustine bap 3/20/1928. b 12/30/1927. F= Roland Murray. M= Geraldine Murray nee Brown. sp= S. H. Greenwood and Mrs. Emeline Greenwood. VII, 74 #510.

Murray, Violet Theresa bap 6/28/1927. b 10/8/1914. F= Alexander Murray. M= Clementina Murray nee Williams. R1. Pupil at St. Anthony's School. Was "dedicated" by Salvation Army. VII, 61 #415

Myers (or Morrison), Rosetta bap 5/24/1929. Age 43 years. R2 in Victoria Ward, Public Hospital. Died May 26. VII, 101 #699



Nedd, Leonard Cornelius bap 10/14/1928. b 7/17/1881. F= Benjamin Nedd. M= Caroline Nedd nee Boyd. R2 at 5 Penn At. Was Anglican. VII, 88 #605

Neil, Lena Veronica bap 12/15/1928. b 5/24/1915. F= Clifford Neil. M= Ethel Austin. R3. Was Presbyterian. VII, 91 #630

Nelson, Basil Joseph bap 5/16/1929. b 8/11/1914. F= Walter Nelson. M= Catherine Nelson nee Thomas. R3. Supposedly bap RC in Panama. VII, 100 #691

Nelson, Charles Washington bap 4/14/1928. b 7/22/1888. F= Frederick A. Nelson. M= Sarah Hall. R4. Infant baptism record not found. VII, 78 #534. mar Lydia Nora Morris in St. Anne's 4/15/1928. Witnesses Harold B. Brown and Josselyn M. Nelson.

Nelson, Cynthia bap 4/13/1929. b 4/29/1920. F= Charles Nelson. M= Cecilia Nelson nee Donaldson. R3 was Anglican. VII, 98 #675

Nelson, Vivian Augustus bap 5/7/1925. b 3/25/1925. F= Charles Augustus Nelson. M= Mercian Estina Nelson nee Donaldson. sp= Louisa Gour. VII, 2 #13

Neureline, Vernon Aloysius bap 12/16/1927. b 9/15/1927. F= Joseph Neureline. M= May Bonner (125 Princess St). R2. VII, 70 #482

Nicholson, Ivy Cecilia bap 9/28/1926. b 5/7/1926. F= Charles Nicholson. M= Imogene Nicholson nee Binger. sp= Mrs. C. E. Huggard.

Nixon, Emelena Agatha bap 7/15/1930. b 4/16/1930. F= Samuel Nixon. M= Miriam Beathley. sp= Daniel Adams and Amy Adams. VII, 128 #886

Nurse (Mrs.), Mary Drusilla bap 3/6/1926. b 8/19/1882. F= Walter Edwards. M- Catharine Edwards nee Harris. R1 was Anglican. VII, 25 #172

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