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The following abbreviations are used in these pages.

b = birth

bap = baptism

chr= christened

F= father

M = mother

RC = Roman Catholic

sp = sponsor

mar = marriage

res= residence

nee indicates mother's maiden name

Comments from the "Remarks" column are shortened to:

R1 = "bapt. neo-conversa," new convert

R2 = "in articulo mortis," in danger of death

R3 = in preparation for first communion

R4 = in preparation for marriage

All baptisms in Volume VII through June 14, 1930, were by J. S. Knight, S. J., unless otherwise noted.

Dates are in MM/DD/YYYY order

Source: Volume number in Roman numerals, page in cardinals, number order in register preceded by #. Example: VII, 66 #451.

Information in [ ] is editorial and is not in the original register.


Isaacs, Angela Veronica bap 1/27/1927. b 10/11/1926. F= Arnold Isaacs. M= Dahlia Gibson. sp= Edmund L. Black and Mary E. Williamson. VII, 48 #331

Ivery, Revella Veronica bap 2/2/1926. b 4/5/1925. F= Hubert Ivery. M= Prestwidge, Elizabeth. sp= Miss Hawthorn. VII, 24 #163

Ivy, Unia Teresa bap 12/11/1925. b 10/26/1917. F= Cyril Ivy. M= Frances Hollingsworth. R3. VII, 20 #138


Jackson, Harrington Aloysius bap 6/13/1929. b 3/27/1929. F= Henry Jackson. M= Alberta Jackson nee Dawes. sp= Louise Jacobs. VII, 102 #704

Jackson, Iris Anna bap 4/13/1929. b 4/6/1918 at Fish Hook, Maroon Town. F= William Jackson. M= Ada Allen. R3 was Baptist. VII, 98 #677. mar Harold Finlay, in Holy Cross 12/26/1945.

Jackson, Joseph bap 9/21/1929. b 9/16/1929. M= Emily Jackson. (res 4 miles, Spanish Town Road). R2 in Public Hospital. Marked Baptist. VII, 109 #750

Jackson, Lascelles Ambrose bap 12/14/1929. b 9/3/1921. F= Naaman Jackson. M= Eliza Thomas. R3 was Anglican. VII, 112 #775. mar Una Edwards in Porus.

Jackson, Linton Aloysius bap 5/27/1926. b 3/5/1926. F= Henry L. Jackson. M= Albertha Jackson nee Dawes. sp= Louise Jacobs. VII, 31 #210

Jackson, Mary Theresa bap 4/13/1929. b 1/10/1918. F= Charles Jackson. M= Ada Jackson nee Clarke. R3 was Anglican. VII, 98 #674

Jaicery, John (an East Indian). bap 2/14/1927. Age abt 87 yrs. R2 at Clarence Lane, Craigtown. Was Baptist. VII, 50 #339

James, Aloysius bap 12/8/1926. A few days old. F= ____ James. M= Elfreda Watson. sp= Freda Chambers. R2. VII, 46 #314

James, Catherine bap 4/25/1925. b March ?. Age 29 years [b 1896]. F= William James. M=Mary James nee Mills. R1. VII, 1 #6

James, Dorrene Agatha bap 12/12/1930. b 2/26/1923. F= Albert James. M= Amy Levermore. R3 Anglican. VII, 140 #970

James, Lena bap 1/22/1927. Age abt 7 yrs. F=? M= Ethel Roberts. R2 Public Hospital. Address 4a Sligo St., Brownstown, Kingston. VII, 48 #327

James, Mary bap 4/25/1925. Age 50 yrs. [b 1875]. VII, 1 #4

James, Maud Veronica bap 6/17/1927. b 10/1898. F= Richard James. M= Ann Hill. R1 was Anglican. VII, 60 #411

Jappa, Daphne Theresa bap 6/20/1929. b 4/11/1929. F= John H. Jappa. M= Leonora Jappa nee Williams. sp= Mrs. Louisita Norman. VII, 103 #709

Jappa, Joseph Oswald bap 4/6/1926. b 3/2/1926. F= John Harding Jappa. M= Leanora Jappa nee Williams. sp= Mrs. Lousita Norman. Non-RC parents, but baby is to be raised by the godmother. VII, 28 #188

Jarrett, Dudley Joseph bap 4/13/1929. b 3/26/1917. F= Thomas Jarrett. M= Miriam Chambers. R3. VII, 98 #673

Jinnins (Jennings), Cathleen Agatha Veronica bap 5/26/1925. b 4/28/1925. F= Lionel Jinnins. M= Gwendolyn Susie Porter (Potter). sp= Miriam Brock (Mrs.) VII, 6 #38

Johnson, Cassandra Zenora Ann bap 2/15/1929. b 6/3/1903. F= Frederick Johnon. M= Martha Johnson nee Shepherd. R2 in Public Hospital. Was Anglican. VII, 94 #646

Johnson, Ethel Maude bap 6/17/1929. b 3/9/1872. F= James Johnson. M= Mary Johnson nee Johnston. sp= Elizabeth Pajaro (Honorary). R1 was Anglican. VII, 102 #706

Johnson, Florence bap 11/28/1927. b 10/30/1880. F= Robert Johnson. M= Mary Brownville. R2 at 71 Slipe Road. Was Anglican. VII, 69 #470

Johnson, Henry Allen bap 11/20/1928. b 3/1884. F= Henry Allen Johnson. M= Hester Johnson nee Green. R2 at Hunt's Bay. Was Anglican. VII, 90 #619

Johnson, Joseph Denham bap 11/25/1926. b 10/14/1925. F= John Johnson. M= Esther Johnson nee Gordon. sp= Blanche Cargill. VII, 45 #307

Johnson, Joyce Sylvia Anna bap 5/12/1925. b 2/4/1925. F= Thaddeus Johnson. M= Sybil Wright. sp= Mrs. M. Brown. VII, 3 # 18

Johnson, Leon George bap 2/19/1929. b 4/2/1928. F= Vivian Johnson. M= Eugenie Waul. sp= Virginia Waul. VII, 94 #648

Johnson, Rhoda Mary bap 3/27/1928. Age abt 40 yrs. F= Samuel Johnson. M= Catherine Johnson nee Gardner. R2 in Public Hospital. Was Baptist. Address 17 Beeston St. VII, 76 #525

Johnson, Theresa Leane bap 10/16/1930. b 5/9/1930. F= J. H. Johnson. M= E. M. Gordon (Johnson). sp= Carmen Gray and A. A. Bell. VII, 136 #938

Jones, Charles Edward bap 3/3/1928. b 2/21/1919. F= Cyril Jones. M= Rebecca Jones nee Brown. Was chr. Anglican. Adopted by Adeline Amos. VII, 73 #504

Jones, Gloria Antoinette bap 12/9/1930. b 10/23/1930. F= Zachariah Jones. M= Cecilia Nelson (Mrs.) nee Donaldson. sp= Winston Nelson and Mary Jane Branch. VII, 139 #962

Jones, Lloyd Joseph bap 3/12/1930. Age 3 years. M= Florence Henry (29 Rodney Street). R2 in Public Hospital. Marked Anglican. VII, 119 #821

Jones, Nevile James bap 7/24/1930. b 5/9/1930. F= Hameld Jones. M= Rita Davis. sp= Robert Forbes and Geradin Murray. VII, 129 #889

Joseph, Ambrose Sylvester bap 8/20/1925. b 5/30/1924. F= Petral Josiah Joseph. M= Anita Joseph nee Lewis. sp= Uriah Hall and Mrs. J. McLarty. VII, 12 #84


Keene, Alma Theresa bap 11/1/1927. b 9/29/1927. F= Louis Augustus Keene. M= Grace Maud Keene nee Leach. sp= Louise Jacobs. VII, 68 #464

Keene, Alroy Augustine bap 12/11/1930. b 11/7/1930. F= Louis A. Keene. M= Grace Keene nee Leach. sp = Ivy M. Hall. VII, 139 #963

Kelly, Mary Rebecca bap 4/12/1929. b 1/8/1928. F= Ezechiel Kelly. M= Agatha Laing. sp = George Bryan. VII, 97 #666

Kidal, Samuel bap 10/29/1928. b 5/14/1924. F= Kidal (East Indian). M= Sugara (East Indian, married in India.) R2 at request of parents in Public Hospital. Had been injured by motor car. VII, 89 #616.

Kim, Thaddeus bap 3/28/1928. b 3/6/1896. F= William Kim. M= Anne Marsden. R2 in Whitfield Pen. Was Anglican. VII, 76 #523

King, Aloysius bap 6/17/1930. b 4/24/1930. F= William King. M= Lydia King. sp= Herman Candell and Adeline Anderson. VII, 125 #863

Kirby, Alphonso bap 12/11/1925. b 5/8/1918. F= Jeremiah Kirby. M= Bernice Kirby nee Soares. R3. VII, 19 #133

Kirkpatrick, Herbert Aloysius bap 5/11/1928. b 8/9/1918. F= Nathaniel Kirkpatrick. M= Rosa Kirkpatrick nee Patten. R3 was Anglican. VII, 80 #553

Knibbs, Gladys Lena bap 8/5/1925. b 11/4/1894. F= Clifford Knibbs. M= Esther Virgo. R2. Died the same day. VII, 11 #74

Kong, Mary Dorothy Imogene bap 7/16/1925. b 6/23/1925. F= Ernest Kong. M= Violet Ahwee. sp= Alexander A. Gray (Snr.) and Mrs. Maude Chin. VII, 10 #68


Lake, Monroe Joseph bap 4/9/1927. b 10/29/1925. F= Horatio Lake. M= Rebecca Lake nee McCormick. R3 was Anglican. Attends St. Anthony's School. VII, 55 #375

Langley, Julia bap 7/27/1925. b 11/11/1879. F= Walter Langley. M- Louise Jones. R1. Said to have been bap RC in infancy in Sav-la-mar. No record found. VII, 10 #70

Larmond, Rosetta Veronica bap 3/22/1927. b 3/6/1918. F=unknown. M=unknown. sp= Christopher Soracca and Ruby Passley. Adopted from the Maxfield Park Home by Mrs. Eugena Larmond. VII, 52 #358

Latimer, Ruby bap 6/20/1927. Age 7 yrs. M= Eliza Jolly, res. 21 Maiden Lane. R2 in Public Hospital. Marked Baptist. VII, 60 #412

Latore, Joseph Samuel bap 5/5/1928. b 7/3/1908. F= Cornelius Latore. M= Olivia Latore nee Francis. R1 was Wesleyan. VII, 79 #541. mar Mary Robinson 6/24/1933 in St. Anne's Ch. Witnesses Leslie Constable and Josephine Russell

Lawrence, George Francis bap 12/17/1925. b 7/16/1887. F= John Lawrence. M= Jestina Williams. R4. Supposed to have been bap in infancy. Record not found. VII, 21 #141. mar Beatrice Elizabeth Minto, St. Anne's Church, Kgn., 12/17/1925. Witnesses Alexander A. Gray and Irene Louise Duval.

Lawrence, Lilian Mary bap 6/4/1929. Age 2 months. F= William Lawrence. M= Adina Lawrence. R2 Public Hospital. Marked Anglican. VII, 102 #701

Lawrence, Veronica Elizabeth bap 11/10/1925. b 6/3/1925. F= Joseph Lawrence. M= Roslyn Lawrence nee Marshall. sp= P. Perry. VII, 17 #117

Layden, Emmanuel Augustus bap 9/5/1929. b 1/10/1888. F= Henry Layden. M= Charlotte Layden nee McDonald. R2 at 21 Heywood. Was Anglican.

Lazarus, Charles Henry bap 1/3/1928. b 3/5/1875. F= Charles P. Lazarus. M= Theresa Henry. R2 in Public Hospital. Anglican. VII, 71 #484

Lee, Herbert bap 8/9/1927. Age 3 yrs. M= Adassa Harris. R2 in Public Hospital. Marked Anglican. Mother's address 98 Spanish Town Rd. VII, 63 #430

Lee, Joseph Augustus bap 11/9/1926. b 7/4/1920. F= Abraham Lee. M= Rosian Reid. sp= Mrs. Mary Cole. VII, 44 #301

Lee, Oswald Charles bap 12/11/1925. b 10/9/1914. F= Francis Lee. M= Emma Lee nee Chin. R3. VII, 20 #134. mar Lena Chin in May Pen 1958.

Lee Shue, Francis Ivanhoe bap 3/13/1928. b 1/17/1928. F= John Lee Shue. M=Mary Lee Shue nee Chin Thin Tai. sp= Alexander Gray and Louisita Lorman. VII, 74 #506

Lemard, Gertrude bap 2/13/1927. b 12/17/1884. F= Joseph Lemard. M= Rebecca Lemard nee Reid. R2 at 7 Oxford St. Was Anglican. VII, 49 #338

Lemont, James Nathaniel bap 9/23/1930. b 8/6/1930. F= James Nathaniel Lemont. M= Louisa Bernard. sp= Mrs. Natha Patton. VII, 134 #926. mar Shirley Gordon 1956.

Lemont, Edley Joseph bap 3/2/1926. b 1/20/1926. F= James Lemont. M= Louisa Lemont nee Bernard. sp= Catherine Ibbott. VII, 25 #171

Lennan, Eloise bap 7/15/1929. Age 5 weeks. M= Mary Lennan. R2 in Public Hospital. Died next day. VII, 104 #720

Leslie, Charles bap 3/24/1928. Age 9 months. M= Ivy Harrison (8 Orange Lane). R2 Public Hospital. Died next day. VII, 75 #516

Leslie, Cinderella Theresa bap 4/29/1927. b 2/10/1919. F= Samuel E. Leslie. M= Adeline Leslie nee Williams. R3. Was Wesleyan. VII, 56 #384

Leslie, Philip Norman bap 12/15/1928. b 4/2/1921. F= Samuel E. Leslie. M= Adaline R. Green. R3. Was Anglican. VII, 91 #628. mar Pearline Tyrell, Holy Cross 4/10/1946.

Levene, Josiah Nathaniel bap 8/26/1930. b 6/13/1930. F= William Levene. M= Alvira Levene nee Grant. sp= Hanna Boyden. VII, 132 #913. mar Victoria Elizabeth Richards 1988

Levene, Mary Emeline bap 2/11/1926. b 12/27/1925. F= William Levene. M= Alvira Levene nee Grant. sp= George Bryan and Louise Jacobs. VII, 25 #169

Levy, Horace Anthony bap 8/11/1930. b 7/17/1930. F= Adrian Adolph. M= Ida Louise Levy nee Nosworthy. sp= A. A. Campbell and Anne Nairne. (Cynthia Nosworthy proxy). Parents res Spanish Town. VII, 131 #903 Ordained subdeacon 6/11/1959. Pronounced solemn vows in Innsbruck, Austria 8/15/1963.

Lewis, (Mrs.) Annie bap 10/3/1925. b 12/9/1853. F= Joseph Lewis. M= Mary Ann Lewis nee Thomas. R1. A widow. Her husband's name was Janson but she now uses her maiden name. VII, 15 #103

Lewis, (Mrs.) Curline Elizabeth bap 3/13/1926. Abt 28 yrs old. F= Robert Taylor. M= Clementina Taylor nee Ewell. R1 was Anglican. VII, 26 #179.

Lewis, Enid Veronica bap 7/31/1930. b 4/24/1930. F= James Lewis. M= Gwendolyn Young. sp= Penelope Jesquitt. VII, 130 #897

Lewis, Henry Aloysius bap 4/9/1927. b 11/1/1914. F= Edward A. Lewis. M= Thamar Lewis nee Gayle. R3 was Anglican. Attends St. Anthony's School. VII, 55 #376

Lewis, Margaret bap 7/12/1930. b 3/15/1870. F= Robert Lewis. M= Harriet Lewis. R1 Anglican. VII, 128 #883

Lewis (or Lewin), Obediah bap 10/13/1925. About 40 years old. [b 1885]. R2 in Public Hospital. VII, 16 #106

Lewis, Randolph Ignatius bap 12/14/1929. b 6/23/1917. F= James Lewis. M= Louise Curtin. R3 was Anglican. VII, 113 #780. mar Mable Nerissa Kennedy in Spanish Town.

Lewis, Violet Mary bap 6/2/1926. b 11/14/1915. F= Charles Lewis. M= Maggie Lewis nee French. R3. was Anglican. VII, 32 #217

Lightbourne, Coseta Veronica bap 4/25/1925. b 1/3/1896. F= Jacob Lightbourne. M=Jestina Nelson. R1. VII, 1 #2

Lim, Ruby Theresa bap 5/9/1930. b 9/30/1921. F= William Lin. M= Curline Reid. R3 Anglican. VII, 122 #840

Lindo, Adrian Emmanuel bap 5/27/1930. b 4/8/1930. F= Clinton Lindo. M= Clarissa Lindo nee Gibson. sp= Mariana Domingue

Lindsay, Alice bap 7/30/1926. Age 6 months. M= Bell Graham. R2 Public Hospital. VII, 38 #257

Lindsay, Arthur bap 1/21/1928. Age abt 45 yrs. F= Egbert Lindsay. M= Sarah Morais. R2 in Public Hospital. Was Anglican. VII, 71 #490

Lloyd, Ada bap 9/30/1929. b 3/1901. F= John Lloyd. M= Ellen Lloyd nee Garvey. R2 in Public Hospital. Was Wesleyan. VII, 109 #754

Lloyd, Roy Nicholas bap 4/12/1929. b 5/24/1914. F= Edmund Lloyd., M= Katie Taylor. R3 was Anglican. VII, 97 #669

Lockard, Florence Matilda Mary bap 3/17/1928. b 3/1890. F= Ezechiel Lockard. M= Annie Walters. R1 was Anglican. VII, 74 #508

Loken, Basil Leonard bap 3/4/1930. b 6/9/1929 at 51 Greenwich Road, St. Andrew. F= Edward Loken. M= Alberta Dowie. sp= Uriah Hall. VII, 118 #815

Loken, Veronica Maria bap 3/4/1930. b 9/27/1927. F= Edward Loken. M= Alberta Dowie. sp= Uriah Hall. VII, 118 #816

Longman, Edward bap 9/12/1930. b 7/26/1883. F= Thomas Longman. M= Mary Taylor. sp= Nicholas Longman. R2. Was Methodist. VII 133 #919

Lopez, Constantia Euphina bap 9/21/1926. b 4/26/1926. F= Theophilus Lopez M= Ann Lopez nee Davis. sp= Mrs. C. Armstrong. VII, 41 #277

Lopez, Daisy Mary bap 4/26/1929. Age 14 years. R2 Public Hospital. VII, 99 #686

Lopez, Isaac Fonseca bap 5/15/1926. b 10/25/1871. F= Asher Lopez. M= Henrietta Lopez nee Marshall. R2 Public Hospital. Had been regular attendant at Mass. VII, 30 #207

Lord (Mrs.), Jestina Agnes Amelia bap 3/25/1929. b 1/18/1893. F= Joseph Bethune. M= Christiana Bethune. R1 was Baptist. VII, 96 #661

Lord, Vivian Nicholas bap 2/3/1927. b 6/20/1926. F= William Lord. M= Helen Lord nee McGaw. sp= Joy Hugg. VII, 49 #333

Lyew, Rupert David bap 1/27/1927. b 12/11/1926. F= Thomas Lyew. M= Matilda Lyew nee Ross. sp= Sylvia Carr. VII, 48 #329. mar Nicole R. Chung, in Pennsylvania USA 1962.

Lynch, Cynthia Louise bap 5/12/1915. b 3/18/1925. F= James Lynch. M= Ruth Hutchinson. sp= Nellie Jones. VII, 3 # 17

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