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The following abbreviations are used in these pages.

b = birth

bap = baptism

chr= christened

F= father

M = mother

RC = Roman Catholic

sp = sponsor

mar = marriage

res= residence

nee indicates mother's maiden name

Comments from the "Remarks" column are shortened to:

R1 = "bapt. neo-conversa," new convert

R2 = "in articulo mortis," in danger of death

R3 = in preparation for first communion

R4 = in preparation for marriage

All baptisms in Volume VII through June 14, 1930, were by J. S. Knight, S. J., unless otherwise noted.

Dates are in MM/DD/YYYY order

Source: Volume number in Roman numerals, page in cardinals, number order in register preceded by #. Example: VII, 66 #451.

Information in [ ] is editorial and is not in the original register.


Gale, Estellia Victoria bap 8/2/1927. b 5/2/1927. F= Purcell Gale. M= Clara Stephens. sp= Emma Fegan. VII, 62 #427.

Gallar, Gloria Cynthia bap 10/21/1930. b 8/31/1929. F= Caleb Gallar. M= Lurline May Norman. sp= Eyrie Moncrieffe and Mrs. Lillian Smikle. VII, 136 #939

Garcia (adopted), Gloria Agnes Elaine bap 3/14/1929. b 8/7/1928. M= Margaret Calmik. sp= Amanda Valverde. Mother of baby inmate of Alms House. Adopted by Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Garcia. VII, 96 #659

Garcia, Gordon Aloysius bap 1/24/1929. b 6/12/1925. F= William Garcia. M= Violet Garcia nee Feurtado. R1. Had been chr Anglican. VII, 92 #636

Garcia, Winston Joseph bap 1/24/1929. b 10/29/1924. F= William Garcia. M= Violet Garcia nee Feurtado. R1. Had been chr Anglican. VII, 92 #635

Gardener, Pearline Mary bap 5/24/1929. Age 3 years. Guardian= Mabel Allen. R2 in Children's Ward of Public Hospital. Died same day. VII, 101 #698

Garrigues, Una Nicola bap 12/10/1927. b 1/14/1914. F= Frank Garrigues. M= Ida Garrigues nee Hemming. R3. Was Prebyterian. VII, 69 #475

Gayle, Simeon bap 8/11/1929. b 8/4/1876. F= Henry Gayle. M= Elizabeth Fairclough. R2 at 14 Befford St., Admiral Town. Was Baptist. VII, 106 #731

Gayleard, Hilda Eliza bap 1/25/1930. b 3/15/1889. F= Christopher Gayleard. M= Emily Gayleard nee Pratt. R4. Record of infant baptism at Holy Trinity not found. VII, 116 #799. mar George Henry Trout 1/25/1930.

Gaynor, Imogene bap 11/24/1926 Age 19 yrs. R2 Public Hospital. Had been under instruction by Sister Sylvia. VII 45 #304

Genius, Gloria Maria bap 9/16/1930. b 8/16/1930. F= Daniel Genius. M= Violet Solomon. sp= Marie Stennett. VII, 133 #920

Gentles, Mary Agatha bap 6/2/1930. b 5/20/1930. F= Hartley Gentles. M= Catherine Gentles nee Foster. Bap in Public Hospital at request of mother who was Wesleyan. Was having convulsions. VII, 124 #857

Geohegan, Charles Herbert bap 6/29/1925. b 12/10/1898. R2 in Public Hospital. Died a few days later. VII, 8 #53

Gibbons, Caroline bap 9/19/1928. Age 35 years. F= Matthew Gibbons. M= Catherine True. R2 at 93 Luke Lane. Was Anglican. VII, 87 #599

Gibbons, Theresa Dolores bap 9/9/1930. b 7/2/1930. F= Huber Gibbons. M= Christine Riley. sp= Phanl Feres and Irmo Riley. VII, 133 #916

Gibson, Daisy Veronica bap 4/25/1925. b 5/10/1907. F=Alfred Gibson. M= Adaline Francis. R1. VII, 1 #5

Gibson, Leopold Charles bap 12/14/1929. b 8/20/1916. F= Robert Gibson. M= Hannah Miller. R3 was Anglican. VII, 112 #774

Glaves, Percival Joseph bap 2/5/1930. Age about 6 months. R2 Public Hospital. No record of parents. VII, 117 #804

Godishaw, Bruno bap 10/6/1927. b 7/23/1927. F= George Godishaw. M= Gwendolyn Young. sp= Penelope Josquit. VII, 66 #450

Goldson, Gladstone George bap 7/5/1927. b 5/14/1927. M= Amie Cecily Goldson. sp= Augustus Cephas and Viola Clay. VII, 61 #420

Gooden, Eva Corinth bap 10/9/1930. b 8/12/1930. F= Ernest Gordon. M= Ivy Frances. sp= Josefita Feres. Mother attends convert class. VII, 136 #936

Goodman, Ignatius Ludlow Beecham bap 3/23/1926. b 11/9/1925. F= John Goodman. M= Alma Bryan. sp= George M. Sanguinetti and Doris Williams, VII, 27 #183

Gordon, Caleb Carlton Joseph bap 10/9/1929. b 12/12/1902. F= Samuel Gordon. M= Jane Gordon nee Gooden. Bap in absence of record of infant baptism in Brown's Town. VII, 110 #758. mar Angelina Clarke in St. Anne's Ch. 10/9/1929. Witnesses William Reid and Gladys Thompson.

Gordon, Daisy Ann bap 1/18/1929. b 11/19/1927. F= Arnold Gordon. M= Irene Mills. R2. Had been chr Anglican. VII, 93 #639

Gordon, Earl Lee Aloysius bap 1/21/1930. b 1221/1929. F= Daniel Gordon. M= Doris Gordon nee Moses. sp= Mrs. Edith Wilson. VII, 115 #796

Gordon, Edward William bap 1/22/1927. b 11/16/1869. F= Edward William Gordon. M= Eliza James. R1 was Anglican. VII, 48 #325. mar Susan Adina Smith in St. Anne's Ch. 1/22/1927. Witnesses J. M. Benjamin and Mrs. Elizabeth Pajaro.

Gordon, May Marcella bap 7/30/1925. b 1/16/1925. F= James Gordon. M- Mary Ann Besento. sp= Augustus Cephas and Veronica Cephas. VII, 11 #71

Gordon, Rudolph Aloysius bap 7/12/1928. b 3/29/1928. F= Joseph Gordon. M= Hilda Gordon nee Tulloch. sp= Iris Costley. VII, 84 #579

Gordon, Ruth bap 4/3/1928. Age 1 year. M= Ruth Thomas (24 Slipe Road). R2 in Public Hospital. Anglican. VII, 77 #530

Gordon, William bap 6/14/1930. b 7/6/1907. F= Julius Gordon. M= Annie Gordon nee Williams. sp= Aubrey Hamilton. Was Baptist. VII, 125 #860

Graham, Ramdio Joseph bap 9/20/1928. Age 1 1/2 years. F= Samuel Graham. R2 in Public Hospital. Marked Wesleyan. VII, 87 #602

Grant, Alberga Henrietta bap 9/23/1930. b 9/8/1930. F= Joshua E. Grant. M= Adie Hylton. sp= Freda Chamteen. VII, 134 #928

Grant, Albertha Agatha bap 11/4/1926. b 9/26/1926. F= Charles A. Grant. M= Grace Grant nee Lewis. sp= James M. Benjamin and Mathilda Battiste. VII, 43 #297. mar John Malcolm, St. Anne's Ch., 2/2/1949. Witnesses Ivan Grant and Gladys Carr.

Grant, Aston Wilberforce Joseph bap 7/15/1925. b 7/27/1915. F= Charles Augustus Grant. M= Lilian Sterling. sp= Christopher Soracca. R2. Ex-Anglican. At request of father. VII, 10 #67

Grant, Eugenia Mary bap 3/24/1928. b 8/3/1906. F= Abraham Grant. M= Miriam Fraser. R1 was Presbyterian. VII, 75 #515. mar James Thaddeus Whittaker, in St. Anne's Ch. 8/18/1930. Witnesses Eyrie Moncrieffe and Maud Vasper

Grant, Herbert Aloysius bap 7/8/1926. b 6/15/1926. F= Joseph A. Grant. M= Iris Grant nee Williams. sp= Iris Dennison. VII, 36 #244

Grant, Joseph Augustus bap 6/16/1925. b 5/31/1925. F= Christopher Grant. M= Hannah Barnett. sp= Adela Insular. VII, p. 7 #44

Grant, Joslyn Alexander bap 12/14/1929. b 2/27/1918. F= Simeon Grant. M= Cecilia Grant nee Hamilton. R3 was Salvation Army. VII, 113 #782

Grant, Meredith Pearl Mary bap 10/23/1928. b 9/8/1928. F= Richard N. Grant. M= Iris A. Grant nee Sinclair. sp= Mrs. M. A. Moncrieffe. VII, 89 #610

Grant, Olive Lucy Delfena bap 2/2/1926. b 10/4/1925. F= Robert Grant. M= Pearlena Henry. sp= Mrs. Lucy Harris. VII, 24 #164

Grant, (adopted by Clemetson), Olivier Francis bap 4/23/1929. b 4/16/1928. F= James Grant. M= Amanda Grant nee Patterson. sp= Mrs. Henrietta Clemetson. Adopted by the godmother Mrs. Clemetson. VII, 99 #683

Grant, Oswald Joseph Beresford bap 9/21/1926. b 8/26/1926. F= Richard N. Grant. M= Iris A. Grant nee Sinclair. sp= Margaret Moncrieffe. VII, 40 #275. mar Edna Maria Haughton, St. Anne's Ch. 5/15/1954. "Marriage declared null, 8/20/1970."

Grant, Raphael bap 4/28/1930. Age 7 months. M= Eva Campbell (14 Drummond St.) R2 in Public Hospital. Marked Baptist. VII, 121 #835

Grant, Sylvia Dolores bap 3/11/1930. b 1/27/1930. F= Richard Grant. M= Iris Grant nee Sinclair. sp= Margaret Moncrieffe. VII, p. 119 #820

Gray, Enid Ann bap 5/9/1930. b 12/2/1918. F= Charles Gray. M= Jane Lyons. R3 Anglican. VII, 122 #845

Gray Pauline bap 8/23/1929. Small baby. R2 in Public Hospital. Of East Indian parentage. Died later. VII, 107 #736

Gray, Winston bap 7/13/1927. Age 18 months. R2 in Public Hospital. Guardian noted on tickets as Naomi Duff. VII, 62 #423

Green, Ignatius Roy bap 6/14/1927. b 5/27/1927. F= Charles Green. M= Claris Hamilton. sp= Mrs. Mary Cole. VII, 60 #407

Green, Lydia Eliza Agnes bap 7/14/1929. b 12/26/1896. F= James Green. M= Ada Martin. sp= Mrs. Emma Reid (honorary). bap in absence of record of infant bap at Mrs. Doorley's Mission, Farm Hill, St. Ann. VII, 104 #718

Green, Stanley Alexander bap 9/18/1928. b 7/4/1907. F= Hubert Green. M= Henrietta Aarons. R2 in Public Hospital. Was Anglican. VII, 87 #598

Greenwood, Frank Lloyd bap 6/9/1925. b 7/8/1918. F= Stephen Greenwood. M= Lila Clarke. sp= Aloysius Grey. VII p. 6 #41. mar Dorothy Hayden, St. Anthony of Padua, Bronx, N.Y. 3/21/1959.

Gregory, Fitzgerald Anthony bap 5/16/1929. b 10/25/1916. F= Paul Gregory. M= Ellen Gregory. R3. VII, 100 #690

Grey, Lina bap 11/8/1930. b 8/23/1909. F= Henry Gray. M= Martha Briggs. sp= Alexander Gray and Eugenia White. R1. VII, 137 #949

Grey, Stanislaus Gerald Montague bap 10/14/1926. b 6/15/1926. F= Frank Grey. M=Veta Grey nee Williams. sp= Mrs. Josefita Feres. VII, 42 #287

Grizzle, Ivy Mary bap 4/29/1927. b 1/16/1916. F= Alfred Grizzle. M= Avadbey Smith. R3. Was Anglican. VII, 56 #386. mar Hubert Hemmings in Cassava River 8/31/1941. Witnesses Arnold Creary and Ethlyn Hope.

Grue, Lucille bap 12/9/1926. Age 8 months. M= Eliza Knight. R2 Public Hospital. VII, 46 #315

Gryam, Lileith Maria bap 5/12/1925. b 3/16/1925. F= Joseph Gryam. M= Withel Tobias. sp= Imogene Erskine. VII, 3 #19

Gutzmer, Bartholomew bap 5/10/1928. b 2/2/1918. F= Antonio Gutzmer. M= Constantia Gutzmer nee Lattray. R3. Was Wesleyan


Hall, Cynthia Theresa bap 1/20/1927. b 11/29/1926. F= Horal Hall. M= Doris May Murray. sp= Mrs. Lucy Harris. VII, 47 #324

Hall, Ivy Theresa bap 7/9/1925. b 6/2/1925. F= John Hall. M= Icilda Yates. sp= Alexander A. Gray (Snr) and Eugenie White. VII, 10 #64

Hall, Joyce Mary Hernestine [Ernestine ?] bap 7/15/1930. b 3/30/1930. F= Leonard Hall. M= Adeline McMillan. sp= George Cole and Amy Saunders. VII, 128 #885

Hall, Leebert Augustus Peter bap 9/26/1929. b 7/7/1929. F= Joseph Nathaniel Hall. M= Elgada Louisa Hall nee Thomas. sp= Mrs. Rose Massey. VII, 109 #751

Hall, Mavis Patricia bap 8/6/1929. b 10/4/1928. F= Ralph Hall. M= Maria Kitson. sp Mrs. Jestine Lord. Adopted by the godmother. Mother recently died. VII, 106 #727

Hall, Nora Rita bap 8/14/1930. b 6/29/1930. F= James Hall. M= Elvia Hewitt. sp= Eliza Henry. VII, 132 #910

Hamilton, Gladys Theresa bap 12/10/1927. b 4/19/1924. F= Raphael Hamilton. M= Theodora Henriques nee McDowell. Was born 41 North St., Kingston. Was chr. Anglican. VII, 70 #478. mar Patrick Emanuel Thompson 1952.

Hamilton, Joseph Eremitio bap 8/8/1925. Age 56 yrs. [b 1869]. F= John Hamilton. M= Ann Hamilton. R1, was Wesleyan. VII, 11 #75. mar Louise Florence Maitland, St. Anne's Church, 8/8/1925. Witnesses Alexander A. Gray and Marie Stennett

Hamilton (by adoption) (McLarty), Stanley Roy Antonio bap 12/2/1930. b 8/2/1930. F= Ralph McLarty. M= Ruby Smith. sp= Mrs. Maud Hamilton. Adopted by godmother. VII, 139 #960

Hare (adopted by Ross), Ivy Veronica bap 2/26/1929. b 10/24/1928. F- Enos L. Hare. M= Margaret Reynolds. sp= Mrs. Drusilla Edwards. Adopted by Anita Ross of 22 Woodrow St. Mother left Jamaica. VII, 95 #652

Harris, Clarence George bap 6/26/1930. b 2/25/1930. F= Clarence G. Harris. M= Louise S. Keffery. sp= Amy Sanders. VII, 126 #867

Harris, Levi Emmanuel bap 9/13/1929. b 5/20/1928. F= Levi Harris. M= Jemima Harris nee Manning. sp= Mrs. Eunice Adams. VII, 86 #595

Harris, Rosa bap 7/3/1928. 5 months old. M= Lena Williams (96 Matthew's Lane). R2 in Public hospital. Marked Catholic. VII, 85 #582

Harrison, Alma Theresa bap 10/9/1930. b 7/29/1930. F= Anthelma Harrison. M= Madeline Clough. sp= Annie Goosse. VII, 135 #935

Harrison, Lilian Gertrude bap 9/7/1925. b 3/9/1925. F= Joseph Harrison. M= Petrona Milwood. sp= Lucy Harris. VII, 9 #63

Harrison, Silvia May bap 5/28/1925. b 1/13/1925. F= Alexander Harrison. M= Georgiana Harrison. sp= Joseph Carty and Catherine Johnson. Bap by Father Semmes. VII, 6 #39

Hawes, Joseph Colliston bap 9/1/1930. b 4/18/1930. F= David Hawes. M= Duliscoe Bogie. sp= Daisy Duncan. VII, 133 #915

Hawkins, Douglas Langland bap 9/30/1930. b 4/19/1930. F= Harold Hawkins., M= Clavis Peddler. sp= Cecilia Kirkland. VII, 135 #932

Hawyes (Mrs.), Frances bap 5/31/1928. Age abt 84 years. F= Prince White. M= Fanny Rankin. R1 was Anglican. VII 82 #564.

Hay, Anna Caroline bap 12/14/1928. b 12/10/1899. F= Henry Wright Hay. M= Ann Isabel Hay nee Phillips. R1 was Anglican. VII, p. 91 #626

Heard (Mrs.), Ella bap 12/16/1929. b 6/9/1888. F= Arthur Gray. M= Helen Brissett. R2 in Public Hospital. Died next day. Wesleyan. VII, 114 #785

Hemmings, Ella bap 11/11/1930. Very old. R2 at 18 Madden St. Died 11/13/1930. VII, 138 #954

Henderson, Anita Elizabeth bap 6/291929. b 12/10/1902. F= James A. Henderson. M= Annie E. Henderson nee Barker. sp= Mrs., Cecilia Johnson. R1 was Anglican. VII, 103 #713

Henderson, Veronica Anna bap 5/26/1925. b 4/16/1921. F= ?Eugene Henderson M= Myrtle Foster. sp= Miriam Brock. VII, 5 #31

Henriques, Urith Anne bap 12/15/1928. b 3/5/1919. F= Joseph Henriques. M= Theodora Henriques nee McDonnell. R3. Was Anglican. VII, 92 #631

Henry, Agnes Petrona bap 4/30/1930. b 3/18/1930. F= Samuel Henry. M= Letitia Stewart. sp= Emma Jane Barnett. VII, 120 #825

Henry, Beryl Veronica bap 4/29/1927. b 3/14/1919. F= John Henry. M= Frances Brown. R3 was Baptist. VII, 57 #387. married Leslie Thomas, in St. Theresa 1955

Henry, Cecilia Gloria bap 4/30/1930. b 3/18/1930. F= Samuel Henry. M= Letitia Stewart. sp= Emma Jane Barnett. VII, 120 #826

Henry, Cleaver George Ignatius bap 3/29/1927. b 3/1/1919. F= Thomas Henry. M= Beatrice Henry nee Dixon. sp= Evadney Hemmings. Parent a R1 from Baptist. VII, 53 #360

Henry, Cornelius Francis bap 7/9/1929. b 3/16/1929. F= Vernon Henry. M= Louise Henry nee Kelly. sp= Mrs. Lena Gregory. VII, 104 #716

Henry, Cyrus Augustine bap 11/26/1925. b 5/6/1914. F= Thomas Henry. M= Beatrice Henry nee Dixon. sp= Egbert M. DePass. Father was Baptist. VII, 19 #129

Henry, Daisy Mae Agatha bap 3/29/1927. b 5/20/1916. F= Thomas Henry. M= Beatrice Henry nee Dixon. sp= Evadney Hemmings. Parent R1 from Baptist. VII, 53 #362

Henry, Hilda Gwendolyn Mary Theresa bap 3/29/1927. b 1/4/1913. F= Thomas Henry. M= Beatrice Henry nee Dixon. sp= Evadney Hemmings. Parent R1 from Baptist. VII, 53 #361

Henry, Joseph bap 10/11/1929. Age 1 year 8 months. M=Ceciline Coates (res 17 Rumbo Lane). R2 in Public Hospital. Marked Baptist. VII, 110 #760

Henry (Mrs.) Mary Eliza bap 5/23/1925. b 7/23/1903. F= Charles Findlay. M= Esther Brown. Ra. VII, 5 #29

Henry, Mavis Anna Lindo bap 9/24/1925. b 7/10/1925. F= David E. Henry. M= Rosa Clarke. sp= Mrs. Clarice South. VII, 15 #100

Henry, Thomas Obediah bap 2/6/1926. b 11/22/1875. F= Thomas Henry. M= Elizabeth Henry nee Ramsay. R1. VII, 24 #166.

Henry, Vernon Clarence Peter Carisius bap 1/28/1926. b 10/18/1925. F= Vernon Henry. M= Louise Kelly. sp= Carl Colefield and Marian Henriques. VII, 23 #157

Hepburn, Madeline Veronica bap 10/22/1927. b 8/15/1903. F= Alfred Hepburn. M= Helen Hepburn nee Wilson. sp= Rosetta Webster (honorary) R1 was Presbyterian. Vii, 66 #454

Hewitt, Desmond Aloysius bap 6/24/1926. b 4/1/1926. F= Allan Hewitt. M= Alice Hewitt nee Reid. sp= James M. Benjamin and Mrs. Lucy Harris. VII, 35 #240.

Hibbert, Aloysius Marquis bap 9/30/1926. b 8/30/1926. F= Herman Hibbert. M= Jemima McDonald. sp= James M. Benjamin and Mrs. Jane Hunt. VII, 41 #283

Hibbert, Anthony Lushington bap 4/8/1930. b 2/8/1930. F= Huntley E. Hibbert. M= Gwendolyn I. Hibbert nee Monfries. VII, 120 #829

Hill, Daisy Theresa bap /31/1927. b 3/14/1914. F= William Hill. M= Evelyn Hill nee Scott. sp= Evadney Hemmings. R1 was Anglican. VII, 53 #364

Hill, Loletta Agnes bap 3/31/1927. b 7/20/1918. F= William Hill. M= Evelyn Hill nee Scott. sp= Evadney Hemmings. R1 was Anglican. VII, 53 #363

Hinds, Joseph bap 7/22/1926. b 6/25/1926. F= Mortimer Hinds. M= Susan Wolfe. sp= Georgiana Barnes. VII, 37 #250

Hinds, Joseph Robinson bap 4/21/1930. Age 6 yrs. M= Rebecca Johnson (11 Young St., Smith Village). R2 in Public Hospital. Marked Baptist. VII, 121 #833

Hinds, Martel bap 6/19/1926. Age abt 21 yrs. F= Charles Hinds. M= Louisa Foster. R2 Public Hospital. VII, 35 #237

Hislop, Daphne Mary bap 12/14/1929. b 4/27/1920. F= Rupert Hislop. M= Gwendolyn Reid. R3 was Wesleyan. VII, 113 #777

Holder, Bertie John bap 4/12/1929. b 8/16/1919. F= Percy Holder. M= Tomita Campbell. R3. VII, 97 #672

Holness, Minna Mary bap 8/17/1929. b 1902. F= Isaiah Holness. M= Maria Holness nee Hillman. R2 in Public Hospital. Was Presbyterian. VII, 107 #735

Hoo originally recorded as Chung], Theresa Myrtle bap 5/17/1928. b 4/20/1928. F= Philip Hoo (originally recorded as Chung). M= Clarice James. sp= James M. Benjamin and Doris Hoo Len. VII, 81 #559. mar Dennis Roy Cole, Wiltshire, England.

Hoolen, George Aloysius bap 11/9/1926. b 11/23/1925. F= William Hoolen. M= Doris Hoolen nee Guy. sp= Mrs. Josefita Feres. VII, 45 #302

Hooper, Daniel Alexander bap 10/23/1929. b 1/6/1872. F= Daniel A. Hooper. M= Rebecca Hooper nee Monroe. R2 in Public Hospital. Was Moravian. VII, 111 #765

Hoppins [or Hopkins], Lenox Luke bap 10/18/1928. 7 months old. M= Madeline McDonald (res "Troy Ville", Vineyard Pen). R2 in Public Hospital. Marked Wesleyan. Died the next day.

Howell, Clifford Ignatius bap 8/17/1926. b 8/30/1924. F= Malcolm Howell. M= Mabel Wallace. sp= Mrs. Adele Byndloss. VII, 39 #265

Hue, Ermine (bap as Hermin Ignatius) bap 3/15/1927. b 1/21/1927 . F= Alfred Hue Chung (listed George on bap record). M= Emeline Josephs. sp= Mrs. Bradley. 1935 attending St. Anne's School. VII, 52 #355. mar Pixley R. Fletcher in Holy Cross Ch., 1957.

Hue, Esme Agnes bap 9/14/1926. b 8/2/1922. F= Henry Hue. M= Kathleen Hue nee Hamilton. sp= James M. Benjamin and Mrs. Lucy Harris. R1. Mother a convert. Had been bap Wesleyan. VII, 40 #271. mar Klaas Dams. England 1955.

Hue, Hazel Maria bap 5/31/1928. b 5/3/1928. F= Philip Hue. M= Josephine Marriott. sp= Mrs. Catherine Powell. VII, 82 #566

Hue, Iona Veronica bap 8/10/1926. b 7/3/1925. F- Henry Hue. M= Kathleen Maude Hue nee Hamilton. sp= Freda Chambers. VII, 38 #261

Hue (Mrs.), Kathleen Maude bap 7/30/1926. b 6/5/1901. F= Richard Hamilton. M= Beatrice Hamilton nee Shaw. R1 was Wesleyan. VII, 37 #255

Hue, Mabel Josephine (Maud), bap 9/14/1926. b 5/17/1921. F= Henry Hue. M= Kathleen Hue nee Hamilton. sp= Mrs. Thomas Williams. R1. Mother a convert. Had been bap Wesleyan. VII, 40 #270

Hue, Myrtle Mary Mercedes bap 5/14/1929. b 3/4/1929. F= Henry Hue. M= Kathleen Hue nee Hamilton. sp= Freda Chambers. VII, 100 #689

Humphries, Harold Joseph bap 4/5/1927. b 6/28/1915. F= Richard Humphries. M= Caroline Flynch. Pupil at St. Anthony's School. VII, 54 #371

Humphries, Thomas Christian bap 8/11/1925. b 6/29/1874. F= Robert Humphries. M= Catherine Humphries nee Roberts. R2 in Public Hospital. VII, 12 #78

Hunt, Wilburn Joseph bap 5/9/1930. b 3/21/1917. F= James Hunt. M= Ellen Hunt nee Fagan. R3 Moravian. VII, 122 #843

Hurd, Jane Elizabeth Theresa bap 3/24/1928. b 11/16/1884. F= John Hurd. M= Amelia Hurd nee Morrison. R1 was Presbyterian. VII, 75 #514

Hurley, Violet Mary bap 4/20/1927. b 10/12/1906. F= Gerald Hurley. M= Letitia Hurley nee Brown. R4 in absence of infant baptism record. VII, 55 #378. mar Rudolph Bowman in St. Anne's Ch., 4/20/1927. Witnesses Allan A. Black and Violet M. Thomas.

Hutchins, Gloria Magdalene bap 12/15/1925. b 11/14/1925. F= Cyril Hutchins. M= Dolores Dowie. sp= Mrs. Wilhelmina DePass. VII, 21 #140

Hutchinson, Anthony bap 2/10/1927. b 1/5/1927. F= Oscar Hutchinson. M= Beryl Hutchinson nee Huggard. sp= Augustus Best and Sylvia Gore. VII, 49 #337.

Hutchinson, Leon Salston (was bapt as Leo Talston Shaw. corrected 1978 from birth record AA8370). bap 1/3/1929. b 9/6/1928 at 13 Blount St. F= Henry Hutchinson (was in Bap Reg as Edwin Shaw). M= Eliza Hylton. sp= Jemima Boyd. Mother of baby a recent convert. VII, 92 #632

Hyde, Alfred Patrick Willesly bap 8/19/1925. b 6/21/1925. F= George Hyde. M= Caroline Hyde nee Henderson. R2 in Public Hospital. Died a few days later at home. VII, 12 #82

Hylton (Mrs.), Eliza Theresa Drusilla bap 12/14/1928. b 8/28/1890. F= Albert Brown. M= Sarah Vernon. R1 was Moravian. VII, 91 #625

Hylton, George Albert bap 3/3/1928. b 1/13/1918. F= Daniel Hylton. M= Elsie Lightbody. R3. Was chr. Anglican. VII, 73 #503

Hylton, Juliet Mary bap 6/2/1926. b 6/25/1915. F= Claudius Hylton. M= Amie Jones. R3. Was Baptist. VII, 31 #214

Hylton, Pearl bap 4/13/1929. Age 5 months. M= Eugenie Hylton (92 West St.). R2 Public Hospital. Marked Anglican. VII, 99 #681

Hythe, Gloria Theresa bap 7/3/1930. b 2/10/1930. F= Allan Hythe. M= Sissily Stephen. sp= J. Summers and Esther Summers. VII, 126 #871

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