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The following abbreviations are used in these pages.

b = birth

bap = baptism

chr= christened

F= father

M = mother

RC = Roman Catholic

sp = sponsor

mar = marriage

res= residence

nee indicates mother's maiden name

Comments from the "Remarks" column are shortened to:

R1 = "bapt. neo-conversa," new convert

R2 = "in articulo mortis," in danger of death

R3 = in preparation for first communion

R4 = in preparation for marriage

All baptisms in Volume VII through June 14, 1930, were by J. S. Knight, S. J., unless otherwise noted.

Dates are in MM/DD/YYYY order

Source: Volume number in Roman numerals, page in cardinals, number order in register preceded by #. Example: VII, 66 #451.

Information in [ ] is editorial and is not in the original register.


DaCosta, Carmen Veronica bap 9/22/1925. b 6/1/1925. F= Eric DaCosta. M= Winnifred DaCosta nee Greenwood. sp= Mrs. Amy Greenwood. VII, 14 #98

DaCosta, Edgar bap 5/10/1928. b 10/25/1917. F= Samuel Ten Fatt. M= Isola DaCosta. R3. was Anglican. VII, 80 #549

DaCosta, Melbourne Joseph bap 5/10/1927. b 6/10/1917. F= Constantine DaCosta. M= Imogene DaCosta nee Thomas. R3 was Anglican. VII, 58 #397

DaCosta, Oscar George bap 6/30/1925. b 2/18/1925. F= Kenneth DaCosta M= Mathilda Darlington. sp= Joseph Aloysius Bygrave and Mrs. Mary Stewart. VII, 8 #54

Daley, Beryl Josephine bap 4/5/1927. b 3/24/1927. F= James N. Daley. M= Beatrice A. Daley nee Alveranga. sp= Louise Jacobs. VII, 54 #368

Daley, Edaphne Agatha bap 5/8/1928. b 4/23/1928. F= James N. Daley. M= Beatrice A. Daley nee Alveranga. sp= Beryl Pitkin. VII, 79 #544

Daley, Enid Veronica bap 2/13/1930. b 1/27/1930. F= James N. Daley. M= Beatrice A. Daley nee Alveranga. sp= Lena James. VII, 117 #806. mar George Donald Downer.

Daley, (Mrs.) Mabel bap 5/1/1926. b 7/17/1885. F= Christopher Thompson. M= Charlotte Thompson nee Ellis. R2 at 2 Rodney St., Admiral Town. VII, 30 #203

Daley, Ruby Veronica bap 5/16/1929. b 12/4/1916. F= John Daley. M= Refugio Orantz. R3. VII, 100 #692

Danison, David Nathaniel bap 5/18/1926. b 2/16/1921. F= James Danison. M= Olga Miller. sp= Cecilia Kirkland. Child in custody of grandmother, Mrs. Emily Miller. VII, 30 #208

Darling, Ripertia Henrietta bap 12/22/1925 by C. A. Murphy S.J. b 7/27/1884. F= Roland Darling. M= Florence Moore. R4. VII, 21 #142. mar John Webley, St. Anne's Church, Kgn., 12/22/1925. Witnesses Frederick Darling and Emme E. Goodwyn.

DaSilva, Clarence William bap 5/9/1930. b 1/26/1922. F= Septimus DaSilva. M= Adelaide DaSilva nee Knight. R3 Anglican. VII, 121 #838

Daveson, Zephaniah Peter bap 7/5/1930. b 11/23/1908. F= John Daveson. M= Rebecca Daveson nee Barett. sp= J. C. Summers. R1. Was Presbyterian or Wesleyan. VII, 127 #875

Davidson, Michael Ignatius bap 10/16/1928. b 5/23/1928. F= William Davidson. M= Maria Davidson nee Garrett. sp= Mrs. Ida Hyatt. VII, 88 #606

Davidson, Raphael Garnett bap 11/25/1926. b 8/25/1926. F= William Davidson. M= Marie Davidson nee Garnett. sp= J. M. Benjamin. VII, 45 #305. mar Dorrel Mary Hart 1962.

Davis, Alfred Baldwin bap 8/27/1929. b 12/4/1928. F= Vepasian Davis. M= Retenella Adina Davis nee Clifford. Had been Baptist. VII, 107 #738

Davis, Aston John bap 5/7/1925. b 4/6/1925. F= Alfred Davis. M=Retenella Clifford. sp =Thomas Smith and Mrs. C. Powell. VII, 2 # 12

Davis, Aston Joseph Baron bap 11/24/1927. b 10/7/1927. F= Robert Davis. M= Maud Edwards ("now Mrs. Teape, 1968"). sp= Alexander A. Gray, Sr. and Mrs. Edna Daley. VII, 68 #468. mar Edith Agatha Joiles in H. T. Cathedral 1968.

Davis, Clinton bap 12/16/1926. Age 1 year. F=?, M=?. R2 in Public Hospital. Died next day. Parents noted as Baptist. Residence 105 North St.

Davis, Daisy Theresa Hermin bap 8/27/1929. b 5/5/1927. F= Vespasian Davis. M= Retenella Adina Davis nee Clifford. Had been Baptist. VII, 107 #739. mar Wilfred Simmonds 1963

Davis, Gervase Lloyd bap 3/27/1928. b 5/19/1927 in Kingston. F= Vincent Davis. M= Myrtle Jacobs. sp= Daisy Aldred. VII, 75 #518. mar Vera Theresa Innerarity in the Cathedral in 1963.

Davis (Mrs), Isadora bap 1/30/1926. b 6/1885. F= William Lattery. M= Elizabeth Lattery nee Joseph. R1. VII, 23 #159

Davis, Milton Anthony bap 6/24/1930. b 4/13/1930. F= Ferdinand Davis. M= Sylvia Dwyer. sp= Eyrie Moncrieffe and Mrs. Lydia Black. VII, 125 #864

Davis, Stanley Joseph bap 8/3/1926. b 6/3/1926. F= John Davis. M= Isadora Davis nee Lattrey. sp= James M. Benjamin and Catherine Johnson. VII, 38 #257

Davis, Wilmot Joseph bap 1/30/1926. b 7/1/1915. F= John Davis. M= Isadora Davis nee Lattery. R1. VII, 24 #160

Dawkins (Mrs.), Clarissa Elizabeth bap 7/30/1926. b 7/16/1874. F- Benjamin Girdwood. M= Elizabeth Girdwood nee Franklin. R1 was Baptist. VII, 37 #256

Dean, Veronica Eulie bap 9/7/1926, b May 1, 1926. F=Henry Dean. M= Bertina Miller. sp= Mrs. Passley. "Age paper #AA2623 gives name as 'Eulalie' born 70 Love Lane, Kingston" VII, 39 #267

Demo (Mrs.), Imogene bap 1/21/1929. About 65 years old. F= Jemon Pinto. M= Henrietta Pinto nee Alexander. R2 at 31 1/2 Love St., Jones Town. Was Anglican. VII, 93 #638

DeMercado, Mary Rose bap 4/13/1929. b 5/5/1918. F= Cecil DeMercado. M= Annie Vidal. R3 was Anglican. VII, 98 #679

DePass, Eric Paul bap 9/27/1927. b 8/14/1927. F= Egbert M. DePass. M= Merdina DePass nee Smith. sp= Isador Solomon and Sarah Muschett. VII, 65 #444

DePass, Gloria Adella Agnes bap 9/23/1926. b 8/7/1926. F= Leland DePass, M= Daisy Beatrice Duncan. sp= Beryl Pitkin. VII, 41 #278. mar C. Green in Holy Cross Cath., 1954

DePass, Leopold Nathaniel bap 4/5/1930. b 8/17/1926. F= George DePass M= Adrian Adina DePass nee Edwards. sp= Stephen Greenwood, and Emmeline Greenwood. R2 at 20 Chestnut Lane. Parents Baptist. VII, 120 #827

DePass, Roy Charles bap 12/11/1925. b 2/2/1926. F= Samuel DePass. M= Thomasina DePass nee Walker. R3. VII, 20 #135

Deslandes Lilith Agnes Estella bap 5/10/1928. b 5/11/1916. F= Talman Deslandes. M= Brinella Deslandes nee Randall. R3 was Baptist. VII, 80 #552

Dick, Calton Aloysius bap 2/2/1926. b 12/20/1925. F= Hector Joseph Dick. M= May Fairclough. sp= Eugenie White. VII, 24 #162

Dillon (Deslandes), Ruby Matilda bap 5/10/1926. b 10/15/1897. F= Philip Deslandes. M= Eugenie Deslandes nee Salmon. R4. Supposed to have been bap at Cassava River Mission in childhood. Record not found. VII, 30 #206. mar Ernest St. Elmo Cole, in St. Anne's Ch. 5/10/1926. Witnesses C. W. Walters and J. M. Isaacs.

Dixon, Gloria Veronica bap 10/19/1926. b 6/25/1926. F= Alexander Dixon. M= Orinthia Narcisse. sp= Mrs.Mary Cole. (ref AA2648) VII, 42 #290

Dixon, Princess Mary bap 9/30/1929. b 10/26/1924. F= Alfred Dixon. M= Mary Dubuisson. R2 at 10 Bond St. Had never been baptized. VII, 109 #753

Douglass, Rosetts Icilda bap 6/27/1928. b 2/1907. F= Charles Douglass. M= Leah Wide. R4 . VII, 83 #574. mar Henry Arthur Bogie, in St. Anne's Ch. 6/27/1928. Witnesses J. M. Benjamin and Louisa Pitt.

Dowie, Pearl Magdalen bap 9/22/1925. b 6/23/1925. F= Hebert Dowie. M= Estelle Dowie nee Phillips. sp= Cecilia Kirkland. VII, 14 #97

Drummond, Harold Aloysius bap 8/12/1930. Age 4 yrs. R1 in Children's Ward, Public Hospital. Marked Baptist. VII, 131 #907

Dudley, Olive Elizabeth bap 8/11/1925. b 5/1/1925. F= George Dudley. M= Silvia Hollingsworth. sp= Agnes Shea. Remarks: Mother of this child asserts (3/1/1927) that the father of this child is Alcious Atkinson. Child now goes by name "Atkinson". Dudley is the name of child's great-grandparents. Age paper says mother's name is Edna. VII, 11 #77. mar Ezekiel Foster, t. Anne's 6/19/1957

Duffus, Hugh George bap 11/8/1930. b 8/14/1903. F= William Duffus. M= Rachael McNish Duffus. sp= Alexander A. Gray, Sr. R1. VII, 138 #952

Duncan, Colton Charles bap 12/11/1925. b 1/12/1912. F= Simeon Duncan. M= Giblet Duncan nee Thompson. R3. VII, 19 #131. mar Miriam Barrett, St. Jos. Sav-la-Mar, 6/28/1939

Duncan, Linda Mary bap 10/27/1926. b 4/26/1925. F= George Duncan. M= Daisy Morrison. R2 Public Hospital. VII, 43 #293

Duncan, Lucille bap 10/2/1927. b 7/16/1902. F= David Duncan. M= Anna McCulloch. R2 in Public Hospital. Was Anglican. VII, 65 #446

Duncan, Magna Mary bap 6/2/1926 b 3/10/1915. F= Robert S. Duncan. M= Jiblett Duncan nee Thompson. R3. was Baptist. VII. 32 #219

Duncan, Percival Joseph bap 11/4/1926. b 7/16/1926. F= Simeon Duncan. M= Evadney White. sp= May Estick. VII, 43 #296. mar Eugenie Alves in Holy Trinity Cath. Witnesses G. D. Duncan and Sheila DeSouza.

Duncan, Sybel Theresa bap 6/14/1927. b 5/16/1927. F= Norman Duncan. M= Blanche Duncan nee Hart. sp= Louise Jacobs. VII, 60 #408

Dunham (Mrs.), Lilian Mary bap 4/24/1927. b 11/30/1900. F= Joseph Notice. M= Jane Ann Foster. R2 at 18 Penso St. Was Anglican. VII, 56 #381

Dunkley, Francilla bap 9/16/1928. b 5/1904. F= Nathan Dunkley. M= Mary Johnson. R2 at 16 Luke Lane. Was Anglican. VII, 87 #596

Durant, Mavis bap 8/5/1926. Age 4 weeks. F=?, M=?. R2 Public Hospital. Died next day. VII, 38 #258

Durant, Violet Maria bap 6/4/1925. b 12/10/1924. F= John Durant. M= Lenora Dixon. sp= Margaret Earle. Bap by Father Francis J. Kelly. VII, 6 #40


Edwards, Alic Agatha bap 7/8/1926. b 4/11/1926. F= Joseph Edwards. M= Clarabelle Scott. sp= Josiah Edwards and Christiana Edwards. VII, 36 #247

Edwards, Blossom Maria bap 9/25/1930. b 4/3/1930. F= Stanford Edwards. M= Theresa Dalling. sp= Carolea Florence. VII, 135 #930

Edwards, Laura bap 10/25/1928. Age 23 years. R2 in Public Hospital. Was Baptist. VII, 89. #613

Edwards, Oswald bap 4/18/1927. Age abt 3 months. M=Estella Bucknor. R2 Public Hospital. Recorded as Anglican. Mother lives 17 1/2 Water St. VII, 55 377

Ellis, Cecilia Evadney bap 7/18/1928. b 5/5/1928. F= Robert Ellis. M= Marcella Bennett (12 1/2 Johns St., Craig Town). R2 in Public Hospital. VII, 85 #584

Ellis, Margaret bap 12/6/1926. Age almost 70 years. F= Robert Ellis. M= Elizabeth Ellis nee Trotter. R2 58 New Lincoln Rd. Was Anglican. VII, 46 #313

Emanuel, Andrall Joseph bap 7/22/1930. b 4/13/1930. F= Walter Emanuel. M= Marjory Morrison. sp = Mary Agatha Taylor. VII, 129 #888

Escie, Cleopatra Alexandra bap 8/16/1927 b 5/14/1927. F= Eugene Escoe. M= Sarah Davis. sp= Egbert M. DePass and Josephine Coates. VII, 63 #431

Estrick, Raymond Constantine bap 9/5/1929. b 7/28/1929. F= Vincent C. Estick. M= Eugenie L. Estick nee Hunt. VII, 108 #741. mar Norma Gordon 1954

Evans, Amy Maria bap 9/17/1925. b 2/23/1925. F= William S. Evans. M= Violet Hart. sp= Louise Jacobs. Adopted by Mrs. Daisy Campbell who will take her to New York. VII, 14 #94

Evans, Pearl Antoninus bap 4/30/1927. b 2/24/1917. F- Cecil Evans., M= Hortense Panton. R3 was Anglican. VII, 57 #389. mar John Clarke in St. Anne's Ch. 6/15/1941. Witnesses Herman Lambert and Lillian Pareira.


Facey, Oswald Joseph bap 9/25/1930. b 7/8/1930. F= Headley Facey. M= Louise Smith. sp= Uriah Hall and Eugene White. VII, 135 #929

Fackhouri (or Houri), Peter George Tewfick bap 4/8/1930. b 2/24/1930. F= Tewfick B. Fackhouri. M= Minnie B. Fackhouri nee Nasralla. sp= George A. Nasralla and Hilda N. Agan. VII, 120 #830.

Fairweather, Bernita Theresa bap 5/11/1928. b 3/10/1919. F= Arnold Fairweather. M= Bethelda Brown. sp= Beryl M. Irons. VII, 81 #556

Fairweather, David bap 5/10/1928. b 9/13/1914. F= Charles Fairweather. M= Virginia Fairweather nee Henry. R3. Was chr Anglican. VII, 80 #547. mar Violet Auboine (Anglican) in St. Anne's Ch. 8/27/1941. Witnesses Vera Corf and Harold Fairweather.

Fairweather, Monica Gloria bap 3/18/1926. b 2/1/1926. F= Ernest Fairweather. M= Lena Edwards. sp= Mrs. Josefita Feres. VII, 27 #181. RIP 4/13/1963. Registered as Monica Mavis. Mother's name Theresa Edwards.

Farnum, Peter Orville Damian bap 12/9/1930. b 11/14/1930. M= Deja Farnum. sp= Mrs. Alice Dugant. VII, 139 #961. mar Slavia Elaine Harrison 1958.

Farrier, Agatha Carmela bap 3/1/1927. b 1/2/1927. F= David Farrier. M= Lucy Farrier nee Hall. sp= Veronica Cephas. VII, 51 #346

Farrier, Bernard Ignatius bap 3/1/1927. b 1/2/1927. F= David Farrier. M= Lucy Farrier nee Hall. sp= Cecilia Kirkland. VII, 50 #345

Farrier, Ignatius Constantine bap 4/9/1929. b 3/17/1929. F= David Farrier. M= Lucy Farrier nee Hall. sp= Joseph Hernandez and Louise Jacobs. VII, 96 #665

Faulkner, Angelina Mary bap 6/17/1926. b 2/1/1914. F= Cinderella Dumont. VII, 34 #236

Fenton, Joseph Herbert bap 2/20/1929. b 2/17/1929. F= Alfred Fenton. M= Hilary May Fenton nee Shreyer. R2 at 5 3/4 Percy St. Died shortly after. VII, 94 #650

Feres (Mrs.), Constance Mary bap 6/14/1926. b 12/25/1889. F= Walter George Lunan. M= Ada Lunan nee Farmer. R1 was Anglican. VII, 34 #232

Feres, Delphine Maureen bap 10/25/1927. b 10/5;/1927. F= Joseph A. Feres. M= Constance Feres nee Lunan. sp= Harold V. Roberts and Mrs. E. M. Cresser. VII, 67 #456. mar Keith McClure, in Holy Cross Ch. 1954.

Feres, Michael Aston Fitzgerald bap 5/12/1925. b 4/19/1925. F= Joseph A. Feres. M= Constance Feres nee Lunan. sp= Allan H. Durrant and Vida C. Barbuena. VII, 2 #14. mar Yvonne Seale, Cathedral 9/23/1953

Feres, Vilma Angela bap 8/1/1929. b 7/6/1929. F= Gabriel Feres. M= Una Feres nee Pouyat. sp= Austin Holman and Mrs. Edith Cresser. VII. 105 #723. mar Douglas Chinn, in Holy Cross 8/30/1948.

Fife, Anita Louise bap 6/18/1928. b 2/17/1910. F= David Fife. M= Camille Fife nee Precop. R1 was Anglican. VII, 83 #571. mar Richard Massar, in Sts. Peter & Paul Ch. 1960.

Fisher, Evans Joseph bap 4/30/1927. b 9/6/1917. F= John Fisher. M= Jonie Fisher nee Young. R3 was Anglican. VII, 57 #390

Flemmings, Antonio Joseph bap 3/13/1926. b 4/9/1914. F= William Flemmings. M= Gertrude Huggard. R3 in absence of record. Supposed to have been bap in Colon. VII, 26 #175

Flemmings, Roy Gabriel bap 3/13/1926. b 6/11/1916. F= William Flemmings. M= Gertrude Huggard. See Antonio Flemmings. VII, 26 # 176

Folks, Joseph Arthur bap 8/28/1925. b 10/26/1900. F= John Folks. M= Caroline Folks nee Bryan. R2 at home, 18 Rodney St., Admiral Town. Died a few days later. VII, 13 #89

Forbes, Castell bap 9/28/1926. Age abt 12 yrs. F= Peter Forbes. M= Charlotte Forbes nee ___. R2 Public Hospital. VII, 41 #281

Forbes, Mary bap 10/9/1929. Age 28 years. R2 in Public Hospital. Was Anglican. VII, 110 #761

Ford, Marguerite Angela bap 3/3/1927. b 1/21/1927. F= Sidney Ford. M= Louise Ford nee Samuels. sp= Ethlyn Samuels. VII, 51 #350. mar Frank Malcolm in Holy Cross 1954.

Forrest, Amy Maud bap 11/8/1930. b 4/30/1911. F= James Forrest. M= Louise Graham. sp= Marie Stennett. R1. VII, 138 #950

Forrest, Mary Maude bap 6/8/1926. b 1921. F= Aaron Forrest. M= Viola Eastwood. sp= Mrs. Penelope Jesquit. VII, 34 #231

Forrester, Olive Mary bap 12/17/1929. Age 2 weeks. F= Samuel Forrester. M= Olive Forrester (res 173 3/4 D'Aguilar Rd., Rockfort). R2 in Public Hospital. Died immediately. Anglican. VII, 114 #787

Forrester, Veronica May bap 4/6/1926. b 2/28/1926. F= James Forrester. M= Adina Forrester nee Thompson. sp= Mrs. Isabella Reid. VII, 28 #189

Francis (Mrs.), Elizabeth bap 10/30/1926. Age abt 70 yrs. F= Edward Reid. M= Ann Reid nee Crawford. R2 was Anglican. VII, 43 #295

Francis, Harold Ignatius bap 7/8/1926. b 5/30/1926. F= Aubrey Francis. M= Eugenie Francis nee Gale. sp= James M. Benjamin and Mrs. Emily Miller. VII, 36 #243 mar Martha Itama Parke, St. Anne's 1980. Witnesses Linval Campbell and Etta Campbell. Note in Register under Harold Ignatius: Francis, Arnold Augustus "claims to be born 5/30/1926, bap in infancy here. Grandparents Aubrey Francis and Eugenie (Gale) Francis. Father is Lionel Francis. Mother is Ruth Campbell. Ruth Campbell says grandmother took responsibility for the baptism." "Ruth Campbell says Mr. & Mrs. Aubrey Francis had 5 sons: Adolphus, Aubrey, Lionel, Cephas and Alphonso, all grown big when Arnold Augustus was born."

Francis, Harold Vincent bap 5/29/1929. b 6/29/1924. M= Francella Barrett. R2 in Upper Children's Ward, Public Hospital. VII, 101 #700

Francis, Icilda Wilhelmina bap 6/18/1929. b 1/13/1900. F= Jeremiah Mason. M=Dorothy Gardner. R2 at 28 Rose Lane. Supposed to have been bap RC as infant in Guatemala.

Francis, Ivy Mary bap 10/29/1925. b 4/11/1922. F= Felix Francis. M= Minzelin Simmons. sp= Mrs. Lucy Harris. Was bap in Church of England. Now to be raised by grandmother who is RC. VII, 17 #114. mar Claudius Augustus Walters in St. Jude's 1970.

Francis, Leroy John bap 4/30/1927. b 1/2/1918. F= Richard Francis. M= Retinella Francis nee Randall. R3 was Anglican. VII, 57 #393

Francis, Miriam bap 1/12/1929. About 50 yrs old. F= John Francis. M= Margaret Thompson. R2 Public Hospital. Was Anglican. VII, 92 #633

Francis, Sylvia bap 12/10/1927. b 9/14/1915. F= John Francis. M= Rosena Mulgrave. sp= Daniel Davis and Emily Davis. VII, 69 #473

Francis, Theresa Faustine bap 4/2/1928. b 10/7/1907. F= Richard Francis. M= Rosanna Francis nee Ellis. R1 was Baptist. VII, 77 #529. mar Nathan Albert Raymond in St. Anne's 4/8/1928.

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