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The following abbreviations are used in these pages.

b = birth

bap = baptism

chr= christened

F= father

M = mother

RC = Roman Catholic

sp = sponsor

mar = marriage

res= residence

nee indicates mother's maiden name

Comments from the "Remarks" column are shortened to:

R1 = "bapt. neo-conversa," new convert

R2 = "in articulo mortis," in danger of death

R3 = in preparation for first communion

R4 = in preparation for marriage

All baptisms in Volume VII through June 14, 1930, were by J. S. Knight, S. J., unless otherwise noted.

Dates are in MM/DD/YYYY order

Source: Volume number in Roman numerals, page in cardinals, number order in register preceded by #. Example: VII, 66 #451.

Information in [ ] is editorial and is not in the original register.


Cameron, Alfred bap 6/2/1926. b 2/4/1918. F= Horatio Cameron. M= Antoinette Cameron nee McKenzie. R3 was Anglican. VII, 33 #226. mar Ivy Louise Cameron, 1965, N. Y., U.S.A.

Campbell, Albert bap 12/14/1929. Age 12 years. Date unknown. F= Clarence Campbell. R3. Supposed to have been bap RC in Cuba in infancy. VII, 113 #779

Campbell, Carmen Mary bap 12/13/1930. b 10/15/1921. F= Timothy Campbell. M= Agatha Lambert. R3. VII, 141 #975

Campbell, David bap 10/28/1925. Abt 70 yrs old. R2 at 9 Upper Wellington St. VII, 16 #112

Campbell, Dolores Costel Veronii bap 10/28/1930. b 9/13/1930. F= Kenneth Campbell. M= Ida Ellison. sp= Dansted McCoy and Elfreda Huhuearina. VII, 136 #942

Campbell, Eric Joseph bap 10/25/1929. Age 1 year. M= Rebecca Anderson (res 22 Golden Rd). R2 in Public Hospital. Marked Baptist. VII, 111 #767.

Campbell, Gloria Veronica bap 9/17/1925. b 5/28/1925. F= Amos Campbell. M= Isabel McLeod. sp= Josephine Coates. Baby to be adopted by godmother. VII, 14 #93

Campbell, James bap 5/9/1930. b 3/15/1921. F= Walter Campbell. M= Medora Martin. R3 Wesleyan. VII, 122 #844

Campbell (Valencia), Lena Maria bap 10/20/1928. b 11/1/1883. F= George Alexander Campbell. M= Ella Rebecca Campbell nee Lee. sp= Cynthia Nosworthy (honorary). R1. Was Anglican. VII, 88 #608. mar Charles Harold Lushington Valencia, in St. Anne's Ch. Witnesses Eyrie Moncrieffe and Cynthia Nosworthy.

Campbell, Lillian Roberta bap 11/5/1930. 54 years old. F= James Campbell. M= unknown. R4. VII, 137 #947. mar Alfred Moore, at 30 Trench Pen, 11/6/1930.

Campbell, Vincent Adolphus bap 7/2/1925. b 2/27/1924. F= Leopold Campbell. M= Iris Maude Campbell nee Whittle. sp= Eliza Brown. VII, 9 #59

Campbell, Winston bap 2/20/1929. Age 10 months. M= Sarah Campbell (res Carpenters Rd.). R2 Public Hospital. Marked Anglican. VII, 94 #649

Cannie, Bertie John bap 12/10/1927. b 4/8/1916. F= George Cannie. M= Catherine Johnson. R3 chr. Anglican. VII, 70 #481

Carey, Charles Anthony bap 4/5/1927. b 6/10/1917. F= Charles Carey. M= Irene Carey nee McDonnell. Pupil at St. Anthony's School. VII, 54 #370

Carolee (Mrs.), Rosa Augusta bap 6/23/1928. b 8/20/1864. F= John J. Russell. M= Sarah Russell nee Pottinger. R1 was Wesleyan. VII, 83 #572

Carpenter, Icelda Theresa bap 5/10/1930. b 2/6/1924. F= Jeremiah Carpenter. M= Lilieth Carpenter nee Johnson. R3 Baptist. VII, 123 #848

Carson (Mrs.), Lucille Beryl bap 4/1/1927. b 12/1/1900. F= Charles Graham. M= Carolie Graham nee Selvin. R2. Presbyterian. Had been instructed by Fr. Ford in Linstead. VII, 54 #367

Carter, Edgar bap 5/11/1928. b 9/9/1916. F= Edgar Carter. M= Sarah Carter nee Powell. R3 was Wesleyan. VII, 81 #554

Carter, Esmin Mary bap 5/10/1930. b 10/2/1922. F= Edgar Melvin Carter. M= Sarah Carter nee Powell. R3 Wesleyan. VII, 123 #850

Carter, George Mortimer bap 8/1/1929. b 4/5/1916. F= Hilary Carter. M= Ethlyn Duval. sp= Ernestine Murphy (honorary). R3. Was chr Anglican. VII, 105 #722. mar Cecilia Robey, Holy Trinity Cath. 1/4/1947.

Carter, Kathleen Mary bap 4/25/1929. b 4/5/1918. F= Hilary Carter. M= Atheline Duval. R2 at 147 Orange Street. Was Anglican. VII, 99 #685

Carter, Sylvia Lovina bap 10/25/1928. b 7/23/1928. F= M. Edgar Carter. M= Sarah Carter nee ___. sp= Evadney Beavers. VII, 89 #612

Carty, Lena Mary bap 5/31/1928. b 3/23/1893. F= John Naylor Carty. M= Hannah Campbell. Was raised as Baptist, but not baptized previously. VII, 82 #563.

Chambers, Isabella bap 8/31/1927. b 1863. F= James Chambers. M=Ellen Marie Williams. R2 at 93 Matthews Lane. VII, 64 #441

Chambers, Roy Alington Aloysius bap 9/20/1928. b 8/8/1928. F= Allan Alington Chambers. M= Florence Chambers nee Brown. sp= Zena May Cowan. VII, 87 #600

Champagnie, Charles Delgado bap 10/25/1928. b 1/15/1897. F= James Champagnie. M= Ada Absalom. R2 Public Hospital. Was Wesleyan. VII, 89 #614

Chandler, John bap 5/8/1928. b 7/1/1868. F= Alexander Chandler. M- Mercy Smith. R2 at 18 Lindhurst Rd. Was Anglican. VII, 79 #545

Chang [Cheung corrected] , Phillis Loretta bap 6/30/1925. b 4/30/1925. F= Henry Chang. M= ? [name Irene deleted] Chang nee Murray. VII, 8 #55

Chang, Ivy Mary bap 7/29/1926. b 6/21/1926. F= Edward Chang. M= Delphine Chang nee Grant. sp= Amy Adams. VII, 37 #253

Chantrell, Jasper Ignatius bap 8/19/1930. b 10/15/1924. F= Frederick Chantrell. M= Emily Chantrell nee Williams. sp= Mrs. Paul Feres and Mrs. A. S. Battiste. VII, 132 #912

Chen, Aloysius Thomas bap 9/28/1926. b 8.10/1926. F= Smith Chen M= Gertrude Chen nee Cushnie. sp= Eyrie Moncrieffe and Margaret Moncrieffe. VII, 41 #279

Chew, Daphne Mary bap 3/18/1920. b 1/15/1922. F= William Chew. M= Mina Watson. Had been chr Anglican. "Attends our infant school." VII, 119 #822. mar Charles Hune Wong, in St. Anne's ch. 5/21/1944. Witnesses Ivan Rhodes Chen and Myrtle Veronica Chew

Chin, Enid Evelyn Mary bap 6/30/1925. b 12/3/1924. F= Hubert Chin. M= Myriam Dyke. sp= Claudius White and Mathilda Gray. VII, 0 #57

Chin, Michael Alexander bap 12/13/1926. b 8/14/1901. F= Joseph N. Chin. M= Zaporah Anita Chin nee Phillips. R2 at 1d Nelson St., S.V. Died shortly after. Was Anglican. VII. 46 #316

Chin, Vera Veronica bap 12/22/1925 by William Hannas S.J. b 11/19/1925. F= Ulrich Clovis Chin. M= Evelyn Eugenie Chin nee Meikle. sp= Frederick Miller and Mabel Campbell. VII, 21 #146

Choy, Simon Thomas bap 9/11/1930. b 4/4/1930. F= Thomas Choy. M= Agnes Thomas. sp= Sarah Muschett and James N. Daley. Neither mother nor father are RC, but all the children have been bap in the church and attend regularly. VII, 133 #917

Christie, Hilda Jane bap 12/4/1926. b 9/20/1894. F= Richard Christie. M= Princess Amelia Christie nee Blissett. R1 was Congregational. VII, 46 #312

Chung, Hubert James bap 8/21/1928. b 5/22/1928. F= Henry Chung. M= Irene Murray. VII, 86 #590

Chung, Winston Ignatius bap 4/6/1926. b 2/28/1926. F= James A. Chung. M= Edith M. Chung nee Chen. sp= Edna M. Chen. VI, 27 #187. mar Ivy Lyn, Holy Trinity Cathedral 10/14/1945.

Claffey, Mary Ann bap 4/13/1929. Age 75 years. F= James Claffey. M= Rebecca Claffey nee Mullins. R2 at 14 Golding Lane. Was Moravian.

Clark, Charles bap 12/15/1928. b 9/3/1919. F= Alexander Clark. M= Triscilda Clark nee Green. R3 was Anglican. VII, 91 #627

Clarke, Angelina bap 10/9/1929. b 12/21/1903. F= Frederick Clarke. M= Letitia Hughes. Bap in absence of record of infant baptism at Above Rocks Missions. VII, 110 #759. mar Caleb Carlton Gordon 10/29/1929.

Clarke, Delphine Maria bap 5/16/1929. b 9/27/1919. F= William Joseph Clarke. M= Theresa Clarke nee Crawford. R3. VII, 100 #693

Clarke (Mrs.), Estrella Eliza Anne bap 8/4/1929. b 11/10/1888 (?). F= Charles Foster. M= Eliza Lynch. R2 at Trench Pen on Spanish Town Rd. Was Anglican. VII, 107 #737

Clarke, Leslie Joseph bap 2/14/1930. Age 2 years 7 months. c/o Isabelle Davis (11 Nelson Street, Spanish Town). R2 Public Hospital. Marked Wesleyan. VII, 117 #807

Clarke, Noelis Theresa bap 5/16/1929. b 12/25/1921. F= William J. Clarke. M= Theresa Clarke nee Crawford. R3. VII, 101 #694

Clarke, Olga Cecilia bap 2/2/1926. b 6/7/1918. F- James Clarke. M= Ethel Jose. sp= Josephine Coates. Godmother is guardian. VII, 24 #165.

Clarke, Richard Edward bap 12/20/1926. b. 6/20/1868. F= Thomas Clarke. M= Rebecca Boyles. R2 in Public Hospital. VII, 47 #319

Clarke, Ruby Mary bap 9/25/1925. b 5/20/1920. F= Laykish Jeremiah Clarke. M= Isabella Clarke nee Henry. R2 at home, 7 Nelson St. She died a few days later in Public Hospital. VII, 13 #88

Clarke, Samuel bap 3/12/1927. b 9/17/1870. F= David Clarke. M= Elizabeth Grant. R2 at 11 Livingston Rd., Craigtown. Was Baptist. VII, 52 #353

Clay, Gloria Pauline Cordelia bap 4/15/1926. b 1/13/1926. F= Loftus Clay. M= Amie Clay nee Taylor. Sp= Alexander A. Gray, Sr., and Mrs. C. E. Huggard. VII, 28 #193

Clemmings, Jewitt Joseph Percival bap 4/12/1929. b 3/17/1917. F= Matthew Clemmings. M= Alberta Lawrence. R3 was Wesleyan. VII, 97 #670

Clifford, Retenella Adina Veronica bap 8/10/1929. b 5/1904. F= Thomas Clifford. M= Elizabeth Silbowm (Mrs. Elizabeth Smith). R4 was Anglican. VII, 106 #729. mar Vespasian Davis, in St. Anne's Ch. /11/1929. Witnesses E. A. Martin and Ismenda Grant.

Cole, Aloysius bap 8/21/1930 in Public Hospital. b 7/27/1930. F= Mr. Cole. M= Esther Cole. Parents RC. VII, 132 #911

Cole, Irene bap 3/13/1927. Age abt 50 yrs. F= Samuel Cole. M= Rebecca Gray. R2 at 21 Bond St. VII, 52 #354

Cole, Valerie Agatha bap 12/24/1929. b 8/22/1929. F= Philibert S. Cole. M= Vera Maud Pettigrew. sp= Cecilia Kirkland. VII, 115 #790

Cole, Ventora Mary Marmach bap 5/26/1925. b 2/11/1925. F= H. A. Cole. M= Rosa Cole nee Mullings. sp= Lena Limonta and George Braham. VII, 5 #35

Collymore (Mrs.), Anita Eliza Theresa bap 1/22/1930. b 5/15/1868. F= John Steele. M= Julia Steele nee Phillips. R1 was Anglican. VII, 116 #797

Collymore, Joseph Francis bap 4/12/1930. b 5/15/1862. F= Joseph Collymore. M= Sarah Collymore nee Wilson. sp= Winston Collymore. R1 was Anglican. VII, 120 #831

Constable, Augustus Joseph bap 1/8/1930 at home. b 1/7/1930. F= Leslie M. Constable. M= Kathleen Constable nee Palmer. Premature. VII, 115 #791

Constable, Leslie Melton Joseph bap 3/31/1928. b 4/11/1900. F= John M. Constable. M= Catherine Constable nee Harris. R1 was Congregational. VII, 77 #526. mar (1) Kathleen Eulalie Palmer in St. Anne's Church. Witnesses Horace Byrd and Rebecca E. Constable. (2) Catherine Brock (1st wife died) in Holy Trinity Cath. 2/23/1933.

Cookhorne, Robert bap 3/5/1929. An old man. R2 near St. Peter Claver's Leader's Lane, supposed bap RC in infancy at May River. VII, 95 #657

Coombs, Clarice Veronica bap 3/31/1927. b 12/10/1919. F= Samuel Coombs. M= Ada Coombs nee Spence. sp= Evadney Hemmings. VII, 53 #365

Coombs, Gloria bap 11/18/1925. 7 months old. R2 Public Hospital. Died next day. VII, 18 #125.

Coombs, Philip McGovern bap 2/25/1930. b 4/15/1895. F= Isaac Coombs. M= Wilhelmina Coombs nee McKellop. R4 in absence of infant baptism record in Lucea. VII, 118 #812. mar Amy Blanche Phillips in St. Anne's Ch. 2/26/1930.

Cooper, Edward Andrew bap 3/5/1929. b 7/29/1928. F= Charles Cooper. M= Jane Stewart. sp= Mrs. Lucy Harris. VII, 95 #655

Cooper, Edward Everard bap 1/5/1926 by Joseph M. A. Kelly S.J. b 9/15/1925. F= Charles Cooper. M= Louise Hendricks. sp= Urcelina Williams. VII, 21 #143.

Cooper, Ella Corinne Theresa bap 11/8/1929. b 10/24/1864. F= Robert Cooper. M= Catherine Cooper nee Brown. R1 was Anglican. VII, 112 #769

Cooper, Ethline Mary bap 12/12/1925. b 1/15/1916. F= John Cooper. M= Esther Allen. sp = Mary Estick. VII, 20 #139

Coote, George bap 12/14/1929. b 10/16/1918. F= J. Coote. M= Edith Coote. R3 was Anglican. VII, 113 #781

Corcho, Fellicita bap 7/7/1930. b 1924. R2 in Hospital. Marked RC. Address 11 Regent St. VII, 128 #880. (Survived and confirmed 5/15/1938 at St. Anne's Ch.)

Corriea, Hubert Joseph bap 6/12/1930. b 1/3/1930. F= Reginald Corriea. M= Gladys Corriea nee Lunan. sp= Elfreda Pearce. VII, 125 #859

Costley, Iris Mary bap 5/5/1928. b 11/25/1901. F= John Costley. M= Mary Costley nee Gayle. R1 was Wesleyan

Cotterell, Leonard Anthony bap 1/14/1930. b 5/23/1928. F= Sydney Cotterell. M= Olga Murray. sp= Ruth Brice. Adopted by grandmother, Mrs. Alberto Cotterell.

Cover, Madeline bap 3/6/1930. Age 8 months. F= Eustace Cover (34 High Holborn St.). R2 in Public Hospital. VII, 119 #818

Coward, Allan Newton Peter bap 12/11/1929. b 10/26/1907. F= Eustace A. Coward. M= Florence A. Coward nee Garvey. R1 was Presbyterian. VII, 112 #772. mar Gwendolyn Veronica Mott, in St. Anne's Ch. 12/11/1929. Witnesses Alfred Coward and Violet Jones.

Coward, Kathleen Veronica bap 4/24/1930. b 3/17/1930. F= Allan Newton Coward. M= Gwendolyn Veronica Coward nee Mott. sp= Veronica Williams. VII, 121 #834

Creary, Laurie Veronica Joyce bap 7/8/1930. b 4/12/1930. F= Samuel Creary. M= Adassa Cleary nee Black. sp= Samuel Nunes and Matilda March. VII, 128 #881

Creary, Samuel Elijah bap 1/29/1930. b 3/29/1930. F= Matthew Creary. M= Frances Creary nee Rainford. R4. Record of infant baptism in Above Rocks not found. VII, 116 #801. mar Adassa Black in St. Anne's Ch/ 1/29/1930. Witnesses Joshua W. Goldson and Violet Davis.

Creary, Thomas bap 8/14/1925. Age about 56 years. [b c1869]. F=Edward Creary. M= Sarah Creary nee Papi. R2 at house 13 Asquith St., Jones Pen. VII, 12 #81

Crooks (Mrs.), Rachael bap 5/11/1927. b 12/25/1895. F= Robert Senior. M= Rose Senior nee Hamilton. R2 at home in Gully near Baker St., Admiral Town. Was Wesleyan. VII, 58 #399.

Crosswell, Allan Philibert Joseph bap 4/3/1929. b 3/11/1929. F= Philibert Crosswell. M= Albertha McLean. R2 Public Hospital. Died a few days later. VII, 96 #663

Cruise, Gloria Theresa bap 12/22/1925 by William Hannas S.J. b 9/13/1925. F= Henry Solomon Cruise. M= Vivia Alletta Cruise nee Ramsay. sp= Alexander A. Gray (Snr) and Ethlind Armadale. VII, 22 #147

Cummings, Aston Joseph bap 1/17/1930. Age 8 months. M= Violet Edwards (res 31 Love St., Jones Pen). R2 in Public Hospital. Marked Anglican. VII, 115 #795

Cummings, Joyce bap 4/26/1926. Age 1 yr. F= not known. M= Charlotte Cummings, 1e Stephen St., Allman Town. R2 Public Hospital. VII, 29 #198

Cunning, Clara May bap 6/30/1925. b 2/4/1925. F= Andrew Cunning. M= Frances Cunning nee Brown. sp= Granton McDaniel and Mrs. Julia Webley. VII, 8 #56

Cunningham, Ermine Anna Gloria bap 7/2/1925. b 5/27/1925. F= Peter Cunningham. M= Elsie Lovell. sp= Joseph Verley and Mrs. Mabel Moncrieffe. VII, 9 #60

Cunningham, Lionel Oliver bap 4/30/1929. b 9/15/1928. F= Charles Cunningham. M= Amy Cunningham nee Graham. sp= Freda Chambers. VII, 100 #688

Curling, William Henry bap 10/23/1928. b 1/27/1874. F= William Curling. M= Jane Kerr Curling nee Ruddock. R2 at 169 Orange St. Was Moravian

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