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The following abbreviations are used in these pages.

b = birth

bap = baptism

chr= christened

F= father

M = mother

RC = Roman Catholic

sp = sponsor

mar = marriage

res= residence

nee indicates mother's maiden name

Comments from the "Remarks" column are shortened to:

R1 = "bapt. neo-conversa," new convert

R2 = "in articulo mortis," in danger of death

R3 = in preparation for first communion

R4 = in preparation for marriage

All baptisms in Volume VII through June 14, 1930, were by J. S. Knight, S. J., unless otherwise noted.

Dates are in MM/DD/YYYY order

Source: Volume number in Roman numerals, page in cardinals, number order in register preceded by #. Example: VII, 66 #451.

Information in [ ] is editorial and is not in the original register.


Badson, Advira Mary bap 4/25/1925. b 9/7/1887. F=Samuel Badson. M=Margaret Thompson. R1. VII, 2 #10. mar Arthur Augustus Hall (Anglican), St. Anne's Church 7/28/1927. Witnesses Alexander A. Gray and Eugenie White.

Bailey, Alice bap 4/20/1927. Age 59 years. F= George Bailey. M= Hannah Williams. R2 Public Hospital. Was Wesleyan. VII, 55 #379.

Bailey, Audrey Veronica bap 10/27/1927. b 3/22/1927. F= Clifford Bailey. M= Madeline Hepburn. sp= Rosetta Webster. VII, 67 #458

Bailey, Enid Veronica bap 3/24/1927. b 1/23/1927. F= Charles Bailey. M= Susan Bailey. sp= Mrs. Ruby Passley. Adopted by godmother. VII, 53 #359

Bailey, Ferdinand Constantine bap 4/5/1926. b 12/18/1908. F= Samuel Bailey. M= Adela Bailey nee Edwards. R2 Public Hospital. Had attended Leader's Lane School for years and went to Mass regularly. Was originally a Baptist. VII, 28 #190

Ballin, Sigismund Gilby bap 6/23/1925. b 5/13/1925. F= Sigismund Ballin. M= Violet Ballin nee Ellis. sp= Mrs. Susanna Rowe. VII, 7 #49. mar to Olive Gilbert at St. Elizabeth, 5 Ransford Ave., Kgn. 5 4/24/1963.

Ballin, Theresa Daphne Elean bap 4/7/1927. b 2/23/1927. F= Sigismund Ballin. M= Violet Ballin nee Ellis. sp= Alexander A. Gray and Mrs. Josefita Feres. VII, 55 #374

Banks, Hyacinth Anastasia Theresa bap 1/26/1928. b 12/7/1927. F= Evel Banks. M= Evangeline Banks nee Henderson. sp= Jemima Robinson. VII, 72 #492. mar George Vassel 2/21/1947 in the Cathedral. Witnesses Colbert Vassel and Pearl Philpotts.

Banton, Violet May bap 5/23/1930. F= Ernest Banton. M= Theresa Walker. sp= Ethel Johnson. VII, 125 #861

Barclay, Richard bap 10/25/1927. Age 1 1/2 years. R2 Public Hospital. Marker Baptist. VII, 67 #457.

Bardowell, Ronald George bap 11/7/1929. b 10/1/1929. F= Anthony Bardowell. M= Imogene Bardowell nee Erskine. sp= Annie Fairweather. VII, 111 #768. Ordained subdeacon at Upholland College, Wigan, Lancs. England, 5/301969. Ordained priest in Barbados.

Barnes, Mavis Veronica bap 6/23/1925. b 3/26/1925. F= Adrian Barnes. M= Icilda Barnes nee Brown. sp= Agnes Shea. VII, 7 #48

Barnes, Philip bap 4/24/1928. b 12/24/1925. F= Theophilus Barnes. M= Mary Williams. sp= James Dunn (Honorary) and Elma Jordan. VII, 78 #537

Barnett, Emma Jane bap 2/23/1929. F= George Theophilus Barnett. M= Henrietta Henry. bap in absence of record of infant baptism at Above Rocks. VII, 94 #651

Barnett (Mrs.), Mary Jane bap 3/31/1928. 50 years old last May. F= Joseph H. Oates. M= Judith Oates nee Vincent. R1 was Baptist. VII, 77 #527

Barrett, Inez Dorothea bap 6/2/1926. b 12/12/1915. F= Alfred Barrett. M= Stephanie Strong. R3. (1934: Girl now goes under name "Strachn" Barrett she says is her uncle's name). R3. Was Anglican. VII, 31 #215. mar Percival Fairweather, in St. Anne's Ch. 10/17/1934. Witnesses Harold Fairweather and Mavis McCleary.

Barrett, Joseph Richard bap 5/7/1928. b 12/1880. F= Roger Barrett. M= Elizabeth Barrett. R2 in Public Hospital. Ws Anglican. VII, 79 #546

Barrows, Harold James Aston bap 4/12/1929. b 9/13/1919. F= H. Alexander Barrows. M= Alice Amer. R3. was Anglican. VII, 97 #671

Barrows, Lydia bap 6/14/1928. Age 12 yrs. F= George Barrows (6 New Lane, Fletchers Land). R2 in Public Hospital. VII, 83 #569

Bartlett, Maria Salome bap 6/22/1926. b 3/17/1926. F= Frederick A. Bartlett. M= Florence Reece. sp= Agatha Lobban. VII, 35 #239. mar George E. Dawkins in St. Peter Cl. Ch. 3/6/1943. Witnesses Nehemiah Jackson and Maria Thompson.

Bartlett, Theresa Evangeline bap 5/19/1928. b 4/15/1895. F= William Bartlett. M= Susan Passley. R2 at 4 West St. Was Anglican. VII, 81 #560.

Bartley, Carmel Myrtle Maria bap 9/25/1930. b 7/18/1930. F= George Bartley. M= Eugenie Hylton. sp= Theophilus Cole and Myrtle Erlington. VII, 135 #931

Bartley, Richard Anthony bap 1/27/1927. b 8/19/1926. F= John Bartley. M= Mary Louise Gayle. sp= Cecilia Saffro. Mother deaf and dumb. Godmother and grandmother will look after child. VII, 48 #330.

Barton, Joseph Ezechiel bap 11/19/1925. b 10/27/1925. F= Daniel Edward Barton. M= Mary Elizabeth Wolfe. sp= Eugenie White.

Beckford, Charles Constantine bap 1/12/1926. b 4/17/1898. F= Charles Beckford. M= Katurah Jackson. Had been attending RC from infancy and considered himself RC, but only baptism was in Prot. Cathedral in Spanish Town. bap in Public Hospital. VII, 22 #153.

Beckford, Rosetta Ann bap 7/19/1929. Age abt 60 years. F= Samuel Beckford. M= Cecilia Richards. sp= Mrs. Lucy Harris (honorary). R1 was Anglican. VII, 104 #721

Bell, George Alexander bap 10/3/1925. b 12/22/1893. F= James Bell. M= Margaret Elizabeth Bell nee Stewart, now Mrs. Bains. R3. His mother testifies that he was bap in infancy in Colon but she was not present. mar to Louise Adina Osborne (Anglican), St. Anne's Church, Kingston. Dispensation obtained for mixed religion. Witnesses: Alexander A. Gray (Snr), Edith Wilson. VII, 15 #104

Benjamin, Hilary Theophilus bap 11/22/1928. Age 43 yrs. F= George Benjamin. M= Minnie Benjamin nee Dover. R2 at 63 Penn St. Was Anglican. VII, 90 #620

Benjamin, Isoline Theresa bap 11/29/1928. b 10/13/1928. F= James M. Benjamin. M= Rose Louise Benjamin nee Daley. sp= Veronica Williams. VII, 90 #622

Benjamin, Noel Aloysius Emmanuel bap 2/3/1927. b 12/25/1926. F= James M. Benjamin. M= Rose Louise Benjamin nee Daley. sp= Edmund Black and Daisy Wallace. VII, 49 #332

Bennett, Dolores Theresa bap 6/24/1930. b 4/9/1930. F= Lucius Bennett. M= Alice Bennett nee Lecesne. sp= George Cole and Heroina Mesquitta. VII, 125 #865

Bennett, Dudley Sylvester bap 11/26/1929. b 11/17/1929. F= Sydney Bennett. M= Gladys Bennett nee Hamilton. sp= Edna Martin. VII, 112 #770

Bennett, Joseph bap 7/5/1925. Age about 42 years [b 1883]. " Pound Road & Metcalf Road, Leader's Lane District". R2. Died shortly after. VII, 9 #61

Bennett, Kathleen Veronica bap 11/8/1928. b 8/24/1928. F= Lucius Bennett. M= Alice Bennett nee Lecesne. sp= Joseph Dunkley and Pearl Mesquitta. VII, 90 #618. married Oswald Roy Kelly, in Manchester, England 1955.

Bennett, Louisa bap 1/10/1930. Age about 72 yrs. F= Frank Bennett. M= Elizabeth Bennett nee Henry. R2 at 16 1/2 Heywood St. Was Wesleyan. VII, 115 #793

Bennett, Stanislaus Donald bap 11/25/1926. b 11/3/1926. F= Sydney Bennett. M= Gladys Bennett nee Hamilton. sp= Blanche Cargill. VII, 45 #306

Bennett, Theresa Carlotta bap 3/27/1928. b 3/17/1928. F= Sydney Bennett. M= Gladys Bennett nee Hamilton. sp= Caroline Minott. VII, 76 #522. mar Stanley Adolphus Lindo in the Cathedral 1953.

Bennett, William Sidney bap 1/18/1926. b 3/4/1894. F= Charles Bennett. M= Agnes Campbell. R4. Supposed bap in infancy in Black River. Record not found. VII, 23 #154. mar Gladys Maud Hamilton in St. Anne's Ch. 1/19/1926.

Berriman, Joseph Augustus bap 5/29/1928. b 7/20/1928. F. John Berriman. M= Gladys Samuels. sp= Penelope Jasquit. VII, 82 #562.

Billett, Cecilia Sandola bap 8/8/1929. b 6/11/1929. F= Irwin Billett. M= Louise Hart. sp= Mrs. Margaret Hart. VII, 106 #728. married Horatio Domingo Williams in Cathedral Rectory 2/15/1950. Witnesses Lea Hart and Evelyn Hart.

Bishmillah (East Indian), bap 7/2/1929. Age 5 yrs. R2 Public Hospital with consent of parents (East Indians). res Grass Yard, 56 Spanish Town Rd. VII, 104 #715

Black, Cynthia Patricia bap 8/7/1930. b 7/16/1930. F= Joseph Black. M= Phoebe Black nee Condell. sp= Eyrie Moncrieffe and Helen Bryan. VII, 130 #900

Black, Gloria Marguerite bap 3/27/1928. b 3/4/1928. F= Edmund Black. M=Lillian Black nee Callender. sp= Mary McDonald. VII, 76 #520

Black, Joyce Frances bap 3/27/1928. b 3/4/1928. . F= Edmund Black. M=Lillian Black nee Callender. sp= Ena McDonald. VII, 76 #521

Black, Kelbert Ignatius bap 8/7/1928. About 12 yrs old. F= George Black. M= Catherine Evans. An orphan boy whose parents were Baptists. Now at Alpha Cottage. VII, 85 #588

Blackwood, Oscar Raphael bap 7/8/1926 b 5/5/1926. F= Oscar Blackwood. M= Janet Blackwood nee Miller. sp= Lula Hogate. VII, 36 #245

Blair (unnamed) Joseph bap 3/1/1929. Age 5 days. M= Rachel Blair (55 Love Lane). R2 Public Hospital. Marked Baptist. VII, 95 #654

Blake, Lola Theresa bap 8/14/1930. b 4/20/1930. F= Louis Blake. M= Maria Beaton. sp= Michialla Whittingham. VII, 132 #908

Blake, Nathaniel bap 4/17/1926. b 12/25/1878. F= Samuel Blake. M= Diana Edwards. R1/R2 Wright's Villa, Spanish Town Rd. and Pound Rd. Was Anglican. VII, 28 #194

Blake, Thelma Veronica, bap 8/14/1930. b 4/20/1930. F= Louis Blake. M= Maria Beaton. sp= Victoria Fyffe. VII, 132 #909

Blissitt, Harold Joseph bap 4/20/1926. b 2/9/1926. F= Alfred Blissitt M= Daisy Anderson. sp= James M. Benjamin and Mrs. Lucy Harris. VII, 29 #195

Boddenfoote, Adria Maria bap 5/14/1925. b 3/12/1925. F= Eric Boddenfoote. M= Etheline Spence. sp= Evelina Portmondo. VII, 3 #20

Bogie, Arthur James bap 10/1/1929. b 4/10/1929. F= Henry Bogie. M= Rosetta Bogie nee Douglass. sp= Mrs. Louise Pitt. VII, 110 #755

Borough, Ronald Everard John bap 3/10/1925. b 1/21/1880. F= Elias Borough. M= Katherine Borough nee Spalding. R2 Public Hospital.

Boyd, Enid Mary bap 4/30/1925. b 4/23/1925. F= William Burns Boyd. M= Jemima Esmay Boyd. R2 at 50 Matthews Lane. Died afterwards. VII, 1 #1

Boyd (Mrs.), Jemima Estrian Ann bap 7/24/1926. b 3/11/892. F= Thomas Patterson. M= Jane Patterson nee Lawrence. R1 was Anglican. VII, 37 #252

Boyden, ___ bap 8/7/1926. F= Richard Boyden. M= Leonora Boyden nee Hinton. R1 in Jubilee Hospital. Premature birth. Died some weeks later.

Boyden, (Mrs.) Nora Anita bap 9/21/1925. Age 21 years [b 1904]. F= Thomas Hinton. R2 in Public Hospital

Brackenridge, Joseph Augustus bap 6/25/1925. b 4/3/1925. F= William Brackenridge. M= Mabel Willerie. sp= Herbert Brackenridge and Violet Brackenridge. VII, 8 #50

Brammer, Beulah Maria bap 11/10/1925. b 8/26/1925, F= David Brammer. M= Eglah Brammer nee Burke. sp= Violet Aldred. VII, 17 #116

Bramwell, Cleveland George bap 9/7/1926. b 7/5/1926. F= Lester Bramwell. M= Doris Thompson. sp= Felix Carty and Mrs. Lucy Harris. VII, 39 #266

Brathwaite, Lucana Bertha bap 7/3/1930. b 3/8/1930. F= Samuel Brathwaite. M= Nine Carle. sp= Arthur Graham and Ethelin Porter. VII. 127 #873

Brice, Protase Leonard bap 10/28/1926. b 7/29/1926. F= Uriah Brice. M= Ruth Brice nee Terrelonge. sp= Eugenie Marshall. VII, 43 #294

Briscoe, Frances bap 10/4/1930. 64 years old. F= Thomas Briscoe. M= Helen Barnes. R2 and extreme unction. VII, 135 #934

Brissett, Ivy Louise bap 10/1/1929. b 7/24/1929. F= Arthur Brissett. M= Daisy (Dias) (Daisy Campbell on birth paper). sp= Mrs. Cecilia Johnson. Adopted by the godmother. VII, 110 #756. mar Aston Reid 1964.

Broderick, Teresa Ulrica bap 7/22/1930. b 7/5/1930. F= Hugo Broderick. M= Genevieve Broderick nee Richardson. sp= James Richardson and Freda Chambers. VII, 129 #887

Bromfield, Nathan bap 10/17/1925. Age abt 30 yrs. [b c1895]. R2 in Public Hospital. VII, 16 #109

Brooks (Mrs.) Emily Elizabeth bap 1/28/1929. b 2/10/1894. F= Alfred Lobban. M= Adelaide Lobban nee Marshall. R1 was Anglican. VII, 93 #641

Brooks, Hubert Sterling bap 1/29/1929 b 6/25/1892. F= Francis Brooks. M= Adelaide Brooks nee McDonald. R2 at 68 New Lincoln Rd. Was Wesleyan. VII, 93 #642

Brooks, James Amos bap 4/20/1926. Age 45 yrs. F= George Brooks., M= Catherine Brooks nee Gale. R2 Public Hospital. VII, 29 #196

Brown, Angela Agatha bap 9/11/1930. b 8/9/1930. F= Reginald Brown. M= Ivy Bachelor. sp= Aaron Lyons and Annie Edwards. Born in Corp Poor House. VII, 133 #918

Brown, Anita Theresa Louise bap 10/3/1929. b 7/9/1929. F= Cecil Brown. M= Ethline Brown nee Pinchong. sp= Adeline Dempster. VII, 110 #757. mar Rupert Joseph Reynolds 1951.

Brown, Catherine Antelra bap 11/30/1927. b 2/7/1908. F= Isaiah Brown. M= Caroline Gibson. R1 was Anglican. VII, 69 #471

Brown, Cecilia bap 10/22/1928. Age 2 years. M= Maria Grant (25 Albert St., S.V.) R2 in Public Hospital. Marked Baptist. VII, 88 #609

Brown, Donald Hudson Francis bap 3/5/1929. b 12/23/1928. F= Arthur Brown. M= Nellie Carr. sp= Mrs. Ida Riley. VII, 95 #656

Brown, Edith Veronica bap 2/27/1927. b 10/1/1905. F= Ernest Brown. M= Annie Thorpe. R4, in absence of record of infant baptism. VII, 50 #344. mar Luther Leopold Cummings in St. Anne's Ch. 2/27/1927. Witnesses: Alfred J. McFarlane and Mrs. Evelyn Adams.

Brown, Ellis George bap 11/6/1926. b 3/12/1904. F= Robert Brown. M= Jemima Brown nee Campbell. R1 was Congregational. VII, 44 #298

Brown, Emily bap 4/23/1928. Old woman. R2. Supposed bap RC. Res 46 Matthews Lane. VII, 78 #536

Brown, Eula May bap 12/11/1930. b 1/29/1927. F= Joseph Brown. M= Estelle Brown nee Austin. sp= Mrs. Jestina Lord. Adopted by godmother. VII, 140 #965. mar Charles Simon, St. Joseph's, Colon, Republic of Panama, 4/27/1946. Witnesses Donald Ploughwright and Fenetene Thomas [Thomass]

Brown (Mrs.), Eva bap 6/12/1927. About 30 years old. Bap under double condition in Public Hospital. Had just died. VII, 59 #406.

Brown, Francis Anthony bap 3/3/1927. b 12/28/1926. F= Septimus Brown. M= Alma Coleman. sp= Mrs. L. Lorman. VII, 51 #348

Brown, Herbert John bap 5/11/1927. b 6/14/1885. F= Henry Brown. M= Rachel Campbell. R2 Public Hospital. Was Methodist. VII, 58 #398

Brown, Hugh Clarence bap 7/1/1930. b 3/11/1930. F= David Brown. M= Nesta Duncan. sp= Clare W. Murphy. VII, 126 #868

Brown, John Gladstone bap 5/21/1929. R2 in Children's Ward, Public Hospital. Died same day. VII, 101 #697

Brown, Keturah Cecilia Josephine bap 8/3/1929. b 12/29/1911. F= Festus Brown. M= Francella Cousins (Mrs. Francella McCoy). sp= Cynthia Nosworthy (honorary). R3 was chr Anglican. VII, 105 #724

Brown (Mrs.), Lucy Ann bap 1/11/1928. b 3/16/1872. F= James Douglass. M= Nancy Howell. R1. was Anglican. VII, 71 #485

Brown, Luperta Evadney Gertrude bap 8/3/1929. b 3/30/1917. F= Festus Brown. M= Francella Cousins (Mrs. Francella McCoy). R3 was chr Anglican. VII, 105 #725

Brown, Margaret Philomena bap 3/3/1927. b 12/28/1926. F= Septimus Brown. M= Alma Coleman. sp= Cecilia Kirkland.(Birth paper says Florence Maud). mar Aston Lloyd Sparks in Our Lady of the Angels Ch., 1965.

Brown, Merline Agatha bap 11/27/1926. b 10/14/1909. F= Frederick Brown. M= Margaret McCorkle. R1 was Baptist. VII, 45 #310

Brown, Pearlette Mary bap 5/9/1930. b 5/1/1920. F= Charles Brown. M= Violet James. R3 Anglican. VII, 122 #842

Brown, Robert bap 5/11/1928. b 9/12/1918. F= Ernest Brown. M= Catherine Bailey. R3 was Anglican. VII, 81 #554

Brown, Rose Carmen bap 11/24/1927. b 10/29/1927. F= Albert Brown. M= Eugenie Marshall. sp= Leonie Phillips. VII, 68 #467. mar James Spence, St. Patrick's Ch, 1961

Brown, Stanley Joseph bap 9/13/1929. Age 6 months. M= Beatrice Williams. R2 in Public Hospital. Marked Anglican. VII, 108 #745

Brown, Sybil Monica bap 2/18/1930. b 1/10/1930. F= Harold Brown. M= Cecilia Sanguinetti. sp= Eugenie White. VII, 117 #809

Brown, Sylvester Gerald bap 12/14/1929. b 11/17/1916. R3 was Wesleyan. VII, 112 #773

Brown, Sylvia Mercedes bap 1/24/1929. b 10/21/1928. F= Joseph Brown. M= Norah Brown nee Vincent. sp= Miriam Lawrence. VII, 92 #637

Brown, Thelma Theresa bap 5//1/1928. b 2/11/1917. F= Uriah Brown. M= Margaret Anderson. R3. VII, 81 #557

Brown, Una Theresa bap 8/23/1927. b 5/22/1927. F= Herbert Brown. M= Leonora Fowling. sp= Adaline Ffrench. VII, 64 #436

Browne, Oscar Immanuel bap 5/12/1925. b 2/9/1925. F= Ishmael Immanuel Browne. M= Eugenie Browne nee Leon. sp= Martha Browne. VII 3, #17

Bruce (Mrs.), Florence Eugenia Mary bap 6/239128. b 10/27/1888. F= Richard Blake. M= Rebecca Blake nee James. R1 was Wesleyan. VII, 83 #573

Bruce, Mary Madge bap 2/28/1929. b 11/1879. F= Richard Bruce. M= Julia Bruce nee Orr. R2 at Pretoria Road off Leader's Lane. Was Presbyterian. VII. 95 #653

Bruce, Phillip bap 7/5/1930. b 5/1899. F= Alexander Bruce. M= Coluriah Bruce nee Frazer. R1. Was Presbyterian or Wesleyan. VII, 127 #876

Bryan, Lodesta Veronica bap 6/9/1925. b 4/18/1925. F= Reynold Sterling Bryan. M= Emelinda Adora Barnes. F= Leo T. Reid. M= Esma Reid.

Bryan, Moses Emmanuel bap 4/19/1929. b 4/9/1889 (?). F= William Fuller. M= Susan Bryan. R2 at 47 Darling St. Was Baptist. VII, 99 #682

Bryan, Robert bap 12/11/1925. b 7/8/1913. F= Robert F. Bryan. M= Ellen M. Bryan nee Shaw. R3. VII, 20 #136

Burke, Carl Anthony bap 3/20/1930. b 2/10/1930. F= Ferdinand Burke. M= Hilda Burke nee Grant. sp= Mrs. Augustine Grant. VII, 119 #823

Burke, Dorothy Joyce bap 12/22/1925 by William Hannas S.J. b 8/24/1925. F= Dudley Burke. M= Hilda Pinnock. sp= Sarah Cohen. VII, 22 #150

Burke, Sarah Mary bap 4/13/1929. b 3/10/1915. F= David Burke. M= Alberta Burke nee Reid. R3 was Anglican. VII, 98 #676

Burrowes, Marie Brunhilde bap 9/9/1926. b 8/26/1926. F= Oswald Aston Burrowes. M= Gertrude Winnifred Burrowes nee Feres. sp= Rupert Aston Figueroa and Agnes P. Feres. VII, 39 #268. mar Donald P. Clarke, N.Y., 1953.

Burrowes, Phyllis Silvia Doreen bap 3/21/1929. b 2/28/1929. F= Oswald Aston Burrowes. M= Gertrude W. Burrowes nee Feres. sp= Joseph Poveda, Frances Feres Pollonais by proxy Mrs. Josefita Fere. VII, 96 #660

Butler (Mrs.), Margie Viola Theresa bap 3/17/1928. b 9/22/1887. F= Alexander Douse. M= Caroline Douse nee Johnson. R1 was Anglican. VII, 74 #509

Byfield, Isaac Nathaniel bap 2/15/1928. About 40 years old. F= Robert Byfield. M= Elizabeth Byfield. R2 in Public Hospital. Was Baptist. VII, 73 #500

Byfield, Norman Metheusalah Alexander bap 7/5/1928. b 6/13/1919. F= Isaac Byfield. M= Rosa Collins. sp Mrs. Penelope Jasquit. R1. Was chr Anglican. VII, 84 #577

Byfield, Una Mary bap 12/13/1930. b 4/13/1922. F= David Byfield. M= Emma Byfield nee Dunstan. R3 was Anglican. VII, 141 #974

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