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The following abbreviations are used in these pages.

b = birth

bap = baptism

chr= christened

F= father

M = mother

RC = Roman Catholic

sp = sponsor

mar = marriage

res= residence

nee indicates mother's maiden name

Comments from the "Remarks" column are shortened to:

R1 = "bapt. neo-conversa," new convert

R2 = "in articulo mortis," in danger of death

R3 = in preparation for first communion

R4 = in preparation for marriage

All baptisms in Volume VII through June 14, 1930, were by J. S. Knight, S. J., unless otherwise noted.

Dates are in MM/DD/YYYY order

Source: Volume number in Roman numerals, page in cardinals, number order in register preceded by #. Example: VII, 66 #451.

Information in [ ] is editorial and is not in the original register.


Aarons, Edgar bap 11/6/1925. 3 months old. F= Frank Aarons. M= Louise Brisset. R2 Public Hospital at request of mother, also a patient in hospital. Died 2 days later.

Abel, Benjamin Augustus bap 3/7/1928. b 8/15/1871. F= Joseph Henry Abel. M= Julia Elizabeth Abel nee Bowser. R2 at 23 Tulip Lane. Was Anglican. VII, 74 #505

Abrams, Millicent Theresa bap 8/7/1930. b 7/3/1930. F= Ebert Abrams. M= Amy Merchant. sp= Mrs. Josefita Feres. VII, 131 #901. mar Sydney Walker, St. Anne's Ch., 6/11/1949. Witnesses Joseph Findlay and Dorine Riley.

Adams, Eldon Lloyd bap 10/21/1930. b 9/1/1930. F= Vivian Adams. M= Pauline Fredericks. sp= Isabelle Reid. VII, 136 #940

Adams, Elizabeth bap 10/20/1926. b 11/1885. F= Edward Adams. M= Martha Adams nee Hamilton. R2 at 8 Madden St., Craigtown. Was Baptist. VII, 43 #291

Adams, Joyce Monica bap 7/29/1926. b 5/19/1926. F= Daniel Adams. M= Eunice Adams nee West. sp= Evelina Portuondo. VII, 37 #254

Adams, Kathleen Veronica bap 6/9/1825. b 5/14/1925. F= ____ Adams. M= Lucilda Lewis. sp= Catherine Brock. VII, 6 #42

Adolphus, Granville bap 8/4/1927. 10 months old. M= Josephine Adolphus. R2 in Public Hospital. Mother's address 154 Church St. VII, 63 #428.

Adora, Ruby Mary bap 1/24/1929. Age 10 months. M= Gladys Goldbourne (7 1/2 Smith Lane). R2 in Public Hospital. Marked Anglican. VII, 93 #640

Aikins, Amy Rose bap 11/6/1930. b 8/21/1930. F= Edgar Aikins. M= Lucilla Moody. sp= Agatha Murray. VII, 137 #948.

Aikman, Alfred bap 11/23/1925. About 57 yrs old. R2. Said to have been bap in infancy by Fr. DePont at yard, Cross Roads. VII, 19 #127.

Alberga, Dorothy Veronica bap 5/26/1925. b 1/8/1925. F= Wilford Jacob. M= Bell Alberga. sp= Rose Benjamin. VII, 6 #37

Alberga, Monica Dorothy bap 0/9/1926. b 7/2/1926. F= Benjamin Alberga. M= Rose Alberga nee Whittingham. sp= Mrs. Rachael Ruddock. VII, 39 #269

Allen, Imogene Mary bap 1/9/1930. Age about 45 yrs. F= Charles Allen. M= Susan Minott. R2 at "Aque Walk", 548 Spanish Town Rd. Anglican. VII, 115 #792

Allen, Oswald Augustus bap 8/13/1929. b 4/5/1929. F= Hugh Allen. M= Rose Findlay. sp= Mrs. Evelina Gregory. VII, 106 #732

Allen, Canute bap 2/23/1927. b 10/27/1904. F= Edward Allen. M= Florence Allen nee Bucks. R2 in Public Hospital. Was Wesleyan. Died shortly after. VII, 50 #343

Allen, James Albert bap 8/11/1926. b 10/14/1878. F= Robert Allen. M= Letitia Tracy. R2 at 11 Rodney St. R1 was Anglican. VII, 38 #262

Allen, Roy Ignatius bap 2/15/1927. b 12/31/1926. F= Ephraim Allen. M= Ida Anita Preddie (deceased). sp= Mrs. Rosetta Henry. Adopted by Mabel Henry, daughter of the godmother. VII, 50 #340

Allwood, Maud bap 6/14/1927. Age 43 yrs. F= Edward Allwood. M= Maud Allwood nee Campbell. R2 at house, Trench Pen. Was Anglican. VII, 60 #410

Allyne, Albert Edward bap 10/14/1928. Age 40 years. F= Samuel Allyne. M= Eliza Allyne. R2 at 12 Luke Lane. Was Wesleyan? VII, 88 #604

Alveranga, Aston Ignatius bap 3/10/1927. b 2/17/1927. F= Owen Alveranga. M= Mary Alveranga nee Craddock. sp= Samuel Williams and Turcell Shaw. VII, 51 #352

Alveranga, Theophilus Sylvester bap 7/14/1925. b 6/28/1925. F= Owen S. Alveranga. M= Mary Alveranga nee Craddock. sp= James M. Benjamin. VII, 10 #65. mar Avis Samuels, Holy Trinity Cathedral, 8/21/1957

Ambroson, Beryl Theresa bap 4/29/1927. b 2/17/1917. F= Joseph Ambroson. M= Mary Thompson. R3. Was Anglican. VII, 56 #385

Amos, Magdalen bap 8/13/1925. b 10/7/1922. F= Josiah Amos. M= Ethel Logan. sp= Mrs. Rosa Simpson. R2 at home 87 Spanish Town Road. VII, 12 #80

Anderson, Alric Fechita Cecilia bap 4/25/1925. b 9/11/1911. F=Alexander Anderson. M=Margaret Anderson nee Dawson. R1. VII, 1 #3

Anderson, Darneth Mary Elee bap 3/9/1926. b 2/25/1926. F= Howard Anderson. M= Miranda Price. sp= Mrs. Mary Cole. Both parents non-RC, but Mrs. Cole "will see to proper education of child." VI, 25 #173

Anderson, Ivy Caroline bap 5/23/1925. b 4/26/1908. F= John Anderson. M= Jessie Anderson nee Lewis. R1. VII, 4 #28. mar Clifford Osmond McCormack, 13b Conrad Lane, Kingston Gardens, 1/18/1927. Witnesses George McCormack and Lena Anderson.

Anderson, Joseph bap 7/29/1930. b 5/6/1930. F= William Anderson (lately deceased). M= Maud Barnett. sp= Alex Gray and Rose Williams. VII, 129 #893

Anderson, Joyce Rose bap 3/31/1927. b 2/15/1919. F= Matthew Anderson. M= Viola Anderson nee Abrahams. sp= Evadney Hemmings. R1 was Anglican. VII, 54 #366

Anderson, Norma Veronica bap 2/2/1930. b 12/6/1922. F= Foster Anderson. M= Lilian Skeet. R1. VII, 116 #802. m Headley Beresford Edie 1958.

Anderson, Reginald Joseph bap 11/26/1930. b 4/24/1898. F= Jonathan Anderson. M= Sarah Bennett. R4. Supposed bap at Above Rocks, but record not found. VII, 138 #956. mar Lucinda Veronica Ione D'Aguilar, in St. Anne's Ch., 11/26/1930. Witnesses Evan Darius Francis and Agnes Lambert.

Anderson, Sidney George bap 10/13/1925. b 3/26/1925. F= John Samuel Anderson. M= Mireta Cross. sp= Mrs. E. A. Greenwood. VII, 16 #107

Anderson, Stanley Charles bap 6/2/1926. b 6/2/1913. F= John Anderson. M= Jessie Anderson nee Lewis. R3 was Presbyterian. VII, 33 #224. mar Phyllis Hinds, Holy Cross Ch. 12/27/1950. Witnesses Everald Burke and Hazel Williams.

Anderson, Thelma Madeline bap 2/2/1930. b 2/16/1920. F= Foster Anderson. M= Lilian Skeet. R1. VII, 116 #803

Anglin, Rhoda Anne bap 7/25/1928. Age 26 yrs. F= Richard (Dick) Anglin. M= Jane Ball. R2 in Public Hospital. Was Wesleyan. VII, 85 #586

Anthony, Ivy Louise (in 1953 called Lilitha) bap 2/11/1929. b 9/29/1912. F= William Albert Anthony. M= Rose Ann Harris. R1 was Anglican. VII, 94 #645. mar Baltern Walters, in Chapelton 1953.

Aparks, Joyce Mary [or Sparks ?] bap 8/3/1929. Age 1 year. M= Thelma Stewart (res Camperdown Switch, Constant Spring Rd). R2 Public Hospital. VII, 105 #726

Aris, Alexander bap 3/4/1927. b 7/24/1884. F= John Aris. M= Jane Richards. R2 at 25 Last St. S.V. Was Anglican. VII, 51 #351

Armstrong, Joyce Philomena bap 12/13/1930. bap 12/1/1930. b 10/20/1923. F= John Armstrong. M= Agatha Armstrong nee Stevens. R3 was Anglican. VII, 141 #972

Arnold, John Lord bap 7/12/1930. b 3/1881. F= Prince Albert Lord. M= Mary Lord. R1 Anglican. VII, 128 #882

Arrowsmith, Herbert Constantine bap 6/25/1925. b 5/23/1925. F= Alfred Alexander Arrowsmith. M= Jestina Amanda Arrowsmith nee Robinson. sp= Maria Thompson. VII, 8 # 52

Ashburn, Ermine Fidelista (Fidelis) bap 10/13/1925. b 5/14/1921 ?. F= William Simson Ashburn. M= Kesiah Lawrence. sp= Catherine Smith. Had been bap in Anglican Church. Now attending St. Anne' School. VII, 16 #108

Atkinson, Kenneth Glenmore Peter bap 1/21/1929. b 8/16/1907. F= James Atkinson. M= Margaret Atkinson nee Wood. R1 was Congregational. VII, 92 #634

Augustus, Marie Louise bap 8/24/1927. b 6/3/1903. F= Thomas Augustus. M= Amanda Barnes. R4. Supposedly bap in Above Rocks in infancy. Record not found. VII, 64 #437. mar Henry Samuel Clarke in St. Anne's Ch. 8/24/1927. Witnesses Clifford Nelson and Laykish J. Clarke.

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