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The undersigned inhabitants of St. Domingue, refugees for several years in the city of Kingston, Jamaica, declare to the Reverend Lecun, curate of the French Catholic Church in the said city that they are relatives of the widow Maillou [Mayou] who was married to their brother in Les Cayes, and that the said lady left St. Domingue in the month of September 1803 and went to St. Jago, Cuba, from whence she came here about 2 years ago. She gave birth about 3 months ago, and the undersigned are warning that the said lady intends to have the child baptized under the name Beaumont, late brother-in-law of the undersigned, his widow consenting to this falsehood, or under the name of her husband who stayed in Les Cayes where he was sacrificed. They have the honor to prevent Revd. LeCun from having to guarantee these two impostures, not wishing to consent to this illegitimate child being a pretender or partaker in the goods belonging to the three legitimate children of this lady Mayou that they recognize. In consequence the undersigned protest what could be done contrary to the interest and the tranquillity of their family and make this declaration in order to preserve the truth.

Signed in Kingston July 13, 1806.

Joseph Breson

Mayou widow of Vastele

Angelique Vastel

Mayou widow of Buisson

Witnesses: Charles de Torsey, R. Verna.


The parents of Dieudonne Chantian, born at Liege in Belgium wish to know if he is yet alive, as they cannot divide property for ten years to come. He lived in 1816-1817 under the name of Louis Legrand at Kingston in Jamaica, and kept a small hotel, sold Pigeons [?], rum, etc. It was situated near the barracks and near the market place or square. He had been in the English Army and was a long time Mess Sergeant. He left the Army in 1816. He was, it is thought, in the 60th Regiment. Should he be dead, to get a statement thereof from the Clergyman or Priest (if a Roman Catholic) and a Magistrate having it signed and sealed by the Governor General. The family will gratefully pay all expense.

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