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Roman Catholic Chapel, Kingston, Jamaica

All burials in this Register were performed by Guillaume le Cun, who describes himself as the Apostolic prefect of Saint Domingue, refugee presently residing in Kingston due to the events of the war. They were in the Roman Catholic cemetery of the chapel in Kingston.

The page numbers were assigned at some point when this Register was bound with other Registers.

Dates are in Month/Day/Year format. First date given is burial date.


abt. = about

b. = born

dtr = daughter

illeg = illegitimate

Kgn = Kingston

leg. = legitimate

res = resident of

SD = Saint Domingue

wit. = witnesses

yrs. = years

______, native of Bordeaux [France], prisoner of war on board the privateer Corvette _____ from Guadeloupe, died 8/24/1805 at the house of Lepeine in Kingston. p. 539

_____ 10/12/1805 Pierre Jacques born 8/4/1805 aboard the frigate The Diana, illeg son of Anne wife of Chateaubriand and the late ___hol Chrystine, died 10/11/1805. [This entry is almost illegible]. p. 542

Abbadie. 1/11/1806 Marie Jacques Abbadie, leg dtr of Jacques Abbadie and Marie Jeanne Robottom, native of Les Coteaux SD born about 1778, died 1/11/1806 in Kgn. p. 553

D'Agrain. 2/16/1806 Edmond Pradier d'Agrain sub-lieutenant in 15th Regiment of Infantry, res Clermont d'Auvergne departement of Puy-de-Dome, aged 22 yrs, died 2/15/1806 in Kgn at 11 p.m. due to a shot received in the naval battle at Les Cotes SD. Wit: French officers, who did not sign Register. p. 557

Baille. 6/3/1806 Louise Baille aged abt 16 yrs, legitimate dtr of George Baille and Henriette Gaiffie, native of parish of Verettes, SD, died 6/3/1806 in Kgn, home of Mr. Copplane. p. 576

Beaumont. 7/6/1806 Jean Louis Joseph Clovis Beaumont res of SD, native of Bonnieres in Artois, bishopric of Amiens, legitimate son of the late Jacques Beaumont and the late Marie Catherine his wife, married to Rose Mayou and died in Kgn 7/6/1806 at 2 a.m., age abt 40 yrs. p. 580

Beefus?. 6/1/1805 Emmanuel Beefus [?] free Negro aged abt 75 yrs, died 5/31/1805. p. 528

Belhome. 4/25/1805 Pierre Guillaume Belhome captain of a coasting-vessel, born in province of Saint Francis du Havre de Grace on Tuesday 2/10/1767 leg son of Pierre Guillaume Belhome and Marie Therese le Moine Surgess es Mure [three words illegible], died Kgn 4/24/1805. p. 522

Belin 5/13/1806 Henriette Belin, free griffon [mixture of Negro and mulatto] native of Port de Paix SD, illegitimate dtr of Marie Francoise Alexis, free Negro, died 5/13/1806 Kgn. Age about 40 yrs. p. 572

Broon 8/2/1806 buried a young man aged abt 12 yrs known by the name of Fanfan Broon, native of Martinique and entrusted by the family to Mr. Vallet, distributors of supplies on board a French brig "Le Phaeton" where he was taken prisoner of war and taken to Kingston. p. 582

Careaux. 12/17/1805 Anne Careaux, native of Port Capitaine [? illegible], age about 51 yrs, died 12/16/1805 in Kgn at the home of Miss Brune So__tard. p. 552

Chantas. 3/8/1806 Louis Chantas 1st adjutant in the Navy, on board the L'Alexandre, aged abt 19 yrs, died 3/7/1806 in Kgn. Wit: Jacques Michel, Louis Jebannot from aboard l'Alexandre, J. Peugan. p. 557

Chatelas. 1/9/1806 Marie Anne Chatelas, free Negro of Saint Marc SD, age abt 40 yrs, died 1/8/1806. p. 553

Chipon. 11/19/1805 Jean Baptiste Chipon, aged about 78 yrs, surgeon, formerly in the merchant navy from the city of Marseille [this phrase was part of a section with ink blots, and it may be incomplete], native of the town of Feurre known as Bellegarde in Bourgogne, widower of the late Claire Augier who died in Marseille. He died 11/18/1805 in the home of Etienne Patot, French wholesale merchant. p. 546.

Choiset. 9/24/1806 Perine Choiset, native of Petit Trou des Baradaires, aged abt 17 yrs, illegitimate dtr of Maurice Choiset and Suzette Martin, died Kgn 9/23/1806. p. 590

Delagarvine. 8/25/1805 Amedee illeg son of Felicite Petie Delagarvine of Jeremie SD, died 8/24/1805 aged 4 years. p. 538

Dufour. 8/15/1806 Marie Claire Francoise Dufour, born 1/31/1763 in the parish of St. Pierre les Coteaux SD legitimate dtr of the late Jean Baptiste Dufour res parish of Les Abricots, and of Per--- Claire Laroque Turgeau, widow by first marriage of Joseph Marie Vandry, died Kgn 8/14/1806, wife of Jean Antoine Alexandre Marie Delafitte former resident of SD. p. 584

Le Goullin. 5/6/1805 Francois le Goullin, ferrier by profession, born in parish of Vallieres diocese and generality of Metz [France] 10/18/1755 legitimate son of Louis le Goullin and Barbe Gemit [?] his wife, married in the parish of Port au Prince SD to Suzanne Marguerite Vozille widow of Troisgros, and died Kgn night of 5/5/1805. Wit: Jn la Barthe, Jean Laffire, J. Lajeune, Jn Piver. p. 523

de Grandchamp--. 12/10/1806 Charles Person de Grandchamp-- [hole in page], formerly Constabulary officer in SD, aged abt 55 yrs, native of Lorraine, died 12/9/1806 in the home of Miss Jacquette Orlin in Kingston. Witness: Matthieu Marlain ? Marcel, res of La Grande Anse SD. p. 593

Guyon 4/30/1805 Anne Elizabeth Guyon native of parish of Les Cayes in south SD, legitimate dtr of late Simon Guyon and Anne Lafeiulle Viellard, died Kgn age 14 yrs 9 mths. p. 522

Lasserre. 8/2/1806 Honorine Lasserre native of the parish of Mole St. Nicolas SD, legitimate dtr of Jean Lasserre and Annette Picq, died 8/1/1806 aged 10 yrs. p. 582

Lejuge du Puisage. 4/5/1805 Therese Adelaide Arnaud wife of Lejuge du Puisage, born in parish of Le Trou province in north SD, legitimate dtr of late Cesar Antoine Arnaud and Heury Bachet res SD, wife of Francois Marie Lejuge du Puisage esquire former res of Jean Label area SD, died Kgn 4/4/1805. p. 520

Leon 6/14/1806 Jean Gerard Thomas Leon, native of France, legitimate son of Thomas Leon and Pauline Marseilla his wife, died 6/13/1806 aged 60 yrs. p. 576

Macossin. 8/25/1805 Adelle Macossin [Wacossin?] born St. Jago, Cuba, legitimate dtr of the late Jean Charles M/Wacossin, wholesale merchant, and Louise Elizabeth de Coilonne his wife, died 8/24/1805. p. 538

Martin. 3/12/1805 Marie Louise b. Kgn illeg dtr of Claire Martin, died 3/11/1805 age 13 months 8 days. p. 518

Mayraud. 1/29/1806 Justin Mayraud, mariner by profession, native of Bordeaux parish of St. Anne [France], legitimate son of Joseph Mayraud and Marie his wife. The deceased married on 7/6/1805 Marguerite Renaud and died 1/28/1806 in Kgn at the home of Jean Latterre. p. 555

Orgeben. 10/12/1805 Gabriel Jean Lamothe Orgeben, native of the parish of Pea__t, bishopric of Nantes in Bretagne, born 3/30/1765 legit son of Pierre Orgeben and Therese Lafragger his wife, died Kgn. p. 542

Pagan. 10/30/1805 Astasie Landry, aged abt 60 yrs, born in Port Royal in Acadie [Acadia], dtr of Pierre Charley Landry and Marie G. his wife, and widow of the late Jean Pagan. Died 10/29/1805 in Kgn. p. 543

Prieur. 5/4/1805 Francois Bernard Prieur born Kgn 12/30/1803 leg son of Francois Bernard Prieur and Marie Genevieve Sense his wife, died Kgn 5/3/1805 at parents' home . p, 523

De Raymond. 3/22/1805 Adela de Raymond age about 18 1/2 yrs native of parish of St. Jeremie SD, leg dtr of Auguste Viscomte de Raymond and Louise Dulong Viscomtesse de Raymond res of SD, died 3/21/1805 at noon. Wit le Baron de Sligny [? partly illegible] p. 519

de Saint Prix. 7/6/1806 Louis Francis Martin de Saint Prix, native of province of Bourgogne [France], age abt 58 yrs, formerly silversmith in the Royal Seneschal in St. Marc, SD, and later a merchant in St. Marc, married to Babeth Beaumont, died 7/6/1806 in Kgn. p. 581

Seraphim. 1/19/1806 Antoine Seraphim born Kgn 11/25/1805, illeg son of Paulette Gomel, died 1/18/1806. p. 554

Thibaut. 3/5/1806 Louis Jerome Aime Thibaut, adjutant of the second level on board the French vessel, the Jupiter, taken prisoner on the said vessel, and died in Kgn 3/4/1806 at 11 p.m., aged abt 18 yrs. p. 557

Villarson. 12/31/1804 Anne Elizabeth Lucienne de Saint Martin, wife of Crillon de Villarson, born Les Cayes Saint Louis SD, died 12/30/1804, age abt. 43 yrs. [page was bound and numbered out of order], p. 599

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