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KINGSTON JULY 27, 1799 TO MARCH 31, 1804


The funerals were conducted by Pierre De L'Espinasse unless otherwise noted.

The register is in French, except for one entry in English on p. 27

There are some blanks during the period when de l'Espinasse and LeCun were in a struggle for control of the Roman Catholic Church in Jamaica.


b = born

bap= baptized

bur = buried

CC= "in the Cemetery of the Catholic chapel in Kingston"

d = died

illegit. = illegitimate

p = page

v=verso, back of page

DATE format: Month/Day/Year


King, Jeanne Sanderson, bur 6/24/1801 CC, b and bap in Les Cayes, St. Domingue, d 6/23/1801 Kingston aged 18 months. Witnesses: Nocilos Romero Garcia, Vacher Koene, George Sanderson. p. 19v

Knox, Georges, illegit. son of J. Georges Knox, bur 7/27/1799 in Kingston cemetery, d 7/26 Kingston, age about 7 months. Those present: Andre Corrau Magell and the Revd. Pierre Francois de l'Espinasse. Burial by Anthony Quigly. p. 1


Laboire, Pierre Joseph, bur 5/2/1800 CC, b Cap francais, St. Domingue, d 5/2/1800 Kingston aged about 55 years. Present were several inhabitants of St. Domingue resident in Kingston: Prieur, F. Ladebat, D'heillecourt, Meynard, He. delaVilleon, Hugh Bogle. p. 10

La Cage de Sauter, Guillaume Joseph, bur 6/27/1801 CC, b Port au Prince, d 6/26/1801 aged about 15 years. Witnesses: J. Allard, S. D'alzace. p. 19v

Lacoste, Joseph, bur 11/29/1801 CC, d 11/28/1801 Kingston. p. 22v

Lacoste: de Moras, S., wife of the late Jean Matthieu Lacoste, born in Bayonne [France], and died "this night" Kingston aged about 52 years. p. 22v

Lambale, Marie Rose Elizabeth, free quadroon, bur. 12/9/1799 CC, b Kingston 11/71798, d 12/8/1799 Kingston, illegit. daughter of Francoise Lambale, free mulatto. p. 6

La pure, Marie Sophie, bur 10/4/1802 CC, minor daughter of Jean La pure and Anne Maillard his wife, born 1/29/1802, bap 10/2/1802 Kingston, d Kingston. Witnesses: Louise Maillard, Dolhonde Meau, Charles Meau, Malabre Defamille, Celeste les beaupin, Ven. des beaupin. p. 26v

LaViote, Ulalie, bur 11/7/1799 CC, aged 32 years, b St. Domingue, d 11/6/1799 in Kingston. Witness, Sanite Lavalaicire and several persons. p. 4v

Lavy, Francois, bur 9/7/1800, merchant, inhabitant of the ______[illegible] quarter of St. Domingue, born in Marseilles, d 9/6/1800 Kingston aged 67 years. Present were several friends: le chevalier de Tyrot, W. G. Warren, Antoine. p. 12v

Lawrence, Catherine, bur 7/2/1803 in a cemetery blessed for the purpose of this burial, free mulatto of the parish of L'archae [?], St. Domingue, resident in Kingston where she died 7/2/1803 aged 31 years. Witnesses: Richard Ellis, Alexander Kelvin, McWoodhall, Lamothe foulee, Lannitte Dallie, Abr. Armaignac. p. 31v

Laye, Reverend Michel, from the diocese of Lion in Valois and Velligieux [France] of the order of St. Paul Augustin of Mont St. Bernard, died this night in Kingston aged about 28 years. Witnesses: Benedito Coro, John Miller and Lochas. p. 22v

Leger [?], Perrine, illegit. daughter of the late Serria? ___? widow of la Mie__? and of Pierre Leger, bur 10/30/1801 CC, d 10/29/1801 Kingston aged 8 months. [This entry was scrawled and hardly legible]. p. 22

Le Neveu, Jacques, bur 12/24/1800 CC, b in St. Lo in Balle Normandie [Normandy, France], d 12/23/1800 Kingston aged 42 years. Several friend resident in Kingston present: J. Rabatel, Lezier, Jon_ Warnel. p. 15v

Leverin: Labader, Perrine, widow of Francois Leverin, bur 8/28/1801 CC, inhabitant of Les Coteaux, St. Domingue, d 8/27/1801 Kingston aged about 30 years. Witnesses: Pr. Beyer, Berauld, Fs. Lemoyne. p. 21

L'hoste: Marie Therese Plard [register corrected from Pelard] wife of Raimond L'hoste inhabitant of the parish of St. Louis du Mirabelais, St. Domingue, bur 3/17/1801 CC, d "this night" Kingston aged about 55 years. Several relatives and friends present: Priny, Biffard, F. Perrier, Monlausun. p. 18

L'hoste [name is very faded], Raymond, bur 2/20/1802 CC, b in the parish of St. Moinuit [?] in the Mirebalais, St. Domingue, died 2/19 aged about 78 years. Witnesses F. Lhoste, Grandmaison, and A. Laine. p. 24

Lhoutheiller, Mr., captain of the artillery in the Regiment of Metz, prisoner of war on parole in Kingston, bur 12/4/1799 CC, d 12/3/1799 Kingston, aged about 48 years. p. 5v

Liguanie, Rene, bur 12/14/1803 CC, born in Guyana [ or Garonne?], proprietor in Dondon, St. Domingue, prisoner of war in Kingston, d 12/14/1803, aged about 65 years. Witnesses: Louis Bercamboy, Fcois. Wamel. p. 32

Lilly, Philippe, bur 10/2/1799 CC, d10/1/1799 Kingston, former cavalry officer, inhabitant of the north of St. Domingue. Witnesses Denis Jean Sage, brother-in-law, and Jean Emmanuel Sage nephew of the deceased, Brondeau, J. P. Tardis, Thanaud. p. 3

Lubin, Marguerite nee Arnaud, bur 12/2/1799 CC, wife of Louis Alexander Lubin, inhabitant of St. Domingue, resident in Kingston, born in St. Marc, St. Domingue, d 12/1/1799 Kingston aged about 42 years. Several relatives and friends were present: Lamont-Marie de Leanmont, Bourjolly, P. Ladebat, J. LeDier, M. deRichmond, J. Wilckerz, Monlausane, Armaignac, Armaignac jnr. p. 6v


Magnan, Michel, bur 9/4/1802 CC, former inhabitant of the L'Artibonite quarter, dependency of the Senechal of St. Marc, St. Domingue. p. 26

Marie Charlotte, bur 12/15/1800 CC, illegitimate daughter of Antoinette a free quadroon of le Cap, St. Domingue, d 12/14/1800 age 10 months. p. 17

Marie Francoise, free quadroon of St. Marc, St. Domingue, bur 11/21/1801 CC, d 11/20/1801 Kingston aged 28 years. p. 22

Masurier, Marie Francoise, bur 5/27/1800 CC, illegit. daughter of Marie Adelaide Masurier free mulatto of Kingston, b Jeremie 11/1797. p. 10v

Maudit, Arnaud Francois, lawful infant son of William Maudit and Louisa Eulalie de la Vergue his wife, bur 1/1/1801 CC, b Kingston 12/4/1800, bap 12/31/1800, d the night of 12/31/1800 Kingston. Present were: Amedee Blondel de Veron knight resident in Kingston. p. 16v

Maujean [?], Julie nee Rou___ent, wife of Jean Maujean, inhabitant of Kingston, bur 8/29/1800 CC, d 8/28/1800 Kingston aged about 30 years. Witness Antoine Collin Duraville. p. 12

Meau, Antoine, bur 10/30/1802 CC, native of Agde in France resident and died Kingston 10/29/1802 aged 50 years. Several relatives and friends present: Ls. Borie, Brondeau, Collette, Charles Meau, Jn. LaBarthe, L. Morel de Cornotte, W. Meau, A'dre Larri, H. Pointieu, junior, D. Bemondet. p. 27v

Michel, Charles, bur 6/20/1801 CC, a Swede born in Stockholm, age about 36 years, d 6/19/1801. Witness: Honor Pointier, resident in Kingston. p. 19

Michenot, J., prisoner of war, bur 3/14/1800, born on the island of St. Bartholeme, younger son of J. Michenot inhabitant of Jac___ [jac jame?] St. Domingue, d 3/13/1800 Kingston aged about 22 years. Witnesses: Jean Dumayel, F. Sele, Couppe, oQuins, Pierre Beloe, DelaPotiniere. p. 8v

Monpeau, Rosalie, bur 12/10/1799 CC, illegit. daughter of Pierre Louis Michel Monpeau de Poincy and of Marguerite Bonne Michel, free mulatto, b 11/15/1797 in Port au Prince, St. Domingue. Witnesses: L. Gourgues Dumetz and Louis Deslandes Felicite chevalier du Chatellier, both resident in Kingston, and the child's father. p. 6

Mongueil, Francois, bur 11/20/1800 CC, inhabitant of the dependency of Jeremie in the Grande Anse quarter, b 1778 in Cap francais, St. Domingue, lawful son of the late Louis Et___ de Mongueil who died ___ in the service of His very Christian Majesty, Senechal of the jurisdiction of Jeremie, d 11/20/1800 Kingston. Several friends present: chevalier Delafitte delieutat; B. LaBiche de Reignefort, Fernon, Beignat. p. 14v

Moreau de Lassie [Lassy], Louis, bur 4/19/1802 CC, native of Paris, parish of St. Andre des arts, dwelling in Kingston where he died 4/18/1802 aged about 38 years. Witness: J. Lugan. pp. 24v - 25

Morisseau, Renee Genevieve Duplice [? faded], widow of Amable Joseph Jean Devi____ [ink blot] Caure de L'h____[? faded] knight of the order of St. Lazare and captain of the infantry in the service of His very Christian Majesty, the deceased was buried 4/30/1802 CC, inhabitant of La Petite Riviere St. Jerome quarter of St. Marc, St. Domingue, and resident in Kingston where she died 4/29/1802 aged about 41 years, born in La petite Riviere of L'artibonite 4/1/1760. Witnesses: Jumelle, Touchemolin, Morisseau de Doiner. p. 25

Moulin, Francois, bur 10/8/1800 CC, b Nantes [France], d 10/7/1800 Kingston where he was prisoner of war, aged about 28 years, surgeon on a vessel of the French Republic. Several friends present: J. Lefebrie, brigade chief; B. Francois L. Claimbre, ens.; Ballet, lieutenant; Anard; Les vignes, Lt.; Duchamp, officer; Cempel, captain; Alexander Laine. p. 14


Obisou, Robert, bu 11/21/1799 CC, d 11/20/1799 Kingston, aged about 8 months, in the presence of several relatives and friends who did not know how to sign. p. 5

Orfevre, Joseph Charles, bur 10/5/1799 CC, d 10/5/1799 Kingston, inhabitant of the parish of L'aucha [?], St. Domingue, prisoner of war. Relatives and friends present: Corbeau, Guillet, Beaumont, Monnercy, Gd. Bauzar, Molliet. p. 3v


Paris, Sanite, bur 9/13/1800 CC, free quadroon of St. Domingue, age about 32 years. Witness J. B. LeSage. p. 13

Peintre, Jules Pierre Yvon, bur 7/29/1799 CC, b Brussels 2/2/1760, d 7/28/1799 Kingston. Witnesses: N. Courtard, Francis? Mestayer, & 2 illegible. Burial by Anthony Quigly. p. 1

Pelle, Victoire Anne, lawful daughter of Michel Pelle and Marie Catherine Deyerbe [Degerbe?], bur 3/5/1801 CC, b in Santiago, Cuba aged about 9 months. Witness: Th. Leydoux. p. 17

Pene, Pierre, bur 3/30/1800 CC, merchant b at Carcasson [France], d 3/30/1800 Kingston age about 55 years. Present were several Kingston residents, friends of the deceased: Le Mi. de Contades, Clauton Dinar, Etne. Palaf, Branday, Mahe, Francis Patot, Arnaud, Brondeau, Lanadurier, Yte. Ballon des Ravines, Lasserre, De l'orguet. p. 9

Perlade, Marie, bur 9/21/1800 CC, lawful daughter of Joseph Perlade and Jeanne Fortunee Sophie Elizabeth Cuvert de Bois Blanc his wife inhabitants of St. Domingue residing in Jamaica, d 9/20/1800. Also signed: Jean Francois Cuvert des Salines, the child's maternal grand-uncle. p. 13v

Perocheau, Desiree, bur 5/10/1803 CC, lawful minor daughter of the late Pierre Louis Perocheau, Registrar of the Admiralty de Nantes, and Jeanne Francoise Rousseau widow of Perrocheau, the deceased was born and bap in the parish of St. Vincent in Nantes [France], d 5/9/1803 Kingston aged about 18 years. Several relatives and friends present: La L. de Beaumaran, Lajeune, Chevr. Mwaris, Laroche junior, Laroche, Duhigg. p. 29

Pierre Joseph, illegit. son of Ursule a free mulatto from St. Domingue, bur 8/11/1801 CC, d 8/10/1801 Kingston aged about 7 years. p. 20v

Pillard, Henry Raymond, bur 5/31/1800 CC, lawful son of Jean Baptiste Pillard de la Motte and Jeanne Elizabeth Berquin his wife inhabitants of the parish of St. Michel in the Fond des negres quarter of St. Domingue, b Jeremie, St. Domingue 3/17/1795. Witness: Joseph Bocque de la Saulaye inhabitant of St. Domingue and residing in Kingston. p. 11

Plantin, Jean, bur 10/29/1801 CC, d 10/28/1801 Kingston aged 52 years. Witness: Jn. Brelet. pp. 21v - 22

Plunkett, Charles Edward, bur 5/14/1800 CC, Colonel in the militia in the service of the British Crown, b in Osnabruch in Flanders, d 5/13/1800 Kingston aged 46 years. Present were Achille Plunkett inhabitant of St. Domingue, Edward Plunkett inhabitant of Jamaica, Jean Louis Lajeune, Rene Joseph Stanislas Fergon, Jacques Lemoyne, Pierre Clarerie, Alexandre Gubian, all inhabitants of St. Domingue and presently living in Kingston. p. 10

Pluvet, Marie Anne, bur 10/14/1803 CC, died "this night" Kingston aged 65 years 7 months, b and bap in Cap francais, St. Domingue. Witnesses: Louis Deyvaut, Clle. DeBrusle, P. Bruneau, Delaterronniere, Jph. Peyrellade. p. 31v

Pouillet, Jean, bur 1/2/1801 CC, b in Vitre, province of Bretagne [France], d 1/1/1801 Kingston aged about 40 years. Several friends present signed: Beaumont, Rouge, Bien, Lioleau, Dubuisson. p. 16v

Prezeau, ____, unnamed child sprinkled, bur 8/11/1799 CC, d 8/10/1799, b 6/23/1799 lawful daughter of Jean Pierre Prezeau, inhabitant of St. Domingue and of Jeanne Elizabeth Moreau his wife. Burial by Anthony Quigly. p. 1v

Prieur, Bernard, bur 7/14/1803 CC, commandant of the parish of Dondon, knight of the Royal Military Order of St. Louis, born in St. Louis in the southern part of St. Domingue, resident Kingston where he died aged about 67 years. Several relatives and friends present: __ Timier; Lalane de Beaumaran; Archambeau; M. Brouard; LaBarre; Hn. Laveze, Magistrate, Kingston; F. Lalae; J. Pechon; Fs. Piano; L. Pellenoir; LaBishe de Reignefort; Perriere; Laulanie; D’s. Bemondel; L. Vendryes junior; Charest de Lauzan. p. 31


Quigley, Reverend Anthony, bur 9/18/1799 CC, appointed to the RC church in Kingston in 1792 by Monseigneur Douglass, d 9/17/1799 in his house, aged about 55 years. Witnesses: Patrick Peacan, and Thomas Hinds, inhabitants and merchants of Kingston, the Revd. Rochanson and De L'Espinasse. Burial by Gr. G. LeCun, prefect. p. 2


Rabatel, Gabriel Joachim, bur 1/11/1801 CC, b 5/22/1754 in Veyrins in the bishopric of Bellay province of Dauphine, France, d "this night" in Kingston. Several friends present: J. Garaud, J. Wamell, L. C. Beaumont, Vauchey. p. 17

Raimond Roux, Marie Antoinette, bur 11/19/1803 CC, lawful minor daughter of Jean Francois Antoine Raimond Roux and Marie ___ ___ his wife, resident in Kingston where the dhild died 11/18/1803 aged 4 years 25 days. Witness: Mainie. p. 32

Ravel, Pierre, bur 11/2/1799 CC, b in the province of Saintonge in France, d 11/1/1799 Kingston age about 40 years. Witnesses: Francois Querulion [?] resident in Kingston, Louis Palamel Salmon Du Chatellier, knight. p. 4v

Rincker, Charles, bur 6/28/1803, minor son of the late Frederic Rincker, captain in the regiment of the York Hussards and of Marie Marguerite DesDunes Priniy wife of Rincker, born in [? looks like Upway Douvt?] England 3/3/1801, baptized in the same place 3/10/1801, d 6/27/1803 Kingston aged 2 years 2 months. Witnesses: Robuste de Fredilly; Louis Desdunes, corsair in the York Regiment; Mullar. p. 30v

Robin, Marie, bur. 12/21/1799 CC, b. Kingston, d 12/20/1799 age about 4 years. p. 7

Robuste, Louis Elizabeth Augustin, bur 10/7/1799, d 10/6/1799, age about 4 years, botn in St. Marc, St. Domingue 8/25/1796. p. 4

Rose, Jean, bur 7/21/1801, native of the Greek archipelago, d. 7/20/1801 Kingston aged about 54 years. Witness: Jean Batiste Grandmaison. p. 20v


Seek, Pierre Joseph, bur 9/28/1799 CC, b in Luxembourg, d 9/27/1799 in Kingston. Witnesses: Anna Louise wife of Seek [?] the deceased. p. 2v

Sterling, Maria Catherine, bur 12/11/1800, free quadroon bin les Gonaives, St. Domingue, d 12/10/1800 Kingston aged about 31 years. Several friends present. Signed: A. Nouguis; Louis Herlins by X. p. 15


Therese, bur 4/20/1803 CC, resident in Kingston where she died 4/19/1803. Witnesses were present. [rest of entry is blank] p. 29

Thomas: Francoise Juneu, wife of Pierre Jacques Thomas, inhabitant of St. Domingue, bur 4/12/1801 CC, b in Ancenis [France], d 4/11/1801 Kingston aged about 46 years. Witnesses: Juneu, Gauv__uffuie, Pecoz, J. L. Jurbain. p. 20v

Thomas, Marie, bur 11/15/1802 CC, born in Curacao, d Kingston aged about 8 years. p. 28


Unidentified in register, bur 2/1802 CC, inhabitant of St. Domingue and resident in Kingston. Witness: Alexandre L___ [ink blot]. p. 24

Unidentified in the register, bur 9/8/1802 CC. p. 26

Unidentified in the register, bur 2/10/1803. p. 28

Unidentified in the register, bur 7/31/1803. Witnesses: Camoin, Angustin, Poureaux, M. Paillet, P. Leger, Ds. Bimondel, Verron. p. 31

Unnamed, illegitimate daughter, bur 7/27/1801 CC. p. 20v


Valleau, Pierre Henry, bur 9/13/1802 CC, surgeon and inhabitant of the Jean Rabel quarter of St. Domingue, born on the island of Re and died 9/12/1802 Kingston aged about 42 years. Several relatives and friends present: Lemasurier, Paintier, Brondeau, Meau, L. Beaumont, A. D. Punie, D'Aure Vert Pouren, Le cte. De La Blinverre, Person De grandchamp, L. Vendryes, N. C. Van ---k--ont [faded]. p. 26v

Vernier, Jacques, bur 3/5/1804 CC, b in Honfleur, Normandie [France], d 3/4/1804 Kingston aged 61 years. p. 33v

Vignaud, Joseph Gabriel, bur. 12/14/1799 CC, b 1769 in ___ [illegible], d 12/13/1799 Kingston. Witness: Charles Bernardi resident in Kingston, and the chevalier du Chatellier. p. 6v

Vincent, free quadroon, bur 5/27/1800, b Port au Prince where he was bap 5/6/1793, d 5/26/1800 Kingston. p. 10v

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