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KINGSTON JULY 27, 1799 TO MARCH 31, 1804

D - J

The funerals were conducted by Pierre De L'Espinasse unless otherwise noted.

The register is in French, except for one entry in English on p. 27

There are some blanks during the period when de l'Espinasse and LeCun were in a struggle for control of the Roman Catholic Church in Jamaica.


b = born

bap= baptized

bur = buried

CC= "in the Cemetery of the Catholic chapel in Kingston"

d = died

illegit. = illegitimate

p = page

v=verso, back of page

DATE format: Month/Day/Year


DaCosta. Charles, bur 12/24/1799 CC, illegit. son of Carlos Dacosta and Marie Maye __ ___ [illegible], b and bap Kingston, d Kingston 12/23/1799 aged about 4 years. p. 7v

D'aquin, Marie Francoise, bur 6/1/1803 CC, died "this night" Kingston aged about 14 months and bapt 1/3/1803 [?]. Witnesses: Ch. D'aquin, Rousset, Gouan, Lebon Lapointe, Clle. DeBrusle, Baron Boisfontaine. p. 30

d'Archambaud, Marie de Montant, wife of Dominique d'Archambaud, knight of the Royal Military Order of St. Louis, inhabitant of St. Domingue, bur 11/26/1800 CC, b in Bayonne [France], died "this night" in Kingston aged about 56 years. Several relatives and friends present: Joseph Archambaud, Desmorties, Mainie, Prieur, Arnaud, Boyere, A. Blondel Deveron, Gaubert delaHaye, Pechot, Darr__, Charles Rozes. p. 14v

D'artegu___ [faded], Matthieu Constantin, bur 11/9/1802 CC, lawful son of Jean D'artegu___ and Marguerite Peletier his wife, b St. Domingue, d Kingston 11/8/1802 aged 10 years. p. 28

Daymond, Guillaulme, known under the name of Raymond Bayonne, bur 4/2/1802 CC, native of Bayonne, seaman by profession, inhabitant and proprietor in Jamaica in the parish of St. Andrew, d 4/1/1802 Kingston, aged about 52 years. Several friends and witnesses present: Bataille and J. B. Boubee. p. 24v

deBonnet de Mautrie, Victor, bur 1/6/1800 CC, officer of the British Grenadiers in the service of the King of England, b in Normandie, d 1/5/1800 Kingston, age about 24 years. Present were Jean Robert Noury and Achille Onffroy both resident Kingston. Also signed R. Laulanie, Balefontaine. pp. 7v-8

De Crepelure, Antoine de Magnan, minor son of Jean Antoine de Magnan de Crepelure and Jeanne Gabriel Bidoue his wife, bur 9/22/1801 CC, born in the parish of La Petite Riviere, St. Domingue, d 9/21/1801 Kingston aged 9 1/2 years. Witnesses: Potier Dela Houssaye, It. Duquesnay, DeRostaing, M. Prinquelague. pp. 18v - 19

De Labiche, Edward, bur 4/14/1800 CC, son of Bernard de Labiche former colonel in service of the British King and of Elizabeth Labiche de Reignefort his wife, b Kingston, d Kingston 4/13/1800. Present were Francois De Labiche the child's paternal uncle, Frederic Mestayer, Francois De Labiche the child's first cousin, all resident in Kingston. p. 9v

De Labiche, Marie, bur 3/20/1800 CC, lawful daughter of Bernard de Labiche de Reignefort knight and of Elizabeth De Labiche de Reignefort his wife, b 10/20/1799 Kingston, bap 3/1/1800, d 3/19/1800 Kingston. Present were Jean Francois De Labiche knight the child's paternal uncle, Antoine de L'hermitage knight of the Royal Military Order of St. Louis, Flaville, Perroneau, Macgill, Mestayer, Catherine Labiche, and Lise Latour. p. 9

De Labiche, Marie Aime Elizabeth, bur 5/4/1802 CC, widow by first marriage of Jacques Joseph Formon de la Plumadiere voigeneuve [?faded] of Nantes who died in St. Domingue, and wife by second marriage of Jean Baptiste Leloup of Cavaillon, St. Domingue where she was born, and prisoner of war in Kingston where she died 5/3/1802 aged about 38 years. Witnesses: d'Heillecourt, T. Labiche, Lajeune, M. Ballie, Peyrellade, Lailleboult, L. Levage, Feraun, Venaill del'harmilly, LaBiche de Reignefort, H. DeBernard, Lalanne de Beaundar [?faded]. p. 25

Delabostrie, Ursule Elizabeth Godard, bur 10/1/1801 CC, born in la Rochelle, parish of St. Sauveur, d 09/30/1801 Kingston aged about 20 years. Witnesses: F. Delabostrie and Jn. Brelet. p. 21v

de L'Amand, Marie Francoise nee Louvet, bur 12/16/1799 CC, d 12/16/1799 Kingston, b in le Val ___ du Mans 1735, widow of the late Renaud de L'amand. p. 4

De L'amareux, Marie, bur 7/31/1800 CC, b in the Basque region of France, d 7/30/1800 Kingston, aged about 35 years. Witnesses: Louis Joseph Clovis Beaumont and Alexis Edmond D'ancoure, both resident in Kingston. p. 11v - 12

D'elbois, Jean, bur 4/3/1801 CC, inhabitant of St. Domingue, native of the parish of St. Michel de Sabres, diocese of Aigs [Aigues?], d "this night" in Kingston aged about 71 years. Witnesses: Le Fievre, Vaucher. p. 18

Derene [?], ___, b 9/14/1801 CC, b Normandie, d 9/13/1801 Kingston aged about 40 years. p. 21v

de Richemont, Pierre Daniel Benjamin Mesclairet, bur 12/31/1800, originally from the parish of Notre Dame de la Rochelle [Francs], inhabitant of the St. Marc quarter of St. Domingue, d 12/30/1800 Kingston aged about 59 years. Several friends present signed: Jean Sebastien Couppe, Courtard, Perry, L. P. Brizeau. p. 16

de Rostaing, Gabriel Edward, lawful son of Henri Francois de Rostaing and Adelaide de Ponthieu his wife, bur 3/6/1801 CC, d 3/5/1801. Several relatives and friends present: Etne. Patot, Jouette de magnan, Peraud, le chevalier DeJouette. pp. 17-17v

Deschamps, Geraud, bur 2/15/1803 CC, native of Carcassone in Languedoc, inhabitant of the Jeremie quarter of St. Domingue and resident in Kingston where he died 2/14/1803 aged about 58 years. Witnesses: J. Guerouth, Jean Louis Locquin, Louis Fortier. p. 28v

Desdunes, Marie Louise ___ widow of Louis Desdunes, bur 3/12/1804 CC, inhabitant of St. Domingue, L'artibonite quarter, d 3/11/1804 Kingston aged about 50 years. Witness V. Marchand. p. 33v

Desessart, Placide, bur 7/1/1801 CC, native of Poitiers [France], resident in Kingston, d 6/30/1801 aged 34 years. Witness: Gilbert Cuissot, resident of Kingston. p. 20

Deslandes, Perrine nee Roque, bur 5/26/1803 CC, widow of Michel Deslandes inhabitant and proprietor in St. Domingue, resident and died Kingston 5/25/1803 aged about 40 years. Several relatives and friends present: Lajeune, Lefevre, Laroches, Duhigg, Ch. Medard, Jh. Chateau. p. 30

Desnouis, Anne Marie, bur 10/7/1802 CC, minor lawful daughter of the late Mr. Desnouis and Marie Regure [? faded] du Vivier wife of Desnouiy inhabitants of St. Domingue, d Kingston aged about 24 years [? identified as a minor?]. p. 27

D'hanache, Hugue Bartheleme Alexandre, knight and marquis of the same name, bur 1/12/1800 CC, Captain of the Dragoons in the service of the very Christian Majesty, b Mirebalais, St. Domingue, 10/20/1739, d 1/11/1800 Kingston. Present were Louis Gabriel Marie de Coutades knight marquis of the same name, Colonel in the service of the very Christian Majesty, Francois D'aquin knight, and several others incl. George Churchill, Lt. Genl. p. 8.

Dias, Pedro Toche, native of Spain, bur 9/29/1799 CC, d 9/28/1799 Kingston. Witnesses: Francisco Perdomo, Antonio Josef Morales. p. 3

Du Boury, Antoinette Michel, bur 10/6/1802 CC, minor daughter of Pierre Francois Du Boury and Elizabeth Antoinette de Saupon wife of Du Boury, d 10/6/1802 Kingston aged 13 months. Witnesses: Charest De Lauzon, M. Prinquitagne, Archambeau, Ch. de Mondieu. p. 27

Du Breuil de Fouvain, Francois Amable, bur 5/26/1803 CC, inhabitant of St. Domingue, Les Cayes quarter, originally from Songe [?], resident in Kingston where he died 5/25/1803 aged about 58 years. Several friends present: P. Penha, D. Bemondel, Lajeune, Fs. Lemoyne, Joseph Chateau, O'Duhigg, Midard. p. p. 29v

Dugaque [?], Francois, bur. 12/21/1799 CC, free quadroon born in the Grande Anse quarter, St. Domingue about 3 years ago [? illegible], d 12/20/1799 Kingston in the house of Mr. Davon, surgeon. Witness: Francois Robert resident of Kingston. p. 7

Dumanoir: Adelaide LeBon, wife of Galiot Dumanoir, former officer of the Royal Engineers in the service of His very Christian Majesty, and knight of the Royal Military Order of St. Louis, bur 12/30/1800 CC, born in Parish in the Parish of St. Eustache, d 12/29/1800 Kingston aged about 56 years. Several friends present. Signed: Jean Sebastien Couppe, J. P. Tardis. p. 16

Duperrelle, Marie Catherine Febu [?] Desiree, widow, bur 1/27/1802 CC, d 1/26/1802 Kingston, inhabitant of St. Domingue. Witness: Gillette Desire.

Duquisne, nameless child, son of Marie Augustin Count Duquisne, Colonel in the service of H.M.B. and former Lieutenant of a ship of His very Christian Majesty, and of Marie Michel Rossignol Countess Duquisne, resident in Kingston where the child was born 10/5/1800, bap by me in his father's house 9/12/1801 because of the danger he was in, died 9/13/1801, buried 9/14/1801 CC. Witnesses: Jardin, Marchand, Mermugny, Desdunes. p. 21

Duverger, Paul, bur. 12/21/1799 in a place blessed for this purpose on Hamstead Penn, former inhabitant of La Grande Anse, St. Domingue, d 12/20/1799 at Hamstead Penn aged about 50 years. Present were Louis Lanvize and Auguste Morel both resident in Kingston, who signed with several friends: Rob. Sutherland, Adelaide Delafond, LaBiche DeReignefort, Victoire Bernardi nee Robinat, Charles Bernardi, James Dunkerley, Delafour, Fergon, le chevalier de Ste. Marie. p. 7


Emmanuel cure Espagnol [Spanish curate?] of Gallice in Europe, bur 1/9/1800 CC, d 1/8/1800 Kingston, aged about 44 years. Present were Jean Joseph Lamar and Bernard Miranda both residents of Kingston, also Juan Josef Ama. p. 8


Fauger [?], Jacques, lawful son of Joseph Yric Fauger and Flore Bivel his wife, bur 7/15/1800 CC, aged about 3 months, d 7/14/1800 Kingston, b and bap Kingston. Witness Eugene Morel. p. 14

Fillole, Probace, bur 5/27/1800 CC, b in Toulon [France], d Kingston aged about 45 years. Present were several relatives and friends: He. delaVilleon, Maure, J. LaBourthe, __boisblanc, Lajeune, Courtard, Berauld, Meau, Monlausane, [and other signatures too faded]. p. 10v

Fontayne, Stanislas, bur 6/20/1802, illegit. son of Louis ____ ____ ____ [illegible] Cayes St. Louis, St. Domingue and resident and died Kingston 6/19/1802 aged 19 years. Witnesses: Monsigny, Biffari. p. 25v

Fortice, Joseph Celeres, bur 2/14/1804, b in Vaudy [?] departement of Ardennes [France], prisoner of war in Kingston where he died "this night" aged about 36 years. Witnesses: L. Beaumont, De Lattre, Paimbour. p. 33

Fournier, Aimee, bur 6/16/1800 CC, widow of Francois Rouenfort who died in Kingston in 1794, b in les Cayes de Jacmel, St. Domingue 5/4/1758, d 6/15/1800 Kingston. Witnessed by several inhabitants of St. Domingue presently living in Kingston: Montagnac, Mestayer, Jean Sebastien Couppe, L. Dujardin, Labiche snr, Biffari de Paucia, Monlausane. p. 11 b

A free mulatto (female) bur 10/23/1800 CC, b and bap St. Domingue. p. 14


Galliote, Charles, bur 12/5/1800 CC, b in Livorno in Toscana [Tuscany, Italy], d Kingston aged about 50 years. Several friends present. Signed: B. Epinarda, Robert Dance. p. 15

Gand de Ste. Rultine, Georgette Augustine Nancy, bu 8/20/1800 CC, d 8/19/1800 Kingston, b Kingston 8/18/1795. p. 11v

George, Cornelius, bur 12/29/1803 CC, d 12/28/1803 evening aged about 49 years, born in St. Domingue in L'Anse de Veau quarter. Several friends present: d'Heillecourt, Beaupre, Jn. Seb. Couppe., Guilbert, Pergon, Miere, Borel, E. Roebas, Grandmi__ [faded]. p. 32v

Girouet, Etienne Andre, bur 12/5/1799 CC, born in les Abricots, parish of Cap Dame Marie, St. Domingue, d 12/4/1799 Kingston aged 23 years and prisoner of war. Witnesses: Pierre Laloubere, brother-in-law of the deceased, Francois Gruau, Antoine Delahaye, Rene Joseph Stanislas Fergon, all inhabitants of St. Domingue. p. 5v

Gloumeau, Magdeleine, bur 9/3/1802, widow of Bertin, b Cap francais, d Kingston 9/2/1802 aged about 36 years. Witnesses: Parnier, Jacques Pecot. p. 25v

Gouin, Cesar, lord of a fief, bur 1/25/1800, b 9/28/1761 in the province of Saint Colombin, diocese of Nantes [France], d 1/24/1800 Kingston. Present were Jean Robert Noury, Jean Marie Pornin, and Pierre Leris, both resident in Kingston. p 8v

Gremes, Guillaulme, bur 5/10/1802 CC, originated in Bordeau, parish of St. Colombe [France] and resident in Kingston where he died 5/9/1802 aged about 48 years. Witnesses: Nicolas Maquinaut, Jean Lacaze, An. St. A. p. 25v

Gubian Duverdun, Marie Elizabeth, bur. 12/24/1799 CC, b 8/5/1799 Kingston, illegit. daughter of Alexandre Gubian Duverdun, d. 12/23/1799 Kingston. Present were Joseph Gernaert and Lewis Law resident in Kingston. p. 7v

Guerault, Giles, bur 5/1/1800 CC, b Clieves, inhabitant of the L'artibonite quarter of St. Domingue, d 4/30/1800 Kingston aged about 46 years. Witness Giles Frederic Doyen. p. 9v

Guire, Marie, free Negro according to what was certified to us by Bernard Prieur, knight of St. Louis, inhabitant of Dondon and commandant of that quarter in St. Domingue, the last master of the deceased, bur 10/3/1799. p. 3

Guran, Guillaume Augustin, Captain of the Dragoons in the Battalion of the Leogane Militia and inhabitant of the same quarter, St. Domingue, bur 2/2/1802 CC, d 2/1/1802 Kingston aged about 52 years, native of the parish of St. Michel du fond negres, St. Domingue where he was baptized. Witnesses: Pilar Delamothe, Me. Montaguve, A. Bongars, Myinac, Binne. p. 23v

Guvan [Guran or Puvau?], Louis Marie Gille, bur 10/29/1801 CC, captain of the militia of Port Royal de la Montagne, d 10/28/1801 Kingston aged about 47 years. Witnesses: Couppe and Jn. Brondeau. p. 21v


Hall, Marie, bur 9/1/1801 CC, d 8/31/1801 Kingston aged about 8 years. Witness: Elizabeth D'Elvincourt. p. 22

Henley, Mary Bary, wife of Georges Henley, bur 11/7/1802 CC, b in Cork, Ireland, d 11/6/1802 in his house in Kingston. [record in English] p. 27v


Isabelle, bur 11/18/1799 CC, aged 2 years, born and bap in Mole, St. Domingue, d 11/17 Kingston. Witnesses Louis Borie and le chevalier Du chatellier, both inhabitants of Kingston. p. 4v


Jacquelin, Emmanuel, bur 9/13/1800 CC by me, former canon of the Cathedral Church of Mans and Rector of the parish of Pommeril the viscount diocese of Treguier and currently in Kingston, the deceased was captain of a vessel in the service of the French Republic, born in la Rochelle 1762, d 9/12/1800 Kingston where he was held on parole as a prisoner of war. Witnesses: F. M. Pitot, captain of vessel, Auguste Joseph Dumas, ense. of vessel; Jossie; L. Cumberlin; Deschamps; Bouchard; Origier, captain of infantry; Ayreau, Lt. of vessel; Hry. Manon; E. F. J [?] Blanche, ensne.; Puissie; Fleaume; Caussil; Moulin. p. 13

James, Jean Georges, illegit. son of Jean James and Marie Richard, bur 7/14/1800 CC, d 7/13/1800 Kingston. p. 11b

Jaquet, Charlotte, free quadroon bur 9/1/1801 CC, b in the town and parish of Leogane, St. Domingue, d 8/31/1801 Kingston aged 32 years. p. 21

Julie, bur 9/11/1799 CC, b 9/16/1798, d 9/16/1799, illegit. daughter of Marie Anne DuCret, free quadroon of St. Marc, St. Domingue. Burial by Anthony Quigly. p. 2

July, Marie Louise Adelaide Sophie, bur 7/17/1802 CC, lawful daughter of Elie July and Julie his wife resident Kingston, d Kingston 7/16/1802. p. 26

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