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KINGSTON JULY 27, 1799 TO MARCH 31, 1804


The funerals were conducted by Pierre De L'Espinasse unless otherwise noted.

The register is in French, except for one entry in English on p. 27

There are some blanks during the period when de l'Espinasse and LeCun were in a struggle for control of the Roman Catholic Church in Jamaica.


b = born

bap= baptized

bur = buried

CC= "in the Cemetery of the Catholic chapel in Kingston"

d = died

illegit. = illegitimate

p = page

v=verso, back of page

DATE format: Month/Day/Year


Anne, free mulatto, bur 12/16/1800 CC, born free 11/3/1760 in Les Cayes St. Louis, St. Domingue, d 12/15/1800 in Kingston where she was a prisoner of war. Present: Jean Dupeyron, inhabitant of Le cap, St. Domingue; Philippe Pierroud, inhabitant of Les Cayes St. Louis, St. Domingue. pp. 15 - 15v

Aubert, Jean Michel, bur 7/1/1801 CC, inhabitant of La grande Riviere, the Grande Anse quarter of St. Domingue, d 6/30/1801 aged about 65 years. Witnesses: Tty. Lafargue, Fr. Laraque jnr., Du hamelle, Alexandre Laine, Ch. Soulaye. pp. 19v - 20

Authier, Marie Josephine, bur 8/9/1799 CC, d 8/8/1799, b 6/28/1799, lawful daughter of Mr. Authier, inhabitant of St. Domingue, and of Jeanne Marguerite Christiane Dolert his wife. Witness L. deFourhy, knight. Burial by Anthony Quigly. p. 2


Bachelot, Renee, widow of Francis Fayet merchant in Aquin, bur 9/18/1800 CC, d 9/17/1800 Kingston, prisoner of war aged about 60 years. Witnesses: Jacques Philippe Beaupre Arnaud, and Pierre Claverie both inhabitants of St. Domingue. p. 13v

Bareau, Marie Francoise, widow of Simon Champenvis, inhabitant of St. Domingue, bur 6/5/1800 CC, d 6/4/1800 Kingston. Those present were Elizabeth D'Elvinwurt granddaughter of the deceased, Briant, Josephine Briant, Louise Aime, Eliot, Philippe Briant. p. 11

Baronnie, Jean, bur 9/13/1800 CC, b in Dourillac [?] province of Perigord, d 9/12/1800 Kingston aged about 42 years. Witness Jean Brondeau, resident of Kingston. p. 13v

Barre, Antoine, bur 4/4/1801 CC, b on the island of Maleon [?], d 4/3/1801 Kingston aged about 46 years. Witnesses: Matthieu Allaier, Charles Joanneau,. p. 18v

Bayonne, Louise Catherine, inhabitant of St. Marc, St. Domingue, age about 38 years, bur 8/15/1799 CC, d 8/14/1799 in the Bayonne house on High Holborn Street, Kingston. Witnesses: Catherine Louise leBoeuf, Bremaud, Lenovic Parmantie. Burial by Anthony Quigly. p. 1v

Beauval, Louis, bur 3/11/1802 CC, b in Dieppe in Normandie, parish of St. Jacques [France], d 3/10/1802 Kingston, aged about 21 years. Witness: Nicolas Maquinant. p. 24v

Bedfort, Louis Jean Marie, illegit. son of Jeanne Bernard a free mulatto, bur 8/6/1801, d 8/5/1801 aged about 5 years. p. 18v

Beliat, Marie, bur 12/6/1803 CC, widow of the late ___ [blank] ____[faded] from the Les Coteaux quarter of St. Domingue, d 12/5/1803 Kingston, age 68 years. Witnesses: Pt. Leger, Joseph Candolere. p. 32

Benoit, Sebastien Antoine, Baron de Vaclimun [?] lieutenant and adjutant, native of Nancy in Lorraine, bur 11/11/1802 CC. Witness: Marc Antoine Malliet. p. 27v

Bertrand, Louis, bur 12/20/1801, native of Vitre diocese of Rennes in Bretagne [France], d 12/19/1801 Kingston aged about 18 years. Witness: Francois Flamand. p. 22v

Boubec, Antoine, bur 8/31/1800 CC, born in Bayonne [France] 1/22/1737, merchant in St. Marc in St. Domingue, d 8/30/1800 Kingston. Present were several relatives and friends: Gellibert, Fraissynane, Maureuil, Perrin, Piver, R. Bonjour, Pizel, Charteau. p. 12

Boulanger, Joseph Philippe, bur 2/17/1804, originally from Monaco, resident in Kingston, d Kingston 2/16/1804 aged about 28 years. Witnesses: L. Perretin, A. C. Secouville, Hecaud, Frances Franzoi, J. Laymiset. p. 33

Bretet, Adelaide Pauline, lawful daughter of Charles Arnaud Bretet inhabitant of the south of St. Domingue and the late Marie Elizabeth Flore Constant his wife, bur 3/6/1801 CC, b in St. Domingue, d Kingston 3/5/1801 age about 22 months. Witness: A. H. Dupontel. p. 17v

Bretet: Flore Constant wife of Charles Arnaud Bretet inhabitant of the south of St. Domingue, bur 1/18/1801 CC, d 1/17/1801 in Kingston aged about 26 years, Witness A. H. Dupontel. p. 17v

Brisson, Claude, bur. 1/13/1800 CC, b in Bretagne [France], former inhabitant of La Petite Riviere, St. Domingue, d 1/12/1800 Kingston. p. 8v

Brown, John, bur 12/27/1799 CC, b and bap in Curacao, d 12/26/1799 Kingston aged about 55 years. Present were Jacob Hoever and the chevalier du Chatellier both resident Kingston. p. 7v

Boy___, Henry Robert, bur 8/7/1799 CC, born in Jeremie 6/5/1798, illegit. son of Coralie Barras of Jeremie, St. Domingue, a refugee in Kingston. Witness Rev. G. LeCun. Burial by Anthony Quigly. p. 1

Budelievre, Francois, bur 2/6/1802 CC, inhabitant of Les Rois quarter of St. Domingue, native of L'hermitage in Chatenay in the province of Bretagne in the diocese of Nantes [France], d 2/5/1802 Kingston, aged 60 years 9 months. Witnesses: Jean Sebastien Couppe, Beloc. p. 23v


Camacho, Antoine, bur 10/13/1794 [sic] CC, d 10/12 Kingston, native of Cadiz. Witness: Agustin Romero, Spaniard living in Kingston. [with 1799 burials] pp. 3 - 4

Castille, Padre Murail, bur 11/21/1799 CC, d 11/20/1799 aged about 40 years. Witnesses Julian deGuerra, Joseph Maria Caro, Juan Dias, Diego Palancary, le chevalier Du chatellier, residents of Kingston. p. 5

Ceriziac, Jeanne Guenard, bur 4/4/1803 in a plot blessed by me for the purpose at Belcourt Lodge, native of Lyon [France] and resident in Kingston where she died 4/2/1803 aged about 30 years. Witnesses: Foussaume, Marie Chambaran, Ch. Bernardi, Lassorte, D. Bemondel, Silvain Manzin, Galboth, Leroy de Caverouillicie. p. 28v

Charpentier, Antoine Henry, bur 10/4/1799 CC, b in Portugal, d 10/4/1799 Kingston. Witnesses: Antoni Silvia resident in Kingston, Le chevalier Du chatellier. p. 3v

Collette, Marie Louis, lawful son of William Collette former officer in the Dilon Regiment and Louise Adelaide de Hinte, wife of Collette, bur 12/26/1800 CC, b Kingston 7/22/1799, d Kingston 12/25/1800. p. 15v - 16

Crontal, Raymond Hubert, bur 6/3/1800 CC, resident in France, d 6/2/1800 Kingston where he was a prisoner of war, aged about 26 years. Present were Latapies and Janie Martet resident in Kingston. p. 11

Cubertis?, Pierre, bur 11/18/1799 CC, age about 3 years, d 11/18/1799 Kingston. Witness: le chevalier Du chatellier. p. 5

Cuvert du Bois Blanc, Adelaide Henriette, lawful daughter of Jean Baptiste Cuvert du Bois Blanc and Marie Francoise __ de Laleur, wife of Bois Blanc, bur. 9/11/1800 CC, b Petite Anse in St. Domingue. Witness Jean Francois Cuvert Des Salines, the child's paternal uncle. p. 12v

Cuvert du Bois blanc, Jean Francois Frederic, bur 9/20/1799 CC, b and bap in the parish of the Morain quarter, St. Domingue, 1/26/1775. Witnesses: Charles Joseph de Leonardy former captain in the service of His most Christian Majesty, and Joseph Peyrellade, both sellers of merchandise in Kingston, and brothers-in-law of the deceased, Delaforest, Dle. DeBrusle, Proust, Rostan, Labiche senior, Labiche junior. p. 2v

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