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Due to the fact that the corners of the pages are often torn off, and the orignal page numbers may be missing, the page numbers used here are the secondary numbers later assigned to the pages when several volumes were combined.

The Burials were recorded in French [F] or Spanish [S]. They were in the consecrated ground for the Roman Catholic Parish, unless otherwise noted.

Burials from December 1800 to March 1802 were performed by the Revd. Eusevio de Naxera.

From June 1802 to August 1802 by the Revd. Andres Jose Suarez y Ortega, "curate of this Spanish chapel."

From October 1802 to January 1804, the Revd. Pierre de l'Espinasse.

From April 1804, Basilio Suarez de Lema.

Hendrik, Francis, 5/14/1814, native of Ireland, died 5/13 in Kingston at 3 p.m. aged about 22 years. [F] p. 204

Herrera, Manuel, 5/18/1814, native of the area of Guayaquil, Peru, single man, died 5/17 at 2 p.m. in Kingston, aged 18 years. [S] p. 205

Horenin, Jeremia Alexr. 7/2/1803. Native of the parish of Guipuscoa in Spain, age about 18 years. [S] p. 99

L'Hoste, Catherine Josephine, 12/13/1813 in the afternoon, a "petite demoiselle," child, legitimate daughter of Michel Charles L'Hoste and Marie Louise Lefort Laleur, died 12/12 in Kingston at 2 p.m. [F] p. 188

Infante, Juan. 1/26/1801. Bachelor, aged 23 years. Born in Maracaibo, son of Infanto and Boratola Correa.[S] p. 64

Juan. 12/26/1800. Age about 21 years. Born in Genoa in Europe. [S] p. 61

Juan Pedro. 2/18/1801. From Curacao. Age about 90 years. [S] p. 65

J---. Antonio[bleed-through]. 1/10/1801. Born in Lisbon, Portugal. Age 42 years. [S] p. 63

Larramendy, Francisco. 9/26/1812. Native of Anda---iain, province of Giupuscoa of the state of Lazado, and second pilot on board the brigantine Marco Bruto, proceeding from Havana by Porto Bello and arrived in Kingston. Died 9/25 at 5 p.m. without making a will. Aged about 75 years. [S] p. 178

Lluis--, Ana Cristina. 2/24/1801. Single. From Curacao. Was baptized as an adult in Cartagena de Indias. [S] p. 65

Lubin, Marie Claire Urbaine, 1/19/1814, eldest legitimate daughter of Louis Alexandre Lubin, born in the parish of St. Marc, St. Domingue on 3/24/1784, died in the house named Belair belonging to her father in St. Andrew, buried the same day by the Revd. St. Jean de St. Bona Ventura Lopes, vicar of that parish. Friends and family who were present and signed the register: Louis Lubin, Cocherel Contessa de Coucharolle, widow ---Nouard, Robert Verly, Jehannot DeVenguer. [F] p. 191

Luis, Juan. 7/16/1801. From a Portuguese ship. Age about 15 years. [S] p. 67

Luys, Jose Maria. 5/21/1804. Lawful son of Guillermo Francisco Espeer and Josefina Perrine Dufour, French, resident in Kingston. Witnesses: Lajeune, B. Prieur. [S] p. 102

Maria Magdalena. 7/15/1812. Free Negro, native of Curacao, resident Kingston for 50 years. Died 7/14 at 6 a.m. aged 83 years. [S] p. 176

La Marre, Marie Claire, 8/31/1814, free mulatto, creole of Cap Francois, St. Domingue. Died 8/30 in Kingston in her 50th year. [F] p. 210

Martel, Marie Francoise, 3/1/1814, native of Kingston, died 3/1 at 8 a.m. in her 53rd year. [F] p. 195

Martin, Antonio, 10/10/1813. Native of Cataluna, Spain, resident in Cuba. Died 10/9 in Kingston at 10 a.m. age about 20 years. [S] p. 183

Martin, Juan de Francisco. 3/10/1813. Buried at the main door of the church, native of the town of Salduero, province of Castilla la Viega, Spain, died 3/9 at 9 p.m. aged 48 years after making a will. [S] p. 181

Mastanza, Fernando, 9/3/1813 in the sepulchre of this church. Born in the city of Santa Martha, legitimate son of Miguel Mastanza and Paula Mandracha, native of Cartagena de Yndias, died at 4 a.m. in Kingston aged 2 years. [S] p. 183

Mazeves, Bernard, 5/13/1814, native of Bayonne, France, inhabitant of St. Domingue, died 5/12 p.m. at his brother's home in his 50th year. [F] p. 204

Miguel, Andres, 4/3/1814, free Negro, native of Curacao, resident in Kingston many years, died 4/2 at 4 p.m. age 86 years. [S] p. 199

Molino, Manuel, 7/30/1814 in the atrium of the church, native of Lima, legitimate son of Eugenio Molina and Cathalina Rodas, died 7/29 at night, in Kingston, aged 30 years. [S] p. 208

Monns?, Jose [ink blot]. 1/10/1801. Age 24 years. [S] p. 62

Morin, Michel, 1/22/1814, free Negro, native of Port Royal in Martinique, died 1/21 at 10 a.m. age about 80 years. [F] p. 192

de la Motte, Jean. 7/16/1801. Frenchman, single, age 16 years. Died 7/15/1801 at 4 p.m. Born in Dagna in Europe, Valishovin. Legitimate son of Monsieur la Motte. [S] p. 67

Munoz, Mathes, 7/21/1814, in the ecclesiastical sepulchre in the atrium of the church, native of the province of Guipuscoa in Biscaya, married in Lima, died in Kingston 7/16 at 2 a.m., aged 35 years. [S] p. 208

Nebote, Maria Delores del Carmen. 1/18/1813. Born and baptized in Havana, legitimate daughter of P---cal Nebote, Spanish Army Lieutenant, and of Maria del Carmen. Died at 7 a.m. 1/18, aged 4 months 14 days. [S] p. 180

Negra, Jose. 4/20/1801. Born in Galicia. Single, aged 36 years. [S] p. 66

de Nozedal, Francisco, aged 33 years. Buried 12/9/1800. Native of the Valley of Somozzorno, Spain. Husband of Angela del Castillo. [S] p. 61

de Palma, Guillelmo, 4/20/1814, native of Curacao, resident in Kingston for many years, died 4/19 at 11 a.m., age 33 years. [S] p. 200

Paulina. 8/2/1802. Free mulatto, aged 4 years, daughter of Agustina free mulatto, native of Curacao. [S] p. 95

Pereira, Domingo. 12/21/1800. Born Oporto, Portugal, aged about 50 years. Married in Lisbon. [S] p. 61

Perez, Basilio Garcia, 7/10/1814, native of Fricio in the province of Liga (Ziga?), married, died 7/9 at 9 a.m. in Kingston, aged 73 years. [S] p. 211

Petrona, Lucia, 5/24/1814, native of Curacao and resident in Kingston for 20 years; single, died 5/23 at 4 p.m. aged 58 years. [S] p. 205

Picar, Maria Madalena. 6/-/1802. Widow of Don Pedro Cornet, residents of Santo Domingo. [S] p. 94

Pillon, Elizabeth nee Fromagau, 2/23/1814, native of St. Marc, inhabitant of L'Artibonite, St. Domingue, wife of Joseph Nicolas Pillon, native of Port-au-Prince, died 2/22 at 4 p.m. aged about 26 years. [F] p. 194

Pimpineti, Jose. 3/22/1801. Bachelor, age 27 years. Born in Venice, lawful son of Francisco Pimpineti. [S] p. 66

Pineyro, Justo, 5/2/1814, in the atrium of the RC church, native of Amed de Pineyro, jurisdiction of Los Banos in the bishopric of Santiago, Galicia, near the town of Santa Cruz de Mompos in the kingdom of Santa Fe, married in the island of Leon in the kingdom of Andaluzia, died 5/1 in Kingston aged about 60 years, after making his will. [S] p. 202

Pinto, Jacinto, 4/2/1814. Free Negro, native of Mosquito chov [Cove] in the Spanish Main. Died 4/1 at 4 a.m. age 49 years. [S] p. 198

Piphetau or Pifetau, Eugenie, 1/29/1814, native of Jeremy, St. Domingue, resident in Kingston, died 1/28 at 1 p.m. in her 24th years. [F] p. 193

Pollonais, Louis Mayer 12/21/1813, legitimate son of Louis Pollonais and Marie Magdelaine Riviera Pollonais, inhabitants of St. Domingue, died 6 a.m. age 25 months. [F] p. 186

Prorbia, Faustino. 12/17.1812. Native of Navarro, 6 leagues from Pamplona, bachelor, aged 30 years, died 12.16 at 5:10 a.m. without making a will. [S] p. 179

Rodriguez, Jose. 8/2/1801. p. 93

Rodriquez, Jose Antonio. 4/13/1804. Mulatto slave, native of Havana, Cuba. [S] p. 101

Rosa Rosalina. 1/25/1803. Daughter of Maria, born in Kingston 1/18/1803, baptized 1/22/1803, died yesterday. [S] p. 98

Rouzier, Maria Virginia. 6/22/1802. From the state of Onesto. Aged about 15 years. Daughter of Pedro Ludovico Hectori Rouzier and of Juana Adelaide Valles Rouzier, native of Santo Domingo. [S] p. 94

Le Roy, Marie Marthe, 3/3/1814 native and inhabitant of la Marmelade, St. Domingue, resident in Kingston for 18 months. Died at 4 a.m. in her 30th year. [F] p. 196

Royette, Jeanne, 4/3/1814, native and inhabitant of the south of St. Domingue, resident in Kingston 12 years, died 4/2 at 7 p.m. age about 60 years. [F] p. 198

Rozes, Arnaud. 4/10/1804. Merchant, born in Europe in la Reole, diocese of Bazas in France, age 53 years, lawful son of Dominique Rozes, and of Mrs. Juana Sautignon, widow of Catalina Archambaud, for which marriage there was a son Arnaud Joseph Dominique Rozes. Witnesses: Archambau, Gillibert, A. DelaVerge. [S] p. 99

Salvador, Carlos. 8/25/1812. Native of Cartagena de Levante in Spain. Resident Kingston for many years. Died 8/24 at 4 p.m. aged 36 years, without making a will. [S] p. 177

Sanchez, Felipe. 7/18/1801. Age 26 years. Born in La Palma in the Canary Islands. [S] p. 68

Santiago, Felipe. 4/13/1812, illegitimate son of Daniel Luis and Maria Beata, died at 2 a.m. aged 23 months. [S] p. 175

Santibanez, Maria Rafaela de. 1/4/1813. Native of Cartagena de Indias, legitimate daughter of Bernardo Timotio be Alcazas and Manuela Pereira, now deceased, legitimate wife of the Lieutenant of the Spanish Navy, Rafael Santibanez y Timavan (?). Native of Cadiz, died 1/4 at 4 a.m. having one child of the marriage, Maria Rafaela, born in Turbaco, Cartagena de Indias, 3/12/1810. The rapidity of this death did not allow her to make a will. [S] p. 180

Santos: Manuel de los Santos. 3/26/1802. A Negro slave aged 8 days, died 3/25. [S] p. 93

Sapora, Thomas. 7/5/1802. Sambo slave of Francisco Se__va, native of Nompos, single man, aged 30 years. [S] p. 95

Satamayor, Francisco. 2/1/1801. Bachelor, age 22 years. Born in Pasayermere Guipurcoa [?]. [S] p. 65

La Sexera, Miguel, 7/3/1814, native of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, resident in the city of St. Carlos in the province of Caracas, free, died in Kingston in the house of Francisco Silva, 7/2 at 6 p.m. aged 48, without making a will. [S] p. 207

Shane. 1/1/1801. Born in Dublin, Ireland. Age about 52 years. [S] p. 62

Siverol, Juan Baptista. 4/19/1812, native of the city of La Palma, island of Majorca. Resident in Kingston. Died 4/18 at 3 p.m., age about 36 years. [S] p. 176

Sterlin, Marie Adelaide, 12/23/1813 in the afternoon, native of Cap Francais, St. Domingue, died Kingston 5 a.m. in her 28th year. [F] p. 188

Thomas, Eleonora, 7/17/1814, native of Curacao, free, resident in Kingston for 20 years, died 7/16 at 7 a.m. aged about 54 years. [S] p. 207

Urbino, Pedro. 1/18/1801. Single, age 33 years, born in Guayaca, Mexico. [S] p. 63

Urreta, Manuel, 8/24/1814, free Negro, native of Cartagena de Yndias, died at midnight aged about 26 years. [S] p. 210

Vandame, Marie Louise, 1/2/1814 in the afternoon, native of St. Marc, St. Domingue, died 1/1 in Kingston at 6 p.m. aged about 35 years. [F] p. 189

Verneal, Luys. 3/3/1804. Age 14 months, son of Juan Francois and Maria Juana Peroteau. Witnesses: Lajeune, Deurette. [S] p. 101

Vidal, Isidro. 11/29/1802. Merchant, born in Europe in Barcelona, aged 37 years, Witnesses: Antoino Vidal, Pedro Ponce de Leon, Joseph Vasti. [S] p. 97

Vodrio, Pedro. 7/2/1802. Native of Portugal, aged about 63 years. [S] p. 94

Ygnace (Ignace), Joseph, 5/11/1814, born and baptized in Kingston. Died 5/10 at 4 p.m. aged about 5 1/2 months. [F] p. 203

Ynchaniste, Miguel. 7/19/1801. Single, aged 30 years. Born in Seguestio in the province of Vizcaya. [S] p. 68

Yule, Julian. 3/26/1802. Aged 27 years. Son of Lombriga in the island of Soliero. [S] p. 93

Yzaguirri, Jacinto. 8/30/1812. Native of Savaos, province of Buscaya, and married in St. Sebastian. Died 8/29 at 11 a.m., aged about 26 years. [S] p. 177

Zenneta?, Franco. 1/6/1801. Born in the region of Bilbao, Spain. Age about 32 years. [S] p. 62

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