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Due to the fact that the corners of the pages are often torn off, and the orignal page numbers may be missing, the page numbers used here are the secondary numbers later assigned to the pages when several volumes were combined.

The Burials were recorded in French [F] or Spanish [S]. They were in the consecrated ground for the Roman Catholic Parish, unless otherwise noted.

Burials from December 1800 to March 1802 were performed by the Revd. Eusevio de Naxera.

From June 1802 to August 1802 by the Revd. Andres Jose Suarez y Ortega, "curate of this Spanish chapel."

From October 1802 to January 1804, the Revd. Pierre de l'Espinasse.

From April 1804, Basilio Suarez de Lema.

Alfonzo, Jose, 9/9/1813. Native of Bartolome in the island of Castarias, legitimate son of the named Alfonzo and Maria Nunez, the deceased resided in Santo Espirito, Cuba, died 9/8 at 2 p.m. aged about 18 years. [S] p. 182

Ana Catalina Constancia. 4/8/1801. Single, age 24 years. Daughter of Estanonan and Catalina. [S] p. 66

Antonio, Francisco. 1/9/1804. Portuguese, native of the island of Graniosa, aged 20 years, died yesterday. [S] p. 99

Antonio, Jose, 4/3/1814. Native of St. Thomas, resident in Kingston for many years, died 4/2 at 10 a.m. age about 42 years. [S] p. 199

Archambau, Marie Charlotte, 7/19/1814, born 4/26/1811, legitimate daughter of Mr. Joseph Archambau and Catherine Magdeleine de Borniol his wife, died 7/18 at 8 p.m. [F] p. 203

D'Archambau, Elizabeth, 1/24/1814, legitimate daughter of Joseph Charles Dominique Archambau, and Emilie de Bormel, his wife. Died 1/23 at 4 p.m. aged 5 days. [F] p. 192

de Asa, Jose Pedro. 3/9/1801. Single, aged 24 years. Born on the island of -- in the kingdom of Spain. [S] p. 66

de A---, Miguel [smudge]. 1/29/1801. Age 22 years. Born and married in Maracaibo. [S] p. 64

Baistian [Bartian?], Maria Yzabel, 12/12/1813, native of Curacao, resident in Kingston for 3 weeks, died 12/11 in Kingston in the house of Nicolas Galante, aged 65 years, without making a will. [S] p. 189.

Balle, Pablo. 12/24/1812. Native of Palamos in prinipality of Cataluna, married in Havana, resident in Kingston 4 months. Died 12/24 at 3 a.m., aged about 42 years, without making a will. [S] p. 179

Bardanos [?], Estebar, son of Elizabeta, French, aged 11 years, native of Puerto Principe in the French colony. [S] p. 93

Barrau, Marie Magdeleine, 4/25/1814, native of Mirebalais dependency of Port au Prince in St. Domingue, died 4/24 in Kingston at 3 p.m. in her 18th year. [F] p. 201

Bena, Vicente. 1/16/1801. Bachelor, aged 20 years, born in Maracaibo, son of Contramaestre Vera and Luisa Romero, residents in Kingston. [S] p. 65.

Bertram, Manuel. 7/16/1802. Free sambo, married to Florentina Santiago, residents of Los Callos de San Luis, natives of Curacao. [S] p. 95

Blacas, Alexander, 11/17/1813, native of Marseille in Provence, France, resident in Kingston for several years, died 11/17 at 4 p.m. aged about 60 years. [F] p. 187

Bofill, Maria de la Concepcion, 3/10/1814 in the atrium of the church, born Cartagena de Yndias, legitimate daughter of Buenaventura Bofill and Rosa Buch, both native of Cataluna, Spain. [S] p. 197

Bogue, Antonio. 5/18/1801. Legitimate son of T. Bogue and Juana. Born and resident in La Palma in the Canary Islands. Single, age 22 years. [S] p. 67

Bonollau, Louis, 2/21/1814, native of La Rochelle, France, proprietor in Cap Francois, St. Domingue, died 2/20 at 10 a.m. aged about 55 years. [F] p. 193

Branche Charpentigny, Pierre Germain, 9/10/1814, living in Kingston, died 9/9 aged 55 years, native of the parish of St. Denys de Madoubleau, Diocese of Blois du Chateau Loire, in the area of Tours, legitimate son of the late Florent Branche and the late Magdelaine Frisnon. [F] p. 211

Brocheman, Isaque, 11/29/1813, native of Curacao, illegitimate son of Nicholas Albertus Brocheman and Maria Andrea, all of Curacao, died 11/28 at 7 a.m. aged 16 years. [S] p. 187

Cacise, Joseph Antonio. 2/26/1803. Pilot, both in Europe in Portugalete in Biscaya. Witnesses: Juan Mouel de Ixiaxte, Louis Padn. Bueno. [S] p. 98

Cadena, Jose. 3/5/1801. Married to --- Carrero. Born and resident in Santo Domingo in Spain. Age about 70 years. [S] p. 65

Carolina. 4/9/1804. Quadroon slave aged about 7 years, daughter of Charlota, quadroon slave. [S] p. 100

Catala, Esteban. 12/11/1800. Born Cadiz, Spain. Son of Francisco Catala. [S] p. 61

Cateura, Salvador. 11/21/1811, mercantile pilot, native of Cataluna, age about 28 years. Died 11/20 at 9 p.m. in the home of the surgeon Mr. Bossier, without making a will. [S] p. 174

Chagar, Francisco, 11/18/1813. Native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, died 11/17 at 10 a.m. aged 21 years. [S] p. 186

Chopelet de la Chapelle, Claude Joseph, 4/21/1814, born Paris 9/17/1764, former officer in the service of France and Spain, resident Kingston for 5 years, died 4/20 at 4 p.m. aged 50 years. [F] p. 200

Clemente, 8/4/1814, an Indian, native of Ariguipa, Peru, servant of Colonel Francisco Tristan, died 8/3 at 3 p.m. in Kingston, aged about 20 years. [S] p. 209

Cleto, Anna, 2/23/1814, free Negro, wife of Juan Felix, both native of Curacao and resident in Kingston for a long time. Died 2/22 at 6 a.m. age 40 years. [S] p. 195

Coronel, Dionicio. 7/11/1813, native of Lima, Peru, died 7/11 at 7 a.m. aged about 40 years, without making a will. [S] p. 181

Corporan, Jeanne Francoise nee Deport 11/13/1813 in the afternoon. Widow of Corporan, native of Mirebalais in St. Domingue, died 11/12 in Kingston in her 50th year. [F] p. 185

Couyo, Jean, 1/9/1814 in the afternoon, free Negro, native of Curacao, died 1/9 at 7 a.m. in the house of Madame Bivouette. [F] p. 190

David, Tomas. 1/23/1801. Bachelor, aged 21 years. Native of Ireland. [S] p. 63

Depit, Guion (Gregorio). 6/18/1801. From Curacao. Age 36 years. Son of Monsieur Depit, married to Araxia Helena Depit. [S] p. 67

Duboisqueheneux, Charles Sidney, 5/24/1814, lawful son of Mr. Duboisqueheneux and Rosalie Onffroy his wife, inhabitants of St. Domingue, died 5/23 in Kingston aged about 8 years. [F] p. 206

Dufour, Jean Pierre 3/10/1814, native of the parish of Petit Goave, St. Domingue, son of Mr. Dufour and Marthe Larrice (?). Died 3/9 at 3 p.m. in Kingston in Mr. Auger's house, age about 40 years. [F] p. 196

Echarria, Prudencio, Reverend, of the Order of St. Francis, 4/29/1814. Native of the city of Onate, province of Guipeacoa, member of the College of Santa Boxa de Ocopa in Peru, died 4/28 in Kingston at noon, aged about 65 years. [S] p. 202

Echavarria, Patrocinio, 4/26/1814, native of Panama City and married there, died 4/25 in Kingston at 8 p.m., aged about 26 years. [S] p. 201

Esteiro, Carlos, 2/22/1814, founder and benefactor, native of Santo Shiago de Sol, jurisdiction of the city of Muros, archbishopric of Santo Palago, Galicia, resident in Kingston for many years. Died 7 a.m. [S] p. 194

Estrada, Antonio. 3/24/1801. Born in Josa, Spain. [S] p. 67

Ferrer, Juan, 7/31/1814, native of La Palma, Majorca, free, died 7/30at 8 a.m. in Kingston aged about 55 years. [S] p. 209

Ferrer, Lorenzo. 2/17/1802. From the island of Minorca, city of San Cantos. Married on the same island. [S] p. 93

Francis, Manuel, 10/25/1813, born in Jamaica, illegitimate son of Marie Adelaide native of Martinique and residing in Kingston. Died 10/24 at 8 a.m. age about 3 years. [F] p. 184

Freger, Adelaide, 6/22/1814, p.m. native of Cap Francois in St. Domingue, died Kingston 6/21 at 9 p.m. aged about 18 years. [F] p. 206

Freire, Jose Maria. 12/25/1811, native of Ferrol in Galicia, captain and supercargo of the galley Eleonor coming from Cuba. Died 12/24 at 11 p.m. aged 22 years. [S] p. 175

Fyt: Patro de Fyt. 7/2/1802. Native of Ireland, aged about 60 years. [S] p. 94

Galante, Martha. 11/7/1811. Illegitimate daughter of Nicolas Galante and Maria Gama, native of Curacao, dies 11/6/1811 at 12 in the night. Age 4 years. [S] p. 174

Garaycocchea, Martin. 1/14/1801. Born in Veraregna in Navarra in Spain, and resident in Campeche and Monico. Married in Campeche to Josefa Boudailla. [S] p. 63

Garin, Joseph. 10/27/1802. Pilot, born in Europe in Aragon, Spain, died yesterday in Kingston, aged 45 years. Witnesses: J. N. M. Poirrier, Manuel Gonzales, Manuela Fernandez, Fernando Gonzales. [S] p. 96

Goa, Rafael. 1/26/1801. Son of Ana Francisca Sanchez, a Negro, aged 50 years. Born in Maracaibo. [S] p. 64

Golan, Juan. 12/9/1802. Merchant, born in Europe in Catalonia, died yesterday in Kingston. Witnesses Joseph Marti, Serafin Fabre, Gregorio Rosado. [S] p. 97

Gonzales, Nicolas. 9/27/1812. Native of Cuba, married in Cuba, resident in Kingston 24 years. Died 9/26 at 11 p.m. in home of Nicolas Pinedo. Age about 31 years. Made no will. [S] p. 178

Gonzalez, Benito. 1/6/1801. Born in Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain. Age about 28 years. [S] p. 62

Goulon, Suzanne Marguerite Voselle, 11/11/1813 before noon; widow of first husband the late Mr. Riviere, and second husband the late Mr. Trois Gros, and third husband the late Mr. Francois Goulon, native of La Rochelle, resident of Port au Prince, died 11/10 in Kingston age about 60 years. [F] p. 185

de Gournay, Michel Ysaac, 12/9/1813, knight of the Royal Military Order of St. Louis, inhabitant of la Marmelade quarter, parish of St. Marthe, northern section of St. Domingue, died 12/8 in Mr. Lagourgue's house, aged about 85 years. [F] p. 184

Gracia, Maria. 7/16/1802. Creole of Curacao, slave of Thomas de Leon. [S] p. 95

Gregue, Cecile nee Materan, 1/11/1814, widow of Gregue, native of Les Cayes, southern St. Domingue, died 1/10 at 6 a.m. aged about 50 years. [F] p. 190

Guiverman, Jean, 3/25/1814 p.m. Native of Minorca, resident in Kingston for several years, died 3/24 in the house of Mr. Nicolas Uter, aged about 50 years. [S] p. 197

Gutierres, Victorio, 8/20/1813. Native of Rio Lindo in the Spanish Main, resident in Kingston 18 years, died 8/20 at 4:30 a.m. aged about 48 years, without making a will. [S] p. 182

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