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All burials were performed by the Revd. Anthony Quigly.

A "prisonnier sur parole": A 'prisoner' who was not confined to a jail. He was left a certain amount of liberty, on the condition that he would deliver himself up to justice if it was required of him. This is not the same as our modern 'prisoner on parole.'

A "prisonnier de guerre," prisoner of war, a military taken in combat.

Davis James, infant son of Thomas Davis and Marcia Davis, buried 2/9/1799 in the consecrated ground. Mr. Kirkpatrick called me to attend. [p. 24v]


DeFlechier, Adam, 9/5/1795 in the Kingston Roman Catholic church cemetery, age 18 months, "prisonnier sur parole" (prisoner on oath) since birth, legitimate son of Mr. Etienne Deflechier, major in the S.M.B. of Cap Dame-Marie, and his wife Duran Deflechier, inhabitants of La Grande Anse, St. Domingue. Witnesses: Js. Penham, Edward Plunkett.[in French. p. 2]

deJunicourt, Baron Charles Hanus, knight of the royal military order of St. Louis, Colonel of the Infantry, native of Nancy in Lorraine, parish of St. Rock, diocese of Toul, legitimate son of Joseph Racise Hanus de Maison Neuve and Sophie Dinant, aged 51 years, died in his house and parish Cascade, St. Georges. The burial was conducted in the presence of Catholic clergy and several notable Frenchmen, in the cemetery of the Catholic chapel in Kingston. Witnesses: Gravelle, E. Rolland, d'Heillecourt, Grandmaison, Mouet. [in French, p. 22]

DeMercado, Maria, free white child, daughter of Mary Pinto, 9/23/1796 in the consecrated ground in Kingston. [p. 8v]

DeMontignac, Louise Elizabeth Amelie, aged 4 years, legitimate daughter of Viscount Figue DeMontignac and his wife Bidoum DeMontignac, inhabitants of Artibonite, parish of St. Jerome, St. Domingue, 3/15/1798 in the Kingston Catholic cemetery. Witnesses: Charent de Lauzon, Antoine, C. Bouguet, De Formel, DelaVilleon. [in French, p. 16]

deNajar [? faded], Catherine, native of Petit Goave, St. Domingue, aged about 65 years, died 3/9/1797 at 11:00 a.m., buried 3/10/1797 in the Roman Catholic cemetery in Kingston. Witnesses Onffroy, F. DelaVilleon, Chevalier J. deBruge, Lagantraye, Lepayre Bourjolly. [in French. p. 10 - 10v]

Deschamps, J., inhabitant of Jeremie, St. Domingue, died in Kingston 10/7/1797 at 3:00 p.m., aged 27 years, native of Carcassonne in Languedoc [France], buried 10/8/1797 at 10:00 a.m. in the Kingston Catholic cemetery. Witness: Saintard. [in French, p. 13v]

DeVirel, Agathe Theodore Dufresne, aged about 25 years, born in St. Malo de Sily in the diocese of St. Malo in Bretagne 6/24/1772, [France], legitimate daughter of the late Augustin Dufresne DeVirel, and his wife Louise Henriette de Coulombe. Buried 4/28/1798 in the Kingston Catholic cemetery. Witnesses: DuBoisqueheneux, A. Onffroy, Onffroy, Monsigny. [in French, p. 16v]

Desaugier, Julie, age 28 years, native of Frejus in Provence [France], widow by first marriage to Alexandre Mourland from the Plaisance quarter, province of Nord, St. Domingue, and wife by second marriage to Antoine Gegeus Colonel in the British military and commander of Mole and its dependencies, now dead. Buried 10/14/1798. Witnesses: Bouche, duJouchy, De l'Herre, Abbot L'Espinasse, Abbot Mouche. G. LeCun prefect.

Desnonij, Elisabeth Derce, native of Mole St. Nicolas, St. Domingue, died at 4:00 a.m., buried at 5:00 p.m. 11/6/1798 in the cemetery of the Catholic Church, Kingston. [in French, p. 20v]

Didre a Curacao man, died in the house next to Loudane, buried 1/10/1796 in the consecrated ground in Kingston. [p. 4]

Dom-Ambroise Marie, religious provost and professor of theology of the Congregation of St. Mauve, St. Domingue, born in Avranches, parish of St. Gervais, in Normandy [France] 12/5/1762, legitimate son of Master Louis Ambroise royal provost in the same jurisdiction, and Catherine Allain. Died 11/27/1798 in Kingston. Buried 11/28/1798 in the cemetery of the Catholic chapel in Kingston. Witnesses: Fr. G. LeCun, apostolic priest from St. Domingue; De L'espinasse; Rochanson; Collette; M. Rostan; abbot Monhet. [in French, p. 21v]

Domingo, a Spaniard, 9/20/1795, in the consecrated ground in Kingston. He died at the house of Ferdinand. [p. 2v]

Dominico, a Spaniard, 11/3/1795 in the consecrated ground in Kingston. [p. 4]

Dubois Duberth, Marie Anne Chateau, wife of Dubois Duberth, native of Cap Tiburon, in the south of St. Domingue. aged 42 years, died 3/5/1797 at 10:00 p.m. after a long illness. Buried 3/6/1797 in the Kingston Roman Catholic church cemetery. Witnesses A. Onffroy, Onffroy, Cte. Bertonault, D. delaVilleon. [in French, p. 10]

Dupre de la Bretonniere, Madelaine Thomas de Bebeck, wife of Mr. Antoine Jerome Alexandre Dupre de la Bretonniere, 10/10/1795 in the Kingston Roman Catholic church cemetery, native of the Parish of St. Pierre du Limbe, in the Quartier du Nord of St. Domingue, age 20 years, legitimate daughter of St. Benjamin Jacques Thomas De Bebeck and Marie Anne Bonnand, and prisoner on oath in this city. Witnesses: Landau Marel, Tochelatte, J. Mauran,De la Martelliere, Delarue de la Martelliere, Leristard.

[in French, p. 3]

Duroux, Louis, knight of the Order of St. Louis, Major in Mole, St. Domingue, aged about 45 years, native of the parish of La Belle Fontaine, diocese of Verdun [France], died 10/30/1798, buried 10/31/1798. Witnesses: Tibot, vice-curate of Mole. G. DuManoir, Montault, H. deBernard. Pechor, deLadebat, L'abbe Monehet, Meau, Labouie, de Leonardy. [in French. p. 20]

Duttout, Alina, aged 7 1/2 months, daughter of Mrs. Segournai Duttout inhabitant of the north of St. Domingue, who died at 6:00 a.m. and was buried at 6:00 p.m. 7/6/1796 in the cemetery of the Roman Catholic parish church. Witnesses: Mazel, J. Lamothe, Charent de Lauzon. [in French. p. 7]

Duverger, Jacinte, native of Kingston, aged about 4 months, died in Kingston, buried 1/17/1799 in the Kingston Roman Catholic Church cemetery. Witness: Duverger.[in French, p. 24]

Duverger, Marie Jeanne Ferand, native of the parish of St. Marc in St. Domingue, wife of Sebastien Duverger, died 12/10/1798 aged about 31 years, buried 12/11/1798 in the cemetery of the Roman Catholic Church. Witnesses S. Duverger, C. Duverger, J. Sabey. [in French, p. 22v]

Elinor, a white woman, 9/20/1795, in the consecrated ground in Kingston. She died in the home of Sally Harty. There was an inquest held on the body. [p. 2v]

Emanuel, a Spaniard, 4/25/1796 in the consecrated ground in Kingston. [p. 5v]

Emanuel, a Spaniard, 7/25/1796, in the consecrated ground in Kingston. [p. 7]

Falvy Darly, Quartermaster in the 3rd Regiment Irish Brigades, 8/30/1796 in the consecrated ground in Kingston. [p. 8]

Falvy William, Lieutenant of the Irish Brigades, under Colonel McBride, 7/25//1796 in the consecrated ground in Kingston. [p. 28v]

Francisco, a Spaniard, 10/30/1795, in the consecrated ground in Kingston. [p. 3v]

Francisco Joseph, a Portuguese, he died in Mr. Pepe's house when he was stabbed by his countryman. 3/16/1798 in the consecrated ground in Kingston. [p. 16]

A French child, 3/8/1798, in the consecrated ground in Kingston. [p. 15v]

A French child, "born a French man, he got private baptism", buried 5/22/1798 in the consecrated ground in Kingston. [p. 17]

A French Negro, 8/24/1795 in consecrated ground. [Record mostly obliterated. p. 1]

A French Officer, belonging to the frigate taken by His Majesty's Ship Alfred, died in the house of Mr. Garcias in Church Street, buried 8/9/1796 in the consecrated ground, Kingston. [p. 28v]

Fromont, John Baptist, aged about 57 years, native of Lile in Flanders, "prisonnier de guerre" (prisoner of war) in Kingston, buried 2/2/1799 in the consecrated ground in Kingston. Witnesses: Colin Campbell, John O'Hara, N. C. Vau-Enthoul, Previne, Delaforest, Fave, R. Gaubert delaHaye, M. Cringuet, Fournier de l'Hermitage. [p. 24]

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