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Records in English, except where otherwise noted.

Pages were numbered on the front side only, using the retro/verso system. For example, "9v" would be the back of page 9.

All burials were performed by the Revd. Anthony Quigly.

A "prisonnier sur parole": A 'prisoner' who was not confined to a jail. He was left a certain amount of liberty, on the condition that he would deliver himself up to justice if it was required of him. This is not the same as our modern 'prisoner on parole.'

A "prisonnier de guerre," prisoner of war, a military taken in combat.

Amable de Saint Aigue, Jean Joseph Amable Chrisostome de St. Aigue, inhabitant of St. Domingue, former Captain in the Regiment in le Cap, native of Louisbourg, aged 44 years, son of Joseph Amable de St. Aigue major in the infantry and knight of the Military Order of St. Louis and his wife Louise Rineau, and husband of Genevieve Moripeau, died 5/19/1799, buried 5/10/1799 in the Kingston Roman Catholic cemetery. Witnesses: Lappinot, marechal de camp; Moripeau, uncle and brother-in-law of the deceased; Lappinot de Beaufort, G. LeCun; Dumetz; Moury; Billard. [in French, p. 26v]

Antonio, John, "a slave child, and the property of Mrs. Jean Harrison", 1/3/1797 in the consecrated ground in Kingston. [p. 9v]

Antonio, a Spaniard or Portuguese, died in the house of Pepe. The Portuguese priest heard his confession. 1/5/1796 in the consecrated ground in Kingston. [p. 4]

Antonio, a Portuguese. 5/6/1 796 in the consecrated ground in Kingston. [p. 6]

Antonio, a Spaniard, native of Catalina, died in Mr. Pepe's house. Buried 5/29/1796 in the consecrated ground in Kingston. [p. 6v]

Antonio and Jose, two Spaniards. "The former was killed with a dagger by his countryman whose name was Courro, the latter aboard a schooner, and was brought to the house of Mr. Silver." Buried 11/26/1796 in the consecrated ground in Kingston. [p. 9]

Arlow Mr., a Frenchman, 4/17/1796 in the consecrated ground in Kingston. [p. 5]

Bland John, 10/20/1795, in the consecrated ground in Kingston. [p. 3v]

Baradon, John, a sailor from the ship Ferret of Liverpool, 9/14/1795 in the consecrated ground in Kingston. [p. 2v]

Bernard, a Frenchman who died in Pepe's house, buried 3/8/1798 in the consecrated ground in Kingston. [p. 15v]

Bourgoin, Marie Rose Gandorf, native of the state of Genev, aged about 35 years, wife of Joseph Bourgoin, painter living in this city, died 4/16/1797 at 11:00 a.m., buried 4/17/1797 in the Kingston Roman Catholic cemetery. Witness: Pauvreruffier. [in French, p. 11]

Bouvray. Charles Edw. Count de Bouvray [or de Rouvray?], former Colonel of the Infantry Regiment, native of Cap Francais, legitimate son of the Marquis de Bouvray, aged 28 years, died in Kingston, buried 12/6/1798, in presence of several notable Frenchmen. Witnesses: deBeauvert; Delarcourt, knight; LeDoux, chevalier de Sainte Avix; Villegrain; Lamoneux Duhart. p. 22

Bremand, Jean Louis, aged about 52 years, native and inhabitant of Gacmel [Jacqmel?] St. Domingue, died 11/2/1797, buried 11/3/1797 in the cemetery of this church, Kingston. Witnesses: Antoine Fournier de l'Hermitage, knight of St. Louis, inhabitant of Benet, and Jean Sebastien Couppe, chief officer, Delabiche senior, Mestayer, Longuepree, la Barche, Le Blount, Devaux, Monlausun. [in French. p. 14]

Breuil de Bouille, Pays, Counselor in the Counting House at Nantes [France], aged about 43 years, native of the city of Angers, died 8/5/1798, buried 8/6/1798 in the cemetery of the Catholic church, Kingston. Witnesses: Lepays de Bourjolly, Sebastien Couppe, deBongau. [in French, page 18v]

Brigitta, a French girl, 9/16/1795, in the consecrated ground in Kingston. [p. 2v]

Brulle, Antoine, aged 71 years, Knight of the Military Order of St. Louis, inhabitant of La Grande Riviere, province du Nord, St. Domingue, Captain in the military, buried 6/7/1797 in Kingston Catholic cemetery. Witnesses: delaVilleon, L. Dujardin, Cuvert Duboisblanc, Bataille. [in French, p. 12]

Butant, Louise Catherine Rosalie Banot, widow of Jacques Valentin Butant, aged about 40 years, native of Rouen in the Province of Normandie and the Parish of St. Sauveur, formerly inhabitant of the parish of Torbec dependency of the Pointe a Gravois, buried 7/23/1796 at 6:00 p.m. in the Roman Catholic cemetery in Kingston/ Witnesses: J. Muloniere, Grandier, Coustard. [in French, p. 7v]

Cammel, Anthony, a soldier belonging to the Irish Brigade, 7/27/1796 in the consecrated ground in Kingston. [p. 7]

Carles, William, legitimate son of the late Suterland Carles Lieutenant-Colonel in the British military major in Mole St. Nicolas, and of Athalie Demar, aged 1 year, native of Mole St. Nicolas, St. Domingue, died 10/12/1798 in the evening, buried 10/3/1798 in the cemetery of the Catholic church in Kingston. Witnesses: Ferrier, Rousseau, Joseph Duhoux, DuGres, La Martilliere. [in French, p. 19]

Champion, Margueritte, native of eastern France aged 38 years, legitimate daughter of Laurent Champion ----[ink blot] major in the Regiment of Benghien [?] died at 2:00 a.m. in Kingston, buried 12/20/1798 in the Roman Catholic Church cemetery. Witnesses Robin, Es. Allard, Panitier. [in French. p. 23]

Chapereau, Jean Marie, native of Rennes in Bretagne [France], aged 26 years, died in Kingston, prisoner of war from the Corvette "L'africaine", buried 11/24/1797 at 9:00 a.m. in the Kingston Catholic cemetery . Witnesses: Hormozel, But--, Perchais, Levaux, Darr. [in French, p. 14v]

Chateau, Joseph Gabriel, age 18 months, native of Kingston, son of Joseph Chateau and his wife Anne Sicard both inhabitants of the parish of St. Jean de Thiburon, St. Domingue, died in Kingston 11/5/1797 at 4:00 a.m., buried at 6:00 p.m. on the same day in the Kingston Catholic cemetery. Witnesses: Sicard junior, Nicolas, Delaterronniere, Jean Dumazel. [in French, p. 14]

Collet, Ann, 9/7/1795, in the Kingston Roman Catholic church cemetery, age 18 years, "prisonnier sur parole" (prisoner on oath), legitimate daughter of Mr. Phillipe Andre Collet, Senechal of les Cayes, and his wife Ann St. Martin, both inhabitants of the parish of Les Cayes, St. Domingue. Witnesses: L. du Bourjolle, Lagantraye, wife of Aquart, Montagu.. Vareme.[in French. p. 2]

Como a Spaniard, "died in the house where Debora did live, now by a Spaniard by name Mr. Nicholas." Buried 5/12/1796 in the consecrated ground in Kingston. [p. 6]

Cornen, Aglae, born in St. Domingue 7/16/1797, legitimate daughter of Jean Marie Cornen merchant and inhabitant of St. Domingue, and Marie Genevieve Garel his wife, died 7/16/1799 a.m. in Kingston, buried 7/16/1799 in the cemetery of the Roman Catholic chapel in Kingston. Witness: G. LeCun, Roman Catholic priest from St. Domingue.

Couruy, Mrs., wife of Mr. Couruy, died 2/12/1799 at 9:00 p.m., aged 26 years, native of Nantes in the province of St. Nicolas, buried 2/13/1799. Witnesses: L. DuSoulin, Delaville, Ch. Bernardi, Villegrain, R. Bernardi. [in French, p. 25]

Creag Nancy, died 7/30/1790, buried 7/31/1790 in the New Burying Ground, Kingston. [p. 18]

deCremille, Alexandre Nicolas Bareme, former Cavalry officer, inhabitant of St. Domingue, died 2/3/1799 aged 37 years, buried 2/4/1799. Witnesses: Malabre, Lt. Col.; Barreau deCremille, captain of Cavalry; Collette, officer of Dillon; the Marquis of Contades; Dumus; F. Savy; Brondeau; Timier;. [in French, p. 24v]

deCremille, Etiennette Josephine Bareme, aged 4 years, born in the parish of Mole St. Nicolas, St. Domingue, buried 5/9/1799. Witness: Baron Troisfontaines, Malabre, Collette, Francois de Chaneaud. [in French, p. 26]

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