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b = born

bap = baptism

dtr = daughter

[F] = written in French

illegit = illegitimate

legit = legitimate

Sp = sponsors

(U)= unmarried

(W) = lawful wife

Date format: Month/Day/Year

Parents should be considered unmarried unless there is some indication of marriage (viz: (W), wife, legit., or mother's maiden name "formerly. . .".)

Page numbers missing from the Register were 65 through 68 (possibly baptisms on August 8 through 27, 1836), and 71 to 72 (possibly baptisms October 16 through 29, 1836).

Ceremonies by Edmond Murphy, missionary, except from 5/23/1837 to 8/14/1839 when the ceremonies were by John J. Curtin.


Qualo, Eliza, illegit dtr of Alexander Qualo and Elizabeth Thomas, bap 1/3/1841, b 4/29/1840. Sp= Daniel Marsh and Ellen Fraser. p. 115


Rattray, William, son of Thomas Rattray and Rosamonde, bap 3/26/1837, b at Albion Estate 9/10/1836. Sp= Joseph Uter and Eugenie St. Ours. p. 82

Raymond, Samuel, son of Baptist Raymond and Eliza (formerly Carr), bap 5/23/1841, b 9/21/1838. Sp= Lewis Malabre and Clara Arbaud. p. 119

Rea, Joseph, illegit son of Rea and Liddy, bap 9/25/1837, b 7/25/1837. Sp= Joseph Uter and Annette Le Franc. p. 89

Reilly, Mary Ann, dtr of John Reilly and Bridget (formerly Green), bap 11/22/1835, b Fort Augusta 10/21/1834. Sp= Patrick Christopher and Mary Smyth. p. 39

Reily [Reilly?], Joseph John, illegit son of John Reily and Frances Harris, bap 4/4/1841, b 1/12/1841. Sp= Robert Dyer and Abigail Carter. p. 116

Relin, Seraphine, dtr of Peter Relin and Jane Cushny [Cushnie], bap 1/22/1836, b Kingston 5/23/1835. Sp= Robert Dyer and Reine Sentex. p. 50

Rhuman, Anne Amelia Joseph, illegit dtr of Joseph Rhuman and Antoinette, bap 3/19/1841, b Kingston 3/10/1833. Sp= Adeline Mayew and William Hyslop. p. 115

Rhuman, Elizabeth, dtr of Charles Rhuman and Mary Frances, bap 3/25/1841, b in parish of Port Royal 3/1823. Sp= Dr. Baptist Francis, Maria Monteil and Mary Elizabeth Burke. p. 115

Richards, Abigail, illegit dtr of John and Sarah Richards, bap 9/25/1842, b in 1816. Sp= Joseph Kinkead and Claude Romaine. p. 137

Richards, Lucilia, illegit dtr of Nelly Richards, bap 9/5/1833, b Kingston 9/17/1831. Sp= Pedro Cassis and Zuleuva Ferris. p. 4

Rickey, Robert Gibson, son of James Rickey and Nancy Ross, bap 8/28/1836, b in St. Thomas in the East 7/20/1835. Sp= Henry Roberts and Catherine Kinders. p. 69

Ridley, Anna Maria Louisa, illegit dtr of Robert Ridley and Honor__ Chapley, bap 6/29/1837. Sp= Joseph Robez and Mary Magdalen. p. 85

Ridley, Catherine, illegit dtr of Robert Ridley and Leonora Chaplin, bap 7/2/1837. Sp= John Hayman and Alexandrina Chaplin. p. 86

Ridley, Robert, son of Robert Bowers Ridley and Eleanor Chaplain, bap 5/5/1835, b Kingston 3/13/1835. Sp= Lewis Narcise and Louisa Pier. p. 32

Ripoll, Amelia, legit dtr of Bernard Ripoll and Mary Antoinette Roberts, bap 6/16/1838, b 2/24/1838. Sp= John J. Curtin and Josephine De Lacomb. p. 100

Ripoll, Henrietta, dtr of Bernard Ripoll and Antoinette Mary Roberts (W), bap 6/2/1836, b Kingston 3/10/1836. Sp= Bernard Ripoll (Senior) and Mrs. Josephine Roberts. p. 59

Ritson, Elizabeth, legit dtr of William and Bridget Ritson (formerly Neilson), bap 3/8/1833, b Kingston Barracks 2/16/1833. Sp= David Cripps and Catherine Cripps. p. 2

Roberts, Alexander, illegit son of Robert Roberts and Johanna Gordon Drudge, bap 5/16/1841, b 10/25/1840. Sp= John Matthis and Caroline John. p. 118

Roberts, Charles, son of Charles Roberts and Louisa Simon, bap 2/12/1837, b Kingston 2/8/1834. Sp= Henry Roberts and Marie Theresa Lauriston. p. 79

Roberts, John, son of John Lewis Roberts and Catherine Joseph, bap 9/15/1839, b 6/18/1838. Sp= John Jerome and Elenor Roberts. p. 109

Roberts, Mary Joseph, legit dtr of Francis Roberts and Mary Ann (W), bap 6.5.1842, b 11/1/1841. Sp= John Anderson Denous and Mary Joseph Jerome.

Robinson, Alexander, son of Alexander and Rose Robinson, bap 9/4/1836, b 7/1/1833. Sp= Achille Laselve and Sanette Dupiton. p. 69

Rodney, Philip, son of Philippe Rodney and Jane Beech, bap 9/18/1841, b 9/1837. Sp= Jeremiah Murphy and Sarah Dav___. p. 122

Roper, James Patrick, son of James Roper and Victoria Lancey, bap 4/2/1837, b Kingston 3/10/1836. Sp= Peter Eynaud and Themire Bucher. p. 83

Ross, Elizabeth, dtr of William Ross and Mary Victoire, bap 1/31/1836, b Kingston 12/30/1835. Sp= Charles Vendryes and Augustine Laffore. p. 51

Rowley, Mary Cecilia, illegit dtr of William Rowley and Elizabeth Hunter, bap 7/2/1837, b 1/16/1837. Sp= Charles Vredenburgh and Mary La___. p. 86

Russell, Ellen Catherine, dtr of Joseph Russell and Eliza Isabella, bap 5/6/1834, aged about 3 years. Sp Richard Henry and Marie Catherine Dacosta. p. 15


St. Ours, Adelina Catherine, illegit dtr of Gustave St. Ours and Harriet LaBiche, bap 4/20/1841, b Kingston 1/2/1841. Sp= Francis Pardine and Catherine Montesie. p. 117

St. Samuels, William, illegit son of Michael St. Samuels and Mary Ann Tripier, bap 3/17/1838. Sp= Damaco Barnet and Jane Barnett. p. 105

Salome, Mary Louise Isabella, illegit dtr of Aaron Salome and Margaret Mil__, bap 10/9/1842, b 9/12/1842. Sp= Alexis Stephen Gerin and Louise Fergon. p. 138

Samuel, John Lewis, son of James Samuel and Sophia Dawson, bap 4/11/1841, b 3/30/1839. Sp= Alexander Naar and Sarah Jane Hendley. p. 116

Samuel, Richard Lewis, son of James Samuel and Sophia Dawson, bap 4/11/1841, b 12/12/1840. p. 117

Savariau, Hermance Soulanges, illegit dtr of Soulanges Savariau and Susan Whourse [Hughes?], bap 1/19/1840 by William Cotham, b 11/9/1839. Sp= Robert J. Curtin and Mary Lance Alberga. p. 113

Savariau, Narcisse, illegit child of Soulange Savariau and Susannah French, bap 1/1/1838, b 9/16/1837. Sp= Peter Desnoes and widow Morin. p. 93

Savariau, Louise Gabriel, dtr of Soulange Savariau and Anne Morara, bap 12/18/1836, b Kingston 11/10/1836. Sp= Charles H. Pelloa and Louise Gabriel Malabre. p. 76

Savarieu [Savariau?], Emily Louisa, illegit dtr of Soulange Savarieu and Susanna Luz, bap 8/8/1841, b 6/9/1841. Sp= Jeremiah Murphy and Louis duVerger. p. 121

Saviour, Francis, legit son of Joseph and Catherine Saviour, bap 4/9/1833, b Kingston 1832. Sp= John Augustus Dolan and Eleonora Chapelain. p. 2

Scott, Cecilia, dtr of Richard Scott and Mary Anne Sinclair, bap 2/7/1842, b 1/3/1842. Sp= Edward George Brown and Louise Marchand. p. 128

Scott, Joseph, illegit son of James Scot and Mary Lindo, bap 5/9/1841, b Kingston 6/6/1840. Sp= Jeremiah Murphy and Rachael Mason. p. 118

Scott, Sarah, dtr of William Scott and Mary Lewis, bap 1/29/1837, b Kingston 5/4/1836. Sp= Matthias Marks and Mary Magdelaine. p. 78

Seaton, Mary Louis, dtr of Charles Seaton and Anne Malabre, bap 2/26/1836, b Kingston 1830. p. 52

Sejour, Marie Josephine, dtr of Louis Sejour and Marie Therese, bap 5/30/1836, b Kingston 2/1836. Sp= Joseph Uter and Marie Therese Lauriston. p. 59

Sejour, Mary Therese, illegit dtr of John Sejour and Elizabeth Dedown, bap 10/12/1838, born 1818. Sp= Charles Raphael and Mary Morin. p. 104

Seymour, Bartholomew, son of Bartholomew Seymour and Emilie Graham Dance, bap 7/1/1836. Sp= Maurice Seymour, Sophia Stouper and Edmond Murphy. p. 61

Seymour, William, son of Bartholomew Seymour and Emilia Graham Danse, bap 1/18/1835, b 7/12/1834 Kingston. Sp= John William Seymour and Jane Green Danse. p. 26

Shannon, Isabel Jane, dtr of Thomas Shannon and Catherine Hanna Shannon (W), bap 12/30/1835, b Kingston 9/30/1835. Sp= John Leyden and Jane Moslyn Arthur. p. 43

Shannon, William Thaddeus, son of Thomas Shannon and Catherine Hannah (formerly Dunkerley) (W), bap 12/25/1834, b Kingston 3/23/1834. Sp= James Boylan and Mary Anne Boylan his wife. p. 24

Sifosse, Ernest, son of Daniel Sifosse and Marie Jeanne Pickart, bap 11/5/1835, b Kingston 5/3/1835. Sp= Edmond Murphy and Mary Peter. p. 39

Simmons, David, illegit son of David Charles Simmons and Maria Cal___, bap 10/8/1837, b 3/26/1837. Sp= Mary Ann Carter and Joseph Uter. p. 89

Simms, Louisa, dtr of Matthew Simms and Mary Ann Waters, bap 8/2/1835, b in Ramble, St. Andrew, 2/1835. Sp= Richard Daly and Louisa Marselle. p. 33

Sinclair, Alexander Frazer, son of Joseph Sinclair and Maria Adams (U), bap 7/12/1835, b Kingston 6/15/1835. Sp= John Matthew and Georgiana Tittey. p. 33

Sinclair, Edward, illegit son of Benjamin Sinclair and Elizabeth McDonn__, bap 10/101841, b 5/30/1841. Sp= John Dessus. p. 124

Sinclair, Elizabeth, dtr of Joseph Sinclair and Margaret Castries, bap 5/26/1839, b 10/22/1838. Sp= John Matthew and Eliza Jacob. p. 108

Sinclair, George Brown, son of John Sinclair and Maria Adams, bap 12/11/1836, b Kingston 7/1836. Sp= Joseph Sinclair (proxy Albert Leonard) and Mary Anne Sinclair. p. 76

Sinclair, Marian, illegit dtr of Joseph Sinclair and Maria Adams, bap 5/26/1839, b 10/27/1838. Sp= John Baptiste Garrell and Mary Lewis Alex Garrell. p. 108

Small, Isabella, Isabella, dtr of Lewis and Esther Small, bap 1833 b Kingston 4/15/1833. Sp= William Vredenburgh and Mary Louisa Daniel. p. 10

Smallin, Catherine, dtr of Richard Smallin and Frances Anne Drummond, bap 1/10/1836, b in New Savannah, St. Elizabeth, 10/1835. Sp= Michael Daly and Rebecca Robertson. p. 49

Smallin, Richard, son of October? and James? Small, bap 1/10/1836, b in Jamaica in 1802. Sp= John Thomas and Charlotte Liking. p. 47

Smart, Eliza, illegit dtr of John Smart and Mary Louis Dalmelle, bap 2/25/1838, b 1/31/1834. Sp= Joseph Matthias and Caroline Bisent. p. 98

Smile, Rosalvina, illegit dtr of John Smile and Rosalia Johnson, bap 12/27/1840, b 10/1/1840. Sp= Oscar Malabre and Eugenie Deaclaux. p. 112

Smith, Jane Massam, illegit dtr of Joseph Duke Smith and Sarah Richardson, bap 7/3/1842, b 10/31/1840. Sp= Nicolas Bernard and Caroline Kildare. p. 135

Smyth, Augustus Phipps, son of James George Smyth and Anne Pickering, bap 1/1/1835, b Kingston 7/18/1834. Sp= John Lewis and Polly Saa. p. 25

Smyth, Caroline, illegit dtr of Joseph Smyth and Elizabeth Hyman, bap 12/13/1840, b 12/1829. Sp= Robert Curtin and Caroline Kildare. p. 111

Smyth, Eleanor, dtr of Samuel Smyth and Sarah Pettison, bap 1/22/1837, b in the mountains of the parish of Port Royal 8/27/1835. Sp= John Deverneux and Marian Lewis. p. 78

Smyth, William, son of Owen Smyth private of 37th Regiment and Sarah (formerly Ellot [Elliot?], bap 1/16/1835, b Up Park Camp 1/14/1835. Sp= John O. Dounel and Kathy Callan. p. 26

Sney, John, son of John Sney and Catherine Sney (formerly Munro) (W), bap 10/6/1833, b Kingston 11/24/1833. Sp = John Soulett and Eulalie Ferris. p. 6

Soulette, Achille, legit child of John Soulette and Rose Soulette, bap 1/1/1838, b 10/14/1837. Sp= Louis Aris and Marie U. Gramont. p. 93

Soulette, John Leopold, legit son of John and Rose Soulette, bap 4/4/1836, b Kingston 10/14/1835. Sp= Francis Sanno and Marie Joseph. p. 55

Spratt, William, son of William Spratt and Susan (formerly Dolan) (W), bap 12/1/1835, b in Lucea 9/15/1834. Sp= Joseph Robess and Josephine DeLahaye. p. 40

Stevens, Elizabeth, dtr of Samuel Stevens and Agnes Williams, bap 8/4/1834, b 6/2/1834. Sp= Joseph Laroux and Josephine Saneau. p. 18

Stevens, Thomas, son of Samuel Stevens and Agnes Williams, bap 11/19/1836, b Kingston 6/22/1836. Sp= Edward Hughes and Susanna Heard. p. 74

Stevens, Robert John, son of John Stevens and Elizabeth (formerly Lyons), bap 1/10/1836, b in Spanish Town 2/15/1835. Sp= Henry and Mary Malone. p. 49

Stewart, Angelina Obrady McFeat, dtr of John Stewart and Frances Yates Walker, bap 7/7/1836, b at Camp 1/2/1836. Sp= Henry Roberts and Mary L. Pharbs. p. 62

Sullivan, Mary, dtr of James Sullivan and Sarah Scott, bap 1/17/1836, b 12/23/1835 at Denbigh. Sp= Revd. Mr. Murph and John Janette Mary Scott. p. 48


Taureau. Christopher Daniel, son of James Taureau and Rose Daniel, bap 4/19/1841, b Kingston 12/25/1840. Sp= Jeremiah Murphy and Charlotte Curtis. p. 117

Tavares, David, son of David Tavares and Jeanne Felicie, bap 5/9/1841, b Kingston 4/27/1841. Sp= James Roper and Charlotte Ellis. p. 118

Terrelonge, Virginia, dtr of Peter M. Terrelonge and Margaret Macfarlane, bap 5/30/1836, b at Orchard Plantation in the parish of Port Royal 10/1835. Sp= William H. Terrelonge and Elizabeth C. Terrelonge. p. 59

Terrelonges, Alexander, son of Peter M. Terrelonges and Elizabeth Aikin, bap 5/31/1836, b at Kingswestern in the parish of St. Andrew 10/25/1834. Sp= J. B. Terrelonges and Adele Montagnac proxy Henry Roberts. p. 59

Thibaut, Isabella, dtr of John Thibaut and Valentine Vigneau, bap 9/10/1834. Sp= William Wetherman. p. 19

Thomas, William Bagnall, son of Prince Thomas a Negro and Sally Thomas, bap 11/26/1834, b Kingston 1802. Sp= Rev. Edmond Murphy and John Lemaitre. p. 24

Thompson, Edward, son of Charles Thompson and Henriette Francis, bap 9/20/1836, b Kingston 7/8/1836. Sp= Charles William Vredenburgh and Emilie DaCosta. p. 69

Thura, James Daniel, son of James Thura and Rose Daniel, bap 6/7/1836, b Kingston 4/1836. Sp= Peter Henry and Rose Fanny Uter. p. 61

Tripier, Charles Maria, son of Florence Tripier and Maria, bap 9/12/1835, b 5/1834. Sp= Clemantine Menard and Joseph La Rue. p. 36

Tripier, Elizabeth, dtr of Peter Tripier and Mary Charles, bap 10/24/1835, b in St. Andrew. Sp= John Lewis __ Rose__. p. 38

Turton, Rosaline, illegit dtr of John Turton and Catherine Munroe, bap 12/26/1841, b 3/9/1840. Sp= Constantine Uter and Eliza Isabella Uter. p. 127


Ures, Jane Hooper, dtr of Thomas Ures and Annie Fergusson, bap 5/22/1836, b Kingston 1/1834. Sp= Joseph Uter and Emilie Catharine Marcel. p. 57

Uter, Christopher Alexander, son of Joseph Uter and Eliza (formerly Beasel) (W), bap 1/4/1836, b 1835. Sp= Archibald Mitchell and Catherine Uter. pp. 43-44.

Uter, Eliza Wilmelmina, dtr of Joseph Uter and Eliza Beasely (W), bap 4/14/1842, b 1/23/1841. Sp= Joseph Malabre and Agatha Hyslop. p. 131

Uter, Elizabeth Grant, illegit dtr of of Joseph Uter and Elizabeth Grant, bap 1/1/1838, b 11/18/1837. p. 93 [see Elizabeth Grant, same day]

Uter, Justina Elizabeth, lawful dtr of Joseph and Eliza Isabella Uter, bap 10/14/1838, b 6/23/1837. Sp= John Baudevent and Catherine Trierin. p. 107

Uter, Mary Anne, illegit dtr of Peter Uter and Anne Macglashin, bap 12/20/1840, b 7/3/1840. Sp= Joseph Uter and Catherine Kildare. p. 111

Uter, Mary Louisa, dtr of Leon Uter and Mary Joseph, bap 2/7/1835, b 10/9/1834 in Kingston. Sp= George Israel and Louisa Smyth. p. 28

Uter, Sophia, illegit dtr of Anthony Uter and Chantie Thompson, bap 9/24/1837, b 8/4/1837. Sp= Archibald Mitchell and Caroline Kildare. p. 89


Vacio, Edmond, son of Megal Vacio and Susan Lipman, bap 12/13/1835, b Kingston 10/26/1835. Sp= Edmond Murphy (proxy Charles William Vredenburgh) and Emilie Marcel. p. 41

Valentine, Peter Paul, son of Paul and Marie Valentine, bap 6/22/1834, aged about 6 months. Sp= Charles Vredenburgh and Mary Walker. p. 17

Valere, John, illegit son of Peter Valere and Louisa Elizabeth, bap 9/10/1837, b 1/12/1835. Sp= John Bisent and Margaret Miller. p. 90

Valere, Mary Louisa, dtr of Peter Valere and Margaret Olivier, bap 1/30/1842, b Kingston 10/1/1841. Sp= Henry Roberts and Mary Louisa Bernadine. p. 128

Villeur, Alexander, illegit son of Alexander Villeur and Jane Smith, bap 10/31/1842, b 4/15/1842. Sp= Nicolas Villeur and Sanite Tressinous. p. 138


Walker, Frances Yates, dtr of John Walker and Betsy Walker (W), bap 7/7/1836, b at Port Royal in 1807. Sp= Peter Roberts and Mary Louis Pharb. p. 63

Wallace, William, son of Dublin? and Eve, bap 1/10/1836, b in Jamaica 1796. Sp= Arthur Jordan and Elizabeth Maria Heron. p. 46

Wallis, Eliza, dtr of unknown parents, bap 1/10/1836, born in Congo in 1780. Sp= Thomas Gordon and Charlotte Simson. p. 46

Walter, Adelaide Josephine, illegit dtr of George Walter and Mary Kerby, bap 8/29/1838, b 7/22/1838. Sp= Gaspar Joy and Catherine Joseph Genine. p. 103

Washington, John, son of Thomas Washington and Dorothy Hanly, bap 8/12/1837, b 5/9/1837. Sp= Joseph Burns and Ann Burns. p. 87

Waters, Francis, son of William Waters and Louisa, bap 12/11/1836, b at Port Henderson 12/12/1835. Sp= George Desport (proxy Albert Leonard) and Mary Frances Helieux. p. 75

Welsh, Stephen Henry William, illegit son of Stephen H. William Walsh and Sophia Welsh, bap 3/31/1839, b 1/4/1837. Sp= Robert Curtin and Clementina Alberga. p. 108

West, Adelina, dtr of William West and Elizabeth Ariano, bap 1/1/1841, b 4/23/184_. Sp= William Antony Ariano and Maria Louisa Simon. p. 120

West, Alexander, son of Francis West and Elizabeth Horianos, bap 11/6/1836, b Kingston 9/17/1836. Sp= John the Baptist Eugene St. Ours and Eugenia St. Ours. p. 74

Westhall, Joseph, son of George Westhall and Mary Annette Shipman, bap 1/8/1837, b Kingston 5/5/1836. Sp= Joseph Pratt and Mary Ann McLean. p. 77

Wetherman, Mary, dtr of William Wetherman and Cecilia Stephens (W), bap 9/10/1834, b 9/4/1834. Sp= William Vredenburg. p. 19

White, Charles Henry, illegit son of Charles White and Sarah Campbell, bap 10/14/1838, b 2/16/1838. Sp= Florin Gayan and Marie Jones Mahon. p. 107

Wilkin, Peter, son of Joseph James Wilkin and Anne Wilkin, bap 11/18/1835, b Kingston 2/28/1835. Sp= Stephen Bennett Benjamin and Louisa James. p. 40

Williams, Alexander, son of Joseph and Elizabeth Williams, bap 8/12/1841, b in the parish of St. David 5/1840. Sp= Lewis Gaillard and Louisa Marchand. p. 122

Williams, Edmond, son of Isaac Mann Williams and Anne Moore, bap 3/20/1836, b Kingston 1/13/1836. Sp= Joseph Uter and Emilie Aiken. p. 53

Williams, Elizabeth, dtr of Samuel Williams and Jane Mosely, bap 9/4/1834, b 2/17/1834. Sp= John Peter Lewis and Elisabeth Caramirch. p. 20

Williams, John, son of George and Presenti, bap 1/10/1836, b in Jamaica in 1800. Sp= Robert Daly and Felicia Dickson. p. 47

Williams, Joseph, son of John Williams and Ellena Uter, bap 3/19/1836, b Kingston 2/25/1836. Sp= Pedro Barrella and Jane Williams. p. 53

Williams, Mary, dtr of Joseph and Elizabeth Williams, bap 8/31/1842, b 8/1836. Sp= John Mathis and Mary Jane. p. 137

Williams, Mary Eliza, illegit dtr of John Williams and Mary Uter, bap 7/3/1838, b 5/1/1838. Sp= John F. Morin and Mary Catherine Uter. p. 102

Williams, Robert, son of Toney and Sophia, bap 1/10/1836, b in Jamaica 1793. Sp= Robert Daly, and Felicia Dickson. p. 46

Willis, Ursula, legit dtr of Thomas Willis and Victoria (W), bap 3/6/1842, b 10/1/1841. Sp= Peter Eynaud and Josephine DelaHaye. p. 129

Wilson, Henry Gabriel, son of William Henry Wilson and Atellia Andruoin, bap 9/6/1835, b Kingston 6/1834. Sp= Charles William Vredenburgh and Anne Adelaide. p. 35

Wiltshire, John Baptiste Thomas, son of Thomas and Mary Wiltshire, bap 3/4/1834, b 10/3/1830 in Kingston. Sp= Magdalene Vatel and Charles Lagourde. p. 10

Wood, Agnes, dtr of Samuel Wood and Cypriana Augustine, bap 2/12/1837, b Kingston 12/28/1836. Sp= Charles William Vredenburgh and Catharine Louise and Henrietta Duverger. p. 80

Wood, John, son od Edward Wood and Margaret Francis, bap 7/3/1841, b 2/27/1839. Sp= John Jerome and Louisa James. p. 120

Wrenn, William, son of William Wrenn and Mary (formerly McFadden) (W), bap 7/15/1836, b in Spanish Town 7/5/1836. Sp= Corporal Robert Turner and Susan Spratt of the 84th Regiment. p. 63

Wright, Francis, illegit son of Alexander Pool Wright and Mary Francis, bap 11/5/1841, b 10/1/1841. Sp= John Francis and Mary Anne Hyslop. p. 124


Yates, Mary Lewis, dtr of Joseph Yates and Margaret Ridley, bap 10/4/1835, b Kingston 8/1/1834. Sp= Joseph Uter and Louise DeVerger. p. 37

Yello, Alice Eliza, illegit dtr of Samuel A. Yello and Mary Harriet Smyth, bap 7/18/1842, b 4/3/1842. Sp= Robert Collins and Florence Collins. p. 136

Young, Elizabeth, dtr of James Young and Sanite Frances, bap 1/31/1837, b Kingston 3/10/1835. Sp= Matthew Lefranc and Rose Elizabeth Dolo. p. 79


Zaverie, John (black), bap 2/7/1835, born in Africa in 1821. Sp= Alexander Grant and Victorine Keunt. p. 27

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