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b = born

bap = baptism

dtr = daughter

[F] = written in French

illegit = illegitimate

legit = legitimate

Sp = sponsors

(U)= unmarried

(W) = lawful wife

Date format: Month/Day/Year

Parents should be considered unmarried unless there is some indication of marriage (viz: (W), wife, legit., or mother's maiden name "formerly. . .".)

Page numbers missing from the Register were 65 through 68 (possibly baptisms on August 8 through 27, 1836), and 71 to 72 (possibly baptisms October 16 through 29, 1836).

Ceremonies by Edmond Murphy, missionary, except from 5/23/1837 to 8/14/1839 when the ceremonies were by John J. Curtin.


Labiche, Caroline, illegit dtr of Emil_ Labiche and Abigail Deleon, bap 8/7/1842, b 7/18/1842. Sp= Edmond Murphy and Margaret Mahony. p. 136

Labiche, William, son of William Labiche and Mary Joseph, bap 1/3/1836, b Kingston 1829. Sp= Lewis Bell and Charlotte Alexandrene DeLaForestrie. p. 44

Lafrance, John, son of Mary Holt and Matthew Lafrance, bap 1/1/1836, b 6/25/1835. Sp= Archibald Mitchell and Mary Louise Lafrance. p. 44

Lafroinee?, Ann, illegit dtr of Desy Lafroinee and Mary Holt, bap 3/18/1838, b 12/20/1837. Sp= Acheil [Achille?] le Sevele [LaSelve?]. p. 99

LaGourde, Ellen William, dtr of Gaston LaGourde and Jane (W), bap 5/20/1841, b 3/18/1841. Sp= Charles and Ellen LaGourde. p. 119

Lagourgue, Joseph, son of Jack Francis and Sally, bap 4/4/1837, b Kingston 1830. p. 83

Laing, Alexander, illegit son of Alexander Laing and Elizabeth Drascoon, bap 8/23/1837. Sp= Joseph Uter and Emily Aitkin. p. 88

Lambert, Maria Anne, dtr of Charles Lambert and Anne Lewis, bap 11/6/1836, b Kingston 2/1834. Sp= John Baptist Eugene St. Ours and Maria Anne. p. 74

Langain, William, son of James Langain of the 64th Regiment and Mary Anne (formerly Taylor) (W), bap 5/5/1835, b Fort Augusta 4/28/1835. Sp= James Lennox and Elizabeth O'Reilly. p. 31

LaSelve, Bernard, legit son of Joseph Bernard Laselve and Eliza (formerly Piftet), bap 10/10/1841, b Kingston 9/4/1841. Sp= Achille Laselve and Caroline Kildare. p. 123

Lawrence, Francis Fotheringham, son of James Lawrence and Eliza (formerly Cook) (W), bap 3/29/1835, b Kingston 7/12/1827. p. 30 Sp= Keith Fotheringham (proxy Henry Vendryes) and Mrs. Honoria Clarke. p. 30

Layon, Mary Claire, dtr of Thomas Pedro Layon and Mary Adelaide, bap 11/25/1835, b Kingston 1833. Sp= Alexander Henry and Mary Claire. p. 40

Lefranc, Joseph, illegit son of Mathieu Lefranc and Mary Holt, bap 10/8/1841, b in the Port Royal mountains 4/9/1841. Sp= Achille Laselve and Catherine Louise Duverger. p. 123

Lemoine, Cecilia, dtr of Charles Lemoine and Margaret Sutherland, bap 3/20/1841, b Kingston 1830. Sp= Lewis Malabre and Louisa Anne Cocherell. p. 116

Leonard, Maria Ursula, legit dtr of Joseph Leonard and Elizabeth Virginia Leonard (formerly Blancheau), bap 12/25/1834, b in Kingston 7/29/1834. Sp= Maria Joseph Lacoste Maronie and Albert Leonard. p. 16

Le Plat, Mary Anne Laurence? Le Plat, dtr of Louis Le Plat and Mary Le Plat, bap 6/9/1837, b in Spanish Town 10/6/1836. Sp= Henry Saunders and Mary Malone. p. 85

Lewis, Alexander, son of Alexander Lewis and Louise, bap 1/26/1836, b Kingston 1/1833. Sp= Henry Roberts and Louise Casseles. p. 41

Lewis, Alexander Davis, illegit son of John Lewis and Betsey Grivis, bap 5/30/1842, b 3/14/1842. Sp= William Henry and Louisa Marcham. p. 133

Lewis, Eliza, dtr of John Lewis and Petronie Paul, bap 9/5/1835, b November 1834 at Silver Hill Plantation in the parish of St. George. Sp= Anthony Leonard and Sanitte Thomas Lafitte. p. 35

Lewis, Elizabeth, illegit dtr of John Lewis and Jane Anderson, bap 7/11/1838, b 4/14/1838. Sp= James Bourgoyne and Louisa Perres. p. 102

Lewis, John, son of John Peter Lewis and Frances Walker, bap 8/6/1835, b Kingston 4/14/1819. Sp= Peter Constantine and Mrs. Gertrude Lewis. p. 34

Lewis, Mary Anne, illegit dtr of John Lewis and Jane Anderson, bap 6/19/1842, b 1/21/1842. Sp= Peter Eynaud and Leonora James. p. 134

Lewis, Peter, son of John Lewis and Victoria Metcalf, bap 8/15/1841, b 3/26/1841. Sp= William Matthews and Adelaide J. Baptiste Bonnet. p. 122

Lewis, Richard, son of John Robert of Kingston and Catherine Grant of Spanish Town (U), bap 2/16/1834, b 12/4/1831. Sp= John Lewis and Jane Grant. p. 9

Lewis, St. Lewis, illegit son of John Lewis and Jane Mi___, bap 7/1/1838, b 4/18/1838. Sp= Robert C___ and Ellenor Victory. p. 100

Liking, Charles, son of Otri and Huba, bap 1/10/1836, b in Africa 1775. Sp= Robert Daly and Felicia Dickson. p. 47

Lindo, Mary Eulalia, dtr of Joseph Lindo and Jeanne Victoire, bap 5/2/1841, b 4/1/1841. Sp= Eulalia Hamilton and George Antoine. p. 118

Litton, Carolina Ferandine, dtr of John Litton and Wilhelmina (formerly Spikker) (W),

bap 1/3/1835, b on board the Olbers at sea in November 1834. Sp= Elizabeth Struck and William Vredenburgh. p. 25

Llado, Catherine Maria, dtr of Charles Raphael Llado and Maria Letitia Gutzman (W), bap 11/20/1841, b 7/19/1840. Sp= John F. Morin (proxy for A. Murray) and Phillis Ashburn. p. 125

Llado, Charles Pembroke, son of Charles Raphael Llado and Maria Letitia Gutzmer (W), bap 5/27/1836, b Kingston 9/4/1835. Sp= John Francis Morin and Catherine Agnes Gutzmer. p. 58

Llado, John Anthony, son of Charles Raphael Llado and Maria Letitia Gutzmer (W), bap 5/27/1836, b Kingston 5/27/1833. Sp= Anthony Gutzmer and Mrs. Julie Marie Louise Morin. p. 57

Llado, Mary Antoinette, legit dtr of Charles Raphael Llado and Maria Letitia Gutzmar, bap 10/14/1838, b 11/27/1837. Sp= Peter Eynaud and Harrier Gutzmar. p. 106

Lobert, Lewis, son of John Lobert and Anne Lewis Ellis, bap 8/9/1841, b 10/30/1840. Sp= Gabriel Dutosier and Mary Jeanne. p. 121

Lodge, Charles, illegit son of Charles Lodge and Mary Anne Trepain, bap 3/31/1838, b 6/9/1835. Sp= John F. Morin and Magdelaine Vatel. p. 105

Lomges, George, son of George Christian Lomges and Wilhelmina (formerly Beckman) (W), natives of Hexel Prussia, bap 5/10/1835, b Kingston 4/3/1835. Sp= George Klintsman and Henry Roberts. p. 32

Lovemore, Sarah, dtr of David Lovemore and Alice Cane, bap 7/3/1841, b 3/10/1840. Sp= Louisa Murphy and Louis Gaillard. p. 119

Lundi, John Hugh, illegit son of Thomas Lundi and Mary Brown, bap 10/10/1841, b 12/17/1840. Sp= Achille Laselve, J. B. Prescott and Caroline Kildare. p. 123

Lyons, Angelique, dtr of Thomas Lyons and Franc__line Petitjean, bap 12/1/1835, b Kingston 2/21/1835. Sp= Joseph Leonard and Maria Anne Meneroc. p. 40

Lyons, Mary Roman, dtr of Simeon Lyons and Mary Porter Marshall, bap 1/24/1836, b Kingston 1/30/1835. Sp= Peter Lewis and Josephine Reine. p. 51


MacDermot, Joseph, son of George MacDermot and Sarah Baid, bap 9/14/1834, b 1/28/1834. Sp= Charles Courtauld and Anne Cocherelle. p. 20

MacDermot, Thomas, son of George MacDermot and Sarah Baid, bap 9/14/1834, b 9/8/1830. Sp= Isaac Dacosta and Margaret Courtauld. p. 20

MacEntee, Catharine, dtr of Edward MacEntee private in the 37th Regiment and Ann (formerly Duggan) (W), bap 5/6/1834, b 4/15/1834. Sp= Bernard Conaghty private in 37th Regiment and Teresa Ludgate. p. 15

MacKenzie, George, illegit son of George MacKenzie and Frances Gardener, bap 8/14/1842, b 7/3/1842. Sp= J. F. Morin and Louise Marchand. p. 137

MacMahon, Michael Burkett, son of J. MacMahon and Sarah Burkett, bap 3/10/1837, b at Morland Estate "Vere" in 5/1836. Sp= Daniel Menzies M. Leeson and Eveline McPherson. p. 80

MacNight, Elizabeth, dtr of Eliardy? and Toolah, bap 1/10/1836, b in Africa 1775. Sp= Peter Malcolm and Eleanor MacNight. p. 47

McCormick, Ellen, [legit] dtr of Patrick McCormick and Mary Mahon, bap 12/19/1837, b 11/16/1837. Sp= Thomas Mahon and Sarah Johnson. p. 92

McCormick, Francis, son of Sergeant McCormick of the 64th Regiment and Mary (formerly Mahon) (W), bap 9/25/1835, b at Fort Augusta 9/22/1835. Sp= sergeant Samuel William Michel of the 64th Regiment and Mary (FitzPatrick) MacDonogh. p. 37

McCoy, Mary, dtr of Pierre (or Peru?) McCoy of the 8th Regiment and Elizabeth McCoy (formerly O'Hara) (W), bap 12/4/1833, b 12/2/1833 in Kingston. Sp= Michael Doway and Mary Doway (W). p. 8

McDermot, George Lewis, illegit son of George McDermot and Margaret ---, bap 7/7/1842, b 6/21/1842. Sp= Mary Bourke and Charles Bourke. p. 135

McDermot, Mary Isabella, dtr of J. McDermot and Sarah Olive, bap 11/22/1840, b 1/31/1840. Sp= John and Lucy Dumanoir. p. 110

McGrath, Henry, son of John McGrath and Bridget Dillon (W), bap 3/19/1837, b in St. Mary 10/1836. p. 81

McLean, William, son of Hugh McLean private of the 37th Regiment and Margaret (W), bap 7/20/1834, b 7/8/1834. Sp= Thomas Kain and Bridget Woalton. p. 19

McLoghlin, Martha, dtr of James McLoghlin sergeant of the 64th Regiment and of Mary (formerly Miller) (W), bap 1/25/1835, b 1/24/1835 at Kingston barracks. Sp= Philip MacDonald and Mary Jane Dorocus?. p. 27

McPherson, Elisha, illegit son of Alexander McPherson and Rebecca McClean [McLean], bap 12/1/1841, b 6/22/1841. Sp= Hugh McLean (proxy Thomas Johnson) and Harriet Henry. p. 126

McPherson, Louisa, dtr of Samuel McPherson and Maria Brown, bap 5/22/1836, b Kingston 1830. Sp= Charles William Vredenburgh and Louise Oliver. p. 57

McQueen, Elizabeth, dtr of James McQueen and Elizabeth White, bap 1/4/1836, b Kingston 3/1833. Sp= Joseph Robess and Elizabeth Menardies. p. 43

Madden, Henrietta Letitia, dtr of George Madden and Lucy Richards, bap 10/15/1836, b at Orchard plantation in Port Royal mountains 5/30/1836. Sp= Henry Roberts and Eulalie Desjeans. p. 70

Madden, James, son of James Madden and Henretta Banks, bap 1/17/1836, b in Vere 3/1832. Sp= James Nolan, Thomas Wright and Grace Baddly. p. 49

Madden, Lawrence, son of James Madden and Henretta Banks, bap 1/17/1836, b in Vere 6/1835. Sp= James Nolan, John Smith & Priscilla Ranger. p. 49

Mafflin, Robert Harrison, son of Robert Harrison Mafflin and Mary Fraser, bap 4/2/1837, b Kingston 10/11/1836. Sp= Joseph Uter and Margaret Moore. p. 82

Mahon, Jane, dtr of Bernhard Mahon and Eliza Gordon, bap 3/21/1837, b Kingston 3/1/1837. Sp= Edmond Murphy and Fanny Pickersgill. p. 84

Mahon, Michael, legit son of Michael Mahon and Mary (formerly Lorkin) (W), bap 11/25/1841, b in parish of St. George 10/25/1841. Sp= John Smith and Adela Serrell. p. 126

Malabre, Hylton Beaumont, illegit son of Joseph Malabre and Frances Holgate, bap 4/18/1842, b 3/24/1842. Sp= Edmond Murphy, Thomas Richmond Grange and Ann Bean. p. 132

Malabre, Charles, legit son of Charles Malabre and Eleonora Chevolleau (W), bap 11/7/1841, b Kingston 8/5/1840. Sp= Joseph Malabre and Adela Orgil. p. 125

Malabre, Eleanor Postelhaite, illegit dtr of Joseph Malabre and Fanny Holgate, bap 5/16/1839, b 5/21/1837. Sp= William Postlehaite, Charles Malabre, Mary Craddock and Elizabeth McFarlane. p. 109

Malabre, Hylton, illegit son of Joseph Malabre and Fanny Holgate, bap 5/16/1839, b 2/8/1833. Sp= Ebenezer Reid Junior, Lewis Malabre and Elizabeth Boog. p. 109

Malabre, Isabella, dtr of Charles Malabre and Eleanore (formerly Chevoleau), bap 7/4/1836, b in the parish of St. Ann 2/1/1835. Sp= Chevolleau by proxy for Arnold Malabre and Miss Isabella Sharp. p. 62

Malabre, Jane Holgate, illegit dtr of Joseph Malabre and Fanny Holgate, bap 5/16/1839, b 2/8/1835. Sp= Revd. John J. Curtin, Hane Bogle, Capt. Edmond Morrison and Jane Smith. p. 109

Malabre, Joseph Ashford, illegit son of Joseph Malabre and Frances W. Holgate, bap 2/22/1840 by William Cotham, b 1/4/1840. Sp= James Ashford and Mary Broadbar. p. 114

Malabre, Mary Elenor, dtr of Joseph Malabre and Frances Holdgate [Holgate], bap 5/19/1841. Sp= Gaspard Jouy and Augustina Silas Lafore. p. 118

Malabre, Rosa, legit dtr of Charles Malabre and Eleanore Malabre, bap 1/22/1838, b 4/27/1837. Sp= Arnold Malabre by proxy and Eliza Branday. p. 96

Malabre, William, son of Charles Malabre and Eleanore (formerly Chevolleau), bap 7/4/1836, b in the parish of St. Ann 1/27/1833. Sp= W. Titley and Antoinette Chevolleau. p. 62

Malle, John, son of John Malle and Anne Smith, bap 11/20/1836, b Kingston 10/9/1836. Sp= Lewis Victor Bell and Betsy Bristane. p. 74

Mallet, Ann Catherine, legit dtr of Anne and Alexander Mallet, bap 10/11/1838, b 9/9/1838. Sp= Peter Eynaud and Catherine Labiche. p. 104

Mallet, Matilda Josephine, dtr of Alexander Mallet and Anne (W), bap 7/3/1841, b 5/25/1841. Sp= Robert Ashmead and Josephine de Rouvray. p. 120

Malone, James Antony, son of Joseph Malone, bap 5/19/1834. p. 16

Manus, James, son of Anthony Manus and Marguerite Michnotte (U), bap 4/15/1833, b in St. Andrew 4/19/1832. Sp= Rev. Edmond Murphy and Eulalie Salmon. p. 7

Marah, Catherine, dtr of Daniel Marah and Adelaide Donecraise, bap 3/8/1834, b 10/20/1820. Sp= William Marah and Margaret Lecesne. p. 11

Marais, Jeannette, illegit dtr of Mather Marais and Henriette Bernard, bap 6/12/1842, b 3/3/1842. Sp= William Eswatt and Catherine Black. p. 134

Maria Louisa Josephine, dtr of Alexander and Mary ___, bap 2/15/1835, b Kingston 12/5/1834. Sp= John Pierre Lewis and Amelia Baze. p. 29

Marlow, Rosanna, dtr of sergeant John Marlow of the 84th Regiment and Ellen (formerly Sheehan) (W), bap 2/11/1835, born in county of Cornwall, Jamaica, 11/11/1834. Sp= Joseph Roberts and Susan Doyle (proxy Ellen Marlow). p. 28

Martin, James, illegit son of David Martin and Juliann Rose, bap 10/1/1838, b 1/22/1838. Sp= Robert Sherlock and Mary DeCosta. p. 104

Martine, Amelia, illegit dtr of William Martine and Leonora Chapelin, bap conditionally 3/4/1842. Sp= Peter Eynaud and Louisa Pierre. p. 129

Martinez, Mary Lewis, dtr of Gabriel Martinez and Mary Madren, bap 1/1/1836, b Kingston 8/1835. Sp= Henry Vendryes and Louis Vendryes. p. 43

Mary, dtr of Isabella, bap 10/11/1834, b Kingston 4/11/1828. Sp= Maria Louisa Sabatte and Francis Xavierie Keunt. p. 22

Mary Catherine, (illegitimate) bap 10/12/1838. p. 105

Mary Clare, an African aged 13 years, bap 7/20/1838. Sp= John J. Curtin and Mary L. Herberger. p. 102

Mary Rose, dtr of John Baptist and Cecilia Gra___, bap 4/2/1836, b at Bramble Hill, St. Andrew, in 1833. Sp= Noel Gi___ and Mary Rose. p. 54

Matchell, Margaret, illegit dtr of George Matchell and Mary Louisa, bap 11/25/1841, b 7/29/1841. Sp= Joseph Roux and Margaret Seronville. p. 125

Matthew, son of Elizabeth, bap 9/26/1835, b in New Castle in St. Andrew in 1813. Sp= Etien Lafitte and Cecilia Barnard?. p. 36

Melhado, Eustace Miguel, son of Michael E. Melhado and Isabella Ruiz, bap 8/5/1841, b Kingston 7/26/1841. Sp= Daniel Melhado, Caleb Stanford Melhado and Adella Serrelle. p. 121

Miller, Alexander, illegit son of William Miller and Esther Simpson, bap 10/15/1837, b 8/2/1837. Sp= Betsy Williams and Robert J. Curtin. p. 90

Miller, Charlotte, dtr of Charles Miller and Elizabeth Kindear, bap 9/19/1833, b Kingston 8/3/1833. Sp= Pedro Cassis and Isabel Ruiz. p. 5

Miller, Francis, son of Charles Francis Miller and Elizabeth Mildare, bap 3/16/1834, b 9/3/1830. p. 10

Mills, Celestine Maria, illegit dtr of J. Burrell Mills and Violet Jane Hamilton, bap 8/8/1841, b 1/10/1841. Sp= Joseph Uter (by proxy Alexander D. Naar) and Jane Williams. p. 121

Mobray, Henry, son of Henry Mobray and Georgiana Ann Franklin, bap 10/7/1835, b Kingston 2/16/1835. Sp= Theodore DeLaFitte and Mary Jeanne. p. 38

Moffet, Charlotte, dtr of David Moffet of the Royal Artillery and Ellen (formerly Hurly) (W), bap 1/3/1835, b Port Royal 12/5/1834. Sp= Francis Kearney of the Royal Artillery and Margaret Hayes. p. 25

Montague, Ann, dtr of John Montague private of the 64th Regiment and Ann Cook (W), bap 8/10/1834, b 8/7/1834. Sp= Felix McCorley and Mary Bogue. p. 19

Moore, Mary, dtr of Garret and Mary Moore, bap 11/4/1836, b at Catnp 10/26/1836. Sp= Anne Ingston. p. 73

Morales, Fannollie, illegit dtr of Moses Morales and Rebecca M. Maranara?, bap 7/15/1838. Sp= Lewis Malabre and Elizabeth Parker. p. 101

Moray, Charles, illegit son of Matthew Moray and Harriet Bernard, bap 12/31/1840, b 11/10/1840. Sp= Joseph Dubuisson and Catherine Montesquiou. p. 112

Mores, Rosalia Cypriana, dtr of Antonio Mores and Mary Ann Martin, bap 1/29/1841, b Kingston 10/13/1840. Sp= Miguel Valverde and Georgina Wollfries. p. 115

Morin, Claire, dtr of John Francis Morin and Julia Maria Louisa Llado (W), bap 9/28/1839, b 3/30/1839. Sp= Peter Fergusson and Maria Catherine Uter. p. 109

Morin, Edmond Curtin, legit son of John Francis Morin and Julia Maria Llado (W), bap 6/27/1842, b 7/17/1841. Sp= John Dugiole and Mary Magdalen LaFitte. p. 134

Morin, John Francis, legit son of John Francis Morin and Julie Marie Louise, bap 10/3/1837, b 6/24/1836. Sp= Raphael Llado and Maria Letitia Llado. p. 89

Morin, Maria, illegit dtr of Ju___ Morin and Maria Josepha, bap 9/10/1837, b 8/11/1837. Sp= Achille Perneu and Eulalie Dejans. p. 88

Moubry, John Charles, son of John Thomas Moubry and Charlotte Dunbar, bap 3/27/1836, b Kingston 11/1835. Sp= Charles William Vredenburgh and Louis Gouzel. p. 54

Mourse, John Philippe, son of William Mourse and Mary Lewis, bap 11/8/1835, b Kingston 11/3/1833. Sp= Charlotte Alexandrine DeLaForestrie and John Philippe. p. 39

Mulling, Patrick, son of Patrick Mulling of the 8th Regiment and Eliza Mulling (formerly Boyce) (W) bap 9/29/1833, born at sea 9/1/1833. Sp= Martin Brogan and Catherine Brogan. p. 6

Murry [Murray], Mary rose, dtr of Joseph Murray and Mary Joseph, bap 3/29/1841, b 3/7/1841 in Kingston. Sp= Joseph Roberts and Matilda Boisson. p. 116


Nailer (Nailor), Charlotte Thomasina, dtr of Charles Nailer and Mary Lawrence, bap 5/8/1836, b Kingston 8/2/1835. Sp= Edmond Murphy and Charlotte Alexandrene DeLaForestrie. p. 56

Narcis, Belisaire, illegit son of Lewis Narcis and Felicite Denaque, bap 12/9/1837, b 3/25/1833. Sp= Sa___ Frank and Ulalie Dejan. p. 91

Nicely, Mary Matilda, illegit dtr of William Nicely and Victoria Deynt, bap 3/10/1838, b 11/11/1837. Sp= Lewis and Luciana Letrelier. p. 99

Nicholas, Letitia, dtr of Edward Nicholas and Gracey Ann Charlton, bap 7/3/1836, b Kingston 3/25/1835. Sp= John Oliviere and Mary Louis Bernardine. p. 62


Oebbika, William, son of Ferdinand Oebbika (a native of Germany) and of Agatha (formerly Faire) (W), bap 11/23/1834, b at Woodfield in the parish of St. Ann 10/30/1834. Sp= William Clarke and his wife Honorina Clarke. p. 23

Olivier, Mary, dtr of Joseph Olivier and Elizabeth James, bap 4/11/1841, b Kingston 12/18/1840. Sp= Joseph Uter and Mary Valere. p. 116


Panilla?, Maria, dtr of Peter Panilla and Jane Williams, bap 6/1837. Sp= James Roper and Louisa Paine?. p. 86

Parker, Elizabeth, illegit dtr of John Parker and Harriet, bap 8/24/1842. p. 137

Parker, John, son of John Parker and Sainte Felicitee, bap 12/27/1835, b 3/1835. SP= John Peter and Elizabeth Duval. p. 42

Paul, son of Sally, bap 10/11/1834, b Kingston 1/9/1831. Sp= Alexander Campbell and Francis Wilson. p. 22

Paul, John, son of John Paul and Eugenie Chaplain, bap 4/16/1834, b about March 1831. Sp= Louis John Desporte and Louise Pierre. p. 12

Paul, John, son of John Paul and Maria Martha, bap 5/30/1836, b Kingston 2/29/1835. Sp= Mar__ Philibert and Maria Lopes. p. 58

Peaco, Joseph, son of Alphonse Peaco and Maria Joseph, bap 10/13/1836, b Kingston 7/29/1836. Sp= Joseph Robess and Caroline Mary Mayo. p. 73

Pereira (Perreira), Amelia Juliette, dtr of David Perreira and Louisa (an apprentice), bap 2/15/1835, b 8/3/1834 in Kingston. Sp= William Vredenburg and Polly Saa. p. 29

Peros, Ann Rebecca, illegit dtr of Thomas Peros and Henrietta Bernard, bap 12/31/1837, b 10/1/1837. Sp= Alexander Bogle and Mary Louis. p. 92

Peter, Alexander, son of John Peter and Sarah Adams, bap 8/21/1835, b Kingston 3/28/1835. Sp= Peter Constantine (proxy Charles W. Vedenburgh) and Mary Frances. p. 34

Peter, Mary Louisa, dtr of John Peter and Sophia Valere, bap 6/15/1834, b 1/27/1834. Sp= William Vredenburg and Isabella Ruix. p. 17

Peter, Mary Theresa, dtr of John Peter and Louisa Adelaide, bap 10/17/1835, b at Lovely Grove, St. George, 7/17/1835. Sp= Lewis B___ and Louisa Yessel?. p. 38

Peter, Thomas, son of Thomas Peter and Elizabeth Richards, bap 10/15/1836, b at Orchard plantation in Pt. Royal mountains 8/6/1836. Sp= Jean Desjeans (proxy John Deverneux and Eloise Francoise. p. 70

Philibert, Joseph, legit son of Nicolas Philibert and Georgiana (W), bap 4/2/1842, b 3/20/1842. Sp= Archibald Crockford and Mary Jane Jerneaux. p. 131

Philibert, Sarah Antoinette, dtr of Nicholas Philibert and Georgiana Philibert [W], bap 12/24/1835, b Kingston 1/18/1834. Sp= Elizabeth Philibert and Mary Philibert. p. 42

Philipps, Elizabeth, dtr of John Philipps and Elizabeth, bap 6/5/1836, b Kingston 6/16/1835. Sp= Robert Clarmont and Elizabeth Durocher. p. 60

Plunkett, Richard, legit son of Richard Plunkett and Harriet Plunkett (formerly Shoebrook), bap 9/18/1833, b Fort Augusta 9/9/1833. Sp= John Holt and Jane Kelly. p. 4

Plunkett, Thomas, legit son of Richard Plunkett and Harriet Plunkett (formerly Shoebrook), bap 9/18/1833, b Fort Augusta 9/9/1833. Sp= Henry Erwin and Harriet Plunkett (by proxy for Bridget Feely). p. 4

Poll, Joseph, son of John Poll and Maria Marther, bap 8/1/1834, b Kingston 8/20/1833. Sp= Peter Valere and Adela Sewell. p. 18

Poloney, Georgiana, dtr of Louis Poloney and Abigail Richards, bap 9/25/1842, b 7/31/1842. Sp= Hector Bell and Mary Martha Hooper. p. 138

Pothmont, Josephine, dtr of Adolph Pothmont and Louisa Baptist, bap 11/20/1836, b Kingston 9/20/1836. Sp= Vileon and Josephine Delaide. p. 75

Puller, Cecilia, illegit dtr of Antony Puller and Adeline Burke, bap 7/3/1837. Sp= Joseph Rover by proxy and Anne Lagourgue. p. 86

Purcell, Catherine, dtr of John Purcell private of the 37th Regiment, native of St. John's O'Kilkenny, Ireland, and his wife Mary Joyce of Glyn, County Limerick, bap 3/1/1834, b 2/14/1834. Sp= John Morrison private of 37th Regiment and Sarah Trussell. pp. 9-10

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