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b = born

bap = baptism

dtr = daughter

[F] = written in French

illegit = illegitimate

legit = legitimate

Sp = sponsors

(U)= unmarried

(W) = lawful wife

Date format: Month/Day/Year

Parents should be considered unmarried unless there is some indication of marriage (viz: (W), wife, legit., or mother's maiden name "formerly. . .".)

Page numbers missing from the Register were 65 through 68 (possibly baptisms on August 8 through 27, 1836), and 71 to 72 (possibly baptisms October 16 through 29, 1836).

Ceremonies by Edmond Murphy, missionary, except from 5/23/1837 to 8/14/1839 when the ceremonies were by John J. Curtin.


DaCosta, John, illegit son of Dan DaCosta and Margaret Howel, bap 1/1/1838. Sp= John J. Crontin and Marie Catherine Uter. p. 93

D'Aguilar, William, illegit son of ___ D'Aguilar and Adelaide Davison, bap 3/20/1841, b Kingston 3/15/1841. Sp= Mary Elizabeth Duval and Thomas Lakeman. p. 115

Daly, Lewis, son of Qual? and Polly, bap 1/10/1836, b in Jamaica 1800. Sp= John Malcolm and Anne Maria MacNight. p. 46

Dasilva, Louisa Ann, dtr of James Martin Dasilva and Mary Margaret Davis, bap 8/4/1835, b Kingston 2/1830. Sp= Rev. E. Murphy and Adele Serrell. p. 33

Davis, Edmond, illegit son of Charles Davis and Selina Jacobs, bap 10/17/1841, b 9/14/1841. Sp= Joseph F. Smyth and Louisa Tavette. p. 124

Day, Mary Ann, legit dtr of Michael & Margaret Day (formerly Coonan), bap 5/20/1833, b Kingston 8/29/1832. Sp= Patrick Reilly and Anne Judge. p. 1

Day, William, son of Michael Day and Margaret Day (formerly Cooney) (W), bap 9/18/1834, b 8/28/1834 at Up Park Camp. Sp= Joseph Roberts. p. 21

Dayley, Ann Caroline, dtr of --- Daly and Rose Robertson, bap 8/26/1838, b 12/26/1837. Sp= Virgile Desdunes and Caroline Kildare. p. 103

Dean, Isabella, dtr of Henry Dean and Elizabeth Nicholl, bap 4/2/1837, b Kingston 12/1/1836. Sp= Joseph Uter and Cyprine DelaFitte. p. 83

DeLafitte, Mary, dtr of Lewis DeLafitte and Margaret Felicite Glapain, bap 4/12/1835, b Kingston 11/22/1834. Sp= Lewis Malabre and Mare Madelaine DeLafitte. p. 32

Dennison, Georgiana David, dtr of David Dennison and Eliza Thom__, bap 8/15/1835, b 3/1835 at Orchard Plantation in the parish of Port Royal. Sp= John Deverneux and Lucy Richards. p. 34

Depass, Joseph Ebenezer, son of Ebenezer Depass and Rauslin Barnett, bap 3/5/1837, b Kingston 11/4/1836. Sp= Joseph Pratt and Athalie ___. p. 82

Deschamps, Alice Elizabeth, dtr of John Baptist Deschamps and Mary Elizabeth (formerly Jupp), bap 10/31/1835, b in St. Thomas in the Vale 6/18/1835. Sp= Henry Vendryes and Seymour Anne Jupp. p. 38

Desdunes, George, illegit son of Joseph Desdunes and Harriet Lewis, bap 6/5/1841, b 11/6/1840. Sp= Joseph T. Desdunes and Mary Ann Abrahams. p. 119

Desdunes, Isabella Frances, illegit dtr of Lewis Desdunes and Mary Desroches, bap 4/18/1842, b 3/30/1842. Sp= Joseph Francis and Polena Frances. p. 131

Desgouttes, Eugene, son of Lewis Honore Desgouttes and Anne Angelica Montagnac, bap 4/26/1833, b Kingston 10/4/1832. Sp= Arthur Arnold Chevolleau and Adele Montagnac. p. 2

Desgouttes, Lewis Peter, son of Lewis Honore Desgouttes and Anne Angelique DeMontagnac, bap 2/24/1835, b 5/2/1834 in St. Andrew. Sp= Peter M. Tirlonges and Jeanne Feuillette Tirlonge. p. 30

DeSouza, Eliza, dtr of Henry DeSouza and Eleanor Rickards, bap 7/29/1836, b Kingston 5/2/1836. Sp= Charles Burchill (proxy Henry Roberts) and Eliza Shaw. p. 64

Dillon, William, illegit son of Paul Dillon and Virginia Gardner, bap 9/4/1842, b 1/13/1841. Sp= Henry Pratt and Janeane Boisson. p. 137

Dooling, Ellen, dtr of Patrick Dooling and Ellen Dooling (formerly McPartlam), bap 9/24/1833, b Port Royal 9/11/1833. Sp= Brian McGla and Mary Daly. p. 5

Drummond, Frances Anne, dtr of John and Mary Thomas Drummond, bap 1/10/1836, b in New Savannah, St. Elizabeth in 1817. Sp= Charles Rowe and Maria Barton. p. 48

Duggan, Angelina, dtr of Thomas Duggan and Helena Rodgers, bap 4/2/1837, b Kingston 1/15/1837. Sp= Louis Bell and Ann Wilson. p. 82

Dugiol, Catherine, dtr of John Dugiol and Maria Louisa (W), bap 8/14/1839, b 8/2/1839. Sp= Thomas Murray and Catherine Joseph Jouy. p. 112

Duhesnay, Mary Hall, dtr of Edward Hall and Mary Magdalene Lucy, bap 8/29/1835, b 4/24/1835 at Orchard Plantation in the parish of Port Royal. Sp= Charles William Vredenburgh and Madelaine Vatel. p. 35

Dujardin, Charles Richardson, son of William Dujardin and Anne Finne, bap 4/3/1836, b 11/1825. Sp= Charles Lagourge and Justine Julian. p. 54

Dulgule?, Ulalia, legit dtr of John Dailgule? and Maria Lewis, bap 3/29/1838, b 3/20/1838. Sp= Peter Eynaud and Ulalia Dejane. p. 99

Dumetz, Charles Nicolas, legit son of Joseph Dumetz and Clorinda Uter (W), bap 4/14/1842, b 2/8/1840. Sp= Charles Moore and Eliza Beasley. p. 131

Dumont, Alexander, son of Francis Dumont and Sarah Barns, bap 7/11/1838, b 6/1832. Sp= Robert J. Curtin and Mary Magdalene Lafitte. p. 101

Duquesnay, Marie Henrietta, illegit dtr of Henry Duquesnay and Celina Saerls?, bap 1/1838, b 11/29/1837. Sp= Peter N. Delahaye and Louisa Goodin. p. 98

Duvernen, John Francis, son of John Duvernen and Jane Raymond, bap 12/5/1841, b 10/27/1841. Sp= Edmond Murphy and Eloise Francoise. p. 126

Dwyney, John, son of William Dwyney and Mary Lewis, bap 4/2/1837, b Kingston 12/29/1821. Sp= John Gille Burger and Mary Lewis Raphael. p. 83


Edward, son of unknown parents in Africa, bap 2/7/1835, b 1822 in Africa. Sp= John Wentworth Loring and Mary Henriques. p. 28

Eliza Rebecca, dtr of Herbert and Susan, bap 1/10/1836, b in St. Elizabeth 1802 [or 1810?]. Sp= Arthur Gordon and Frances Cowell. p. 47

Emanuel, Evelina Louisa, dtr of Joseph Emanuel and Frances Michel, bap 11/22/1840, b 12/27/1839. Sp= John Alfred and Louisa James. p. 110

Emanuel, Louis, legit son of Joseph Emanuel and Jane (formerly Warren) Emanuel, bap 1/31/1842, b Kingston 9/27/1841. p. 128

Etienne, Cecile, dtr of Jean Etienne and Marie Elizabeth, bap 4/26/1834 at Love Grove in the parish of St. George, aged about 9 months. Sp. Charles Vredenburgh and Marie Louise. p. 13

Ewers, Jonathan Hooper, illegit son of Thomas Ewers and Matilda Smyth, bap 2/27/1842, b 8/12/1839. Sp= Henry Antonie and Catherine Florigan. p. 129

Eynaud, Peter, illegit son of Peter Eynaud and Marie Louise Mahon, bap 10/14/1838, b 1/27/1833. Sp= John F. Morin and Marie Louise Themise Bucher. p. 107


Fahy, Bridget, dtr of Patrick Fahy and Eleanor (formerly McKew) (W), bap 12/18/1836, b at Up Park Camp 12/9/1836 Sp= Henry Connelly and Mary Connolly. p. 76

Fahy, Mary, dtr of Patrick Fahy private of the 8th Regiment and Ellen (formerly McQuae) (W), bap 4/22/1835, b Spanish Town 2/19/1835. Sp= John Booth and Margaret Folan. p. 31

Farley, Jane, dtr of Patrick Farley and Jane Farley Braden, bap 3/7/1837, b at Mont Pelier 6/19/1836. Sp= Philip Railly. p. 80

Fergusson, Alice Francoise, illegit dtr of Peter Fergusson and Marie Francoise, bap 7/11/1838, b 3/20/1838. Sp= Joseph Herera and Johanna R. Herera. p. 101

Fernando, William, son of Fernando and Jane Fortunee, bapp2/26/1836, b at Boccatoro 1825. Sp= John Bernard and Adelaide Renris. p. 52

Ferrier, John, illegit son of Lucien Ferrier and Isabella De la Valsiere, bap 5/2/1841, b 3/1/1841. Sp= Peter Eynaud and Agatha Montel. p. 117

Filippo, Augustine, illegit dtr of Elizabeth Filippo, bap 10/18/1833, b Kingston 9/4/1833. Sp= Pedro Cassis and Margaret Treianne. p. 7

Fitzgerald, Mary Theodora, dtr of Sarah Law and John Fitzgerald, bap 4/5/1837, b in Clarendon 10/1836. Sp= Henry Roberts and Maria Louise Josephine Letellier. p. 84

Fitzpatrick, John, son of Bernard and Elizabeth Fitzpatrick (W), bap 4/4/1836, b in Spanish Town 1/14/1836. Sp= Henry Roberts. p. 55

Fligny, Eulalie Mary Noel, dtr of Robert Joseph Fligny and Rose Fligny, bap 5/11/1834, b in St. Thomas in the East 1/1/1829. Sp= Joseph Uter and Eulie. p. 15

Fogerty, Michael Birmingham, son of Dan___ Fogerty and Eliza West, bap 5/1/1836, b in St. Andrew 3/1/1834. Sp= Bernard Mahon and Mrs. Francis Fisher. p. 56

Forrest, Louisa, dtr of William Forrest and Johanna Ward, bap 6/5/1836, b Kingston 2/9/1836. Sp= Francis Dasilva and Caroline Saunders. p. 60

Francis, an African, son of unknown parents, b in Africa, aged about 18 years, bap 1/23/1837. Sp= Charles Raphael Llado and Marie Louise Mooni. p. 77

Francis, son of Zulma, bap 10/11/1834, b 11/29/1825 in Kingston. Sp= Francis Xavery Keunt and Maria Louisa Sabbatte. p. 22

Francis, Catherine, illegit dtr of John Francis and Josephine Francis, bap 12/28/1841, b 9/28/1836. Sp= Nicholas Vileur and Julian Boisson. p. 127

Francis, Elizabeth, dtr of Francis Francis and Mary John, bap 1/3/1836, b at Belair Plantation in St. Andrew 1828. Sp= Charles William Vredenburgh and Mary Joseph. p. 45

Francis, John, son of John Francis and Betsy Bigby, bap 7/28/1841, b 3/15/1841. Sp= Eugene St. Ours and Eleonora James Delcombe. p. 120

Francis, Lewis, son of Thomas Francis and Amelia Pavrier, bap 9/13/1835, b 7/1834. Sp= John Lewis Brugune and Mary Peter. p. 36

Francis, Marie Antoinette, dtr of William Francis and Mary Joseph, bap 1/24/1836, b Kingston 8/1835. Sp= John Anderson proxy (Peter Constantin) and Mary Elizabeth Pade. p. 50

Franklin, Robert Edward, illegit son of George Franklin and Margaret Enos, bap 5/4/1842, b 1/24/1842. Sp= Edward George Brown and Juliette Jeudi. p. 132


Gall, Lewis, and African, son of Yule and Bagoce?, bap 1/101836, b 1760. Sp= James Robertson and Anne Brown. p. 48

Garcia, Charles Gabriel, illegit son of Charles Garcia and Ellen____ Martin, bap 1/22/1838, b 11/11/1837. p. 97

Garcia, Julia Maria Ducayette, dtr of Michael Garcia and Anaise Ducayette, bap 5/1/1836, b Kingston 1834. Sp= Gustave Morin and Marie L. L. Morin. p. 56

Gardener, Gustavus, son of John Gardener and Emilia Joseph, bap 9/18/1841, b 8/18/1840. Sp= Juliana Boissons and Edmond Murphy. p. 122

Gardner, Charles, illegit son of John Gardner and Emilie Joseph, bap 2/28/1838, b 2/15/1838. Sp= CharlesEvans and Marie Louis. p. 98

Garral, Marynise, dtr of Lewis Garral and Grace Richmonde, bap 11/7/1836, b Kingston 5/1834. Sp= John Peter and Seraphine Dernak. p. 75

Garret, Simon, son of Richard Garret of the 8th Regiment and Alice Garret (formerly Jordan) (W), bap 1/17/1834, b Fort Augusta 1/11/1834. Sp= John Rooney of the 8th Regiment. p. 9

Gavina, Charles, bap 1/20/1838. In marriage Register, p. 17

Gilloe, John, son of John Gilloe and Elizabeth Degon____, bap 6/3/1837, b 4/17/1837. Sp= John Gil Bringoyne and Mary Peters. p. 85

Gracia, John Richard, illegit son of Maria Gracia, bap 9/18/1833, b Kingston 6/17/1833. Sp= Thomas Loris and Ursula Charrier. p. 4

Grant, Alexander, illegit son of Alexander Grant and Letitia Lang___, bap 10/14/1838, b 8/11/1836. Sp= Lewis Bell and Mary Ann Burger. p. 106

Grant, Elizabeth, and African, bap 1/1/1838. Sp= Joseph Uter and Mary Rose Gammont. p. 93

Grant, Jane, dtr of Cornwell and Mary Grant, bap 4/24/1834, aged about 26 years. Sp= Jean Dejean and Marie Joseph Marcel. p. 13

Gregory, Amelia Susan, dtr of --- Gregory, rebaptized 7/7/1842 conditionally, b 10/18/1827. Sp= Jeremiah Murphy and --- Jouy. p. 135

Green, Matthew, son of Bartholomew Green and Catherine (formerly Burns) (W), bap 3/3/1835, b at Stoney Hill 2/1835. Sp= James Kemble and Bridget Green. p. 30

Griffiths, Louisa, illegit dtr of Edward Griffiths and Harriet Scales, bap 11/24/1841, b 5/27/1841. Sp= John Henderson Denous and Maria Louis Hutchins. p. 125

Guerrier, Jean Jacques, son of John Joseph and Jane, bap 12/24/1835, b in Spanish Main (Boccatoro) 12/27/1831. Sp= John Besent and Madelaine Vatel. p. 42

Gunsulo, Catherine Justine, dtr of Raymond Gunsulo and Mary Tores?, bap 1/3/1836, b Kingston 7/1835. Sp= John Jerome and Sarah Shaw Davis. p. 45


Haly, Joseph, son of John and Genevieve Haly, bap 2/24/1836, b in St. Andrew 3/1829. Sp= Gaspard Jouy and Josephine DeRouvray. p. 52

Hamilton, Louise Catharine, dtr of Robert Hamilton and Anne Hamilton, bap 10/6/1836, b Kingston 8/25/1836. Sp= John Lacoste and Catherine Joseph Guerin. p. 70

Hartigan, Martha, dtr of William Hartigan and Margaret (formerly Dempsey) his wife, bap 9/22/1833, b Stoney Hill 7/28/1833. Sp= Isaac Stevens and Anne Cassidy. p. 5

Hegerty, John Sennet, son of John Sennet Hegerty and Jennette Bickerstone, bap 5/17/1836, b in the parish of St. Ann 11/1835. Sp= Captain John Spicer and Edward Sennet and Mary Eliza Rogers. p. 57

Hennelly, Jane, dtr of Francis Hennelly and Mary Frances, bap 9/27/1835, b Kingston 1830. Sp= John Peter Lewis and Jane Delahaye. p. 37

Hensley, Charles Clarke, son of Edward Clarke Hensley and Sarah Goldson, bap 8/9/1835, b Kingston 6/28/1835, So= Charles W. Vredenburgh and Emilie Catherine Marcel. p. 34

Henry, Charles, legit son of John Henry and Selina Henry, bap 2/24/1838, b 1/20/1837. Sp= Charles Avalin? and Anne O'Hara. p. 98

Henry, James, son of John Henry and Angelina Stewart, bap 6/6/1834, b May 1833. Sp= John Nicolas and Marie Catherine Dacosta. p. 17

Henriques, Mary Magdalene, dtr of Alexander Henriques and Mary Hukkan, bap 5/12/1836, b Kingston 4/30/1835. Sp= Emanuel Martin Journee and Margaret Carney. p. 56

Howard, Ellen Constantine, dtr of Constantine Howard and Helen? Catherine (W), bap 7/28/1836, b Kingston 1/18/1835. Sp= William Howard and Betsy F___ and Isabella Alydice. p. 64

Hughes, Elizabeth, illegit dtr of Maurice Hughes and Maria Robertson, bap 8/26/1833, b 12/31/1832 at Maverly Estate in St. Andrew. Sp= William Ogleby and Elizabeth Stines. p. 3

Hughes, Frances, dtr of William Hughes and Valentine, bap 12/4/1837, b 5/13/1837. Sp= Frances Malbro and Celestine. p. 91

Hughes, James, illegit son of James Hughes and Elizabeth Williams, bap 8/13/1837, b 5/18/1836. Sp= Andrew Hughes, Thomas A___ and Elizabeth Ales___. p. 87

Hughes, Margaret, dtr of Maurice Hughes and Louisa Maurice Robertson, bap 12/19/1835, b in St. Andrew 11/1834. Sp= Isabella Leslie Cliff and Alexander Jack. p. 41

Hughes, Maurice, son of James Hughes and Elizabeth Williams, bap 12/19/1835, b in St. David 9/1834. Sp= Michael McTiernan and Mary Sutherland. p. 42

Hunter, Mary Frances, dtr of Henry Hunter and Elizabeth Frances, bap 3/19/1837, b Kingston 2/18/1837. Sp= John Anderson and Mary Frances. p. 81

Hurt, Thomas, son of Henry Hurt and Mary Lewis, bap 4/11/1841, b 5/1838. Sp= William Vredenburg. p. 117

Hynes, Jane, an African apprentice, bap 1/23/1838. Sp= Joseph Uter and Madeline Vetch. p. 97


Iffla, Horatio, son of Moses Iffla and James Banberry, bap 1/14/1837, b Kingston 10/26/1832. Sp= Robert Collins and Rose Munro. p. 77

Issac, Alexander, illegit son of Alexander Isaac, bap 12/5/1840, b 12/2/1838. Sp= Miguel Giuteres and Rose Soulette. p. 111


Jackson, Anne Mary, dtr of George Jackson and Anne Jackson, bap 3/8/1836, b Kingston 1822. Sp= John Francis Morin and Sanite Dupiton. p. 52

James, Thomas, son of Thomas James and Sophia Nelson, bap 3/12/1837, b Kingston 1/13/1837. Sp= Charles Cole and Sarah Cole. p. 81

Jerome, Romain, son of John Jerome and Rene Josephine, bap 3/8/1836, b Kingston 10/1835. Sp= Henry Roberts and Marie Madeline Lafitte. p. 53

Johnson, Mary Elizabeth, illegit dtr of John Johnson and Florentine Stephens, bap 7/24/1842, b 5/12/1842. Sp= Charles Burke and Mary Burke. p. 136

Joli, Emile, illegit son of Mark Joli and Mary Magdalene, bap 12/27/1840, b 1833. Sp= Joseph Uter and Maria Spence. p. 112

Jolie, Adelaide, dtr of Marc Jolie, bap 6/5/1836, b Kingston 8/1835. Sp= Joseph Robess and Adelaide St. Ours. p. 60

Joley, Henrietta, illegit dtr of Maria Joley and Francis Melon?, bap 7/4/1837, b 6/18/1837. Sp= Maria Amello? and Louise Venthorne. p. 87

Jones, Isabella, illegit dtr of William Jones and Johanna Nara, bap 11/14/1838, b 3/20/1838. Sp= Charles William Vredenburgh and Marie Louise Themise Bucher. p. 106

Joseph, Theresa, illegit dtr of John Joseph and Mary Ann Davis, bap 3/20/1842, b 1/29/1842. Sp= John Henderson Denous and Pelagie Gowan. p. 130

Joseph, William, son of William Joseph and Jane Warren, bap 6/14/1837, b 3/30/1837. Sp= John Lewis and Mary Lewis. p. 85

Judge, Arthur, son of Henry Judge and Ellen (formerly McL___ty) (W), bap 1/2/1836, b Kingston 7/9/1835. Sp= Francis Egan Joseph Kerr and Mary Egan. p. 44


Kavanagh, Margaret, dtr of Andrew Kavanagh and Catherine (formerly Keeffe) (W), bap 7/15/1836, b in Spanish Town 5/12/1836. Sp= William Wrenn and Susan Doyles. p. 63

Kearney, Daniel, son of Daniel Kearney and Sarah Anne McLean, bap 12/2/1836, b Kingston 7/7/1836. Sp= Edward Thomas Grindly and Mary Anne Paulina D'Aguilar. p. 75

Kelly, Charles, son of Michael Kelly private of 22nd Regiment and Elizabeth Kelly (W), bap 3/13/1836, b at Port Antonio 8/1834. Sp= Bartholomew Green 22nd Regiment and Margaret Morison. p. 53

Kerr, Sophie Amelia, dtr of David Robertson Kerr and Mary Catherine Dacosta, bap 5/4/1834, b Kingston 1/27/1834. Sp= Lewis Victor Balle and Mary Margaret Davis. p. 14

Kerns (or Kearns), Margaret, dtr of Thomas Kerns corporal of the 84th Regiment and Anne Kerns (formerly Dacres) (W), bap 5/4/1834, b Kingston 8/17/1833. Sp (by proxy for Patrick Clancy Sergeant of the 84th Regiment) Joseph Roberts. p. 14

Keunt, Emile Zaverie, son of Francis Zavarie Keunt and Debora (formerly Lindo) (W), bap 2/7/1835, b Kingston 1/16/1835. Sp= Zaverie and Elizabeth Keunt. p. 27

Kilman, Jane Caroline, dtr of George Kilman and Catherine Moncrieffe, bap 11/26/1834, b Lambkin Hill property in St. Mary in March 1831. Sp= John Bagnall and Elizabeth Boirly. p. 24

Kunt, Emilie, dtr of Francis Zavery Kunt and Deborah (W), bap 3/19/1837, b in St. Andrew 2/5/1837. Sp= Alexander Grant and Elizabeth Zavery Kunt. p. 81

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