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b = born

bap = baptism

dtr = daughter

[F] = written in French

illegit = illegitimate

legit = legitimate

Sp = sponsors

(U)= unmarried

(W) = lawful wife

Date format: Month/Day/Year

Parents should be considered unmarried unless there is some indication of marriage (viz: (W), wife, legit., or mother's maiden name "formerly. . .".)

Page numbers missing from the Register were 65 through 68 (possibly baptisms on August 8 through 27, 1836), and 71 to 72 (possibly baptisms October 16 through 29, 1836).

Ceremonies by Edmond Murphy, missionary, except from 5/23/1837 to 8/14/1839 when the ceremonies were by John J. Curtin.


Abrams, Edward Gilpin, son of William Abrams and Sarah (W), bap 4/6/1834, b 12/28/1824. p. 12

Abrams, Eliza Gilpin, dtr of William Abrams and Sarah (W), bap 4/6/1834, b 8/13/1826. p. 11

Abrams, Mary Gilpin, dtr of William Abrams and Sarah (W), bap 4/6/1834, b 12/9/1821. Sp= William Livingston and Mary Stieble. p. 11

Abrams, Richard Gilpin, son of William Abrams and Sarah (W), bap 4/6/1834, b 10/14/1823. Sp= Francis Egan and Elizabeth Gilpin. p. 11

Adames, Lewis, son of unknown parents, bap 12/8/1835, b in Cherokee Bay on the Indian coast 1825. Sp= Pedro Adames and Maria Louisa Labotte?. p. 41

Adland (or Sadland), Marie Louise, dtr of Samy Sadland and Jacqueline, bap 10/11/1834, b 8/27/1834. Sp= Victor Lafitte and Marie Louise Catherine. p. 23

Adulph, Mary Lawrence, dtr of Richard Adulph and Sarah Nicholas, bap 1/4/1836, b Kingston 3/1835. Sp= John Florence and Mary Lawrence. p. 43

Aikin, Edward Christopher, son of Alexander Augustus Aikin and Mary Jane Smyth, bap 3/31/1842, b 2/13/1842. Sp= John Moore and Louise Pierre. p. 130

Alberga, Rose Evelina, dtr of Samuel Alberga and Mary Louise (W), bap 4/10/1836, b Kingston 2/28/1836. Sp= Henry Vendryes and Charlestine Cremille. p. 55

Alexander, Charles, son of Jacob Alexander and Nancy Small, bap 6/11/1836, b Kingston 5/19/1836. Sp= Charles William Vredenburgh and Henrietta Snowy Perkins. p. 61

Alexander, Charles, illegit son of Robert Alexander and Rachael Reid Broadhurst, bap 6/27/1842, b 5/15/1840. Sp= Julia Maria Morin and Thomas Murry [Murray?]. p. 134

Allpher, Maria Teresa, dtr of John Allpher and Teresa Allpher, bap 8/2/1834, born about 9 years ago. Sp= Teresa Laureston and John Desportes. p. 18

Alvarenga, Elvira, dtr of Jacob Alvarenga and Eliza Richard, bap 3/27/1836, b Kingston 10/6/1835. Sp= John Davies and Maria__ Romiro. p. 54

Alvarenga, Esther, illegit dtr of Jacob Alvarenga and Ellenor Richards, bap 12/5/1841, b 6/25/1841. Sp= Lewis Bell and Evelina White. p. 126

Ambroise, Marie Pierre Cyprine, illegit dtr of Jacinth Ambroise and Rebecca Evans, bap 4/29/1842, b 12/13/1841. p. 132

Androin, Henrietta Elizabeth, dtr of Thomas Androin and Frances Thomson, bap 2/6/1835, b Kingston 10/28/1835. Sp= Charles Androin, Henrietta Susanna Androin and Henrietta Schroeter Whelan. p. 27

Antoine, Elisabeth, illegit dtr of John Antoine and Adelina Burke, bap 12/13/1840, b 9/15/1838. Sp= Joseph Kinkead and Mary Rose. p. 111

Antoine, Louisa Adeline, dtr of John Antoine and Adeline, bap 7/18/1835, b in parish of St. Andrew 10/19/1834. Sp= Louise and Joseph Simon. p. 33

Ariana, Duprines?, legit dtr of Joseph Ariana and Agliese? Santows, bap 10/23/1837, b 4/11/1837. Sp= Mac Santows and Calais Du Manion. p. 90

Aspinell, Amelia, dtr of Henry Aspinell and Mary Joseph, bap 12/18/1836, b Kingston 1/4/1836. Sp= Michael Criff Morgan and Eugenia St. Ours. p. 76

Augustine, dtr of Caroline, bap 1834, b 2/4/1834 in parish of St. George. Sp= Simon Paul Lamotte and Julienne Touchemotte. p. 23

Austin, Elizabeth Mary, illegit dtr of Peter Austin and Mary Margaret Tyrrell, bap 10/9/1842, b 8/15/1841. Sp= Joseph Uter and Louise Fergon. p. 138


Bagnall, Susan, dtr of John Bagnall and Margaret Dair, bap 11/26/1834, b at Lambkin Hill in St. Mary in June 1834. Sp= Robert Gregor and John Lemaitre. p. 24

Bagnall, William, son of John Bagnall and Margaret Dair, bap 11/26/1834, b at Lambkin Hill in St. Mary in May 1831. Sp= Robert Gregor and John Lemaitre. p. 23

Bahan, James, son of Patrick Bahan and Anne Bahan (formerly Shiel), bap 8/2/1836, b in Port Antonio 7/1834. Sp= Michael Kiegan and Henry Roberts. p. 64

Baker, Margaret, an African apprentice, bap 1/23/1838. Sp= William McCrea and Ellenor Hynes. p. 97

Baptist, Cecilia, illegit dtr of John Baptist and Susanna Williams, bap 3/20/1842, b in the parish of Port Royal in 1835. Sp= Paul Denis Lagourde and Anne Lagourde. p. 130

Baptiste, John, son of Josephine Baptiste, bap 4/24/1834, aged about 3 1/2 years. Sp= Jean Dejean and Louise Smith. p. 13

Barbe, Edward, son of Osee Barbe and Eugenia Bellen, bap 4/17/1834, b in St. Andrew 7/12/1833. Sp= Joseph Robes and Mary Peter both of Kingston. p. 14

Barnum, Henry J. Samuel Curtis, (illegitimate), bap 8/11/1838, b 7/16/1838. Sp= Lewis Geyard Eugene St. Ours and Maria Spencer and Martha Vendryes. p. 103

Barnwell, William, son of James Barnwell and Margaret (formerly Campbell) (W), bap 12/9/1835, b Kingston 12/4/1835. Sp= William Collins (proxy James Barnwell) and Anne Campbell. p. 41

Battersby, Robert, lawful son of Richard Battersby and Susan Sheridan, bap 3/8/1839, b 7/10/1834. Sp= Bernard Ripole [Ripoll] and Mary Antoinette Ripole. p. 107

Battiste, Elizabeth, dtr of John Battiste and Mary Jeanne, bap 9/14/1834, b 1832. Sp= Edward Francis and Popotte Gabaroth. p. 21

Battiste, Mary Anne, dtr of John Battiste and Mary Jeanne, bap 9/14/1834, b Kingston Sept 1830. Sp= Joseph Brown and Eliza Thomson. p. 20

Bazin, Marie Rose, dtr of Jean Bazin and Rose Adelaide of Love Grove in the parish of St. George, bap 4/26/1834, aged about 1 year. Sp= Charles Vredenburgh and Marie Elizabeth. p. 13

Beckford, Louisa Catherine, dtr of William Beckford and Johanna Stoat, bap 6/15/1834, b 5/20/1834. Sp= Edmond Murphy and Emilia Catherine Marcel. p. 17

Begar, Benjamin Edward, son of William Rambo Begar, bap 10/4/1836, b Kingston 10/14/1820. Sp= Mar___ Philibert and Eleanor Hines. p. 70

Bell, Augustus Marcelin, illegit son of Lewis Bell and Eliza Ennis, bap 5/6/1842, b 3/29/1842. Sp= Thomas Murray and Catherine Montosier. p. 132

Bell, Charles Benjamin, legit son of Louis Victor Bell and Amelia Duffus, bap 10/11/1838, b 5/20/1831. Sp= Peter Constantine and Rose Elizabeth Hamback. p. 105

Bell, Lewis Hector, legit son of Lewis Bell and Henrietta France Durocher, bap 1/22/1837, b 8/29/1837. Sp= Thomas Shepherd and Antoinette D___. p. 96

Bell, Mary Juliana, illegit dtr of Peter L. Bell and Mary Deloignes, bap 5/22/1842, b 5/11/1842. Sp= Alex Naar and Juliana Boussa. p. 133

Benjamin. "Cecilia Benjamin Margaret", dtr of Jule Benjamin and Caroline Buch, bap 1/24/1836, b Kingston 9/1835. Sp= Peter Constantine and Margaret Howey. p. 50

Benson, Samuel Joseph, illegit son of James Joseph Benson and Jane Huy [Huey?], bap 4/30/1841, b in parish of St. George 10/26/1840. Sp= James Walsh and Jane Metcalf. p. 117

Berard, Josephine Elenor, illegit dtr of John Berard and Johanna Jopp, bap 7/8/1842m b 6/14/1842. Sp= Paul Hesten and Catherine L. Duverger. p. 135

Bernard, Amelia, illegit dtr of Nicholas Bernard and Charlotte Williams, bap 1/5/1838, b 12/21/1837. Sp= Charlotte Uter. p. 96

Bernard, Ann Gabriel, illegit dtr of John Bernard and Cecilia Chevallier, bap 10/14/1838, b 7/28/1838. Sp= Lewis Malabre and Gabrielle Malabre. p. 106

Bernard, Cecilia, illegit dtr of John Bernard and Sarah Bran___, bap 11/5/1837, b 6/25/1837. Sp= Brian Lefever and Maria Louisa Alexander. p. 91

Bernard, John Charles, son of John Bernard and Elizabeth Francoise, bap 2/15/1835, b Kingston 12/10/1834. Sp= Charles LaGourde and Anne Francis (W). p. 29

Bernhard, Joseph Charles, son of John Nicholas Bernhard and Clara Bramer, bap 9/27/1835, b Kingston 4/16/1835. Sp= Joseph Robes and Isabella Roux. p. 137

Berry, Robert, illegit son of Robert Berry and Amelia Frances, bap 9/10/1837, b 1/1/1837. Sp= Joseph Leonard and Louis Pierre. p. 88

Bibbin, Cecilia, illegit dtr of Joseph Bibbin and Isabella Blay, bap 1/4/1838, b 10/21/1837. Sp= Joseph Roberts and Marie Louise Leonard. p. 96

Bickstatt, Christopher, son of ___ Bickstatt and Maria Louise Juliana, bap 9/16/1833, b 11/15/1833. Sp= Marc Philibert and Magdalene Vatel. p. 5

Bisson, Jean Valmond, illegit son of Marie Louise Lawrence, bap 6/19/1833, b 2/7/1833 in Kingston. Sp= Guillaume Vredenbourgh and Marie Louise Julie Llheado. [F] p. 3

Bogle, Alfred, son of Alfred Bogle and Rose Cole, bap 6/5/1836, b Kingston 11/1835. SP= Peter Constantine and Mary Merrot. p. 60

Bogle, Andrew, son of Alexander Bogle and Elizabeth Bogle (W), bap 1/29/1837, b Kingston 4/5/1836. Sp= Robert Graham Brown and Georgiana Rosette. p. 79

Bogle, Joseph, son of Andrew Bogle and Anne Elizabeth Bogle (formerly Welcomstrahen) (W), bap 5/4/1834, b Kingston 1/26/1834. Sp= Joseph Leon and Charlotte Curtis both of Kingston. p. 15

Bogle, Joseph Alexander, son of Alexander and Anne Elizabeth Bogle (W), bap 10/4/1838, b 6/12/1838. Sp= James Roper and Louise Pierre. p. 103

Boole, Anne, dtr of Thomas Boole and Julia Boole (formerly Rorke) (W), bap 9/28/1834, b 9/18/1834 at Up Park Camp. Sp= Hugh MacHugh sergeant of 37th Regiment and Bridget Bradburn. p. 21

Booth, James, son of John Booth and Margaret Carden, bap 2/26/1837, b Kingston 2/19/1837. [No sponsors listed]. p. 80

Booth, John, son of John Booth corporal of the 8th Regiment and Mariette (formerly Cargill) (W), bap 4/22/1835, b in Port Royal 11/4/1834. Sp= William Owns and Catherine Swords. p. 31

Borse, Adrianna, dtr of Emanuel and Emilia Borse, bap 4/13/1836, b 4/14/1835. Sp= Joseph Robessand. p. 55

Bradshaw, William, illegit son of Lewis Bradshaw and Anne Wilson, bap 6/12/1842, b 3/22/1842. Sp= G. F. Morris and Julianna Boisson. p. 133

Bravo, Abraham, legit son of Stephen Bravo and Louisa Penzance, bap 12/9/1837, b 9/12/1837. Sp= Soulange Saveriau and Ma__ Leavel? p. 91

Brown, Arthur, son of James Brown and Florence Despinose, bap 4/9/1834, b Kingston 12/14/1833. Sp= Edmond Murphy and Emilie Despinose. p. 13

Brown, Edward, illegit son of Richard Brown and Ja__ McDonnell, bap 10/15/1841, b Kingston 2/28/1839. Sp= Eliza La__ and Edmond Murphy. p. 124

Brown, Edward Walker, legit son of George Brown and Elizabeth Walker, bap 5/16/1839, b 1/20/1839. Sp= Eugene St. Ours and Louise Antoni__. p. 110

Brown, Elizabeth Rosetta, dtr of Robert Brown and Georgianna Lowry, bap 5/29/1836, b Kingston 12/23/1835. Sp= Charles A. Price and Emilie Jillott. p. 58

Brown, George Darby, son of Richard Darby and Frances Holcourt, bap 5/29/1836, b Kingston 12/4/1835. Sp= James Darby and Emilie Gillott. p. 58

Brown, Mary Lewis, dtr of Murry Brown and Mary Joseph, bap 7/17/1836, b 7/2/1836. Sp= Revd. Edmond Murphy and Mary Smith. p. 63

Brown, Mary Rosanna, dtr of Edward Brown and Susannah Brown (W), bap 8/7/1836, b Kingston 6/1836. Sp= Charles Lagourgue and Popotte Morel. p. 64

Brown, Samuel Walker, son of Samuel Walker Brown and Elizabeth Clerc (W), bap 3/29/1842, b 3/8/1842. Sp= Eugene St. Ours and Madelene. p. 130

Brown, William, illegit son of Robert Brown and Maria Louisa, bap 8/20/1837. Sp= John Joannis in loco Edward Benitt and Mary Louis. p. 88

Bryan, Theresa, dtr of Thomas Bryan and Maria Joseph, bap 1/11/1835, b Kingston October 1834. Sp= Thomas Lorial and Emelia Catherine March. p. 26

Buckly, Mary Anne, dtr of John Buckly sergeant of the 37th Regiment and Mary Buckly (formerly Cunningham) (W), bap 5/11/1834, born on board the Romney 4/23/1834. Sp= Sergeant John Croak. p. 15

Burke, Bridget, dtr of Patrick Burke and Ellen Zalmouth [or Falmouth], bap 3/19/1838, b 5/14/1837. Sp= Charles McDonnell and Maria McDonnell. p. 99

Burke, William, son of Patrick Burke and Nelly Burke (formerly Fallon) (W), bap 10/12/1834, b at the Barracks, Kingston, 10/2/1834. Sp= Thomas Smyth of the 64th Regiment and Winifred Mannix. p. 22

Butler, Alexander, son of Hugh Butler and Mary (formerly Roach) Butler, bap 1/7/1837, b Up Park Camp 12/10/1836. Sp= Patrick Doran and Rose Williamson. p. 77


Calvet, Manuel, illegit son of Manuel Calvet and Jane Taafe, bap 10/10/1841. Sp= Ramon Antonio Ruga and Janite Fressinen. p. 123

Cammack, Cordelia, illegit dtr of George Byndloss Cammack and Isabella Nicolas, bap 11/15/1840, b 8/27/1840. Sp= John Matthew and Mary Rose. p. 112

Campbell, Andrew, son of Saint Lewis Campbell and Sarah Flore, bap 9/20/1834, b 2/20/1834. Sp= Joseph Roberts. p. 21

Campbell, Ann Letitia, dtr of Malcolm Campbell and Cloia? Parson, native of Chile?, bap 10/29/1837, b 1/29/1837. Sp= John Nethers___ and Caroline Kildare. p. 90

Campbell, Mary Jane, illegit dtr of Alexander Campbell and Ellen Brown, bap 7/16/1842, b 2/8/1842. Sp= William Copeland and Mrs. Darling. p. 136

Campbell, William, son of William Campbell, an African, and Louisa Densworth, bap 1/29/1840, b 3/1831. Sp= Edmond Murphy and Louisa Duperly Desnous [Desnoes]. p. 111

Canty, Rebecca, dtr of Joseph Canty and Margaret Canty (formerly Folan) (W), bap 4/22/1835, b Spanish Town 8/30/1834. Sp= Barney Hyly of the 8th Regiment (proxy Henry Saunders) and Ellen McQuae. p. 31

Capleton, Francis, son of Richard Capleton and Margaret, bap 2/25/1835, b at Pleasant Spring, St. Andrew, 3/1834. Sp= James Morilagerac and Benedicte. p. 29

Cardoso, Martha, dtr of Solomon Nunes Cardoso and Elizabeth Phillipon, bap 9/8/1835, b Kingston 7/29/1835. Sp= Henry Vendryes and Adeline Madure. p. 36

Cardozo, Edmund Nunes, son of Solomon Nunes Cardozo and Elizabeth Philipon, bap 10/30/1836, b Kingston 10/20/1836. Sp= Edmund Murphy and Catharine Joseph Guerin. p. 73

Cardozo, Isabella (dead), legit dtr of Solomon Nunes Cardozo and Elizabeth Nunes (W), bap 2/6/1842, b Kingston 1/24/1842. Sp= Jeremiah Murphy and Anne Hamilton. p. 128

Carduskal, Cunigonda Wilhelmina, dtr of Augustus Carduskal and Faona (formerly Casino) (W), bap 1/3/1835, born at sea on board the ship Olbers in Nov. 1834. Sp= Edmond Murphy and Cunigonda W. Exter of Bremen. p. 25

Careveredo, John Hiler, illegit son of D. Careveredo and Jane Victoria Lindon, bap 3/10/1839, b 10/23/1838. Sp= John Thomas Herige? and J. C. L. Duverger. p. 108

Carey, Jane, dtr of Edward Carey and Elizabeth Connell, bap 1/24/1838, b 12/16/1837. Sp Patrick Whelan and Jane Parkerson. p. 97

Carr, David, dtr of David Carr and Mary Catherine Ducasseau, bap 1/2/1834, b 1/1/1832. Sp= Peter Harry and Mary Magdaline Rellin. p. 8

Carr, Elizabeth, son of David Carr and Mary Catherine Ducasseau, bap 1/2/1834, b 9/1/1830. Sp= Peter Harry and Mary Magdaline Rellin. p. 8

Carter, Alexander, son of Richard Carter and Delphine Valere, bap 6/13/1836, b Kingston 3/10/1836. Sp= Henry Roberts and Josephine le Franc. p. 61

Casimir, Francis, son of Matthew Casimir and Susanna Cochran, bap 5/29/1834, b March 1834. Sp= William Jennings and Adelaide Hill. p. 16

Casimir, William, son of Matthew Casimir and Susanna Cochran Hall, bap 5/29/1834, b May 1834 [sic]. Sp= William Jennings and Marie Louise Bernardine. p. 16

Chandler, Robert Francis, illegit son of William Chandler and Elizabeth Grant, bap 3/13/1842, b 10/24/1841. Sp= Henry Roberts and Rene Louise Bucher. p. 129

Cavanagh, Daniel, son of John Cavanagh, Royal Artillery, and Mary Cavanagh (formerly Markey) (W), bap 9/24/1833, b Port Royal 9/11/1833. Sp= Patrick Fitzpatrick and Anne Rogers. p. 6

Cespides, Lewis Isaac, illegit son of Isaac Cespides and Margaret Howell, bap 9/18/1841, b 5/28/1841. Sp= James Roper and Catherine Templette. p. 122

Chambers, William, son of Jericho and Martina?, bap 1/10/1836, b in Jamaica 1780. Sp= Charles Waters and Frances Cowell. p. 48

Charles, Letitia, dtr of Katan Jones and Charles, bap 11/13/1836, b Kingston 1824. Sp= Joseph Uter and Marie Rose Granmont. p. 74

Charles, Michael, son of Lewis Charles and Antoinette George (formerly Lindo), bap 11/7/1835, b at Silver Hill in St. George 7/5/1835. Sp= Michel Gent and Maria Gent. p. 39

Chavannes, Amanda Sophia, dtr of Charles Chavannes and Lydia Henriques, bap 1/3/1836, b Kingston 7/23/1835. Sp= Louis Figuiers and Sophia M. Belisario. p. 45

Chavannes, Charles Henry, illegit son of Charles Chavannes and Lydia Henriques, bap 4/24/1833, b 5/4/1831. Sp= G. Henry Chavannes and Louisa Castelle. p. 1

Chavannes, Frederick Augustus, son of Charles Chavannes and Lydia Henriques, bap 6/7/1834, b 7/19/1833. Sp= Lewis Chavannes junior and Josephine Malar. p. 17

Chavannes, George Charles, legit son of Peter Antony Louis Chavannes and Maria Emily (W), bap 4/24/1833, b 1/1/1828. Sp= George Henry Chavannes and Mary Emily Archambeau. p. 1

Chavannes, Lewis, son of Lewis Chavannes and Mary Anne Bairet, bap 9/2/1836, b 8/11/1836. Sp= Henry Roberts and Mrs. DeRouvray. p. 69

Clancy, Helen, dtr of Terence Clancy and Ann Smyth, bap 8/17/1837, b 8/17/1837. Sp= Anthony Clark and Bridget Smyth. p. 87

Clermont, Genevieve, dtr of John Clermont and Margaret Joseph bap 3/14/1834. p. 10

Clermont, Margaret Anne, dtr of Alexander Clermont and Elizabeth Markham, bap 11/4/1836, b Kingston 8/8/1834. Sp= Michael Cuff Morgan and Elizabeth Calypso D'Aguilar. p. 73

Co, Henry, son of John Co and Julian Betty, bap 3/20/1837, b Kingston 6/20/1836. Sp= Jacob Broomfield and Clarisse Andrew__. p. 82

Cochrane, Richard Madden, son of Benjamin Cochrane and Anna Frances, bap 2/8/1835, b Kingston 12/1834. Sp= Edward Cluff and Almide Dallas. p. 28

Coghlan, Ellen, dtr of John Coghlan of the Royal Artillery and Anne (formerly Tucker) (W), bap 5/8/1835, b Port Royal 4/3/1835. Sp Thomas Perkins (proxy Bernhard Macalea) and Ellen Moffet. p. 32

Conolly, William, illegit son of William Conolly and Louisa Davis, bap 10/2/1842, b 5/1/1842. Sp= John Mathis and Margaret Sarroville. p. 138

Corcoran, Henry, son of William Corcoran Sergeant in the 8th Regiment and Catherine Corcoran (formerly Sheehan) (W), bap 1/26/1834, b 1/11/1834. Sp= Bridget Stephens and John Reid corporal of the 8th Regiment. pp. 8-9

Cornelius, Joseph, illegit son of William Cornelius and Ann Butterfield, bap 6/2/1841, b 5/7/1840. Sp= Gustave Morin and Mary Louisa Hutchins (Frivole). p. 119

Corrigan, John, son of Patrick Corrigan and Mary (formerly Hesther), bap 8/30/1835, b 8/23/1835 at Camp [Up Park Camp]. Sp= Charles Henry and Mary Buckly. p. 35

Courtauld, Adela Frederica Maria, illegit dtr of Margaret Eloisa Courtauld, bap 7/16/1833, b Kingston 9/26/1832. Sp= Revd. Edmond Murphy and Maria Elisabeth Bourke. p. 3

Cowell, Louisa Catherine, illegit dtr of Edward Cowell and Rosella Brett, bap 12/9/1837, b 11/26/1837. Sp= Henry Drysdale and Emilia Ducornean. p. 92

Cowell, Therese Sylvie, illegit dtr of Edouard Cowell and Rose Marie Olive, bap 10/28/1833, b Kingston 10/20/1833. Sp= Jean Grant and Catherine Joseph Guerier. [F] p. 7

Cummins, Anne, illegit dtr of Barney Cummins and Anne Peck, bap 11/1/1833, b Kingston 1819. Sp= Achilles Mitchell and Rose Elizabeth Dolon. p. 7

Curtin, William, legit son of Charles Curtin and Mary Joseph Salmon, bap 11/21/1840, b 10/22/1840. Sp= William Dance and Josephine De la Hyne. p. 110

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