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ROMAN CATHOLIC BAPTISMS 1798-1799; 1803-1804


[NOTE: At some point in history these baptisms were copied from records which were fading, crumbling, or being eaten by insects. The transcriber indicated that certain information was missing or illegible. Sometimes the transcriber's interpretation of the signatures of witnesses does not match the names of people in attendance. Indications of slavery, are quoted here from statements in the Church records. Only page 30 was numbered. Other numbering was added for web site. ]


Baptisms by Anthony Quigley. The 1798 records are in English.

Alexandrine, black child, 7/23/1798. Godfather "a French black soldier who said he was free." p. 4

A black slave girl, "property of M. Leonardy" 12/8/1798. p. 4

Constantia, a child 7/23/1798.p. 4


[This one original record of baptism was mixed in with the Register of Burials 1795-1798. The record is in French.]

Deynaut, Therese Anne, 6/14/1799. Legitimate daughter of Louis Christophe Deynaut, inhabitant of Partie du Nord of St. Domingue, and Marie Therese Vallade, born 10/28/1798, in Kingston. Godfather Tufroy Genty Vallade, inhabitant of Partie du Nord, St. Domingue represented by Marie Francoise Bernard La Nugue inhabitant of St. Domingue. Godmother Marie Anne Thorel, inhabitant of Le Cap, St. Domingue and resident in Kingston. Witnesses Laroque, Bouche. Baptism by Anthony Quigley. p. 29




[Baptisms by the Curate, De L'Espinasse, in the Roman Catholic Church, Kingston, through page 54. Others as stated. The records are in French.]

Anne Marie, bap. 1/29/1803, illegitimate daughter of Marie Josephine Lacombe a free mulatto from Port au Prince, living in Kingston where the child was born 7/20/1801. GF George Knox. GM Anne Marie Kezan. p. 6

Antoine, bap. 10/23/1803, born Kingston 4/1/1803, illegitimate son of Marie Catherine, free Negro resident Kingston. GF Gabriel Gabur (could not sign); GM Eleonore Celeste Lesbeaupin, both resident Kingston. p. 39

Aubert, Louis Edouard, bap. 2/3/1803, illegitimate son of Marie Jeanne a free Negro and Mr. Jean Michel Aubert her former master, the executor of his Will being Monsieur Alexandre Lairee, the godfather; GM Louise, both resident in Kingston. Witnesses: Le Febre, Le Carpentier. p. 7

Batailles, Louise Gabriel, bap. 12/24/1803, born Kingston 10/10/1803, lawful daughter of Frederic Bataille and Sophie Anne his wife, resident in Kingston. GF Francois Gilibert. GM Marie Louise Fraisinau, the child's maternal grandmother, both resident Kingston. Witnesses: Arnaud Guybat, B. Lavergne, F. Bataille widow Lepantelot, Jacques Armaignac, Abraham ___ Armaignac. p. 49

Belhomme, Francois, bap. 7/19/1803, born Kingston 3/14/1802, free mistee illegitimate son of Marie Louise Beaumont free quadroon of the l'Artibonite area of St. Domingue resident in Kingston, and Peter Belhomme resident in Kingston (signed Register). GF Pierre Bremand; GM Victoire Bracqueman, both resident in Kingston. p. 24

Bernard, bap. 3/20/1803, born Kingston 1/5/1803, illegitimate son of Martha a free mulatto from St. Domingue resident in Kingston. GF Bernard Laroque; GM Genevieve Catherine Villy, both resident in Kingston. p. 12

Bernard, bap. 8/12/1803, born in Jamaica about 2 months ago, free quadroon illegitimate child of Jeanne free mulatto from Cul de Sac, St. Domingue resident in Jamaica. GF Bernard Laselve. GM Marguerite Rainee [Renvur?], both resident in Kingston. p. 23

[blank] bap. 6/23/1803. (A part of the page was missing, and could not be transcribed) p. 16

Bobee, Louis, bap. 7/16/1803, born Mole St. Nicolas, St. Domingue 11/1/1802, legitimate son of Louis Marie Bobee and Marie Maude Serine Valentine Bobee his wife proprietor from St. Domingue. GF Louis Bobee the child's first cousin, represented by Mr. Claude Marie Jacques Lamazure [Lamasurier]; GM Rose Elisabeth Boube [Bobee] wife of Masurier, the child's aunt, both resident in Kingston. Witness Collette Brondeau. p. 22

Bobee, Anne Elisabeth, bap. 7/16/1803, born in Port de Paix, St. Domingue 6 years and some months ago, daughter of Marie Valentine Bobee and Mr. Bobee proprietor in Port de Paix. GF Sande Manne Jacques Lemasurier; GM Rose Elisabeth Bombee wife of Mesurier, the child's uncle and aunt. Witness Collette Brondeau. p. 22

Boris, Adelaide, bap. 12/20/1803, born Kingston 9/3/1802, lawful daughter of Louis Boris and Anne Sophie his wife, resident in Kingston. GF Jean Meau, the child's maternal uncle; GM Therese Adelaide Heneau widow of Meau, maternal grandmother. p. 46

Brelet, Jean Edouard, bap. 12/22/1803, born Kingston 11/11/1803, lawful son of Jean Baptiste Francois Brelet and Marie Claire Godard de la Boistrie his wife, resident in Kingston. GF Jean Scoffery; GM Rose Bravet wife of Camoin. Witnesses: G. Brelet, widow Beauclair. p. 46

de Briant, Louis Joseph, bap. 12/23/1803, born Kingston 11/27/1803, lawful son of Camile Theodat de Briant and Marie Josephine Desmeau wife of Briant, proprietor from the Grande Riviere area of St. Domingue and presently living in Kingston. GF Louis Daquin, the child's uncle; GM Marie Therese wife of Daynaut, child's maternal grandmother. Witnesses: Vallade Deynaut, Deynaut Daquin, Deynaut Brusle, Camille Theodore Brusle. p. 48

Bron, Marie Catherine, bap. 9/17/1803, born Kingston 7/29/1803, illegitimate daughter of Henry Bron and a mulatto girl resident in Kingston. GF Pierre Leger; GM Jacques Abada, both resident in Kingston. p. 33

Brondeau, Isabel, bap. 9/1/1803, born Kingston 1/10/1803, legitimate daughter of Jean Brondeau and Marie Marthe Brondeau proprietors in St. Domingue and presently living in Kingston. GF Thomas Thomescau; GM Isabella Etington, both resident in Kingston. Witnesses: Varon, Victoire Delinte, Adelaide Colette. p. 10

Danis, Louis, bap. 8/17/1803, born St. Domingue 9/19/1802, illegitimate son of Richard Danis and Palmire Lacombe resident in Jeremie, St. Domingue. GF Louis Julien Domingo; GM Marie Avel de Domingo. p. 30

Daquin, Marie Francoise, bap. 5/31/1803, born Kingston 5/23/1802, legitimate daughter of Thomas Daquin and Mrs. Daquin proprietors from the l'Artibonite area of St. Domingue now resident in Kingston. p. 14

Daquin, Marguerite Francoise. An entry was made in the Register on 8/27/1836 by Benito Fernandez, Roman Catholic Curate of Kingston, stating that Charles Lebon Lapointe and Jean Baptiste Prieur, both resident in Kingston, appeared before him with a declaration to be placed in the Register concerning the baptism of M. F. Daquin, niece of C. Lebon Lapointe and sister-in-law of J. Prieur, who became the wife of Charles Joseph Daron, resident in New Orleans, USA, because the Register which had contained the record of her baptism and other baptisms 1799-1801 was destroyed by insects. They declared that M. F. Daquin was born in Kingston 9/9/1799, lawful daughter of Charles Pierre Daquin known by the name of Daquin les Cahaux, and Marie Louise Victoire Lebon Lapointe, his wife, and the baptism was performed by the Curate Antony Quigly at the end of 1799 or early 1800. GF Francois Daquin, knight, her paternal uncle who died in New Orleans; GM Marguerite Bizoton, her paternal grandmother, who died in New Orleans, widow of Antoine Daquin, former Naval Commissioner in St. Domingue, the paternal grandfather. p. 56

Daron, Charles Joseph, bap. 2/19/1800, born Kingston 11/25/1799, lawful son of JeanPaul Daron and Elisabeth Desmortiers his wife, inhabitants of Plaisance, St. Domingue, and resident in Kingston. GF Charles St. Medard; GM Helene Marafray Laynard, widow of Pierre des Mortiers, both resident in Kingston. Witness: Emilie Perocheau St. Medard. Baptism by de l'Espinasse. Delivered, in conformity with the original on July 28, 1800. The entry in the original Register was destroyed by insects. This entry was copied into the Copy Register on 6/15/1829 by Benito Fernandez. p. 55

Druilhet, Jullian Joseph, bap. 12/27/1803, born Jamaica 10/1/1801, lawful son of Jean Druilhet and Henriette Perroneau wife of Drouilhet, proprietor in Le Fond, St. Domingue, residing in Jamaica. GF Joseph Isaii Lecarpentier; GM Marie Madeleine wife of Meslayer, both resident Kingston. p. 49

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