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"BOOK 5"

October 28, 1832 to December 26, 1836

N - X

b = born

bap = baptism

dtr = daughter

[E] = written in English

[F] = written in French

Gp = godparents

illegit = illegitimate

[L]= written in Latin

legit = legitimate

[S] = written in Spanish

Sp = Sponsor

W = wife

___ indicates the word (or part of the word) was illegible, blotted, cut off, or hidden by tight binding.

Most of the baptisms were performed by Benito Fernandez. Beginning in December 1835 there were baptisms by P. A. Duquesnay. Entries by Edmond Murphy were made with a type of ink which had faded.


Narcisse, Ann Marie, bap 10/29/1836, b 3/7/1835, dtr of Joseph Narcisse and Sophia W__ster. Gp= Edward Brett and Emily Bre__. [F] p. 79

Nelson, Cecilia, bap 8/4/1834, dtr of Charles Nelson and Selina. Gp= Jule, and Marie Limond. [F] p. 24

Nunes, Magin Juan, bap 12/1/1836, aged 2 months, legit son of George Nunes and Judith Nunes. Gp= Magin Torg and Ana Bofil. [F] p. 82

Nunes, Maria Cristina Dolores, bap 12/3/11833, b Kingston 3/14/1833, legit dtr of George Nunes and Juliana Nunes. Gp= Francisco Pascual Lopez and Manuela Baffilly Buelo. [S] p. 17


Pairer, Emilie, bap 7/5/1836, b 6/17/1835, dtr of Joseph Pairer and Isabel Harris. Gp= Jose M. Figueroa and Isabel Monin. [F] p. 72

Palache, Isabel, bap 4/24/1836, aged 5 months, illegit dtr of Jose Maria Palache and Isabel. Gp= John Escoffery and Rose El. Escoffery. [F] p. 66

Palmer, Rebecca Ann, bap 9/14/1834, b 2/4/1834, illegit dtr of Richard Palmer and Eliza Francis. Gp= Juan Nicolas and Maria Mac. [F] p. 26

Parker, Jean, bap 1/31/1836, b Kingston 12/6/1835, son of Louise. Gp= Jean Parker and Marie Clemence. [F] p. 61

Paul, Elizabeth, bap 10/29/1832, illegit dtr of Jean Paul and Marie Marthe. Gp= Pierre Constantin & Marie Noel. [F] p. 1

Paul, Jean Simon, bap 10/29/1832, illegit son of Jean Paul and Marie Marthe. Gp= J. Urbain Baize & Marie Jeanne. [F] p. 1

Peacun [?], Maria Martinez, bap 12/27/1836, aged 32 years, dtr of Dennis Peacun and Diana Joseph. Gp= Vicente Ferrell and Maria Martines. [F] pp. 86-87

Pedro, bap 6/24/1835, b 3/3/1835, illegit son of Martes and Martina. Gp= Martin Sabredo and Petronella Gocomin. [F] p. 43

Pelin, Manuel Nicolas, bap 10/26/1836, b 6/2/1836, son of Arthur Pilon and Esther Lou Syke Durrant. Gp= Manuel Nende and Arman Rochinett. [F] p. 79

Penso, Maria, bap 8/14/1836, b 7/1/1832, dtr of Dorotea. Gp= Jean Lesier and Pauline Garcia. [F] p. 74

Penton, Marie Jeanne, bap 8/30/1834, b Kingston 8/30/1836, illegit dtr of Henry Penton and Marie Travrige. Gp= Pierre Albert and Marie Jeanne Fousart. [F] p. 25

Peres, Juana Primurena, bap 5/30/1835, aged 2 weeks, illegit dtr of Leciro Peres and Santiaga Pomero. Gp= Juan B. Paset and Ane Peres.,[F] p. 41

Perez, Isabel Pantaleona, bap 8/1833, b Kingston 7/27/1833, legit dtr of Benj. Perez and Isabel Dewhurst wife of Perez. [S] p. 13

Perez, Marie Adelaide, bap 11/18/1836, b Kingston 8/31/1836, dtr of Joaquin Perez and Marie Carmen Calisto. Gp= Louis Cethon and Genevieve Cethon. [F] p. 81

Perez, Susane Saintard, bap 7/26/1836, aged 29 years, dtr of Mr. Perez and Marte. Gp= Louis Saintard and Marie Louise Santard. [F] p. 73

Pessoa, George, bap 10/17/1836, b 9/21/1836, son of George Pessoa and Angeline Arnaud. Gp= Pierre Arnaud and Eveline? Larga. [F] p. 84

Pessoa, Theodore, bap 10/17/1836, b 9/21/1836, son of George Pessoa and Angeline Arnaud. Gp= Andres Gomos and Ann Ibbott. [F] p. 84

Peter Jose, bap 10/24/1834, aged 4 months, illegit son of Marie Rose. Gp= Jose Vicente de Margus and Maria Blake. [F] p. 27

Phillips, Edward, bap 6/5/1836, aged 3 weeks, illegit son of David Phillips and Catherine Dowland. Sp= Edward Brett and Clarlotte Delfose [Delfosse]. [E] p. 69

Pierre, bap 4/26/1833, b Kingston 3/31/1832, illegit son of Charles V. [identified by last initial only] and Adelaide Samu___. [end cut off] Gp= Mr. D'Aguilar and Adelaide Bremend. [F] p. 12

Pierre, African Negro known by the name of Pombolo, who came here on the Portuguese schooner "L'Heroine" in April 1833, aged about 14 years, bap 2/22/1834. Gp= Pierre Gauthier and Louise Victoire Alexandrine Gauthier. [F] p. 19

Pierre, an African, bap 10/8/1835, aged about 17 years. Gp= Pierre Jean Branday and Eulalie Carlos. [F] p. 51

Pigne, George, bap 6/10/1834, b Kingston 5/3/1834, legit son of Jean Pigne and Anne Anais?. Gp= Jean Bremand and Jeanne Bilmore. [F] p. 22

Pike, Cecile Julian, bap 5/21/1835, b 7/3/1834, illegit dtr of Pike and Louise. Gp= Albert and Catherine Templet. [F] p. 41

Pinnock, Elisina Williams, bap 4/26/1835, aged 12 months, illegit dtr of Thomas Pinnock and Maria Thompson. Gp= Felicia Rodrigues and Elizabeth Thompson. [E] p. 39

Pinto, Benjamin, bap 1/4/1834, b Kingston 9/1832, illegit son of Mr. Pinto and Catherine Castillo. Gp= Benjamin Lopes and Anne Marie. [F] p. 17

Pinto, Juan Servista, bap 9/7/1836, aged 2 months, son of Jerome Pinto and Nancy Pellay?. Gp= Juan Bofil and Maria Rosa Bofil. [F] p. 76

Pinto, Marie Claire, bap 8/5/1836, b 5/2/1836, dtr of Mr. Pinto and Claire Palmire. Gp= Marie Claire Fortier. [F] p. 73

Pinto, Marie Louise, bap 8/4/1833, b Kingston 6/13/1833, illegit dtr of Mr. Pinto and the Negro Pauline. Gp= Mr. Urbain and Marie Louise Labossier. [F] p. 13

Pinto, Rachael, bap 12/19/1835, b 9/3/1835, illegit dtr of Raphael Pinto and Pauline Elizabeth Pinto. Gp= John Branday, and Caroline Bown represented by Jeanne Pauline Branday. [F] p. 56

Plein, Ana Martina, bap 3/24/1834, b Kingston 1/30/1834, illegit dtr of Henry Plein and Carolina Keyzer. Gp= David Albertus Gomes Casseres and Maria Keyzer. [F] p. 20

Pleyn, Lucie Josephe, bap 2/7/1836, b Kingston 12/13/1835, dtr of Heyn Pleyn and Caroline Keyzer. Gp= Gabriel de Fuon__ and Delora Hermoso. [F] p. 61

Polony, John Ferres, bap 3/20/1835, b 3/13/1835, illegit son of Louis Polony and Marie Noel Gabriel. Gp= Captain John Ferres and Madame Antoine represented by Alexander Polony and Miss Jeane. This child died and was buried 3/27/1835. [F] p. 36

Prieto, Cecilia, bap 12/5/1832, b Kingston 11/22/1832, legit dtr of Juan Prieto and his wife Maria. Gp= Jose Blanco and Isabel Cressi. [S] p. 4

Prieto, Feliciano, bap 8/10/1835, b 6/9/1835, illegit son of Francisco Prieto and Marie Isabel Cras. Gp= Francisco Rio and Regina Isabel Cras. [S] p. 47

Prieur, Jeanne Elizabeth, bap 11/12/1835, b 11/2/1835, legit dtr of Jean B. Prieur and his wife nee D'Aquin. Gp= Henry P. D'Aquin the child's maternal uncle, and Francoise Prieur the paternal grandmother. [F] p. 54

Prieur, Louis Joseph, bap 10/18/1834, aged 15 days, legit son of Jean Baptiste Prieur and his wife nee D'Aquin. Gp= Mr. D'Aquin. [F] pp. 26-27


Qualo, Rosalie, bap 7/5/1835, aged 8 months, illegit dtr of David Qualo and Floren__. Gp= John Han__ and Marie Rose. [F] p. 45

Quoi, Antoinette Lamothe, bap 7/20/1835, b 4/20/1835, illegit dtr of Pierre Quoi and Marie Michel. Gp= Jean Baptiste and Antoinette Lamothe. [F] p. 46


Rabat, Saturnine, bap 2/27/1836, b Kingston 2/16/1836, dtr of Charles Rabat and Flora Peters. Gp= Tomas Cata and Pauline Garcia. [F] p. 62

Reid, Maria Magdalena de los Dolores, bap 4/14/1833, b Kingston 7/26/1833, illegit dtr of L. Reid and Petrona Neci. Gp= Jose Arellano and Marie Adelaide Docent? [S] p. 14

Ritson, Elisabeth, bap 3/1833, b Stony Hill 2/16/1833, legit dtr of William Ritson and Ting--? Ritson, nee Nailor. Sp= David Cripps and Catherine Cripps. [E] p. 10

Roberts, Marie Francoise, bap 10/15/1833, b Kingston 7/15/1832, illegit dtr of Philipe Roberts and Marie Louise Antoinette. Gp= Josina Jounant. [F] p. 15

Robinett, Marguerite, bap 3/6/1835, b 3/2/1833, illegit dtr of Jean Francois Robinett and Marie Ar__ masau. Gp= Pierre Elves and Marie Marguerite Freillar. [F] p. 35

Robinette, Jean Pierre, bap 12/20/1836, b 6/1835, son of Jean Francois Robinette Marian_ Mason. Gp= Pierre Eynaud and Dauphine Robinette. [F] p. 84

Robinson, Marie Jeanne, bap 9/3/1836, v 4.14.1835, dtr of Prince Robinson and Grace Diles. Gp= Benito Fernandez and Mrs. Toussat. [F] p. 76

Rodriguez, Charles Melcher, bap 3/4/1836, b 2/13/1836, son of Thomas Rodriguez and Fiosini Lami. Gp= Melcher Perello and Elizabeth Croisi. [F] p. 63

Romero, Jose, bap 2/22/1833, b Kingston 2/5/1833, illegit son of Francisco Romero y Cavallero and Sera de Lion. Gp= Martin Baradat and Catalina Vera. [S] p. 7

Romero, Ju__, bap 5/5/1836, b Kingston 4/17/1836, illegit son of Francisco Romero and Sera de Lion. Gp= Joaquin Samuda. [S] pp. 66-67

Rose Leline, bap 1/17/1836, aged 7 months, illegit dtr of Pedro and Ann. Gp= Frederick M. Clermont and Eugenie A. Boose?. [F] p. 59

Roubion, Antoine Alphonse, bap 8/6/1833, b Kingston 6/6/1833, legit son of Pierre Roubion and Jeanne Julian wife of Roubion. Gp= Antoine Julian the child's maternal uncle and Eleonore LaSerre wife of Julian. [F] p. 13

Roubion, Louis Joseph, bap 9/28/1835, b 6/20/1835, legit son of Pierre Victor Roubion and Jeanne Julian his wife. Gp= Louis Victor Roubion and Jeanne Elizabeth Julian. [F] p. 50

Rubion [Roubion?], Jean Charles, bap 10/2/1836, b Kingston 712/1836, legit son of Pierre Victor Rubion and Jeane Julian wife of RUbion. Gp= Jean Simon Maillar and Marie Elizabeth Cress__en. [F] p. 77

Roux, Marie Louise, bap 11/4/1832, b Kingston 8/19/1832, legit dtr of Guillaume Etienne Louis Roux and Elizabeth Neron (W). Gp= Martial Roux the child's paternal uncle, and Louise Daquin (signed as M. L. D'Aquin). [F] p. 2

Rum?, Jean Francois, bap 4/2/1833, b Kingston 3/4/1833, illegit son of Francois Zavery Rum and Marie Altagracia. Gp= Jean Virgill and Elizabeth Rum. [F] p. 10


Savage, Jean, bap 5/8/1836, aged 5 months, illegit son of Emar Savage and Eutheganie. Gp= Auguste and Sophie. [F] p. 67

Savarian, Isabella Euphrosine, bap 11/16/1835, b 7/18/1835, dtr of Solange Savarian and Anne O'Hara. Gp= Louis Malabre and Adelaide Willia___. [F] p. 54

Scott, Maria Popotte, bap 1/11/1835, ged 6 months, illegit dtr of James Scott and Susannah Pardou. Gp= Benito Fernandez and Henrietta Martina. [F] p. 31

Sequira, Herifa Louisa, bap 1/2/1836, aged 1 year 1 month, illegit dtr of Jacob H. Sequira and Marie Louise Abrahams. Gp= Louis H. Abrahams and Louise Dubuisson. [F] p. 57

Sequira, Hexina Rebecca, bap 1/2/1836, aged 4 years 8 months, illegit dtr of Jacob H. Sequira and Marie Louise Abrahams. Gp= Marguerite Dubuisson. [F] p. 57

Shannon, Ellen Victoria, bap 3/17/1833, b Kingston 11/2/1832, legit dtr of Thomas Shannon, Esquire, and Catherine nee Dunkelly his wife. Gp= William Shannon, Esq., and Eliza Tilly. Baptism by Edmond Murphy. [E] p. 9

Simmons, Marie Louise, bap 6/26/1836, b 2/3/1836, illegit dtr of William Simmons and Emilia Keer. Gp= William Coupland and Antoinette Marie Louise Labatie. [F] p. 71

Simon, Louis Constantine, bap 10/30/1836, b 11/21/1833, son of John Simon and Mary Miller. Gp= Emar Simon and Aline Simon. [F] p. 80

Simon, Louis Walter, bap 10/30/1836, b 9/6/1835, son of Emile Simon and Bessy Wattey. Gp= John Simon and Aline Simon. [F] p. 80

Simon, Virgina [Virginia], bap 1/26/1836, b Kingston 1/7/1835 dtr of Mr. Simon and H. Emilie Simon. Gp= Leopold Doyen and Emilie Scotland. [F] p. 61

Sims, David Smyth, bap 1/27/1833, b in St. Elizabeth 5/5/1829, legit son of Antonio and Prudentia Dunscombe Sims (nee Ebanks). Gp= Patrick Barnes and Anna Ebanks. Baptism by Edm. Murphy. [In Latin] p. 8

Sims, Rebecca Mills, bap 1/27/1833, b in St. Elizabeth 1/27/1833, legit dtr of Antonio and Prudentia Dunscombe Sims (nee Ebanks). Gp= Robert Legister. Baptism by Edm. Murphy. [In Latin] p. 8

Sims, Sarah Kean, bap 1/27/1833, b in St. Elizabeth 3/4/1822, legit dtr of Antonio and Prudentia Dunscombe Sims (nee Ebanks). Gp= Richard Ebanks and Ann James Taylor. Baptism by Edm. Murphy. [In Latin] p. 8

Sims, William McNamara, bap 1/27/1833, b in St. Elizabeth 12/28/1826, [? last number faded], legit son of Antonio and Prudentia Dunscombe Sims (nee Ebanks). Gp= Jacob Montague Mullings and Sarah Mullings. Baptism by Edm. Murphy. [L] p. 8

Simson, Madriana, bap 9/15/1835, b 10/5/1832, illegit dtr of William Simson and Maria Sincion. Gp= John Delande and Maria Antonio. [F] p. 49

Smith, Cecilia, bap 9/14/1836, aged 21 years, dtr of James Smith and Marie Louise Labatie. Gp= Benito Fernandez and Elizabeth Menie. [F] p. 77

Smith, Frances, bap 10/18/1835, aged 2 months, illegit dtr of William Smith and Jane Bennett. Gp= D. A. G. Casseres and Cecilia Smith. [F] p. 53

Smith, Jean, bap 2/9/1835, aged about 6 years 6 months, illegit son of John Smith and Jeanne. Gp= Don Antonio and Marie Pierre. [F] p. 35

Smyth, Ann, bap 3/3/1833, b Kingston 1/1833, legit dtr of Edward and Sarah Smyth (nee Elliot). Gp= Patrick John ____ [faded] and Catherine ____ [faded]. Bap by Edmond Murphy [E] p. 9

Saucero, Ysaca, bap 2/16/1836, b Kingston 1/1835, dtr of Calisto Saucero and Clara Balbina. Gp= Diego Farco and Margarita Luanes. [S] p. 61

Simon, Edmund, bap 9/11/1836, aged 3 months, son of Edmund Simon and Emily Kaufman. Gp= Joseph E. Simon. [F] p. 76

Sousa, Marie Rose, bap 4/24/1836, aged 3 days, illegit dtr of Mr. Sousa and Marie. Gp= Juan Arregunaga and Marie Jeanne. [F] p. 66

St. James, Joseph, bap 7/5/1835, aged 1 1/2 months, illegit son of Maria Laurence St. James. Gp= John A. Arregunaga and Rose E. Escoffery. This child died 7/16/1835, buried 7/17/1835. [F] p. 45

St. Ours, Rose Adelaide, bap 12/26/1836, b 3/12/1827, legit dtr of M. R. Y. St. Ours and Rose Adelaide Pageau. Gp= Alexandre F. Montagnac and Marie Magdeline St. Ours. [F] p. 86

Sterling, Adriana Johanna, native of Curacao, bap 2/4/1835, aged 39 years. Gp= Marie Adelaide Legral. [F] p. 34

Sterling, Alexandre, bap 12/26/1833, b 11/28/1833, illegit son of Joseph Sterling and Elizabeth Pierre. Gp= Pierre Constantine and Rosie Elizabeth Trumbach. [F] p. 16

Sterling, Henry, bap 10/9/1835, b 8/26/1835, illegit son of Sherry Sterling and Elizabeth Pierre. Gp= Louis Vos and Marie Louise Duquesnay. [F] p. 53


Tavares, Louise Ellen, bap 10/9/1836, b 8/14/1836, dtr of Moses Tavares and Emilia Popplewell. Gp= J. B. Duverger and Antoinette DuQuesnay. [F] p. 78

Tavares, Louise Judith, bap 12/31/1832, illegit dtr of Emmanuel Tavares and Tousin Baptiste, slave of Caroline Petit John. The child was baptized free by her mistress's will. Gp= Joseph Marie Figueroa and Lenice Lewis?. [F] p. 5

Taylor, Adelisa, bap 10/26/1836, b 3/1836, dtr of William Taylor and Maria Edwards. Gp= Benito Fernandez and Rose Roses. [F] p. 79

Thomas, Thomas, bap 12/25/1836, aged 3 months, child of George Thomas and Ann Davis. Gp= Louis Touchemoulin and Marie Louise Alberga. [F] p. 84-85

Thomas, bap 12/31/1833, aged about 4 years, illegit son of Alexandra Sophie and an unknown father. Gp= Jacques Thomas Benet and Marguerite Josephine. [F] p. 17

Thomas, an African, bap 1/10/1835, aged about 19 years. Gp= Louis Desgouttes and Eulalie Carly. [F] p. 31

Thomas, an African, bap 6/19/1836, aged about 19 years. Gp= John Delande and Marie Berrette. [F] p. 70

Toledano, Cristobal Gregorio, bap 7/18/1833 b Kingston 5/9/1833, legit son of Ramon Toledano and Elena Estefania Toledano. Gp= Vicente Davila and Maria Antonia Caterisano. [S] pp. 12-13

Toledano, Marie Isabel, bap 11/28/1835, b 9/19/1835, legit dtr of Raymond Toledano and Elena Estefania. Gp= Vicente de Avila and Elizabeth Avila. [F] p. 55

Toro, Maria Isabel, bap 12/18/1836, b 11/18/1836, dtr of Tomas Toro and Catalina. Gp= Maria Francisca. [F] p. 84

Trimbar, Henry, bap 12/3/1836, b Kingston 1/1836, illegit son of Henri Frederique Trimbar and Marie Louise Josephine P. de la Haye. Gp= Benito Fernandez and Jeanne Delaye de la Haye. The child died 1/2/1837 and buried 1/3/1837. [F] p. 82

Turlay, Louise, bap 12/29/1834, aged 4 months, illegit dtr of Adam Turlay and Laurette. Gp= Robert Clermont and Zulme Ferres. [F] p. 29


Valencia, Marie Elvina, bap 10/4/1835, b 7/9/1835, illegit dtr of Martin Valencia and Helen Stevenson. Gp= Martin Salzedo and Marie Macee. [F] p. 51

Vellerfort, Jeanne Elizabeth, bap 11/11/1833, b Kingston 8/20/1833, dtr of Robert Vellerfort and Claire Duval. Gp= Jean Bri__no and Emilie Ducgourneau. [F] p. 15

Velos, Laurinco, bap 9/21/1834, aged 5 weeks, illegit son of Pedro Velos and Maria Critsnio. Gp=Simon Jose Leon and Hose Renna. [F] p. 26

Venacio, Manuel, bap 8/14/1836, b 4/1/1836, son of Rosa. Gp= Richard William and Paulina Garcia. [F] p. 74

Verley, Charles, bap 9/2/1835, b Kingston 7/11/1835, son of John Verley and Marie White. Gp= Louis Verley and Catherine Louis. [F] p. 49

Verley, Louisa, bap 1/26/1835, aged 4 years, illegit dtr of Ferdinand Verley and Louisa March. Gp= E. Montagnac and Reine Bammer. [F] p. 32

Verley, Rosalie, bap 1/26/1835, aged 2 years, illegit dtr of Ferdinand Verley and Louisa March. Gp= Louis Verley the child's paternal uncle, and Silvanie Toussat. [F] p. 32

Villanueva, Maria Andrea, bap 11/30/1832, b Kingston 11/10/1832, legit dtr of Tomas Villanueva y Trujillo and Francisca Aribulo. Paternal grandparents are Pedro Jose Trufillo and Maria Trinidad. Maternal grandparents Luis Arebulo and Mia de los Nieves Sayo. Gp= Francisco Arsedo and Maria Marias native of the Spanish Main. [S] p. 3

Vincent, Elizabeth, bap 12/9/1832, b Kingston, aged about 3? years [tight binding], illegit dtr of Jules Vincent and Annette. Gp= Pierre Louis Delafitte and Elizabeth Delafitte. [F] p. 4

Volt__, Ann Rose, bap 6/24/1836, b 5/1835, dtr of James Alexander Volt___ and Josephine. Gp= John Harvey and Mrs. Harvey. [F] pp. 70-71

Voogle, Marie, bap 11/17/1835, b 6/15/1835, illegit dtr of Samuel Voogle and Anne. Gp= Louis Maduro and Agathe Languin. [F] p. 55


Wederell, Marie Jeanne, bap 12/26/1836, aged 20 years, dtr of Raphael Wederell and Lucy Wederell. Gp= David A. G. Casseres and Marie Jeanne Foussat. [F] p. 86

William, bap 7/20/1835, aged 2 years, illegit son of Nelson and Patience. [F] p. 46

William, an African, bap 6/19/1836, aged about 18 years. Gp= Emile Masara and Marie Victoire. [F] p. 70

Williams, Jean Theodore, bap 1/3/1836, aged 3 weeks, illegit son of Thomas Williams and Sainte Isabel. Gp= J. B. Chandrue and Louise Smith. [F] p. 58

Wilson, Marie Francoise Alexandrine, bap 6/1/1835, aged 26 days, illegit dtr of Alexandre Wilson and Charlotte McClean. Gp= Jean Francois and Marie Le M__ [unreadable]. [F] pp. 41-42

Wilson, Pierre, bap 4/3/1836, aged 5 months, illegit son of William Wilson and Nancy. Gp= Pierre Rubo and Margauritte. [F] p. 64

Wood, Henry, bap 2/3/1834, b Kingston 9/15/1833, son of Patrick Wood and Polina. Gp= Charles Meau and Serpolie Meau. [F] p. 18


Ximenez, Henry, bap 4/19/1833, b 4/24/1831, illegit son of Antonio Ximenez and Marie __nitte Richenot. Gp= Anne Montagnac. [F] p. 12

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