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"BOOK 5"

October 28, 1832 to December 26, 1836

I - M

b = born

bap = baptism

dtr = daughter

[E] = written in English

[F] = written in French

Gp = godparents

illegit = illegitimate

[L]= written in Latin

legit = legitimate

[S] = written in Spanish

Sp = Sponsor

W = wife

___ indicates the word (or part of the word) was illegible, blotted, cut off, or hidden by tight binding.

Most of the baptisms were performed by Benito Fernandez. Beginning in December 1835 there were baptisms by P. A. Duquesnay. Entries by Edmond Murphy were made with a type of ink which had faded.


Inglebeck, Marie Sophie, bap 8/11/1836, aged 4 years, legit dtr of Inglebeck emigrant from Ilsrand [Ireland?]. Gp= Gp= Charles Duquesnay and Eugenie DuGressol. [F] p. 74

Ingles, Antoine Auguste, bap 12/11/1836, aged 3 months, don of William Ingles and Laurent. Gp= Juan Manuel Aroublas and Eliza Gourgues. [F] p. 83

Isabel Charlotte, bap 12/19/1835, b 5/30/1835, dtr of John Charles and Ch. Lesesne. Gp= V. Kayser and Isabel Dufour. [F] p. 56

Isabella, an African, bap 6/8/1836, aged about 30 years. Gp= William Dyer and Miss Bonito. [F] p. 69

Ive?, Helena, bap 5/3/1836, aged 4 years, illegit dtr of Oedri Ive? and Maria Rosa. Gp= Thomas Mass and Helena. [F] p. 66


Jackson, Henry, bap 4/28/1835, aged 8 months, illegit son of Henry Jackson and Eleanor Richards. Gp= John Alexander Delande and Cecile Uter. [F] p. 40

Jacob, Robert, bap 4/12/1835, aged 10 months, illegit son of Robert Jacob and Fanny Allan. Gp= John Harvay and Maria Thompson. [F] p. 37

Jacobs, Marian James, bap 9/21/1836, aged 10 1/2 months, dtr of David Jacobs and Marian. Gp= Mr. Casseres and Leonora Francisco. [F] p. 77

Jean, bap 6/25/1835, aged 6 weeks, illegit son of James, and Marie Pierre. Gp= John Boya and Harriette Marseille. [F] p. 44

Jean, bap 8/29/1835, aged 6 months, illegit son of Jean Louis and Hannah. Gp= Benito Fernandez. [F] p. 48

Jean, bap 3/20/1836, aged about 15 years. Gp= John Delande and Catherine Cambo. [F] p. 64

Jean, bap 9/16/1836, b 12/16/ "cette anee [this year]" [error, must be 1835], son of John Joseph and Marguerite. Gp= John Anderson and Louisa Antoine. Child died and buried 9/25/1836. [F] p. 77

Jean, African Negro known by the name Matta, aged about 18 years, son of unknown parents, who came here on the Portuguese schooner "L'Heroine" in April 1833, bap 2/22/1834. Gp= Pierre Gauthier and Louise Mariane Gauthier. [F] p. 19

Jean, an African, bap 4/41836, aged about 14 years. Gp= John Flores and Amelia Viler. [F] p. 64

Jean Baptiste, bap 4/19/1835, b 10/25/1834, illegit son of Ned and Annette. Gp= Nelson Brondeau. [F] p. 38

Jean Baptiste Guillaume, bap 6/23/1836, aged 6 months, illegit son of Charles Guillaume and Cheri__. Gp= Jean Charles Guillaume and Marie Francoise. [F] p. 70

Jean Guillaume, bap 9/27/1835, an African aged about 15 years. Gp= Jean Lacoste and Marie Joseph Aliotte. [F] p. 49

Jean Pierre, bap 3/6/1836, aged 3 years, illegit dtr of Pedro and Ann. Gp= Jean Pierre. [F] p. 63

Jean Pierre, an African, bap 12/2/1836, aged about 50 years, soldier in the 2nd West India Regiment. Gp= Sergeant Hiler of the West India Regiment, and Maria McGregor. [F] p. 82

Jeanne, an African, bap 4/18/1835, aged about 14 years. Gp= John Delande and Jeanne Tou___. [F] p. 37

Jeanne Augustine, bap 11/6/1836, aged 4 months, dtr of Helen. Gp= Francois Labiche and Jeanne Augustine Labiche. [F] p. 80

Jeriges, Marie Catherine, bap 1/6/1833, illegit dtr of Dominique Jeriges and Margarithe Coltas. Gp= Joseph Fernandez and Cecilie Jeriges. [F] p. 5

John William, bap 7/1/1836, b 5/20/1836, illegit son of John William and Marguerite Francoise. Gp= Pierre Louis and Marie Bernardine. [F] p. 71

Jose Maria, an Indian, bap 1/20/1835, aged 19 years. Gp= John Corser and Maria Honra Obediente. [F] p. 32

Joseph, Crispulo, bap 7/26/1834, b Kingston 6/10/1834, illegit son of Guillaume Joseph and Elizabeth Verite. Gp= Vicento Keyzer and Ana Chotborg. [F] p. 23

Joseph, Marie, bap 1/17/1836, b 6/21/1835, illegit child of Joseph and Ann. Gp= Gentille Martin and Juliette. [F] p. 59

Joseph, bap 12/23/1833, b Kingston 2/15/1833, illegit son of Linnette and unknown father. Gp= Joseph Puberty and Adele Puberty. [F] p. 16

Joseph, Desire, bap 12/12/1836, son of Jean Joseph and Mary Miller. Gp= Robert Hall and Margueritte Courgou? [faded]. [F] p. 83

Joseph Magee, bap 4/3/1836, illegit son of George and Lucile. Gp= John Flores and Marie Gaspard. [F] p. 64

Julian, Antoine Gaston, bap 3/19/1836, b 2/13/1836, legit son of Jean B. Julian and Elizabeth Hortense Julian. Gp= Antoine Julian, the child's paternal uncle, and Elizabeth N. Julian the child's grandmother. [F] p. 64

Julian, Louise Elizabeth Antoinette, bap 10/15/1834, b 7/3/1834, legit dtr of Jean Baptiste Julian and Louise Hortence Marchand wife of Julian. Gp= Louis Julian the child's grandfather, and Elizabeth Marchand. [F] p. 26

Jullian, Jeane Elizabeth, bap 5/22/1833, b Kingston 5/11/1833, legit dtr of Antoine Jullian and Louise Eleonore Lasserre wife of Jullian. Gp= Jean Simon Maillard and Elizabeth Noel Jullian the child's grandmother. [F] p. 12

Juan Andres, an Indian, bap 1/20/1835, aged 18 years. Gp= John Corser and Maria Honra Obediente. [F] p. 32


Kavianach, Andre, bap 2/28/1836, aged 2 years, legit son of Andre Kavianach and Catherine Kavianach. [F] p. 63

Kearney, Catherine, bap 3/3/1833, b 8/7/1832 in Kingston, legit dtr of John and Fanny Kearney (nee Fitzgibbon). Gp= James Leonard and Sarah Elliot. Bap by Edmond Murray. [E] p. 9

King, Jeanne Adelaide, bap 8/2/1834, aged 12 years since 7/18/1834, illegit dtr of George King and Marie Marguerite Mathieu. Gp= John Christopher Branday and Jeane Adelaide Bernard. [F] p. 23


Lacoste, Jean, bap 11/17/1834, b 8/17/1834, illegit son of Jean Lacoste and Marie Joseph. Gp= Louis Madure and Elizabeth Alvarenga. [F] p. 27

Lacour, Marie Catherine, bap 1/31/1835, b 12/30/1833, illegit dtr of Jean Lacour? and Eliza Akin__. Gp= Alexandre Joseph Pierre Gourgues and Marie Catherine Macon. [F] p. 33

Lacrosse, Susannah Powler, bap 10/24/1835, aged 7 months, illegit dtr of Hevena Lacrosse and Celestine Powler. Gp= Jean Horste and Marie Joseph. [F] p. 53

Laing, Marie Jeanne, bap 11/19/1832, aged about 15 years, illegit dtr of Samuel Laing and Afathe Adelaide Gabaroche. Gp= Benoit Baude?, and Adelaide Bernard. [F] p. 3

Lajeune, Amelia Venus, bap 4/21/1835, b 8/31/1834, illegit dtr of Auguste Lajeune and Elizabeth Lyon. Gp= John Verley and Marie Therese Lajeune. [F] p. 39

Lamara, Louise Elizabeth, bap 11/27/1836, aged 3 months, dtr of James Lamara and Elizabeth. Gp= Cjarles Mathon amd Louise Elizabeth Herara. [F] p. 81

Lapointe, Elizabeth Guillaume, bap 2/5/1833, b Kingston 1/22/1832, illegit dtr of Charles Lapointe and Marguerithe Toneau. Gp= Alfred Seward and Clipso Daguilar. [F] p. 6

Lasele [Laselve?], Caroline, bap 11/2/1832, b Kingston 5/1830, illegit dtr of Bernard Lasele [Laselve?] and Adelaide Job. Gp= Achilles Lasselle [Laselve?] & Marie Josephe. [F] p. 1

Laulanie, Marie Louise, bap 3/20/1835, b 2/7/1835, legit dtr of Charles Louis Laulanie and Marie Sophie Figuieres. Gp= Louis Figuieres, the child's maternal uncle, and Marie Perrin_ widow of Nairac, the child's maternal aunt. [F] p. 36

Lazarus, Charles Phillip, bap 12/26/1836, b 5/1/1836, son of Abraham Lazarus and Marie Francis. Gp= Captain John Ferres and Zulme Ferres. Note in Register: Charles P. Lazarus was married to Estelle Louise Laraque 10/11/1911.[F] p. 85

Lea, Isabel, bap 8/20/1833, b Kingston 6/9/1833, illegit dtr of Evaristo Lea and Elena Julieta. Gp= Miguel Nazu and Andrea Lea. [S] p. 14

Lee, Mary Ann, bap 2/26/1833, b at Up Park Camp near Kingston 1/20/1833, legit dtr of Richard and Catherine Lee (nee Egan). Gp= Pierce Leeson and Bridget Costello. Bap by Edm. Murphy [E] p. 8

Lefranc, George, bap 4/17/1835, b 10/14/1834, illegit son of Mathieu Lefranc and Elizabeth. Gp= Captain Frank Savon and Josephine Lefranc. [F] p. 48

Leon, Alfrede [Alfred], bap 8/9/1835, b 6/1835, son of Emanuel Leon and Amalia Viler. Gp= David Albertus Gomes Casseres and Petronille Ravadan. [F] p. 47

Leon, Pedro, bap 7/31/1836, b 5/1/1836, illegit son of Manuel Leon and Seferina Danicio. Gp= Gabriel Ho__ertz and Virginie Cruz. [F] p. 73

Leroux, Louis Joseph, bap 4/11/1836, aged 16 months, illegit son of Joseph Leroux and Marie Houssie. Gp= William McCrae and Marie Bernard. [F] p. 65

Lewis, Henry, bap 11/6/1836, b 5/24/1836, son of Anny Moore. Gp= John Delande and Marie Louise Lacour. [F] p. 80

Lewis, Mariane, bap 7/10/1836, aged 3 months, child of John Lewis and Marguerite. Gp= Simon Prittey and Petronine. [F] p. 72

Lezir, Ziriaca, bap 11/171834, b Kingston 8/8/1834, illegit son of Juan Lezir and Juana Isabel. Gp= Martin Salcedo and Ynes Naar. [S] p. 28

L'hoste, Marie Rose, bap 4/13/1836, aged 4 months, illegit dtr of Charles L'hoste and Delphine. Gp= John Delande and Marie Rose Montagnac. [F] p. 65

Linday, Secundino, bap 8/26/1834, b Kingston 7/1/1834, illegit son of Michaela Linday and unknown father. Gp= Juan Romero and Elena Estefania Toledano. [S] p. 25

Linwood, Clarisse, bap 9/21/1836, aged 1 [or 4] months, dtr of John Linwood and Martina Elliott. Gp= Mr. Casseres and Antoinette B. Hosman. [F] p. 77

Linwood, Isabel Louise, bap 10/18/1835, b 2/9/1835, legit dtr of George Linwood and Marie Linwood. Gp= Louis Malabre and Charlestian Gremille. [F] p. 52

Linwood, Marie Jeanne, bap 11/14/1832, b Kingston 3/25/1832, legit dtr of George Linwood and Marie Efilestine Linwood. Gp= John Harvey & Jeanne Bernard. [F] p. 2

Livingston, Albert, bap 1/2/1836, aged 4 months, illegit son of Albert Livingston and Sarah T. Hutton. Gp= Benjamin Traves and Adelaide Par___ [faded]. [F] p. 57

Llado, Marie Anne, b 8/11/1832 in Spanish Town, bap 10/28/1832, legit dtr of Jean Llado and Louise Llado (W). Gp= John De_ on, and Marie Anne Mancard. [F] p. 1

Lodas, Marie Marceline, bap 9/8/1833, b 6/28/1833, illegit dtr of Hen[ri?] Lodas and Jennet Nido. Gp= Louise Touchemolin and Marie Courso. [F] p. 14

Lorenzo, Alexandre, bap 11/12/1835, b 5/6/1835, illegit son of Domingo Lorenzo and Agustina Stewart. Gp= Hassun Gutierrez and Venus Alvaro. [F] p. 53

Louis, bap 1/5/1835, aged 8 months, illegit son of Baptiste and Rosalie. Gp= Isaac Delandes and Marie Louise Lefran__. [F] p. 30

Louis, an African, bap 1/14/1836, aged 15 years. Gp= Louis Morin and Marie Therese Lorestin. [F] p. 59

Louis, Jean, bap 2/7/1833, b Kingston 3/1833, son of Jean Louis and Marie Laumond. Gp= Mean Marthe and Marie Claire Fortier. [F] p. 6

Louis Antoine, bap 6/13/1835, illegit son of Pan__ and Patty belonging to Silver Hill. Gp= Louis Phillip Touchmoulin and Marie Francoise Emilie Duverge. [F] p. 42

Louise, bap 8/20/1836, aged 5 months, dtr of Paul and Valentine. Gp= Henry Pouyat and Lucelia Pouyat. [F] p. 75

Louise Therese, bap 6/28/1835, aged 13 months, illegit dtr of Jean Baptiste and Fanny Demetres. Gp= Louis Varguez and Marie Louise A. Gouillon. This child died 6/30/1835 and was buried 7/1/1835. [F] p. 45

Lozero, Ferdinand, bap 12/20/1834, aged 18 months, illegit son of Calisse Lozero and Cla__ [cut off]. Gp= John H. Dolonge__ and Marie De Latour. [F] p. 29


Maillar, Jean Louis Firmin, bap 11/11/1835, b 10/31/1835, illegit son of Jean Simon Maillar and Elizabeth Catelin. Gp= Louis Simon Attila Maillar and Elizabeth Loriston. [F] p. 54

Maillar, Louis Simon, bap 4/15/1833, b Kingston 8/18/1832, illegit son of Jean Simon Maillar and Elizabeth Catelin. Gp= Jean Louis Bomilly de Niray and Marie Therese de Louriston. [F] p. 12

Maillette, Marguerite, bap 11/7/1833, b Kingston 7/24/1823, illegit dtr of Jean Maillette and Margueritte Elizabeth Rouille. Gp= Madame DeJean. [F] p. 16

Malveaus, Garcien, bap 3/24/1834, aged about 2 1/2 years, b Kingston, illegit son of Mr. Malveaux and Susanne Cherlas. Gp= Alexis Montagnac and Felicite Malveau. [F] pp. 19-20

Mann, Louis, bap 6/12/1836, aged 2 years, illegit son of George Mann and Marie Jourdan. Gp= Gabriel Duthurien and Marie Louise Allen. [F] p. 69

Manuel, George, bap 5/1/1833, aged 35 years. Gp= Jean Baptiste Bouilly and Marie Francoise Bouilly. [F] p. 12

Manuel, George, bap 12/14/1836, aged 11 days, son of Joseph Manuel and Marie Isabel. Gp= Joseph, and Elizabeth Barrett. Child buried 12/15/1836. [F] p. 83

Marchand, Marie Elizabeth, bap 11/15/1835, b 3/30/1835, legit dtr of Pierre Emile Marchand and his wife nee D'Aquin. Gp= Jean B. Prieur and Mrs. Prieur nee D'Aquin, the child's maternal aunt. [F] p. 54

Marchret , Marie Anne, bap 9/14/1833, b Kingston 7/28/1833, legit dtr of Benito Marchret and Mariane his wife. Gp= Alexandre Mallait and Marie Bernard?. [F] p. 14

Marguerite, bap 5/29/1836, aged 2 years, illegit dtr of Collinridge and Liddy Espeut. Gp= Gloire Espeut and Marie Louise. [F] p. 68

Marguerite, bap 7/7/1836, aged 2 years, dtr of Jancres? and Elizabeth. Gp= Edouard and Marie Louise. [F] p. 73

Maria, bap 8/14/1836, aged 6 months, dtr of John ___ and Nr__t Burger. Gp= John Louis and Peternet Jacomi. [F] p. 74

Maria Francisca, bap 8/3/1835, b 3/9/1820, illegit dtr of Juan M. Zebuca? and Susana. Gp= Antonio Leselve and Arrieta Francisca Delmisma. [F] p. 46

Marian, bap 10/16/1836, aged 1 year, dtr of Alexandre, and of Anny Solas. Gp= John Burger and Marie Jose Montagnac. [F] p. 78

Marie, bap 7/5/1836, b 4/5/1836. Gp= Edouard Bouilly. This child was buried 7/7/1836. [F] p. 72

Marie, African Negro known by the name of Pambo, who came here on the Portuguese schooner "L'Heroine" in April 1833, aged about 14 years, bap 6/10/1834. Gp= Joseph Kinquad & Claire Debros. [F] p. 22

Marie, an African, bap 1/10/1835, aged about 14 years. Gp= Jean Christophe Branday and Jeanne Pauline Branday. [F] p. 31

Marie, an apprentice, bap 1/17/1836. [F] p. 60

Marie Adelaide, bap 11/6/1836, aged 5 1/2 years, dtr of Brown and Hortense. Gp= Theodore Bofill and Marie Adelaide. [F] p. 81

Marie Dallemagne, bap 12/3/1836, aged 2 months, dtr of Marie and unknown father. G= Benito Fernandez and Marie Berrette. [F] p. 82

Marie Francoise bap 11/4/1836, aged 13 years, dtr of Jean Francois and Lucile. Gp= Jacob Durango and Marie Blate. [F] p. 80

Marie Jeanne, bap 12/16/1836, aged 3 months, dtr of John Charles and Rosalie. Gp= Gabriel Dutousier and Mrs. Foussat. [F] p. 83

Marie Josephine, bap 6/7/1835, aged 5 months, illegit dtr of Marie Louise and Bunch. Gp= John Delande and Marie. [F] p. 42

Marie Louise, bap 9/3/1836, aged 5 months, dtr of Jean Paul and Marie Jeanne. Gp= Mr. D'Aquin and Louise Adele D'Aquin. [F] p. 75

Marie Magdelaine, bap 5/11/1835, b 12/21/1834, illegit dtr of Joaquin and Charlotte. Gp= Charles Rodrigues and Marie Madelaine. [F] p. 40

Marie Marguerite, bap 8/7/1836, aged 3 years, child of Bob and Fanny. Gp= John Delande and Marie Louise Archambeau. [F] p. 74

Marie Marthe, bap 1/4/1835, aged 3 months, illegit dtr of Eliza and William. Gp= Louis Desdunes and Marie M. Abrahams. [F] p. 30

Marie Perline, bap 6/13/1835, b 2/17/1835, illegit dtr of Anthony and Marie Dorothy. Gp= Louis Charles and Genevieve Paule. [F] p. 42

Marie Pierre, bap 6/25/1835, an African. Gp= Jean Louis and Marie Pierre. [F] p. 44

Maria Rosa, bap 5/3/1836, aged 3 years, illegit dtr of Jones and Helena. Gp= Henry Gun and Rosa Maria Lagrange. [F] p. 66

Marley, Marie Jeane, bap 8/9/1835, aged 17 months, illegit dtr of Charles Marley and Mary Binnis. Gp= Benito Fernandez and Marie Jeane Toussate. [F] p. 47

Marlow, Susan, bap 3/1/1836, b 12/12/1835, legit dtr of John Marlow sergeant of the 84th Regiment and Ellen Marlow. Gp= James MacCabe and Eliza Doyle. [F& E] p. 63

Marquez, Maria Ines, bap 2/19/1834, b Kingston 1/11/1831 legit dtr of Pedro Andres Marquez and Maria Victoria Escobar. Gp= Vicente de Olvila and Maria Isabel de Olvila. [S] p. 19

Martin, Ana Gregoria, bap 12/15/1832, b Kingston 11/28/1832, legitimate dtr of Juan de Francisco Martin and Ann Maria Orrantia, natives of Cartagena de Indias. Paternal grandparents are Juan Francisco Martin native of Salduero in Castilla la Vieja, Spain, and Catalina Martinez de Aparicio, native of Cartagena de Indias. Maternal grandparents are Francisco de Orrantia native of Biscaya and Gertrudis Vela native of Cartagena de Indias. Gp= Miguel de Francisco Martin resident in Cadiz and represented by Mariano Mancilla and Mrs. de Francisca de Orrantia. [S] p. 5

Martin, John, an African, bap 9/27/1835, aged about 14 years. Gp= Mr. Journee and Marie Madeline Journee. [F] p. 50

Martin, Jubanes Timothe, bap 12/14/1835, aged 6 months, illegit dtr of Lucas Martin and Julian Cette. Gp= Simon Frank and Paulina Tresse. [F] p. 55

Martin, Simon, bap 8/8/1834, b 2/18/1834, legit son of Fernandez Martin and Maria Dolores Belsan. Gp= Juan Helsan represented by M. Perillo, and Marie Francoise Laurence Baumand. [F] p. 24

Martin, Tonge, bap 6/28/1835, b 4/23/1835, illegit dtr of Juliana and unknown father. Gp= Nicholas Martin and Maria Isabel. [F] p. 44

Martinez, Michael, bap 10/1/1835, aged 3 years, illegit dtr of Juan Martinez and Jeane Williams. Gp= Manuel Cordo and Marie Adelaide. [F] p. 51

Martinez, Maria Ignacia Mercedes, bap 8/22/1834, b Kingston 7/31/1834, illegit dtr of Jose Martinez native of Cartagena de Indias, and Juana Aldinett. Gp= Juan Romero and Petrona Coba. p. 25

Mary Rose, bap 8/3/1834, b 12/13/1833, illegit dtr of Jean Louis and Elizabeth. Gp= Jean Cimilian and Mary Jeanne Mitchell. [F] p. 24

Mass, Rosana Rosa, bap 5/3/1836, aged 14 months, illegit dtr of Thomas Mass and Maria Catherina. Gp= Jones and Maria Hemandena. [F] p. 66

Massis, Marie Rose, bap 1/16/1833, b Kingston 10/12/1832, illegit dtr of Joseph Francois Massis and Marie Hermine. Gp= Edouard Barnes and Marie Rose Arigunaga. [F] p. 5

Massu?, Louis Julian Melchore, bap1/5/1835, b 12/23/1834, illegit son of Pierre Massu? and Lucille Barth. Gp= Melchore Pereillo and Amelie Dausigne. [F] p. 30

Matilde, a girl free from birth, bap 8/20/1833, b Kingston 9/28/1832. Gp = Ignace Bonis and Dolores Campusano. [F] p. 14

Mayard, Charles, bap 2/5/1835, aged 2 months, illegit son of Simon Mayard and Maria Ferguson. Gp= Arthur Chevolleau and Ulalie Carlo. [F] p. 34

McCrae, Ebenezer John, bap 4/20/1835, aged 3 months, legit son of William B. McCrae and Maryan McCrae. Gp= Captain Robert Brown and Francoise Brown. [F] p. 39

Macrae, Jeanne Adelaide, bap 10/23/1836, b 8/7/1836, legit dtr of William B. Macrae and Marie Jeanne Macrae. Gp= Benito Fernandez and Marie Jeanne Toussat. [F] p. 78

McDermott, Guillaume, bap 11/27/1836, aged 6 months, son of George McDermott and Sarah. Gp= Benito Fernandez and Hermesa__ Delouse. [F] p. 81

McGinni [s?], Agathe, bap 12/26/1836, aged 7 years, dtr of John McGinni[s?] and Elizabeth Walters, Gp= Theodore Bofill and Marie Magdeline. [F] p. 86

McKenzie, Martin, bap 7/26/1834, b Kingston 5/28/1834, illegit son of Lewis McKenzie. Gp= Martin Valencia and Marie Jeanne Fousate. [F] p. 23

Meau, Charles Auguste, bap 9/3/1836, aged 4 months, son of Charles Meau and Lisida Descloux. Gp= Louis de Lafitte and Marie Rose Meau. [F] p. 75

Medina, Maria Emilia, bap 12/31/1835, b 10/10/1835, dtr of Valentin Medina and Dolores Fausset. Gp= Pedro N. Cassis and Emelia Descornant. [F] p. 56

Mella, Claud Bernard, bap 2/4/1833, b Kingston 5/20/1832, son of Jean Mella and Rose Reine. Gp= John Ferres and Henriette Reine. [F] p. 6

Mendez, Henry, bap 9/13/1836, aged 5 months, son of Samuel Mendez and Betsy Pri__. Gp= Henry Montefiore and Marie Margaret Frellara. [F] p. 76

Merino, Juan de Dios, bap 6/11/1836, b Kingston 6/10/1836, legit son of Pierre Merino and Luce Anne Merino. Gp= Pierre Merino the child's paternal uncle represented by Francois Quisano and Rosalie Guerra Diaz the child's grandmother. [F] p. 69

Mi__er, Charles, bap 12/25/1836, aged 15 months, son of Charles Mi__er and Elizabeth Richemond. Gp= Pierre Richemond and Marie Richemond. [F] p. 85

Michel, Marie Claire, bap 1/1/1835, aged 6 months, illegit dtr of Achille Michel and Marie Catherine. Gp= John Alexander Uter and Marie Therese Uter. [F] pp. 29-30

Michel, Marie Jeanne, bap 5/3/1835, aged 6 weeks, illegit dtr of Benjamin Michel and Susette Gascard. Gp= John Harvey and Marie Jeanne Toussate. [F] p. 40

Michelle, Achille, bap 9/10/1836, b 6/20/1836, son of Achille Michelle and Marie Catherine Uter. Gp= John Loubert and Catherine Gutzmer. [F] p. 76

Miles?, Marie Jeanne, bap 3/29/1835, b 7/29/1834, illegit dtr of M. Miles? and Marina Helias. Gp= John Aregunaga and Marie Louise Patterson. [F] p. 37

Mitchell, Jean, bap 9/4/1836, aged 2 months, son of John Mitchell and Ellen Roux. Gp= Mr. Casseres and Mrs. Toussat. [F] p. 76

Mitchell, Marie Jeane Paulesie, bap 1/3/1836, aged 4 months, illegit dtr of John Mitchell and Ann Williams. Gp= William B. McCrae and Marie Bernard. [F] p. 58

Molony, Henriette Charlotte, bap 2/16/1833, b Kingston 4/30/1810, illegit dtr of John Molony, Esquire, and Marie Adelaide Payan. Gp= Benito Fernandez, curate, and Marie Jeanne Bernard. [F] p. 7

Montagnac, Francois Benoit, bap 10/28/1833, b Kingston 10/11/1833, legit son of George Jean Charles Montagnac and Marie Rose Arigunaga wife of Montagnac. Gp= Benito Fernandez curate, and Anne Castell the child's grandmother. The child died 12/20/1833. [F] p. 15

Montagnac, Pierre Benito, bap 12/14/1834, b 12/4/1834, legit son of George Jean C. Montagnac and Marie Rose Montagnac. Gp= Benito Fernandez and Marie Jeane Toussat. [F] p. 29

Montefiore, Marie Josephine Julie, bap 3/30/1833, b Kingston 12/3/1818, illegit dtr of Moise Montefiore and Louise Adele Lenard?. Gp= Louis Montefiore and Marie Jeanne Bernard. [F] p. 10

Moore, Elizabeth, bap 12/24/1835, aged 6 months, illegit dtr of Moore and Ann. Gp= John Delande and Louise Knight. [F] p. 56

Morell, Manuel Maria Bernardino, bap 7/7/1834, b Kingston 5/20/1834, illegit son of Agustin Morell and Maria Andrea Carriaso native of Santa Marta. Gp= Francisco Riel and Eugenia Duval. [S] p. 22

Morin, Marie Antoinette, bap 8/28/1835, b 11/22/1832, legit dtr of Jean Francois Morin and Marie Antoinette Morin. Gp= Martin Valencia and Julie Marie Louise Llado. [F] p. 48

Mulina, Eugenio, bap 12/27/1836, b 11/15/1836, son of Martin Mulina and Susana. Gp= Vicente Keizer and Maria McGregor. p. 87

Muller, Anacleto Germain Otto, bap 6/30/1835, b 7/13/1834, illegit son of Jean Muller and Rosa Ruyndes. Gp= Jean Bourducasse and Zulanee Ferres. [F] p. 33

Mure, Marie, bap 2/5/1835, aged 4 months, illegit dtr of Benjamin Mure and Eleanor William. Gp= George McDermond and Marie Pierre. [F] p. 34

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