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"BOOK 5"

October 28, 1832 to December 26, 1836

D - H

b = born

bap = baptism

dtr = daughter

[E] = written in English

[F] = written in French

Gp = godparents

illegit = illegitimate

[L]= written in Latin

legit = legitimate

[S] = written in Spanish

Sp = Sponsor

W = wife

___ indicates the word (or part of the word) was illegible, blotted, cut off, or hidden by tight binding.

Most of the baptisms were performed by Benito Fernandez. Beginning in December 1835 there were baptisms by P. A. Duquesnay. Entries by Edmond Murphy were made with a type of ink which had faded.


DaCosta, George A., bap 1/18/1836, b 9/12/1826? [last digit unreadable], illegit son of George Costa and Runa Bush. Gp= Antonio A. B. DaSilva and Charlotte Allen. [F] p. 60

Dacosta, Jean Baptiste, bap 2/16/1833, b Kingston 6/24/1832, illegit son of Isaac Dacosta and Louise Morrison?. Gp= Jaque Johns and Marie Adelaide Pagan. [F] p. 7

Dacosta, Louise Catherine, bap 5/21/1835, aged 4 months, illegit dtr of A. G. Dacosta and Belirite. Gp= Robert Clermont and Louise Elizabeth Lavergne. [F] p. 41

DaCosta, Rose Margarita, bap 8/20/1836, aged 1 year, dtr of Joseph DaCosta and Ellen Ballix. Gp= Juan Gaillard and Elizabeth Parroge. [F] p. 75

DaCosta William Gomez, bap 2/2/1834, b Kingston 1/1/1833, illegit son of Isaac Gomez DaCosta and Mariane Belorice. Gp= John Gonville and Jeanne Catherine Amelia Vendries. [F] p. 18

D'Aguilar, Amelia, bap 11/23/1834, aged 7 months 12 days, legit dtr of William D'Aguilar and Adelaide D'Aguilar. Gp= William Kerr D'Aguilar and Marian P. D'Aguilar the child's paternal uncle and aunt. [E] p. 28

Dallas, Henry James, bap 6/28/1835, aged 4 months, illegit son of H. J. Dallas and Eliza Cochran. Gp= Henry Mathon and Josephine J. Montofie. [F] p. 45

Dalmagne, Isabelle Marie Louise, bap 1/12/1835, b 8/14/1834, illegit dtr of Ann Dalmagne. Gp= Benito Fernandez and Marie Louise Mathion. [F] p. 32

Daly, Emilia Teresa, bap 1/26/1835, b 8/3/1835, legit dtr of Richard Daly and Anne Oliva Mason his wife. Sp= William Ramsy [Ramsay?] and John Clinch. Bap by Daniel MacDonnell, Bishop in the British American islands. [L] p. 33

Daly, Richard Dermot, bap 1/26/1835, b 10/16/1831, legit son of Richard Daly and Anne Oliva Mason his wife. Sp= Doctor John Ewart and George William Hamilton. Bap by Daniel MacDonnell, Bishop in the British American islands. [L] p. 33

Daly, Richard Mason, bap 1/26/1835, b 12/23/1832, legit son of Richard Daly and Anne Oliva Mason his wife. Sp= Dowell O'Riley and Domina George Reid. Bap by Daniel MacDonnell, Bishop in the British American islands. [L] p. 33

Daly, Richard Walsh, bap 1/27/1833, b parish of St. Elizabeth 10/31/1830, legit son of Richard and Maria Daly (nee Thomas). Gp= Thomas Daly and Elisa Parsons. Baptism by Edm. Murphy. [in Latin]. p. 7

Dan__ro, Maria Catalina, bap 3/5/1836, b Kingston 2/13/1836, dtr of Carlos Dan__ro and Elena McClan. Gp= Diego Fance and Catharina Mortancieur?. [S] p. 63

D'Aquin, Caroline Josephine, bap 2/21/1835, b 12/12/1834, legit dtr of Henry Philippe D'Aquin and Adele Louise D'Aquin. Gp= Charles D'Aquin the child's paternal uncle, and Caroline Louise St. Marie the child's maternal grandmother, represented by Charlotte Espute [Espeut]. [F] p. 35

D'Aquin, Elizabeth Josephe, bap 2/23/1836, b Kingston 9/22/1835, legit dtr of Louis Charles D'Aquin and Marie Aimee Elizabeth Daron wife of D'Aquin. Gp= Henri Philippe D'Aquin and Victoire Antoinette Marchand. [F] p. 62

D'Aquin, Marie Josephe, bap 3/3/1833, b Kingston 1/22/1833, legit dtr of Charles D'Aquin and Marie Aimee Elizabeth Daron. Gp= Pierre Daron and Marie Therese D'Aquin. [F] p. 9

D'Archambau, Louise Antoinette, bap 5/13/1834, b Kingston 5/1824, legit dtr of Joseph Dominique D'Archambau and Marie D'Archambau. Gp= Henry Montagnac and Louise D'Archambau the child's older sister. [F] p. 21

Davison, Francois, an African, bap 2/5/1835. Gp= John Delande and Marie Jean Pierre. [F] p. 34

Dawson, Jean Baptiste, bap 10/5/1834, aged 2 months, illegit son of Richard Dawson and Sainte Pavago. Gp= Jean Baptiste Prieur and Marguerite de Grisol. [F] p. 26

Decordova, Jean, bap 12/7/1834, aged 6 months, illegit son of Mr. Decordova and Eliza. Gp= Louis J. Desporte and Marie Louise Lavalsure. [F] p. 29

de Ferres?, Juan Luis, bap 2/28/1836, son of Jose de Ferres? and Maria Paulina. [S] p. 63

Defif, Etienne Simon, bap 7/17/1833, b Kingston 11/18/1832, illegit son of Jean Baptiste Deffif and Jeanne Williamson. Gp= Etienne Benjamin and Merrieme Berger. [F] p. 12

De La Fitte, Jean Louis, bap 12/9/1832, b Kingston 7/15/1927 illegit son of Louis de Lafitte and Marguerite Felicite Grapain. Gp= Alexandre Delande and Josephine Delande. [F] p. 4

De la Fitte, Josephine, bap 12/9/1832, b Kingston 5/15/1832, illegit dtr of Louis de Lafitte and Marguerite Felicite Grapain. Gp= James Williams Esquire and Josephine de Lande. [F] p. 4

Delandes, Marie Josephine, bap 11/17/1834, b 1798, having received a prior Protestant baptism, legit dtr of Chateau Delandes and Marian Lefevre De Luce his wife, the wife of John Alexander Delande. Gp= Benito Fernandez and Mrs. Duffie. [F] p. 28

De Leon, Antoine Walter, bap 12/25/1836, b 10/18/1836, son of David Deleon and Marguerite Millord. Gp= Antoine Joseph Lemercier Duquesnay and Henriette Delfosse. [F] p. 85

Delfosse, Jean Baptiste, bap 5/2/1834, b Kingston 2/10/1834, legit son of Charles Louis Delfosse and Anais Desnoues his wife. Gp= Jean Baptiste Bouilly and Henriette Delfosse. [Signed by parents] [F] p. 21

Delisle, Marie Jeanne Harvey, bap 6/24/1836, b Kingston 2/2/1836, dtr of John Harvey Delisle and Clarie Silvanie Camaret. Gp= Lugar Legril the child's paternal uncle represented by John Harvey the child's brother and Marie Jeanne Bernar__. [F] p. 70

del Prat, Magdalena, bap 5/26/1834, b Kingston 1/14/1833 illegit dtr of Juan del Prat and unknown father. GP= Jose Maria Figueroa and Rosa Moro. [S] p. 22

de Montagnac, Antoine, bap 1/31/1836, b Kingston 2/6/1834, legit son of Edouard de Montagnac and Victoire Nanine Montagnac. Gp= Antoine Hamon and Frances Elizabeth Chamberlaine. [F] p. 61

Denniston, Thomas Esia, bap 6/28/1835, b 9/20/1824, illegit dtr of Elizabeth Steele and unknown father. Gp= Juhanna M. Pitters__ and Maria Charles. [F] p. 44

De Roux, Marie Guillaume, bap 1/24/1836, b 1/11/1836, legit son of Guillaume de Roux and Elizabeth de Roux. Gp= Marie Antoine de Roux and Marie Marguerite de Roux. [F] p. 60

Desgouttes, Antoine, bap 9/30/1836, aged 7 months, son of George Desfouttes and Priscilla James. Gp= Antoine Branday and Eliza Branday. [F] p. 78

Deslande, Marie Louise, bap 1/29/1836, aged about 10 years, dtr of Louis Deslande and Susannah White. Gp= Louis Saintard and Eugenie Deslande. [F] p. 61

Desnoes, Petra Elizabeth, bap 4/10/1836, aged 5 weeks, illegit dtr of Henry Desnoes and Selanie Simon. Gp= Pierre Desnoes and Petra Marina. [F] p. 65

Desporte, Elisabeth Antoinette, bap 5/21/1834, legit dtr of Louis Jean Desporte and Sophie Antoinette Desporte. Gp Benito Fernandez and Elizabeth Desporte. [F] p. 21

Dewhurst, Elizabeth, bap 1/18/1833, b Kingston 3/11/1807, legit dtr of Robert Dewhurst and Victoire Charlotte le Brun. Gp= Francois Zinforno? and Marie Anne Annan widow of Guivere represented by Line Olympe Segond. [F] p. 5

Docagne, Eugene, bap 12/31/1833, b Kingston 9/17/1833, legit son of Edmond Docagne and Cecile Docagne. Gp = Simon Joseph Michel de Soissin and Mme. Michet de Soissin. [F] p. 17

D'Ocagne, Thomas, bap 8/18/1833, b Kingston 4/21/1832, legit son of Edmin [Edwin?] D'Ocagne and Cecile Panas wife of D'Ocagne. Gp= Thomas Benette and Margueritte Emilie Doucigne. [F] p. 14

Domingo, bap 9/2/1835 aged 3 weeks, illegit son of Pico and Rosina. Gp= John Delande and Maria. [F] p. 49

Doyen, John, an African, bap 9/3/1835. Gp= Frederick Doyen and Mary Bourke. [F] p. 49

Dubuison, Joseph Alexandre, bap 10/3/1835, aged 6 months, illegit son of A. Dubuison and Marie Jeanne. Gp= Joseph Lagourgues and Marie Louise Guillon. [F] p. 51

Duel, George, bap 4/18/1835, aged 2 months, illegit son of George Duel and Jeane Lammie. Gp= William Macrae and Louise Gauthier. [F] p. 38

Dumetz, Rosalie, bap 1/1/1836, aged 14 months, legit dtr of Jean Dumetz and Calorinde? [blot] Dumetz. Gp= J. B. Bouilly and M. C. Uter. [F] p. 57

Dumont, Louis, bap 7/14/1836, b 12/16/1835, illegit child of Louis Dumont and Marie Fra. Cheveaux. Gp= Louis D'Aquin and Marie Genevieve Prieur. [F] p. 72

Dumont, Louise Uranie, bap 11/28/1832, b Kingston, illegit dtr of Louis Dumont and Marie Chevaus (or Chevans. Elsewhere listed as Cheveau). Gp= Charles Joseph Daron and Louise D'Aquin. [F] p. 3

Dunlady, Sarah, bap 2/17/1836, aged 6 years, legit dtr of John Dunlady and Fanny his wife of the 8th Regiment. Sp= Mary Ellis. [E] p. 62

Duperly, Adolphe Jean, bap 8/21/1835, b 4/2/1835, legit son of Adolphe Armand Desire Duperly and Louise Desnoues wife of Duperly. Gp= Jean Baptiste Bouilly, and Elisabeth Duperly the child's grandmother represented by Marie Francoise Lacour Bouilly. [F] p. 47

Duperly, Jean Baptiste Armand, bap 12/7/1833, b Kingston, 6/1833, legit son of Adolphe Armand Desire Duperly and Louise Desnoues wife of Duperly. Gp= Joseph Bouilly and Marie Charlotte Bouilly the child's grandmother. [F] p. 15

Duquesnay, Caroline Desgouttes, bap 5/15/1836, aged 6 months, illegit dtr of Pierre Duquesnay and Sarah Lennix. Gp= Louis Desgouttes and Caroline Desgouttes. [F] p. 67

Duran, Catalina, bap 8/26/1835, b Kingston 4/30/1835, illegit dtr of Cornelio Duran and Maria Marta Carma. Gp= Simon Duran and Maria Josefa Ranie. [S] p. 48

Duran, Maria, bap 8/12/1836, aged 8 months, dtr of Antonio Duran and Adelina. Gp= Manuel de Leon and Maria Duran. [S] p. 74

Duval?, Jeanne, bap 11/3/1832, b Kingston 9/1832, illegit dtr of Marie Elizabeth Duval. Gp= Revd. Murphy, and Marie Josephine Rouvray. [F] p. 2

Duvalier, Pierre Joseph, 4/21/1836, aged 15 months, son of Auguste Duvalier and Marie Claire. Gp= P. A. Richemond and Marie Louise. [F] p. 66

Duverger, Arthur Charles, bap 5/29/1836, b Kingston 5/6/1836, legit son of Jean Baptiste Guillaume Duverger and Marie Francoise Uranie Duverger his wife. Gp= P. Arthur Marie Guillaume Lemercier Duquesnay, the child's maternal uncle, and Marie Louise Felicite Duquesnay. This child died 2 years later. [F] p. 68

Duverger, Jean Baptiste Philippe Gaston, bap 12/3?/1832, b Kingston 10/11/1832, legit son of Jean Baptiste Guillaume Duverger and Marie Francoise Uranie Duquesnay wife of Duverger. Gp= Philippe Armand Lemercier Duquesnay the child's maternal uncle, and Marie Josephine Duverger the child's older sister. [F] p. 3

Duverger, Marie Isabelle, bap 7/12/1834, b 5/8/1834, legit dtr of Jean Baptiste Guillaume Duverger and Marie Francoise Uranie Duverger. Gp= Marie Guillaume Lemercier Duquesnay the child's maternal uncle represented by Charles Leon Lapointe, and Marie Josephine Duverger the child's sister. [Signed by J. B. G. Duverger, M. F. U. D. Duverger, C. L. Lapointe, M. J. Duverger. [F] p. 22


Edwards, Catherine, bap 5/22/1836, aged 4 months, illegit dtr of William Edwards and Marguerite. Gp= Joseph Ariano and Jeanne C. Vendryes. [F] p. 67

Emines [Jimenez?], Louise Eulalie, bap 10/10/1835, b 4/7/1834, dtr of Antoine Emines and Marinet Michinet. Gp= Charles Doyen and Eulalie Salmon. [F] p. 52

Enunete?, Marie Francoise, bap 6/20/1835, b 4/1/1835, legit dtr of Louis Enunete and Christiana Enunete. Gp= William Waters and Marguerite Leser__. [F] p. 42

Espeut, Caroline, bap 3/23/1833, legit dtr of William Francois Espeut and Cecille Josephine ____ [blank] wife of Espeut. Gp= Charles Lapointe and Charlotte Louise Espeut. [F] p. 10. [F] p. 10

Espeut, Pierre Alexandre [Peter Alexander], bap 3/23/1833, aged 17 years, legit son of William Francois Espeut and Cecille Josephine ____ [blank] wife of Espeut. Gp= Ramond Roux and Jeanne Branday. [F] p. 10


Farmer, Marie Gevrine, bap 8/30/1835, aged 7 months, illegit dtr of Thomas Farmer and Caroline Diana. Gp= J. B. St. Ours and Aime Lacour. [F] p. 48

Farrall, Helen, bap 8/17/1834, b 8/16/1834, legit dtr of Corporal Patrick Farrall of the 64th Regiment and Margaritte Farerall. Gp= Henry H. Conolly of the 64th Regiment and Lyne Gordon. [E] p. 24

Farrelly, James, bap 2/26/1833, b at Up Park Camp near Kingston, legit son of Patrick and Jane Braydon Farrelly (nee Braydon). Gp= Sergeant Antony Dwyer and Mary McCarthy,. Baptism by Edm. Murphy. [E] p. 8

Felicite, bap 8/3/1834, aged 10 years, illegit dtr of Mary Jeanne and unknown father. Gp= Jean Olieri and Felicite. [F] p. 24

Fernandes, Evarista Candelaria, bap 1/2/1834 b Kingston 10/26/1833, illegit son of Jose Fernandes and Juana Paula Mendoza. [S] p. 17

Ferreira, Pedro, bap 8/30/1835, b Kingston 7/28/1835, son of Gregorio Ferreira native of Guyana, and Adelaide Carcano. Gp= Isidoro Vazquez and Carlota Elena Doyfo. [S] p. 48

Fitzgerald, James, bap 3/16/1835, b 11/22/1834, legit son of Bernard Fitzgerald of the 84th Regiment and Catherine Webb. Sp= John Concannon and Mary McFadden. [E] p. 36

Foils?, Catherine, bap 4/6/1833, b Kingston 3/12/1833, legit dtr of Sergeant John Foils of 37th Regiment and Mary Foils. Sp= Revd. Benito Fernandez and Margaret Cribs---? [faded] [E] p. 11

Forbes, Marie Louise Ellen, bap 4/5/1834, illegit dtr of William Forbes and Marie Lewis. Gp= Manuel de Lion and Marie George. [F] p. 20

Francis, Georgina, bap 1/3/1836, aged 2 months, illegit dtr of Francis and Fanny. Gp= Benito Fernandez and Adelaide Richemond. [F] p. 58

Francisca, bap 5/12/1835, b 4/12/1835, illegit dtr of Francisco de Peysia [or Pessia] and Catalina. Gp= John Harvey and Mary Charlotte Romero. [F] p. 40

Francisco, Cataline, bap 5/16/1834, b Kingston 4/3/1834. [S] p. 21

Fraser, John Henry, bap 4/24/1835, b 12/1/1834?, illegit son of Robert Fraser and Elizabeth Benfarnen. Sp= Henry Pouyate [Pouyat] and Louise Marie Pouyate [Pouyat]. [E] p. 39


Gavinis, Cecilia Ann Espeut, bap 11/30/1836, aged 16 years, dtr of John Gavinis and Sophia Mariner. Gp= Louise Christalle? Espeut. [F] p. 82

Genevieve, bap 10/30/1836, b 7/1835, dtr of Francois and Patience. Gp= Desire Menard and Vitrine Gralure. [F] p. 79

Gentille, Joseph, bap 1/31/1835, aged 10 months, illegit son of Joseph Gentille and Palmire. Gp= Alexandre Joseph Pierre Gourgues and Marie Catherine Macon. [F] p. 33

Geraldino, Leonor, bap 1/13/1834, b Kingston 12/19/1833, illegit son of Pedro Jose Geraldino and Tomasa. Gp= Pedro Umaya and Teresa Acosta. [S] p. 18

Gerard, Elizabeth Heiler, bap 10/19/1835, aged 2 months, illegit dtr of Heiler Gerard and Marie Francoise. Gp= John Harvey and Elizabeth Parker. [F] p. 53

Gerard, John Paul, bap 2/20/1835, b 12/17/1833, illegit son of Pierre Paul Gerard and Louisa Edwards. Gp= Jean Orbinoe Henriques and Mary Catherine Rose. [F] p. 35

Gil, Maria Bensertada, bap 1/14/1836, b 9/28/1835, illegit dtr of Jose Gregorio Gil and Maria Ciriasa. Gp= Thomas Murry and Amelia Wright. [F] p. 59

Gomez, Catharina, bap 7/19/1833, b Hispaniston [Spanish Town] 4/30/1833, legit dtr of Juan Gomez and Lucia Victoria Oliver. Gp= Vicente Davila and Maria Elizabeth Davila. [S] p. 13

Gonla, Maria Martina, bap 8/24/1834, aged 10 years, illegit dtr of Juan Gonla and Dorothy. Gp= James Mac and Maria Bernard. [F] p. 25

Gonzales, Susane Gregoire Evaniste, bap 4/13/1833, b Kingston 1828, illegit dtr of Ramon Gonzales and Thernasse?. Gp= Jean Jobin and Yvonne Gregoire. [F] p. 11

Good, Daniel, bap 6/7/1836, b 9/27/1835, legit son of Joseph Good and Calise Good. Gp= Peter Constantine and Marie Catherine. [F] p. 72

Gool, Francois Benoit, bap 11/7/1836, b Kingston, son of William Gool and Ema Albea. Gp= Eugene Relain and Adelaide Bach. [F] p. 81

Gourgues, Felicie Henriette, bap 7/31/1834, legit dtr of Henry Gourgues and Louise Antoinette Gourgues. Gp= Louis Edmund Gourgues the child's paternal uncle, and Marie Jane Harriett H. Wray. [F] p. 23

Gourgues, Louise Ant., bap 1/10/1836, b 10/14/1835, illegit dtr of Edmund Gourgues and Caroline Garaud_. Gp= Henry Gourgues and Antoinette Gourgues. [F] p. 58

Graham, Adelaide, bap 10/25/1836 b 10/20/1836, dtr of J____ Graham and Hacia _____. Gp= Miguel Burblanca and Jeanna Antonia. [F] pp. 78-79

Graham, Louis, bap 8/7/1836, aged 3 months, son of James Graham and Charlotte Mudahay. Gp= John Delande and Eugenie Delande. [F] p. 73

Greboudin, Charles, bap 6/12/1836, aged 3 years, illegit son of Rose and unknown father. Gp= C. R. Nelson and Ann Merant. [F] p. 69

Guevara, Francisca, 4/21/1834, b Spanish Town 3/11/1834, legit son of Manuel Guevara and Maria Catharina Sarriel. Gp= Juan Herrera and Clara Martinez. [S] p. 20

Guevara, Luisa Nemosia, bap 1/27/1836, b Spanish Town 12/19/1835, dtr of Manuel Guevara and Catharina Sare. Gp= Jose Blanco and Clara Martinez. [S] p. 61

Guillaume, (an African), bap 12/25/1836, aged about 20 years. Gp= M. R. Y. St. Ours and Mrs. St. Ours. [F] p. 86


Hall, Clemente, bap 8/3/1835, b 11/22/1835, illegit son of Robert Hall and Martina Garcia. Gp= Martin Salzado and Pauline Garcia. [F] p. 46

Hamilton, Marie Anne, bap 6/14/1833, b Kingston 4/20/1833, legit dtr of Robert Hamilton and Anne Hamilton. Gp= Benito Fernandez, curate, and Anastaze Madrino. [F] p. 12

Hamlay, Elizabeth, bap 11/17/1835, b 6/7/1835, legit dtr of William Emanuel Hamlay and Marie Angelique St. Ours. Gp= John Charles Bixter and Elizabeth St. Ours, the child's maternal aunt. [F] p. 54

Hamley, Louise, bap 3/4/1834, b Kingston 5/5/1833, legit dtr of Guillaume Manuel Hamley and Marie Angelique St. Ours wife of Hamley. Gp= Pierre Albert and Theresine Gachette. [F] p. 19

Harris, Marie Elizabeth, bap 1/17/1836, aged 19 years, illegit dtr of William Harris and Rosana. Gp= P. A. Richemond and Marie A. Richemond. [F] p. 60

Hart, Marie Isabel, bap 4/18/1835, aged 14 months, illegit dtr of Edward Hart and Amelia Andrung. Gp= John Alex. Delande and Marie Adelaide Richmond. [F] p. 38

Harvay, [blank], bap 12/30/1833 [the rest is blank]. p. 16

Harvey, Marie Elizabeth, bap 1/10/1836, sged 14 months, illegit dtr of Joseph Harvey and Cecilia. Gp= Jean B. Garel and Marie Louise Duquesnay. [F] p. 59

Henry, Charles, bap 12/31/1832, b Kingston 3/5/1832. illegit son of [blank] and [blank]. Gp= Pierre Louis and Marie Louise Delan. p. 6

Henry, Helen, bap 5/10/1834, b 4/28/1834, legit dtr of Joseph Henry, Private in 37th Regiment and Marian Henry. Gp= Philip Adams of 37th Regiment and Bridget McCarthy. [E] p. 21

Henry, Henry, bap 8/8/1836, b 7/13/1835, son of Louis Henry and Marie Magdelaine Relain. Gp= Marie Antoinette Charles. [F] p. 74

Herrian, Manuel Antero, bap 2/18/1835, b 1/3/1835, legit son of Juan Herrian and Clansie Martinez. Gp= Manuel Quebara and Catherine Innes. [F] p. 35

Hilbert, Marie Louise, bap 11/13/1836, b 1/28/1836, dtr of Henry Hilbert and Eliza Coupland. Gp= C. R. Nelson and Marie Louise Darling. [F] p. 81

Hill, Cornelio, bap 6/3/1836, b 4/16/1835, illegit son of Guillmo. Hill and Susana Francisca. Gp= Clemente Martes and Regina Paula. [F] p. 69

Hill, Maria Martina, bap 6/24/1835, aged 2 years, illegit dtr of James Hill and Ann Norton. Gp= George Israel and Rosina Cocklurth. [F] p. 43

Horo, bap 8/24/1834, b 4/23/1833, illegit son of Maria Renna. Gp= Juan Nicolas and Maria Martina. [F] p. 25

Houssee, Jean Baptiste, bap 12/26/1836 aged 2 months, son of Charles Houssee and Marie Bezin. Gp= Alexandre Polony and Marie Jeanne Foussat. [F] pp. 85-86

Hughes, Marie Caroline, bap 2/28/1836, aged 6 months, illegit dtr of Charles Hughes and Agnes Lafitte. Gp= John Harvey and Marie. [F] p. 62

Hutchings, John, an African, bap 1/13/1836, aged 15 years. Gp= Thomas Lorio and Atte Sicard. [F] p. 59

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