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Baptisms by Benito Fernandez (unless otherwise noted). Spelling in [] is suggested by JFS because his spelling was very poor.

Please note that these are children in addition to those to be found in the "Family Reports based on Baptism and Marriage Records" listed on the Roman Catholic lead page.


Narce, Isabel, bap 5/29/1831, b Kingston 2/28/1831, illegit dtr of Miguel Narce and Susana Legue___. Gp Claristo Lea and Juana Francisca Barangar. [S] p. 91

Narques, Francois, bap 6/28/1827, b 4/31/1827 [sic], illegit son of Francois Narques and Felicite Bouvier. Gp Barver Olivier and Marie Louise Possul. [F] p. 13

Nash, Marie, bap 4/16/1831, b 4/2/1831, legit dtr of Patrick Nash and Mrs. Nash. Gp Philip Cleary and Mrs. McKerdo. [E} pp. 92-93

Nash, Peter, a white child, bap 5/8/1829, b 4/7/1829, legit son of Batt Nash of the 84th Regiment and Amily Fitzgerald his wife. Gp Lawrence McHewitt and Mrs. McHewitt. [E] p. 49

Neco, Manuela Eulalia, bap 6/25/1829, b Kingston 6/17/1829, illegit dtr of Ignacio Neco and Bruna Francisca Dias. Gp Rafael Hermoso and Susana Pothemont. [S] p. 51

Neco, Maria Marcos Feliza, bap 5/9/1827, b Kingston 4/25/1827, illegit dtr of Ygnatio [Ignacio] Neco and of Bruna Dias. Gp Antonio Figaroa [Figueroa] and Antonia de Ugarte. [S] p. 9

Neracque, Marie Josephine, bap 1/2/1827, b 9/11/1826, legit dtr of Dominique Edouard Neracque and his wife Marie Perinne Figuiere. Gp Jean Simon Maillard and Josephine Louise Salmond. [F] p. 1

Nicard, Jean, bap 11/19/1829, b Kingston 9/24/1827, illegit son of Jean Nicard and Roseller Charles. Gp Frise Chanderia . [F] p. 56

Nicolas, Marie Charlotte, bap 3/6/1831, b 12/5/1831 [sic], illegit dtr of Joseph Nicolas and Marie Catherine. Gp John Douglas and Rose Aregunaga. [F] p. 86

Nogeant, Marie Joseph Amelie, bap 8/12/1828, b 1/24/1828 illegit dtr of Joseph Nogeant and Louise Dupre. Gp Etienne Benjamin and Mrs. Dumoulseau, and representing the godfather George Montagnac and the godmother Elin__ Hines. Note: the child died on 8/13/1828. [F] p. 34

Nunes, Manuel Joseph Bencure, bap 9/24/1831, b Kingston 7/13/1831, legit son of George Nunes and Juliene Nunes. Gp Joseph Bufill y Buch and Anne Bufill y Buch. [F] p. 95

Nunes, Maximilien, bap 9/30/1831, b 9/11/1831, legit son of John Nunes and Marie Catherine Nunes. Gp George Jean Charles Montagnac and Fanny McKullock [McCulloch?]. [F] p. 96


O'Cara, Charles Lovinski, bap 10/2/1831, son of An. O'Cara and Narcisse Savariau. Gp Charles Auguste Mathen and Marie Rose Francoise Jumecourt. [F] p. 96

Olivier, Pierre Ferdinand, bap 5/2/1830, b 6/5/1829, legit son of Francois Olivier and Marie Georgine his wife. Gp Pierre Eynaud and Georgette Denis Pellon. [F] p. 67

Oneal, Sarah, bap 1/31/1831, aged 3 weeks, legit dtr of Dan Oneal and Mary Simon. Sp Mary Rose Narsisa and C. Aquin. [E] p. 85

Onill [Oneil?], Eduard [Edward?], bap 2/3/1832, b 11/3/1831, legit son of Sergeant James Onill of the 84th Regiment and Eliza Onill. Gp Jose Blanco and Regina Isabel. [E] p. 101


Parker, Maria Anne, bap 4/26/1829, illegit dtr of Mr. Parker and Elizabeth Antoinette Lhoste. Gp Manuel Simon and Anne Marie D'Allemagne. [F] p. 48

Patrat, Marie Elisabeth, bap 1/14/1832, legit dtr of Charles Aime Patrat and Louise Figuieres Patrat. Gp Joseph Gabriel Figuieres and Anne Marie Christ Figuieres. [F] p. 101

Peberty, Joseph, bap 12/14/1831, b 9/25/1831, legit son of Frederic Peberty and Adelaide Peberty. Gp Joseph Uter and Adelle Lavergne. [F] p. 100

Peres, Rafael Francisco, bap 12/22/1831, b Kingston 10/24/1831, illegit son of Benito Perres and Elisabeth Dewhurst. Gp Francisco Quixano and Maria del Rosario Luanco. [S] p. 100

Perez, Anne Martine, bap 2/15/1830, b Kingston 1/2/1829 illegit dtr of Benito Perez and Elizabeth ___. Gp Manuel Amor and Anne d'Almagne. [F] p. 61

Perez, Emanuel, bap 2/21/1828, b Kingston 2/3/1828 illegit son of Benito Perez and Elisabeth Deu__hens. Gp Emanuel Armond and Catharine Morres the child's aunt. [F] pp. 25-26

Perez, Juan Caralino, bap 12/16/1828, b Kingston 11/25/1828, legit son of Tomas Perez native of Fenerife in the Canary Islands and of Ursula Dominguez native of Cartagena de Indias. Paternal grandparents were Tomas Perez and Gregoria Anocha both of Fenerife. Maternal grandparents Vicente Dominguez and Venancia Miranda natives of Cartagena. Gp Juan Francisco Infanzon native of Cartagena de Indias. [S] pp. 38-39

Pernau, Justine, bap 9/28/1832, b 12/26/1831, illegit dtr of Charles Pernau and Elizabeth Seems. Gp Louis Vendryes and Marthe Vendryes. [F] p. 111

Pessiton, Maria del Carmen, bap 1/31/1829, b Kingston 1/30/1829, illegit dtr of Jose Pessiton and Trinidad Pinos y Puente. Gp Antonio Soler and Manuela Bofill. [S] p. 43

Pessiton, Maria Rosa Martina, bap 1/31/1829, b Kingston 1/30/1829, illegit dtr of Jose Pessiton and Trinidad Pinos y Puente. Gp Jose Gil and Ana Bofill y Buch. [S] p. 43

Picaud, Jean, bap 1/5/1829, b Kingston 2/17/1812, illegit son of Louis Picaud and Seraphine Lapointe. Gp Jean Harvay and Susique Ferny. [Note: these names are similar to a family whose surname was spelled Pico, but the dates conflict with the following Genealogy report of another child who died] [F] p. 41


1. Louis1 Pico was born Abt. 1791. He met Seraphine Lapoint. She was born Abt. 1791.

More About Seraphine Lapointe:

Race/Nationality/Color: Free Negro


Child of Louis Pico and Seraphine Lapointe is:

2 i. Jean2 Pico, born July 04, 1816; died July 18, 1820.

More About Jean Pico:

Baptism: July 15, 1820, the Roman Catholic Church, Kingston (Source: B0104 Roman Catholic Baptisms, Holy Trinity Church, Kingston 1818-1826, p. 67.)

Burial: July 18, 1820, Cemetery, Kingston, by Jean Hyacinthe Rodrigues de Arango (Source: B0104 Roman Catholic Baptisms, Holy Trinity Church, Kingston 1818-1826, p. 67.)

Fact: Free offspring

Godfather: Jean Raboteau

Godmother: Denise Caré

Language of record: French


Pierre Gerard, bap 11/1/1830, b Kingston 8/30/1830, illegit son of Iller and Marie Francoise, both free Negroes. Gp Pierre Constantin and Zeline Antoinette. [F] p. 80

Pinault, Rose Josephine Latouche, bap 4/19/1829, b Kingston 3/19/1829 legit dtr of Louis Latouche Pinault and Genevieve Lamothe wife of Latouche. Gp Claude Latouche Pinault the child's grandfather represented by Pierre Ferdinand Gauvet and Janette Latouche Pinault Mme. Gubray, the child's aunt represented by Marie Rose Aregunaga. [F] p. 47

Pirroue, Marie Antoinette, bap 11/15/1831, b 7/22/1831, illegit dtr of Agustin Pirroue and Marie Pilar. Gp Jean Soulet and Marie Antoinette God__. [F] p. 98

Polacio, Pedro Bautista, bap 3/5/1831, b Kingston 2/4/1831, illegit son od Francisco Antonio Polacio and Juana Dubale. Gp Pedro Amaya and Petrona Garcia. [S] p. 86

Polony, Policene, bap 5/21/1832, b 5/2/1832, illegit dtr of Louis Polony and Adeline La Cles. Gp Alexandre Polony and Clair Polony the child's brother and sister. [F] p. 106

Ponnay, Cecile, bap 3/27/1827, b Kingston, aged 15 years, legit dtr of the late Louis Ponnay and the late Anne Menard. Gp Louis Etienne Mathon and Elisabeth Menard widow of Villegrain, the child's maternal aunt. [F] p. 5

Ponzi, Dios Donado, bap 7/8/1830, b Kingston 3/27/1830, illegit dtr of Juan Ponzi and Maria Ascension de Hovy. Gp Cornelio Durand and Maria Caletisano. [S] p. 72

Prevaux, George Caspan, bap 4/27/1827, b 4/30/1826 illegit son of George Prevaux and Sarah Tailor. Gp John Harvey and Louisa Jennings. [F] p. 8

Prieto, Maria Ursula, bap 11/5/1827, b 10/9/1827 illegit dtr of Mr. Prieto and Maria Isabel Chas. Gp Francis Riel and Isabel C___tor. [S] p. 21

Prieur, Genevieve, 4/1/1827, b Kingston 1/8/1827, legit dtr of Jean Baptiste Prieur and Elisabeth Daquin wife of Prieur. Gp Charles Daquin maternal grandfather of the child, and Marie Genevieve Prieur paternal grandmother. Signed by Charles D'Aquin, S. Prieur, J. B. Prieur, Dame Prieur, F. Prieur. [F] p. 5

Prieur, Charles, bap 10/26/1832, b 6/1832, legit son of Jean Baptiste Prieur and Elizabeth D'Aquin wife of Prieur. Gp Charles D'Aquin and Francoise Prieur. Signed by: D'Aquin Prieur, Jean Baptiste Prieur, Charles D'Aquin, Francoise Prieur. [F] p. 112

Prudhomme, Angelique Therese Marguerite, bap 7/14/1832, b 3/9/1828, dtr of Jacques Philippe Silvestre Prudhomme and Angelique Hortense Vastel Prudhomme. Gp Paul Lamothe de Carrier and Angelique Therese Mayou widow of Billiard. Signed by J. P. Prudhomme. [F] p. 108


Reid, Anne, bap 3/2/1832, aged 6 months, illegit dtr of George Reid and Susanne Mousoun?. Gp Dominique Chartier and Agnes P__ains. [F] p. 102

Reily, George, bap 6/30/1827, b 10/20/1826 legit son of Patrick Reily and Marie Anne Reily. Gp Francis Maguire and Grace Turnbull. [F] p. 13

Renes, Jeanne, bap 2/2/1830, b Kingston 10/9/1829, illegit dtr of Jean Renes and Esine Moore. Gp William Blanchereau and Esine Renes. [F] p. 61

Riel, Jose Jesus de la Candelaria, bap 2/25/1827, b 1/14/1827, illegit son of Francisco Riel native of the city of Cadiz and of Petrona de la Coba of Cartagena de Indias. Gp Remigio Silva and Josefa Maria Mendez. [S] p. 4

Robert, Annette Therese, bap 6/20/1830, free Negro born Kingston 5/19/1824, illegit dtr of Jacinthe Robert and Marguerite Simon. Gp Charles Jumecourt and Charlotte Delfosse. [F] p. 71

Robert, Henry, bap 4/29/1832, b Kingston 7/7/1821, legit son of Prosper Robert and Josephine Robert. Gp Benjamin Robert and Marie Louise Savet. [F] p. 105

Robert, Jeanne Adelaide, bap 4/29/1832, b Kingston 8/6/1827, legit dtr of Prosper Robert and Josephine Robert. Gp Pierre Eynaud and Jeanne Adelaide Bernard. [F] p. 105

Robert, Joseph, bap 4/29/1832, b Kingston 3/19/1820, legit son of Prosper Robert and Josephine Robert. Gp Jean Vrigneau and Marie Magdeleine Lafite. [F] p. 105

Roche, George Alexandre, bap 4/3/1832, b Kingston 11/2/1831, son of Marie Francoise Roche resident in Kingston and native of St. Domingue. Gp Jean Arrigunaga and Popete Lefaye. [F] p. 103

Romero, Francisco, bap 4/20/1831, b Kingston 3/11/1831, illegit son of Francisco Romero and S. Lion. Gp Pedro Merino and Maria Marta Duverger. [S] p. 88

Romero, Manuela Francisca, bap 2/15/1827, b Kingston 2/4/1827, illegit dtr of Francisco Romero and Maria de Lian. Gp Juan Bautista Brie and Thomasa Antonia Espinosa. [S] p. 3

Romero, Vicente Francisco, bap 3/1/1829, b Kingston 2/2/1829, illegit son of Francisco Romero and Maria de Lian. Gp Vicente Davila and Maria Dolores Victoria. p. 45

Rosse, Maria, bap 6/29/1829. [F] p. 51

Roubion, Louis Victor, bap 4/23/1832, b 12/15/1831, legit son of Pierre Victor Roubion and Jeanne Julian wife of Roubion. Gp Louis Julian and Elisabeth Noel Julian the child's grandfather and grandmother. [F] pp. 103-104

Roux, Marie Louise Elisabeth, bap 6/1/1828, b 3/18/1828 legit dtr of Guillaume Etienne Louis Roux and Elisabeth his wife. Gp Louis Etienne Mathon and Marie Elisabeth Lucinde Corchand. Signed by: G. E. L. Roux, E. Blondel de Neron wife of Roux, Marie E. Corchand. [F] p. 31

Roux, Marie Marguerite Benoit, bap 4/24/1831, b Kingston 12/14/1830, legit dtr of Guillaume Etienne Louis Roux and Elizabeth Roux. Gp Benito Fernandez represented by Marie Antoine Roux the child's older brother, and Marie Marguerite Amelie Roux the child's paternal aunt. Signed by M. M. A. Roux, C. De Neron Roux, S. Roberts, G. E. L. Roux. [F] p. 88


St. Ours, Jean Baptiste, bap 1/20/1829, b Kingston 12/11/1828 [? last number torn off], legit son of Jean Baptiste Marc Rene St. Ours and Eugenie Lapointe his wife. Gp Pierre Eynau and Catherine Lapointe the child's maternal aunt. [F] p. 42

St. Ours, Marie Jeanne, bap 5/25/1831, b Kingston 4/15/1831, legit dtr of Jean Baptiste Marc Rene St. Ours and Eugenie Lapointe his wife. Gp John Auvray and Marie Jeanne Bernard. [F] pp. 90-91

St. Ours, Marie Aglae, bap 4/1/1827, aged 10 years, illegit. dtr. of Marc St. Ours and Calice Dumanois. Gp Jean Baptiste Philibert and Magdeleine Vatel. [F] p. 6

Sanau, Jean, bap 11/18/1831, b 11/14/1831, illegit son of Francois Sanau and Josephine Lefranc. Gp Soulette et Marguerite Lefranc. Note: the child died on 11/19/1831. [F] p. 98

Sannon, Catherine Antoine, bap 11/18/1830, aged 10 years, illegit dtr of Joseph Sannon and Elisabeth Francis. Gp G. B. Smith and Eugenie Duval. [F] p. 81

Saumon, George Francois, bap 8/9/1830, b 4/21/1830, illegit son of Francois Saumon and Josephine Lefrance. Gp Mathieu Lefrance and Marie Jeanne Lefrance. [F] p. 74

Savario, Anne Angelique, bap 3/13/1830, aged 1 year, illegit son of Soulange Savario and Anne Ohara. Gp Gabriel DuLagon and Anne Angelique. [F] p. 63

Saviour, Joseph, bap 2/26/1827, b Kingston 12/8/1826, illegit son of Joseph Saviour and Catherine Manuel. Gp Dominique Chartier and Jullienne Souvervie. [F] p. 4

Semerein, Gertrudis, bap 9/24/1830, b Kingston 11/17/1829, illegit dtr. of Louis Semerein and Maria Florentina. Gp Juan Alberto and Reinita de la Cruz. [S] p. 76

Sequeira, Alexis St. Henry, bap 3/26/1830, b Kingston 4/16/1825, illegit son of Jacob Henriques Sequeira and Marie Louise Abrahams. Gp George Brett and Marguerite Ballon. [F] p. 65

Sequeira, Bernard George, bap 3/26/1830, b Kingston 10/26/1828, illegit son of Jacob Henriques Sequeira and Marie Louise Abrahams. Gp Marie Marthe Abrahams. [F] p. 65

Sequeira, John Arthur, bap 3/26/1830, b Kingston 10/27/1826, illegit son of Jacob Henriques Sequeira and Marie Louise Abrahams. Gp John Porcot and Marguerite Dubuison. [F] p. 65

Seray?, Marie Adelaide, bap 9/27/1828 , b 6/28/1825 illegit dtr of Jean Seray? and Annette Lefranc. Gp Pa__ d'Ollon and J. Chavenne. [F] p. 36

Seym?, Pedro Armengel, bap 6/29/1830, b Kingston 4/24/1830, illegit son of Juan Seym native of Spain and of Josefa Font. Gp Jaime Corser and Adriana ____ Corser. [S] p. 71

Shannon, Catherine Adelaide, bap 12/27/1830, b 6/26/1830, legit dtr of Thomas Shannon and Catherine Shannon. Sp Jaime McQueen native of Scotland and Harriett Hummins. [E] p. 82

Shannon, Thomas, bap 12/25/1828, b 8/24/1828, legit son of Thomas Shannon native of Ireland and Catherine his wife native of London, England. Gp William B. McCulloch and Mrs. Harper native of Ireland. [E] p. 40

Silva, Marie, bap 2/28/1829, b Kingston 8/17/1828 [year not clear], illegit dtr of Antoin Silva and Camuse [?] Jean. Gp Ferdinand Gaudet and Marte Marguerite Faillar. [F] p. 45

Simon, Helene Margueritte, bap 6/20/1827, b 4/18/1827 illegit dtr of Mr. Simon and Marie Louise Domingue. Hp Jean Francois Duverger and Reine Elisabeth Hourtouloues. [F] p. 13

Simon, Jean Edmond, bap 12/21/1829, b Kingston 7/17/1829 legit son of Louis Etienne Edmond Simon and Elizabeth Antoinette de la Biche wife of Simon. Gp Jean Elie Simon the child's paternal uncle, and Marie Charlotte Borelly Desnoues. [F] p. 58

Smith, Frederick, bap 11/18/1830, illegit son of George Borrel Smith and Elene Duval. Gp John White and Eugenie Duval. [F] p. 80

Smith, Jean Joseph, bap 3/18/1828, b 12/1827 illegit son of George Smith and Marie Brown. Gp Jose Maria Ernandez [Hernandez] and Elisabeth Peberly. [F] p. 27

Soledano, Ana Sirta, bap 5/6/1831, b Kingston 3/21/1831, legit dtr of Diego Ramon Soledano native of Spain and of Elena Estefania Castiresano. Gp Nicolas Garcia Romero native of Castilla la Vieja in Spain and Maria Elizabeth Charpentier wife of D'Avila. [S] p. 89

Steward, James, bap 4/27/1827, b 9/6/1826 illegit son of Mr. Steward and Josephine Fergon. Gp Robert Clermont and Sarah Dixon. [F] p. 7

Street, Emilie Amalia, bap 5/10/1830, b 1/8/1830, illegit dtr of Joseph Loreet and Antoinette Tepie. Gp Joseph Garcia and Zelie Marianette. [F] p. 67

Sueyro, Merced, bap 10/1/1829, b Kingston 9/24/1829, legit son of Juan Sueyro and Maria de Acosta. Gp Jose Manuel Acatin and Maria Agueda Lafallete. [S] p. 54


Target, Marie Barbe Rabuteau, bap 10/1/1831, illegit dtr of Francoise Marseline Target. Gp Henry Lamartelliere and Marie Barbe Marrivette. [F] p. 96

Therese, bap 5/27/1832, b 2/26/1832, illegit dtr of [blank] and unknown father. Gp Louis Gustave Mathon and Arcele Laroque. [F] p. 107

Tibaud, Francois, bap 1/2/1829, b Kingston 8/11/1828 illegit son of Jean Tibau and Marie Charlotte Brigneau. Gp Francois Simon and Marie Jeanne Seronville. p. 42

Tiny, Sally, a white child, bap 10/4/1828, aged 16 months, dtr of Peter Tiny and Mrs. Catherine Tiny. Gp John Douglas. [E] p. 37

Toker [Tucker?], Jacques, bap 8/8/1829, aged 17 years, illegit son of Androis Toker and Felicite Boubin. Gp Jean Aubrey and Blandinette Flaville. [F] p. 52

Toledano, Maria Bernabela, bap 6/27/1829, b Kingston 6/11/1829, legit dtr of Diego Ramon Toledano and Elena Estefana Carterisano. Gp Nicolas Garcia and Maria Carterisano. [Note: child died 1/15/1831]. [S] p. 51

Toro, Josefa Silvania, bap 9/28/1831, b Kingston 9/12/1831, illegit dtr of Antonio Toro and Rosa Stibinson [Stevenson]. Gp Andres Viso and Juana Josefa Camacho. [S] p. 95

Torre, Jose Maria, bap 3/22/1827 by Bartholomea Soza, b 9/5/1826, legit son of Eugenio de la Torre and Petrona Jimenez his wife, on their property Nueva Granada in the Parish of St. Thomas in the Vale. Paternal grandparents were Bernardo de la Torre and Maria de la Conception, natives of Mompox. Maternal grandparents Segundo Jimenes of Spain. Godfather Cayo German Bibon child's uncle, native of Mompox. [S] p. 4

Torres, A. M. Antonio. Benito Fernandez, curate of the Roman Catholic church in Kingston states that Maria Adelaide Payan presented to him a certificate from the Revd. Juan de Dios Cabezuda of the Order of St. Augustine, which states that on 1/3/1814 he baptized A. M. Antonio, b 12/13/1813, illegit son of Antonio Torres native of la Esclavonia of the city of Antwerp and of Maria Adelaida Payan of St. Domingue. Gp Antonio Tagusin Italiano, and Luisa Plansain of St. Domingue. The certificate was written in Kingston 1/20/1814. Witnesses were Miguel Francisco de Lizaranzie, Anselmo de Bierna Mazo, Anthony Michael Jones. [S] pp. 6 - 7.

Touzalin, Seraphine, bap 1/4/1830, aged 18 months, legit dtr of Etienne Touzalin and Monique Leslie Cowan. Gp Francois DeVillicy and Amelie Touzalin. [F] p. 59

Trinidad de los Dolores, bap 3/1/1830, b Kingston 2/7/1830, illegit dtr of Josefa Hoyos and unknown father. Gp Maria Santos Gomez. [S] p. 62

Tynan, Marie Therese, bap 9/16/1832, b 10/4/1831, legit dtr of Thomas Tynan and Louise Tynan. Gp Jean Morphy and Marie Therese Rainal. [F] p. 110


Uter, Louis, bap 6/14/1830, free Negro born Kingston 1823. Gp Mr. Dolon and Louise Dolon. [F] p. 70

Uter, Selina Jeanne, bap 12/26/1829, b Kingston 8/24/1827, legit dtr of Jean Uter and Rose Fanny his wife. Gp Jean Nero represented by Jean Harvey, and Marie Antoinette Uter represented by Marie Justine Hermine Uter. [F] p. 59


Valencia, Juan Manuel, bap 10/14/1832, b Kingston 10/3/1832, legit son of Martin Valencia and Margarita Josefa Leon wife of Valencia. Gp Pedro Ferguson and Regina Jesurum representing Manuel de Leon and Maria Rita Valencia. [S] p. 111

Vendries [Vendryes], Eulalie Circe, bap 5/31/1827, b 4/22/1827 legit dtr of Henry Vendries and Anne Marie Maximia Teychoires his wife. Gp Pierre Albert and Eulalie Lamothe Teychoires the child's grandmother. [F] p. 11

Vendryes, Lorenzo Lorensthi, bap 4/17/1830, legit son of Henry Vendryes and Anne Marie Teychoires his wife. Gp Jean Simon Maillard and Marie Francoise widow of Ducoquie__. [F] p. 66

Viand, Antoine, bap 9/7/1827, b 6/6/1827 illegit son of Etienne Viand and Elisabeth Sicar [Sicard?]. Gp George Montagnac and Marguerithe Le boeuf. [F] p. 18

Viand, Elisabeth Eugenie, bap 9/7/1827, b 6/6/1827 illegit dtr of Etienne Viand and Elisabeth Sicar [Sicard?]. Gp George Montagnac and Marie Susanne Fourteau. [F] p. 18

Villicy, Edouard Christopher, bap 12/21/1828, son of Francois Villicy and Eugenie Tavares, b Kingston 10/12/1828. Gp Roche Verna_? and Marie Louise Antoinette Guillon. [F] p. 39

Viso, Lucia Florencia, bap 1/20/1830, b Kingston 11/7/1829, illegit dtr of Andres Viso and Mercedes Bargas. Gp Pedro Cuois and Margarita Suares. [S] p. 60

Vives, Maria Vicenta, bap 1/16/1828, b Kingston 1/11/1828 legit dtr of Juan Vices native of la Palma in Mallorca, Spain, and of Maria Josefa Simo native of Cartagena de Indias. Gp Juan Simo and Maria Josefa de la Coba. Paternal grandparents were Aleso Vives and Juana Maria Moya. Maternal grandparents Juan Simo and Maria Josefa de la Coba. [S] p. 24

Vos, Agustina Wilemina, bap 9/15/1831, b 8/28/1831, illegit dtr of Pedro Paplo Vos and Marie Pican. Gp Jean Gerar Vos and Ariana Elizabeth Corser. [F] p. 95


Walter, Hermenegilda, bap 9/18/1831, b 4/13/1831, legit dtr of Charles Walter and Juana Basilia Walter. Gp Jon Ferres and Petronilla Jacome. [F] p. 95

Welsh, Marie Rebecca, bap 8/24/1827, b 7/16/1805 illegit dtr of Mr. Welsh and Francoise Welsh. Gp John Lins and Marie Elaimit Lamore. [F] p. 16

Welsy, Jean, bap 1228/1828, b Kingston 11/17/1828 illegit son of Jean B. Welsy and Fransline Petitjean. Gp Pierre Ly__at and Josephine Petitjean. [F] pp. 40-41


Ximenes, Antoinette, bap 7/21/1829, b Kingston 2/12/1828, illegit dtr of Joseph Antoin Ximenes and Martinite Tirlong [Terrelonge?]. [F] p. 52

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