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b = born

bap = baptism

dtr = daughter

Gp = Godparents

illegit = illegitimate

legit = legitimate

Sp = Sponsors

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Baptisms by Benito Fernandez (unless otherwise noted). Spelling in [] is suggested by JFS because his spelling was very poor.

Please note that these are children in addition to those to be found in the "Family Reports based on Baptism and Marriage Records" listed on the Roman Catholic lead page.


Hali, Marie Catherine Eline, bap 10/22/1832, illegit dtr of Jean Baptiste Haley and Victoire Lesse__. Gp Benito Campo and Catherine Masson. [F] p. 112

Hall, [first name torn off], bap 10/20/1832, b 8/15/1830, illegit son of John Hall doctor in __ English of the 33rd Regiment, and Marie Philippe. Gp Benito F__des represented by Jean Arigunaga, and Elise Branday. [F] p. 112

Hambleton, George, bap 7/24/1828, b 6/1/1828 legit son of Robert Hambleton and Anne Hambleton. Gp Pierre Eynaud and Elisabeth Philipon. [F] p. 34

Hamilton, Catherine Adelaide, bap 9/7/1829, b 7/10/1829, legit dtr of Robert Hamilton and Anne Hamilton. Gp Gaspard Jouy and Catherine White. [F] p. 53

Hamilton, Louis Henry, bap 9/14/1831, b 6/9/1831, legit son of Robert Hamilton and Anne Eulalie Hamilton his wife. Gp Louis Polony and Catherine Davitt. [F] p. 94

Harvay [Harvey], Alexandre, bap 4/6/1830, aged 2 years, illegit son of Jean Harvay and Victoire Deguillion. Gp C. R. Nelson and Catherine Ducosse. [F] p. 65

Hearn, John, bap 4/29/1832, b 4/18/1832, legit son of John Hearn, Private in the 56th Regiment, and Mary Hearn. Gp Richard Queen, Private in 56th Regiment and Catherine Caddle. [E] p. 104

Henry, Antoine, bap 2/3/1831, b Kingston 5/2/1830, illegit son of Marie Joseph Caroline Barra resident in Kingston. Gp Francois Henry Gaspard Fouy and Marie Joseph Eglentine Hugh the child's maternal aunt. [F] p. 83

Henry, George, bap 10/13/1832. [F] p. 111

Henry [written Henrry], Marie Rose, bap 10/19/1832, aged 12 years, illegit dtr of J. Henry and Emelie Eduards [Edwards?]. Gp Pierre Constantin and Charlotte Lecesne. [F] p. 112

Hernandez, Pedro Martin, bap 8/7/1830, b Kingston 6/7/1830, illegit son of Tomasa Hernandez and unknown father. Gp Nicolas Prieto and Carmen de Coba. [S] p. 73

Herrera, Juan Francisco, bap 8/2/1830, b Kingston 7/24/1830, legit son of Juan Herrera native of Hernachuelos in Cordoba, and of Clara Martinez native of the province of Cartagena de Indias. Gp Juan Suciro and Antonia Peralta. [S] p. 73

Herrera, Juan Pascasio, bap 3/6/1828, b 2/22/1828 legit son of Juan Herrera and Clara Martinez his wife. Gp Pedro Benuelas and Maria Berlada. [S] p. 27

Hervey, Lucien, bap 4/21/1829, b Kingston 4/21/1829, illegit son of John Hervey and Mathilde Mazeres. Gp John Auvray and Marie Emilie Auvrey Mazeres. [F] p. 48

Hervey, Thomas, bap 10/15/1832, b Kingston 9/18/1831, illegit son of Jean Hervey and Marguerite Le s__et. Gp Francois Navarre and Fin C__dine. [F] p. 111

Holland, Matilda, bap 10/13/1830, b 10/1/1830, legit dtr of Michel Holland of the 84th Regiment and Marguerite Holland. Gp Robert Turner and Mary Camaron [Cameron]. [E] p. 79

Hortian, Elizabeth Herena, bap 8/4/1832, b Kingston 7/4/1832, illegit dtr of Joseph Hortian and Elizabeth Sophie. Gp Alben Favie and Elizabeth Delahaye. [F] p. 109

Hullen, Eugene, bap 1/8/1829, b Kingston 11/15/1828, illegit son of Pierre Hullen and Anne Cristine Wattle. Gp Benito Campo and Reine Celestine Madura. p. 41

Hunt [? word faded out], Henrietta, bap 5/22/1830, b Kingston 11/12/1829, legit dtr of Henry H___, and Rosa Henrietta Rollain. Gp Pierre Casis. [F] p. 68

Hyslop, Jean Guillaume, bap 8/30/1832, b Kingston 5/28/1832, son of Wilkov? Hyslop and Agathe Berger. Gp Hector Michel and Agathe Montel. [F] p. 110


Isidoro, bap 2/11/1828, b Kingston, illegit son of Isidora Barquez de Ferera Echevarria. Gp Luis Delgado and __lores Victoria. [S] p. 25


Jahidad, Petronila, bap 6/9/1827, b Kingston 3/31/1827, illegit dtr of Juan Jahidad and Maria Josefa Jon___, Gp Joaquin Antonio Marquez and Juana Petrona Tob___. [S] p. 12

Jean, bap 8/26/1827, b Kingston 5/30/1827 illegit son of Elisabeth. Gp Pierre Calens [Collins?] and Marie Bernard. [F] p. 17

Jean Baptiste, bap 8/23/1827, b Kingston 1/1827 illegit son of Helene Stephanie Catilisane. Gp Jean Badevoyn and Dorotea Maduro. [F] p. 16

Jean Constan, bap 12/29/1827, aged 7 months 10 days, illegit son of Jean Francois and Marie Jeanne. Gp George Rainolds [Reynolds?] and Clairette Debrosse. [F] p. 22

Jean Louis, bap 5/24/1832, b 10/20/1830, illegit son of Jean Paul and Marie Marthe. Gp Pierre Dominique and Marie Louise Pierre. [F] p. 107

Jean Paul, bap 5/23/1828, b 4/14/1828, illegit son of Adelle Lamothe and unknown father. Gp Jean Paul Daron and Jeanne Pauline Desgouttes wife of Branday. [F] p. 30

Jean Pierre, bap 8/1/1830, b Kingston 5/20/1830, illegit son of Jean Pierre and Marie Francoise. Gp Louis Perrotin and Jeanne Bernard. [F] p. 73

Ji___es, Marie Josephe, bap 8/22/1827, b Kingston 12/1826 illegit dtr of Balmont Ji__es and Elisabeth. Gp David Henry Garcia and Elisabeth Parage. [F] p. 16

Johns, Anne Jeanne Adelaide, bap 5/16/1832, b Kingston 1/24/1827, illegit dtr of Isaac Johns and Josephine Decilia Corcherel. Gp Pierre Casis and Marie Jeanne Bernard. [F] p. 106

Josefa Etanislada de los Dolores, bap 5/18/1829, b Kingston 5/7/1829, illegit dtr of Maria Dolores Hermoso. Paternal [?] grandparents were Rafael Hermoso and Pa__ Cuevas who adopted the child. Gp Ignacio Neco represented by his son Leandro Neco, and Bruna Francisca Dias. [S] p. 49

Joseph, bap 3/28/1827, b Kingston 1/3/1827, illegit con of Silvanie Simon. Gp Joseph Simon and Louise Simon. [F] p. 5

Joseph, Francois, bap 8/7/1827, illegit son of John Joseph and Marie Louise Lagarin. Gp Francois Salmond and Louise Decee. [F] p. 15

Jove, Lorenzo, bap 10/6/1827, b Kingston 8/30/1827 legit son of Joaquin Garcia Jove native of Gijon in Asturias in Spain and his wife Josefa Gordon y Lopez native of Cartagena de Indias. Paternal grandparents Santiago Garcia Jove and Teresa Cifisentes de Prada natives of the said Gijon. Maternal grandparents were Manuel de Gordon native of Giboya in the mountains of Santander [Spain] and Josefa Lopez of Cartagena de Indios. Gp Tomas de Gordon and Josefa Garcia Jove both absent and represented by Juan Gallat and Ignacia de Gordon. [S] p. 20

Juan Antonio, bap 5/8/1829, illegit son of Maria Concepcion a free mulatto. Gp R. P. Jn. Bartolome de Sosa and Maria Francisca. [S] p. 49

Juan de Dios Jose de los Dolores, bap 1/1/1828, b Kingston 12/29/1827 illegit son of Ana Rivera, slave of Jose Ja. Rivera. Gp Manuel de Prada and Josefa Rivera. [S] p. 23

Juan Luis, bap 12/15/1830, b Kingston 10/20/1830, illegit son of Maria Luisa Mahu native of Santiago in Cuba, and unknown father. Gp Manuel de Leon and Maria Letellier. [S] p. 82

Julian, Louise Therese, bap 11/20/1830, b 7/12/1830, legit dtr of Antoine Julian and Louise Eleonore Lasserre wife of Julian. Gp Louis Julian the child's grandfather and Therese Jourdan the child's aunt. Signed by Julian and A. Julian.


Kearins [Kearns?], James, bap 11/25/1829, 10/12/1829, legit son of Thomas Kearins and Ann Kearins. Sp Patrick Clancy and Jane Cooke. [E] p. 56

Kelly, John, bap 5/22/1831, b 3/8/1831, legit son of Patrick Kelly of the 84th Regiment and Fanny Kaugan. Sp Michal Robin and Ann Hou___. [E] p. 90

Kelly, Josephine, bap 2/2/1828, b 11/27/1817, illegit dtr of Joseph Kelly and Dorothe Duncan. Gp Charles Louis Kelly and Jeanne Francoise. [F] p. 25

Kunt, Francois Xavier, bap 7/27/1830, legit son of Francois Xavier Kunt and Jeane Elisabeth Kunt. Gp John W. Loming and Anne Francoise Figueroa. [F] p. 73

Kunt, Victoire, bap 10/24/1829, b Kingston 8/20/1829, dtr of Francois Xavier Kunt and Maria Celia Garcia. Gp John Henelbunch Loving and Victoria Kunt. [F] p. 55


Lacoste, Louis, bap 11/22/1831, b 9/22/1831, illegit son of Jean Lacoste and Marie Joseph Allot. Gp Charles Perneaux and Anne Madure. [F] p. 99

Lady, Louise, bap 1/29/1829, aged about 12 years, illegit dtr of Louis Lady and Emilie Dauffim [Dauphin?]. Gp Louise Martine. p. 43

La Martelliere, George, bap 6/20/1831, b Kingston 8/20/1830, illegit son of Henry La Martelliere and Marie Uter. Gp Benito Fernandez and Widow Dejean. [F] p. 92

Lambert, Thomas, bap 4/20/1828, b 8/1/1812 illegit son of Mr. Lambert and Eloise Matthew. Gp Thomas Nicolas Archambeau and Eloise Catcart [Cathcart]. [F] p. 29

Latibaudierre, Marie Jeanne, bap 4/19/1829 aged 2 years, illegit dtr of Etienne Latibaudierre and Magdeleine Carter. Gp Jean Paul Daron and Marie Jeanne Bernard. [F] p. 48

Latouche de Pinault, Marie Genevieve, bap 8/25/1827, b 7/31/1827 legit dtr of Louis Joseph Latouche de Pinault and Marie Genevieve his wife. Gp Jean Marie Latouche Pinault the child's uncle represented by Charles Joseph Daron, and Yvone Hervey Dubourge Latouche Pinault the child's grandmother represented by Genevieve Lafresilliere. [F] p. 17

Laude, Marguerite, bap 1/3/1829, b 5/2/1827, legit dtr of Alexandre Laude and Helene Duval his wife. Gp Michel Charles Lhoste and Marguerite de Prisol. p. 41

Laulami, Charles Joseph Constantin, bap 8/25/1832, b Kingston 7/14/1832, legit son of Louis Laulami and Sophie Figuieres wife of Laulami. Gp Joseph Gabriel Figuieres the child's grandfather and Caroline Laulami. [F] p. 109

Laurence, bap 10/11/1830, b Kingston. [F] p. 77

Lauzero, Joseph Marie Charles, bap 6/9/1828, b 2/13/1828 illegit son of Claude Lauzero and Petronille Bavadan. Gp Joseph Marie Vera and Elisabeth Lauzero. [F] p. 31

Lebrun, Charles Dedie [Didier?] bap 5/7/1827 illegit son of Gerar [Gerard?] Lebrun and Marie Francoise. Gp Charles Dedie and Louise Thomas. [F] p. 9

Le Brune, Marie Noel, bap 4/18/1829, b in St. Catherine 12/25/1828, illegit dtr of William Le Brune and Marie Francoise. Gp Louis Vos and Louise Dessources [? faded]. [F] p. 47

Lecesne, Louis Charles, bap 11/3/1827, b 8/4/1827 legit son of Louis Charles Lecesne

and Anne Marguerite Lecesne his wife. Gp Mathieu Lefranc and Marie Soulet. [F] p. 20

Lefevre, Marie Petrone Thomase, bap 11/11/1829, b Kingston 2/17/1828, illegit dtr of Alfonso Lefevre and Marie Pin. Gp Emanuel Guevara and Marie Catherine Larrier. [F] p. 55

Lefevre, Pierre Alfonso, bap 11/11/1829, b Kingston 10/11/1829, illegit son of Alfonso Lefevre and Marie Pin. Gp Pierre Binuelas and Marie Catherine Larrier. [F] p. 55-56

Le Grand, Charles, bap 5/16/1829, b Kingston 3/1828, illegit son of Jean le Grand and Marguerite Trisfier. Gp B. F., and Marie Angelique Romero. [F] p. 49

Lelarge, Isabel, bap 8/29/1831, b Kingston 5/13/1828, legit dtr of Jean Pierre Lelarge and Marie Scott wife of Lelarge. Gp Pierre Albert and Elizabeth Lelarge. [F] p. 94

Lelarge, Jean Francois, bap 9/13/1827, b 3/26/1826 legit son of Jean Pierre Lelarge and Marie Scott Lelarge his wife. Gp Francois Salmond and Alline Marsan. [F] p. 19

Lelarge, Marie Cecile, bap 9/13/1827, b 3/8/1823 legit dtr of Jean Pierre Lelarge and Marie Scott Lelarge his wife. Gp Dominique Edouard Nairac and Marie Perine Figuieres. [F] p. 19

Lelong, Joseph Thomas, 2/20/1831, b Kingston 11/17/1830, illegit son of Joseph Louis Lelong and Antoinette Labaie. Gp Joseph Thomas and Aglae Rud___. [F] p. 85

Leon, Agustina, bap 2/17/1827, b 8/28 in Cuba, legit dtr of Santiago Leon and Juana Barrero. Gp Josef Briand and Victorine Nerac. [S] p. 3

Leonard, Alexandre, bap 12/25/1829, b Kingston 5/13/1829, legit son of Joseph Leonard and Elizabeth Blanchereau Leonard. Gp Pierre Eyneaud and Marie Lacoste. [F] p. 58

Leonard, Marie Antoinette, bap 4/17/1827, b 2/21/1827 legit dtr of Joseph Leonard and Elisabeth Virginie Leonard. Gp Louis Jean Delporte and Sophie Antoinette Leonard. [F] p. 6

Leonard, Marie Euranie, bap 5/26/1831, b Kingston 3/24/1831, legit dtr of Joseph Leonard and Elisabeth Virginie Leonard. Gp Jean Dubal and Zelie Loriston. [F] p. 91

Leopold, bap 3/22/1830, b Kingston 12/10/1829, illegit son of Victoire Elisabeth Ducaysne and unknown father. Gp Pierre Cerye___ and Jeanne Felicite Fou___. [F] p. 64

Levy, Pedro Nolasco, bap 6/9/1830, b Kingston 9/4/1826, illegit son of Robert Levy and Polly Saw. Gp Pedro Casis Nolasco and Maria Rosa Aregunaga. [S] p. 70

Lewis, Barbara, bap 1/18/1827, b 12/4/1825, illegit dtr of Mr. Lewis and Maria Floringlina. Gp Pierre Bauyay and Ana Lewsea. [F] p. 3

Lewis, Louise Francoise, bap 12/20/1830, aged one year, illegit dtr of Edward Lewis and Elisabeth Lemoine. Gp Jean A. Barrie and Francoise Therese Laroque. [F] p. 82

Leyba, Manuel Antonio Andres, bap 12/18/1828, b Kingston 11/30/1828, legit son of Ped. Gonzalez Leyba amd Isidora de Ugarte. Paternal grandparents were Antonio Gonzalez Leyba and Ana Maria Villegas. Maternal grandparents Ignacio Ugarte and Feliza Santos. Gp Jose Gonzalez de Leyba and Ursula Leyba representing Manuel Maria Bonis and Margarita Saliero. [S] p. 39

Lhoste, Elisabeth, bap 3/22/1828, b Kingston 11/21/1827 legit dtr of Michel Charles Lhoste and Marie Louise Lefort Latour his wife. Gp Charles Lhoste the child's brother, and Elisabeth Antoinette de LaBiche wife of Louis Etienne Simon. Signed by: M. C. Lhoste, C. Lhoste, E. A. De LaBiche Simon, Marie Louise Latour Lhoste, Ranomaison. [F] p. 27

Lhoste, Uranie Magdelene, bap 3/3/1829, b Kingston 10/10/1828 dtr of Charles Lhoste and Victoire Elisabeth Ducayer. Gp Jean Paul Daron and Maxine Magdelene Smith. [F] p. 45

Linwood, Charles, bap 9/13/1830, b 1/17/1830, legit son of George Linwood and Marie Eve Linwood his wife. Gp Benito Fernandez represented by Antonio Sole and Marie Bernard. [F] p. 76

Llado, Charles, bap 5/30/1830, b Kingston 12/25/1829, illegit son of Charles Raphael Llado and Anne Ducayet. Gp Florin Galliard and Paulie Llado. [F] p. 69

Llado, Elzida, bap 6/1/1828, b 6/1/1828 legit dtr of Jean Llado and Louise Dunn his wife. Gp Rafael Llado the child's paternal uncle, and Agathe Gabaroche the child's grandmother. [F] p. 31

Llado, Marie Adelaide, bap 6/3/1832, b 3/12/1832, illegit dtr of Rafael Llado and Marie Caroline Avril. Gp Benito Fernandez represented by Juan Aregunaga, and Jeanne Bernard. [F] p. 107

Lopez, Laureana, bap 8/12/1831, b 7/15/1831, legit dtr of Juan Santo Lopez and Maria Petronella Mater. Gp Joaquin Garcia and Theresa de Jesus Acosta. [S] p. 93

Lopez, Marie Louise Caroline, bap 9/17/1832, b Kingston 11/18/1832, illegit dtr of Mr. Lopez and Louise David. Gp Joseph Bremon and Marie Louise Antencer. [F] p. 110

Louis, Marie Louise, bap 9/27/1829, b Kingston, illegit dtr of Mari Julian Louis and Dalise Danse. Gp John Severnard. [F] pp. 53-54

Louis Philippe, bap 2/24/1827, b 1/8/1827, illegit son of Elisabeth Sophie Pierre. Gp Philipe Armand le Mercier Duquesnay and Marie Louise Euranie Duverger. [F] pp. 3-4

Lozere, Thomase Lucifia, bap 6/8/1830, b 12/21/1829, illegit dtr of Claude Lauzere and Petronella Bavadon. Gp Josef Maria Vera and Elisabeth Lauzero. [F] p. 70

Lynch, John, bap 8/27/1830, b 7/16/1830, legit son of P. Lynch and Cat. Lynch. Godfathers Sergt. 84 Denrey and Sergeant Oneil, and the godmother the wife of Sergeant Oneil. [E] p. 75

Lyon, Marie, bap 4/7/1832, aged about 8 years, illegit dtr of Jean Baptiste Lyon and Anne Fernandez. Gp Michel Charles L'Hoste and Reine Foussate. [F] p. 104


Mackintosh [written as McIntosh], Basilea Ann, bap 6/7/1829, b 2/6/1829 legit dtr of Donald Mackintosh and Isabella Fraser Mackintosh of Muse Plantation in St. Thomas in the Vale. Sp Alexander Grant of St. Catherine and Ann Powell. [E] p. 51

Mackintosh [written as McIntosh], Mary, bap 4/29/1832, b 9/13/1831 legit dtr of Donald Mackintosh and Isabella Fraser Mackintosh. Gp James Mackintosh and Mary Maclarclan Mackintosh. Signed by: D. Mackintosh, and Ja. Mackintosh. [E] p. 105

Maillet, Alexandre, bap 6/9/1831, b Kingston 4/3/1831, legit son of Alexandre Maillet and Anne Gentillot wife of Maillet. Gp Jean Escoffery and Zelee Gentillot. [F] p. 92

Maltide, bap 3/11/1832, b Kingston 8/31/1831, illegit dtr of Caroline Ga_raud slave of Mrs. Deraymond, and unknown father. The child was baptized free by the wish and consent of Mrs. Deraymond. Gp Charles de Richemond and Lucille Beduest?. [F] p. 102

Manuelly, Eliza, bap 6/30/1830, b 1/16/1830, legit dtr of Mr. Manuelly and Mary Manuelly. Gp Mr. Glynn and Catherine Coranagle of the 84th Regiment. [E] p. 71

Marchand, Arthur, bap 11/29/1829, legit son of [the rest is blank]. [F] p. 57

Marchand, Charles, bap 11/16/1828, b 10/19/1828, legit son of Pierre Emile Marchand and Victoire Antoinette D'Aquin his wife. Gp Charles Joseph Daron and Marguerite Francoise D'Aquin his wife, the child's maternal aunt. Signed by C. J. Daron. [F] p. 38

Marchand, Siria, bap 8/25/1829, b Kingston 5/3/1827, legit dtr of Louis Jules Marchand and Pauline Clementine Chevolleau his wife. Gp Louis Desdunes and Louise Eleonore Lassere. Signed by: Louis Jules Marchand, Louise Eleonore Lassere, Louis Desdunes. [F] p. 53

Maria Emilia, bap 10/14/1831, b 7/25/1830, dtr of Leah. Gp Louis Victor Briand and Eliza Lardrance. [F] p. 96

Maria Gertrudis, bap 5/29/1831. [S] p. 91

Maria Sara, bap 10/11/1830, aged about 18 months, native of Guyana. Gp Andres Viso and Isabel Costa. [S] p. 77

Marie Anne, bap 8/6/1827, b 7/9/1819, illegit dtr of Jane Margesson. Gp Marie Anne Melodie Genot. [F] p. 15

Marie Antoinette, bap 9/23/1828, aged 2 years, illegit dtr of Marie Claire and unknown father. Gp Pierre Gauthier and Marie Antoinette Gabrielle Gauthier. [F] p. 36

Marie Louise, bap 4/20/1827, b 3/20/1827, illegit dtr of Jean Pierre and Marie Francoise. Gp Louis Perrotin and Marie Touchet. [F] p. 7

Marlow, Mary, bap 1/30/1830. n 3/3/1829, dtr of John Marlow, Sergeant in the 84th Regiment, and Ellen Marlow. Sp Antony Sole. [E] p. 60

Marquez, Pantaleon, bap 8/1/1827, b Kingston 7/27/1827 illegit son of Pedro Marquez and Victoria Escobar.. Gp Juan Pajuelo and Maria Saloza. [S] pp. 14-15

Marshals, Daniel, bap 8/28/1832, illegit son of Daniel Marshals and Adailia Deneque. Gp Jean Arigunaga and Algelique Harris. [F] p. 109

Mar___ [Martin?], James, bap 11/3/1831 in Spanish Town, son of John Mar___, Sergeant in the 84th Regiment and Elene Mar___ . Gp James Meaneely and Marie Maneely. [E] p. 97

Martinez, Buenaventura Leocadio Narciso, bap by the Revd. Bartholome de Sosa in Spanish Town 3/11/1830, b Spanish Town 12/8/1829, legit son of Fernando Martinez and Maria Bernat. Paternal grandparents were Geronimo Martinez and Andrea de Villarreal all of the town of Alcasaren in Spain Castilla la Vieja. Maternal grandparents were Jose del Carmen Bernal and Lorenza Andrades. Gp Buenaventura Bofill y Alsina (represented by Antonio Soler) and Rosa Bofill y Buch his wife natives of Spain in the bishopric of Gerona, Cataluna, in the city of Castilla. [S] p. 63

Martinez, Francisco de Paula, bap 5/29/1828, legit son of Fernando Martinez and Maria Dolores Versal his wife. Gp Francisco Riel representing Domingo Mara de Laviesca, and Petrona Riel. [S] p. 30

Martinez, Jose, bap 10/11/1830, aged about 25 years, native of Guyana. Gp Andres Viso and Maria Eugenia Obediense [S] p. 77

Martinez, Pedro Concepcion, bap 8/5/1832, b Kingston 12/8/1831, legit son of Fernando Martinez and Maria Bersal. Gp Pedro Antonio Mayorga and Ana Chetenamento. [S] p. 109

Mary, bap 10/2/1828, b 6/2/1827, dtr of John Ke___ and Mary Shaungry. Gp Sam Thousand and Mary Fitz Patrick. [E] p. 36

Masias, Manuel Justo German, bap 8/7/1827, b 5/28/1827 illegit son of Manuel Masias and Rosa Moro. Gp Pedro Binuela and Clara Martinez. [S] p. 15

Mayou, Alexandre, bap 11/2/1829, b Kingston 4/10/1829, illegit son of Pierre Mayou and Lusie Bart. Gp Robert Aliburton [Haliburton?] and Catherine Bart. [F] p. 55

Mayou, Jean, bap 5/28/1831, b 4/12/1831, illegit son of Jacques Clovis Mayou and Euphrosine. Gp Jean Pothemont and Susanne Pothemont his wife. [F] p. 91

McCarthy, Mary, bap 5/20/1829, b 5/17/1829, legit dtr of Sir Owen McCarthy of the 77th Regiment and Nancy McCarthy. Gp John Butler and Emelia Arche. [E] p. 50

McRea, Benoit William, bap 11/28/1830, b Kingston 9/4/1807 [sic, but more likely 1827, as he is called 'enfant' or child], illegit son of John McRea and Anne Marguerite Lezian native of St. Domingue. Gp Benito Fernandez and Jeanne Adelaide Bernard the child's maternal aunt. [F] p. 81

Meech, Thomas, bap 3/13/1832, b 3/3/1832, legit son of Francis Thomas Meech of the 56th Regiment and ELizabeth Meech. Gp George Hollis and Mrs. Ann Hollis. [E] pp. 102-103

Mellado [Melhado?], Jacques Alexandre, bap 4/22/1828, b 12/24/1827 illegit son of David Melhado and Marguerite David. Gp Bernard Sauley and Jeanne Fouriac. [F] p. 29

Menard, Jean, bap 5/8/1827, b 7/2/1826, illegit son of Pascal Menard and Agnesse Beldens. Gp John Branday and Marie Anne Berger. [F] p. 9

Menzies, Virginie, bap 2/16/1832, b Kingston, dtr of Alexander Menzies and Antoinette Elisabeth Menzies. Gp John Branday and Georgene Brondero. [F] p. 102

Michel, Lucilia, bap 10/8/1831, aged 9 months, dtr of Achile Michel and Catherine Uter. Gp Joseph Uter and Cecile Serrele. [F] pp. 96-97

Michel, Rosaline, bap 12/23/1828, b Kingston 9/16/1828, legit dtr of Aelvila Michel and Catherine Michel. Gp Mathieu Lefranq and Adelle Liselle. [F] p. 40

Michelle, Mathilde, bap 8/9/1830, b 3/18/1829, legit dtr of Achille Michelle and Marie Catherine Michelle. Gp Francois Saumon and Josephine Lefrance. [F] p. 74

Milar, Anne, bap 2/1/1830, b Kingston 8/1829, illegit dtr of Jean Milar and Rose Reinas. Gp Jean Ferres and Marie Francoise Ferres. [F] p. 61

Milar, Marie, bap 2/1/1830, b 8/1829, illegit dtr of Jean Milar and Rose Reinas. Gp Jean Bedone and Marie Francoise Ferres. [F] p. 61

Montagnac, Alexandrine Marguerite, bap 7/1/1832, b 4/6/1832, dtr of Alexi Montagnac and Fillette Terlonge. Gp Alexandre Ferdinand Montagnac and Adele Montagnac. [F] p. 108

Montagnac, Angelique, bap 7/8/1827, b 7/21/1825, illegit dtr of Alexis Montagnac and Jeanne Terlonge [Terrelonge]. Gp Bernard Amede Latibodiere and Nirene Anne Angelique de Montagnac. [F] p. 14

Montagnac, Philipe, bap 3/20/1831, b 1/4/1830, son of Edouard Montagnac and Victoire Nanine Montagnac. [F] p. 87

Morin, Gustave, bap 8/30/1828 , b 4/78/1828 legit son of Jean Francois Morin and Antoinette Llado his wife. Gp Pierre ____ain and Catherine Lapointe. [F] p. 35

Morin, Theodore, bap 5/14/1832, b 6/14/1831, legit son of Jean Francois Morin and Marie Antoinette Morin his wife. Gp Pierre Ferguson and Marie Llado. [F] p. 106

Morin, Marie Claire, bap 1/1/1830, aged 9 months, illegit dtr of Louis Morin and Fany Hinds. Gp Dominique Chartier and Marie Claire Fortier. [F] p. 60

Morin, Marie Louise, bap 8/30/1828, legit dtr of Jean Francois Morin and Antoinette Llado his wife. Gp Jean Llado. [F] p. 35

Mudi, Julien, bap 9/15/1832, b Kingston 8/22/1832, illegit son of Julien Thomas Mudi and Michaela Francisca Dormante. Gp Jean Etienne and Marie Francisca. [F] p. 110

Munede, Jimes, bap 3/20/1831, aged about 12 years, illegit son of Jean Munede and Elizabeth Francoise as free Negro from St. Domingue. Gp Jean, and Marie Ines D'ousigne. [F] p. 87

Murray, Elizabeth, bap 1018/1832, b Kingston 1832, illegit dtr of William Murray and Emilie Eduardo. Gp John Anderson and Arcene Blanchero. [F] p. 112

Mynot, Julie, free Negro, bap 11/12/1828, aged 9 years, illegit dtr of Robert Mynot and Marie Magdeleine. Gp Bartolome de Sosa and Martine Charles Antoine. [F] p. 37

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