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Baptisms by Benito Fernandez (unless otherwise noted). Spelling in [] is suggested by JFS because his spelling was very poor.

Please note that these are children in addition to those to be found in the "Family Reports based on Baptism and Marriage Records" listed on the Roman Catholic lead page.


DaCosta, Alexandre Valeure, bap 12/31/1830, b Kingston 2/12/1827, illegit son of Jacob DaCosta and Marie Rose Valeure. Gp Pierre Valeure the child's grandfather, and Marie Antoinette the child's aunt. [F] p. 83

DaCosta, Rose, bap 12/29/1827, aged 5 years, illegit dtr of Mr. DaCosta and Sal___ Turner. Gp George Rainolds [Reynolds?] and Clairette Debrosse. [F] p. 22

Daniel, Jean, bap3/13/1830, aged 8 months, illegit. son of Jean Daniel and Marie Louise. Gp Pierre Domingue and Anne Marie Louise Pierre. [F] p. 63

Daniel, Jean Vicente, bap 1/1/1828, b Kingston 11/1827 illegit son of Jean Daniel and Marie Louise Thomas. Gp Jean Vicente and Anne Marguerite. [F] p. 23

Davis, Alexandre, bap 1/3/1831, aged 2 1/2 years, illegit son of 'Louise Henry and of Joe Davis' [names inserted in record] and Marie Poslet. Gp Henry Geronville and Marie Jeanne. [F] p. 83 This entry was followed by the next one:

Davis, Alexandre, bap 1/3/1831, b Kingston 1828, illegit son of Joe Davis and Louise Henry. Gp Henry Guillaume and Marie Jeanne. [F] p. 83

Davis, Angelique, free Negro, bap 11/12/1828, aged 4 years, illegit dtr of Jacques Davis and Marie Magdeleine. Gp Benito Fernandez curate, and Jeanne Elisabeth Kunt. [F] p. 37

de Bara, Manuel Marcelino, bap 6/26/1832, b 6/2/1832, legit son of Manuel deBara and Cathalina Sere. Gp Jose Blanco and Anna la Parra. [S] p. 107

de Barra, Lorenza Justiniana, bap 9/30/1830, b Kingston 9/5/1830, illegit dtr of Manuel de Barra and Catalina Serne. Gp Juan Josef Blanco and Anna Maria de la Parra. [S] p. 77

Debouison, Marie Louise, bap 12/22/1829, b Kingston 2/1822 [? last digit illegible], legit dtr of Joseph Debouison and Marie Mouray. Gp Emile Martheliere and Marie Louise la Baleine. [F] p. 58

de Chavres, Joseph Belerie, bap by the Revd. Bartolome de Sosa in Spanish Town, b Spanish Town 10/5/1829, illegit son of Pierre Joseph de Chavres and of Dieudonne Grandon. Gp Michel Dominguez native of Galice in Spain and Marie Selverie native of Jeremie in St. Domingue. [F] p. 62

de Chavres, Pierre Louis, bap by the Revd. Bartolome de Sosa in Spanish Town, b Spanish Town 10/17/1827, illegit son of Pierre Joseph de Chavres native of Port Pin in St. Domingue, and of Dieudonne Grandon of Morenvie in St. Domingue. Gp Pierre Binuela native of Madure in Spain and Christine Veltes native of Curacao. [the handwriting on this entry is especially bad. I assume that 'Hispanisthoun' was Spanish Town. [F] p. 62

de Fuentes, Juan Bauptista, bap 8/11/1832, b Kingston 6/24/1832 illegit son of Tomas de Fuentes and Ciriaca Ortiz. Gp Juan Fernandez and Maria Catarina Cara. [S] p. 109

Degraffe, Ana Josefa, bap 8/29/1831, b Kingston 6/27/1831, illegit dtr of Annette Degraffe. Gp Jose Arisen and Maria Innis. [S] p. 94

De la Martilliere, William, bap 12/12/1829, b 4/17/1827, son of Henry Francois De la Martilliere and Marie Madeleine Uter. Gp John Dume and Louise Chadenne. Signed by: Jean Dumetz and Fine Chardaigne. [F] p. 57

Delande, Alexandre Louis, bap 8/8/1830, b in Jamaica 1823, legit son of Jean Alexandre Delande and Marie Eugenie Delande. Gp Louis Malabre and Victoire de Laville. [F] p. 74

Delande, Marie Sophie, bap 8/8/1830, b in Jamaica 6/1827, legit son of Jean Alexandre Delande and Marie Eugenie Delande. Gp Arthur Chevolleau and E. de __imon. [F] p. 74

de la Rosa, Maria de los Angeles, bap 4/29/1830, b Kingston 6/3/1829 illegit dtr of Ramon Mil. de la Rosa and Carmen Bera. Gp Andres Viso and Mercedes Bargas. [S] p. 66

del Castillo, Miguel, bap 9/27/1828, b Kingston 9/25/1825 illegit son of Jose Miguel del Castillo and Susana Letman DaCosta. Gp Bernardo Prizo? and Lolote Lavendie____. [S] p. 36

Delgado, Nicolas, bap 10/23/1829, b Kingston 9/10/1829, illegit son of Luis Delgado and Maria Luna. Gp Severo Escalante and Elena Estefania Catarisano. [S] pp. 54-55

Delicente, Jeanne Victoire, bap 5/9/1827, b 10/11/1826 illegit dtr of H. Delicente and Georgina Brunaux, Gp Pierre Leger and Jeanne Victoire Goy. [F] pp. 9 - 10

Delisle, Charles Stanislaus, bap 8/25/1829, b Kingston 9/5/1829, son of Jean Harvey Delisle and Silvanie Camaut. Gp Alexandre Ferdinand Montagnac and Adelaide L'Egriel the child's paternal grand-aunt. [F] p. 53

Delisle, James Maximilien Harvey, bap 2/5/1831, b Kingston 4/26/1830, illegit son of John Harvey Delisle and Silvanie Camaret. Gp Louis Celeste Lecesne and Elisabeth Drouin. [F] p. 85

Delisle, Mark Hermistocle Harvey, bap 8/31/1830, b Kingston 7/16/1830, illegit son of John Harvey Delisle and Madeleine Mazeres. Gp Mark Renoit St. Ours and Elisabeth Duloit the child's paternal grandmother. [F] p. 75

Delman___, Jean Michel, bap 12/5/1828, b Kingston 9/27/1828, son of Frederique Delman___ and Marie Robinson. Gp Jean Annategui and Reine Foussa__. [F] p. 38

Denis, Michel Philipe, bap 2/27/1831, b 1/2/1813, illegit son of Mr. Dennis and Mary Dennis. Gp Dominique Chartier and Mrs. Foursac. [F] p. 86

de Regnier, Catherine Elisabeth McFayden, bap 1/20/1830, b Kingston 1/4/1830, legit dtr of George Edouard de Regnier, knight, and Elisabeth Catherine Lagourgue with of Regnier. Gp James Macfadyen and Catherine Caroline Baquie. Signed by: C. E. Lagourgue Regnier, Catherine Caroline Baquie, James Macfadyen and Catherine Victoire Baquie. Note: This child died 10/26/1830. [F] p. 60

de Regnier, Catherine Henriette, bap 7/4/1827, b Kingston 6/3/1827, legit dtr of George Edouard de Regnier and Elizabeth Catherine de Lagourgue his wife inhabitants of St. Domingue. Gp H. Lagourgue and C. V. Regnier wife of Baquie. [F] p. 14

de Richemond, Antoine Augustin, bap 7/26/1827, b 7/10/1827 legit son of Pierre Augustin de Richemond and Anne Olimpe de Raymond. Gp Antoine Colin Seronville and Marie Magdeleine le Roux. [F] p. 14

de Richemond, Charles Meschinet, bap 2/18/1829, b Kingston 1/6/1829 legit son of Pierre Augustin Meschinet de Richemond merchant of Kingston and Anne Olimpe de Raymond. Gp Pierre Albert and Lucille Pedouet. [F] p. 44

de Richemond, Ulysse Joseph, bap 9/1/1827, b 6/15/1826 legit son of Louis Benjamin Mechinet de Richemond and Henriette Therese Puiverger de Richemond his wife. Gp Simon Joseph Michel de Joisson and Rose Coralie Delmasse. [F] p. 17

de Ste. Marie, George Arnauld William, bap 6/8/1827 who had been baptized in a case of necessity by the Anglican Curate 7/15/1816, legit son of George Quentin de Ste. Marie and of Louise Caroline Du Bourg his wife. Gp Francois William Espeut represented by Pierre Templet and Elisabeth Brusle represented by Marie Bouilly wife of Desnoues. [F] p. 12

de Ste. Marie, Louis Guillaume Charles, bap 5/15/1830, b Kingston 10/29/1828, legit son of George Quentin de Ste. Marie and Caroline Du Bourg his wife. Gp Jean Baptiste Prieur and Louise Adele de Ste. Marie the child's older sister. Signed by: Louise Adele de Ste. Marie, and Louise Caroline de Ste. Marie nee Du Bourg. [F] p. 68

de Ste. Marie, Valentin Joseph Henry, bap 5/15/1830, b Kingston 10/12/1829?, legit son of George Quentin de Ste. Marie and Caroline Du Bourg his wife. Gp Louis Guillaume Valentin Dubourg, Bishop of Montauban represented by Antoine Roux, and Marie Charlotte Espeut. Signed by: Louise Charlotte Espeut, and Louise Caroline de Ste. Marie nee Du Bourg. [F] p. 68

Deschamp, Robert, bap 10/11/1828, aged 16 months, illegit. son of Jean Baptiste Deschamp and Genevieve Elie. Gp Robert Asmie and Josephine Desnouree. [F] p. 37

Desnoues, Ludovisa Henriette, bap 10/2/1831, b 6/17/1831, adopted child of Joseph Desnoues and Marie Charlotte Bonilly de Neray. Gp Jacques Louis Nicolas Desnoues for Henry Terlonge currently off the island, and Louise Nicole Desnoues. [F] p. 97

de Sosa, Louis, bap 2/5/1828, b Kingston 7/14/1827 illegit son of Emanuel de Sosa and Marie Catherine Olivier. Gp Baron Olivier and Marie Francoise Laurence Leaumont. [F] p. 25

D'Espinose, Adelaide Emma, bap 6/3/1827, b Kingston 1/30/1827, legit dtr of Jerome Jules Joseph Jean Genevieve D'Espinose and Anne Zoe Lafresselliere his wife. Gp Jerome Jacques Charles D'Espinose older brother of the child and Adelaide Victoire Marin represented by Adelaide Clotilde Bondeaud Smith of Kingston. Signed by J. J. C. D'Espinose, J. D'Espinose, L. D'Espinose, B. Smith. [F] p. 11

D'Espinose, Genevieve Adelaide, bap 6/30/1829, b Kingston 3/14/1829, legit dtr of Jerome Jules Joseph Jean Genevieve D'Espinose and Anne Zoe Lafresselliere his wife. Gp Louis Philipe Jules D'Espinose older brother of the child, and Genevieve Gentilot de Lafresselliere the child's grandmother. Signed by: J. D'Espinose, L. D'Espinose, J. D'Espinose, G. Lafresselliere. [F] p. 52

Desporte, Marie Joseph, bap 7/1/1830, b 8/21/1829, legit dtr of Louis Jean Desporte and Sophie Antoinette Leonard his wife. Gp Joseph Leonard and Marie Desporte. [F] p. 72

Desportes, Joseph, bap 9/5/1831, b Kingston 9/13/1830, legit son of Louis Jean Desporte and Sophie Antoinette Desporte his wife. Gp Achiles Leselve and Elisabeth __noms. [F] p. 94

Desportes, Marie Anne, bap 6/14/1828, b 4/6/1828 legit dtr of Louis Jean Desporte and Sophie Antoinette his wife. Gp Joseph Desporte and Marie Anne Leonard. [F] p. 32

de Farris, Manuel, bap 12/28/1830, aged 2 months, illegit son of Julian de Farris and Veronica Antonia free persons. Gp Manuel Pur and Manuela Dedin. [S] p. 82

de Villecy, Henry Auguste, bap 11/26/1831, b 3/1/1831, illegit son of Mr. Devillicy [sic] and Eugenie Tavares. Gp Dominique Chartier. [F] p. 99

Devis, Maria Bernardina, bap 2/8/1829 free Negro, illegit dtr of Juan Devis and Maria Eugenia. Gp Juan Sie and Maria Bernardina. [S] p. 44

Doming___, Maria Ysidra, bap 5/27/1827, b 5/15/1827 illegit dtr of Miguel Doming___ native of Galicia and Juana Baptista Garcia native of Cartagena. Gp Pedro Vinuela and Maria Silveira. [S] p. 10

Duberbier, Jean, bap 3/26/1831, b 12/19/1830, illegit son of John Duberbier and Martina Dominga. Gp George Montagnac and Marie Francoise wife of Feres. [F] p. 87

Dorant, Simon, bap 11/30/1829, aged about 6 years. b in Guyana in the Costa de Rio Hacha, illegit son of Antonio Dorant a native of Curacao, and an Indian called Martina. Gp David Henrique Garcia and Maria Josefa de Jean. [S] p. 56

Dubois, Ulalie, bap 3/15/1830, b Kingston 11/2/1829, illegit dtr of Mr. Dubois and Elisabeth Fourteau. Gp Alexandre Malliet and Ulalie Dejean. [F] p. 64

Ducasse, Jacques, bap 6/29/1830, b 4/1/1829, son of Louis Ducasse and Elisabeth Glotin. Gp Francois Willicy and Louise Emelie Ducasse. [F] p. 71

Duff, Jeanne Adelaide, bap 8/15/1827, b 5/29/1824 illegit dtr of Mr. Duff and Marie Jeanne Candolive. Gp Eugene Branday and Jeanne Adelaide Bernard. [F] p. 15

Duff, Marie Jeanne, bap 8/15/1827, b 12/29/1826 illegit dtr of Mr. Duff and Marie Jeanne Candolive. Gp Benito Fernandez and Marie Jeanne Bernard. [F] pp. 15-16

Dumetz, Jean, bap 3/28/1830, b Kingston 9/18/1829, legit son of Jean Dumetz and Clarinde Uter. Gp Alexandre Louis Guy Moriseau and Marie Catherine Uter. [F] p. 65

Dumond, Francois, bap 1/9/1832, b 12/3/1831, illegit son of Francois Dumond and Exine Che__lau. Gp Francois Xavier Kunt and Elisabeth Cuberand. [F] p. 100

Dumoulceau, Anne, bap 6/11/1828, b 4/26/1828, legit dtr of Jean Joseph Dumoulceau and Euphrosine his wife. Gp Louis L. Morin and Anne Jourdin. [F] p. 32

Dumoulceau, Philippe Frederic, bap 3/28/1827, b Kingston 3/7/1827, legit son of Jean Joseph Dumoulceau and Euphrosine Bouche. Gp Jacques Philippe Douet and Anne Gourdin. [F] p. 5

Dumoulseau, Jean Jacques, bap 8/26/1828, b 7/15/1827 illegit son of Jean Joseph Dumoulseau and Marguerite Ballon. Gp John Harvay and Louise Elisabeth Laverne. [F] p. 35

Duperly, Emanuel, bap 11/6/1827, b Kingston 6/16/1827 illegit son of Adolphe Duperly and Mathilde Mazeres. Gp Francois Louis Campusano and Marguerite Elvire Constanto. [F] p. 21

Dupierre, Marie Adelaide, bap 12/10/1831, b 6/11/1830, illegit dtr of Mr. Dupierre and Jeanne Williamson. Gp Jean Soulette and Firme Chadenne. [F] p. 100

Duran, Manuel, bap 3/2/1831, b 1/1/1831, illegit son of Antonio Duran and Maria Agustina. Gp Guillermo Defournon and Elena Estafanilla Toledano. [S] p. 86

Duran, Maria Ana, bap 2/28/1829, b Kingston 12/18/1828, illegit dtr of Simon Peter Duran and Maria Leonara Basilio. Gp Antonio Duran and Maria Magdalena Journie. [S] p. 45


Edelman, Frederique [Frederic], bap 3/14/1830, b Kingston 1/6/1830, legit son of Jean Frederique Edelman and Marie Robinson wife of Edelman. Gp Benito Fernandez and Raine Foussae. [F] [written in register out of order, between 12/29/1829 and 12/30/1829] p. 59

Edelman, Frederic, bap 5/22/1830, b Kingston 1/4/1830, legit son of Jean Frederic Edelman and Marie Robinson his wife. Gp Benito Campo represented by Dominique Chartier and Raine Ranniere native of St. Domingue. Signed by: J. F. Edelman.[F] [This appears in the register between 5/15/1830 and 5/22/1830. It is obviously a correction of the previous entry, and signed by the child's father] p. 68

Edelman, Marie Eugenie, bap 4/20/1832, b Kingston 7/30/1831, legit dtr of Jean Frederic Edelman and Marie Robinson wife of Edelman. Gp Michel Charles L'Hoste and Marie Rose Arigunaga. [F] p. 104

Elguita, Manuel, bap 10/10/1831, b Kingston, illegit son of Manuel Elguita native of Torrecilla in Castilla la Vieja in Spain and Genevieve Suscina Mayou. Gp Manuel Santos de Urbina native of Viscaya and resident in Trinidad de Cuba represented by his son Marcos de Urbina, and Angelica Ballard widow of Raimond. [This entry appears twice in succession, the second version containing additional information]. [S] pp. 89-90

Elizabeth, bap 10/5/1829, illegit dtr of [? written over and crossed out] and unknown father. Gp Pierre Constant and Sainte Blancherau. [F] p. 54

Elizabeth, free Negro, bap 10/11/1832, b 8/1813, illegit dtr of Martin, and of Jeanne Bernard. Gp Guillaume Bayone and Elizabeth St. Fours. [F] p. 111

Elvire Catherine, bap 5/19/1831, b Kingston 3/22/1831, illegit dtr of Elvire Constance. Gp Frederique Edelman and Agathe Montel. [F] p. 90

Escoffery, Marie Felicite, bap 5/31/1828, b Kingston 5/20/1828 legit dtr of Edouard Escoffery and Marie Genevieve his wife. Gp the Revd Benito Fernandez and Eulalie Savarie. Note: This child died 14 months later. [F] p. 31

Espalza, Jose Ignacio, bap 9/24/1830, b Kingston 4/29/1830, illegit son of Jose Rafael Espalza and Juana Encarnacion Barcalzar. Gp Barbara Elizabeth Anne . [S] p. 76

Estanislau, bap 5/28/1827, b 5/7/1827, illegit son of Maria Eugenia Mier. Gp Juan Prieto and Maria Regla. [S] p. 10

Estevan, Maria Agustina de la Caridad, bap 10/14/1830, b Spanish Town 9/26/1830, illegit dtr of Santiago Estevan and Trinidad Pino. Gp Manuel Guevara and Catarina Sarie. [S] p. 79


Fanin, Joseph, bap 1/4/1829, b Kingston 9/27/1828, illegit son of Joseph Fanin, native of Ireland, and Marie Polimni D'Aguilar. [On baptism of another child the name was written Fany. See Fany genealogy report] Gp James Fanin and Marie Kerr. [F] p. 41

Feliciane Marie del Carmen, bap 6/2/1830, b Kingston 10/9/1829, illegit dtr of Rosinde de Paz. Gp Jean Egen and Francoise Egien [sic]. [F] p. 69

Felix, Francisco, bap 5/29/1831, b Kingston 10/4/1829? [last digit blurred], illegit son of Antonio Felix and Isabel Dedin. J. Guerin and Isabel. [S] p. 91

Feliz, Pierre, bap 4/10/1831, b Kingston, aged about 4 years, illegit son of Antoin Felix and Elizabeth Desdunes. Gp Jean Gutierrez, and Marthe Elizabeth Oliviere. [F] p. 88

Fenton, Patrick Thomas, bap 4/20/1830, b 3/17/1830, legit son of Thomas Fenton Sergeant of 84th Regiment and of Margaret Fenton. Sp Dominique Chartier. [E] p. 66

Fermin, bap 4/1/1828, b Kingston 3/1828, illegit son of Eline. Gp Jean Cristophe Branday and Anne Petronille ___lla. [F] p. 28

Fernandez, Pablo Manuel, bap 2/8/1832, b Kingston 1/26/1832, illegit son of Jose Fernandez and Juana Paula Mendoza. Gp Francisco Riel and Mrs. Hermoso. [S] p. 101

Fero, Maria Leocadia de la Concepcion, bap 12/26/1827, b Kingston 12/19/1827 illegit dtr of Francisco Fero and Maria Ciria__ Ortiz. Gp Jose B__co and Manuela Gutierrez. [S] p. 22

Figaro [Figueroa], Carlota Leona, bap 4/22/1828, b Kingston, legit dtr of Antonio Figaro [Figueroa] and Antonia Ugarte his wife. Gp Pio Gonzales de Leyba and Isidora Ugarte. [S] p. 29

Fitzgerald, Bernard, bap 2/6/1829, legit son of Bernard Fitzgerald soldier in the 84th Regiment of the British Army, and his wife Catherine Webb. Gp John Faircloth and Mary Faircloth. [F] p. 44

Fitzgerald, John, bap 4/1/1831, b 3/18/1831, legit son of Bernard Fitzgerald soldier in the 84th Regiment of the British Army, and his wife Elizabeth. Gp M. Cooke and Elizabeth Cooke. [F] p. 88

Fraile, Ana, bap 10/13/1829, b Kingston 10/12/1829, dtr of Juan Antonio Fraile and Gregoria Obispo. Gp Jose Maria Figueroa and Ana Francisca Figueroa. [S] p. 54

Fregon, Louis Alexandre, bap 4/14/1827, b in the parish of St. Andrew 11/26/1826, illegit son of Robert Fregon and Alalie Benjamin. Gp Guillaume Hasslet and Theresine Jachet. [F] p 6.

Fregon, Robert, Clementin Helene, bap 4/14/1827, b in the parish of St. Andrew 4/26/1825, illegit dtr of Alalie Benjamin native of St. Andrew and Robert Fregon. Gp Jean Baptiste Deschamps and Chonne Lacombe. [F] p. 6


Gallan, Amalia, bap 2/6/1831, b Kingston 8/21/1830, illegit son of Juan Gallan and Louisa Aguilar. Gp Joaquin Jove and his wife Josefa de Gordon. [S] p. 85

Gallar, Francisco, bap 2/11/1828, aged about 1 year, illegit son of Juan Gallar and Luisa Aguilar. Gp Joaquin Garcia Jove and Isidora Ugarte. [S] p. 25

Gallar, Maria Luisa, bap 1/7/1827, b Kingston, illegit dtr of Juan Gallar native of Cataluna in Spain, and of Luisa Aguilar native of Mompox. Gp Juan Gallar ____ of the child, and Mlle. H. Lauzane. [S] p. 1

Garcia, Francisco del Carmen, bap 12/20/1828, b Kingston 12/17/1828, legit son of Manuel Garcia de la Cruz and Maria del Carmen Gonzalez. Gp Jose Antonio Severo Escalante and Nicolasa Velande represented by Josefa Garcia. [S] p. 39

Gaudet, Elvira, bap 4/14/1832, b 3/10/1832, illegit dtr of Pierre Louis Ferdinand Gaudet and Marie Joseph Eglantine Hughes. Gp Charles P__meau and Ignacia G__dan. [F] p. 103

Gaudet, Marie Antoinette Charlestine, bap 6/22/1830, b Kingston 1/17/1830, illegit dtr of Pierre Louis Ferdinand Gaudet and Eglantine Hughes, of Kingston. Gp Antoine Colin Seronville and Marie Joseph Caroline Barrau, also of Kingston. Signed by A. C. Seronville and Caroline Barrau. [Entry in register was probably written by someone at the baptism] [F] p. 71

Gaudet, Marie Rose, bap 4/24/1827, b 4/1/1827 illegit dtr of Ferdinand Gaudet and Eglantine Du yours [Hughes]. Gp Simon Maillard represented by Jean Louis Lajeune and Marie Rose S. More. [F] p. 7

Girard, Marie Maximilienne, bap 9/10/1832, b Kingston 4/15/1832, illegit dtr of Helain Lebrun Girard and Marie Francoise Dede. Gp Honore Binrail and Marie Agathe Lafaye. [F] p. 110

Girard, Michel Etienne, bap 7/20/1830, b Kingston 5/20/1830, legit son of Jean Fabricius Girard and Catherine Victoire Vendryes his wife. Gp Etienne Girard represented by Pierre Michel Vendryes, and Anais Relain represented by Marie Duvard Dumain. [F] pp. 72-73

Gleeson, George, bap 5/31/1829, b 5/24/1829 legit son of Patrick Gleeson of the 77th Regiment, and Mrs. Mary Gleeson his wife. Gp James Gleeson and Eliza Mitchell. [E] p. 50

Godoy, Manuel Bernardo, bap 7/7/1830, b Kingston 6/11/1830, illegit son of Francisco Xavier Godoy and Louisa Ballou. Gp E. Estevan Benjamin and Rosa Arregunaga. [S] p. 72

Gomez, Maria Isabel, bap 3/14/1830, b Spanish Town 2/4/1830, legit dtr of Jose Gomez and Maria del Carmen Hancha his wife. Gp Vicente Davila and Maria Isabel Davila Charpantier. [S] pp. 63-64

Gonzalez, Francisca, bap 4/12/1830, b Kingston 10/29/1829, legit dtr of Antonio Gonzalez native of Sn. Lucas in Spain and Eugenia de Hoya native of Mompox. Gp Juan del Carmen Hoya and Eugenia Hoya. [S] p. 66

Gortier, Eudoviges, bap 12/25/1827, b Kingston 10/17/1827 illegit dtr of Juan Pr. Gortier and Maria Simeon. Gp Jose Maria Figueroa and Maria J. Gortier. [S] p. 22

Gourgues, Charles, bap 6/9/1830, b Kingston 1/17/1830, legit son of Henry Gourgues and Louise Antoinette Gourgues nee Laville, his wife. Gp Nicolas Laville the maternal grandfather and Marie Renee Louise Bedouet. [F] p. 70

Gourgues, Paul Henry, bap 3/5/1829, b Kingston 10/21/1828, legit son of Henry Gourgues and Louise Antoinette Gourgues. Gp Paul Charles and Aline Malabre. [F] p. 45

Gourgues, Walter Louis, bap 4/28/1831, b Kingston 2/9/1831, legit son of Henry Gourgues and Louise Antoinette Gourgues. Gp Louis Malabre and Alphonsine Gourgues the child's older sister. [F] p. 89

Grand, Jean, bap 4/12/1828, b Kingston 8/1827, illegit son of Jean Grand and Marguerite Fiaker. Gp Edouard Fiakier and Catherine Fiakier. [F] p. 28

Grisolle, Marie Marguerite, bap 4/2/1831, aged about 15 years, who was baptized in France in a case of necessity, legit dtr of Edouard Grisolle native of Marseille and Marie Eugenie Laude wife fo Grisolle native of St. Marc in St. Domingue. Gp Joaquin Garcia Jove and Marie Marguerite Roux. Signed by M. M. A. Roux, M. Eugenie Grisolle, Joaquin Garcia Jove. [S] p. 88

Guerrera, Manuel Lausanne, bap 9/29/1831, 7/4/1831, legit son of Manuel Gerrera and Marie Cummen Gonzales. Gp Pierre Casis and Josephe Cummen Garcia. [S] p. 95

Guth, Amelia Ann, bap 11/24/1832, b Kingston 9/6/1829, illegit dtr of Frederick Guth and Virginie Descoubiers. [F] p. 81

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