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Baptisms by Benito Fernandez (unless otherwise noted). Spelling in [] is suggested by JFS because his spelling was very poor.

Please note that these are children in addition to those to be found in the “Family Reports based on Baptism and Marriage Records” listed on the Roman Catholic lead page.


Abraham, Marguerite Elisabeth, bap 11/6/1830, b 9/25/1830, legit dtr of Louis Henry Abraham and Marie Susanne Fourteau his wife. Gp Thomas H. Dupee and Marguerite Elisabeth Leboeuf. [F] p. 80

Abrahams, Louise Antoinette, bap 3/15/1830, b Kingston 5/24/1829, legit dtr of Louis Abrahams and Marie Louise Abrahams. Gp Jean Abrahams and Louise Dubuisson. [F] p. 64

Adelaide, bap 2/24/1827. Gp Benito Fernandez and Mrs. More. [F] p. 4

Agustin Jose, bap 4/28/1827 b Kingston 10/11/1826 of unknown parents. Gp Antonio Soler native of Catalune and Castelline Quintana. [S] p. 8

Agustina Maria, bap 3/2/1831, aged 20 years, native of Guyana. Gp Simon Pedro Duran and Elena Estefania Toledano. [S] p. 86

Alber, Vicente, bap 11/15/1831, b 7/7/1831, illegit son of Vicente Alber and Catherine Balestui. Gp Martin Valencia and Marie Jeanne Chevalier. [F] p. 98

Alexis, Marie Noel, bap 1/1/1832, aged about 5 months, illegit dtr of Mr. Alexis and Reine Josephine a free Negro. Gp Jean Joseph and Marie Noel Desdunes. [F] p. 100

Almendars, Domingo del Carmen, bap 12/23/1828 b Kingston 12/20/1828, legit son of Andres Almendars and Ignacia de Leon y Soto. Gp Manuel Amor and Juana Evangelistica Bautista. [S] pp. 39-40

Alpit, Casimina Carlota, bap 6/4/1829, b Kingston 3/6/1829, illegit dtr of Guillermo Alpit and Andrieta Lindo. Gp Matias Duran and Maria Elonora Bacilia. [S] p. 51

Alvaranga, Sophie, bap 7/22/1828, legit dtr of William Alvaranga and Elisabeth Lacoste his wife. Gp Jean Lacoste and Marianne Lacoste. [F] p. 34

Alverenga, Henry, bap 11/3/1831 by the Revd. Joaquin Guizon, b Kingston 2/26/1831, legit son of William Alverenga and Elizabeth Alverenga. Gp Louis Jean Desporte and Anne Ulalie Madure. [F] p. 98

Alves, Joseph, bap 3/15/1830, b Kingston 2/28/1830, illegit. son of Robert Alves and Armaire Rochenet. Gp Jean Francois Chardin and Zulmee Feres. [F] p. 64

Alves, Marie Elisabeth, bap 3/22/1827, b 2/28/1828 illegit dtr of Robert Alves and Armande Roche. Gp Jean Pothemont and Elisabeth Crecie [Cressy?]. [F] p. 27

Alves, Pierre, bap 4/10/1828, b Kingston, illegit son of Pierre Alves. Gp Antoine Soleras. [F] p. 28

Alves, Susanne, bap 5.4.1829, b Kingston 1/21/1829 illegit dtr of Robert Alves and Arman___ Rossiette. Gp Charles Pothmont and Susanne Pothmont. [F] pp. 48-49

Alves, Thomas, bap 3/1/1828, b 6/12/1827 illegit son of Benjamin Alves and Anne Marguerite Drouen. Gp Emile Archambeau and Marie Francoise Lasare. [F] p. 26

Alves, Thomas, bap 1/6/1830, aged 6 months, illegit son of Benjamin Alves and Hernance Drouen. Gp Thomas Loreau and Marie Bernard. [F] p. 60

Amelia Evangelista, bap 11/5/1831, b Kingston 9/21/1831, dtr of Seferina Martina. Gp Juan Sizir and Eleonora Maria Basilla. [S] p. 98

Angulo, Rafaela Anselma, nap 4/26/1828, b Kingston 4/21/1828 legit dtr of Valentin de Angulo native of the city of Ordunio in the dominion of Biscaya and Manuela Bravo native of the city of Santa Marta. Gp Jose Maria Vera and Maria Rita del Rio. [S] p. 29

Anna Catharina, bap 10/11/1830, native of Guyana, aged about 25 years. Gp Andres Viso and Maria Eugenia Obediense. [S] p. 77

Ansoategui, Jeane, bap 4/27/1832, b Kingston 7/3/1831, illegit dtr of Jean Ansoategui and Silvanie Foussat. Gp Jean Frederic Edelman and Reine Foussate. [F] p. 104

Antonio, Placido Miguel, bap 2/5/1831, b Kingston 10/5/1830, illegit son of Marie Catherine Anne. Gp Michelle Ruz and Marie Louise. [F] p. 85

Arbeaud, Charles Edouard, bap 10/8/1829, b 9/30/1828 legit son of Pierre Arbeaud and Euphrosine Marie Anne Angelique Mayou his wife. Gp Clovis Adolphe Arbeaud and Marie Anne C. Arbeaud the child's older brother and sister. [F] p. 54

Arbeaud, Jean Baptiste Arthur, bap 11/23/1827, b 7/28/1827 legit son of Pierre Arbeaud and Euphrosine Marie Anne Angelique Mayou his wife. Gp Jean Baptiste Deschamps and the widow Coupe, all resident in Kingston. [F] p. 21

Archambeau, Emanuel, bap 9/25/1830, b 6/17/1830, legit son of Emile Archambeau and Eloise Archambeau his wife. Gp Emanuel Martin Journee and Marie Madeleine wife of Journee. [F] pp. 76-77

Archambeau, Emilie E., bap 4/19/1829, b Kingston 2/10/1829, legit dtr of Emile Archambeau and Heloise E. Archambeau his wife. Gp Emanuel Martin Journee and Marie Magdeleine Journee his wife. [F] pp. 47-48.

Arocher, Benito, bap 3/10/1828, b Kingston 1810 illegit son of Andres Aroscher and Claire Himber. Gp Benito Campo and Marie Laurence Leaumond. [F] p. 26

Arocher, Marie Laurence, bap 3/10/1828, b Kingston 1812 illegit dtr of Andres Aroscher and Claire Himber. Gp Benito Campo and Marie Laurence Leaumond. [F] p. 26

Arruso, Jose Bruno, bap 11/28/1829, b 10/6/1829, legit son of Benedicto Arruso a native of Guyana, and Clara Diaz. Gp Joaquin Garcia. [S] p. 56

Auvray, Antoine, bap 12/28/1830, b 6/13/1830, legit son of John Auvray and Marie Adelaide Auvray. Gp Benito Fernandez and Adeline Louise. [F] p. 82

Auvray, Louise, bap 6/30/1828, b 2/22/1828 legit dtr of Jean Auvray and Marie Amelie Adeline his wife. Gp Jean Harvay and Louise Adelle Gauthier. [F] p. 32


Baptiste, Jean Francois, bap 7/21/1829, b Kingston 6/27/1829, illegit son of Jean Baptiste and Antoinette. Gp Pierre Constant. [F] p. 52

Baptiste, Marie Magdeleine, bap 10/5/1827, b 8/10/1827 illegit dtr of Jean Baptiste and Antoinette Smith. Gp John Nicolas and Magdeleine Duquesnay. [F] p. 20

Barada, Juan Martin Manuel, bap 5/18/1832, b Kingston 11/3/1831, illegit son of Martin Barada and Catherina Vera. Gp Juan Barada represented by Francisco Romero, and Ana Buffill y Buche. [S] p. 106

Barada, Martin Andres Buenaventura, bap 8/20/1830, b Kingston 11/2/1829, illegit son of Martin Barada native of Cataluna in Spain in the town of Abrafulla bishopric of Tarragona, and of Catalina Vera native of the city [island] of Spanish Santo Domingo. Paternal grandparents were Tiron Barada and Maria Barada y Rios. Maternal Eduardo Vera and Rita Morres de Vera. Gp Buenaventura Boffil native of the city of Castella in Cataluna in Spain. [S] p. 75

Barnes, Edouard. I Benito Fernandez, Roman Catholic curate and keeper of the depository of the registers declare that it has been certified to me by John Harvey resident in this city that in the month of March 1809 he presented and held over the baptismal font a child born in Kingston in 1806 which was named Edouard Barnes, illegit son of William Thomas Barnes and Marie Lagniry, which baptism was administered by the Revd. Jean Hyacinthe Rodriques de Araujo, and that the godparents were the said John Harvey and Mariane Eloise Laleau. [F] p. 69

Barnes, Edouard Lovinsky, bap 11/26/1831, b Kingston 9/5/1831, legit son of Edouard Barnes and Louise Jennings wife of Barnes. Gp George Jean Charles Montagnac and Marie Jeanne Chevalier. [F] p. 99

Barth, Andreo Gabriel, bap 7/30/1832, b Kingston 12/9/1831, illegit son of Lucia Barth. Gp Melchor Perello and Antonia Bernat. [S] p. 108

Beltran, Marie Catherine Brigitte, bap 10/30/1829, b Kingston 4/2/1829, illegit dtr of Jean Beltran and Marie Mercedes Pacheco. Gp Henry Vendryes and Marie Catherine de Hubois. [F] p. 55

Benjamin, Pierre Ulise [Ulysse], bap 7/6/1828, b 6/28/1828 legit son of Etienne Benjamin and Adelaide Bertier his wife. Gp Jean Antoine Dufief and Marie Anne Berge. [F] p. 33

Bermestres, Maria Catharina, bap 5/23/1831, b Kingston 10/31/1830, dtr of Cornelio Bermestres and Luisa Gomeres. Gp Gerardo Pinto represented by Dominique Chartier and Louise Lacovia. [S] p. 90

Bernardes, Rafaela, bap 11/18/1831, b Kingston 10/1831, illegit dtr of Luis Bernardes and Maria Celes__ Granadas. Gp Simeon Leon and Josefa Reina. [S] p. 98

Bernardo, Jose, bap 9/5/1828, b Kingston 8/20/1828 illegit son of Francisco Bernardo and Lau____ de la Fonne. Gp Manuel Journe and Marie Magdeleine Journe. [S] pp. 35-36

Berrio, Valentin, bap 11/13/1828, b Kingston 11/3/1828, legit son of Damian Berrio and Dolores Truco de Berrio. Paternal grandparents Bruno Berrio and Maria de los Santos Gonzales. No maternal grandparents because the mother was a foundling. Gp Jose Maria Figaroa [Figueroa] and Anna Figaroa. [S] p. 38

Berteau, Jean Antoine, bap 12/15/1827, b Kingston 2/7/1827 illegit son of Pierre Berteau and Joline Jollin. Bp John Cracten and Reinette Crusir. [F] p. 22

Bertoud, Marie Rose, bap 5/8/1830, b Kingston 1/5/1830, illegit dtr of Pierre Bertoud and Marie Felicite Jolin. Gp John Burger and Clara Burge. [F] p. 67

Bertrand, Catherine Ann, bap 1/31/1832, b 9/10/1830, legit dtr of Louis Bertrand and Jane Teodosia Bertrand his wife. Gp William Defournau and Jeanne Felicite Foucha. [E] p. 101

Bertrand, Jean, bap 11/10/1827, b Kingston 10/29/1827 illegit son of Jean Bertrand and Eliza Griffi__. Gp Edmond Vin and Marie Francoise P___gas. [F] p. 21

Biencaux, Pierre Louis, bap 11/4/1827, b 4/1/1827 illegit son of Mr. Biencaux and Caroline. Gp Pierre Louis Giras and Marie Rose. [F] pp. 20-21

Binuelas, Juan Aquilino Timotheo, bap 6/15/1831, b Kingston 1/4/1831, illegit son of Pedro Binuelas and Agustina Gauthier. Gp Juan Herrera and Clara Mortimer. [S] p. 92

Blanco, Julian, bap 3/28/1829, illegit son of Jose Blanco and Ana de la Pona. Gp Alesandro __ Bruna Francisca Dias. p. 47

Blondel de Neron. I, Benito Fernandez certify that an extract of a baptism performed by Rev. De L'Espinasse was presented to me, and I copied it as follows: On 5/29/1803 bap Elisabeth legit daughter of Amedee Louis Blondel de Neron and of Therese Gayot wife of Neron proprietor in St. Domingue in la Grande Riviere and domiciled in Kingston where the child was born 9/24/1802. Gp Jean Baptiste Etienne Brouet and Francoise Gayot the child's maternal aunt. The act was signed by Fortune Gayot, Jean Baptiste Etienne Brouet, le roi des Champs de Preville, Jeanne du Boucher wife of Brouet, Amedee Blondel de Neron, Gayot Blondel de Neron. [F] p. 10

Bofill, Juan Francisco Severo, bap 9/8/1827, b Kingston 9/7/1827 legit son of Buenaventura Bofill y Meina and Rosa Bofill y Buch, natives of the city of Galella in Cataluna in Spain in the bishopric of Gerona. Paternal grandparents were Buenaventura Bofill y Marco del Pon and Maria Angela Bofill y Alcina. Maternal grandparents were Narciso Buch y Molas and Petronila Buch y Armas. Gp Jose Carianas and Ana Bofill the child's oldest sister. Note: the child died 12/1828 and was buried in the church. [S] p. 19

Bonis, Ignacio Juan Apolinario, bap 2/27/1832, b 2/1832, illegit son of Manuel Maria Bonis and Maria Magdalene Smith. Gp Juan Bonis representing Juan Garcia del Rio, and Emily Smith. [S] p. 102

Bonito, Eusebi, bap 12/16/1829, b Kingston 11/24/1828, illegit son of Mr. Bonito and Ermine Martel. Gp Rose Arigunaga. [F] p. 57

Boris, Elena Ana Justina Jovita, bap 2/28/1830, b Kingston 2/15/1830, illegit dtr of Manuel Maria Boris native of Spain and currently residing in Kingston, and Magdalena Smith, native of Kingston. Gp Manuel de Ibarra native of Guerrica in Vizcaya, and Justina Boris native of Pto. Principe in the island of Sta. Domingo. Signed by: Manuel Maria Boris, Popotte M. Smith, Popotte Boris, Manuel de Ibarra, Philip Lucas, William Smith, P. Laurence, P. Castellanos, R. M. Bogle, Cayo Ribon, Francisco Riel, Jose Antonio Severo Escalante, Jose F. Gutierrez, A. Duperly, Jose P. Espinosa. [S] pp. 61-62

Bouilly, Guillaume Louis, bap 2/18/1829, b Kingston 1/6/1829, legit son of Jean Baptiste Bouilly and Marie Francoise Lacoude [? end cut off] his wife of Kingston. Gp Jean Baptiste Guillaume Duverger and Elizabeth Cemoinette Simon represented by Marie Charlotte Desnoues. [F] p. 44

Bouilly, Jean Francois Alfonse, bap 10/28/1830, b Kingston, legit son of Jean Baptiste Bouilly and Marie Francoise del Peyrin Lacome his wife. [F] p. 79

Bouilly, Marie Louise, bap 6/9/1828, b 2/5/1828 illegit dtr of Jean Baptiste Bouilly and Marie Jeanne. Gp George Jean Charles Montagnac and Marie Rose Arregunaga. [F] p. 32

Bown, Louis Lambert, bap 5/23/1828, b 7/8/1816 legit son of John Lambert Bown and Caroline Desgouttes wife of Bown. Gp Louis Desgouttes Esq. and Jeanne Pauline Desgouttes wife of Branday. [F] p. 30

Bown , Louise Antoinette, bap 5/23/1828, b 10/4/1825 legit dtr of John Lambert Bown and Caroline Desgouttes wife of Bown. Gp John King Esq. and Louise Antoinette Desgouttes wife of Orgill. [F] p. 30

Branday, Pierre Jean, bap 1/21/1828, b 6/1/1827 legit son of Eugene Branday and Bernardine Boiseau his wife. Gp Pierre Branday and Francoise Celine Boiseau represented by Marie Genevieve Prieur. Signed by Eugene Branday, Branday Boiseau, Branday, P. Branday, S. Prieur, John Branday, Anastasie __in__ Branday, V. Verneuil. [F] p. 24

Brett, Emilie, bap 6/6/1829, b Kingston 6/1827, illegit dtr of Walter Brett and Henriette del Fosse. Gp Eduard Brett and Charlotte del Fosse. [F] p. 50

Brid, Andrea Bernardina, bap 6/8/1827 by Rev. P. D. Bartholome de Sosa, legit dtr of D. J. Ba__tisted Brid and Tomasa Espinosa his wife. Gp Domingo Granados and Maria de la Concepcion Salisa?. [S] p. 12

Brondeau, Elizabeth Bayley, bap 8/28/1831, b 4/15/1831, illegit dtr of Paul Brondeau and Marguerite Brondeau. Gp Jean Pierre and Elizabeth Brondeau. [F] pp. 93-94

Burger, John, bap 4/28/1831, b 3/10/1831, legit son of John Burger and Marie Jeanne Clara his wife. Gp John Price and Louise Chartelle Raisinette Ogee.[F] p. 89

Burke, Charlotte Louise Pauline, bap 11/29/1831, b Kingston 7/2/1831, legit dtr of William Burke and Marguerite Blanchoir. Gp Pierre Bruce and Jeanne Charlotte Gauthier. [F] p. 99


Callar, Clara Lafille, bap 7/27/1828, b Kingston 5/2/1828, legit dtr of Jacques Vital Callar and Caretine [Caroline?] Mathilda his wife. Gp Antoine Gauthier and Jeanne Charlotte Gauthier his wife. [F] p. 34

Cameron, Margaret, bap 6/3/1831, b 5/15/1831, legit dtr of John Cameron, Private in the 84th Regiment, and Mary Cameron. Gp John Cameron Jr. [E] p. 92

Campbell, Marie Louise, bap 7/8/1827, b 12/21/1826 illegit dtr of James Campbell and Marie Joseph. Gp John Douglas and Marie Louise. [F] p. 14

Camps, Juan Francisco, bap 4/30/1830, b Kingston 3/9/1830, illegit son of Jose Camps native of Cataluna and Ana Hies of Kingston. Gp Estevan Casa Nobas and Agathe Languin. [S] pp. 66-67

Campusano, Marie Denise, bap 5/24/1829, b Kingston 4/1829, illegit dtr of Francois Campusano, native of Medellin in the province of Antioquia Royon in New Granada, and Elisa Ermilet Bonneau. Gp Manuel Maria Benis and Adelaide Bogre the child's grandmother. [F] p. 50

Cams, Maria Marcelina, bap 5/7/1827, b 4/26/1827 illegit dtr of Jose Cams native of Cataluna in the city of Blanas, and of Ansofi Ayed native of Kingston. Gp Tomas Perez native of the island of Santa Cruz de Tenefe and Ylena Demarie native of St. Marc in St. Domingue. [S] p. 8

Cardosa, Joseph Nunes, bap 11/28/1829, illegit son of Solomon Nunes Cardosa and Elisabeth Philisson. Gp Benito Fernandez and Ann Hamilton. [F] pp. 56-57

Carnier, Jean Baptiste, bap 10/11/1831, b 8/8/1831, illegit son of Mathieu Carnier a free Negro, and Susanne Maurelle. Gp Jean Aregunaga and Aglae Trillon. [F] p. 97

Cartoya, Jose Miledio, bap 4/29/1827, b Kingston 4/22/1827, illegit son of Mr. Cartoya de Lino Cuesta and Juana Madaria__. Gp Besnaldino Pefes and Pepa Mitola. [S] p. 8

Casis, Pedro Nolasco Maximo, bap 1/31/1828, b Kingston 11/18/1827 legit son of Pedro Nolasco Casis native of the city of Panama and of Maria Luisa Garel his wife native of Kingston. Paternal grandparents were Jose Eulalis Casis and Maria de Leon. Maternal grandparents were Francisco Estevan Garel and Maria Juana Josefa Camoisin. Gp Jose Maria Vera and Manuela de Jesus Gonzalez represented by Annette Lassere. Signed by Maria Luisa Garel de Casis, T. M. Vera, Marie widow of Garel, Annette Lassere, Henry Vendryes, Pre. de Launay, Juliacuss?, J. S. Maillo__, H. Patra?, Me. Guste. Deleon. [S} p. 24

Casy [Casis, Casey?], Marie Eugene, bap 8/23/1827, b Kingston 1/12/1827 legit dtr of Philip Casy and his wife Louisa. Gp Simon Joseph Michel de Joisin [?] and L. Eugenie Michel de Foissin. [F] p. 16

Cavanah, Patrick, bap 3/12/1831, b 3/8/1831, legit son of Andrew Cavanah, Sergeant in 84th Regiment of Foot, and Catherine his wife. Gp John Reid coroner of Kingston, and Mary MacFadden. [E] p. 87

Chadenne, Marie Adelaide, bap 9/6/1827, b Kingston 1/1/1821 illegit dtr of Benjamin Chadenne and Marie Louise Archambeau. Gp Jean Llado and Fine [or Hine] Chadenne. [F] pp. 17-18

Chardin, Marie Louise, bap 12/30/1830, b Kingston 9/3/1830, illegit dtr of Jean Francois Chardin and Marie Francoise Lo___. Gp Philippe Lemercier Duquesnay and Marie Francoise Zelinne. [F] p. 59

Charles, bap 6/3/1827, b Kingston 4/16/1826, illegit son of Marie Vignet. Gp J. J. C. D'Espinose and Marie Houssier. [F] p. 11

Charles, bap 6/3/1832. [F] p. 107

Charles, a free mulatto, b 6/2/1830, bap 8/9/1830 with the consent of Rose Raymond, illegit son of Mr. Ellis and Pauline Raymond. Gp Alexandre Robuste and Elisabeth Crese. [F] p. 74

Charles Frederique, bap 3/26/1829, b Kingston 1/7/1829, illegit son of Eloi__ [tight binding. Eloise?] Courtauld. Gp Pierre Albert and Hermizene Deloube. [F] p. 46

Chateaux, Marie Elisabeth, bap 3/21/1828, b 2/3/1828 legit dtr of Joseph Francois Chateaux, captain commander in the British Service, and Anne Secar [Sicard?] inhabitant of fond Bla__ in the parish of Port Dauphin in St. Domingue. Gp Antoine Soler and Marie Elisabeth Chateaux. [F] p. 28

Chavannes, Marie Caroline Sophie bap 10/2/1830, b 7/15/1830, illegit dtr of George Henry Chavannes and Anne Louise Castille. Gp Charles Louis Laulanie. [F] p. 77

Chavannes, Pierre George Alexandre, bap 1/17/1827, b 11/16/1826, illegit son of George Henry Chavannes and Ann Louise Castille. Gp Pierre Albert and the widow Charlotte Mollard. [F] p. 3

Chevolleau, Auguste Arnold, bap 1/25/1829, b 8/14/1828, legit son of Arthur Arnold Chevolleau and Catherine Hudson his wife. Gp Raymond Chevolleau represented by Louis Arnold Marchand and Louise Marguerite Degournay Chevolleau. p. 43

Childs, Jean Baptiste, bap 9/10/1827, b Kingston 6/29/1827 illegit son of Henry Childs and Josephine Petitjean. Gp Jean Llede and Francoise Petitjean. [F] pp. 18-19

Christian, Pierre Toussaint, bap 8/30/1831, b 7/7/1831, illegit son of William Christian and Louise Toussaint. Gp Jean Henry and Marie Elisabeth Bodry. [F] p. 93

Clark, Clotilde, bap 7/24/1830, b Kingston 6/3/1830, legit dtr of Jean Guillaume Clark and Anne Antoinette Clark. Gp Eugene Branday and Elisabeth Coston. [F] p. 73

Clark, Marguerite Amelie, bap 3/11/1832, b 1/3/1832, illegit dtr of Samuel Clark and Mary Gordon. Gp Charles Vincendan Dutour and Matilde Baquie. [F] p. 103

Cohen, George David, bap 10/22/1829, b Kingston 6/26/1808, illegit son of David Cohen and Caroline Hulio. Gp Jean Harvey and Jeanne Chevaliere. [F] p. 56

Constant, bap 12/25/1829, b Kingston. [F] p. 58

Coonarty, Ann, bap 8/16/1831, b 5/14/1831, legit dtr of Peter Coonarty, Corporal in 84th Regiment and Catherine Coonarty. Gp Robert Cox corporal in 84th Regiment. [E] p. 93

Cordoza, Maria de los Dolores, bap 9/9/1827, b 5/30/1827 legit dtr of Jose Maria Cordoza and Maria Anna his wife. Gp Augustin Petatue and Marguerithe Morrisseau. [F] p. 18

Cordoza, Marie Rose, bap 7/20/1831, b 6/20/1831, illegit dtr of Salomon Nunes Cordoza and Elizabeth Philipon. Gp Robt. Verme and Marie Rose Arregunaga. [F] p. 93

Cormere. On 7/5/1828, on the requisition of the Honorable Joseph Barnes of the city of Kingston, the Revd. Benito Fernandez transcribed the following extract of the Registers of the Roman Catholic Church of Kingston: On June 23, 1798, I (Anthony Quigly) baptized Guillaume Charles Louis and Anne Louise Francoise, boy and girl twins born in Kingston June 24, 1795, lawful children of the subsequent marriage of Guillaume Francois Maby [or Mahy], knight, Baron of Cormere, former Commissioner General of Commerce in France, residing in Kingston, and of Anne Francoise Breton his wife. Gp of the boy were Jude Pierre Yvon and Louise Sophie Coudray his wife, inhabitants of St. Domingue and dwelling in Kingston, and for the girl Marc Rene Bernard chevalier [knight] de St. Ours, and Louise Pierre Cornet widow of Christophe Chazal inhabitant of St. Domingue also residing in Kingston, in testimony whereof I have signed with the father, mother and godparents. Signed by: G. F. Maby Baron of Cormere, Anne Francoise Breton Cormere,Coudray Yvon, Jude Pierre Yvon, knight de St. Ours, Cornet Chazal, and Anthony Quigly apostolic missionary for Jamaica.

Certified and signed by Jean Hyacinthe Rodrigues de Araujo 1/31/1817

Certified that the act I (Benito Fernandez) transcribed was entirely in the hand of the Revd. Rodriques de Araujo and signed by him because the original register no longer exists having been destroyed by insects. Signed by Benito Fernandez. [F] p. 33

Corsa, Maria Pastora, bap 7/5/1830, b 3/17/1830, illegit dtr of James Corsa and Marie Ester. Gp Jean Antoine Arregunaga and Marie Rose Arregunaga. [F] p. 72

Courchine, Elizabeth, bap 3/21/1829, b Kingston 4/20/1828, legit dtr of Edouard Courchine and Victoire Latoux Courchine his wife. Gp Jean Jacques Chambeau and Elisabeth Dessources. [F] pp. 46-47

Cosanubas, Encarnacion, bap 4/12/1830, b 3/25/1830, illegit son of Estevan Cosanubas and Maria Louisa Dionar. Gp Roch Serna and Anita Perez. [S] pp. 65-66

Courteau, Marie Jeanne, bap 5/2/1832, b Kingston, illegit dtr of Claire Courteau and unknown father. Gp Pierre Cassis and Marie Bernard. [F] p. 106

Cuesta, Damasa Isidora, bap 5/22/1831, b Kingston 1/3/1831, illegit dtr of Luis Cuesta and Juana Maria Pestagua natives of Cartagena de Indias. Gp Jose Fernandez and Juana Paula Mendosa. [S] p. 90

Cuesta, Salvador, bap 8/26/1829, b Kingston 8/6/1829, illegit son of Luis Cuesta and Juana Madariaga. Gp Gabriel Martinez and Petrona Coba. [S] p. 53

Cuevas, Maria Leona, bap 5/10/1831, b Kingston 4/11/1831, illegit dtr of Remigio Antonio Cuevas native of S. Juan de la Sienega in the province of Santa Marta in New Granada, and Tomasa Sanchez native of Cartagena de Indias in the same country. Gp Carlos Luis and Juana Ventura Salazar. [S] p. 89

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